The real face of India

Myths and Realities

Riaz Ahmad Chaudhry

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Dedicated to my grandfather Chaudhry Din Muhammad (late) who took care of my education with all the worldly blessings and comforted my life after the sad demise of my father Chaudhry Farzand Ali who passed away in October 1939. I still miss his love and immense affection!



19. 16. 11. 22. 3. 7. Religious extremism Terrorism The Hindu Taliban Talibans¶ triumph The Thakurs of India ± the messengers of hate 59 61 66 68 71 Chapter 5: INSIDE INDIAN ARMED FORCES 23. 17. 12. 20. India ignoring its citizens Farm suicides False claims of secularism India¶s hostile attitude The Myth of Confederation 35 37 40 44 46 Chapter 3: CHALLENGES FROM WITHIN 14. 8. 13. 21. 10.Table of Contents 1 2 1. 25. 5. 15. 6. 24. 2. 26. The separatist movements The Naxalite Movement The Khalistan Movement The Indian Parliament .a gang of criminals 49 50 52 54 Chapter 4: BRAHMANICAL SCHOOL & FUNDAMENTALISM 18. The real face of hypocrisy 5 86 . Prefac Writer¶s Note 09 13 Chapter 1: INDIA & ITS PARTITION Ancient India: Parallel Faiths The Rise of the Caste System Partition of India Congress responsible for division Exploitation of children and women The real face of India Role of the Gandhi family The fall of Nehru dynasty 17 19 21 24 26 28 30 32 Chapter 2: INSIDE INDIA 9. Army¶s moral degeneration ³Women battalion´ of the army Arms theft and commission mafia Court Martial of soldiers 76 78 80 82 Chapter 6: PAK-INDIA COLD WAR 27. 4.

55. 49. 43. 60. 31. 40. 59. Indo-Afghan role Anti-Islam activities Indian activities in Afghanistan India can be spoiler in Afghanistan Indian bases in Central Asia Satellite for espionage 128 129 131 133 134 136 Chapter 9: CONFLICT WITH CHINA & NEIGHBOURS 50. 47. 53. 38. 62. Conspiracies against neighbours Destabilizing Pakistan RAW¶s covert war against Pakistan Chaos in Balochistan India¶s Pakistan Phobia! Indian propaganda campaign Our eternal enemy 88 90 92 95 100 102 103 Chapter 7: HEGIMONY & EXPANSIONISM 35. India and China Sino-Indian rift widens Occupation of Nepalese Territory RAW¶s activities in Nepal Indo-Bhutan relations Terrorism in China A wolf in sheep¶s clothing 140 142 145 147 149 151 152 Chapter 10: KASHMIR: A TEST CASE FOR PEACEMAKERS 57. 33. 36. Freedom Movement in the Occupied Kashmir Resolution of Kashmir dispute The Kashmir issue and peace Backing away from Kashmir Issue Obduracy on Kashmir More forces in Occupied Kashmir 156 158 161 164 166 167 6 . 56. 32. 52. 58. 45. 48. 42. 37. 46. 54. 51.28. 39. 34. Aggressive designs of India Atomic sub-marine Arms build-up and poverty Unreasonable blame game Indian army chief going wild War mongering Expansionist policies Anxiety at Gawader port The proxy war 108 109 110 113 115 117 120 122 124 Chapter 8: INDO-AFGHAN NEXUS 44. 61. 41. 30. 29.

India¶s role in terrorism 186 189 Chapter 13: UNDER PRESSURE INDIAN MUSLIMS 73. Naked aggression 72. 70. India¶s water theft Baglihar Dam Water hegemony Hydro power projects on Chenab Dam on Kabul River 186 179 180 182 183 Chapter 12: TERRORISM AND INDIA 71. The plight of the Muslims Demolition of Babri Mosque The Malegaon investigation report Maltreatment with Muslim prisoners 194 196 198 200 Chapter 14: INDO-US NEXUS 77. 67. 86. 81. 78. 75. Atrocities on the Kashmiris 64. 79. 84. India not ready for dialogue A time for peace India shining or declining Heading towards downfall Notes and References 216 218 219 221 224 7 . 85. 83. 76. 69.63. 68. 74. The national hero of Occupied Kashmir 65. Indo-US defence pact The Indo-Israel designs Collaboration between the Hindus and Jews Campaign against ISI The Mysterious death of atomic scientist 204 206 207 209 211 Chapter 15: TIME FOR PEACE 82. 80. Occupation of Siachen 168 169 171 Chapter 11: WATER WARS 66.

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Another problem that this book underlines is that Hindu extremists not only kill the minorities but also burn their houses. to keep an eye on India¶s hegemonic moves. airports. Without any bias. Most prominently the author warns the South Asian states.Preface India: Myths or Realities ± The Real Face of India is an attempt to dig out the hidden agenda of the so-called secular India. Hindu extremists burnt their houses and forced them to migrate to other areas. Its Information Technology (IT) industry. 5000 Muslims were killed in Gujrat state only and over 100.000 RSS schools which are continuously producing Hindu Taliban.000 Kashmiri Muslims have been killed so far in the Held Jammu & Kashmir. It has almost become a fashion to slander our own beloved homeland Pakistan and to talk about the merits of enemy countries. Held Jammu & Kashmir for fuelling violence in the neighbouring countries. and sea ports even its media industry is on the way to speedy expansion. It can be encouraging if it is done in good faith to 9 . shops and work places. churches and temples had been destroyed including the demolition of Babri mosque and Golden Temple. is that 1700. There is a trend in our intellectual and liberal circles to appreciate everything about India. which the author has attempted to highlight. motors. The caste system is strongly practiced in India due to which 20. especially Pakistan. India wants to rule in Asia and for that purpose the country has been spending billions of dollars on its military build-up.000 untouchables (Dalits) are passing their lives in miserable conditions. Christians and Sikhs. The author has expertly woven various personal accounts. universities.000 Christians were deprived of their free living in Orissa. Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Another quality of the writer is that he explained every issue with facts and figures that will give the reader a sense of authenticity. Hence the real problem. On the other hand. Recently 40. Riaz Ahmad Chaudhry has tried to reveal the brutality of India against all the Indian minorities mainly Muslims. Other minorities are also facing similar threats.000.000 Hindu extremists are actively involved in killing of minorities across India.000 Sikhs had been killed after Golden Temple massacre of 1984. be it its military power or film industry or other social traits. Indian economy had been progressing as fast as Chinese and other developed states. shopping centres. Many mosques. At least 270 million Muslims (India¶s biggest minority) seem to be more depressed than the other minorities. Riaz Ahmad Chaudhry has tried to highlight both the dark and bright sides of the Indian society. Famous progressive Indian activist and founder of socio-political group ³ANHAD´ in her interview not only revealed atrocities she herself witnessed against Indian Muslims in Gujrat but also mentioned presence of 100. news sources and scholarly sources into a cohesive and compelling manner. Its intelligence services are aggressively setting up Indian bases in Turkmenistan. Hundreds of thousands of Christians had been killed during last 62 years and 250.

According to this image India is the ambassador of peace and a paradise on earth. His columns and articles are often published in many national and regional newspapers. I hope that his book India: Myths or Realities . They get privileges and benefits for the service they render by slandering their own nation and praising the others. Therefore. these acrobats swindle openly To unveil the real face of India and to make the youth aware of the real facts are acts nothing less than a service to our nation. Like many other patriotic scholars. government and journalism. A long experience and observations have given weight to whatever he says or writes. Riaz Ahmad Chaudhry has elaborated his analyses with the help of necessary statistics and information. In reality facts and the real face of India tell a different story. May Allah grant him more courage. He has a deep love and reverence for Islam. we as readers are never disappointed. remain as memoirs in his mind. They use media as weapon for this so-called noble cause. 10 . Many enlightened and progressive scholars are appearing to be involved in this sort of adventure. Many secrets of the politics. Ahsan Akhtar Naz Director. strength and health! Dr. from the inception of the country till today. Even in his old age he appears to be more active than our youth. Majority of them think that whatever is shown to them on TV and film screen is real and conveys the µreal¶ side of India. Unfortunately our young minds are brought up at a time when India has conquered their minds through its media propaganda. As Ghalib says: the stars are not what they appear. rather his writings have deepened our love for Pakistan. His analyses are a successful and effective effort to make the readers understand his view point with the help of logic and historical events. But if it is meant to degrade our own nation and to keep us in a state of fear by magnifying the paper tiger.for competition or learning and to enhance our capacity and capabilities.The Real Face of India will be helpful in creating a new passion in our hearts about our country. then it is an obvious act of suicide. Hence they look impressed and influenced by this image. Institute of Communications University of the Punjab. Lahore May 2010 Studies.

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Riaz Ahmed Chaudhry Lahore. Imran Ghani. It also exposes false claims of India for being the largest democracy and secular country of the world. Pakistan and all other South Asian neighbours of this otherwise an orthodox Akhand Bharat. observed and have been acquainted with many historical personalities as well. all reflect the rich and fortunate experiences of my professional life. Naseem Ahmed. This book is not an attempt to demonise or slander India but present an objective and clear picture. Mr. former Director General Public Relations. Resident Director and Editor of daily Khabrain Multan and Mr. Director General Quaid-e-Azam Library. valuable guidance and suggestions. While I do hope to pen down detailed memoirs spanning over my professional experiences soon as and when Almighty Allah grants me the strength and time. Punjab who deserve my special gratitude for their time. My accounts. Irfan Mufti. religious. Lahore. material. July 2010 13 . The purpose of this book is to initiate a debate on issues that are facing Muslims in India. I thank all those people who have helped me in collecting information. or in the shape of books like these. Islam Hyder. the current account India: Myths and Realities is not just a book but an honest commentary on what I have observed. reports and stories relevant to the subject that I have taken the liberty of adding to the collection of my own columns. I hope the book will help the readers to understand. Mr. be those in the shape of articles and columns. leaders and politicians from all sections of the Indian society. This book captures and reflects feelings of all true Pakistanis and millions of Muslims living in India who feel marginalized. The book is also a collection of various newspaper articles. I have been fortunate to have witnessed first-hand numerous important historic. editing the script and improving the text wherever needed. question and debate the reality of all that India stands for ± in its true state. former Secretary Education and Information.Writer¶s Note In my 55-years long association in the field of Journalism. social and political events and come across. threatened and constantly harassed by the successive Indian governments and Hindu fanatics. an imperialist state. Aleem Chaudhary. read and perceived in all these years through my direct interaction with hundreds of people. Former Chief Editor of The Pakistan Times. Government of Pakistan. Safdar Mahmood. Mr. I hope my humble effort will contribute in taking this debate forward. I am personally grateful to Dr. Mr.

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Though Buddhism has not totally disappeared in India. As Buddhists also followed many of the traditions that belonged to Hindus. they not only revived their old religious customs and practices but also constructed new beliefs in accordance with the changing times. As Buddhism lost its influence. it has lost its significance at the place where it originated. There was simplicity in their rituals and ceremonies. In Mathura and Taxila. nobles and rich traders to get the blessing of Buddha. During this time a new concept of Bodhisattva became popular among the followers of Buddha. One of the rulers of Satavahana dynasty converted to Jainism and patronized it. they started to worship Buddha¶s idol in the temples and also took out religious processions in order to express their devotion towards religion. the Brahmans gained more power and met the challenges of both beliefs ± Buddhism and Jainism. 17 . So.Ancient India: Parallel Faiths Buddhism and Jainism Fall of the Mauryan Empire brought not only political changes but it also affected people¶s religious life. Buddhism also passed through the same phase and two sects namely Mahayana (great wheel) and Hinayana (small wheel) emerged in the society. As it happens in every religion. According to this concept individuals acquired spiritual knowledge to guide common people. Jainism Jainism first became popular in North India and from there it spread to Kalinga (Orissa). Buddhism also changed with the passage of time. for instance. A Bodhisattva is anyone who is motivated by compassion and seeks enlightenment not only for him/herself but also for everyone. On the other hand. Mahayana was influenced by Hinduism and its followers adopted most of the rituals and ceremonies of the Hindus. On the other hand. Buddhism spread to western southern India where priests used to worship in caves ± these caves were built by rulers. new sects are formed to fulfill the demands and ambitions of certain factions of society. they gradually lost their own identity. queens. consequently. the beliefs of Buddhism that were accepted by the people were also integrated in Hindu religion and. He built monasteries for the priests. This also goes to show the flexibility of Hinduism that absorbed other religious beliefs in its structure. Buddha¶s statues were made like other Hindu gods and deities. The followers of Hinayana believed that Buddha was in heaven and guiding his disciples to the right path from there. this weakened the roots of Buddhism in India. Once Brahmans got political support.

Jainism remained confined to small communities. Laos. it left its impression on Hindu customs and due to Jainism meat eating is prohibited in Hinduism. 18 . Hindus forced the followers of Buddhism to shift towards East Asia including Korea. However. Both Buddhism and Jainism preached peace and tolerance. Japan and China. as a result the Buddhists became a minority in India where they once ruled. It never became a popular faith. Vietnam. However. Thailand. mostly among traders.

Indian streets and corners are replete with such characters and stories. The world knows India as the largest democracy of the world. It is involved in the massacre of many innocent Muslims. The number increased to 4835 in 1990. But apart from this paperwork the real situation in India is entirely different. India will be deprived of its honour as the biggest democracy of the world. The number of women who become a victim of this obnoxious rite is increasing. Social situation in India is so dangerous and horrible that it appears that such a society cannot exist in the modern and civilized world. No one has ever dared to put them into practice. religious or social norms. No meeting of the international organization of civil and political rights can be conducted without its participation. Many laws have been passed to safeguard women rights and their honour in India since Partition. Sikhs. In 1961 dowry was banned through legislation. to make them walk naked in streets and markets and to deprive them of their possessions and properties by using force or under other pretexts including cultural. Indian intellectuals. In fact they want to hide their real face from the international community. Christians and individuals 19 . The women who do not bring with them demanded dowry. Muslim women during partition (1947) and low caste women after partition were victimized so ruthlessly and terribly that the holy rivers of Ganga and Jamuna must have shed tears. If the statistical data is taken into consideration. Unfortunately many people have settled in Pakistan who earn their bread and butter by defaming Pakistan amongst the international community. Perhaps it is a feature of Hindu society to rape women. The Indian public is also an expert in hiding these heinous crimes. but like many other reformatory laws it is not ever enforced anywhere. but these treatises merely remain documents without proper enforcement and are not more than fairy tales. If we look at the international press and listen to international broadcasting agencies. In short. Today after a period of 15 years any one can guess quite easily that the figures will never be less than 100 000. politicians and government officials relish and feel proud of it. many incidents of group discrimination are not even reported. customary. The number of women who were burnt alive for Sati and for not bringing the desired dowry was 2209 in 1988. Nevertheless the practical scenario is contrasting. NGOs (non-government Organizations) working for foreign funders have even forgotten the fact that Pakistan is our identity and a reason of our existence. Discrimination on the basis of race and caste systems is a routine matter in India and mostly women are the main victims. It has been its member since 1979. India is a failed country and is committing state terrorism. The rite of Sati is still there as a symbol of ignorance. we think that Pakistan is the most unsafe and dangerous place for women in the world.The Rise of the caste system India has been an important member of the International Convention of 1968 against Racialism and Discrimination. According to research and advocacy groups working in India. are burnt alive or subject to physical and oral violence.

India is the only country in the world which is a victim of hypocrisy of its own rulers. On one hand. Freedom movements are working in seven north-eastern states of India. but on the other hand. it preaches and claims fundamental freedoms.belonging to different other religions and faiths in India. In the same way there is a minority killing riot in every part of India. Perhaps. The Indian government is not willing to give them independence. democracy and equality for its citizens. and wants to keep them in perpetual slavery and control like they have done with Kashmiris. and the freedom fighters attack on Indian army and commit terrorist attacks in different parts of India. Almost daily dozens of people are killed by state terrorism and aggression from fanatics. in some parts of India dozens of individuals commit suicide due to hunger and deprivation. 20 .

embraced Islam. Failing to reconcile to the existence of Pakistan and cherishing the fond hope of its re-absorption into Indian dominion. At the time of Partition. Hindus became natural allies of the British and both went all-out to destroy social. The Hindus¶ deep-rooted hatred got accentuated when the Muslims opted for a separate homeland. These callous acts failed to deter the Hindus from sowing seeds of permanent antagonism between Pakistan and India. When the British captured power in India. When the Kashmiris rose up in revolt. In spite of MA Jinnah¶s loud protestations. Muslim population in the Indian subcontinent was only 22%. by March 1949.Partition of India The first brick of Hindu-Muslim antagonism was laid when Muhammad Bin Qasim raised the banner of Islam in Sindh in 712 AD and tens of thousands of lower caste Hindus and Buddhists suffering under the tyrannical rule of Raja Dahir. Pakistan¶s geographical frontiers had yet to be 21 . While it was a question of survival for the Muslims. India had absorbed 538 princely states out of the total 565 states under the Indian control till that time. Benevolence of Muslim rulers of India and their patronage to high caste Hindus resulted in failure to assimilate Hinduism into the fold of Islam. To consolidate the Indian dominion. there was deep-rooted antagonism. Hindu cultural values and religious sentiments were respected and preserved. Indian leaders worked hard for the dismemberment of Pakistan soon after its inception. over two-third of Kashmir was forcibly annexed by Indian forces. India¶s insatiable greed to gorge as many states and her menacing attitude towards Pakistan made the latter wary and worried. This can be gauged from the fact that at the time of partition of India. cultural and religious heritage of Muslims. Notwithstanding the aspirations of the Muslims of India. Behind apparent public cordiality. Many Indians regarded the creation of Pakistan as a tragic mistake that could still be corrected or reversed. Muslims were always looked down upon as defiled and polluted and treated as intruders by their Hindu fellows. the provinces of Bengal and Punjab were deliberately partitioned while Kashmir was allowed to accede to India. the idea of a separate Muslim state was repugnant to Indian Congress and hence unacceptable to them. This led to a bitter and prolonged quarrel between the two communities. Break up of Pakistan and its absorption within the fold of Indian Union had become the national goal of Congress leaders. Hindus never reconciled to any meaningful integration with generous Muslim culture and population. upsurge for gaining independence was too great and beyond human control. for the Hindus it was matter of preventing vivisection of so-called Mahabharata. but all the time strived to weaken Muslims by corroding it from within. Throughout the 1000 year rule of India by the Muslims. educational. Hinduism reluctantly submitted to Muslim rule. Despite many hurdles created by the Hindu leaders.

Very few states in the world started with greater handicaps than Pakistan did on August 14. It was expected that rather than beating war drums and sinking into the bottomless ocean of arms race. 1947. it was hoped that the two countries after having won their independence from the brutal British rule would close the chapter of suspicion and aversion. Their pent-up anger and hatred against Indian Muslims was physically demonstrated in 1992. it is rather not possible for the present younger generation to think about the complexities and difficulties faced by the pioneers of Pakistan at the time of independence. Hindu leaders in their quest to re-unite India. civil servants and other administrative and technical hands were in the midst of migrating from India. Large scale state sponsored massacre of Muslims in Gujrat took place in 2003. As if these settling problems and the hanging evil shadow of Mountbatten and Radcliffe were not enough. and to settle all outstanding differences on the basis of justice and fair play. Hindus continue to view the Muslims as destroyers of Hindu culture and for mutilating mother India. After a lapse of over six decades. There was no certainty that Pakistan would survive its traumatic birth.determined. its political and economic systems were completely disrupted and the communication system had broken down and needed a serious overhaul. it was not less than a nightmare. 22 . It was without a seat of government or an administrative structure to enable it to exercise its sovereignty. Unfortunately. mass carnage of the Muslims by the Hindu-Sikh combine. these hopes have so far remained an elusive dream. repeatedly voiced its wish to reunite the subcontinent and to annex Azad Kashmir by force. Pakistan¶s horizons became clouded with hostile acts of its neighbours in the east and the northwest. Given their common past spread over centuries. It was without a Constitution. After tearing Pakistan into two in 1971. They refused to accept the creation of Pakistan with good faith. our leaders remained tied down fighting the battle of survival and identity. The Indian Congress is no less antagonistic towards Pakistan and has taken no concrete steps to control the growth of Hindu fundamentalism threatening all minorities in India. The 1980s saw rise of the Hindu fundamentalism in India. continued to hurl threats and saddle Pakistan with knotty problems to prevent the toddling state from standing on its own feet. human tragedies. Militant Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) government in India that captured power twice. Their hostility cast perverse shadows across its path. In struggling to create a state structure in the chaotic environment of partition and an early war with India on Kashmir. and vowed to establish Hindutva (the Hindu code). and the Hindus¶ abominable Bania mentality. its armed forces were scattered and without proper weapons. and instead strive to live as peaceful neighbours. when Ayodhya Mosque (or Babri Mosque) was pulled down and it was demanded that a temple be erected at the same site. For those who lived through that difficult and troubled times of history and personally experienced the turmoil. Indian hawkish leaders kept scheming to fragment rest of Pakistan. Hate phobia and age-old prejudices in the two neighbouring countries have not died down. leaders of the two countries would concentrate on the well being of people through mutual cooperation and support.

Indian Muslims are looked with suspicion and treated shabbily. While the whole nation demanded for blood of Pakistan on mere suspicion. Indian armed forces rushed towards their western border and remained in a menacing mode for ten months. Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray stated on the 12th of January. which finds no place for the Indian Muslims unless they adhere to Hindutva and agree to join the ranks of Sudras (untouchables). Hindu scalawags fan communal riots and kill tens of Muslims. They do not recall the deep wounds they have consistently inflicted upon Pakistan without any sense of remorse. 2010 that Indian Muslims were untrustworthy since they are loyal to Pakistan. This kind of frenetic fury and war mongering were again seen in the aftermath of 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. As long as India is ruled by self-serving vicious Brahmans. 2001 in which not a single parliamentarian was killed.Muslims in Occupied Kashmir were killed like stray dogs and women brazenly raped. Glimpse of Indian deep-seated antagonism was seen on the occasion of a terrorist attack on Indian parliament on December 13. antagonism will prevail and hope for peaceful co-existence will remain elusive. but Indian leaders have not forgotten the incident and refuse to recommence composite dialogue. These riots in India have increased rather than lessened with the passage of time. Muslim minority (13%) in India feels marooned and fearfully watch the growing Hindu fanaticism. Over one year has elapsed. 23 . injured or even abused. They ignore that thousands of innocent Pakistanis have died as a result of ongoing RAW sponsored acts of terror in various parts and main cities of Pakistan. On the slightest pretext.

but it was not ready to accept the Muslim League and the Quaid-i-Azam as representatives of the Muslims. which was not tolerated by the narrow-minded. The stubbornness of Gandhi. Before it. Jaswant Singh said that the matter he wrote in the book was part of the history and he has not committed any sin by writing the book. Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah tried his best that the Congress¶ Brahmin leadership should assure the protection of the rights of the Muslims by admitting the separate identity of the Muslims. Allama Iqbal presented the idea of a separate country for the Muslims in the united India. who were usurping their rights. democratic and welfare society by publishing and disseminating the Islamic teachings and their ideas. At the time of the division. Thinker of Pakistan. Owing to the continuous refusal of the two-nation theory and insistence on the joint nationality. keeping in view the conspiracies of the Hindus against the Muslims. The British and Hindu critics admit the transparent role of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah with regard to the establishment of Pakistan and the division of the sub-continent. the Muslims refused to accept anything less than Pakistan which was established due to their democratic struggle. Partition. India. It is conceded that the biased attitude and discriminatory treatment of the British and Hindus against the Muslims forced the Muslim leadership and public to the establishment of a separate country. the BJP proved that the 24 . However. After the decision. Jaswant Singh is also a bigoted nationalist and against the establishment of Pakistan like other Indian leaders. He proposed to form a state where the Muslims could not only lead a peaceful life but also could establish an Islamic. Independence' while the Congress workers expressed their anger and hatred by burning a thousand copies of the book. the Congress used to cause the commotion of insult across the country. The day will be very bad for the politics of the country when the sequence of learning and holding discussion will close among the political parties of India. he accepted the right stance and historical struggle of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on the basis of historical facts. Maulana Abu Al-Kalam Azad later admitted that Patel and Nehru had accepted the separate state of Pakistan on the basis of misunderstanding and their untrue consideration that it will fall in the lap of the Congress and India like a ripened fruit due to economic and financial problems. By expelling its 30-year-old loyal leader from the party. Jawaharlal Nehru and Patel is also part of the history.Congress responsible for division The Bahartiya Janta Party (BJP) expelled former foreign minister Jaswant Singh from the party for appreciating the Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his book 'Jinnah. the Hindu-Muslim riots occurred due to this inflexibility and Muslim enmity. Sectarian riots occurred on a daily basis. extremist and anti-Pakistan and anti Islam parties ± the BJP and the Congress. After a three-day meeting in Simla. BJP chief Raj Nath Singh announced to expel Jaswant Singh from the party.

enlightened moderation and international importance have some sense of honour. secularism. India¶s Brahmin leadership and the Hindu mentality is the same even today which was six-seven decades ago. anti-Pakistan negative propaganda. Jaswant Singh has given short weight in his book and he practically tried to prove that the establishment of Pakistan was the result of the historical mistake of Jawaharlal Nehru and Patel while admitting the services and role of Quaid-i-Azam. From one point of view. A few of them do not consider India¶s political. narrow-mindedness and hatred was expressed by burning thousands of copies of the book of the former foreign minister preaching secularism and tolerance. analysts and the public. cultural and diplomatic relations. Indian war preparations. aggression through excuses. According to their viewpoint. Even today writings are not only being published in favour of India and the Indian leadership with facelessness. atomic weapons and missiles every time to fight against India¶s mischief. economic and military hegemony bad and see every evil in Pakistan. No one opposes them. then there is no need for the atomic program. latest weapons and so much army because no other neighbour among China. Former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif. Iran and Afghanistan is our enemy. the great Muslim leader and creator of Pakistan. they should learn a lesson from the result of Jaswant Singh. intervention and sabotage attempts are the proof of the fact that India is hell-bent on effacing Pakistan. We should prepare our horses. some Pakistani writers and India-frightened politicians. has also pinned hopes on India that they should promote trade and economic relations without solving the Kashmir dispute. 25 . had reduced. conspiracies and aggressive designs. If it is established that India is not a threat to Pakistan. The extremist BJP could not tolerate it and awarded severe punishment to its old leader by expelling him from the party. The end of Jaswant Singh is a lesson for all Pakistani leaders. The water terrorism is also a link of the chain so that the Muslim state should be turned into barren by building dykes on the rivers of Pakistan. Unfortunately. tolerance. India is not the opponent of the existence of Pakistan and both countries can cross the stages of progress by improving economic. missiles. he negated the political vision of Quaid-i-Azam and the Muslim¶s struggle for a separate homeland. are busy beating tambourine that India and Pakistan should not let the Kashmir issue become a hurdle in the establishment of pleasant and mutual relations. chief of Muslim League (N). They should see that no such treatment was meted out to the devotees of Gandhi in Pakistan. who are totally ignorant of the stimulants to the establishment of Pakistan and Pakistan Ideology.Hindu mentality had neither changed even after 62 years nor enmity against the Quaid-i-Azam. Bias. but also some media anchors end their talks by appreciating India in each program. intellectuals. If the compromised people singing the songs of India¶s democracy. Khan Abdul Wali Khan¶s book against Quaid-i-Azam was made public.

In Odhampur. They were between the ages of 8 to 15 and were being sold for five to twenty thousand rupees. Had this incident taken place in Pakistan. Some commentators think that Indian democracy is famous throughout the world and the condition of human rights is exemplary in India. According to reports from the Human Rights Commission of India. The girls were so much affected by the incident that they became unconscious. the situation on ground speaks otherwise. Factory owners prefer to employ young children in India and use them as cheap labour. Indian government instead of paying attention to the report has ignored it. but all of the institutions remain dumb and silent due to their own vested interests. Some so-called human rights institutions do their utmost to declare Pakistan a failed state. However. Lives of children and women in India have assumed such a horrible shape that in some parts of India the 26 . The investigatory commission was informed by the 15 and 12 years old daughters of the unfortunate family that their mother did not want to die and she was not willing to be burnt alive at the pyre but their uncles beat her and forcefully put her on fire. The victim families were of the view that they were forced to sell their children due to poverty. According to Indian newspapers a wife was forced to be burnt at the pyre of her husband after his death. Furthermore. a district in the held Kashmir. According to an estimate. This ritual is known as "sati" in India and is widely practiced among Hindu community all over the country. the so-called champions of human rights would have raised lots of hue and cry. These children were holding banners which said: µbuy us¶. hundreds of children were brought to be sold in the local market for human trade. 80% of these children were girls who were traded for money. almost 60 million children are put to rigorous child labour which is unimaginable in a civilized society.Exploitation of children and women National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is an official human rights body of India. Nevertheless. Some would have declared society responsible for it and some would have targeted religion. These incidents take place regularly in the biggest democracy of the world. No one from the village came to rescue her. They force them to do hard work and give low wages without any other incentives. It has revealed in its report that young children are tortured in India which is a matter of embarrassment for the country. the bleak picture of Indian children's poverty comes from an official Indian source and cannot be set aside as a work of prejudice or propaganda. After the incident both of the girls were unclaimed. These children are also sexually victimized which has conveniently been overlooked by the Indian government. more than eleven thousand young children are abducted daily who never see their parents again in their life time. The children sold here were not only Muslims but also belonged to Hindu families. What will be the mental condition of the innocent children whose father died in front of them a few hours ago and then their unfortunate mother became a victim of the worst kind of violence and was forced to burn alive with her dead husband.

