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term, is the highest court in The commonwealth. Is the oldest appellate court in the nation dating back to 1684. Can take any case in PA. This court is an appeals court. Jurisdiction four main areas. : Original: (Jurisdiction is non-exclusive for areas such as habeas corpus, being denied liberty without due process; mandamus prohibited to courts of inferior jurisdiction; quo warrants, lawsuits challenging the individual rights to hold public office); Appellate ( Discretion of what cases to hear. Appeals for the Commonwealth courts and Common Plea Courts); Exclusive (Hears appeals for Legislative Reapportionment Commission, Courts of Judicial Discipline, Minor Judiciary Education Board, and the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court; Extraordinary; habeas corpus. COMMONWEALTH: Created by the constitution convention as a means to reduce work load of the Supreme Court. Has the original and the appellate jurisdiction and 9 judges. Actions brought against the government or officer of the government. Seeking equitable relief or judgment and not damages. The Appellate jurisdiction covering most state administrative agencies. Decisions concerning Liquor Boards, Transportation, Contracts, Eminent Domain Proceedings and Internal Affairs of Non-Profit corporations. SUPERIOR COURT: Has 15 judges, its main function is an appeal court, original jurisdiction. Jurisdiction include wiretapping, and Electronic Surveillance Control Act,

They fall under the. MUNICIPAL COURT: Has 2 special courts. SPECIAL COURTS: Has 549 districts. minor level. The district justice also holds bail hearing and determines its security. and determines if there is sufficient evidence to be tried in Common Pleas Court. and reaches decisions on its merits. Philadelphia Municipal Court only court of record at the minor courts level. Their terms are 4 years. In Philadelphia Municipal Court judges must be attorneys. 25 municipal courts of record. “grass roots” Courts. Their duties include Warrants. minor level. has 6 police magistrates. And Pittsburgh Magistrates Court. Cases involve. and civil claims under 10. each district has anywhere from 1 to 90 judges. has special courts and 60 judicial districts. COMMON PLEA COURT: Has general trial. District justice holds both preliminary arraignment and preliminary hearing. . and appointed by the Pittsburgh’s mayor. arraignments. counts of record. Original jurisdiction over all cases. civil claims under 10. jurisdiction. These courts are limited in jurisdiction.000.Because it is less specialized it hears a large variety of petitions.000. Philadelphia Traffic Court jurisdiction covers Motor Vehicle Code. and City Ordinances. Also the Special Courts include. child custody. all members of the bar. and preliminary hearings. Each district has a president judge to administer the procedures of the courts. armed robbery and breach of contracts. of both criminal and civil. Pennsylvania members or nonselective. Hears appeals from state and local government agencies. The special courts of Pennsylvania hold no jury trail.

PA 19102 215-560-63 AOPC Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Box 61260 Harrisburg. Suit 1500 P.O. Judicial Center 601 Commonwealth Ave. Suite 1414 Philadelphia. PA 17106 717-231-3300 . Philadelphia 1515 Market Street.Addresses: Pennsylvania Courts AOPC.