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The Peak Productivity Solution for Programming CNC Swiss-Type Lathes

3.. sliding headstock CNC lathes. SwissCAMTM and ConfigPostTM are trademarks of IMCS.. Machining functions. Feeds and speeds for each tool are calculated automatically.133. plane milling and cylinder milling are carried out separately for each face in an intuitive manner. Inc.S. turret. All other trademarks . Prepare Tools A tools database manages usage of gang.Overview Software That Saves Time & Money PartMaker® SwissCAM™ software automates the programming of multi-axis. PartMaker applies a Patented Visual Programming approach to simplify programming of these complex machines resulting in significant savings of both time and money.112. Inc. Patent 6.. Major Benefits • Create and validate CNC programs more easily • Reduce machine setup time • Program all your CNC machines in the same intuitive manner • Increase precision for even the most complex parts 2.. 1. Setup Faces PartMaker SwissCAM’s Patented Visual Programming approach lets you break a complex part into a set of planar and rotary faces. PartMaker® is a registered trademark of IMCS. Draw Geometry Part design can be prepared quickly and easily in an integrated drawing package or geometry can be imported from other CAD systems.. commonly known as CNC Swiss-type lathes. such as turning.. PartMaker software is protected by U. back working and end working tools and automatically sets "toolshifts" required for Swiss machining.

why keep your part programming in the dark ages?" Mark Peniska... 4... Manufacturing Engineer. .. Star. Isco Inc Lincoln. 6.. Tsugami. speeds and cutting times on both the main and sub spindle.. CIMdata Ann Arbor.and others are properties of their respective owners. The software simulates the motion of the stock through the guide bushing allowing you to see the CNC Swiss cutting process on screen. Output NC Code Testimonials "The main feature that sold us on PartMaker was its ability to program Swiss-type lathes. Hanwha and others.. If you’re buying new machines that reduce cycle time.7.. Visual representations of machining operations and cutting parameters assure quicker learning and ease of use. Nebraska "PartMaker’s ‘divide and conquer’ approach to programming Swiss-type lathes makes it an intuitive and easy-to-use CAD/CAM system for programming multi-axis Swiss-type lathes with live-tooling. Tornos." Alan Christman. Compatablility Programs CNC Swisstype lathes from: • Citizen • Star • Tsugami • Tornos • Hanwha • Nomura • Traub • KSI . The software outputs multiple synchronized NC Code files for most Swiss-type lathes including those from Citizen. PartMaker provides a cost-effective method for programming CNC Swiss-type lathes. Tools are automatically chosen based on the cut being made. You can quickly synchronize processes by just pointing and clicking.. Visualize Cutting Create part features based on the type of operation you wish to perform. Vice President. Optimize Processes The Process Table shows an overview of machining for each operation including feeds. Create Features 5. Michigan PartMaker SwissCAM outputs G-code programs with machine-specific wait codes automatically inserted.

Threading. • Customize NC program formats to meet your shop’s unique requirements • Improve documentation by automatically inserting comments throughout NC code • Develop new post processors System Recommendations Microsoft Windows 98. Citizen. 540 Pennsylvania Ave. . Turning.. Star. On-line Context Sensitive Help Fully modular software The ConfigPost application lets you . 2000 or XP Math coprocessor 32 MB RAM IBM or compatible PC with a Pentium processor or higher 40 MB hard disk space SVGA monitor or higher Call now to take advantage of PartMaker’s productivity benefits.partmaker.PartMaker. PA 19034 Software That Saves Time & Money www. keyway cutters and form tools Automatically calculates optimum feeds and speeds Reduces data entry time Helps prevent tool collisions Supports part transfer and synchronous main and sub spindle operations Visually define various turning features Programs index drilling and milling on face and diameter Eases programming of polar and cylindrical milling Simplifies programming of polygon milling and pocketing and contouring in XY and YZ planes Handles programming of angled tooling Helps visualize programmed part before machining Specially designed for machinists to minimize input time Allows data exchange with other CAD systems Shortens learning time in familiar environment Finds answers to programming questions with a click of a button Buy only the software modules you need for your equipment PartMaker Application Process Table PostProcessor Config File Compatibility Supports most popular CNC Swiss type lathes PartMaker supports CNC Mills.. All rights reserved. Cutoff and Grooving Cycles Live Tooling Continuous C-axis Milling Y-axis Programming B-axis/Angled Milling 3D Machining Simulation Drawing Features Integrated drafting ParasolidTM and Bi-directional DXF interface Technical Specifications Microsoft Windows Developed Software Internet-linked.FEATURES ConfigPost Application BENEFITS Programs machines from • Write: IMCS Inc. Turn-Mills and Wire EDMs User Configurable Post Processor Programming Methodology Knowledge-Based Machining Divide and Conquer Programming Strategy Patented Visual Programming Approach Part Program File Customize Output to Eliminate Manual Editing with ConfigPost ! TM Programming Capabilities Tool Database Advanced Tools Material Database Common Part Features Database Stock Motion Simulation Sub Spindle Support Contouring. Printed in the • e-mail: imcs@partmaker. • 1-888-270-6878 or 215-643-5077 • fax: 215-653-0105 • Visit our website: www.. ME. Tsugami and others Creates a unified NC programming approach Customizes output to eliminate manual editing Automates repetitive operations reducing programming time Simplifies programming of parts involving multiple turning and live tooling operations Shortens learning time and enhances ease of use Manages tool inventory Supports slitting saws. NT. Fort Copyright © 2004 IMCS Inc. . Lathes. .