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Course Syllabus

Course Information
DANC 2332.001 Beginning Modern Dance Fall 2011 JO 1.216, Tuesday & Thursday, 11:30a.m. – 12:45p.m.

Professor Contact Information
Michele Hanlon Phone: 972.883.2140 Email: Office: JO 5.207 Office Hours: Monday 11:30pm – 12:30pm, or by appointment

Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions

Course Description
DANC 2332 is a modern dance technique class designed for students with little or no background in dance. The semester will begin with basic concepts of postural alignment and conditioning, and then build to the development of modern dance technique including basic exercises and combinations. Students are required to dress for technique class: Women – leotard, tights, sweat pants (optional) Men – Tee shirt, sweat pants, (men’s leotard and tights with dance belt optional) Hair must be kept out of eyes and face – tied back if shoulder length or longer.

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes DANC 2332.001 Beginning Modern Dance
● Students will be able to both execute physically and describe orally the basic movement vocabulary of beginning modern dance. ● Students will be able to analyze live performances from specific criteria given to them in class. ● Students will compare and recognize variables within the art form after exposure to various styles and techniques of modern through classroom participation, video viewing, and live performance attendance. ● Students should value the art form, discipline, and dedication needed to excel in dance by participating in the structure of technique, recognize its demands on the physical body, and the experience of the execution of a complete movement phrase.

Required Textbooks and Materials
Students are required to dress appropriately as defined above under “General Class Etiquette and Attire”.

Assignments & Academic Calendar
8/25 9/15 10/25 10/27 10/27 - 29 11/10 11/29 12/1 12/6 Review Syllabus/ view video Video viewing and analysis Stretch/ tennis ball release class (bring a tennis ball to class with you) Video viewing day UTD Dance Ensemble V.I.P at University Theater – 8th annual residency concert Live performance analysis due Review for skills and vocabulary exam Skills and vocabulary exam Self-evaluation due/ Last day of classes – finish skills & vocab. exam

Modern dance technique classes except as indicated above.

Grading Policy
Student evaluation is based on the following: ● Participation grade is based on student participation in the class. Students will be evaluated according to the quality of their involvement in the class work as demonstrated through individual comprehension and improvement: learning material given, mastery of skills, effort, preparedness for class (including proper attire), and personal growth. You cannot participate if you are absent. Each absence will result in a loss of participation points and a loss of attendance points. Each class has a value of 3 participation points awarded daily for attending class and fulfilling the preceding requirements. Points will be deducted if any of these requirements are unfulfilled. ● Written work – includes video analysis, live performance analysis, self-evaluation, skills and vocabulary quizzes/exams.
98 – 100 93 – 97 90 – 92 88 – 89 83 – 87 80 – 82 78 – 79 73 – 77 70 – 72 68 – 69 63 – 67 60 – 62 Below 60 F A+ A AB+ B BC+ C CD+ D D-

Participation Attendance Video analysis Live Performance analysis ** Self-Evaluation Skills and vocabulary

40 15 10 15 10 10

** V.I.P. is a mandatory attendance event and students are encouraged to make it the topic of the live performance analysis. It will be held in the University Theater on October 27 - 29 at 8:00pm. Attendance is required on only one of these performance dates.

Course and Instructor Policies
Attendance is mandatory. You will be given 2 absences without penalty; any additional absence(s) (excused or unexcused) will be .5 points off the 15-point attendance grade for each class missed. If you arrive after roll has been taken it is your responsibility to remind the instructor that you attended class. Failure to do so could result in an absence recorded and applied for that day. After one tardy, you will be considered late if you arrive after roll has begun and you will receive a .25-point deduction from your attendance points. You may not physically participate without the instructor’s permission if you arrive

