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Devil’s Bre

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Executive Summary Devil’s brew.
“Get devil-dicted.”

Its not just coffee. a one of its kind start up cafeteria to be set up in Bangalore. Devil’s Brew specializes in providing exotic coffees from the world over. one of the most prevalent global cultures today. enriching and nourishing. giving the customer a taste of the vitality berries with the innocuous twist each country gives its own beverages. quality time with all those little tid-bits needed to make the time more complete and more memorable. its about time. We aim at taking it beyond the normal coffee culture. exotic relationship with their beloved coffee to the Bangaloreans. at making it a lifestyle. And what makes coffee culture so much more complete is the various other aspects that seem to have cropped up seamlessly along with the café itself.Welcome to Devil’s Brew. The concept arises from the coffee culture. Mission The company’s sole purpose is to establish a well managed company while at the same time ensuring that coffee becomes more than a drink to the normal Bangalorean. it’s the Lucifer’s pull itself. The devil’s first seduction. then the addiction… Mission and Vision Vision To provide a long term. Nature of business . Devil’s brew is not just about coffee.

An modest increase in our gross margins within the second year of operation An increase in our market share by a minimum of 20% for each of our first five years. full-service continental style cafe that will command the approval of the predominantly Indian community which it serves. Objectives The company's objective is to build quality. We’re looking at a slow expansion based on the customer responses in different places. Our goals include: A 10% market share in our first year. It is a partnership business set up in Bangalore between & . Our fundamental objective is to realize how we impact the community that we do business in. The partnership is set up with the firm being a limited liability business.The nature of the business is productions in F&B industry The size of the business is small scale to mid scale. knowing that we will stand the test of time if the local residents approve and support our center. . Legal Ownership Pattern The ownership is divided between two people.

The cafeteria has a menu comprising fifty different brews. The cafeteria also sells the highly popular Asian Tapioca Bubble tea. The cafeteria allows amateur photographers and artists to display their art within its premises. Besides coffee. Shotstruck Shotstruck is the picture gallery kiosk set up within the cafeteria. we’re also looking at dynamic interiors which will keep changing. different each time you enter. Besides adding the glamour and bling we’d love to have with our coffee. Since no cafeteria is complete without that element of connection ad thought with it we also introduced a variety of services to be provided. For those who don’t have a particularly fierce sweet tooth we look at providing light sandwiches and salads. Woodsome . and all American fast food. Wilson Garden and Vasant Nagar. with no other thought.Entrepreneur Profile Safwan Khalid Age Gender Educational Qualification Previous Work Experience Age Gender Educational Qualification Previous Work Experience Cafeteria Profile: Devil’s Brew Devil’s Brew is a specialty cafeteria. These four locations would be JP Nagar. We plan to open up in four locations within Bangalore. an inciting combination of the place itself yet sharpened with one man perspective. a purely devilish stroke of rebellion to the old adage that food is to be eaten quietly. the cafeteria also provides the pastries and confectionaries from around the globe. Bell Road.

54.000/Manpower 12.000/This chart applies to each of the four places. 6.000/. The break up given below applies for each of the four places where we plan to set up. wherein on the donation of a single book you have half the price of the book deducted from your bill. We’re allotting Rs.for each café and hold the remaining for licensing and sourcing of raw material which in total is an amount of 4.000/Maintenance 2.Woodsome is the organic boutique set within the premises.000/-x 12 = 3. The desk is a haven for all those artistic souls out there who wish to see their thoughts on fabric.00. Feasibility Financials Initial Capital Breakup (Rs. folders and key chain and at the same time we are also ready to handle the larger roles you might want to hand out to us. wood or paper but are just a tad too lazy to do it themselves. Requirements Allotment of funds Rent (with furnishing) 30.30.000/- .000/-x 12 = 72.00. Most of these books are donated by our patrons.000/-) The initial capital breakup is as given in the below table.00. We’re looking at dividing the capital equally in all four places to ensure that the running charges remain as stable as possible. making sure it’s a win win situation for us and for the environmental action as well. Requirements Allotment of funds Licensing and copyrights 1.000/Machinery 40.50.000/-x 12 = 24. On order.000/Electricity 6.60. we make the smallest of articles such a book well.000/. such as interiors and gifting. At the same time the remaining funds are used for the following. Bookman’s land The café also provides library services to those who’d like to have a cuppa while reading books.x 12 = 1. Titles of various genres grace the shelves.800/.

The orders at the boutique are to be handled by the owners themselves because of their specialization in art skills. Daily sales details No. As more branches open up we plan to pull in more employees but for now the structure remains simplistic.50.000/The owners of the business are also working as the managers each of whom will be handling two shops each. of customers per outlet = 15 Amount spent by each customer = Rs.250/- HR Structure The HR structure is extremely simple with the owners acting as the managers at two of the proposed outlets each.Raw material per month for first 4 months 62. Break Even Analysis We plan to break even in a period of 6 and a half months. At the same time we see that each branch has a staff of three members working in it. We’ve done this keeping in mind a monthly sales of approximately 450000 INR.500x 4 = 2. Given below is the proposed structure along with the future changes .000/Advertising 50.

Turkish to Viennese. Price The pricing is done keeping in mind the upper middle class crowds. Devil’s brew as mentioned previously specializes in providing coffee and all allied food stuffs. Place The place we have chosen happens to be Bangalore which is a huge coffee hub.Marketing: Product The main product that we aim to sell is coffee itself. we’re looking at a lot of online advertising for which social media is going to be one of the major tools. What we have also seen is that these places do not have any exclusive coffee outlets within them. Promotion Promotional offers of various kinds are to be set up.150 for the Lucilicious and the Melange.30/. Bell Road. The range spans coffees starting from Rs.for the regular cups of Madras Filter Coffee to Rs. We’re also looking at radio jingles on Radio Indigo in Bangalore. The selected areas for the shop’s to open which are JP Nagar. Marketing Strategies Since the budget for marketing itself is quite low. USP The unique selling proposition of Devil’s brew is the vast variety of coffee’s it offers. Vasant Nagar and Wilson Garden are all places which have a working crowd consisting of a major youth chunk as well as a healthy middle aged crowd. We’re looking at large scale online promotions. Advertisements in the form of print ads and leaflets to be handed out to the people. . It aims at being a coffee lover’s delight and at enriching the experience of an amateur coffee consumer. coffee flavors from the world over are served to our patrons under a single roof.

Launch of a website two months prior to the opening of the restaurant. Social media networking and sources. Print ads could run along the line of . Mail outs. Distribution of leaflets at strategic spots.Launch of radio jingles two months prior to the start of Devil’s Brew.