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Blue and White Corn Chips Goat Cheese Fundido Duck Tamale Guacamole Chipotle Sea Scallops Anaheim Peppers Siete Leguas Blanco-Infused Ceviche, Chorizo Shrimp Puff Pastry Fried Artichoke Hearts Cornbread-Stuffed Quail Goat Cheese-Spinach Quesadilla Gordita de Chorizo Casero

with chile de arbol-tomato salsa and spicy “La Cola del Scorpion” salsa, 4

with chorizo, roasted Anaheim peppers, and blue corn tortillas, 8

with chipotle crema, baby greens, scallions, and tomatoes, 8

with blue and white corn chips, 8 with cornbread, corn relish, and white truffle oil, 11

stuffed with black bean-corn relish; topped with garlic-cotija crust and chile de arbol -tomato salsa, 7 Gulf shrimp and bay scallops with cucumber, mango, bell pepper, jalapeño, cilantro,

Siete Leguas Blanco Tequila, and lime juice; with blue and white corn chips, 10 with red onions, bell peppers, and lime beurre blanc, 9

in blue corn tortilla nest with crispy carrots, parmesan, and ancho chile aioli, 8 with honey-habanero glaze and mango relish, 10 with strawberry relish and sour cream, 7

with jalapeño rajas, cabbage, avocado, sour cream, and cotija cheese, 8

, 5

Roasted Corn Chowder Sopa Maya
, 5

Baby Green Salad
radish, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, fire-roasted corn, and Dijon mustard-lime vinaigrette, 5 Alvaro Chavez, Executive Chef/Partner

Entrée Salads

Wilted Spinach Blackened Duck (or Chicken) Breast Caesar Blue Cornmeal Bay Scallops Caesar Spicy Steak Chopped Salad
with pepita-encrusted goat cheese ball, 13

with lentils, red onions, granny smith apples, cotija cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette; topped with romaine, caesar dressing, and parmesan, topped with black bean-corn

relish, orange-balsamic glaze, and shoestring tortillas, 15 with romaine, caesar dressing, parmesan, and orange-balsamic glaze, 15

with chopped greens, vegetables, pepitas, and chile de arbol-tomato salsa, 15


Coffee-Pepper Beef Medallions Masa Azul Signature Steak Three Amigos, Anaheim Peppers Pork Tenderloin Garlic-Cotija Jumbo Shrimp Chipotle Sea Scallops Shrimp-Corn Cakes Salmon Ancho Chile Ruby Red Trout Mesquite Duck Breast
served over potato cake, 15

with epazote reduction, potato cake, and caramelized baby carrots, 21

grilled and served with chimichurri sauce, cornbread, and caramelized baby carrots, 18

duck tamale, stuffed Anaheim pepper, and cornbread-stuffed quail, 19 stuffed with black bean-corn relish; topped with garlic-cotija crust and chile de arbol -tomato salsa;

pan-seared and topped with spinach, blue cheese, and caramelized red onions; with potato cake, 16 with lime beurre blanc, garlic rice, and broccoli, 21

with poblano-blue cheese sauce, potato cake, and green beans, 21

with roasted poblano pepper remoulade, garlic rice, and broccoli, 18

grilled with spicy tomato-chipotle sauce, garlic rice, and green beans, 18 with mango salsa, potato cake, and broccoli, 18

with pineapple-tequila chutney, cornbread, and green beans, 19