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KARVY serves a vast range of all financial products like advisory services, Mutual funds, Bonds, Insurances etc, so all the companies who offer these services are the competitors of the Karvy. There are many competitors for KARVY on this basis and almost all of them offer the services which Karvy Offers.

Few Major competitors are:

1. India bulls 2. Motilal oswal securities 3. Religare. 4. SSKI Ltd. (Sharekhan) 5. Bonanza securities 6. Kotak Securities

7. CIL Securities 8. Eastern Financiers 9. Unicon investment solutions 10.India infoline 11.Reliance Money 12.Shriram Insight

Here are the details of some of its competitors as most of the financial products and services offered by these broking firms are identical.

wealth advisory services. the Company acquired 24% interest from Vistaar Entertainment Ventures (P) Limited of Vistaar Religare Capital Advisors Limited. During the fiscal year ended March 31.Religare Enterprises Limited (REL) is a global financial services company. including equity and commodity broking. The Company operates through its 17 subsidiaries in India. priority client equity services. online trading. The Company offers a range of financial products and services. high-net-worth individuals. and corporate and institutional clients. The Company offers a suite of financial products and services targeted at retail investors. international advisory. 25 subsidiaries abroad and three joint ventures in India. fund management services. 2010 (fiscal 2010). FINANCIAL PRODUCTS: o o o o Equity Commodity Currency Gold . investment banking and institutional broking. life insurance. including film fund management and asset management. arts initiative. insurance broking. personal financial services. personal credit. portfolio management services.

o Mutual funds o IPO’S o Derivatives FINANCIAL SERVICES: • Commercial vehicle loan service • Construction equipment loan service ESOP financing(Employee stock option plan) • • IPO financing • LAS plus-cash loan against share • Loan against mutual fund • Loan against property • Loan against security • Personal financial service • Promoter funding .

(2) Retail (equities and other financial products).• SME loan service KOTAK SECURITIES LIMITED Kotak Securities Limited. is the stock broking and distribution arm of the Kotak Mahindra Group.including private and secondary placement of debt and equity and mutual funds. The division also incorporates a comprehensive research cell with sectoral analysts who cover all the major areas of the Indian economy. The company has four main areas of business: (1) Institutional Equities. Its expertise in research and stock broking . It caters to the needs of foreign and Indian institutional investors in Indian equities (both local shares and GDRs). Currently. • • Institutional Business : This division primarily covers secondary market broking. (3) Portfolio Management and (4) Depository Services. Kotak Securities is a corporate member of both The Bombay Stock Exchange and The National Stock Exchange of India Limited. Client Money Management : This division provides professional portfolio management services to high net-worth individuals and corporates. a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Kotak Securities is one of the largest broking houses in India with wide geographical reach. Its operations include stock broking and distribution of various financial products . The company was set up in 1994.

000 customers. comprising 870 offices (own and franchisees) across 309 cities and towns. servicing 590. Depository Services: Kotak Securities is a depository participant with the National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository Services (India) Limited for trading and settlement of dematerialised shares. investors who use its depository services get a dual benefit. mutual the company the right perspective from which to provide its clients with investment advisory services. Since it is also in the broking business. Products • Equity Kotak 30 (Now Kotak 50) Kotak Lifestyle Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund Kotak Indo World Kotak Midcap Kotak Opportunities Kotak Contra Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme Kotak Select Kotak Tax Saver Kotak Global Emerging Market . secondary debt and equity and small savings schemes. Initial Public Offerings. • • • Retail distribution of financial products : Kotak Securities has a comprehensive retail distribution network. This network is used for the distribution and placement of a range of financial products that includes company fixed deposits.

Infrastructure Fund Focus Fund • Debt Kotak Monthly Income Plan Kotak Bond Kotak Bond Short Term Kotak Gilt Investment Kotak Floater Short Term Kotak Liquid Kotak Gilt Savings Kotak Flexi Debt Kotak Floater Long Term Kotak Multi Asset Allocation Fund Kotak Credit Opportunities Fund • Balanced Kotak Balance .

