Domscheit-Berg accepts the expulsion from CCC

Berlin (dpa) ± The WikiLeaks-dropout Daniel Domscheit-Berg doesn¶t want to go on with taking actions against his expulsion from the Chaos Computer Club. ³If somebody doesn¶t want me to be a member I have to accept that´. This was the response by the net activist to an E-Mail inquiry by the news agency dpa. However he still considers himself as a member of the local CCCB (Chaos Computer Club Berlin). The CCC board justifies its decision taken on August 13th by saying Domscheit-Berg gave the impression that the CCC would do ³a kind of security check´ for his whistleblower platform Openleaks. With that he took advantage of the reputation of the association. Yet both sides hinted that the real reason goes deeper and is about the circumstances of the breach of Domscheit-Berg with the leaking platform WikiLeaks. In said process also copies of explosive informations were taken by him ± according to Domscheit-Berg only because of concerns about the protection of the whistleblowers entrusting these data to WikiLeaks. Whistleblowers are informants who want to publish explosive informations about their surroundings. Domscheit-Berg explained that these documents are already fully deleted. ³The keys to this material as also the material are destroyed´ he wrote. The background for this personal decision was Ägrave mistakes from WikiLeaks in treating the source material, even at the time when I was still there³. It was also a mistake that internal cables of the US-embassies from all over the world have been published by WikiLeaks. ³This is irresponsible and grossly negligent³. According to WikiLeaks this material dating back to august 2010 contained among other things also 60 000 mails from the far right NPD and Äinternal of around 20 neo-nazi organizations³. Furthermore it included five gigabyte of data from the Bank of America as WikiLeaks stated via internet service Twitter. Also included is the US list of people who are not allowed to enter an aircraft. This material is ³irreplaceable´, criticized WikiLeaks. Beside the ca 3500 documents also the software developed originally for WikiLeaks for submitting documents was stolen. Said software is according to Domscheit-Berg a creation of the WikiLeaks-dropout known under the pseudonym ÄArchitect³. This software is now ³used in an extended and adapted version for Openleaks³. During a test of Openleaks for several days it wasn¶t possible to crack the platform, as Daniel Domscheit-Berg explains. ³We received a lot of feedback helping us developing the project³. The Openleaks founder announced that in the following days the results of the test will be published in the blog of the project.