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INTRODUCTION: It was a German scientist, named Onto Habur, who was successful in making the atom bomb by splitting the atom bomb in the deserts of Mexico. Later on to being the Second World War to an end, America dropped two atom bombs on Japan. The first bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on august 6, 1945. After three days, on august 9, 1945, the second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. The world was horrified. Both cities were raised to the ground. Nothing was left there. America came out the world war as the biggest and the mightiest country of the world.

Even the atom bomb has become a thing of the past. Scientists have been successful in fusing hydrogen atoms in the one helium atom. From this fusion, they have the hydrogen bomb. It is said to be many times more destructive than the atom bomb. And still more destructive in the series is the neutron bomb prepared by America and Russia.

TODAYS THOUGHTS ABOUT ³AB´: Some people have argued that atom bomb is the greatest security against a future world war. The world will now live in peace. Due to the fear of this dangerous bomb, no power will ever think of going to atomic war. But the facts are quite different. The world is today sitting on the top of a volcano. Any moment, it may burst out and bring the world to an end. The fear of the bomb has started a mad race for it among all the nations. They are investing huge amount of finances in piling up stocks of such bombs. The smaller countries, which do not have them, have no place in, world affairs. It is a challenge to mankind. Either man should put an end to war, or war will end him. Dr. Einstein, the world famous scientist, told the people that the fourth war, if it at all breaks out will be fought with bricks and stones. Indeed, a third world war

will reduce everything in the world to ashes. The world today is on the verge of extinction. HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM THE BOMB?: Great thinkers are busy in finding out some answer to this question. It has been suggested that the use of nuclear weapons should be banned. All nations should stop manufacturing them. Rajaji had once suggested to the America that she should throw all her Atom and Hydrogen Bombs into the sea. But no successful results have been achieved so far. Scientists are hopeful of finding out some means of protection against the atom and hydrogen bombs. We can only live on hopes. Otherwise the danger is too great. Any moment the entire civilization may come to an end. Gandhiji used to tell people that real answer to the atom bomb was the µatama bal¶. But to develop such spiritual force is not an easy task. Even then, organi zed public opinion can play vital role. People of all nations should unite together. They should force their governments by their united voice to stop manufacturing and testing nuclear weapons. No government can afford to go against the wishes of her peopl e. If the people are successful in organizing such strong public opinion, then alone the world will be saved. This is the only way out against the dangers of the atom bomb . CONCLUSION: We are happy to note that some progress has been made in this direction . A test ban treaty, banning the testing of atomic bombs in air, water, and on earth, has been signed by most of the great countries of the world. Let us hope this step would lead to the next step i.e. banning of the use of atomic weapons and the destructi on of the nuclear bombs that are in stock with America and Russia. With the break up of the former Soviet Union the nuclear race between the U.S.A. and the Russia states has ended. But China has also succeeded is in making the atom bomb. India has successfully conducted underground nuclear explosion, though she is committed to the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes only. Pakistan has also conducted underground nuclear explosion very recently. There is constant talk of an Islamic bomb. If a number of nations have the atom bomb, the changes of a treaty banning the use of bomb would be lost for ever. ----------------------------------------<THANK YOU>-----------------------------------------