• Exchange Traded Funds(ETF) Kotak Gold ETF Kotak Nifty ETF Kotak PSU Bank ETF Kotak Sensex ETF • Fixed Maturity Plan(FMPs) Kotak FMP Series 28 Kotak FMP Series 29 Kotak FMP Series 32 Kotak FMP Series 35 Kotak FMP Series 38 Kotak FMP Series 41 Kotak FMP Series 44 Kotak FMP Series Kotak FMP Series 30 Kotak FMP Series 31 Kotak FMP Series 33 Kotak FMP Series 34 Kotak FMP Series 36 Kotak FMP Series 37 Kotak FMP Series 39 Kotak FMP Series 40 Kotak FMP Series 42 Kotak FMP Series 43 Kotak FMP Series 45 Kotak FMP Series 46 Kotak FMP 6M .

47 Kotak FMP 13M Series 6 Kotak FMP 18M Series 1 Kotak FMP 18M Series 4 Kotak FMP 24M Series 1 Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 1 Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 4 Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 7 Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 10 Kotak 370 Days Series 4 Kotak FMP 15M Series 6 Kotak FMP 18M Series 2 Kotak FMP 18M Series 5 Kotak FMP 24M Series 2 Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 2 Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 5 Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 8 Series 11 Kotak FMP 15M Series 7 Kotak FMP 18M Series 3 Kotak FMP 18M Series 6 Kotak FMP 24M Series 4 Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 3 Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 6 Kotak Quarterly Interval Plan Series 9 Kotak 370 Days Series 2 Kotak 370 Days Series 3 Kotak 370 Days Series 5 Kotak 370 Days Series 6 .

Kotak 370 Days Series 7 Kotak 370 Days Series 10 Kotak 370 Days Series 8 Kotak 370 Days Series 9 SERVICES FINANCIAL SERVICES:  Facility of Margin Finance to the customers for online stock trading  Investing in IPO and mutual fund over the phone  SMS alert before execution of depository transaction  Mobile application to track portfolio of your investment in stock market  Autoinvest a systematic investing plan in equities and mutual fund .

who possess expertise in the field of Finance. It has been founded with the aim of providing world class . It was founded in 2004 by two visionary and hard working entrepreneurs. Ram M.With a customer base of over 200.000 the Unicon Group has an eye for the intricate financial needs of its clients and caters to both their short – term and long – term financial needs through a comprehensive bouquet of investment services.UNICON is a professionally managed company led by a team with outstanding managerial acumen and cumulative experience of more than 400 man years in the financial markets The Company is supported by more than 4500 Uniconians and has a extensive network of over 500 business offices in 235 cities across India. and has its Corporate office in Mumbai with regional offices in Kolkata. Mr. Chennai. Hyderabad and Noida. The company is headquartered in New Delhi. Gajendra Nagpal and Mr. Provision of margin against securities automatically against shares in your demat account UNICON is a financial services company which has emerged as a one-stop investment solutions provider. Gupta.

These services range from offline & online trading in equity. Ltd offers personalized premium services on the NSE. The UNICON group also has a PCG division providing investments solutions for High Net Worth Individuals. The Corporate Advisory Services arm – Unicon Capital Services (P) Ltd offers entire gamut of Investment Banking services to corporates UNICON can boast of some of the most respected names in the private equity space like Sequoia Capitals. Ltd offers services in Commodity trading on NCDEX and MCX. Nexus India Capital and Subhkam Ventures as its shareholders . BSE & Derivatives market. commodities and currency derivatives to debt markets to corporate finance and portfolio management services. The distribution network is backed by inhouse back office support to provide prompt and efficient customer service The Equity broking arm – UNICON Securities Pvt. Mutual Funds and IPO’s. insurance products and property broking. General Insurance. The Commodity broking arm Unicon Commodities Pvt.investing experience to the investing community. It also provides expert Advisory on Life Insurance. The company has a sizable presence in the distribution of 3rd party financial products like mutual funds.

Unicon through its online back-office aims to increase the transparency and provides you the link to view the details of your account online anytime and anywhere. .PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED BY UNICON INVESTMENT SOLUTION: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Equity Commodity Depository Distribution NRI services Investment banking Currency derivatives Portfolio management There are other services which are offered and they are as follows: Back office: 1.