This ugly blemish on the Indian face is a proof of its hypocritical policies. The worst kind of human rights violations take place in Indian occupied Kashmir and the main victims are unarmed civilians and innocent youth that are victimized due to their religions.selling and buying of children has become a ritual. Particularly women and children are treated in the most horrifying manner. The economic giant of South Asia does not look at the cancer of human trade. 27 .

Hundreds of churches were torched.000 Christians had been killed in Nagaland since 1947 and 250. to crush the freedom movements and to enslave the cultural and religious minorities. India.000 Sikhs murdered since 1984. It would not only benefit billions of her own people but also all the people of the region and the whole world.000 Indian troops have been fighting against them.The real face of India India claims to be the biggest democracy of the world. 2500 of them were burnt alive. India would be the second biggest power of the world after China. India should give freedom to the Kashmiris and recognise Pakistan and spend the country¶s money on the welfare of its citizens. highly prejudiced. to occupy Kashmir forcefully. Economists tell us that in the future. to avenge the 1000 years of slavery. Its foreign 28 . She has recently been in the headlines of the world media because of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai city in November 2008. riots in Gujrat. She wants to maintain her dominance in Asia.2 trillion dollars. Their homes were looted. 39 in Manipur and 36 organizations in Assam have been fighting for their freedom and independence. Maoist rebels have captured about 40 percent of India giving hard time to the Indian military forces. There are 175 rebel organizations in Occupied Kashmir and in the north-western states. devoid of any human rights. Due to the cruelties of the extremist Hindu organizations. movements for separate homelands have been going on in 22 states of India. May these fanatic Hindus learn that instead of dreaming of a greater India and spending 320 billion rupees annually on weapons and army to teach Pakistan a lesson. but still being portrayed as the worlds¶ largest democracy and the second fastest growing economy after China or for her extreme poverty. war-monger. About 300.000 Christian families were severely tortured in Orissa. instead of claiming to be the biggest democracy of the world. More than 800. The Hindus along with the Sikhs killed about one million Muslims at the time of partition.000 Muslims were martyred in the Kashmir valley. the burning of Churches in Orissa. The rate of her industrial growth is over 9 percent annually. demolition of Babri Mosque.7 million fanatic workers of the extremist Hindu organizations have made the lives of religious and cultural minorities¶ as miserable as ever. They martyred thousands of Muslims during the demolition of the Babri Mosque in 1993. Priests were burnt alive. India uses any fair or unfair means to remain in the headlines ± be it the Golden Temple case. She is the 12th biggest economy of the world. 200 million untouchables have been compelled to live a life worst than that of animals. Recently. clever and cunning. Hindu-Muslim riots are the order of the day. More than 1. More than 100. 5. No civilized person can even imagine what India has been doing with her religious and cultural minorities. which is the highest in the world after China. imperialist. 40. India has many faces.000 Muslims were killed in Gujrat carnage. Her GDP today is 1. should call itself an extremist. The conditions of the 270 million Muslims are even lower than that of the untouchables. the murders of Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi. uneducated and simply declare that it wants to dominate Asia in spite of all its sins.

155 million reserve and 1.7 million of them are living in India. busiest airports and seaports point to the country¶s economic development. This number is the largest poverty population in the world. There are 200 million patients of TB in the world and 3.000 of them are Indians. 1260 fighter planes. 580. 29 . Its shopping centres and industrial zones are at par with those in Europe and America. Their demand is there all over the world. 70. latest intercity transport system. There are 42 million people suffering from AIDS/HIV and 5. and 380 million of them are Indians.4 million Children die every year. India still has more than 450. Indian films have enchanted the viewers all around the world. The Indian film industry is the second largest film industry in the world after Hollywood in The United States. 960. it would leave Hollywood far behind.306 billion dollars which rank fifth in the world.reserves amount to 262. Foreign investors are getting no new opportunities for investment. 10.293 million paramilitary forces. It is believed that because of its vulgarity and boldness. fastest railways.2 billion populations living below the poverty line. The historical buildings.600 women die every year in the world during pregnancy.25 million of the peasants commit suicide every year and 1. One has already reached home. 40 million of Indian children do not go to schools and 30 million of them live on footpaths. 525. and other sites of tourism attract tourists from around the world. There is no multi-national company which doesn¶t have an office or a factory in India. and 580 million of them are Indians.325 million armed. especially the Taj Mahal.61 million of them die every year. with all these glaring figures.6 million people out of its 1.7 billion dollars on defence annually. About 1. Developing motorways. India spends 32. India¶s Information Technology (IT) industry is at the highest point. 2006 million people of the world do not have access to basic hygiene and sanitation. and 78. 3. However. and 200 million of them are Indians. one aircraft carrier and 60 atom bombs. along with 3978 tanks.21 billion people of the world don¶t get clean drinkable water. Thousands of IT specialists. that is the highest illiteracy rate of the world.5 million of them are Indians. 1. Its appetite has still not been filled and it is continuously buying more weapons and recently purchased three latest AWACS planes from Israel.2 million women are being killed every year because of dowry related issues. 400 million people in India are illiterate. India has 1.3 million people of the world are dying of hunger. engineers and economists are graduating from the universities and contributing towards the country¶s development. and 200 million of them are Indians.2 million Children are victims of mal-nutrition in India.

The European Union has described The Occupied Kashmir as a horrible paradise and criticised India. they say that India backs away from its promises. It again wants to make Pakistan a target of its 30 . Even then it had failed to stop terrorism. The people of India call Mr Gandhi µBapoo¶ and µMahatma¶. had always been conspiring against Pakistan. He announced to start a new chapter in the Indo-Pak relations on the basis of tolerance and mutual trust. Although India is a nuclear power. but India¶s policy of double standards is at its highest point and it has started anti-Pakistan activities. But the Congress failed miserably. not a super power. Indira Gandhi was so full of hatred that when she was doing her best to break Pakistan. Its 700.000 soldiers are there in the held Kashmir and it has also built fences along the Line of Control. she rebuked the Muslims in Delhi¶s Red Fort because she felt that their slogans in her favour were not full of zeal. Congress started its plans to eliminate Pakistan soon after its creation. While praising Pakistan¶s role for the solution of this problem. It is India¶s policy of double standards that it wants to have friendly relations with Pakistan when she is also conspiring against this country. Pakistan faced and foiled the conspiracies of Congress even with little financial assets and small army. The spokesman of Pakistan¶s foreign ministry described it as an intervention in Pakistan¶s internal affairs and an attempt to destabilise Pakistan. They claimed that the division of India was unnatural. claimed that the Gandhi family not only got freedom from the British for India but also divided Pakistan. It started with indiscriminate killing of refugees. Pakistan was refused its share in ammunition and assets.Role of the Gandhi family Rahul Gandhi. History proves that this never happened. This he says was a big success of Congress. yet it wants to impose its decisions on others. They did not want to develop relations with Pakistan because they believed that Pakistan wouldn¶t survive for long. This just goes to show that India itself is involved in state terrorism. The story of Indian atrocities on the Kashmiris is quite long. the Gandhi family had been dominant in Indian politics since the very beginning. First of all. His statues are fixed at many places. The Gandhi family sowed the seed of hatred towards Pakistan and Muslims. If we look back at Pakistan¶s relationship with India. The Congress government of India wants to make Pakistan its market place without solving the basic issues. they rather always wanted to harm it. In fact. India spread a network of conspiracies and used some nationalist Balochi leaders to separate Balochistan from Pakistan. Congress. the son of the ruling Congress party¶s Sonia Gandhi. The Indian Prime Minister is talking about friendship but at the same time is maligning Pakistan everywhere. This miserable state of Pakistan gave the Congress leaders a chance to chant that Pakistan would soon beseech India for reunion. People of both the countries realise the need of better relations. That is why their leaders never accepted Pakistan. Its agenda is to stop Pakistan from developing at any cost. we see that India¶s ruling party.

Rahul Gandhi of the Gandhi family says. 31 . ³The credit of breaking Pakistan goes to my family.´ What does it mean? This is India¶s flagrant policy of hypocrisy. May our nation understand the Indian designs and think about our country¶s security and safety. Now when confidence building measures are being taken and negotiations are being held.destructive activities and terrorism.

32 . her son Rajiv Gandhi became the prime minister. Feroze Gandhi was a Parsi and Indira belonged to Hindu religion. Congress. the poor Dalits leave themselves at the mercy of circumstances. According to the history. who was studying and working in London. On her death. After completing his education and graduating as a pilot Rajiv Gandhi remained away from politics and started flying a plane in Indian airlines. On the other hand. Rajiv Gandhi married an Italian Catholic girl. Mrs Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi was killed and thus Rajiv Gandhi accidentally came into politics and became the prime minister of India in his mother¶s place. Sanjay Gandhi died in a plane accident when Indira Gandhi was a prime minister. appointed her son Sanjay Gandhi as her successor. But despite this change of name. The same thing is there amongst the Jews. Only those can be Jews who are born in Jewish families. his daughter Indira Gandhi became the prime minister of India. They consider it as their fate and live a life of miseries. who has no personal electoral constituency. The only qualification to get all these luxuries is the birth in a higher caste. The highest caste in India is that of a pundit. and his widow Maneka had to leave the prime minister house because Sonia Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi were not on good terms with each other. especially a Kashmiri pundit. The so-called secular Hindus have now started calling Maleechs. Only the Hindus of high castes have the right on all resources there. Sanjay had one son ± Vrun. Nehrus are basically a high caste of Kashmiri pundits. being Kashmiri pundits. Indira married a Parsi gentleman. Jawahar Lal Nehru was a pure Kashmiri pundit. Even today. It means a Parsi can change his religion. Indira was his only daughter. who was the prime minister of India. but others cannot convert into this religion. People of lower castes can do nothing but serve the people of the higher caste. all the facilities. But Sonia Gandhi is standing on a high pedestal not only as a leader of Congress but also as a member of the Nehru dynasty when in fact the Nehru family and Kashmiri pundits had come to an end four decades ago. Feroze Gandhi died in youth. are in the hands of the party leader Sonia Gandhi. Indira Gandhi gave birth to two sons ± Sanjay and Rajiv. Sonia. Now the Gandhi family calls itself the Nehru family although Indira married a Parsi and her son a Parsi married a Catholic Christian. and became µIndira Gandhi¶. People of other faiths cannot enter their religion. Later. The strings of the puppet Manmohan Singh. Sanjay Gandhi married a Sikh girl. Later on. Sonia gave birth to two children ± Rahul and Priyanka. jobs and posts in bureaucracy and other blessings are the right of the people of higher castes only. Shudars and Chamars as Dalits. Feroze Gandhi. a Parsi can be a Parsi only by birth.The fall of Nehru dynasty India is such a society which has been wallowing deep in the filthy mud of caste system for centuries. The first prime minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru was a Kashmiri pundit. Manika. luxuries. In the meanwhile. Therefore he was entitled to be the prime minister. this so-called Nehru dynasty has been occupying the biggest political party of India. People of other faiths cannot convert.


34 .

only to find herself under armed guard in a nearby hospital with no visitors allowed and denied the right to travel to Delhi for treatment. the state¶s continuing violent campaigns against Maoists go unchecked Along with the plethora of venomous remarks against China. basic education and development. And yet. This has been happening to Sodi Sambo. India¶s civil society looks on in abhorrence at what is widely seen as a fullblown war against the poor. etc. With Amnesty International and the Supreme Court wading in. The search for Naxalite cadre leads to severe harassment and torture of its supporters and sympathizers. She tried to file a complaint. But they have held on to the moral high ground. gang rapes and. A couple of troops might even be reprimanded. for some despicable reasons. for all the vociferous passion of its journalists and activists in calling the powerful to account. the chopping off of children¶s fingers and other body parts. The Naxalites can be brutal. Nowhere is this feeling more evident right now than on the issues of insurgencies from Maoists and other left-wing forces raging through India¶s poorest regions. ± all accompanied by tales of extrajudicial killings. her case might just be heard. Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram announced another massive offensive across five states. the arming of vigilante groups. these insurgents represent one of the few forms of resistance from villagers and hill tribesmen against the inequities of continuing feudal structures and the encroachment of global corporations ± backed by the state ± that treats them as awkward impediments to mining plans. Since no journalists are allowed anywhere near these war zones. Under the broad brush moniker of Maoists or Naxalites. & the vicious paranoia of murdered journalists in Sri Lanka.India ignoring its citizens Despite criticism by civil society and the free press. the dispossession of land. and the villagers under their control often find themselves unwillingly excluded from health services. forced encampment.´ Those who try to report these crimes find themselves bundled away to police custody ³for their own protection´. confidently claiming it would target only insurgent leaders. a 28-year-old woman from Gompar village in Chattisgarh who says she witnessed security forces murdering nine of her neighbours in October 2009. Even the government-appointed council of experts had to conclude that: ³Often any individual who speaks out against the powerful is dubbed a Naxalite and jailed or otherwise silenced through state oppressions. thanks largely to a state response that has been unremittingly heavy-handed: special forces operations. and was herself shot in the foot in front of her two small children. we have to take 35 . India appears self-critical. the overall impression is of voices screaming into a vacuum.

36 . Or we can be more optimistic. That thinking has led to embedded journalism.´ the government can protest. activists. the government hides behind the argument that the Maoist are impeding economic development that could improve the lives of the poor ± ignoring studies that show this model of development may have actually increased the number of poor by 100 million. tired of a system that stands so apart from the moral conscience embodied in its academics. When it does try to justify itself. 319 security forces were killed compared to 219 Maoists insurgents± an extraordinary tally given the discrepancy in each side¶s resources. the only victory of expression is its freedom to exist. however. Militaries have long struggled to balance the rights of a free press with the risk that they might record something that damages its credibility. there seems to be a scant concern for legitimacy in the anti-Naxal campaign beyond flagrant attempts to silence witnesses and bar journalists and activists from affected areas. ³How can we be authoritarian.´ The most pessimistic conclusion to draw is that free speech in India only serves to strengthen those who flout other articles in the constitution. Nor does the government fear the opprobrium of the international community. One of the key lessons of modern counterinsurgency is that you have to take the voters ± and therefore the media ± along. The editor of one leading news publication admitted that the media¶s efforts were having ³no political impact. and take heart in the strength of ideas to gradually permeate through generations of leaders. then at least for its impact on operational effectiveness. In the west. and also its implications for military strategy. rather than its power to effect change. In India. The fact is that any number of exposes on the wrongs of this campaign has little or no impact on voters with so many other issues and allegiances to consider. The Naxalite issue shows up a yawning chasm between what civil society says and what the government does. which many in the US military felt was a war fought and lost on the evening news and in the pages of Time Magazine. ³when we allow the media such freedom to criticize us?´ Too often. In 2009. This brings us back to the issue of freedom of speech. this took centre stage in Vietnam war. military Public Relations (PR) departments ± even dedicated You Tube channels ± which seek to ³sell´ the campaign back home and abroad. which is preoccupied with winning India¶s support in Afghanistan and salivating over her enormous defence budgets.his word for it. however. if not for moral reasons. It has made governments acutely conscious of legitimacy. journalists and ordinary citizens. in whose name the brutal price of progress is paid. The failure to listen means the government is losing not just the battle of hearts and minds. but even the physical fight on which it has focused its efforts.

Farm suicides From 2006 to 2008, Maharashtra saw 12, 493 farm suicides. That is 85 per cent higher than the 6,745 suicides it recorded during 1997-1999. That was the worst three-year period for any Indian state ever
The loan waiver year of 2008 saw 16,196 farm suicides in the country, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. Compared to 2007, that¶s fall of just 436. According to economist Professor K. Nagaraj who worked in-depth on farm suicide data says, ³The numbers leave little room for comfort and none at all for self-congratulation.´ There were no major changes in the trend that set in from the late 1990s and worsened after 2002. The dismal truth is that very high numbers of farm suicides still occur within a fast decreasing farm population. Between just the Census of 1991 and that of 2001, nearly 8 million cultivators quit farming. A year from now, the 2011 Census will tell us how many more quit in this decade. It is not likely to be less. It could even draw that 8 million figure as the exodus from farming probably intensified after 2001. The state-wise farm suicide ratios ± number of farmers committing suicide per 100,000 farmers ± are still pegged on the outdated 2001 figures. So the 2011 Census, with more authentic counts of how many farmers there really are, might provide an unhappy update on what is going on. Focusing on farm suicides as a share of total suicides in India misleads. That way, it¶s ³aha! The percentage is coming down.´ That¶s silly. For one thing, the total number of suicides (all groups, not just farmers) is increasing ± in a growing population of India. Farm suicides are rising within a declining farm population. Two, an all-India picture disguises the intensity. The devastation lies in the big five states (Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh). These account for two-thirds of all farm suicides during 2003-08. Take just the big 5 ± their percentage of all farm suicides has gone up. Worse, even their percentage of total all-India suicides (all categories) has risen. Poor states like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have been doing very badly for some years now. During the period from 1997-2002, farm suicides in the big 5 states accounted for roughly one out of every 12 of all suicides in the country. From 2003-08, they accounted for nearly one out of every 10 suicides. The NCRB has farm suicide data of 12 years. Actually, farm data appears in its records from 1995 onwards, but some states failed to report for the first two years. Hence 1997, from when all states have been reporting their farm suicide data, is a more reliable base year. The NCRB has also made access much easier by placing all past year ³Accidental Death & Suicides in India´ reports on its website. 37

The 12-year period allows us to compare farm suicide numbers from 19972002, as how they turned out in the next 6-year period from 2003-2008. All 12 years were pretty bad, but the latter six were decidedly worse. Reading a µtrend¶ into a single year¶s dip or rise is misleading. Better to look at 3-year or 6-year periods within 1997-2008. For instance, Maharashtra saw a decline in the farm suicide number in 2005, but the very next year proved to be its worst ever. Since 2006, the state has been the focus of many initiatives. Manmohan Singh¶s, Prime Minister of India¶s visit to Vidharbha in 2006 brought the ³Prime Minister¶s Relief Package´ of Rs. 3,750 crore for six crisisridden districts of the region. This came atop Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh¶s Rs. 1,075 crore ³relief package.´ Then followed the nearly Rs. 9,000 crore that was Maharashtra¶s share of the Rs. 70,000 crore central loan waiver for farmers. To which the state government added Rs. 6,200 crore for those farmers not covered by the waiver. The State added Rs. 500 crore for a one-time settlement (OTS) for poor farmers who had been excluded from the waiver altogether because they owned over five acres of land. In all, the amounts committed to fighting the agrarian crisis in Maharashtra exceeded Rs. 20,000 crore across 2006, 2007 and 2008. (And that¶s not counting huge handouts to the sugar barons.) Yet, that proved to be the worst three-year period ever for any state at any time since the recording of farm data began. From 2006-08, Maharashtra saw, 12,493 farm suicides. That is nearly 600 more than the previous worst from the years 2002-2005 and 85 per cent higher than the 6,745 suicides recorded in the three-year period from 1997-1999. The same government was in power, incidentally, in the worst six years span. Besides, these shockingly higher numbers are emerging within a shrinking farm population. By 2001, 42 percent of Maharashtra¶s population was already urban. Its farmer base has certainly not grown. So was the loan waiver scheme has been useless? The idea of a waiver was not a bad at all. And it was right to intervene. Most of the specific actions were misguided and bungled. Yet it could also be argued at the relief the waiver brought to some farmers and the suicide numbers of 2008 could have been a lot worse. The waiver was a welcome step for farmers, but its architecture was flawed. A point strongly made in this journal (Oh! What a lovely waiver, March 10, 2008). It dealt only with bank credit and ignored moneylender debt. So only those farmers with access to institutional credit would benefit. Tenant farmers in Andhra Pradesh and poor farmers in Vidharbha and elsewhere get their loans mainly from moneylenders. So, in fact, farmers in Kerala, where everyone has a bank account, were more likely to gain. (Kerala was also the one state to address the issue of moneylender debt.) The 2008 waiver also excluded those holding over five acres, making no distinction between irrigated and non irrigated land. This devastated many struggling farmers with eight to 10 acres of poor, dry land. On the other hand, West Bengal¶s farmers, the giant numbers of small holders below the 5-acre limit, stood to gain far more. Every suicide has a multiplicity of causes. But when you have nearly 200,000 38

of them, it makes sense to seek broad common factors within that group. As Dr Nagaraj repeatedly pointed out, the suicides appear concentrated in regions of high commercialization of agriculture and very high peasant debt. Cash crop farmers seemed more vulnerable to suicide than those growing food crops. Yet the basic underlying causes of the crisis remained untouched. The predatory commercialization of the countryside; a massive decline in investment in agriculture; the withdrawal of bank credit at a time of soaring input prices; the crash in farm incomes combined with an explosion of cultivation costs; the shifting of millions from food crop to cash crop cultivation with all its risks; the corporate hijack of every major sector of agriculture including, and especially, seed; growing water stress and moves towards privatization of that resource. The government was trying to beat the crisis ± leaving in place all its causes ± with a one-off waiver. In late 2007, The Hindu daily carried the sorry result emerging from Dr Nagaraj¶s study of NCRB data: that nearly 1.5 lakh peasants had ended their lives in despair between 1997 and 2005. Just days later, Union minister for agriculture Sharad Pawar confirmed those figures in Parliament (Rajya Sabha Starred Question No. 238, Nov, 30, 2007) citing the same NCRB data. It is tragic that 27 months later, the paper had to run a headline saying that the number had climbed to nearly 2 lakh. Mocking its victims, heckling its critics and cosmetic changes won¶t make it go away or help the reality fade away!


False claims of secularism
The modern world looks at India as a beacon-house of South Asia due to safeguards provided to freedom of expression in its constitution. Its founder and an important political figure Jawahar Lal Nehru writes in his book ³Discovery of India" that ³Tolerance is practiced in the circle of Indian unity regarding rites and faiths of people and difference of opinion is welcomed.´ But his speech made on 23rd February 1956 is quite important which he delivered in the Indian parliament while talking about Hindu extremism and militarism:´ We Indians have a distorted personality. We talk about non-violence, our great culture and civilization but our manners and social behaviours have deteriorated enough that we cannot call them civilized." Most of the political parties of India, be it All India Congress the ruling party or Bhartia Janta Party (BJP) currently the main opposition party, bear the same stamp. Due to their hypocrisy, India is in quite an uncivilized condition so far as the freedom of expression as referred by Jawahar lal Nehru is concerned. A famous Pakistani Film producer, Hassan Zaidi who was working on a film with famous Indian counterpart Mahesh Bhatt, could not get a room in a Mumbai hotel as Pakistanis and Bangladeshis were not allowed to stay in that hotel. The manager of the hotel stated that most of the hotels do the same as both Pakistan and Bangladesh were suspected of being involved in Mumbai bomb blasts. The treatment of India with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis is quite deplorable. India claims to be the biggest democracy of the world and loses no chance to accuse Pakistan. But its own face is quite ugly. It is despicable the way it has banned Pakistanis and Bangladeshis from staying in Mumbai hotels or guest houses. In any case, this makes one thing clear that India is not a well-wisher of Pakistan. Accusing Pakistan for the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008 further has made it obvious. At one hand it shows such attitudes to Pakistanis but on the other hand some of our artists feel it an honor to work in the films or TV shows of the neighbouring country. But the way they are treated there is an open secret now. Although India wants to enjoy amicable relations with the SAARC countries but its practical behavior is quite different. It¶s hypocritical attitudes have made one thing clear that its attitude towards the SAARC countries is based on biases and prejudices. Every year at the occasion of the SAARC meeting it claims to make the Organisation an effective forum for the prosperity and welfare of the SAARC countries. But in reality it does not want to have friendly relations with any country. Indian attitude towards all SAARC countries, be it Maldives, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, or Bangladesh, is prejudice oriented and it has not yet recognized Pakistan¶s existence. Mistreatment with the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis is normal for India. Due to its clandestine activities and dangerous intentions anything can be expected. If a country like India which claims to be the torch-bearer of democracy lowers itself to the negative strategies what remains behind? There is no doubt that Pakistan has done its best to extend a hand of friendship with India but all of its efforts ended in smoke due to India¶s extremist and stubborn 40

SAARC countries should learn a lesson from Indian attitude towards Pakistan and realize that all efforts of peace. religion is taken as a private affair of citizens and not of the government and the state. It has become an important feature of Indian politics to use religion as a tool for political motives. Since ancient times. Indian political life bears a deep stamp of religion. Many political parties of modern India like Akali Dal. Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The controversy over Ram Janam Bhomi and the destruction of Babri Mosque are some glaring examples. Later on. it was thought necessary to construct its society on the basis of secularism. They adopted the policy of "divide and rule" which further strengthened roots of sectarian politics in the entire region. Sectarian riots were frequently erupted in the Indian states of Gujrat. It is the need of the hour that Pakistan and other SAARC countries should take a stern stand at the prejudice of India to improve the situation with its immediate neighbours. a secular constitution was adopted in India but the sectarian trends got even stronger and entered in political and social spheres. In the modern era it appears that the concept of secularism is affecting its real spirit by changing into a dynamic force. the same concept was regularly nourished. secularism was welded to the preamble of the Indian constitution but on the other hand Indian political life was deeply wedded to religion and Hindu beliefs. Hence in 1976 a constitutional amendment was introduced to add the word secularism as the state dispensation. The Mughal kings left deep imprints of religious tolerance on the Indian soil that resulted in an atmosphere of religious unity. All of them should suspend their diplomatic ties with India.attitude. and Rashtaria Sewak Sangat (RSS) have been constructed 41 . It is mere futility to expect a better attitude from India. At one hand secularism means to provide religious groups equal opportunities and freedom of faith and worship but on the other hand it also demands the state to be above all religious belief and faiths. India is revealing its horrible face in Kashmir by indulging in criminal activities against the Kashmiris. Maharashtra. it must be paid in the same coin. The Government of India Acts of 1909 and 1919 were to incorporate the Muslim demand of separate electorate and the two nation theory ultimately led to the division of the Indian sub-continent. Practically speaking. It is not merely a matter for film producer Hassan Zaidi. Its apparent demands are different from the practical ones. during the British period the English rulers promoted sectarian politics for their political interests. At one hand. What a contradiction between its claims of democracy at international forums and its actual practice. As a result secularism remained merely a slogan whereas the non-secular aspects are consolidated strongly. the whole SAARC film industry should take notice of such treatment to their citizens in India. Indian politics is drenched in religiosity: from elections to the allocation of ministries all matters are settled on religious grounds. Bihar and Andhra Pradesh which had political objectives on the basis of religious extremism. After the political division of the country. After the independence of India. All India Muslim League. In other words. As India was a multi-religious society. international agreements and reconciliations with India will be futile.

Moreover many religious based parties of central and regional nature Like Arya Samaj. On the basis of the growing nexus between the modern politics and religion it can be said that religion and politics are indispensable now. However. Prime Minister VP Singh¶s government was the best example. 1992 was a conspicuous aspect of the Ayodhya verdict of the Allahabad High Court. Dr. during the controversy of Ram Janam Bhomi and Babri Mosque Shankar Achariya of Kashi tried to seek a peaceful solution and played an important role between the two sects but miserably failed. 1992 that the mosque would be re-built.´ The theory of secularism in the Indian constitution is nothing more than paperwork and its practical demands have assumed different shapes whereas the true face of Indian secularism is fading away. The same trend is making it impossible to attain the non-religious role of democracy and national unity in India and the concept of sectarian democracy is getting popular. So great was the sense of outrage from the Muslim community in India that the Indian Prime Minister and the Central Government said on December 7. Donald Smith.on the basis of religious beliefs and preachings. These parties try to solve problems of a particular religious sect by using their political might. who has written many research articles on Indian secularism. Religion has always been playing an important role in politics of the different Indian states. such as All India Muslim League in Kerala and Akali Dal in Punjab. THE absence of any condemnation of the vandalism of the demolition of the Babri Masid on December 6. The religious base is playing an important role in determining key trends of the Indian voters. Such evidences show that the classical form of secularism is almost non-existent in India and its politics and it has become impossible for the state to play its impartial role amongst all religious communities. Now-adays the tenure of collision governments is not determined by the majority views rather it is based on the unity of the religious problems. All India Muslim League. Anglo-Indian Association. The criterion of votes is not the candidate¶s ability but the related religious identity. 42 . Shromati Akali Dal. B. To serve their political ends using religion has become an important tradition of Indian democracy. has raised an important question to the Indians due to the rising influence of religion on Indian politics: ³Is India really a secular state?´ The Indians have to answer this question realistically if they want to be considered responsible citizens that say and believe the same thing. Apart from it he also declared his full support to Indira Gandhi in the general elections of 1980 and asked the Muslims to vote for Congress. R. Ambedkar added to the same theory when he said: ³This concept of Hinduism is so vast that it encircles all aspects of life from birth till death. Sometimes one thinks that without appeasing these parties there is no proper future for the political governments. Rashtaria Sewak Sangat (RSS) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) have always influenced practical politics of the country. We can find a proof of amalgamation of religion in politics in the general elections of the parliament of 1977 when the Imam of Jamia Masjid of Delhi appealed to the Muslims of the country to vote for Bhartia Janta Party (BJP). 1992 and December 27.

would the court have ordered a division and partitioning of the disputed site in the manner it has directed? This could have been done only by the Masjid of 500 years being brought down to create a vacant site ±± which clearly would have been an impossible direction. as the decree of the court proceeded on the basis that there was no Masjid on the disputed site today. the court would first order the restitution of the pre-exisiting state of affairs. for the judgment will be seen as the court¶s condonation and legitimization of a place of worship having been vandalized. if the Masjid had not been demolished and had remained on the site. (as the demolition in 1992 did in favour of the Hindu plaintiffs). as if the disputed 2. two-thirds to the two Hindu plaintiffs and one third to the Muslim plaintiff by metes and bounds. The judgment is bound to create a burning communal problem in India. It is an elementary rule of justice in court that when a party to a litigation takes the law into its own hands and alters the existing state of affairs to its advantage. the court said that the remaining area of the disputed site should be divided. On the other hand.The Ayodhya judgment of the Allahabad High Court made no note of the vandalism of December 6. After holding that the area beneath the central dome of the erstwhile Masjid must be allotted to Hindus because of their faith that lord Ram¶s place of birth was there. 43 . The judgment. and the areas covered by the Ram Chabutara and Sita Rasoi should be allotted to the Nirmohi Akhara. It will leave simmering resentment in the Muslim community. 1992.77-acre site was vacant land. legalised and legitimized the 1992 demolition. The test of the soundness of the court¶s verdict is this: assuming the correctness of the High Court¶s findings that the area beneath the central dome of the mosque was the birthplace of Lord Ram or that the Masjid was built over the ruins of a temple in 1528. therefore. it took the demolition as a fait accompli.

