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Posted by Shilpi Pankaj ( on Tue, Aug 25, 98 at 13:44

I have recently bought a Curry Leaf plant here in San Diego, Southern California. The place where I got it is called Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery in Vista. They also accept mail-orders. They even have Allahabadi guava and Indian Mango and Banana plants, if you are interested. Their phone # is (760) 724-9093
• Posted by Aman P. Chaudhary ( on Wed, Nov 24, 99 at 4:26 "These plants like 65 degrees Farenheit and above generally. They like Direct or Diffused sunlight. Water them only when they have dried up soil. Water them throughly, and provide adequate drainage for the pot.

"Generally, they should not be given fertilizer during the winter and fall months. Watering alone should suffice. If the leaves start to turn yellow, then a little fertilizer can be given. But during the Spring and Summer months, they should be fed on a regular basis (approx. 2-3 times a week). "The one reccomended by the growers is Peters brand fertilizer with a ratio of (20-10-20). They prefer it to Miracle grow with the same ratio becaue Peters has less salt buildup. "When transplanting the new plant from its greenhouse container, use a 4-inch clay pot and use potting soil."
• Posted by Pearl ( on Sun, Jun 10, 01 at 20:49 Pacific Tree Farms in southern California sells curry leaf trees by mail order (for all those in the SF Bay area and beyond who are interested).

I bought one from there (about 2 feet high) and it is doing fine... it did drop all its branches in the winter, but grew them back again in the spring. It seems to be somewhat delicate - gets wilted and sunburned if I leave it out too long, and definitely cold-sensitive.

Also apply Steer Manure once a while. Oct on Sat. www.00. so that the cold do not affect the Fort Laurderdale.nativehabitat. The places that ship them out are Hopkins Tropical(954~434~5558. Can use the flowers for cooking as it also has the same smell. Miracle Grow needs to be applied during summer and fall every two weeks. almost day in day out. • Posted by Lesley (awolfwaits@aol. If you wait longer it becomes seeds.Good luck! . The growth info I found was at the Plant of the Week site. Fla and Native Habitat Landscaping (561~778~8361.hopkinstropical. though not from seeds. As we south Indians needs a lot.plantoftheweek.Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific Tree Farms • Posted by Ananth ( on During winter. Another option I only have an e*mail address for. During summer clip all the flowers so that new branches grow. pineislandnursery@msn. www. They are available in the San Gabriel Nursery fo $7. decided to plant one. so far it has grown well. 01 at 12:26 Hi ! I found some plants online and info on growing them.shtml. Jun 13. 01 at 12:23 I have grown the Curry leaves plant in my home in LA. as my dad informed me I kept it under a plastic sheet hood (can get it from home depot).