Commercial paper (Origination & Placement). Certificate of Deposit and Treasury Bills both in Primary and Secondary market. FIXED INCOME: Offerings: • • Dealing in all types of money market instruments viz. Fertilizer & Food Bonds) and other PSU/ Corporate bonds with counterparties like Banks.Advantages of viewing the following reports online: ♦ Sauda Details ♦ Financial Ledger ♦ Net position for the day ♦ Net position Detail (for the complete financial year) ♦ E-Contract Note 2. Dealing in Government securities (including securities of Oil. .

• • • Primary Dealers. NBFCs & Corporates. Arrangers for Private placement of Bonds & placing it with Banks. Central & State PSUs. Regional Rural Banks. Mutual funds. Retailing of Central. Insurance Companies. Universities Advisory Services to PF Trusts. Housing Finance Companies. INDIA INFOLINE . Securitization of receivable portfolio of Housing Finance Companies. Insurance Companies & Corporates. Mutual Funds. Cooperative Banks. State Government Securities and Bonds to PF Trusts. Banks & NBFCs by way of Pass through certificates.

GoI bonds and other small savings instruments. IIFL is one of India’s leading online destinations for personal finance. IIFL offers advice and execution platform for the entire range of financial services covering products ranging from Equities and derivatives. IIFL’s research is acknowledged by none other than Forbes as ‘Best of the Web’ and ‘…a must read for investors in Asia’.IIFL has been awarded the ‘Best Broker. India Infoline was also adjudged as ‘Fastest Growing Equity Broking House Large firms’ by Dun & Bradstreet. Loans. The research is available not just over the Internet but also on international wire services like Bloomberg. India’ by FinanceAsia and the ‘Most improved brokerage. IIFL also received membership of the Colombo Stock Exchange becoming the first foreign broker to enter Sri Lanka.The IIFL (India Infoline) group. India’ in the AsiaMoney polls. Fixed deposits. India Infoline Ltd (NSE: INDIA INFO. A forerunner in the field of equity research. . Investment Banking. economy and business. Thomson First Call and Internet Securities where it is amongst one of the most read Indian brokers. BSE: 532636) and its subsidiaries. stock markets. Insurance. IIFL recently received an in-principle approval for Securities Trading and Clearing memberships from Singapore Exchange (SGX) paving the way for IIFL to become the first Indian brokerage to get a membership of the SGX. comprising the holding company. Asset management. is one of the leading players in the Indian financial services space. Commodities. Wealth management.

Shareholding Pattern Particulars Total Promoter Holdings Total Govt Holding Total Domestic Institutions Total Foreign Holdings Total Non Promoter Corporate Holdings Total Public & Others Total Shares % (Mn) Holdings 91. All our offices are connected with the corporate office in Mumbai with cutting edge networking technology.88 286.500 business locations spread over more than 500 cities and towns across India facilitates the smooth acquisition and servicing of a large customer base.A network of over 2.36 0. over a variety of mediums viz. The group caters to a customer base of about a million customers.0 7. over the phone and at our branches.80 48.2 2.1 100.0 PRODUCTS & SERVICES Equities .4 17.9 0.04 6.00 21.33 118.5 41. online.41 31.

customers come first. as a matter of fact. Transparency Honesty is our forte.Credit and finance Commodities Insurance Investment Banking Wealth Management Service It is the most trusted and globally reputed financial distribution companies. being fair and transparent with our customers Meritocracy We recognize and appreciate efforts put in by our employees. reward . We believe in dealing on thoroughly ethical grounds. VALUES: Customer-centric approach At Bonanza. every single day. And we. And their satisfaction is not just our top priority but also the driving force for us. Mutual Fund Services • • • • • • • • • Equity & Derivatives Commodity Currency Derivatives E-Banking Distribution Investment Banking PMS(portfolio management service) Depository Service Institutional Broking . who work together.and distinguish each one of them. Solidarity We believe in sharing a forthright and respectful relationship with our business partners and employees. We consider them both as our team associates. Succeed together. Financial products • • • • • Equity Commodity Derivatives PMS.