The Indian foreign minister ridiculed 44 . With her smaller neighbours. the most remarkable thing was the near unanimity with which the Pakistanis not only condemned the Mumbai attacks. His pronouncement neither accompanied nor followed any move to re-engage Islamabad in a meaningful dialogue on all outstanding issues. but also acknowledged that their country needed to take concrete steps to assuage India¶s anguish. we do not claim to be the champions of virtue either. the Pakistani political leadership had been engaged in a major effort to convince New Delhi that it was sincere in its desire and efforts to cooperate with India with the common objective of confronting extremists and other internal and regional problems. The Mumbai terror attack in November 2008 angered the Indian government. deciding thereafter to suspend the dialogue with Pakistan that was understandable. in 1971 India committed aggression in East Pakistan and during the capture of Kargil in early 1999. expected that with the restoration of a democratic dispensation in Pakistan and with virtually all major political parties committed to establishing a friendly relationship with India. as well as his own visit to Washington in later days. for he placed his readiness for talks in the context of Pakistan being able to create an environment conducive to negotiations. Even the expectations raised at the Gilani-Singh meeting in Sharm El Sheikh in 2009 were snuffed out when Manmohan Singh¶s colleagues publicly expressed their misgivings. New Delhi would engage in a comprehensive dialogue aimed at resolving the differences and issues that have plagued ties between the two South Asian neighbours.India¶s hostile attitude The past 63 years have shown India¶s tendency to throw its weight about and browbeat its neighbours. It was. Since then. however. Singh¶s statement in October 2009 in Srinagar. she does not hesitate to take off its gloves. appears to have had much impact on the Indian establishment and politics. and in some cases. while the Indians continued to rebuff these offers. The Pakistanis kept pleading for the resumption of dialogue. more than the Indian machinations. With those that are bigger and more powerful. however. however. Instead. None of this. Of course. there have been our own faults and follies. as noted by some American leaders. Then again. However. In fact. Delhi declined to respond to the roadmap for resuming talks that Pakistan had conveyed to Indian officials. that have contributed to our failures and losses. it did not indicate anything new. about not setting preconditions for the dialogue had raised fresh hopes. This led many to believe that Prime Minister Singh¶s remarks in Srinagar were merely meant to coincide with US Secretary Hillary Clinton¶s visit to Pakistan. India tends to adopt a moralistic and intellectually superior tone.

especially Siachen and Sir Creek. But while it conveyed hostility and belligerence. agreeing to inject into the US-India joint statement a provision ³to work jointly to deal with terrorism emanating from India¶s neighbourhood´. there has been a slow but perceptible change in India where an increasing numbers are reported to have insisted on being more than merely a µhearing¶ on issues relating to Pakistan. Instead of pressurizing India to reduce its presence in Afghanistan and ceasing to stir up trouble in Balochistan. No less important could be the growing influence of rightwing parties and religious groups that want India to adopt more nationalist policies vis-à-vis its neighbours. India appears to have raised the ante. coming from an administration that had publicly expressed a desire to promote Indo-Pakistan normalization and to work for the resolution of the Kashmir problem. This was strange. There could be more evidences of the increasing inclination of the Indian forces to have a role in the India-Pakistan equation. we must not show undignified haste towards that end. at least in the Indian subcontinent´. a more visible role for it is in order. but also as a potential counter-weight to China. What has been particularly annoying is the failure of the Obama administration to act on its seemingly wise policy pronouncements during the election campaign. It was then that realization dawned on the Pakistani leadership that the country¶s repeated requests were becoming demeaning. his words were neither realistic nor achievable as India does not have the military capability to successfully initiate its much-heralded µcold start¶ strategy. 45 . Instead. however. not only as its strategic partner. what is required is a dispassionate analysis of what these signals indicate for Pakistan and sensitizing our friend¶s to Indian actions. While we must not be distracted from the objective of seeking a peaceful resolution of our differences with India. with the Indian army chief Gen Kapoor remarks that ³the possibility of a limited war in a nuclear overhang is still a reality. The Indian army chief¶s latest statement in which he spoke of his army¶s capacity to fight a two-front war evoked great surprise and disappointment. The Indian armed forces have gradually come to believe that given the growing challenges that India faces both domestically and on its frontiers. This statement exposed American hidden relationship with India. that we can dismiss these claims as mere rhetoric or unfounded. Another important factor is the newfound confidence acquired from the special relationship that the US has so eagerly conferred on India. According `to some observers. the US appears to have gone along with Indian allegations.even the offer of back-channel exchanges and diplomacy. much less wage two wars against two neighbours simultaneously. This does not mean.

The myth of confederation They talked of a federation and a confederation even in 1947. But. We separated as the result of a historic and evolutionary process. If the Indian leadership and the people want friendly relationship with Pakistan. They refused to give Pakistan its due share in the assets and created the Kashmir issue only to destabilize Pakistan. Will there be some improvement in the miserable state of the Muslims if there are friendly relations between India and Pakistan? We believe that there will be no improvement. India¶s proposal to keep the Muslims out of their majority areas is not only unacceptable but also against Pakistan ideology. Lord Mountbatten longed to be made the governor-general of Pakistan and India. Both Pakistan and India cannot resolve the Kashmir issue without the consent of the Kashmiris. The notice boards like µMuslim water¶ and µHindu water¶ at railway stations and at other public places prove that both the nations had and have different identities. It is our right and our duty to express our anger against the former Indian president¶s bragging. There was no justification for partition if we had to establish a confederation with India. Even after living together for centuries. but Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah rejected the idea. India accepted that. ³If the hatred between Russia and America can come to an end. We share with each other neither a common culture nor a common history. thank God with determination of the people of Pakistan. if Germany can unite again and if the European Union can become a confederation. The proposal of handing over Kashmir to the UN is in the interest of Kashmiris. It is due to these different identities that the British rulers agreed on the separate electoral system in the subcontinent. India has come to the negotiation table with the sole purpose of improving its own economy by ensuring a smooth flow of gas through a pipe line in Pakistan. they must first give importance to the solution of the Kashmir issue because neither can the relationship be improved nor can durable peace be established in South Asia until the Kashmir issue is resolved. the Muslims and Hindus could not come closer to each other. this country is not only standing on solid ground but also has become a nuclear power. Muslims have always known Hindu¶s anti-Pakistan mentality and its imperialistic designs. our rulers should keep in mind the miserable state of Muslims before adopting a policy of friendship towards it. The fact is that millions of the Muslims in the subcontinent sacrificed their lives and honour for the creation of Pakistan and founded a separate state on the basis of two-nation theory. why can¶t there be a confederation between Pakistan and India?´ The Indian leader¶s statement that a confederation between both the free and autonomous countries can be established is ludicrous. 46 . According to a former president of India Abdul Kalam. Brahman leadership had accepted the 3-June formula with a wishful thinking that the newly created Islamic state would not survive long. a sort of confederation can be worked out in the next fifty years. Therefore. India and Pakistan.


48 .

Western Bengal. It is nothing less than a nightmare for the Indian police and army. in India. It has become a second nature of the Hindus that they think whatever happens in their country is backed by Pakistan. In 1970 the Indian army started military operation against these villagers demanding rights and autonomy and forcibly crushed the movement. The Naxalite movement is one such movement. Sometimes the elders. It has established a parallel government in the county. 49 . Naxal-body. The same groups are again active now in the form of a bigger movement. frame and face. efforts were made on the instigation of foreign powers to divide Pakistanis but the whole Pakistani nation was organized against such threats besides all superficial differences. and feudal of the victims get united to start a rebellion for a separate homeland. The area of Chhattees Garh is the centre of Maoists. Peoples War Group and Maoist groups are leading the separatist movement. In the past. In Hinduism some people are declared to be inferior because they were born to lower families despite the fact that they are same in physical identity.The separatist movements From Kashmir to Assam. The upper class Hindus declare the lower class Hindu as untouchable and lower them from the status of humanity and basic dignity. According to a Delhi-based South Asia Terrorism Report. It¶s a matter of gratification for Pakistan that there is not a single separatist movement here. These outcast and deprived people then organized themselves and demand an independent state and greater autonomy. Jhar Khand and Orissa are mainly the centre of this movement. Therefore. they accuse Pakistan¶s intelligence agencies for the Naxalite movement. The exact number of separatist groups in India cannot be estimated but they are an outcome of the repulsive caste system and mistreatment with minorities. Now they play key political role in formation of local and central governments. and share other traits. India has tried off and on to get rid of these separatist groups but they are getting stronger with the passage of time. The movement ended but was fragmented into groups. All these areas are replete with poverty and misery. The separatist movements in India gave birth to such groups which did not demand a separate country but had created immense problems of law and order. Naxalite movement was initiated as a result of the mistreatment of poor local farmers by the landlords but now it has spread in every corner of the country. It is called Naxalite in English because it is named after a village in Western Bengal. The areas of Andhra Pradesh. The movement originated from that village in 1967. Bihar. Indian rulers quite stubbornly declare that both the Naxalite and Maoist movements are Pakistani sponsored. chiefs. Almost every individual of these areas is a member of these organizations. one can find. 2750 people lost their lives in 2006 during the fights between the separatist groups and the Indian army. several separatist movements trying day and night to get rid of the Indian occupation and to establish their own separate states. Mumbai blasts and any other mishap happens on Indian soil.

The Naxalite Movement
In twenty two provinces of Northern India freedom movements are active and resisting Indian control and Military might. The freedom fighters attack the Indian army and are involved in militant attacks on military forces. The Naxalite Movement is one key among them. Its centre is the under-developed rural areas of eastern Bengal. According to a report published in 2009, twenty two districts of the twenty states are under control of the separatists. It comprises of almost 40 percent of the Indian Territory. Its total area is more than 92000 square kilometers and about 20000 armed people live there who are giving military training to another 50000 rebels. That is why the Indian prime minister declared this move a threat for the solidarity of India. Apart from the Northern states Orissa, Jhar Khand, and Chhattees Garh, located in the eastern side of Bengal, the South Eastern states, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and the small but thickly populated states of Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram between Bangladesh and Burma are also guarded by the Brahman imperialists of India. All these provinces are like forts. People living in these areas are neither willing to recognize themselves as Hindus nor are ready to bow down before the Brahmans of Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Hence there is perpetual tension between the government and the freedom fighters. An encounter between the law enforcing agencies and the freedom fighters is a routine matter in Indian politics. In 2004, in an encounter between the Naxalite rebels 1639 persons were killed including the police, Para-military forces and the rebels. The number of skirmishes in 2005 was fewer but the death toll was much higher than previous years. There was comparative peace in 2006 but in 2007 the death toll rose to more than 2000. According to a report, the Naxalite movement is spreading rapidly in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The difficult terrain and the thick forests of the state provide heaven for the Naxalite rebels to hide and launch terrorist attacks. Apart from the states of Jhar Khand and Chhattees Garh the Naxalite rebels are already active in the state of Assam. Due to their activities security personnel, police, and the para-military forces move like an army convoy. The same strategy is being adopted in Andhra Pradesh which has frightened the state police to great extent. Hence the security personnel and police are busy in saving their own skin. As a result the control of Andhra Pradesh has fallen in the hands of the Naxalite rebels. The Naxalites are instituting their own courts as they did in Assam, Manipur and Mizoram and making it sure that their rule is established there. They are also busy in extending their influence to Uttar Pradesh through Nepal by collaborating with the Maoist rebels. What will be the fate of India? It is too soon to predict that how long India will sustain and protect its present boundaries and resist such freedom movements. However, keeping in view the attitude of the Brahmans towards the lower caste Hindus, it can be surely said that whatever measures the Brahman imperialists take 50

for Akhand Bharat (united India) dismemberment is its fate. How long it will take depends upon the courage of the Naxalites, Maoists, the Assam Liberation Army and the patience of the slave-like population of backward provinces of India, who not only have gotten their maps and flags printed but also issue their own currency to the desired independent states.


The Khalistan Movement
Before the establishment of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah offered the Sikhs equal rights, independence and freedom to look after their religious places if they were willing to join Pakistan but the Sikh¶s so-called Akali leader, Master Tara Singh rejected the offer from the Quaid. He waved his sword in front of the Punjab Assembly in Lahore and provoked the Sikhs for the massacre of Muslims. Master Tara Singh was a Rawalpindi born Hindu whom the Congress projected as the leader of the Sikhs because of his enmity towards the Muslims. Quite shrewdly, the Congress misguided the Sikhs and prepared them for the division of (United) Punjab. When the East Punjab emerged after independence, the Hindu leadership of Congress showed quite a discriminatory attitude toward the Sikhs. Annoyed by the Hindu leadership of the Congress they launched a movement for the establishment of independent Sikh state named as Khalistan. During the Khalistan Movement the Indian government blindly used force and killed thousands of Sikhs. To eliminate the movement of Sikhs the Congress divided Eastern Punjab into three provinces namely: East Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. The Sikh movement hibernated for some time, but in 1970 it again emerged as an organized movement. India used a lot of force to control it. Meanwhile the Sikhs declared the Golden temple of Amritsar as the head-quarters for the Khalistan Movement. All of the Sikh leadership including Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala and leaders of the All India Sikh Students Federation were operating from Golden Temple. When the Khalistan Movement was at its peak, the Khalistan Movement leadership was sending out messages from Golden Temple to the Sikh freedom fighters. The Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered the army to attack the Golden Temple in 1984. All the prominent Sikh leaders and thousands of other followers were killed in brutal military operation called Operation Blue Star. As a result in the villages and cities of East Punjab the Hindus were targeted and mercilessly killed. The armed Hindu groups also mercilessly butchered Sikhs, their women and children. The world knows how minorities are treated in India. The demolition of Babri Mosque, the construction of Ram Mandir (or Ram Temple), setting churches on fire and the operation in the Golden Temple of the Sikhs and their massacre are the ugly scars on the secular face of India. How can India hide a long list of atrocities like the massacre of Sikhs in the name of Operation Blue Star, killing in East Punjab, the murder of Indira Gandhi and the Hindu¶s efforts to eliminate the Sikhs? Twenty five years have passed since murder of Indira Gandhi, the ex-prime minister of India. She was killed by one of her own Sikh body guards. The main reason of the murder was the operation blue star conducted at the Golden Temple on the 6th June 1984. It was an act of desecration of the most sacred and religious place of the Sikhs. During the operation thousands of Sikhs were killed but the Indian government still treats the Sikhs as the accused. India does not allow the names of 52

the Sikhs who died naturally or unnaturally to get erased from the list of suspicious persons. The very reason it does not allow the Sikhs to live peacefully anywhere in the world, India is afraid of the fact that Sikhs may restart their movement for an independent state at any time and may create more trouble for the country. All these facts expose the realities behind Indian claim of a secular democracy. A huge minority is being spied upon and is regarded anti-India. Thousands of Sikhs were killed after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. The Congress leaders themselves provoked rioters on the roads of Delhi. Since then the Sikhs are living in India as a paranoid minority. The heirs of those who lost their lives in the anti-Sikh riots in 1984 were given one million rupees as compensation on the orders of the Indian Supreme Court. Can this monetary compensation for aggrieved families be an alternative to the lives of the deceased? After their killings at such a mass scale, the Sikhs chose other countries, particularly, Canada as final refuge and also to initiate their activities. But India later started objecting at activities of Sikhs in those countries too. The Canadian government is neither helping them economically or politically nor have the Sikhs established their exiled government of Khalistan there. There is something wrong with India¶s thinking and political system as it looks at every gathering of minorities as suspicious. It should also review its attitudes, state practices and people¶s behaviors towards minorities. What rights and freedoms has it granted to the minorities? The situation in Occupied Kashmir, East Punjab, Chhattees Garh, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Jhar Khand, West Bengal, Western Orissa and Bihar is a proof of the fact that Indian state has deprived its own population of the fundamental right to live. The western countries talk about India as a secular and democratic country but the reality is very different from the general perception about India. It has just disguised itself in a cloak to safeguard the vested interests of a particular class. The western media does not talk about these facts but India is a failed democracy and is indulging in the acts of terrorism against its own population, especially those belong to the minorities. The extremist Hindus are involved in the murder of millions of innocent Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and other religious and cultural minorities.


54 . union ministers. K. a member of the lower house of Indian parliament. pure. Advani played a prominent role in the demolition of Babari Mosque. His daughter-in-law also revealed that he was personally involved in demolition of the mosque. Advani not arranged for the Rath Yatra and did not provoke the Hindus the Babari mosque could have been saved. He was tried for thirty serious criminal cases. Giri Raj Kishore and Sadhvi Ritambhara. The claimants of the largest democracy of the world are involved in shady deeds behind the façade of democracy. fraud. When the Hindus were demolishing the Babari Mosque.interior minister of India was sentenced to three years¶ imprisonment by the court for taking bribe. Sadhu Yadav. the ex. But the election commission has revealed facts that show the different picture. According to a report issued by the Indian Election Commission. Many times his arrest warrants were issued but he is not only out of jail. state chief ministers. His pictures appeared in all main newspapers of India and globally. has a long list of crimes to his credit. the former prime minister. Vishnu Hari Dalmiya. They also arranged for Rath Yatra and provoked religious sentiments of the Indian Hindus. Vinay Katiyar. He has been accused of heinous crimes like bribery. President of BJP Uttar Pradesh and a member of parliament from Faizabad. In this way every sixth member of the Madhya Pradesh assembly has a criminal record and every ninth member of the Rajasthan assembly has been involved in some crime. This is the assembly which the Indians call a comparatively noble assembly. rape and setting the property of people on fire.The Indian Parliament--. President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Ashok Singhal. Shahab-ud-din.a gang of criminals Now the Indian Election Commission has conceded that the Indian houses of Parliament are replete with gangs of criminals. was sentenced to three years imprisonment by the court for offering bribe to the parliament members in 2000. whose elder sister Rabri Devi had been the Chief Minister of Bihar.K. and later became the Deputy Prime Minister of India. Joshi. he is also playing his political game in the parliament. All of his accomplices were members of the parliament and office holders of the government and the Bhartya Janata Party (BJP). every third member of the parliament has been nominated in some sort of criminal acts and is facing serious charges. Not only the present but also the previous members of the parliament. L. Narsima Rao. a member of Lok Sabha was sentenced to life imprisonment in a case of abduction with intention of killing. Advani was the main leader of the ruling party. Bhata Raja. According to the Indian rulers their houses of parliament are the abode of the gentle. and prime ministers have been involved in a variety of serious crimes. Advani was present there and was instigating the rioters and demolishers. The court also implicated the following people: Murli Manohar. In 1989 the Indian Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi was involved in purchase of canons for Indian army from a Swedish company ³Bofors´. and civilized representatives. Had L. At that time. ex-Minister Uma Bharati.

Likewise. Corruption and crimes are not only restricted to members of the Indian parliament but also higher officers of the Indian army and lower cadres are involved in such cases. 55 . which is devastating the state institutions and the state is fast losing control over them. the Indian traders and Indian defence experts are always seeking ways to make money. N.28 percent of the total candidates in the general elections of India were involved in criminal activities. N. corruption and other illegal deals during their stay in occupied Kashmir. 16. According to an NGO. rulers and the army officers commit. 30 percent of the members of parliament from 35 to 45 years of age had registered cases against them. In the same way. In spite of the fact that their secrets were revealed. Corruption rate is higher in the Indian army. Two senior generals of the Indian army posted at Kashmir were involved in corruption while buying and supplying chickens to the army. They also take kick-backs in buying and supplying food articles. The National Social Watch Coalition. that a mafia network is actively working along with the Indian government. Every officer is involved in fraud and corruption at every level of rank and position. In other words. Indian history is replete with crimes that the politicians. criminals and goons. the power corridors of India are full of murderers. commissions were received in the purchase of guided shells from Russia which did not work during the Kargil war. The Indian army officers are bribed and receive commissions and kick-backs in an arms deal and supply of equipment within the country and abroad as well. whereas only 650 people were killed and the coffins were made of inferior quality wood in spite of high prices. According to the defence minister. It is high time to mention the huge amount of money that was received during the purchase of atomic submarines from Russia. The claimants of the largest democracy of the world are not even ashamed of the fact that they are not worthy of being called politicians and soldiers.The ex-union interior minister of India. Vohra wrote in his report. During the Kargil war a dispute arose regarding disposal of dead bodies of the Indian soldiers. Both of them earned millions of rupees by fraud. 4000 coffins were ordered. which was published in 1995.

56 .


58 .

The extremists have not yet succeeded in their aims because their ideas are shallow and baseless. Internally they are constantly making efforts for the same and at the same time they are also trying to exploit Muslims and other minorities to merge them with the Hindu majority. The main aim of Hindutva is to de-track the Indian Muslims and to make them into secular non practicing Muslims. discipline. Many ministers of India are not only busy in increasing sectarian hatred on behalf of Hindu extremist organizations but many central and state government ministers took an active part in violent activities based on religious discrimination. and Orissa. therefore. 59 . Rashtariya Bheem Saina and Rights Pune had also demanded to arrest Bal Thackeray. Aima Masajid Council. to seek funds voluntarily. Jamat-i-Islami Hind. health. The extremist Hindu leaders have evolved a new strategy to force the Indian Muslims to adopt non-Islamic ways and to adopt attitudes like non-Muslims. ethics. Justice Sri Krishna has declared the head of Shiv Sena. World Mushaikh Counsel. therefore no prominent personality involved in such criminal activities has ever been brought to justice. the head of RSS. to publish and distribute relevant literature. Any person with common sense cannot accept such ideas. Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind. to declare holidays. they must make them realise the importance of Hindutva and force them to convert. to establish charitable organizations. Sadharshan said that they could not throw the Muslims and Christians in to the ocean.Religious extremism The American Commission for the Religious Freedoms has warned India that its name should be included amongst the list of countries which are involved in the worst kind of violations and crimes of religious freedoms and against their religious minorities. and rights of others. including Mumbai. Sadhus and Joggies are ready to take control of the central government in Madhya Pradesh. Rajasthan. While addressing a large gathering of the extremists. protest that the Indian government has reduced Muslims and other minorities to the status of second rated citizens. Bihar. The United Nations Charter provides a guarantee to minorities of a country to hold religious gatherings for worship. Bal Thackeray and other four leaders of his party responsible for the Suleiman Usman Bakery firing Case but no inquiry has been conducted against any involved in the firing case. Jhar Khand. to make arrangements for the preaching of one¶s faith at local and foreign levels. But all these clauses are neglected in India. As the top political leadership is patronizing such acts. to specify places for the same purpose. along with the guarantees of general security. to educate a particular faith or religion at proper places. to reserve places of rest according to one¶s faith. They also demand that recommendations of the Justice Sri Krishna Commission be implemented and the victims of 1992 and 1993 sectarian riots be given justice. the extremist leader S. All the socio-welfare organizations of Maharashtra.

Praveen Togadia declared Muslims as Jihadis and appealed to the Christians to stand with them against these Jihadis (Holy war) The present Congress lead government is accused of taking measures to support the Muslims. particularly the Muslims would not be changed. 60 . the sense of being insecure is rising among the minorities particularly. Muslims. Sikhs and Christians. Prominent Indian scholars and journalists have expressed their concern with despair and said that in the coming years the conditions of the Indian minorities. In these circumstances. In these conditions the Indian solidarity is in great danger.One of the leaders of Hindutva. BJP an extremist Hindu organization is getting popular day-by-day and its rival secular forces are getting weaker and weaker. It¶s a matter of great concern that international community and the international human rights organizations have also ignored this real face of India and its attitude and have allowed its governments to let secularism be smashed into pieces.

Chairperson of Pakistan People¶s Party. the Indian Air Force and Navy could only kill nine terrorists and arrested only one. Hence. After the general elections in February 2008 Asif Ali Zardari. These atta00cks could never prove fruitful without the cooperation of government of Pakistan. and two policemen. peace and prosperity. In those days. The whole world watched this show live on television. US government wanted to deal with Pakistan the way it had dealt with Iraq and Afghanistan in its so called war against terror. The purpose of these attacks was to undermine the country and create chaos. The country was deprived of solidarity. It¶s evident now that Indian electronic media started presenting the situation which aims to push the two neighbouring countries to war. she was attacked twice and the last attack in Rawalpindi proved fatal. therefore. the lone survivors and captor of the terrorist attacks. the Indian Prime Minister Attal Bihari Vajpai and the interior Minister Lal Krishan Advani made a public request to American President George W. Americans provided many facilities to the General Musharraf¶s regime to show the Pakistanis that his government was useful for them and then forced it to work in the interests of America. Apparently. It is particularly noteworthy that the terrorists gathered around the best hotels of Mumbai city like the Taj Hotel and Oberoi Hotel. When Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan after a long exiled life. Nawaz Sharif¶s government was toppled down and General Pervez Musharraf was imposed on Pakistan in October 1999. Almost two hundred people were killed and three hundred were injured at the Taj Hotel. After playing havoc in Afghanistan. The main reason of the war is to control terrorism in India and the sixty hour long operation in Mumbai was declared the biggest act of terrorism on Indian soil. There was intense exchange of firing and innocent people were killed but all the responsible elements of Maharashtra government. Obroi Hotel and Trident in main Mumbai city. but America did not like it and some undemocratic forces started conspiring and destabilizing the country. it dared not to attack Iran despite its warnings. the thousands of Indian army men and other blood thirsty elements created a war-like situation against the so called terrorists. Some of the prominent figures of the country objected and it was demanded in almost all newspapers of India that Pakistani media should be banned. Bush and offered their services. It was aware of weaknesses in Pakistani political and governance systems and intended to maintain its control on the country.Terrorism America attacked Afghanistan to seek Osama-bin-Laden and Al-Qaida. The mutual sentiments of hatred and enmity were provoked amongst the peaceful and 61 . husband of deceased Benazir Bhutto. Iran was ready to fight with USA. On the statements of Ajmal Qasab. But at that time General Musharraf was more useful for America. became the President of Pakistan. Later on the media alleged that the terrorist act was planned in the neighbouring country and excuses were sought to attack Pakistan.

on October 31. There is no doubt that Karkare and the two officers ±± additional commissioner of police Ashok Kamte and senior inspector Vijay Salaskar ±± were killed because they exposed that the main culprits of terrorist attacks in India was Bhawa Brigade whose real face remained hidden while the Muslims were declared responsible for those attacks. It is a fact that Bhawa Brigade has been planning to convert India into a Hindu state and it has been nurturing a particular fascist temperament for the same purpose. It is high time we should pay attention on the Indian law and order situation. Abdul Rehman Antolay demanded that the evidence of the honest police officer Hemant Karkare and others be properly investigated. Sadarshan and Praveen Togadiya. an experienced. The CPI-M came into existence following the merger of the Communist Party of India. ³India¶s Maoist rebels are now present in 20 states and have killed more than 900 62 . attacking official installments in the major Indian cities. Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh declared the CPI-M an unlawful organization. On the surface there are flowers but inside there is smouldering fire. Maoists intensified their struggle. Recently. loyal. South Asia Terrorism Portal¶s report revealed. prominent and a blue-eyed Congress minister of minorities. Sahdvi Pargya and Dayanand Pandey and demanded that he must leave the investigation of the Maligaon. 2009. Why did Sangh Parivar dislike the statement? Sangh Parivar showed anger when Hemant Karkare revealed the involvement of Praveen Togadiya. Even Karkare was threatened to be killed. it does not matter whether the police knows it or not. it is necessary to watch the activities of the centres closely which are working under the kind patronage of Lal Krishan Advani. Colonel Prohat. The thief always knows one¶s own crime. India is supposed to identify terrorists inside its own country as well as across the borders and must deal with them sternly instead of simply blaming others. In this context. ³231 of India¶s 608 districts have been affected by various insurgent terrorist movements«continued to pose serious challenges to the country¶s security framework. It is essential to know who is lighting this fire. Why was it insisted to believe in all the facts relating to terrorism in the light of Ajmal Qasab¶s statement? A native of Mumbai.loving people of the two neighbouring countries. In light of the newspaper reports and the information received from certain friends it is evident that Karkare was killed for his honesty and truthfulness. the New York Times wrote. Several states such as Andhra Pradesh. ex-chief minister of the same province. the People¶s War Group (PWG) and the Maoist Communist Centre (MCC). If the Islamic seminaries in the country are watched with suspicion. Naxalites have established their writ running large ±±hundreds of villagers. After considering whole situation carefully one comes to the conclusion that it was a well planned conspiracy and act of sabotage. In the eastern regions. Ashok Sanghal. and also banned the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-M). terming it a terrorist organization in the wake of fresh insurgency by the Maoist insurgents.´ India started militia operation against insurgents in Lalgarh tribal region of the west Bengal.

