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Motion Regarding Format of Treasurer’s Report Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee Meeting, Aug. 22, 2011 1.

The DPOC Central Committee directs the DPOC Treasurer to resubmit the Treasurer’s Report for this meeting so as to be in a form according with the generally accepted model for Treasurer’s Reports, i.e., to contain an itemized record of an organization’s income, expenses, and balances in all accounts for the past month. The DPOC Treasurer is instructed to use the model of a Treasurer’s Report available at, the website of the California State PTA, as a guide. A copy of this model is provided as an Exhibit on the reverse side of this motion. 2. The DPOC Central Committee further directs the DPOC Treasurer to, working with the DPOC Chair and DPOC Executive Director as needed, revise and resubmit copies of all Treasurer’s Reports since January 2011 in accordance with the California State PTA model. 3. If the DPOC Treasurer is unable to or unwilling to abide by the above directions and instructions of this resolution to, she is directed to: (a) explain in writing to both bodies her reasons for non-compliance and (b) provide an explanation as to why she should not be removed from her position. 4. To the extent that the DPOC Treasurer’s explanation for why she cannot follow the above directions involves non-cooperation by the DPOC Chair and/or the DPOC Executive Director, either or both of them, as applicable, are directed to answer the questions in Paragraph 3a and 3b with respect to themselves as well. 5. The Central Committee recognizes that as of today’s date, the author of this motion has referred to the DPOC Bylaws/Rules Committee, per Article XIV Section 4(B), the following proposed amendment to Article V, Section 4(B)(2) of the Bylaws (regarding obligation of the DPOC Treasurer to submit a written Treasurer’s Report at all meeting). The amendment reads: Append after “(B) The Treasurer shall provide the following: … (2) A written Treasurer’s Report at regularly scheduled meetings of both the Executive Committee and the County Committee.” the following language: “The Treasurer’s Report shall contain an itemized record, arranged and totaled by month, of all DPOC income by source, all DNOC expenses by recipient, and all account balances, since the submission of the last Treasurer’s Report in the form required above. Other material directly related to DNOC finances may also be included in the Treasurer’s Report at the discretion of the Treasurer.”

Source: California State PTA “Toolkit”