when e-commerce was just about starting in India. In late 2004. the 3 founders incorporated Indiabulls Financial Services and made it as the flagship company. Indiabulls . a subsidiary of Indiabulls Financial Services started offering online brokerage services and simultaneously opened physical offices across India. the company embarked on its journey to build one of the first online platforms in India for offering internet brokerage services.N. In January 2000. By 2003. In mid 2000. Indiabulls Securities. their friend Saurabh Mittal also joined them. By December 1999. Mittal & Mr Harish Fabiani. In late 2000. In September 2004. Indiabulls securities had established a strong pan India presence and client base through its offices and on the internet. Sameer Gehlaut and his close IIT Delhi friend Rajiv Rattan got together and bought a defunct securities company with a NSE membership and started offering brokerage services . Indiabulls Financial Services went public with an IPO at Rs 19 a share.In middle of 1999. Indiabulls Financial Services received venture capital funding from Mr L. A Few months later.

Indiabulls Power went public in September 2009. power & real estate through independently listed companies and Indiabulls Group continues its journey of building businesses with strong cash flows . a defunct 11 acre textile mill owned by NTC in Lower Parel. Indiabulls Properties Private Ltd. A few months later. a subsidiary of Indiabulls Financial Services. to build power plants and started work on building Nashik & Amrawati thermal power plants. another textile mill auctioned by NTC. Indiabulls Properties private Ltd won the mill in auction and that purchase started Indiabulls real estate business.796 Crore & has a strong presence in important sectors like financial services. Today. participated in government auction of Jupiter Mills. Indiabulls Power. Indiabulls Financial Services demerged the real estate business under Indiabulls Real Estate and each shareholder of Indiabulls Financial Services received additional share of Indiabulls Real Estate through the demerger. Indiabulls Real Estate company pvt ltd bought Elphinstone mill in Lower Parel. Mumbai.Financial Services started its financing business with consumer loans. Indiabulls Group has a networth of Rs 16. In year 2007. With real estate business gaining size. In March 2005. Indiabulls Financial Services also demerged Indiabulls Securities and each shareholder of Indiabulls Financial Services also received a share of Indiabulls Securities. Subsequently. Indiabulls Real Estate incorporated a 100% subsidiary.

allotment / refund advises  Executes 150.000+ telephone calls Mails 25. with over 130. dividend cheques / advises. They are uniquely positioned to offer the .000 clients trading through us.000+ trades on NSE / BSE  Executes 50.000 trades per day. It is ranked among the top 5 brokers on the NSEI. containing Annual Reports.000+ clients on the investments in mutual funds.50.000 investors visiting our 575 offices Publishes / broadcasts at least 50 buy / sell calls Attends to 10.Products • Power Indiabulls • Indiabulls signature account • Depository services • Indiabulls Equity Analysis • Currency derivatives • IPO Online CUSTOMERS OF KARVY     Has more than 25. We began with the aim of serving the small investors – today it is having over 3. Karvy Stock Broking Limited is a member of the National Stock Exchange of India and the Stock Exchange Mumbai.000 debit / credit in the depositary accounts  Advises 3.000 envelopes.

with over 575 branches. one is located near your office / home. and then the person is ready to trade on the premier exchanges of India. If one prefer to trade from the comfort of their home or office. mutual funds distribution and depository services. Remisser or as an Independent Financial Advisor. The laser focused approach to serving the retail investors remains the cornerstone to the success over the last two decades. Karvy is a pioneer financial services provider in India and has operations in segments such as stock. .Karvy Stock Broking is expanding it’s business in all over India to reach corner customers of India. Karvy has deputed Karvy Fortune. karvy online platform provides the ideal way to trade. investment banking. To start trading in equities. A Business Associate of Karvy will actively promote and market Karvy’s services and products and keeps customers updated of the forthcoming new products and . Any Individual from India can join Karvy Family” as needs to register as a client with the company. It is carved to reach like-minded people who wish to serve the customers with utmost reliability and fervor.If one is looking for an easy and convenient channel to trade in the stock markets … KARVY is one of the trusted trading services partner. commodities and insurance broking.