As regards the Indian-held Kashmir since 1947. though it has already rejected the separatists¶ demand for an independent homeland in northeastern India. It is notable that historical background and religious beliefs. sieges. Regarding that massive genocide. Other minorities of India are also target of Hindu terrorism. 2008. targeted killings. massacres. Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. coupled with the dissemination of Hidutva. Tamil Nadu and Tripura. terrorists or Communists. and are acutely susceptible to violent political mobilization. RSS. BJP and Bajrang Dal ±± as participants. are quite different from the other ethnic and religious communities. 63 . It is unfortunate that the US and the West do not see any threat of the Indian nukes falling in the hands of insurgents. Khalistan. With the backing of Indian officials. such as curfews. VHP. On September 13. Shiv Sina and Bajrang Dal which have missed no opportunity to communalize national politics of India even under the Congress rule.´ The Maoist militants oppose the ruling Communist Party of India¶s government in Bengal. at least 60 Christians have been assassinated in the recent past by Hindu extremists in the state of Orissa. Nagaland. Kashmir. crackdowns. where wars of Independence are alive in one form or the other. have been using brutal force ruthlessly against any move to free Assam. The meeting could not succeed because Indias is offering wide autonomy to the group. Mizoram. Assam. etc. all Indian regimes in sequence. dominated by politicians from the Hindi heartland. to maintain their alien rule. Besides previous genocide of Muslims and destruction of the Babri Mosque. Under the mask of democracy and secularism. The Naga insurgents began fighting more than 50 years ago. Indian forces have intermittently been employing all the possible techniques of military terrorism. In one of the most tragic incidents in Assam. high officials and leaders of the VHP. Violence has continued against the Muslims from time to time. Indians still have a strong belief in the superiority of their race. 2010 in an attempt to end one of the South Asian nation¶s longest-running insurgencies.Indian security officers«India¶s rapid economic growth has made it an emerging global power but also deepened stark inequalities in society. India¶s prime minister met with Naga separatists on March 2. lawlessness and organized criminal activity. Similarly. Indian Hindus are followers of Chanakya (Say some thing else and do some thing else). these parties have intensified anti-Christian and anti-Muslim bloodshed in the last decade. which have formed the habits and national character of Hindus. assaults on Christians and their properties have been executed by the Hindu mobs in Orissa. wide areas of the country appear to have fallen off the map of good governance. Hindu extremists burnt alive six members of a Muslim family. These facts have been verified by the misdeeds of Hindu fundamentalist parties like the BJP. the communal riots in Uttar Pradesh killed more than 200 Muslims. In addition. both Human Rights Watch in 2002 and Amnesty International in 2003 charged the ³Gujarat state administration´ for involvement in ³a massive cover-up-of the state¶s role in that massacre´ and pointed out numerous officials ±± specifically ministers. In this respect. more than 2500 Muslims were massacred in 2002 in the BJPruled Indian state of Gujarat.

Purohit confessed that in 2007 he was involved in bombing of Samjhota Express. more than 3000 unmarked graves of the unidentified bodies were uncovered in villages of Indian-held Kashmir. 2008 in the house of Bajrang Dal fundamentalists in Nanded. which 64 . Most dangerous point is that Hindu terrorists with the support of Indian army and their intelligence agency RAW. Indian government has been accusing the Islamic organizations in contact with Pakistani or Bangladeshi intelligence agencies in carrying out bomb blasts in Malegaon and other Indian places. would try to get weapons of mass destruction ±± and will use them in the US and major European states in order to show that Muslim radicals or al Qaeda-related insurgents have performed this sinister job. Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the Maharashtra arrested a serving Lt. which is in fact a secular terrorist state. with the backing of RAW have already started a nefarious strategic game in destabilizing Pakistan by creating insurgency in the K-P Province. when on April 6. As regard Hindu terrorism. It is even supported by Indian defence forces clandestinely. Before thee revelations about Hindu terrorism. non-Hindu communities have lived in constant fear and awe since the advent of the fundamentalist party. While Hindu extremists. In fact. Shiv Sena. which began on August 12. which is the genesis of Hindu terrorism. Leaders of the Indian extremist parties. providing them with the military-grade explosive RDX. under the new puppet regime in the occupied Kashmir. Srikant Purohit along with other army officials. 2008 that a new phrase has entered the sometimes cliché-riddled Indian press: ³Hindu terrorism´. Sources have suggested that these graves include bodies of extrajudicial executions committed by the Indian military and paramilitary forces. Col. BJP. 2008. It is mentionable that ideology of Hindu nationalism prevails in every field at the cost of other minorities. Hindu terrorism is on the rise. Shiv Sena. The investigations proved that the militants belonging to the Bajrang Dal were found in the bomb-making and attack on a mosque in Parbhani in 2003. Col. In the last two years. used in the Malegaon bombings and terrorist attacks in other Indian cities. VHP and RSS are now pressurizing the Congress regime to release the culprits. Indian brutalities are continuing during the current phase of Kashmiri uprising. European Parliament strongly condemned India regarding human rights violations in the Occupied Kashmir. ATS further disclosed that Lt. BBC indicated on November 21. which burnt alive 69 Pakistanis. calling it the latest addition to the media lexicon. Nonetheless. openly directing the Hindu terrorists to loot and stone any of their shop or house. This fact could be judged from the recent past. In Maharashtra. there is a co-relationship of the Hindutva and Hindu fundamentalism. a bomb went off. More alarming point is that Bajrang Dal has also been imparting arms training to its members near Ayodhya. indicating that they were helping in training the Hindu terrorists. New Delhi has been using Hindu terrorists to create frenzy against the other religious communities.However. It is now clear that instead of taking action. Silence of the subsequent governments on every challenge of Shiv Sena and lack of serious action against Thackeray¶s vandalism have clearly defeated the secular echoes of India. and backing separatist elements in Balochistan. whose chief Bal Thackeray has organized army of hoodlums to beat up any religious minority.

has enveloped whole of India. 65 .

its studio was attacked. the major aim of the extremist Hindus is to prevent their followers from converting to Christianity. Shiv Sena is quite popular in the world for its extremism and using religious orthodoxy to promote its politics. the case was then reported to the media. Its salient feature is to destroy the pitch before cricket matches between India and Pakistan. Meanwhile the organization Kanya Suraksha Samiti was established with the help of the BJP which is supposed to provide security to the Hindu girls. some religious organizations of veiled (burqa-clad) women have threatened the music and movie shop owners in Islamabad and asked for a deadline for the enforcement of the Islamic Sharia. A Hindu girl from Bhopal eloped with a Muslim boy. the level of tolerance among the people is declining due to anti-Muslim campaigning of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). The brother of the accused boy was released on court order of the Mumbai high court. In Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) under the state government of BJP the police declined the abduction of the boy but later on when someone had filmed the abduction on a mobile phone. In Pakistan. It attacked the office of Star News channel when Hollywood film star Richard Gear kissed Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty during the AIDS awareness campaign. The Hindu groups involve themselves in sectarian violence with such a quick pace that the danger of intolerance and extremist activities in India has risen. the dwindling trend of Talibanization in the sub-continent has again been refreshed. It resulted in attacks on 66 . If the Taliban type government is established in India. As a result there is a rising number of Hindu Taliban in the so-called secular country which has given birth to the danger of violent activities. The anti-Muslim and anti-Christian movement of the so-called BJP has created an environment of intolerance and violence which is enhancing sectarianism. and to beat couples violently on the occasion of Valentine¶s Day. It is of the view that such activities are against their culture. The inter-marriages between Hindu girls and Muslim boys was declared as a conspiracy by the Hindus. An extremist organization. but when a Mumbai based television channel telecasted the statement of the couple. In India.The Hindu Taliban In India. the extremist and violent trends will be promoted in the society and such incidents will increase. As the Hindu Taliban have become active in India. The police abducted the elder brother of the boy to pressurize him to produce the girl to the police and her family. The couple succeeded in escaping from the scene with the help of the police on the request of the TV channel officials. The court also ordered the police to provide security to the accused boy. A new trend of mutual hatred between the different sects will start. Hindu organizations have raised the issue of Hindu girls getting married with the Muslim boys. So far as the Christians are concerned. The bewilderment of the Hindu extremists can be judged from the fact that the Bhartiya Janta Party has to take back the video documentary when the election commission accused them of spreading hatred in society and the real face of Bhartiya Janta Party has been revealed by this act. It also threatened them of dire consequences.

67 .churches in several states of India. The Hindus are in a fix due to the rising number of minorities in India. They are worried that they might become a minority in their own country. The so-called secular country must indulge in introspection before accusing others of extremism and terrorism. Emolia Ganguly. All these attitudes are quite obvious proofs of Indian extremism. a political analyst has accused the Muslims that they are not patriots because they refuse to sing the Indian national anthem Vande Mataram. This mocks an international propaganda campaign against Muslims in which they are portrayed as terrorists.

The only intriguing part of his personality was. the barefooted man. It was exactly 1980. new Puritanism is being carried out in the name of cultural purity and a host of ignorant people are vandalizing art and pushing us towards the pre-renaissance era. My second encounter with MF Hussain was at JNU. ³A painter has his own perspective of looking at things and it cannot be the basis of initiating criminal proceedings against him. In the back seat. I saw Hussain for the third time in 1995 when I was in Hyderabad working as a city reporter. One evening after attending a press conference at the Hyderabad secretariat. Hussain writes: When I learnt that one of the most celebrated artists of India. It was a breezy evening. If you don¶t want to see it. Now when I realize he will no more be gossiped about in the media as before. I was returning to my Secundrabad office in a bus when it got flat tires. Hussain. In fact. such personalities are mobbed by the students and Hussain was no exception. In India.´ Mr. I had a chance to see him in real flesh and blood. and I was enjoying my stroll.F. I saw him waving hands as he was escorted into a car that drove him out of the campus. There are so many such art forms in the [Hindu] temple structures. Hussain had come there to finalize the huge cutouts to adore the front entrance of the geography department. I saw a man wearing white Kurta-Pajama complementing the white beard. He was wearing white kurta-pajama and sported long white beard. and moving out of my sight. his trademark. The campus was abuzz with the news of his arrival and we rushed from the arts block to the Kennedy Hall. This time he had trimmed his beard and had short hairs. where his older work greets the visitors. It was not because he was known to me or I am an admirer to his paintings. it was an important assignment. he was bare footed! As usual it happens in AMU.F. By the time I realized he was MF Hussain. That was when I was an undergraduate student in AMU. and I had to reach my office quickly and so I decided to walk the bridge over the Hussain Sagar Lake. M.´ Another ruling says: ³There are so many such subjects. when I first saw M. Maqbool Fida Hussain has taken up the nationality of Qatar to escape from the Hindu zealots who have been gunning for his life. in 1987 where I was a PhD student. I saw Mercedes Benz very slowly moving by my side. This again was just a coincidence when one evening I saw Hussain walking with few Professors outside the Kaveri Hostel. Since. New Delhi. I saw him driving a car. rang bells into my ears. but simply because he has been such a colourful personality in India and I have practically grown up reading about his activities. A painter at 90s deserves to be sitting at his home and painting his canvas (rather than living in exile). there was a feeling of remorse. then don¶t see it. 68 . Again. Suddenly from somewhere. Ali Murtaza Syed while commenting on the migration of Mr.Talibans¶ triumph Indian courts have tried to educate those who claim to have been hurt. a stream of thought flows my memory lane at various points of my life. It observes. Will you [complainant] file cases against all of them?´ It is art. when I was on the middle of the bridge. Aligarh. I was walking from the opposite side but could not realize who he was. photographs and publications.

even after being acknowledged so. I was seeing from the rear glass of the car the image of M F Hussain fading out of my sight. This makes me ponder how long those who uphold the secular. Now when I realize he has been hounded out and forced to take residence in a city of another country. In the simple words. As a child he struggled to make ends meet. forced to live in exile. The painter was harassed by the fanatical mobs. searching the memory files to locate this character sitting on the back seat. and eventually have to take a foreign nationality. and about 900 cases filed against him. Since then his images use to adorn my sight through the pages on magazines and newspapers and I could feel he was there somewhere a part and parcel of the Indian social life. 69 . There are others who feel that a national campaign should be launched to request the distinguished artist to return home. He didn¶t plan any of this. have to be equally organized if we want to make India an oasis of peace and harmony. M F Hussain¶s son Owais Husain. plural and democratic values will allow such forces to have a free run? How long we may be delegating the responsibility to the government to keep such elements under check? To me. He didn¶t plan his exile in Dubai and now his citizenship in Qatar. During British India he painted slogans against the colonial rulers. His life has been charted by destiny. In independent India. Well that was the last time I saw the man who is called the µPicasso of India¶. why should a creative person be living in captivity watched by hosts of security guards. This led to a slew of criminal cases filed against him. his car sped past me. To this there runs a counter argument. Hussain¶s time of troubles started since 1996. he is haunted out of the country. The irony is. why not M F Hussain? It¶s the duty of the government to provide security to its national icon. a film maker-writer-painter-rationalizes the predicament of his father. it¶s time those opposing such regressive forces.¶ Some have argued that many undeserving individuals in the country have been given red level security. while their counterparts from across the border are busy making the headlines for the newspapers. that I was almost walking with it. My mind was racing. he painted pictures that sold for astronomical sums of money. when a Hindi monthly published an inflammatory article on his paintings done in 1970s. alleging that the artist has hurt the Hindus¶ sentiments. The magnitude of the protest against M F Hussain suggests the organized and entrenched strength of the Hindutva forces is in this country. µMy father is older than modern independent India. How can he work in such a claustrophobic atmosphere? Hussain is justified for his action because it is important at this stage of his life to have a sense of belongingness.The car was so slow. the Indian Taliban have got the trophy. Notwithstanding this. The forces of bigotry and intimidation have won against those who hold liberal views. I feel I may not be able to follow him as before. the fact remains that M F Hussain undoubtedly is one of the top most celebrities in the field of painting that India has produced in modern times. By the time I could realize he was M F Hussain. the exhibitions of his work were vandalized.

secular. plural and democratic values that failed to keep its national icon in its motherland. It¶s a real shame for those who uphold liberal. 70 .However. these arguments do not placate those who maintain their distinct line of thought and like to compete with the Talibans from across the border in such matters. It¶s a major victory for them as they have forced M F Hussain to accept a foreign nationality.

fear and intimidation. When Raj Thackeray was about to fail. is in the news again. Raj Thackeray¶s slogans are: ³Maharashtra is for Meerathis´ and ³O people of northern India get out of Maharashtra´. It is the same Raj Thackeray who rebelled against his uncle BAL Thackeray a year or so before and broke away from Shiv Sena and founded his own party. he has been coercing the people of northern India and of other cities. he thought of using the same recipe which his uncle BAL Thackeray and Narinder Modi had been using. Mumbai is not only a modern developed city with so many factories in it. They beat up the people of other places in Mumbai. under the banner of Shiv Sena. That is why his party workers have started beating up the people of northern India in Maharashtra. Nor did his party succeed much as a regional party in the elections in Maharashtra. regionalism. Using the Meerathi regionalism like his uncle BAL Thackeray. but is also known the world over as Bollywood because of being the centre of the film industry. rising from oblivion. The Maharashtra province is in fact the centre of India¶s industrial development and its city of Mumbai is the heart of India¶s progress. after Raj 71 . Abu Asim. But the politicians these days do not accept defeat easily. city and home. In fact the Samaj Wadi Party won elections due to the people of northern areas. It is a mixture of hatred.The Thakurs of India ± the messengers of hate Who doesn¶t know BAL Thackeray? He. and it was believed that the sun of his politics would set soon. Thus Abu Asim and some other people of the Samaj Wadi Party rose against it. This politics of regionalism and hatred is quite common in India these days. Narinder Modi did the same in 2002 and won elections in Gujrat and now he has formed his own government in the province using his anti-Muslim tactics. And the same family has been following for the last 20 years this quick recipe of torture and hatred for success. The people of a particular region or caste are targeted and tortured. So this Raj Thackeray. in Nasik and in Poona and tell them to leave Maharashtra. But these days it is his nephew Raj Thackeray who is so prominent in Indian politics. His candidates contested the municipal elections in Mumbai but Raj Thackeray was not as successful as his uncle. That is why the Samaj Wadi Party¶s leader in Mumbai. It is strange that sometimes Malayam Singh¶s Samaj Wadi Party wins some seats in Mumbai municipality but his party has not been as successful as Raj Thackeray¶s party. No one is there in Indian politics these days except Raj Thackeray. About half of its citizens are from northern India who have made this city so full of fun and pleasure. Some politician delivers a speech against those targeted people and thus becomes a hero in his own area. and then easily wins the elections using the same emotional feelings of hatred and regionalism. Raj Thackeray would not have found a better victim than the people of northern India to air the feelings of regionalism and provincialism. has been in the forefront in spreading hatred against Muslims in the southern state of Maharashtra in India. provincialism. People from every nook and corner of India come to earn a livelihood in this city of over 10 million and succeed here after forgetting about their religion.

But it is clear that the leaders like Raj Thackeray and Abu Asim have been using successfully this mixture of provincialism and animosity. No one can tell who will succeed in this tug of war between Raj Thackeray and Abu Asim in Maharashtra. But it is clear. the influence of Delhi in India is decreasing and the influence of provinces and provincial leaders is increasing. Both these national parties have now been confined to a few provinces only. realized that his Samaj Wadi Party can revive again if he starts talking of the provincial prejudices of northern Indians. Only the election results there will tell whether Raj Thackeray succeeds like Modi or not. the influence of the centre on national politics would go on decreasing and that of regional leaders would go on increasing. and if the people like Raj Thackeray and Modi continued winning. the future of India¶s national parties like Congress and Bhartia Junta Party is becoming misty and dark. and they aim at winning the provincial elections in Maharashtra at the end of this year. like the Gujrati leader Narinder Modi. Raj Thackeray. Let us see which way the wind blows in the next parliamentary elections. It means that like the last days of the Mughals.Thackeray¶s attacks on northern Indians. 72 . The political vacuum created by this shrinkage of a national party like Congress is being filled with the politics of regionalism and personalities. is a symbol of the increasing provincial feelings in Indian politics.

73 .


75 .

Germany. In Occupied Kashmir. and other areas. having one¶s own way and crimes are rising. Air Marshal Krishna Swami explained that the Wasalt Company of France. Even the air chiefs were surrounded by their subordinates. Rebellion incidents have occurred even in the Indian air force at large scale. It is said that the Panama Company worked as an agent in this deal and bribed many higher officials of the Indian Defence Ministry for this purpose. & pilots rebelled openly for not getting proper increments in their salaries. The junior ranked officers sacrifice their own lives to save the lives of their commanders but in the Indian army. which makes Mirage planes. India is buying weapons from Israel. got the services of ³Kaiser´ company to investigate the prospects of selling its Mirage planes in South Asia. but all these elements are absent in the Indian army. India sought the services of an agent in buying the Mirage 2000 fighter planes from the Wasalt Company of France. Sixty two years have passed since India got freedom and since that time the Indian army has been involved in trying to curb freedom. He 76 . The fear-stricken soldiers either attack their own officers or commit suicide in desperation. and South Africa. Assam. the Indian army is quite fed up and has begun indulging in crimes and immoral activities during fighting against separatist organizations in Nagaland. They are in the worst situation due to constant fear. High morale and brotherhood along with high standard of morality are the qualities which distinguish an army from other fighting forces. The Indian youth is not ready to get commission in the Indian army. courage and bravery and high moral grounds. Tamil Nadu. the Indian army has completely lost heart and its declining morale is a source of great depression for the Indian government. engineers. disobedience to the higher officers. Nagaland.Army¶s moral degeneration The basic power of an army lies in its best training. In February 1998. It has earned a bad reputation in the arms-purchase scandals throughout the world. Sweden. technicians. The Indian army men ask their government why they are being sacrificed even during peace time. The Indian army which has always been an example of moral degeneration is now devoid of best human values and morals. France. Its army. navy and air force personnel are undergoing intense mental stress. Due to these defence bargains the international defence dealers and agents are attracted to sell and they revolve around the Indian Defence Ministry so that they can bribe the ministry and earn huge profits. But the contract was over before September 2000. Most of the Indian army men avoid being posted in harsh weather zones like Kashmir and Siachen Glacier. When soldiers from different army cantonments get orders to leave for Occupied Kashmir they tremble with fear and no one is ready to go there and fight for the Indian government cause. Apart from Indian Occupied Kashmir. Jhar Khand. The deal was signed in the year 2000. The Indian army is heading towards a great crisis. rebel and separatist movements in Kashmir. and other areas. America. Particularly in Jammu and Kashmir where seven hundred thousand troops are appointed and fifty or sixty soldiers are killed or injured almost daily.

majority of them Muslims. Indian Army is now the most corrupted institution in the region and in most of the cases. terrorizing and kidnapping people and smuggling weapons. PK Rath.P. selling military secrets.further said that all legal procedures were adopted for procurement of the planes.K. and Samjhauta Express explosions in 2007 in which several people. who was charged with irregularities in the procurement of dry rations. were convicted of financial irregularities in a case relating to the Central Command. Rajiv Gandhi. Another dangerous aspect of the roguishness of Indian armed forces is their close links with extremist groups. Lieutenant General Avadesh Parkash. a web site Tehlka dot com and a news agency Off Line shook the world by pointing out the defence scandals involving key politicians and several other high-ups of the Indian government. who had been the military secretary at the Army Headquarters in New Delhi till recently. In 2009. Corruption among officers has converted Indian armed forces into rogue forces. S. who was involved in Malegaon blasts in 2008. Sahni. In early 2007. The list of officers facing charges of indiscipline and corruption include Major General B. Two of their journalists went to the BJP officials as defence traders with plans of selling defence equipments. along with another officer of the same rank. Panama Company ³Kaiser´ which has already accessed the French court in this matter is notorious for these kinds of bargains. The statement of the Indian air chief further made the matter suspicious. K. who was designated the deputy chief of army staff.P. Nambiar and Rana Goswami. when the secret was exposed. two major generals of the Army Ordinance Corps (AOC). ³Bofors´. were indicted in two separate cases involving irregularities in the procurement of dry rations for troops posted in Jammu & Kashmir. Mander. It was another story when he was again appointed on the post of a minister. the Indian Defence Minister George Fernandes had to resign. He was found guilty. Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena for targeting the members of minority communities in the country. 77 .K. and succeeded in victimizing workers of the Tehlka dot com. Another ex-prime minister of India Narsima Rao was also declared criminal by a court in corruption cases in 2000. In March 2001.S.G. two lieutenant generals of the Army Service Corps (ASC). While they were demanding inducement. Dahiya and S.T. the ex-prime minister of India was involved in the kickbacks in the purchase of Bofors Guns for the Indian army from a Swedish company. the journalists secretly filmed them and. of conspiring to give a no-objection certificate to an educational institution to get land near the cantonment. Sinha. The government officials not only expressed their interest but also demanded bribery. bribe. including RSS. Two other major generals. A glaring example of such links is Lieutenant Colonel Shrikant Purohit. was the latest in the list of the top commanders found guilty on various charges of corruption after a court of inquiry established his involvement in a land scam in Sukna Cantonment in West Bengal. officers even senior ones are involved in sexual harassment. faced separate charges of irregularities in the purchase of stores. were killed. Anand Swaroop and S. In 1989.

the Inspector General of BSF met with the head constable posted on front line.³Women battalion´ of the army The Indian army has formed a women battalion either due to ³good performance´ of its male troops or out of frustration to strengthen its defence capabilities. RAW was bestowed upon the responsibility to form an espionage and sex-ridden battalion for the border areas after due military training. General Kumar recommended posting of women on border areas. Sexual frustration is not a new thing for the Indian army. his wife constable Shrimati Birmala Kaur and their three kids on the occasion of holy festival. Incidences of suicide and killing fellow colleagues within the Indian army are on the rise. An army Major who was staying in a hotel of Andaman Islands could not resist women of a touring family and was found peeping from his bath room to the lady¶s bathroom. In recent years we hear strange stories. The present solution to do away with psychological issues is like fighting one evil with another evil. Apparently it is being argued that these women will monitor border movements. He praised character of front line soldiers especially the women despite the fact that their character had been thoroughly scrutinized before recruitment under RAW. The said battalion has been a result of a study mission of Major General Kumar who officially visited Russia to study causes of increasing tendencies of suicide and sexual frustration within Indian army ranks. Indian army is trained under ideological teachings of Hindu scholar and thinker Chankiya. They will also perform espionage tasks. We hear about sexual exploits and scandals of soldiers and officers on daily basis. However. One of its Major Generals was found harassing a junior women officer and won massive disrepute. They have been recruited directly under the Indian secret service RAW. In one case. Now it appears why RAW makes it a point to use pretty women. the Indian women rights organizations should agitate over such kind of women empowerment. it does not matter if some hundred women are posted on border areas in a Hindu society which is devoid of any moral values. RAW is notorious for using its strong network of beautiful women for security purpose. Hence. This comprises of 300 women soldiers. Perhaps it is due to the boredom within spies that have to be tackled with aesthetic incentives to make spying operations more fun! First batch of 178 pretty women troops have already been posted on Indo-Pak borders. This family hurled many colors upon the Inspector General. to be posted on Pakistani borders. The women not only hit the Major but also lodged a complaint to the 78 . He views that people should not be gentle or noble. who was impressed. who does not believe in nobility of people or institutions. Mr Nathu Ram. Psychologists believe that majority of soldiers in occupied Kashmir are married. because this kind is first casualty and victim of enemies. They have been ranked as constable within the Border Security Force (BSF). live far away from their homes and are vulnerable to emotional anxiety.

79 . Women have to work hard to save their skin. Whatever strategy the Indian army may adopt to appease its soldiers posted on Indo-Pak borders and. In fact poverty has reached to such an extent in India that the parents of these 300 women soldiers were ready to send their daughters posted at border areas. There is no doubt that women today are advancing shoulder to shoulder in every field of life and performing even higher services in some sectors. particularly. but despite that women have a respectful place that every civilized society reserves for them. How can they save lives of other Indian soldiers? If some Mujahid of an orthodox group sees men and women soldiers working together. They don¶t have the courage to confront them. Indian soldiers are incapable to crush freedom movement of Kashmiri youth. They at least should give respect to women to even a lesser extent of being in homes. Hindus could not get respect of women even after many hundred years of Muslim dominance.hotel authorities. then the chances of life are further decreased. The thoughts of Mujahidin shake their bodies and they go into a psychological comma which is regarded by Indian army psychologists as mental stress and boredom. in occupied Kashmir cannot work.

Before the above mentioned scandals. The Indian army created so much havoc to grab rewards that Mankat Ram Sharma. there is a vast opportunity of corruption. Kolkata scandal and FIR against Defence Minister George Fernandes regarding the purchase of defence system ³Burk´ from Israel with kickbacks. there have been eight thousand and one hundred court martial cases in the Indian army. This most modern ammunition was bought by India from Israel and Russia. Sixteen other officers were also involved with General Garqbal. One hundred and eight sealed boxes of modern Israeli rifles were brought to Kolkata from Calicut. In this area. Contrary to this. Some time ago. But the army with corruption cannot have good discipline. Four brigadiers were also involved in it. These officers were also involved in taking kick-backs in the purchase of military wine was for the front-line soldiers. In this work. Eight of them were from the army and five from navy.Arms theft and commission mafia India is a big country with the second largest army of the world which consists of more than a million army-men. are some other prominent cases of corruption in Indian Army. The Indian defense ministry declared punishment for the Indian general through court martial. So far. after destroying an artificial check-post at Siachen Glacier. Brigadiers Maery Lal Shankar and Ramesh Kumar Varma of Kolkata headquarters were taken into custody on the orders of central Army Headquarters Delhi. The tax. Deputy Commissioner of Indian Army Supply Corps was also one of the culprits. The sub-area Commander is responsible for the logistic supply of all the army of his area. appointed in Occupied Kashmir are making false accounts of the surrender of freedom fighters to get promotions and rewards. it is his responsibility to provide purchase of every kind of ration and transportation for the movement of the army and to conduct construction. a commanding officer of the Indian army. he was demoted and was sentenced to three years¶ imprisonment. Some officers did corruption in buying sauce for the army against whom action was taken. the non-Muslim Vice Chief Minister of Occupied Kashmir could not control his agitation. But his plan exposed by his own mistakes and the truth came out. He admits that Indian army officers. After the charges were proved. It is said that an army is always selfless and it is above monetary rewards and personal gains. Indian army has always been involved in efforts of getting rewards by hook or by crook. Director General Lieutenant General Surrindar Sahni. Bofors scandal 80 . Both of them stole ammunition worth three and a half billion rupees from the secret ammunition stock of Kolkata. A Good army is maintained only through good and exemplary discipline. not only tried to prove it a Pakistani post but also declared it a great achievement. The Indian authorities arrested two Brigadiers on the charges of stealing ammunition. Major General Graqbal Singh was charged of stealing four trucks of wine. there has been involvement of the corrupt group of Army Officers in the defence deal of Bofors Guns. thirteen senior Indian officers were arrested on the charges of corruption. Ration Scandal. Similarly.

