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Clean the house Go shopping Read novels Play chess Watch Cartoons Stay at home Do the homework

Go to the gym Do karate Play the guitar Visit relatives Study Maths Fix his bike Finish the homework

Read stories Play chess Wrtie poems Play Tennis Go fishing Sleep a lot Read sports magazines

Wash dishes Listen to music Walk her dog Play the Piano Study French Ride her bike Do the housework

All verbs end with « s » in the third person singular. Verbs ending with : ch/sh/o/ss/x/zz +es Verbs ending with a y after a consonant ³ ies´ Carry Carries

1/ Sue««««««.the house on Monday morning. 2/Don««««««..Karate every Tuesday afternoon. 3/Fred.«««««.poems on Wednesday evening.

17/ Sue««««««.the homework on Sunday night. 18/Don««««««..Maths every Friday morning. 19/Fred.«««««.tennis on Thursday night.

4/Kelly«««««.the piano every Thursday night. 5/ Sue««««««shopping on Tuesday afternoon. 6/ Don««««««.the guitar on Tuesday afternoon. 7/ Fred.«««««.stories on Monday morning. 8/ Kelly always «««.to music on Wednesday evening. 23/ Fred.«««««.fishing on Friday morning. 9/ Sue««««««.cartoons on Friday morning. 10/Don«««««« the gym every Monday morning. 11/Fred.«««««.a lot on Saturday afternoon. 12/Kelly«««««.the dishes every Monday morning. 13/ Sue««««««at home on Saturday afternoon. 27/Fred.«««««.read sports magazines Sunday night. 14/ Don««««««.his bike every Saturday afternoon.. 15/ Fred.«««««.chess on Tuesday afternoon. 16/ Kelly «««« «. her dog on Wednesday evening. 28/Kelly«««««.the housework every Sunday night. 24/ Kelly «« «««French on Friday morning. 25/ Sue««««««.chess every on Thursday night. 26/Don««««««..his relatives every Thursday night. 20/Kelly«««««.her bike on Saturday afternoon. 21/ Sue««««««novels on Wednesday evening. 22/ Don««««««.his homework on Sunday evening.