more than fifteen minutes after the class has begun (which may affect your participation grade). Excused absences may be made up, please speak to the instructor for various options. A total of 4 excused absences may be made up with the instructor’s approval. Students making up absences in other approved dance classes must turn in documentation that is dated and signed by the instructor teaching the class. If you observe the make-up class instead of physically participating, you must write a one-page paper that includes a description of the class, personal observations, and a comparison of your class and the makeup class. All classes must be made up before the last two weeks of the semester. Excused absences require documentation. Performance Analysis: You are required to see a live dance production, write an analysis and submit it with a ticket and program attached. The performance must be a dance concert approved by the instructor. The analysis is due no later than November 10. The Live performance analysis must include an in-depth examination of one dance work from the program you attended using the analysis format learned in class. If you do not choose the first or last piece on the program for your analysis, you must also include a brief summary of those pieces. You must include both the opening and closing works as either a summary or complete analysis. 3 points will be deducted for the omission of each. Attendance at the UTD fall dance concert V.I.P. is required. Students are encouraged to use this concert for the live performance analysis. If student writes about a different concert V.I.P. program and ticket must be submitted to instructor to verify attendance at this required concert. Skills and Vocabulary: You will be expected to know the definition and how to execute specific movements learned/used in class. You may be tested verbally, physically, and on paper. This grade includes your daily application of movement, and quizzes or exams. Extra Credit: Extra credit may be received by attending additional dance performances. You may receive 1 point by just turning in a ticket and program or up to 3 if accompanied by a critique. The credit will be added to the final total of points accrued for the course at the end of the semester. Students may complete no more than two extra credit assignments - accepted up to December 6. V.I.P. (UTD fall dance concert) will not count as extra credit. General Class Etiquette and Attire Minimum jewelry. Hair up and away from face. No chewing gum or food in studio. Closed liquid containers (water only). No sitting down during class. No talking while dancing or during demonstrations of exercises. You are required to wear specific dance attire: Women: leotards or dance top, tights or dance pants, sweat pants (optional)dance warm ups, sweaters, and solid color sweat shirts (when it is cold) are allowed. Men: sweat pants, solid color t-shirts or sweat shirts, You may wear men’s leotards and tights with a dance belt if you choose. Cell phones must be turned off and remain off during class time (11:30 – 12:45) Respect the space of other students by being aware of your own use of space. Notify the instructor of any ailments – physical or otherwise – that may negatively effect your ability to participate in a given technique class before the start of class. Points may be deducted from your daily participation grade for inappropriate attire or etiquette. Course Expectations: Student will demonstrate a focused mental and physical application of the course material. Student will take responsibility for his/her own growth through watching, listening, participating, processing, and clarifying during each class session. Video Viewing days: 9/15 & 10/27 VIDEO DANCE ANALYSIS: In class Thursday, September 15.

Analysis format will be introduced in class. LIVE PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS: Due no later than Tuesday November 22. Use the analysis format introduced during the video analysis on 9/15.

Important Dates: Last day to drop without a “W” Labor Day holiday V.I.P., 8th annual Dance Residency Concert WP/WF ends Thanksgiving Holiday Last day of classes Final Exam

Fri., Sept. 9 Mon., Sept. 5 Oct. 27 - 29 Tues., Nov. 1 Thurs.& Fri. Nov. 24&25 Tues., Dec. 6 Tues. Dec. 13, 11:00am

FINAL SELF-EVALUATION: Due Monday, December 6 Final Self-evaluation guidelines: Use the following questions as a guide in writing your self-evaluation essay. Please address all of the points listed below. You may add additional information that you feel is pertinent. Be sure to write your self-evaluation in essay form. There is no length requirement – just an expectation that you will be complete! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. In what ways has your physical understanding of alignment changed? How has your technique improved through your work this semester? What areas of technique do you feel you have mastered and how can you tell? Do you feel that you have grown as a performer / practitioner of dance? Describe. In what ways has viewing live dance performance(s) increased your understanding of modern dance? Do you feel that you have been receptive to new movement ideas and concepts? How have these altered (or not) your perspective on modern dance and/or dance in general? Based on all of your experience with modern dance (this class as well as any outside experience) how would you define modern dance? (this portion of your essay should be at least 2 paragraphs long). How does the study of dance contribute to one’s growth and education? What are the practical applications of the study of dance in fields outside of the arts? Finally, based on your work this semester in this dance class, give yourself a (%) grade between 60% and 100% in EACH of the following areas: Overall Class Participation & Modern Dance Technique

7. 8.

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Field Trip Policies Off-campus Instruction and Course Activities
There are no scheduled group field trips for this class. Students are responsible for all performance tickets, and transportation.

Email Use
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These descriptions and timelines are subject to change at the discretion of the Professor.