George Fernandes was at the top of the list among the individuals who made financial benefits from the Kargil War between Pakistan and India. He earned commission in the import of steel-coffins for the Indian soldiers who were killed during that war. George Fernandes¶ stubbornness is matchless regarding these scandals.destroyed the political reputation of Ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his image of being ³Mister Clean´ was tarnished at the public level. In the purchase of the coffins high ranked army officers also took full advantage. 81 .

who drink. In India the youngsters are so discouraged from the army that they do not join it even if the commission is offered to them. According to army headquarters. the army is on top of the list. It has always been lacking moral and military strengths. misuse of military intelligence funds. its free use is not hidden from anyone. issued from the military hospital of India. they have to be on duty for several days without break. The basic reason of it is their possible appointment in Occupied Kashmir and other separatist areas. They also commit moral crimes against each other and firing is on top of the list. and getting loans from a private company. In this regard the Indian soldiers say that they indulge in these activities to lessen their depression.Deva and R. The decline in morality in Occupied Kashmir is a great source of tension for Indian government. Due to this habit they have become lethargic and often take arms against each other on petty issues without considering their status. navy is second. Its army has never been recognized as a professional and ethical institution. According to psychologists. issuing false statements. Rana had to quit their jobs. Being disheartened. According to a medical Journal. In the use of liquor. They also suffer from moral crimes and accused of being immoral and unethical officers. It is said that apart from the cultural factor. two out of every thousand officers and eight out of every thousand soldiers indulge in drinking to a hazardous extent. Many Indian soldiers are reluctant to be appointed in Occupied Kashmir and on high fronts like Siachen Glacier. although liquor is used to release tension. Excessive use of liquor is also due to the fact that it is an important part of the Indian culture. has not been mentioned. India claims to be the torch bearer of democracy and has the largest army of the world. The decadence of its army can be judged from the fact that its soldiers attempt to murder their seniors on one charge or the other. In Kashmir and in other states. Brigadier R. long duty hours. the motives behind it also include being away from home. Their drinking habit has risen to the extent that every year a huge number of army men are hospitalized for over-drinking.S.Court Martial of soldiers General Court Martial in Chandigarh dismissed two brigadiers on the allegations of involvement of liquor preparation.J. Both of them belonged to an infantry division of Braily. And surely this can be the fore shadow of greater crisis. Particularly on the events of ³holi´ and ³diwali´. while fighting against the separatist of Nagaland. disagreeable conditions and many other problems. because due to long and arduous duty hours they have lost their mental balance. Official statistics are totally different from it and the number of the soldiers. Indian army has always been facing the problems of moral decay but now this decline and institutional deterioration has become intense and visible. instigate them to do so. It is essential for the development of a country that its army should be highly trained and enjoys good reputation because the prestige of a country depends upon a good army. the extraordinary and the dangerous situation also instigate them to use excessive wine. the Indian soldiers are committing different crimes. The souls of the soldiers tremble 82 . while air force is third. Jhar Khund and other areas beside occupied Kashmir. The circumstances.

In Occupied Kashmir. the image of the Indian army is deteriorating day by day. They prefer to resign instead of going to Kashmir front for military duty. There is always conflict on some matters among the three forces of India. about 700. The soldiers are too terrified that they hide their faces when they hear the name of Kashmir. In February 1998. the technicians and the pilots rebelled openly on account of low increment in their salaries.000 soldiers are appointed. On account of it. the morale of the Indian army has fallen due to their involvement in immoral crimes. 83 . which is a source of tension for the Indian government. Not only this but also the stories of negligence and corruption are published in the newspapers every day. The incidents of rebellion and disobedience have happened in the Indian Air Force on a large scale. it was told that a large number of soldiers committed suicide on account of some unreasonable conditions.when they are ordered to go to Occupied Kashmir from different cantonments. About fifty soldiers die and many get injured every month. Last year. Whereas. whereas their wives surrounded the office of the Chief of Air force. the engineers.


85 .

but India has not forgotten nor forgiven the incident that lead to the creation of Pakistan. and could not.The real face of hypocrisy Indian media and political leadership make tall claims and forceful assertions to project India as a secular state where proverbial maxim ³forget and forgive´ remains the fundamental teaching and a predominant practice. The purpose of such a media campaign is to attract foreign investors and win over the opinion makers of the world. This is inbuilt in the Indian Hindu character and can well be categorized as the collective character of the Indian nation. maintaining that violence was better than cowardice. Indians resort to non-violent and passive techniques to record their feelings and protests. Thus India resorts to double talks and maintains double standards. They keep their real intention well disguised under the cover of a latent scheme (naturally developed in Indian milieu) to determine the real worth and potential of the counterpart. General V. the former Indian army chief. Malik. India believes in bulldozing its way through irrespective of the legitimacy of its stance. India has recently undertaken an exhaustive and expensive media campaign to project the country as ³Incredible India´. He argued that Gandhi adopted a non-violent strategy against the British because at that time India did not.P. thereby making it possible to explore wider acceptance for Indian pledges without uncovering 86 . Hence. P Malik allowed Brigadier L.P. While on the other hand. a philosophy of prejudice and an unending animosity towards Pakistan. The aim is to show India as a fascinating land with established democracy. More than 63 years have passed since Pakistan was created. On one hand. who imbibed secular ethics from Swami Dayanand¶s teachings. Gandhi¶s practice in South Africa and later in India during the British rule is a point in case. he cherished the leadership of Shri Bhimsen Sachar. India reflects a mindset. refined political institutions and expansive social justice. on ³India¶s Strategic Culture and Security Challenges´ at ORF Institute for India was nothing but on exercise in hypocrisy. In 1947. India disliked the idea of Pakistan (the TwoNation Theory) and has not accepted Pakistan as a reality. When the opposing side is more influential and powerful. possess the force of arms to fight them. This is one side of the picture as they do not mean what they say. The speech made by General V. showing his dislike for the double standards and the wastage of public money. Sen to uplift troops to Kashmir to fight the Pakistani µintruders¶. he openly professed a much aggressive role of India in the regional and international arena. Indian diplomats and business community while interacting with the foreign counterparts remain submissive and docile showing their well-camouflaged and mock posture pretending to be cosmopolitan and open minded. Unfortunately their subjective posturing and ambiguous pledges are very elusive reflecting Hindu tricks to cheat others and to take advantage of the situational setting. On the other hand. Surely Indian claims to ³forget and forgive´ are false. when dealing with similar neighbours.

it would not be out of sync to conclude that India is more irresponsible than being projected as incredible.the real face of Indian hypocrisy. institutional corruption. Hence. As an irresponsible state. India decided to resume peace talks with Pakistan and. Maleechh and other minorities. India not only targets its own nationals. but sending cheating messages to the world for vested interests is not only immoral and wicked but illegal and devious. Caste system. Hindu extremism. but the outcome was discouraging. including Muslims and Christians. The world must objectively see the real functioning of Indian democracy (Hindu chauvinism) and discrimination against Dalits. Projection through media is not a bad thing. but also tends to coerce its neighbours. deep prejudice and discriminations based on creed and status. illegitimate occupation of disputed land. Will India realize its unjust and irresponsible stance is the multimillion question? India must show magnanimity matching its size. Indian democracy is actually a fraud in which ³might is right´ is the prevalent law. acrimonious political malice. besides having general feelings of rancour and resentment for non-Hindus. Recently. are some of the aspects which represent the real worth of Indian democracy. India once again managed to sabotage the secretary-level talks and failed to create the environment and resume a composite dialogue. while minorities and non-Hindu communities are denied their very fundamental rights. while keeping the core issues of Kashmir and water terrorism out of focus. especially. with a crude blend of religious hatred. Kashmir and Sikkim. as India showed its double face by maintaining its intransigence to press its irrational demands on terrorism. human rights violations and above all natural and traditional animosity for foreigners and non-Indians. invited Pakistan to participate in secretary-level talks in India. and related genocide. 87 . therefore. The secretarylevel talks took place.

Its relationship with Pakistan and Bangladesh are well-known to everyone. the agents of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing: an elite Indian Intelligence Agency) were working against the Sri Lankan solidarity. India has embarked on a new ³adventure´ of destabilizing Bangladesh by controlling its water courses. After a long period of time. The greatest proof of this is that all neighbours of India have complaints against it in one way or the other. India wants to control its neighbours to weaken South Asian fraternity by dominating the regional politics. In the past. The agents of RAW want to create instability there too. On the other hand. India will not be able to cause any harm to them by attacking them unexpectedly. In this way. Iran. India blames Sri Lanka for stealing fish. However. The Indian agents are helping the Tamil rebels by providing ammunition to them. The purpose of these condemnable activities is to bring Sri Lanka completely under Indian control. The evil intensions of India against its neighbouring countries are not hidden. In Sri Lanka. India has become a sign of danger for its neighbours due to its bad intensions and expansionist aims. India wants to claim each and every drop of water that flows from Himalayan Mountains towards Bangladesh. India has been creating trouble and destabilizing Nepal to gain complete control of that country the way it did in Sikkim. New Delhi could not get any appreciation in Bangladesh. and the fishermen take away tons of fish. it is continuously violating the UN resolutions on Kashmir. and Kirghizstan should be aware of the evil intensions. India has started its activities against the Shah of Bhutan. due to reforms in Chinese diplomatic policies and a determination to befriend with all its neighbours. Similarly in Bhutan. Unfortunately. India¶s dangerous intensions are not hidden from anyone. India tried to swallow up Bangladesh by creating a so called Mukti Bahni in 1970. Tajikistan.Conspiracies against neighbours A Sri Lankan Newspaper ³The Island´ has revealed that almost six thousand Indian boats illegally enter the Sri Lankan ocean. That is why the SAARC countries as well as Afghanistan. The only purpose is to exploit their markets to boost the Indian economy. Otherwise Indian relations with China have been the same as with Pakistan and Bangladesh. India is perhaps a unique country in the world that has never had good relations with its neighbouring countries. These agents have created strong roots in Bhutan because India wants complete control on it. India not only irritates Sri Lanka by violating its sea boundaries but also provides Tamil rebels with arms through these boats. Today there is hardly any human-right organization which has not published commentaries on the Indian atrocities in 88 . India wants to do this by making dams on the rivers. Uzbekistan. The agents of RAW openly help the Nepalese rebels and are instigating them to rebel against Nepal. Even knowing it that the economy of Sri Lanka depends on fishing. there is peace on Sino-Indian borders. It is strange that India has not only the desire to be a member of the UN Security Council but also declares it as its right.

And the atrocities on Kashmiris and ineffectiveness of UN resolutions have been lamented.Occupied Kashmir. but is only in favour of its membership. That is why. during his visit to India has clarified that he is not in favour of giving India the right of ³veto´. there have been debates in the UN and other notable forums. Regarding this issue. If India becomes a member of the Security Council with a veto power. it will create serious apprehensions and dangers for international peace. the Russian President Putin. 89 .

Jalalabad and Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan. It is the need of the hour that they should restrain Indian activities there as mere usage of decorative words is not enough. The government and elements which took control of Afghanistan after the ouster of Taliban were friends and well-wishers of India. An Indian company named Border Road Organization which is busy in the construction and maintenance of roads in Afghanistan.Destabilizing Pakistan If we analyze the incidents of terrorism in Balochistan and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces. India has established its consulates in the southern provinces of Herat. The Indian consulates and training centres of RAW were established in Afghanistan. Now India is trying its best to increase its influence in Afghanistan. and Jalalabad have become centres of the agents of RAW. Their enmity against Pakistan was quite apparent because they thought that the Taliban were the creation of Pakistan and a symbol of the hegemony of Pakhtoons. they must remember that actions speak louder than words. and the Afghan defence and foreign ministries and intelligence agencies are replete with elements who are Pakistan¶s enemies. who will never be well-wishers of Pakistan rather they will act as mercenaries. which did not like to hear the very name of Taliban and Pakistan. the better it is. It is not only the responsibility of Pakistan to maintain peace in the region. The sooner India and Afghanistan realize it. to destabilize the country and spreading hatred against Pakistan by using local tribes and warlords in Afghanistan. The country which had a long tradition of brotherly relations with 90 . As a result. India is increasing its forces in Afghanistan quite imperceptibly. So far as the Afghanis are concerned. Indian army officers are training young people in Afghanistan. we find many proofs of Indian involvement and interference in local affairs and its support to militants. whereas Pakistani consulates were looted and burnt and attacked several times. Qandhar. Afghanistan is providing the best opportunities for Indian construction companies. Along with Indian agents many drug smugglers also enter in these areas and through these smugglers arms. They are busy in destabilizing and committing terrorist activities in the neighbouring country. para-military force for its protection and a huge number of Black Cat Commandos have already been sent to Afghanistan. If the leadership of these countries does not adopt a responsible attitude the situation of South Asia will be dangerous and peace will not prevail in the region. which are always engaged in anti-Pakistan activities. the law and order situation is getting from bad to worse. We want to tell the Afghan leadership to be aware of the conspiracies and negative propaganda of India. but the other countries must also play their role. Apart from it. In the past Indian sympathies were with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. The ground reality is this that Kabul. illegal currency. prohibited literature and many anti-religious and anti-Pakistan materials are brought and spread in the country. India knows that the resources of Central Asia can only be accessed by road networks. Herat.

The Indian government is giving incentives to the Afghan people to give up Islamic values and convert to Hinduism or non-Islamic thoughts. Karachi. who played the role of a host for their Afghan brothers and sacrificed for them. The Muslims of Afghanistan have deep love for Islam and practice religion in their day to day life. The Pakistanis. In this way India creates misunderstandings between Pakistan and Afghanistan to distort their bilateral relations and consolidate its presence in the region. have been neglected completely and their hospitality and sacrifices have altogether been forgotten.Afghanistan and was quite indispensable with respect to religion and region became a stranger for the Afghans. and India has become the patron in-charge of the Afghans. It provides financial aids to the poor Afghanis as an incentive to convert them to Hindu values and beliefs. It wants to desecrate the religious and moral values of Afghanis so that they can be easily turned against Pakistan and against their own true Islamic virtues. The new Indian government is spending huge amount of funds & lots of money for this purpose. In the border areas of Balochistan and NWFP. India has initiated a pernicious campaign to waylay the staunch religious Afghans. and Waziristan. Schools and hospitals are being set up in different areas of Afghanistan to waylay the Muslims of Afghanistan with the help of the Hindu staff. the agents of RAW collaborate with the local traitors and indulge in bomb blasts. Pakistan government has also verified that Indian RAW is involved in the incidents of Balochistan. 91 . The Congress government in India has started a project of waylaying the innocent Afghan Muslims and to drive them away from religious and moral values.

in most of the terror-tragedies. purpose is to directly kill the security personnel of our country. India has set up secret training centres in Afghanistan where it¶s military personnel in collaboration with RAW have been imparting training to the youngsters. seven low-intensity bombs ± six in Iqbal Town and one in Samanabd exploded. Lahore. 13 people were killed in a suicide car bomb at an intelligence building in Model Town. although Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for the Lahore attacks. Apart from the previous and latest incidents in Peshawar. By setting aside the atrocities of the Taliban insurgents. exchange of fire takes place between the saboteurs and the security guards. In this regard. In one of the latest incidents. In this respect. On October 15. A number of terror events in Pakistan endorse that RAW¶s agents have been acting upon guerrilla techniques. and a perennial wave of terrorism in 2009/2010 ±proves that the RAW has modified its tactics of subversion in Pakistan. the heart of Pakistan. Hours after. now militants armed with hand-grenades and machine-guns also come to help the explosive-laden vehicles so as to penetrate the security at the target points. All the terror incidents indicate that RAW has been waging a secret war against Pakistan through its well-trained insurgents who could conduct attacks in major cities despite Pakistan¶s successful military operations against the militants and the death of the renowned militant commanders.RAW¶s covert war against Pakistan On March 12. ripped through RA Bazaar in Lahore. Besides various terror incidents in Lahore. yet there are clear indications that the Indian intelligence agency RAW is behind the latest terror-strikes in Lahore. 2010 some 14 people. the previous pattern of subversive acts through suicide attacks has also been intensified. either through suicide explosion or through hand grenades. killing 57 people including eight soldiers and injuring a over a 100 people. but creating panic in the city. The sponsoring of bomb blasts and suicide attacks in the past. 2009. Apart from direct suicide events. A few days ago. on March 13. Islamabad and Lahore. Just like the past events. similar tactics of suicide attacks and exchange 92 . including 12 personnel of the security forces had been martyred in foiling three separate terrorist assaults by killing nine terrorists at the FIA Building. huge quantity of explosives has also been used. they propagate that Pakistan¶s armed forces are killing its own people. and sometimes. Notably. Pakistan¶s various regions have faced suicide attacks by the militants who entered the country from Afghanistan where tentacles of terrorism exist. including three security personnel were killed when a suicide bomber targeted a security forces¶ check post in Mingora. causing no fatalities. Sometimes. 2010 two suicide blasts targeting the army. 16 people. Peshawar and Rawalpindi which involved gun battles between the terrorists and the security forces. in the last five years. Manawan Police Training Centre in Lahore.

but could not be hit due to heavy firing by the security guards on the terrorists who came along with the vehicle firing at the security guards. Peshawar where more than 20 persons had been killed. capturing five terrorists alive. Pakistani officials confirmed that ³grenades and rocket launchers had been recovered´ which were of foreign origin. evaded tight security and killed five people. Afterwards. It also damaged the building of the Lahore Capital City Police Office (CCPO) and that of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) which was the main target. In fact. in the in-camera sitting of the Senate. Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik displayed documentary evidence of the Indian use of Afghanistan to create 93 . Israeli Mossad and other foreign agencies are involved in supporting insurgency in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. on March 3. On June 28. were wearing army uniforms. official inquiry disclosed that RAW was behind that attack. UN¶s World Food Program in Islamabad was attacked by a suicide bomber who was wearing an official uniform. the militants who attacked the GHQ on October 10. terrorists targeted the bus of the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore and killed eight people after a continuous gunfire.of fire took place in connection with many terrorist incidents as the militants reached their targets with the latest weapons. Notably. Pakistan¶s security forces regained control of the police academy. On May 27. with technological support of Israel has succeeded in training the new fugitives who are regularly being sent to Pakistan with orders of destabilizing our country. US.´ Similar types of terror tactics were applied by the culprits in relation to the Pearl Continental Hotel. this fact is known to everyone that Pakistan is the only nuclear country in the Islamic world. But RAW. Another guerrilla technique of the RAW-trained terrorists is that they camouflage themselves by wearing the uniform of Pakistani security forces so as to deceive the security guards and to get inside the targeted point for conducting their assigned task. on April 23. Pakistan¶s security forces have broken the backbone of the suicide bombers by arresting most of their commanders and insurgents. In this context. Lahore leaving at least 12 dead. In this connection. Besides on March 30 last year. 2009. more than 10 terrorists raided the Manawan Police Training Centre. Pakistan¶s civil and military high officials have openly revealed that Indian secret agency. Israel and India want to weaken it by creating lawlessness for achieving their secret strategic interests. 2009. while thwarting a number of suicide missions through pre-arrests. After eight hours of gun-battle. adding that if he were not a governor. In this respect. last year. Hence. Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa governor Awais Ghani disclosed that some world powers were trying to divide Pakistan. 2009. separatism in Balochistan and subversive acts in Karachi and Lahore. 2010 more than 30 people were killed in Lahore when an explosive-laden Suzuki van exploded near the Rescue 15 building of the police which was completely destroyed. Again. he would have exposed them. Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaulah had stated on the same day that the Indian involvement in ³suicide attacks in Lahore cannot be ruled out. RAW. Now. during the past 10 months.

It stated. but India with the tactical help of the US has also intensified its strategy to sabotage the same through clandestine tactics applied by its Waziristan-based agents. It is of particular attention that on October 7. Hakimullah Mehsud was also a collective agent of RAW and CIA. like Baitullah.´ Nonetheless. At present. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi and the ISPR spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas have repeatedly stated that they have concrete evidence of Indian support to terrorism in Pakistan through Afghanistan. RAW has launched a secret war inside Pakistan by inciting the militants through various techniques of propaganda. who was killed in a US drone attack on August 5. Nevertheless. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. 94 . He was having a number of secrets regarding foreign intelligence agencies. his real aim is to incite the innocent Pakhtoons in order to further weaken Pakistan.unrest in Pakistan. ³Now this war is being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. apart from other volatile regions. the military operation has succeeded in South Waziristan. chief of the TTB. While playing a double game like his paymasters. 2009. last year had been backed by the foreign powers. supported by the subversive acts of guerilla warfare. During the ongoing military operations. BBC telecasted a documentary regarding the eighth anniversary of the US-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan. Meanwhile. his successor. some of our high officials repeatedly pointed out that the late Baitullah Mehsud. and it will soon spread to Pakistan.

When the Wali of Makran (Ruler of Makran State now part of Balochistan province) Meer Mahmood Khan Lehki came to know about it. Israel and America ± all three of them are trying to get access and control on Pakistan¶s nuclear assets. he at once declared to join Pakistan. and many of those who have been killed or arrested are Indians. But. people would have stopped respecting the sardars. but the tribal sardars consider 95 . The only way to maintain peace in Balochistan is that we should not try to change the µsardari or local Tribal Jirga system there. India. because India has openly been playing its anti-Pakistan role on the behest of the present Afghan government. Quaid¶s wisdom came in to play and Balochistan was annexed to Pakistan. But Quaid-iAzam was well aware of the Indians¶ intention and evil plan. South and North Waziristan Agencies and Balochistan. and its access to hot waters through Makran coast. at the end of the cold war between Soviet Union (USSR) and America. the USSR or Soviet Union contacted the Khan of Qalat (or ruler of Kalat State now part of province of Balochistan) Ameer Muhammad Khan through their agents and told him that they wanted to extend Qalat to Muscat. We should review our Kashmir agenda to teach India a lesson. If the sardari system were unjust. India has been stressing upon other countries to pressurize Pakistan for a dialogue while itself it is the wolf in sheep¶s clothing. General Pervez Musharraf had imposed restrictions on Kashmiri mujahideen. At that time. Indian. because people there are getting easy justice in this system and they are not satisfied with the formal judicial system. Pasni and Marha (cities in Balochistan province) would be a junction on the road to Central and West Asia and Europe and many new cities would emerge from this land. In the beginning India wanted to anchor its warships at the coast of Makran to capture this strategic location so that it could satisfy its expansionist designs of reaching the Gulf States and Muscat. Afghans and Kurds who were involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. India is playing its role on America¶s instigation and would fight until America¶s presence in Afghanistan. At that crucial moment. There were different groups in Balochistan in the beginning with their own interests. The Soviet Union was to help it in this regard. It failed the vicious designs of our enemies. One of them thought of annexing Balochistan with Afghanistan. Buner. He also predicted that a time would come when Gwadar. At this moment. He was informed about it. He advised the same to the Khan of Qalat. the Soviet Union also wanted to gain access to Makran to capture the coast of Gwadar. When Pakistan was created. Swat. Israeli and American arms are being used in NWFP. Our government should think before taking any step. Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar was in Balochistan in those days. and India was supposed to side with it. whereas the other group was lobbying for Congress and wanted to join India. Malakand. The Sultan of Muscat informed Pakistan.Chaos in Balochistan It is now evident that India is Pakistan¶s eternal enemy and it is a fact that right from the creation of Pakistan the Indian leaders had started claiming that within six years Pakistan would be quite helpless and it would rejoin India or will be a failed state. America increased the number of its priorities in Central Asia and the way to it was through ³Pasni Marha´ Gwadar.

000 every month and training in terrorist acts against law enforcement agencies of Pakistan. This blatant lie was spread that the cause of Pakistan forces¶ present operation in Balochistan were the Hindu Balochs whom the provincial government of Balochistan wanted to send in exile.the people as their slaves. with the help of Israel. started the development work without consulting the Baloch sardars. The formation of a government-inexile with the help of India and Israel is an Indian conspiracy which only the Baloch people and Pakistan government can foil. If some Baloch leaders consider India and Israel as their friends. India has always been airing the flame of conspiracy in Balochistan. instead of doing a lip service. with a view to making the so-called µliberation movement¶ successful. But the simple and proud Balochi people do not know that. It was like a challenge to 96 . otherwise. The former RAW chief B Raman has described it as India¶s historical and moral duty to help those separatist forces in Balochistan who have been fighting against the Pakistani government. These disruptive activities of some angry Baloch leaders and their supporters in Balochistan started a few years ago when the federal government started construction of the Gwadar port and a network of roads there. the extremist Hindu organizations and Indian institutions have been intensifying terrorism in this part of Pakistan. and that they very tactfully and boldly started destroying Gas installations in Sui area of Balochistan and railway tracks to divert Pakistan forces¶ attention from the Hindu Balochis. they should review India¶s role in Israel and Occupied Kashmir. The only aim of opening the Indian consulate in Kandahar is to ensure India¶s intervention for terrorism in Balochistan. India has established forty terrorist training camps in Balochistan where every terrorist is being given Rs 10. a so-called government of greater Balochistan has been established. The only aim of the Hindu Unity Organization¶s so-called Baloch Liberation Movement (BLM) on the internet is to use the extremist Baloch youth for Indian interests and to create new problems for Pakistan by strengthening the anti-Punjabi feelings of the Baloch youth. Afghanistan and Iran have been pointed out and marked as separate country. in compliance with anti-Pakistan elements in the Northern Alliance. a map has also been drawn in which Baloch settlements in Pakistan. he stressed upon the Indian government to support the terrorists. while announcing the establishment of a government-in-exile of Balochistan. this was the first time since 1947 when the government. The Indian secret agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing)¶s former chief B Raman has described the present terrorism in Balochistan as a liberation movement. All the transport of Indian goods and citizens is through Jalalabad. This website is in contact with the waylaid Baloch leaders and with a view to creating mini nationalist states in Pakistan. In fact. is doing everything. There is an organization of Balochistan on an international level. The Indian consulate in Kandahar province is the headquarters of RAW¶s terrorist planning in Afghanistan. thus. India¶s secret agency. No one is ignorant about the game that India and its other foreign allies are playing in Balochistan. there is no justification of a consulate in such a far flung area of Afghanistan. and that the Baloch nationalists had shielded them against air strikes. believing that the situation in Balochistan is an internal problem of India. And. and.

Egypt in July 2009´ and exchanged views and agreed on the need of restoration of comprehensive dialogues on all issues including cooperative actions to end terrorism. Then how can the people of Balochistan stay away from the rest of the world? They remained illiterate and uneducated by choice and by omission. Our Prime Minister met the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the ³Non-Align Movement (NAAM) Conference held in Sharm-el Shaikh. the Indian Prime Minister remained silent and surprised for some time. nor should the others interfere in your affairs. The Sardari system and feudal system cannot survive for too long. many of the differences and rifts among them would automatically die out.the Sardari system. only a strong Pakistan can guarantee the security of a federation of India. The same thing we expect from our neighbours ± they should not allow their soil to be used against Pakistan or any other country. Prime Minister Gilani provided Manmohan Singh copies of important proofs and evidences of Indian involvement in Balochistan. About the Indian intervention in Balochistan. But the Baloch Sardars should understand that the world has changed. their culture and their civilizational background are not the same as those of the Indian Brahmans. said that a 97 . the Indian Prime Minister had testified and confirmed the Pakistani allegations. The citizens of more than half a dozen Indian states do not consider themselves as Hindus. That is why BBC. which was later talked about so vehemently in India. The best principle is that neither should you interfere in the affairs of the others. Their religion. The Prime Minister of Pakistan. started satirizing and chastening Manmohan Singh and said that by mentioning the Indian intervention in Balochistan in the joint declaration. But their children deserve to be educated through technology as much as the children of the other provinces do. How can a region remain in darkness when modern era¶s lights are all around? The world is fast becoming a global village. The anti-government parties. Therefore. Both India and Israel are involved in the conspiracy of greater Balochistan. the Kashmir issue and Mumbai attacks. But India should think that Pakistan has got the shield of the two-nation theory whereas India has got no such shield. while commenting on the meeting of the Indian and Pakistani prime ministers. national and international integration. The most important of all these was the use of the land of Afghanistan by India for intervention in Balochistan. Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani. On seeing them. along with the media. Sardar Manmohan Singh said that he would consider it if Pakistan provides them concrete proofs. They have got their own languages and their own ways of life. They have every right on medical facilities and means of transport and communications. in light of the principles of mutual peaceful existence and the regional. It was due to the importance of these proofs and evidences that they were included in the Pak-India joint declaration. At this. insists that we would not allow Pakistani soil to be used for terrorism and for against any neighbouring country. They want to separate from India as the Muslims did because they have their own separate and distinct identities. If our neighbours and all the other countries on the planet make it their motto of not to interfere in the affairs of others nor allowing their lands to be used for direct or indirect disruption and terrorism in other countries.

He demanded that Nawabzada Brahamdagh Bugti should be handed over to Pakistan. During his meeting with the Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The Pakistani foreign office explained that though this issue was not included in the joint declaration. apart from the Afghanis. where. Hamid Karzai assured that full cooperation would be done with Pakistan. The Baloch circles around him expressed their grief on this incident. In these consulates. They were then included in the joint declaration with his consent. But the world must know that joint declarations are always prepared with the mutual agreement of parties concerned. The Indian Prime Minister admitted the Indian intervention in Balochistan and he was quite upset when he saw the proofs and evidences and he remained silent. especially to the people of Balochistan. Mr Singh gave more and gained less. Balach Marri¶s death in a NATO attack is regrettable. Asadullah Khan. He had formed the so-called Balochistan Liberation Army (known as BLA). Moreover. NATO forces usually 98 . funds and latest Indian. The proofs that the Indian Prime Minister was provided with at Sharm-el-Shaikh 2009 showed that India. The Federal Interior Minister Mr. had established about 14 consulates in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border. Rahman Malik added that the Afghan government had assured him of full cooperation about handing over Brahamdagh Bugti to Pakistan and about eliminating the training camps there. Apart from that. It must be remembered that the Governor of Kandahar. But the Indian Foreign Minister said that the joint declaration of the prime ministers of India and Pakistan had no legal or documentary status. some Israeli and American nationals too have been appointed. Balach Marri had gone to Afghanistan from Balochistan some time back. the Federal Home Minister Rahman Malik also met Afghanistan¶s President Hamid Karzai and some other concerned Afghan officials and provided them with proofs of sabotaging activities in Balochistan. Prime Minister Gilani was criticized in Pakistan for not mentioning the Kashmir issue in the joint declaration. The Foreign Office spokesman announced that Pakistan had decided to raise the issue of Indian intervention at the United Nations. training of terrorism and disruption is being imparted to the people. action would be taken against him. Those who are aware of the demands of diplomacy know that such conversations are always recorded. All proofs and evidences would be provided to the United Nations.weathered politician like Manmohan Singh was defeated by a comparatively younger prime minister of a country which was confronting problems of diverse nature and that Mr Gilani had succeeded in entrapping his Indian counterpart. He would investigate Nawabzada Brahamdagh Bugti¶s activities and if he is found guilty. BBC said it in its analysis that while trading with Pakistan. Rahman Malik in these meetings insisted that Nawabzada Brahamdagh Bugti had been leading the dissidence from Afghanistan and demanding the liberation of Balochistan in other countries. Prime Minister Gilani also provided to him many useful proofs about the Afghan land being used against Pakistan. it was discussed in detail on the dialogue table. in compliance with Israel. Israeli and American weapons are also being given to them. had admitted a few days earlier that some Baloch leaders had been residing there. Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri¶s son Balach Marri died in an army¶s attack by NATO forces in Afghanistan.

