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Hsin Hsin Ming : A Verbal Expression of the Direct Experience of Awakening

The Hsin Hsin Ming (Shin Jin Mei in Japanese) has been attributed to the Third Zen Patriarch Sosan. Believed to have been written in the 6th century, the simplicity of his words may bring up precious insights to the one who seeks liberation. The following is a new "rendition" rather than a new translation. Working from ten different translations and through the perspective of my personal experience here is the Hsin Hsin Ming for Now. ~Ron Pelton The Perfect Way is not so difficult if you have no preferences. Once you stop loving this and hating that, it becomes clear with no disguises. But make just the smallest distinction between one thing and the other and you create infinite separation. So if you want to live in truth, then do not have any opinions for or against anything. Setting your likes against your dislikes is the disease of the mind. If you do not know the deeper meaning of the Way, your peace of mind is needlessly disturbed. Though the Way is as perfect as the vastness of space, where nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess. It is your choosing to accept and reject things that prevent you from seeing the true nature of life. Do not live seeking answers from the external world or by sinking into your inner feelings of emptiness. Just calmly and impartially see, feel, hear, taste, the oneness of things and duality will disappear into itself. When you strive to create stillness by stopping the mind’s natural activity, the resulting quiet is itself active and in motion. As long as you remain attached to one or the other of these extremes you can never realize that which is "not two." And when you do not understand this you fail in two ways. By denying the reality you insist upon its very existence and by

the slower you go. Do not search for new truths ~ just stop all attachment to your beliefs and judgments. Yet neither the inner subject nor external object can exist without each other. Stop this attachment to all speech and thought about being Awake and you will soon find it everywhere. Neither easy nor difficult ~ it simply Is. You (as the subject) believe in your separate existence because of external things seen as objects. of right or wrong. Relying on your limited views creates fear and indecisiveness ~ the faster you hurry. Be ever vigilant of all dualities while you carefully avoid the pursuit of new ones. . Living in the Great Way is your nature.insisting upon the emptiness you are denying its reality. Although all duality comes from that which is "not two". Understand the relativity of you and the other and you understand the basic reality ~ that which is "Not Two". do not be concerned even with this "One Without a Second. And when your discriminating thoughts no longer exist. If there is even a trace of this or that." Have no objections to or blame for anything in the world and your life will flow in front of you. Go within to your source and you will find meaning but if you look outside of yourself all meaning will be lost. you will be left in confusion. your mind as you knew it. Do not discriminate between what is coarse and what is fine and you will not be for or against anything. In this reality you cannot tell one from the other as each contains the whole world within. will no longer exist. To be Liberated for just a moment is to transcend the appearance and emptiness in the world. The more that you talk and think about Liberation the further away you wander from the truth. Even attachment to the idea of Liberation points away from the truth. You cannot pick and choose your attachments.

once and for all. you have reached your true identity. See the flow inherent in life and move effortlessly with it and you will live freely and undisturbed. To seek the no-mind of Liberation with the mind of identity is the greatest of all mistakes. hallucinations.Let things be as they are. And the disturbing practice of judging yourself and the other only leaves you empty and weary inside. there will be no dreaming and all your dreams will naturally come to an end. To accept everything completely. with Liberation there are no opposites ~ no liking of this or disliking of that. if your mind creates no distinctions then all things are seen as they are. All forms of duality come from the illusory boundaries created within your mind. phantoms in the air and it is foolish to try to hold onto them. When your thoughts are in bondage the truth is always hidden behind the cloudy and unclear mind. They are like dreams. in this way there is neither expectation nor disbelief. One Fundamental Reality. To live freely in Non-duality is to accept everything as indistinguishable. The wise man makes no efforts to do anything. There is only one truth. you must eliminate these thoughts now. . One Taste ~ not many. right and wrong. No benefits can ever be gained from constant judgments and separations. In the same way. Opposites originate as illusions from within your mind. but the foolish man binds himself in nothing but doing. accept life as it is. without distinction. Gain and loss. totally is identical with true Liberation. If you never sleep. If you understand the mystery of that which is "not two" you will be released from all bondage. your separation originates from attachments and judgments. even the world of senses and ideas. When you are able to see all things as equal.

both movement and stillness disappear. this end of everything separate. a single moment is infinite. When your personal definitions and self-constructed boundaries disappear the universe is both infinitely large and infinitely small ~ there is no difference. Advaita itself cannot exist. your doubts and indecisiveness disappeared and an Liberated life becomes possible. And in the Absolute.No comparisons or analogies are possible in this causeless. When these dualities no longer exist. And in each moment. No matter when and no matter where. Do not waste any time wallowing in doubts and arguments that have nothing to do with this reality. there are no rules. Think carefully about the motion that exists in stillness and the stillness that exists in motion. There is emptiness within you and emptiness outside you and still the universe is always right in front of you. Everything is the One. you will no longer worry about your and the worlds non-perfection. And in this truth there is no time. In this "not two" you and everything are no longer separate. . To live with this conviction is the way to non-duality. It is also this way with Being and non-being. you are attached to nothing and nothing clings to you. no space. and the One is in everything. and no descriptions. you and everything are no longer excluded. If you can realize just this. you are free from your bondage. Only here and now can all your struggles be stilled. no boundaries except those created by your mind. Liberation means entering this truth. When doubts come up. just say "not two" and you will flow directly into harmony with this reality. All becomes clear. and self-illuminating without any effort from your mind. empty. no differentiation. no laws. relation-less state. because the non-dual is already unified with the mind that trusts in the Way.

Words! The Way is beyond all language. because within the Way there is no past no future no present. .