It is also regrettable that some Baloch elements have gotten refuge in Afghanistan and they have been playing in the hands of Indian diplomats for disruption and terrorism in Pakistan. especially in Balochistan and Sindh and in tribal areas. is involved in bomb explosions and suicide attacks in Balochistan and it is patronizing the Baloch rebels and providing them with funds. Apart from its embassy in Kabul. even then the NATO forces killed him. India¶s secret agency RAW has been working on it in a much organized way. In spite of Pakistan¶s clear role against terrorism. For this India has been patronizing the angry elements in Balochistan. India has been playing a double role in Afghanistan. It is also learnt that the Balochistan Liberation Army had received a huge amount from the Indian consulate in Kandahar to purchase arms. It opened in haste a consulate in Kandahar after the opening of a consulate in Kabul. especially in Pakistan and other smaller countries like Nepal. it has consulates in the provinces of Kandahar. create law and order situation and insecurity among people. Balach Muri was in the shelter of the Afghan government. the aim of which is to intervene in the affairs of Balochistan. There are proofs to the effect that RAW¶s agents have been involved in organized activities of disruption in Balochistan. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Jalalabad. The Indian way of intervening in the internal affairs of the neighbouring countries and weakening them internally is not new. Its consulates in Afghanistan have been providing these people every sort of help and aid. Mazar Sharif in Afghanistan and Balochistan in Pakistan. They have been doing it since 1947. where unemployed kidnapped young people are being instigated against their own country for money. he is hurling baseless accusations against Pakistan. It does not want to interfere in the affairs of others. The Afghan land is being used against Pakistan. The centre of Indian conspiracies is Afghanistan¶s province of Kandahar. On the other hand they send some Baloch young men to Balochistan and the frontier areas for terrorism after training them for disruption. military and intelligence staff in Afghanistan.attack the civilians and many civilians die in such attacks. Pakistan wants to maintain peaceful relationships with its neighbouring countries. Indian diplomats there and RAW agents explode bombs at different places and accuse Pakistan and the Taliban. It is regrettable that the Indian secret agency RAW. Patriotic circles believe that RAW was involved in his murder. RAW wants to create chaos and instability in Balochistan and the tribal areas. The aim of RAW¶s subversive activities is to destroy the atmosphere of foreign investment. India has increased its diplomatic. in compliance with the Afghan government. Many of its branches have been opened in other provinces of Afghanistan too. These consulates are big centres of India¶s subversive activities against Pakistan. Indian consulates have started subversive activities in Pakistan. 99 . It seems that Hamid Karzai too is following the same motto under Indian patronage. India has fixed its evil eyes on Balochistan. India has been encouraging and supporting the Baloch rebels and militants and also supplying money and other resources to militant outfits operating from Balochistan. India is sending terrorists to Balochistan after training them in Afghanistan to spread chaos.

Especially the military component of national security conglomerate perpetually oozes out a stream of Pakistan phobia. anti-Pakistan drums start beating. India wishes to see it consumed in the process. Actually Indian political leadership has fallen prey to believing in their self created anti-Pakistan hype as a substitute of India¶s Pakistan policy. Such unrelenting approach substantiates a Pakistan phobic mindset in India which is rather unfortunate. The phenomenon has historic and cultural groundings so strongly perpetuated through mythological exclusiveness. with hardly any honorable exit options. on as cal required basis. Right on the start of an occurrence. with a presupposed victory. supersedes the logic. At academic level. a thick cloud of Indian mischief has induced a cautious approach towards India. Pakistan has along lived under the shadow of existential threat originating from India. Anything that happens or is likely to happen in India has a readily available scapegoat. the initiative now rests with political opportunists and ideological zealots. As of now Indian policy making tier finds itself thoroughly mired in self created slush. Stagemanaged events like hijacking of Indian aeroplane ³Ganga´. With this kind of sustained and perpetual anti-Pakistan sentiment. All soft talk and CBMs evaporate and Indian forces start marching towards Pakistan. dismemberment of Pakistan and numerous incidents of en-massing of troops along Pakistani borders in medieval style posturing. commencing with politico-military occupation of a major chunk of Kashmir. more than often.India¶s Pakistan Phobia! An objective analysis of India¶s national security policy leads us to drawing conclusions that her national strategy is predominantly focused on Pakistan. Hate icons of the like of Moody and Bal Thakrey symbolize institutionalization of anti-Muslim campaign which ultimately boils down to anti-Pakistan frenzy. On Pakistan side. Perception has that during difficult patches when Pakistan gets busy handling the developments on its western borders. Cues picked up by India¶s ultra right organizations are sufficient to tighten the noose around the Indian governments. the political leadership has ended up in abdicating the prerogative of prudently steering bilateral relations with Pakistan. irrespective of their political hue. At cultural level. to sever air link between West and East Pakistan prior to 1971 war. rather than giving a 100 . fake attack on Indian parliament to justify year long deployment along Pakistan border always ring alarm bells in Pakistani circles to rule out strings of conspiracy before embracing Indian overtures. there is no dearth of Indian movies and media events highly charged to demonize ISI and other Pakistani institutions. Both mainstream political parties of India appear to be in a competitive anti-Pakistan race. there are heaps of hate culture for strengthening and sustaining Pakistan phobia. Rationality is submerged into ocean of irrationality when isolated and at times minor incidents are hyped into a frenzy to equate these with a magnitude justifying declaration of final and conclusive war on Pakistan. This contradiction of the sorts has induced Pakistan centric psyche in over all national approach towards Pakistan.

Indeed Indian military capability is predominantly Pakistan centric.strategic space by engaging it constructively. India has permanently abdicated the military option against China. Location of command and control centres and their tasking is Pakistan oriented. this exercise had the potential of blowing up into full-fledged war. A national level exercise µBrass Tacks¶ was launched with highly provocative objectives. to justify its larger than life arsenal. China bogie has frequently been raised by India to achieve two objectives. Proponents of this school of thought argue that as and when India had a life time chance. an exceptionally prudent policy of China makes the likelihood of any China-India military clash highly improbable. In cold war era. Once again now when Pakistan is engaged in facilitation of a workable arrangement in post de-occupation Afghanistan. Incontrovertible evidence of Indian involvement in Baluchistan and many other incidents of terrorism in various parts of Pakistan support the notion that India is yet once again on a Pakistan squeezing spree. duly patronized by the state. effort is mainly motivated by the instinct to acquire a launching pad for destabilizing the western stretch of Pakistan. hence their application is Pakistan biased. India¶s mammoth wherewithal for mechanized warfare and ambitious naval flotilla are solely Pakistan focused. Indeed India presented itself mercenary of both super powers of that era to contain China. Unfortunately. India¶s focus has all along been Pakistan. Moreover. erstwhile Soviets also had unfounded reservations about the rise of China as a major power. this notion draws support from historic occurrences. When we review the Indian military capability and postulate its various employment options in the regions. or would have such a chance against Pakistan. India is striving for a larger than life role in Afghanistan. 101 . presumably on Soviet behest forced Pakistan to deploy its military on the eastern border in a full readiness status. Most of Indian missiles are of short range. Systems capabilities as well as supporting infrastructure are indicative of their exclusive suitability against Pakistan. Even those command centres which are east or north poised have a Pakistan specific contingency tasking. this coupled with volatile anti-Pakistan public frenzy. first. India diverted Pakistan¶s attention away from western borders at a critical stage of Afghan resistance against Soviets. India is comprehensively involved in a wide spectrum of stabbing in the back kind of activities. and secondly. This manoeuvre. In fact after the humiliating defeat in Indo-Chinese war of 1962. makes it dangerous proposition for the well wisher of good Pak-India relation to ignore. China even did not react to provocative statement of General Deepak Kapoor while he was day dreaming to fight China and Pakistan simultaneously and gain strategic advantage within 96 hours. clear perception which emerges is that a major bulk of its war material is Pakistan specific. hence India squarely exploited it. to capitalize on mythical western concerns in the context of China. she did not and would not want to miss it.

India just wants to destabilize Pakistan by doing such explosions. It¶s like offering Pakistan to India on a silver platter. Our eternal and clever foe desires to smash our solidarity to fulfil its condemnable aims. In other words. India has always been propagating against the Pakistan army and ISI. All India Radio. they are using the Mumbai attacks as an excuse and by accusing Pakistan it wants to attack it. 102 . and Radio Kabul are broad casting aggressively against the Pakistan army and ISI. Sada-i-Kashmir (The Voice of Kashmir). He further told them that his duty was to smuggle some Pakistani weapons to India so that India could tarnish Pakistan¶s image by propagating that Pakistani weapons were used in a certain incident. On the other hand. To hide their faults they are using their media to create hatred among the Indian masses to provoke them against Pakistan. India doesn¶t realize that the more lies its rulers are fabricating to accuse Pakistan. all the evidences provided to America to accuse Pakistan are based on assumptions.India¶s propaganda campaign A few days ago. The information given to the international institutions clearly reveals that the incident was a failure of the Indian intelligence. Negative information in the media just aims at tarnishing the image of the Pakistan army and ISI. India has manoeuvred it through its benefactor and friend America that Pakistan should move its army away from the Eastern border and root out the Taliban at the Western border. They think that they can harm Pakistan by attacking it. but it should never forget that Pakistan is not a weak country. Its spies and terrorists can easily sneak in to Pakistan and indulge in terrorist attacks. the more complications they are creating for themselves. India wants Pakistan to pull back its army from the Indian borders and use it at the Western borders against the Taliban so that India can find Pakistan¶s Eastern border unguarded. An Indian spy. Can a sane attitude be expected from India after the withdrawal of the forces from the Eastern front? Will India not attack Pakistan at once and start the smuggling of arms. It¶s an atomic power now and it¶s impossible to conquer it. the law enforcing agencies arrested some of the Indian terrorists with maps of the border areas and some sensitive documents during their search operation in Lahore. These countries should not think of any action against Pakistan because we have ability to retaliate. The Mumbai incident was that kind of incident in which India accused Pakistan of designing the plan of the attack and showed Pakistani citizens and the weapons. The war maniac Indian leaders are quite aware of the fact that Pakistan is not involved in any terrorist attack including the Mumbai attacks. Nazar Husain said that many of his companions had returned back to India. Pakistan¶s defence is in strong hands and every malicious act will be paid in the same coin. BBC.

give proposals about current international politics and Pak-India relationships in an un-Islamic background. But Pakistan has not been treated well by India. The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that India is a polytheist. It still has occupied our assets and geographical territory. A Hindu nationalist state where all important government departments like politics. the Hindu-Muslim riots are started under a conspiracy to destroy their economy. Pakistan would become an Islamic welfare state like the one established by the rightful Caliphs in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah and become a model for other countries to follow. Now it is building dams on our rivers to make Pakistan a barren land. When some Muslim citizens or family or village starts the journey to economic improvement. do not make the Quran and Sunnah the basis of their experiments and proposals. India is our neighbour and Islam teaches us to behave with our neighbours well even if they are non-Muslims. are not right. They are the citizens of the sixth grade in the sense that first there are the four castes of the Hindus. it has yet to become a real Islamic country. India¶s army has 103 . Under these circumstances.Our eternal enemy Discussions and dialogues about Pak-India relationships are being held on mainstream media. Their conversations show their µPakistaniat¶. then the Sikhs and after that are the Muslims and other minorities. It allows Muslims to have dealings with those non-Muslim nations and countries only which do not coerce the Muslims and are not in war with Muslims. 82) At another place. Allah forbids the believers to share secrets with non-believers. any sorts of dealings with India. India never accepted from its heart the division of the sub-continent and separate identity of Muslims. in the light of their individual thinking and their love for Pakistan¶s national interests. Islam is another name of having well-wishes and fortitude and love for humanity. It is very important to keep in mind that international relationships. beliefs and proposals of the intellectuals are painful. should be formed in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah and the way of the rightful caliphs. whether with India or with any other country or nation. economic and social rights. Though Pakistan was formed on the basis of a two-nation theory of Islam and Hinduism. though they claim to be Muslims. economy. Islam does not teach its followers to be on enmity with others. The Muslims¶ share in the present government jobs is about one percent. God willing. It did not give Pakistan its share in the British Indian Army Canteen Stores Department. What pains us is the fact that these intellectuals. That is why in Islam friendship with others is not just under any circumstances. The Quran does not allow us to have friendly relations with such a country because friendship is a matter of a meeting of minds and secret sharing. friendship with others is not right. It is also coercing the Muslims and the Kashmiris.´ (Al-Imran. The most important is the fact that the Kashmiris have been deprived of their right of self-determination. Allah says it clearly in the Quran that ³your friends are the believers of Allah and His prophet. The views. India has the second largest Muslim population. but still they are considered as the citizens of the sixth grade. yet they. They are deprived of all political. like trade and culture. This was the aim of the creation of Pakistan. civil and military bureaucracy and media are under the control of the anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan Brahmans.

including murder and waging war against India. India will use this verdict to further pressure Pakistan on all manner of issues. According to Tahiliyani. which included death. women. was reflective of the Indian government·s claims. The Indians. the Kasab trial and verdict leave many serious question marks. the gunmen came prepared for sustained urban combat and that such preparations were not normal for ordinary criminals but ´are made in an organized type of warµ.L. After the highly politically-motivated trial of Dr Aafia in New York. Judge M. Clearly the judge had not seen the crime movies of Bollywood where criminal mafias have everything from machine guns to GPS devices! It is interesting how the judge came to this highly political conclusion. commercial or cultural relationships with India are violating the teachings of the Quran. Undoubtedly. would impact Pakistan-India relations. Nor has India responded to Pakistan·s request to hand over Kasab and co-defendant (now acquitted) Ansari to Pakistan for trial.been shedding the innocent blood of millions of Kashmiri men. He was found guilty on all 86 charges. despite Kasab·s claim and the general knowledge about how police torture to squeeze confessions in our part of the world. How long will the Pakistani state continue to allow its citizens to be subjected to such trials with no legal support or defence? 104 . not the least of it being what exactly happened to Indian officer Karkare at the start of the Mumbai terrorism. is a combatant infidel. Yet. while Pakistan continues to claim that the Indians have not furnished any hard evidence to support their claims. children and young people albeit their right of self-determination has been recognized at international level. given how the deck was loaded against him from the start. The much awaited verdict on the Kasab trial in India finally came and it was no surprise. have been keen to lay the blame at Pakistan·s doorstep and more specifically the LT leadership. The judge also stated that Kasab·s confession was not acquired under duress. according to Islam. The two Indians accused of helping him were acquitted. and no doubt the US will add its voice to the pressure. this verdict and the sentencing. Those of the Pakistani leaders who think of or recommend having friendly. Be that as it may. No doubt at the moment India. that Kasab was a member of Lashkar-i-Taiba and that his handlers were in Pakistan. Tahiliyani·s verdict. along with the US. we have the Kasab trial and verdict in India.

105 .


107 .

many Muslims were martyred. Even in the past. that is why India starts its mischief whenever Pakistan takes a step towards economic stability. Instead of accusing Pakistan.Aggressive designs The Indian Defence Minister A K Anthony has accused that the presence of terrorist camps in Pakistan is a threat to India¶s security. No notice of the raping of two Muslims in Shopian was taken. This series of Indian accusations is not new. Instead of talking on a diplomatic level. India cannot digest Pakistan¶s progress. to avail itself of such a situation and get more and more aid from the world. Formerly. therefore. All these statements show that India. There were again anti-Muslim riots in the state of Gujrat. Rather. India has always tried to maintain an atmosphere of strained relations by hurling accusations. has responded with this shower of accusations. 108 . because of this humiliation there. The statement of the prominent analyst and the former director of ISI. In the meeting of prime ministers of India and Pakistan in Sharm-el-Shaikh. General (R) Hameed Gul. The way the minorities are treated there is enough to start a revolution. which forced Indian agents to flee from there. so Pakistan¶s secret agencies should keep a close watch on everything. Israel and America that wants to make Pakistan a victim of instability. But we must take note of this propaganda campaign. The Muslims all over Occupied Kashmir protested against it. India has informed America about its apprehensions. women raped and many Muslims families were made homeless. are worth remembering. But Pakistan¶s foreign minister quite effectively foiled these aspirations of India. India is also enraged at the Pakistan army¶s operations in Pakistan¶s tribal and border areas. So India. India has aggressive designs against Pakistan. In fact the Indian Prime Minister had no answer to the proofs of the Indian involvement that the Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Gilani provided to him at Sharm-ul-Shaikh. That is why American President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are issuing non-stop statements. India started its abominable propaganda campaign to hide all these brutalities against its Muslim population. ³It is the troika of India. He claims that there are dozens of camps of terrorists along the Pak-India border. Their main aim is to deprive Pakistan of its atomic weapons. India had started such propaganda campaigns the aim of which was to isolate Pakistan on an international level. India should set the things right at home. many houses were burned. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had hurled this ludicrous accusation that the terrorist organizations in Pakistan are planning to attack India. India has tried to worsen the situation with its irresponsible remarks. (Egypt 2009) it was agreed that intelligence information would be exchanged if the situation deteriorated. wants to sabotage the attempts to improve relationships. The Pakistan government should make it clear to India that all its adventurisms would be seriously confronted and Pakistan should not delay informing the world about Indian designs. This shower of false accusations is tantamount to India¶s admission of defeat. The Indian Foreign Minister has also accused that the American military aid to curb terrorism is being used against India. but to no avail. according to its planning. But sometimes India has succeeded in its loathsome propaganda and got aid from other countries.

They should provide civil nuclear energy and capability to Pakistan too as they signed such a deal with India in 2009. making missiles and in other war arrangements. America is providing them with information about the technical and practical points of anti-missile defence system. This submarine has gotten the latest technology and atomic missiles and the ability to hit its targets from the depth of the sea. The people of Pakistan are ready for any sacrifices required for defence purposes. Pakistan avoids the arms race but India is crazy about getting them. but she also wants a balance of power in the region. and the repercussions and effects of aggression are borne by the victim nations and countries. Every nation has the right to complete its defence preparations. The inclusion of atomic submarines into the Indian navy is a part of that plan.Atomic sub-marine India is preparing herself for war whereas Pakistan is busy in defence arrangements. It wants to get arms of every sort through any means. India itself is busy in buying weapons. Atomic weapons there are not safe. It shows its dishonesty and ill-will and not love for peace. Pakistan wants peace and stability in the sub-continent. Pakistan should always be on alert. America should adopt a fair policy if it wants peace in the region. Pakistan is following a defence policy to stop foreign aggression. It is learnt that India wants a partnership with America in anti-missile defence system. It is worrisome that India can make fissile material and atomic weapons in a large quantity from the atomic reactors which were rendered unsafe in the civil atomic agreement. 109 . Aggression is born whenever there is no balance of power. it has started threatening and intimidating Pakistan. That is why India has been trying to improve its atomic and missile power. Pakistan now has no option but to maintain the level of the least deterrence in untraditional arms. India never did. Pakistan has never had expansionist and hegemonic designs in the region. India¶s craze of amassing so many atomic and traditional arms has become dangerous for its neighbouring countries. India¶s purchase of conventional arms from all over the world has disrupted the balance of power in the region. It is commonly believed that India would attack Pakistan at an opportune moment. At the same time. It has no aggressive designs against any other country. Pakistan¶s nuclear and missile projects are for its own defence and deterrence against any untoward threat from India. Pakistan always fulfilled all the demands of the IAEA. Indian reactors can produce a large amount of fissile material and atomic weapons which would have a negative impact on the military stability of the region. but it cannot tolerate it if Pakistan buys some arms from America. According to the spokesman of foreign office. America has imposed restrictions on military aid to Pakistan whereas to India it is giving even forbidden arms.

so it cannot justify such a massive defence budget. a 4 percent increase from the last year¶s 1. 38 percent of 110 .5 billion on military imports. only a false sense of economic growth is spreading throughout India. ³there are too many signs of an over confidence (in India) that look more and more like hubris´. The proportion of the unemployed to the total labour force has been increasing from 2. almost half of all Indians feel that their country¶s economic ³miracle´ has done nothing to benefit them or their families. etc. India has spent as much as $ 10.41. notwithstanding the reality. which is indicative of Indian government¶s ignorance towards this sector. Two-thirds of India¶s 1. Whereas.06 percent (2004-05). The poverty-stricken people are committing suicides in the country at an alarming rate.Arms buildup and poverty According to the budget presented by the Finance Minister India¶s defence expenditure has been raised to Rs.703 crore. employment.344 crore for 2010-11.47. have exposed its fake economic progress. Russia and America. The survey revealed the growing sense of division in Indian society between the newly affluent middle classes and the socially disenfranchised rural poor. inflation means rise in the prices of wheat and flour. India¶s military imports are expected to reach $ 30 billion by 2012.78 percent (199-2000) and 3. The people living below the poverty line have nothing to do with the defence budget. 1. making it amongst the largest arms importers in the developing world. For common man. According to the minister of labour and employment the enrolment of the unemployed in the employment exchange in 2006-07 was 79 lakhs against the average of 58 lakhs in the past ten years. education. India is a country. In the past three years. Israel is poised to grab a major chunk of the whopping $ 30 billion that New Delhi will spend on defence purchases over the next five years. According to a study. The socio-economic indicators of Indian society do not allow India to have a huge defence budget. The rationale being given by the finance minister for the increase in the budget was deteriorated security environment of India. According to a survey conducted by the BBC World. Paradoxically. The Indian Government failed to provide employment to its vast population.1 billion citizens continue to live on less than 1 a day. in reality India needs a huge defence budget to finance its defence deals with different countries such as Israel. According to International Herald Tribune. The quality of education is also not satisfactory. which bullies neighbouring countries and has no direct threat of aggression from any other country. The percentage of inflation is much higher than what is projected at the national level by the government. The poor conditions of its agriculture. The Indian government is increasing its defence budget and is not bothering about what is happening to the common man. It seems quite astonishing that India now is using the internal mishaps as basis for the increase in the defence budget.62 percent (1993-92) to 2.

In the last three years.8 million in 2001. A worried market analyst at the Bombay stock exchange. Thousands of small-scale outfits supporting textile and machinery exporters have entered bankruptcy. According to Indian Government.00. when finding no way out how to fulfil their basic needs. This was due to low investment. the population of people living in slums has exceeded the entire population of Britain. According to Kumari Selji. The farmers are destined to die of starvation or suicide. In the diamond polishing industry alone. agriculture provided employment to 72 percent of the population as compared to 58 percent in 2001.the children who have completed four years of schooling cannot read a small paragraph with short sentences meant to be read by a student of class II. which is estimated to be home to more than a million people. India is in negative growth mode. questioned why ³the government failed to incorporate any genuine economic stimulus in the interim budget. and why the focus was on defence? Apart from the industrial sector.000 Indian farmers committed suicide during the period 1993-2003 mainly due to indebtedness. the agricultural sector despite being the back bone of Indian economy viewed a decline.000 will follow suit in forthcoming weeks. The high rate of inflation has created stress among the citizens and. According to Maju Varghese of YUVS.5 million people live in tiny makeshift shacks. 14. gas or running water. The ever increasing slum population is also an evidence of the governments¶ failure to build enough housing and other basic infrastructure for its urban poor. another 10. Mere growth of defence budget does not solve the chronic poverty and backward level of living norms of the people. an NGO that has been working with urban poor for more than 20 years. Asia¶s biggest single slum. the Indian government has made the life in middle class more miserable. many of whom live without electricity. who was looking for additional measures directed at stimulating the Indian economy. Similarly. imbalance in fertilizer use. More than 1. and its share in GDP also declined from 24 percent to 22 percent in 2006-07. Mumbai is also home to Sharani. the rise in slums is due to the lack of affordable housing provided by the government. they started ending their lives. amounting to a total of about 1. India¶s slum-dwelling population had risen from 27. India¶s largest slum population is in Mumbai where 6. In 1951. Export fell by 20 percent and at least 1. Delhi has the country¶s second largest slum population. The number of people living in slums in India has doubled in the past two decades. the number of rural landless families increased from 35 percent in 1987 to 45 percent in 1999. The agricultural growth of 3. Minister for Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation. surrounded by open sewers. There is a 111 . The welfare of a common Indian is not guaranteed from the hike in the defence budget. a distorted incentive system and low post-harvest value. low seeds replacement rate. further to 55 percent in 2005. followed by Calcutta with about 1.5 million. Industrial production is down for the first time in two decades.000 factories have been shut down.8 million people.2% observed from 1980 to 1997 decelerated to two percent subsequently.5 million officiallyemployed workers are expected to lose their jobs within this quarter.9 million in 1981 to 61.

There is direct correlation between extremism and poverty in practice and the social. political. gentle way to deal with these rebel movements is by addressing their causes rather than fighting oppressed people with arms. Jr. Firstly. As basic stimulus behind insurgencies in these parts is underdevelopment and neglect by the successive governments. 112 . a humble suggestion to Indian authorities would be to adhere to the dictum of Martin Luther King. Secondly. and cultural discrimination faced by (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Sometimes it harmed them by blocking their water wealth. food. Indian claims of allocating good part of budget to fight insurgencies in North East and central India are farce. and sometimes by creating instability through its intelligence agency RAW. A nation spending more money on military defence than social uplift is approaching spiritual doom. who are among India¶s poorest people) has resulted in discontented people resorting to violence for their rights. economic. For that matter. and housing to its citizens.need that India should first provide basic amenities such as clean water. that«. The rationale on which India is increasing its defence budget is absurd. In view of these bitter realities. India has no threat from neighbouring countries but it¶s the smaller neighbours that are being threatened by the big brother.

a spokesperson for the Pakistan's Foreign Office said that responsible people for the 9/11 are not in Pakistan. Nobody knows that whether they are forced to do so or the Indian influence is enough. It has always been explained from our government that our atomic weapons are quite safe and there is no possibility of them going into the hands of extremists. we should silence them in this regard. There is a strange kind of pell-mell and it seems that blue fairy has gone somewhere far-off. US President Barak Obama had said that America wanted to stay in Afghanistan for 30 years. It had said that it would change the destiny of the country after taking keen interest in the reconstruction of the country. After the American explanation. America should also restrain itself from levelling such types of allegations. It has started increasing pressure on Pakistan and made the tribal areas its target. a plan to attack Afghanistan was made. The American foreign minister's accusation is not a new thing. America has always tried to shift the responsibility of its failures in Afghanistan onto Pakistan. the Al-Qaeda leadership was in the shelter of Taliban in Afghanistan. The US foreign minister's assurance regarding the safety of Pakistan's nuclear assets is pleasing and based on reality. The remaining infrastructure of Afghanistan is changing into a heap of ash. but Afghanistan. The wave of unrest is turning to the bordering cities after crossing the tribal areas.Unreasonable blame game American Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton has blamed Pakistan in New Delhi that Pakistan is responsible for the 9/11 and Al-Qaeda leadership poses threats to the world. But it seems through ground realities that it¶s all projects had gone to the dust. Rejecting the American foreign minister's allegation. they blame Pakistan. The reality is that a hue and cry about terrorism is being raised to satisfy the international public opinion and maintain its domination in Kabul otherwise the situation is that only Pakistan is the victim of terrorism where suicide attacks are occurring in daily while no attack has occurred in America after the 9/11. America had entered the land of Afghanistan with tall claims. It seems that pressure on Pakistan will be increased in the coming days. The US foreign minister should remember that the American administration had held talk with Taliban and Al-Qaeda. the foreign and Indian media are spreading rumours. When the 9/11 occurred. The local population of Afghanistan is wandering here and there in a decrepit condition. But Al-Qaeda is not in Pakistan. It does not look nice for a civilized country 113 . After its failure. The presence of the Al-Qaeda members is not possible in Pakistan due to the ongoing operation. The former Bush administration and now Obama have made the change in the strategy to deal with this situation. Despite knowing facts. The military activities of American and the NATO have turned their cannons toward Pakistan. It is also a reality that any personality of the country going to India always issues a statement against Pakistan. In his initial statement. It is reiterated from the West that Pakistan's nuclear assets are not safe and may go into the hands of terrorists at any time.

like America to level allegations against Pakistan to please India. 114 . It is a matter of the international credibility of any country and it is affected by such meaningless and false statements.

Hence. In the process. It really kept many in a state of shock and also revealed Indian future design to destabilize the region. It will not only bring atomic powers in quarrel but also severely damage the world efforts against war on terrorism. as such a uncontrolled statement could end into a conflict. of course. always crying for peace. economic growth and war against terrorism by the entire world except India. ³I know not with what weapons World war III will be fought. not highlighted effectively by regional as well as international media. Seeing the situation and increasing intolerance in India. stabbing the forces that are fighting the war against terrorism. and its effects will ultimately bring horrified results for the world. intolerance. The general did not stop even for a few days and banged the world with another millennium statement saying that India was capable of fighting a two front war with Pakistan and China. specially running the state affairs. Indian leaders are indeed extremely frustrated over increasing hype. the statement of the General looks quite relevant. Indian politicians have falsely driven the nation of 1. and. wrongly set objectives in all circles of the society.Indian army chief going wild Has India become pawn of geo-strategic politics or the General (Kapoor) gone xenophobic? The 21st century may be termed as time of peace. which was termed as limited by the Indian General. Increasing intolerance. militancy and extremism within their society and armed forces. Indian premier. The critics. which would only bring turmoil in the region. of course. The social system of India is founded on inequality. It was rightly termed as bizarre by someone in the media. military experts and analysts were discussing about the consequences of this nuclear war. The agenda was clear as India did not want an end to terrorism. They are actually loyal to their economical interests and promoting the agenda of war industry mainly based in the USA. are now evident from the statements of the highest ranks of 115 . which were unveiled first in incidents like Samjohta express and Malegaon blasts. In recent past. or this all is happening as per his strategy. conservative thoughts and religious extremism. The famous scientist Albert Einstein said. Situation at the moment is quite complex and role of India has gone really dubious on the chess of world power game. who probably required an immediate briefing about the after-effects of a nuclear break out between two atomic powers. seems in no control of its army chief. it is just like creating unnecessary hype about wishful. militancy and terrorism in Indian army. yet they are sounding more cocky and belligerent towards Pakistan and China as well. harmony.2 billion heads into a utopia that they are sooner becoming a super power. It was not only surprising but also babyish to listen when the Indian army chief in Dec 2009 talked about a limited nuclear war between Pakistan and India. have fallen into the hands of international power brokers who have never been friend to anybody other than themselves. Reasons are quite obvious but. politicians. but I exactly know that war after that will be fought with stones and sticks´.

Fire in Bhabba atomic plant is the recent example and none knows the exact reason. Opening nuclear fronts on two borders of India is really horrifying but every free media of India is silent at this critical juncture of time. as recently about 41 officers were found selling their weapons to terrorists. Actually everyone in India fears the strength of her extremist elements that are developing to form an organization just parallel to Al Qaeda. 116 . This is probably the strongest indication that extremist elements and their thought-process are nourishing vastly the Indian army. the corruption money was being sent to extremist elements of Indian army for their activities.2 billion heads. Media has recently witnessed the attack of an extremist group on a TV channel and exactly knows that this conservative mindset with religious faith will very soon go out of the hands of state apparatus. in particular. security arsenal of Indian atomic installations have gone so week that fires are breaking out quite frequently in atomic installations of India. Extremists groups have crept into the ranks of the army and now implementing their bloodiest thought process. General who was indicted in a land scam in Sukhna Cantonment in West Bengal is still pending as general Deepak Kapoor will take decision on his punishment. in general. which keep these groups happy. and a case against a Lt. Indian army is undergoing enormous pressures and discipline issues. At the moment. On the other hand.Indian armed forces. they are building strength and General Deepak Kapoor has no other option to keep them under control other than giving statements. Reportedly. World must take notice of such hot air and a diplomatic pressure must be built on a country which is responsible for 1. and Indian society. With the passage of time. The statements of the army chief are warranting a future which will only give blood and poverty to India and the region. Discipline of the officers in the ranks of Indian army is pitiable. but it was a serious security lapse. None knows that why is this all happening? It will be formidable for the world to know some day that this all was actually the result of the activities of extremist elements within the ranks of Indian army.

When attempts were being made to create the atmosphere more flexible to improve indo-Pak relations. our ancestors saw the narrow. There was nothing in their eyes except hatred and animosity for the Muslims. It continued insisting on ³part and parcel´ stance whereas the previous rulers had made pieces of the map of our jugular vein. we could see terrible scenes of these moving pictures in front of us. In view of this. barbarism and ferocity of the Hindus. The Hindu fanatics stained their hands with the blood of millions of Muslims ± children. Had there been even an iota of possibility of friendship and tolerance. Though we were very young then. ³No. the Muslims of sub-continent would not have demanded a separate country on the basis of the two-nation theory. My quick response was. We have witnessed many aspects of India¶s cunningness since the creation of Pakistan ± many faces of friendship-like-animosity and enmity-like-friendship and the wolf in sheep¶s clothing. history and social practices. Tears used to well up in our eyes on the telling of these tales. so much so that shameful unilateral elasticity was shown about the jugular vein of Pakistan ± Kashmir. we cannot even think of developing friendship with India. It is supporting and patronizing the terrorists to create instability in the frontier province and in the tribal areas. India has been aggressive towards Pakistan. Attempts were made to please India by forgetting our traditional stance and the sacrifices of the Kashmiri people and by dividing Kashmir into 8-10 pieces. It is foolish to expect something good from India. not in the next 2-3 centuries.mindedness of the Hindus changing into madness. Many centuries are required to dim these scenes of Hindu barbarism.War mongering Many attempts were made during the General Musharaf¶s era to change unconditionally the Indo-Pak relationships into µpermanent¶ amity. At the time of the creation of Pakistan. men. The arms and ammunitions captured from the terrorists during the ³Operation Rah-e-Raast´ prove that involvement of India in instigating local people against Pakistan. Such ferocity is quite rare. especially during the previous 2 ± 3 years. But India too continued demanding ³Do more´ like America. a senior journalist friend of mine asked me if the PakIndia relations would really take the form of a permanent friendship. Major-General Ijaz 117 . Such feelings may be transferred to many among the next generations. women and the aged. India threatened to attack Pakistan after the attack on its parliament and the Mumbai incidents. He should understand that India is involved in disruption not only on the eastern border but also on the western border. It¶s a lack of far-sightedness on the part of president Zardari when he says that there is no danger to Pakistan from its eastern border. But the notions of ³greater India´ and ³integral part´ were there behind every face.´ Hindus and Muslims had been living together for centuries and share the same culture. Thus we too could see the narrow mindedness. My grandfather usually used to narrate to us the cruel nature of Hindus and their antagonism towards other religions. Our ancestors directly witnessed the Hindus¶ narrow-mindedness.

Thus its total defence budget is now 3200 billion which is 5 times more than that of Pakistan. This entire war craze is for the realization of the dream of ³a greater India´ and to maintain its control and hegemony in the region. It is vital for Pakistan that it should not compromise on its defence capabilities in the face of India¶s aggressive designs. According to news in ³Jerusalem Post´. These are the latest land-to-air 118 . 230 latest Russian planes ³Saikhui´ will be included in the Indian air force by 2015. The fact is that it cannot fight against a super power like China. despite knowing the hateful face of India and its expansionist designs. India is the only country in south Asia which was always the first one to do nuclear tests on and test atomic missiles. The present wave of target killing is also due to the Indian involvement. What is strange is the fact that Karzai and Obama. India is also doing experiments on different types of missiles. India has decided to buy 18 spider missiles worth 100 million dollars from Israel. Talal Bugti (Tribal chief of Bugti tribe living in north eastern part of Balochistan province in Pakistan ) has openly admitted that the Indian secret agency RAW is giving military training to more than 30. This monster who is creating instability and promoting terrorism in her neighbouring countries is also trying to get a permanent seat in the Security Council of United Nations. The Indian consulates in Afghanistan are busy in destabilizing Pakistan. India has already experimented ³Brahmos´ which is supersonic in speed and can break the sound barrier. India is harming peace in Balochistan by providing arms and money to the Baloch Liberation Army and to some other terrorist groups operating from Balochistan. America and the western world a chance to propagate that Pakistan¶s atomic weapons are not safe. India is also involved in the disruption in Balochistan. India has also signed some defence pacts to buy the latest weapons from many countries. who have full control over Afghanistan. It is regrettable that France and China. are silent although they know everything about India¶s intentions.000 Balochis to spread anarchy in the province. India is trying to appease America and fool the world by convincing them that it is stocking all these weapons for China and not for Pakistan. It is also trying to buy the latest planes from America and submarines from France. It only wants to realize its dream of ³a greater India´ by weakening Pakistan. It is already getting AWACS planes and other weapons from Israel. We must increase our defence budget and continue our atomic and missile projects. are supporting this Indian demand. the commander of Swat operation. They would attack these installations in the manner of Mumbai and Lahore attacks to get international media attention. It won¶t be unwise to tell our intellectuals that they should stop criticizing Pakistan¶s defence budget and they should not sit silent on an increase in India¶s defence budget. India again has ignored its poor people and increased the defence budget of 2009 and 2010 by 34%. disclosed in an interview that the arms and ammunitions the terrorists are using in Malakand are Indian made. We should also train our armed forces on the most modern lines to tackle the menace of terrorism. It was also disclosed recently that India is preparing a group of 500 people in Afghanistan for an attack on Pakistan¶s nuclear installations. It will give India. The tremendous increase in India¶s defence budget in the recent years should be an eye-opener to those who think that our eastern borders are safe.Awan.

119 .missiles which would be handed over to India soon. It shows that India is planning to strike Pakistan not only from land and air but also from the sea. India has also got the latest atomic submarine for completion of its aggressive designs against Pakistan. It is also determined to develop its missile project. It shows that India has the worst aggressive intentions against Pakistan and the Indian rulers are not ready to tolerate Pakistan at any cost.

which comprise of Bangladesh. Despite the fact that pro-Mao rebels used Indian Territory to get training and weapons.000 soldiers to Sri Lanka on the pretext of ³Operation Pon´. Although India supported the movement of Bangladesh. Contrary to that.strong army in Occupied Kashmir is involved in state terrorism and they have killed more than 100. Tamil guerrillas were trained in India and sent to Sri Lanka with arms and ammunitions. Indian rulers can go to any extremes for the realization of their heinous designs. Its 700. India has announced to fix a barrier on its 1000 km long border with Bangladesh to stop interference from there. Nepal. Pakistan and India. Sri Lanka. It is coercing the helpless people of Occupied Kashmir. Seven countries of South Asia. its forces arrested many people and took them across the Nepali border. India always refused to seal the borders because it had never recognized the international border. There is no likelihood that this issue would be resolved in the near future. But the state of Tamil Nadu was involved in supplying arms and ammunition to the Tamil rebels and to the government of Sri Lanka. has been interfering in Pakistan¶s affairs. It sent more than 10.000 Kashmiris so far. They have differences on the issues of the border and the rivers. It also occupied Junagarh. 120 . India¶s attitude towards Nepal. Bhutan. Indian rulers didn¶t spare even a state like Bhutan. Which neighbouring country of India is safe from India¶s aggressive intentions? It has been on the forefront in pushing Sri Lanka into the fire of civil war. Maldives. The history of Indian aggression against Pakistan is quite long. and coerced the people for three years. Sri Lanka and Bhutan also reflects the same thing. Manader and Hyderabad Deccan. It has always been free and autonomous. India occupied Goa and Sikkim without . and not interfering in the internal affairs of others. India is greedy about this Hindu state of Himalayas and has been using all illicit means to weaken the country. More than 100. India¶s former foreign minister Pranab Mukherji and former Defence Minister A K Anthony told the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu that India didn¶t allow the supply of arms to Sri Lanka. Its intervention divided us into two. A group of Tamil rebels attacked Maldives to maintain dominance over the Indian Ocean. They are still interfering there. it doesn¶t have friendly relations with it. while actually the fact is that India is creating restlessness in the neighbouring countries.000 people have died in the India-sponsored civil war in Sri Lanka. The Tamil Chief Minister has directed the police to investigate whether some private companies were providing arms to Tamil rebels and Sri Lanka. founded SAARC.000. It aimed at raising the standard of living of the poor people of the region. It has shown no elasticity in its stance on Kashmir. since the very beginning.Expansionist Policies Everyone knows India¶s expansionist designs against all its neighbouring countries. The Indian government is trying all the time to prove that its neighbouring countries are conspiring against it and are trying to harm it. Nepal has never been someone¶s colony. But India. It is no secret how Nepal was barricaded to send its people in the mud of hunger and poverty.

It wants to snatch the rights of the people on the basis of its power and unfair means. India is trying to dominate all the countries around it. 121 . These are the heinous acts of the rulers of this so called democracy that have endangered the security of the SAARC countries. It seems that it does not want to solve the Kashmir issue. Peace will prevail in this region when people get their rights.India has never accepted any proposal for its solution.

Industries are being established there in anticipation of the increased trade activities from this area. which have drawn the attention of the world. Pakistan decided to complete the construction of the port with Chinese help. Indian malice is not hidden. It has played its key role in creating disturbance in Balochistan to stop the construction of the port.000 for their anti state activities. whereas some Western countries wanted to have the control of the port. Engineers of a Chinese company ³Harbour´ are working on the project. It will also open new ways to the surrounding ports and the transportation of oil and other commodities will become easier. RAW has established forty terrorist training camps in the area adjacent to Iran (near Makran area in Balochistan) and the Bloch unemployed youth is paid up to Pakistan rupees 10. But the tribal areas of Pakistan and Balochistan are in continuous danger. It has been turned into an important centre of trade as it is located at the juncture of South Asia. The seven hundred and fifty kilometres long coastal line is considered to be one of the deepest sea areas. The second important factor is the presence of China in the region. The port will improve Pakistan¶s economic position which is not acceptable to India. After the construction of the port. The port is being constructed 180 aeronautical miles away from the straight of Hurmaz (abna-i. The South Asian countries and the West are quite aware of the fact that the Gwader Port is extremely important for the region. Central Asia and Europe. They even tried to create bad faith between China and Pakistan. satellite phones and some important documents and maps. The port is being constructed 16 kilometres in the deep water and will provide facilities for the transportation of ships. they had left no stone unturned to create chaos in the province. From Khunjrab Pass(a historical 122 . Along with these natural coasts large oil reserves are located.Anxiety at Gawader port The chief of the Indian navy has expressed his concern that the Gwader Port which is being constructed at the Southern coast of Balochistan in Pakistan with the help of china contains strategic complexities for India. The trade activities will be increased after the completion of the port.hurmaz). The statement of the Indian chief of navy expressed his concern over Chinese presence in the region. Oman). One wonders why this port is haunting India. The Gwadar deep sea port will have positive effects on Pakistan¶s economy. It cannot be ignored that both Pakistan and China are surrounded by dangerous enemies. In fact it is a gateway to South Asia which can link the area to foreign trade. China is comparatively safer from these enemies. Pakistan will control passages of vital international trades from this sea rout and it will be able in a position to stop Indian oil ships passing through this route. . Five thousand acres of land has been acquired to establish an industrial zone in Gwader. The on-going disruption in the province is part of an international conspiracy. Due to Pakistan¶s denial to their control. Some of them were arrested with remote control electronic devices. The Gwader port is being constructed 675 kilometers away from Karachi in the Western part of the country. It will provide a passage and staying facilities to the ships going East or West which pass by and stay at the ports of Dubai and Salala (Sultanate of Masqat.

123 .pass on Karakorum Mountains near Pakistan China border) to Hawailiyan via Sust. Mansehra. Hunza. We have to save our country from the enemies and at the same time to contribute in its development. It is required that the Pakistani people should recognize the vicious objectives of their enemies and face the network of their conspiracies. Every Pakistani has to realize that his existence depends upon the existence of the country. Hence there is a chance that they will speed up their activities in Pakistan. Thankot. Gilgit. We have two important responsibilities at this time. Challas. Kohistan. Bisham. particularly in the Northern tribal areas. and the Karakuram Highway to Abbotabad are a source of pain for the Indians.

Properties are being damaged. particularly Pakistan. It is dreaming to be the super power of Asia and it has aggressive designs against its neighbouring countries. Suicide attacks are a routine matter now.The proxy war Pakistan supported America in the war against terrorism but has to pay a heavy price in the shape of human lives. India is at daggers drawn with Pakistan since its inception. American. So far as the Afghanis are concerned they must remember that actions speak louder than words. Law and order situation is in danger. The Indian secret agency RAW is working in these areas in an organized manner. Our army soldiers are being beheaded. It can further patronize the dissident elements in Balochistan. terrorist attacks in civilian areas. The Indian government has not recognized the creation of Pakistan from the core of its heart. It does not allow you to kill even your enemy. Its land bathes in blood daily. and then sent to Pakistan for terrorist activities from Srohilly near Jalaabad or from Asadabad. Hundreds of people have been martyred in military operations. Afghani and Israeli intelligence agencies are doing terrorist activities in Pakistan under the leadership of India. He wanted to start a proxy war in Pakistan by pitting Pakistani people against their own brothers. They provide financial incentives to the unemployed and educated young people to incite them against their own country. Both India and Afghanistan are towing the same line collectively. schools and other public places. a news item appeared in the press that the Balochistan Liberation Army received a huge amount of money from the Indian Consulate to purchase weapons. There are certain evidences that the agents of RAW are involved in creating disruption in Balochistan. mosques. The consulates in Afghanistan are providing every sort of help to these people. Those who claim to be fighting for Islam but are involved in killing their own brothers and desecrating their dead bodies. The basic spy network has been established in Afghanistan which is being used for terrorism and interference in Pakistan. They are also helping the Bloch liberation army. shopping malls. and they must control the Indian activities in their country instead of using flowery language. No patriot Pakistani can think of attacking the army men of his own country. The terrorists who attack in Balochistan have their base camps in Kandahar. Indian. Terrorists are trained. It is not the duty of Pakistan alone to maintain peace in the region. are responsible for the killing of our army men. near the forward base of Afghanistan near Chitral or from Faizabad. Mirza Aslam Beg says that he has many proofs that India helps terrorist activities from Afghanistan. The other 124 . properties and serious damages to it economy. Islam teaches brotherhood and peace. During chaos in Balochistan. The foreign minister of Afghanistan who had communist views sought refuge in India during the Taliban regime. Who are these terrorists blasting in the country? Where are they coming from? Is the country being pushed towards civil war and who is benefiting out of this situation? Who will be happy in the destruction of the Pakistani economy? India is responsible for creating the worse situation in Pakistan. Ex-Chief of army staff. and are openly violating the Islamic principles of brotherhood.

on the other hand. it encourages and patronizes the enemies of Pakistan. Our across the border enemy provide funds and support to the separatist organizations like Jiye Sindh. If the leadership of Afghanistan does not adopt a responsible attitude.countries should also play their role. The sooner India and Afghanistan realize it. Its main aim is to divert the attention of the world from the freedom movements working in its many states. and peace of the region will be jeopardized. It is providing support to the anti-Pakistan elements in Sindh and Balochistan to spread hatred against our country. 125 . At one hand. peace will remain in danger in South Asia and the situation will become quite dangerous. India is talking about composite dialogues but. the better it is.


127 .

not of the tribal people. The accusations by the Afghan president Hamid Karzai and the members of his cabinet. Some languages of Pakistan are also being taught there.Indo-Afghan role The Afghan home ministry has established an institution for destructive activities in Pakistan. at the same time. The tribal people have been living here for thousands of years and they have pride and hubris about their culture. especially the former home minister Abdullah that Pakistan is interfering and sheltering the terrorists. That is why we believe that this heinous role of India and Afghanistan is hateful. Despite all their vicious plans. hospitals and roads. Brahvi and Urdu languages. and those who love humanity in fact love God and his prophet (peace be upon him). India wants to create estrangement between Afghanistan and Pakistan for its personal interests. Many of the arrested people during the confrontation in northern. and he is punishing us for that. have created a serious situation. Hamid Karzai in a recent interview praised India quite vehemently for spending a lot of money on rebuilding Afghanistan. he is hurling every accusation on Pakistan. No patriotic Pakistani or someone from the tribal areas can tolerate such a claim. They are harming the locals day in and day out. especially the languages being spoken in the frontier areas to facilitate them for terrorism in Pakistan. One Uzbek leader Yalda Shiv has recently claimed that God Himself has given South Waziristan to the Uzbeks. making Pakistan helpless. They are engaged in criminal and sabotaging activities and playing with the lives of the local people. Our mission is love for humanity. The India-bound Hindus too are getting training there. Uzbek. we want peace in Afghanistan and in every part of the world. They believe that the tribal areas are theirs. civilization and high moral values. Those Afghan refugees are also with them who have returned home. It is tragic that with a view to hiding his own sins. constructing the building of parliament and building schools. No one could even imagine that the Afghan president would be so ungrateful. We should hate terrorists and save humanity. Such a misleading claim by a foreigner on the Pakistani soil is quite condemnable. They are looking for those of the returning mujahedeen who know Balochi. Some foreign elements residing in Waziristan think that they are masters of the tribal areas and the local people are their slaves. His praise shows that India has been safeguarding its own interests and. southern and other tribal areas are usually Tajik and Uzbek. This mischievous claim by a foreign war-monger shows what their aims are. Pakistan even supported and helped Karzai to reach his present high position. But unfortunately the foreign warriors have thrown them into a pit of troubles. Tajik and some self-exiled Pakistani traitors are getting training there. Pakistan always helped Afghanistan magnanimously and today all the terrorism incidents that we are facing are due to Afghanistan. 128 . for terrorism in Pakistan. The Indo-Afghan union also revealed that dozens of arrested innocent Pakistanis in Afghanistan have been sent from Kabul to India with a view to presenting them as terrorists and thus maligning Pakistan at an international level.

Bhutan. The agents of RAW are distracting the innocent Afghanis the way they did in East Pakistan. Apart from this. Persian and in other regional languages around the clock which aim at the destruction of the morality of the Afghan people. India has appointed many RAW officials in its consulates. TVs. to spread hatred against Pakistan and to use the Afghan tribes against Pakistan. and Sri Lanka in general and their Muslim brothers in Bangladesh in particular. and dish antennas are providing means of debauchery at cheap rates. cable net works. and offering prayers strictly. how they were betrayed by India. In the smaller and bigger cities of the country there are prostitution and obscenity centres which are patronized by the government.Anti-Islam activities The people of Afghanistan love Islam and follow Islamic injunctions like fasting. Nepal. The Afghans should not let the bonds of historical and Islamic brotherhood weaken at any moment. India is dreaming to capture all the countries of South Asia. VCR. The Congress led government of India has started implementing its plan of driving away the innocent Afghan Muslims from Islam. religious and moral values. prostitutes and drugs without any restrictions. They must be aware of such elements. It is the utmost effort of India to destabilize Afghanistan. Presently. There is a flood of obscenity and nudity in Afghanistan. The Indian diplomats and agents are also involved in the smuggling of Afghan women and children who are sold in the Gulf States and are forced to prostitution. The Indian TV channels telecast obscene programs in Pashto. It must be kept in mind that in 1970-1971 India initiated the same kind of plan in East Pakistan and later on entered the Indian army in the garb of Mukti Bahni. They should keep in mind the nasty role of India that it played in Bangladesh. To materialize this dream they have opened many hospitals and schools which are run by Hindu staff who de track the Muslims. India is more influential in 129 . The Indian government has also started the onslaught of the Hindu culture in the far flung areas of Afghanistan. The Indian government has devised a plan of taking the majority of the Muslim Afghanis away from Islam by providing financial assistance to the poor Afghan people. The Indian embassy in Kabul and consulates in Kandahar and Northern areas are actively involved in these kinds of activities. The Indian government wants to desecrate the religious and national values of the Afghanis so that they could be easily turned against Pakistan and used for Indian designs. Nepal. and Sri Lanka. The presence of some unwanted persons in Afghanistan is also embittering their mutual relations. We want to tell the Afghan leadership that it should be aware of the conspiracies and misleading propaganda campaign of India. These centres also provide liquor. They must ask the people of Bhutan. The Afghan administration must keep an eye on the elements that are collaborating with India and are distorting the relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. India thinks that it can easily make its strong hold in Afghanistan by driving them away from Islam. Sikkim. They are being provided with incentives to turn to Hinduism. It is provoking them to abandon Islam and embrace Hinduism.

Therefore.Afghanistan than Pakistan. At this stage. If the leadership of these countries does not adopt a responsible attitude the peace in South Asia will always be in danger and the situation will be quite destructive. The sooner India and Afghanistan realize it. majority of the tribes and majority of the Pashto speaking people in the government so that democracy could flourish and peace could be established in Afghanistan. 130 . we want to request all the tribes and their leaders in Afghanistan that a reasonable representation must be given to the entire minority. they should restrict the Indian activities in Afghanistan. if the minority and majority tribes were deprived of this representation peace could never be established in Afghanistan and the war ridden land of the country will always be a centre of chaos. the better it is. So far as the Afghanis are concerned they must keep in mind that actions speak louder than words. God forbid. Peace of the region will be shattered in to bits. It¶s not only the duty of Pakistan to play its role for maintaining peace in the region but the other countries must also realize their responsibility.

The US understands that the delays in talks and withdrawal of the forces will pave the way to the fate the USSR had met. Instead. till America considers the exit in cover of negotiations as respectful. Reliable sources have disclosed that Indian consulate in Kandahar has dispatched more than hundred Pakistani dissidents for six months training in India. America was activated but no solid action has yet been taken to stop India. Although certain Afghan leaders have given proposals to the US which if observed. Although people consider terrorist activities a retaliated move from the terrorists but still a number of evidences have been gathered which established keen Indian involvement in destabilizing Pakistan by interfering in Baluchistan. FATA and in big cities of the country. America is passionate to go all-out to have peace in Afghanistan either it be through dialogue or whatsoever possible way out to have safe and respectable exit from Afghanistan. Sooner or the later. the US officials support Indian stance and appreciate its interest even in training Afghan national 131 . They have asked the US to pull out its forces within six month time and handover security responsibilities to Afghan national army and the police. Without American patronage. Pakistan is frontline ally of the US in war on terror. A number of times. It had to face suicide bombings and actions in retaliation resulting in loss of precious lives of many innocent citizens and the security officials. But Americans seem looking for a superfluous resolve of the issue. These actions were designed to engage security forces in internal front and to demoralize the masses of this land. It depicts India enjoys full US support and its patronage for doing the same. Respect and victory are not at the same pace sometimes. still the US never snubs India who is busy in subversive activities against Pakistan and that too using Afghan soil. Some of them would be retained in Afghanistan for their further and time to time utilization against Pakistan. The US is repeating the history by repeating the same blunders as to suppress Afghans by using force.Indian activities in Afghanistan War on terror in Afghanistan seems moving towards negotiations as allied forces are exhausted to eradicate al Qaeda. it is being felt that America has given an under-hand go ahead to Indian agencies to operate against Pakistan. American has to realize that it has killed many Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan as its action caused severe collateral damage to the human lives and their properties. it is impossible for any country to make its own infrastructure in Afghanistan and that too at a time when Afghanistan is under American control. On return these persons will be paid five hundred to one thousand American dollars and will be deputed to the terrorist groups in tribal areas and elsewhere. may get the US a respectable withdrawal. American has turned a blind eye towards it as no action is suggested against Indian consulates. Indian agencies have been running training camps in Afghanistan. Ignoring Pakistan¶s sacrifices in the war against terrorism.

that is prone to Mullah Umer-like governments. To fulfil all the above mentioned designs. but after Pak Army Chief Gen Kayani¶s clear warning that Pakistan will never accept such move which permits India to train Afghan national army. 132 . bombs blasts. which ensured peace.e. crushing economy and spoiling the infrastructure of the country to declare it as a failed state. How would they be comfortable with their permanent presence on their land. suicidal attack and other activities to destabilize Pakistan by creating uncertainty among the masses. harmony and justice in the society? India is living in fool¶s paradise by thinking that they might get hold of Afghans after withdrawal of allied forces. However. India is looking forward to have some sort of permanent role in Afghanistan to get its vested agenda to be met by destabilizing Pakistan and establish it¶s the only power which can see into its eyes and possesses the strategic and military strength to wipe of Indian designs against Pakistan. this issue has subsided for the time being. India¶s training camps are in full swing and are continuously sending their lots to Pakistan for different assigned tasks i. Whatsoever infrastructure is established in Afghanistan. and that too to destabilize the neighbouring Islamic countries. One could µappreciate¶ Indian resolve to manage its stay in Afghanistan but India must realize that the moment American forces will ensure µrespectful¶ withdrawal from Afghanistan. they would somehow or the other have to leave that place as Afghans have the history of conquering India time and

It was also agreed that the so-called terrorism would not be linked to the composite dialogue process. the first in the past three decades by any Indian premier. Why did India backtrack from that commitment? It is still a mystery. Mr Singh had agreed with his Pakistani counterpart Yusuf Raza Gilani that dialogue was the only way forward. has failed to convince King Abdullah that Pakistan is involved. what went wrong. he did not say what sort of reaction or response he got. India pretends to be allergic to. India had been desperately lobbying in Afghanistan. Dr Singh told the media that he had requested King Abdullah to use his µgood offices¶ to check the so-called cross border terrorism by Pakistan. Yet. While on way back from Riyadh. India must sort out its own issues. There is need to resolve all the issues with Pakistan. but failed. He reportedly told the King that if there was cooperation between Pakistan and his country. and that all these would create prosperity in the region. would be ready to use its µgood offices¶ if not µmediation¶ . prosperity and well-being of the one-fifth population of the world lead through the result-oriented composite dialogue.India can be spoiler in Afghanistan Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has failed to muster Saudi support for his country¶s stances on relations with Pakistan and its possible role in Afghanistan. One would ask the Indian premier as to what was the hitch therein. through a composite dialogue. The recent talks between foreign secretaries also could not make any headway except the two diplomats saw each other faceto-face for some time. His visit to Saudi Arabia. travel and development. vast opportunities would open up for trade. and if there was any. For this Saudi Arabia. Mr Singh. nobody knows. and for that matter any country. Then. including Kashmir. in what is being called cross border terrorism for targeting India. whose country had nothing to do with Afghan affairs. However.a word. That was despite the fact that all the countries neighbouring Afghanistan knew very well that India could be a spoiler rather than a facilitator. it could be resolved through dialogue ± the only way to sort out issues amongst nations. It may be recalled that while at Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt in 2009. in any way. 133 . there ought to be the fullest realization by the Indian leadership that all roads to peace. But to reach that end. tried to influence the parties concerned through King Abdullah. This was also a part of his agenda for talks in Riyadh.

India has established its consulates in the areas adjacent to Pakistan which are working as centres for terrorist activities in Pakistan. and Kazakhstan must be aware of the expansionist aims of India lest it attack a country secretly and damage it. In a way. America is vacating one of its big army bases at Khanabad in Uzbekistan at the intense protest of the Uzbek people. Unfortunately India has become a symbol of danger for its neighbouring countries. therefore its atmosphere is dry and hot. These states can be called the neighbours of Pakistan. The distance between Pakistan and the states which emerged after the disintegration of Soviet Union is quite short. Generally this belt is 50 kilometres wide but. China in the East and Afghanistan are located in the South of Tajikistan. After Tajikistan. Not only in Kabul but in all of Afghanistan. The Dakhan belt in the Afghan province of Badakhshan. Therefore. we realize that these two army bases are a great challenge for the security of the Northern areas of Pakistan and the Independent Kashmir. it has installed its MI 17 helicopters and Mig 29 fighter planes at the Ayani air base of Tajikistan These army bases are located near Dushanbe in Tajikistan which was used by the Russian forces against Mujahedeen during the Afghan Jihad. And to have an access to the natural resources of Central Asia. Iran. particularly the Indian air force can target any place in Pakistan from this base. separates Pakistan from Tajikistan. and to further pressurize Pakistan. Tajikistan lies in a desert area where rain fall is scanty. It is only 200 kilometres away from the Uzbek Afghan border. it is only 16 kilometres in distance. It is only 500 kilometres away from Tashqand. at a certain point. As India has established its bases there. a few kilometres away from Sri Nagar. Its real target is none but Pakistan. all the SAARC countries of South Asia and Afghanistan. it is establishing a big army base at ³Avanti Pura´. The air distance between Islamabad and Dushanbe is the same as that of Lahore and Islamabad. After the American withdrawal it will fall in the hands of India. If we look at the world map. On one hand. India wants to besiege Pakistan by establishing these bases in Tajikistan. Kirghizstan. on the other hand. The Monsoon season passes without rain. Later on the same was used by Ahmad Shah Masud. but now it has collaborated with Israel. The Afghan government is fully supporting these Indian activities. the head of the Northern Alliance. the capital of Uzbekistan. Pakistan is also a neighbouring country of Tajikistan. India has established its base in Tajikistan and. This army base located near Pakistan at a suitable place in Central Asia is complete now and is being used by India. Pakistan has to face the enemies from two sides.Military bases in Central Asia Indian diplomatic relationships with Pakistan and other neighbouring countries were already strained. Uzbekistan. Tajikistan. Uzbekistan and Kirghizstan in the north. An area of more than one thousand acres has been procured for this purpose. Indian forces. The biggest evidence is that there is not a single country which does not complain of 134 . A 34% increase in the war budget of India unravels its deplorable war designs.

and all the SAARC countries. Kirghizstan. India has expansionist designs in south Asia and has become a sign of danger for all of its neighbouring countries. so that they do not allow it to have a strong hold there. and should collaborate with the Islamic countries to make the rulers of Tajikistan and the Central Asian states aware of the Indian aims. but it can never dare to do it. Uzbekistan.India¶s attitude. Therefore every kind of military activity from India in this region is against Pakistan. However. Our foreign ministry should start a campaign at every level against the expansionist designs of India. Will India use these bases against China? It just wants to show America that it can make an aggressive attack on China whenever it is required. Afghanistan. 135 . it wants to establish its military and economic dominance over Pakistan. Tajikistan. There is a chance that it has entered Tajikistan to devour the central Asian states one by one after weakening them.

These spying satellites monitor Iran and many Arab countries round the clock. Many of its spying satellites are already in air. is also concerned over Pakistan¶s nuclear program. Eros B. The satanic triangle of the US. It was in the air that the Israelis intend to attack the atomic laboratory of Pakistan in Kahuta. India met its petroleum needs from these Arab countries. like India. Sheer distance has checked Israel so far to attack Pakistan. Israel views if Pakistan dies out. countries. Ofik five. an arch rival of the US. Now their friendship for a mutual anti-Pakistan stance has explicitly unfolded. Rather it has adopted a way of scheming with India for the destruction of Pakistan. Amos one and Amos two are a few to be mentioned. We should pre-empt it as of now. This satellite was developed by Israeli aerospace with the most modern technology. That¶s why friendship with India is not only necessary for us but we can also benefit from Indo-Pak disputes. That¶s why it is an active part of every anti-Pakistan alliance. Israel via Indian missions has entered those countries which do not have direct diplomatic ties with it. Israel has always opposed Pakistan. It will also monitor Pakistan along with Israel. Israel not only threatens to attack our atomic installations. Despite the physical distance of Israel from Pakistan. India and Israel is not only operative against Iran and Pakistan. Ofik seven. Pakistan has not yet accepted Israel. The objective of the satellite is to spy upon Pakistani and Iranian atomic activities. but it has zeroed in all their resources to completely eliminate all Muslims of the world.Satellite for espionage A satellite named Tuksar was sent in to the air from Sri Hari Kota Launching Centre in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. it is dwindling around our borders with assistance from India. Indo-Israeli relations are established since long. but both the countries are silent over their spying operations. Mutual satellite is a part of this 136 . Pakistani advancement in atomic technology is undesirable for both India and Israel. Israel has launched a satellite from the Indian plains to shoot pictures of the Iranian nuclear installations and movements there. Israel. It is creating troubles in collaboration with India and cannot stand Pakistan at any cost. It thinks that Pakistan is the leading influence upon Arab countries not to accept Israel. Despite having thousands of miles distance. Israel is contemptuous towards Pakistan. Britain and many other western countries. It can not only take pictures from a microscopic lens but can also perform well in bad weather and dark clouds. One of the reasons for secrecy of their relations was India¶s close relations with Soviet Russia. The Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurian had advised his nation in one of speeches made in 1967 that ³International Jewish movement should not be misled about Pakistan.´ Indo-Israeli collaboration is not a new story. it can dominate the Islamic. Mental resources and military might and situation of Pakistan can any time cause troubles for us. particularly the Arab. but is also scheming against us in collaboration with India. India was also closely associated with those Arab countries that were part of the Soviet bloc. The Israeli intentions against the Muslim Ummah are no secret now.

its progress. That¶s why despite spelling charms of peace by tongue. They cannot accept the existence of Pakistan. and depriving it of a sustainable defence guarantee from its atomic program. they are busy scheming against Pakistan by throwing it into political and economic instability. freedom and security. India and Israel both are enemies of Pakistan. 137 . well-being.conspiracy.


139 .

with the daily income of less than 2 dollars (in Pakistan this income is comparatively and shamefully a bit lesser). There is no need to mention that sometimes we don¶t get anything important from them or the government doesn¶t want to use them. ³This is the work of an individual and it does not reflect China¶s official position. Zhan said. The Indian foreign ministry has rejected Zhan¶s report in these words. but we never thought that China is talking of making pieces of India.India and China China¶s think tanks are quite different. generals. ³Beijing. We are accustomed to listening to such bragging that America would divide Pakistan into pieces. It means that a cat of a lion¶s body has jumped into a bevy of pigeons. because a big country like India which has such a strange and unfamiliar political system cannot eliminate the poverty of such a huge population just as China has done and is functioning under its own indigenous system (the same thing is true to Pakistan). Zhan says that after such a division. according to ³Times of India´. because they certainly reflect the government¶s policies. The second thing is clear while the first one is worth consideration. They are also different because they comprise of real scholars and literati.´ Zhan has also talked about Arunachal Pradesh near China¶s border which is a bone of contention between the two countries.´ Zhan adds. The 140 . More than 76% of the Indian people are living in extreme poverty. then why did the Indian government take a note of it? Evidently. India would become a prosperous country of the region and that would be in China¶s interest. But they have little or no influence on the government policy. especially when they talk to the people. should break India into 20-30 pieces and establish Free states there. it means that the report is really serious and it was taken seriously. while referring to an analysis of a Zhan Leo (which means µstrategy¶). ³China should work with different nationalities like the Tamil and Kashmiri people so that they could establish their own autonomous states. The people were dumb-founded on this news. despite the general elections during the last 62 years. This report has been eliminated from the internet. said that India would break up and divide into 30 autonomous states. with the help of friendly countries like Pakistan. in China they are answerable to the State Council or Communist Party of China. In the beginning of August. but. The Chinese think tanks should be taken seriously. They are not like our think tanks which have been stuffed with retired bureaucrats. which are outwardly free from governmental influences (and some of them are really free). BBC broadcasted this news that the Chinese institute of Strategic Studies. Nepal and Bhutan. air marshals and journalists. Contrary to American think tanks.´ The question arises that if this does not reflect China¶s official position. like the track-2 diplomacy with India. for which they should look unofficial. which itself is the biggest think tank of the country. who can do no real work because most of them get funds from the governments. The other area is Xaichen. Bangladesh.

´ This is Bhart Verma¶s thought full of exaggeration.´ It seems to have started. what is Mr Chen saying? He is saying. though America cannot be stopped from trying to show a miracle of the Tiananmen square. The peace loving India is ready for war neither on internal nor on external fronts. It is not facing any danger from the communists¶ grip.000 troops in Tibet where China has a small military garrison can create an imbalance.) In response to Verma¶s wrong notion about China¶s invasion of India in 2012.´ He adds. If Bhart Verma knows what China is. Chen Zheo Chen replied in ³China Business News´. China¶s ³shop of exports´ (it reflects jealousy) has not ³closed´. The shop of exports has closed because of a decrease in the exports of China and there is an unusual restlessness on the internal level. in which the former won and the 20th century was called µAmerica¶s century¶. will the civil administration be able to face internal security challenges (meaning µscenarist forces) which will be patronized from abroad?´ Verma answers: ³No.000 more Indian troops on the controversial border is a part of her recent forward policy. ³Yes. Verma says that unemployment there is 14%. ³Does its army have enough weapons to face Beijing and Islamabad on two fronts? And. They must remember that everything does not happen according to the plan. In 1962. It has created a danger of communists¶ grip on society. India can give all the answers. ³The communists of China feel the need of a military victory to unite their people. China¶s defensive attack was limited but successful. Only the destruction of mankind is the terrible scene. ³The reasons given for the invasion are senseless. which is their right hand. The world leadership went into the hands of America and the Soviet Union.´ After that Verma asks if the Indian leadership would tolerate the ³intensity of war´.´ The deployment of 60. ³China is worried at the attitude of Pakistan. They should also remember that the sun of their sultanates set when the European imperialists started fighting with each other. and that is India¶s µNew Forward Policy¶ which may increase border issues and compel China to use force. India¶s extra 60. Indian army acted aggressively after a small row with China in 1959. Then. writes. ³China would invade India before 2012.´ (µpeace loving¶ is a heavy word for India. and which is involved in anti-India activities at their instigation. and there is a capital outflow through Hong Kong.Indo-China war of 1962 was fought over the issue of the ownership of these regions. It is its forward policy. Indian democracy is an eye sore for China. After that Bhart Verma. war is possible. There is only one possibility of a war. he must also know how the fear of the Cultural Revolution has strengthened the Chinese people. 141 . Why? Beijing has many reasons to teach India the last lesson and this way China would gain certain dominance over Asia by the end of this century. in a long article in ³India Today Review´.

In this respect. For example. Indian leaders and media seriously reacted to an article of a Chinese think-tank. ³We want good relations with China. especially on its immediate neighbours«matching division should be changed to technological advancement on the Indian military side. Maoist movement has been raging in the form of peasant uprising in West Bengal. denounced the Lama as a ³splittist´ and pointed out that he has ³collaborated with the Indian military and American CIA to organize Indian Tibetan special border troops to fight their way back into Tibet. protested against the Hindu landlords who left no stone unturned in molesting the poor people through their mal-treatment such as forced labour and minimum wages. Zhan Lue. 2009. with the statement of Kapoor. calling the latter a strategic partner. Sino-Indian rift which was in its embryonic stage has come on the surface. alleging for supplying arms to these insurgents.´ It is notable that in order to conceal its covert activities. In 2009. However. it was the only personal opinion of a Chinese think-tank. While everyone knows that in more than seven states. we should be prepared for the eventuality. which suggested the disintegration of India. Mupala Luxman Rao in 1969. Particularly. However. has been playing a double game with Beijing by acting upon a secret strategy. India has always blamed China for backing Maoist uprising. As a matter of fact.Sino-Indian rift widens INDIA which has openly signed a number of mutual agreements with China. it does not favour independence of Tibet and avoids propaganda against Beijing. on August 11. 2006. And its leader. instead of addressing the root causes of the Maoist uprising.´ New Delhi shows that despite the Sino. including Maharashtra. but Indian high officials took it as the state voice of Beijing. the Indian government recently intensified its blame-game against china. it is a popular insurgency by the 142 . the former foreign minister Yashwant Sinha had said. but this statement clearly shows that the Indian rulers are ready to go even to the extent of war especially against China. India Today cited Navy Chief Admiral Suresh Mehta disclosing: ³China is likely to be more assertive on its claims. While New Delhi is no match to Beijing in conventional and nuclear weapons. We should reduce the Chinese footprints on the Indian Ocean. on July 27. Now this indigenous movement has expanded to other Indian regions. Indian Army chief General Deepak Kapoor openly revealed that the Indian Army ³is now revising its five-year-old doctrine´ and preparing for a ³possible two-front war with China and Pakistan´. having no official backing.´ The state-run China Daily. India itself faces separatist movements which are the result of acute poverty and social injustices. Although Sino-Indian differences have always existed due to the Indian presumption that peace-loving China is its adversary. But the Indian stand was indirectly expressed by its leaders and media. yet the same entered into an alarming situation when on December 29.Indian border dispute. but if we reach a point of conflict over Tibet. At present.

with the tactical support of the sole superpower. under the pretension of the China factor.´ However. on May 31. south of the Chinese border-the Aksai China area. India has also blamed China for backing a Maoist study centre so as to cause an uprising in Nepal. It is of particular attention that in May 1998. While the Indian allegations were already proven untrue when in the recent past. The US which signed a nuclear deal with India in 2008. the Pakistan Joint Chief of Staff Committee (JCSC) Chairman General Tariq Majid rightly indicated. on January 2. 2008. Pakistan¶s province. New Delhi re-opened its Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) airbase in Northern Ladakh.057-kilometre Line of Actual Control (LAC).´ India successfully tested its missile Agni-111 in May 2007. on February 26.downtrodden that have massive support of people for their ideology. are plotting to block the sea lanes of the Indian Ocean for their joint strategic goals. Recently. New Delhi and Israel. However. and accusing Beijing. on October 31. Balochistan where China has invested billions of dollars to develop the Gwadar seaport. land and sea ballistic systems. when India detonated five nuclear tests. In the recent past. ³Such a path could fix India on a selfdestructive mechanism. irritates both Washington and New Delhi. 2009 after 43 years. by neglecting all these ground realities.´ He further said that. intends to make India the mini-superpower of Asia by containing China and de-stabilizing Pakistan as well as Iran. the then defence minister George Fernandes had declared publicly that ³China is India¶s potential threat No1. With the help of Israel and America. ³India¶s Maoist rebels are now present in 20 states and have killed more than 900 Indian security officers«India¶s rapid economic growth has made it an emerging global power but also deepened stark inequalities in the society.´ India¶s misperceptions about Beijing in connection with the Maoist movement could also be judged from the fact that it has also been accusing the latter for supporting the Maoist insurgency in Nepal. Taking cognizance of Kapoor¶s threat against China and Pakistan. India has also erected more than 10 new helipads and roads between the Sino-Indian borders. However. ³The Indian Army Chief¶s statement exhibits a lack of strategic acumen. New Delhi has been advancing towards a self-destructive path. the Indian Navy Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta also accused Beijing and explained that the ³Indian Navy would keep a close watch on the movements of the Chinese submarines which are operating out of an underground base in the South China Sea´ and ³wish to enter the Indian Ocean´. 2009. the Maoist political party won the over-whelming majority in the country¶s first genuine elections. The New York Times wrote. The Indian defence ministry planners are working on building additional airfields and increasing troops ± raising two new mountain divisions to be deployed along the 4. India conducted its project in connection with air. In this regard. which overlooks the strategic Karakoram Pas and is only eight kilometres. Beijing and Islamabad cannot neglect their common defence when 143 . As regards to the Indian new military build-up against China. and extended its range to target all the big cities of China.

Both the countries have signed 11 agreements to enhance bilateral cooperation in diverse sectors. apparently emphasizes mutual cooperation. the Sino-Indian rift has only widened in the recent times. The Indian game plan against Beijing could also be assessed from the fact that New Delhi is grabbing waters of neighbouring countries. So the Sino-India rift is also part of the greater Cold War between the US and China. 144 . President Zardari had decided to visit China after every three months to further cement ties between the two old friends. Indian reservations regarding China¶s infrastructural projects in Azad Kashmir are unjustified and discriminative. Hence. The Chinese plan to build a dam on the river Yarlung Tsangpo in the upper reaches of Tibetan plateau. Returning to our earlier discussion. but has been acting upon anti-China secret diplomacy. Besides. reiterating that it would adversely affect navigation in the Brahmanputra River. India which has wideranging agreements with Beijing.their adversaries are following a covert strategy.

Nepal proposed that the Kalapani issue should be resolved according to the map of between 1850 and 1856 whereas India wants its solution according to the map of 1879. The Nepalese government did not deal with this problem in the way it should have been dealt. Those who are responsible for this loss of that piece of land must be punished. There are 54 places in 21 districts where complaints of occupation of 60.276 feet high above the sea level. The border line between Nepal and India is 1808 km long. the East India Company claimed that Antudanda was theirs.Occupation of Nepalese Territory Nepal and India have been fighting a long war over a Nepalese piece of land. which later on was given to Sikkim. Still the war is going on. Though belated. The basic causes of the conflict are those areas of Nepal which are near India¶s borders. It is quite interesting to note that both Nepal and India have shown this piece of land as their property. This border issue lingered on even after 1947. yet there are many other places which India has occupied.000 hectares are so common. But what does it mean? This is no solution to the problem. India believes that that piece of land would be crucial to stop Chinese forces¶ from advancing. In a meeting of the Technical Committee. Kalapani is the basic cause of the row between the two countries. 250 laborers came to Susta to work on the Bhaisaloton project and settled there. But it never ended because soon after the signing of the contract. Their condition is a vote for their party. but the political reason is the fact that BJP stopped the Biharis from going to Nepal. The Indian Foreign Minister insisted on a status quo. In fact. It is clear as daylight that this issue can be solved if the Nepalese Prime Minister works on it seriously. But then somehow Nepal succeeded in getting it back in 1838. due to the increasing population of India. There is illegal occupation on 37. On March 4th 1816 Nepal and the East India Company signed a document which ended the long row about the border between the two countries. In a meeting of both the countries on the foreign ministers¶ level.000 hectares in Kalapani. the Nepalese government and parliament have realized the seriousness of the matter. 1. but no policy has been evolved so far on this issue. A committee of the foreign affairs has issued this statement that all the issues have been resolved except the Susta and Kalapani issues. It is 20. Now this issue has reached the foreign office and it should reach the office of the prime minister too because the border issue is always a serious issue for every country. Nepal¶s Prime Minister has also expressed his concern. some people cleared the forests in Nepal¶s part and settled there.000 hectares in Susta. The Nepalese documents show the Kalee River as Nepal¶s border whereas the Indian map refutes that and shows the river as µKutiyangh¶. 14. as is evident from their MPs¶ recent visit of the Susta area when the foreign relations committee is focusing on it. and 26 districts of Nepal are near the Indian border. The dialogue about the border between the two countries has been going on for a long time. Nepal has totally rejected India¶s proposal. The conflict has been going on between the two countries because India changed the name of this river.600 hectares 145 . It is worth mentioning about the Susta border row that India has occupied 140002 hectares of land during the last 72 years.

we can see a lot of illegal occupations. 1980 and 1989 have changed the course of the Naryari river and India claims that the land that the river is flowing on is theirs. 1954. 98% of work on the border has been finalized in a meeting of a joint technical boundary meeting in New Delhi. 146 . and it separates Susta from Nepal. It is easy for India to occupy it. it is important that it gets back all its territories which are one fourth of Nepal in the same way as China got Hong Kong back from Britain. If we observe the border. social and political ones. There was a horrible war between India and China in 1962. The territory that Nepal has lost so far was never the property of the East India Company. The social reason is the fast growth of Indian population. The news about the Indian occupation of Nepal¶s territories is sometime published in newspapers. That is why the government is declaring that all the issues between India and Nepal have been resolved except the issues of Kalapani and Susta. After that the Kalapani issue Mechi and 450 hectares in Yarastan. . The natural cause is the flood because the floods of 1845. The other natural reason is this that Susta is situated where there are Indian pieces of land on its north and east and the river Naryai flows on its west. But drawing of maps is no solution because they are prone to amendment. India illegally occupied Nepal¶s territory on 22 November 2007 for the last time. There are 5 reasons for the occupation of the land in Susta including the Susta border issue and some other natural. If Nepal wants to prove right the concept of a greater Nepal.

But India is thinking of occupying this land of Hindu faith on any pretext. The government of the Congress in Nepal means that the Delhi government is ruling Nepal too. Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru was very upset when Shah Mahendra came into power in 1960. The UN mission has taken action in Nepal¶s Terai area which is also the centre of pro-India Mao rebels. which created many problems for the people of Nepal. It has already occupied Sikkim. It is dreaming of occupying Bhutan and Nepal. but then he signed some aid pacts. but the fact is that SAARC has never been an effective body because of India¶s objectionable attitude. Many were made homeless and the exact number of the disappeared persons is not known.RAW¶s activities in Nepal Nepal is the only Indian neighbour where almost everyone ± from Prime Minister to a policeman ± is on the pay role of RAW. About 13000 Nepalese were killed in the civil war. Then the genocide of the king¶s family in 1990 was according to the wishes of India. No longer does the Congress leave due to the people¶s protests and a strong opposition and the opposition coalition forms the government. A mission of the UNO (UNMIN) was sent to Nepal for a complete restoration of democracy and peace there because the Indian intervention had created a civil warlike situation in Nepal. It is not ready to even tolerate its neighbouring Hindu country Nepal. who keep that country in its tentacles. India helped and trained the Mao rebels. India is criticizing it. Peace prevails in Nepal and Mao rebels¶ attacks decrease when Congress rules there. That is why it objects to UN mission¶s steps towards peace. This mission completed its tenure in January 2008 but the government of Nepal has asked for an extension in its stay to put the country on the road to democracy and peace. As I have stated several times before. India has pushed Nepal into a civil war situation with its conspiracies. Why? Nepal is the only country in the world where the state religion is Hinduism. Everyone knows India¶s dangerous designs about the neighbouring countries. RAW agents are there in government parties. It wants to weaken the other south Asian countries and make its markets there. Nepal is also an important member of SAARC. and its state religion is Hinduism. The Mao rebels¶ attacks become severe and strong. India is a wolf in sheep¶s clothing and wants to deprive all the south Asian countries of their freedom. Nepal is a weak neighbouring country of India. India is behind all the disruption and economic difficulties there. whereas the mission¶s leader says that they are looking for a safe passage for transport of food to the people 147 . India¶s secret agencies are active in creating instability in Nepal. Indian intervention in Nepal¶s internal affairs started from then. Nepal¶s Congress is in fact another part of the Indian Congress. India has been dreaming of becoming a super power in Asia and it has aggressive designs against the neighbouring countries. lawlessness reaches the highest point. India wants instability in Nepal.

it would be able to find some more heinous intentions of India which would end Indian hegemony in Nepal. If the mission is extended. It is the duty of the Nepali government to check the vicious activities of Indian saboteurs because India is determined to mar the relationships between Nepal and other Muslim countries. 148 . The mission has found some irrefutable proofs of Indian intervention in Nepal¶s internal affairs.of Terai.

On November 6. King Wang chuck. In the latest positive development. India had tense relations with Bhutan due to allegations of direct interference in Thimphu¶s internal affairs and New Delhi¶s support to insurgent groups in the northeast. India is playing a double game to bring popular revolt against King Wang chuck somewhere in the next decade. with the domestic consumption of only 400 MW has currently an installed capacity of 1500 MW of hydropower. In the field of education.000 megawatt in hydropower by 2020. good to see that India is trying to mend its fences with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries. Bhutan. India is also helping in the construction of Punatsagchhu-1 project. 2008. It is pertinent to mention here that India is also assisting Bhutan to build three major hydro-electric projects at Chukh. 205 crore. Other agreements included curbing illicit drug trafficking. India would set up a 50seat undergraduate medical college on the lines of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). India has hegemonic ambitions in the region and Bhutan is an easy prey.000 teachers and 1. Bhutan is a very peace loving and friendly country and its people are happy and prosperous. Kurichu and Tala. India will prepare the initial technical reports for four new hydro-electricity projects with capacity of over 3500MW in the Himalayan kingdom. In the information Technology (IT) sector. civil aviation. health and Information Technology (IT) fields. geographically located between China and India has one of the highest per capita incomes in South Asia of over $2. Under this project. talks between King Wang chuck and the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh resulted in the signing of 12 agreements including four on hydropower generation. but India and other countries including US and Britain are attempting to abolish monarchy in Bhutan.Indo-Bhutan relations Bhutan. This cannot be achieved unless the minds of Bhutanese are brainwashed with the help of IT. India and Bhutan have inked a major project worth Rs. formal coronation of 29-year-old Bhutanese King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wang chuck took place in Thimphu.600 enterprises and 200.000 government officials. a Himalayan kingdom of 635.000 rural children.000 people. computer training will be given to over 7. The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had concluded an agreement with Bhutan in 2008 that it will help Bhutan build additional installed capacity of 10. The people of Bhutan are very loyal to the King and are happy and content. like his father is a ray of hope for the Bhutanese people and is contributing a lot for the uplift and development of his country. The entire surplus power is presently exported to India. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has convinced King Wang chuck that India wanted the democratic experiment in Bhutan to succeed. It is however.000. 5. India¶s main objective seems to create a greater India by placing Bhutan through a loose 149 . Some analysts feel that on the instigation of western powers and own vested interests. Besides.

it would be the greatest folly for Bhutan to fall in this trap. No doubt. India is also controlling Bhutan External Relations through the 1949 treaty between the two countries. One wonders that the agreement in hydropower generation is New Delhi¶s tool to enter Bhutan and win the hearts of masses. It is interesting to note that previously the SAARC conference used to fail due to India¶s interference in the internal affairs of the member countries. warlike material or stores without assistance and approval of India. machines. Bhutan should be allowed to make its own independent decisions and be treated at par with other countries of the world. It is time to get united for which SAARC can act as a powerful platform in bringing the South Asian nations together. India must realize that Bhutan is a sovereign country and changing the language of the 1949 treaty won¶t suffice. The times have changed. The Indians¶ past record is not very clean as regard to Bhutan. India believes that since Bhutan is surrounded by India on three sides and is dependent on India for access to the sea it should be part of India. One wonders. whether or not to purchase lethal or non-lethal weapons. and not India. it also came to light that India is interested in the security and defence cooperation with Bhutan. Although Bhutan shares borders with China but India claims that a pro-China policy is not viable for Bhutan. During the ongoing discussions between King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wang chuck and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. We have an example of Sri Lanka before us when the Indian armed forces physically occupied Sri Lanka in 1986 in the name of helping Colombo to get rid of insurgents. if the Indian armed forces are so smart why are they unable to control the law and order situation in more than 28 of its insurgency hit states. ammunition.confederation under Indian union. Although there were a lot of reviews and discussions but still Bhutan cannot frame its independent policies. It needs the decision of the Bhutanese King and its people. 150 . Article 2 of the treaty requires Bhutan to be guided by the advice of India in the conduct of its external relations while Article 6 bars Bhutan from import of arms. It is an irony that Bhutan can only purchase non-lethal military stores and equipment and there is a requirement of approval from New Delhi. India needs to change its imperialist and capitalist approach to bring peace in the region.

Terrorism in China An NGO has been established by Indian spy agency RAW in Badakhshan. including security forces. The Indian persuasive efforts and training of Chinese dissidents are facilitated with the active support of Afghan intelligence. It is believed that Indian intelligence operatives based in Afghanistan. They will be subsequently trained and sent to the Chinese province of Xingjian for creating instability. Moral. 151 . while taking advantage of the fragile situation. have made concerted efforts to attract maximum Chinese dissidents by offering them wide range of incentives. Some other reports suggest that the Indian agents have categorically instructed their operatives in Afghanistan and elsewhere for maintaining close contacts with Al-Qaeda for their financial need for ETIM leadership. Indians also aim to implicate Pakistani Taliban in these activities. which persuades Chinese nationals to join it. material and financial assistance is regularly provided by Indian trained-operatives to strengthen and then launch ETIM members from Afghan soil against China. They are being encouraged to target vital installations and high profile personalities in the Chinese province. It is learnt that these trained Chinese dissidents will be sent to Xingjian province in the garb of businessmen through various routes to ensure their safe landing. Indians have made progress into camps reportedly established by ETIM in Northern and Southern region of Afghanistan. To this end Indians may produce fake identities and push these passport holders to china and later reveal it as proof of Pakistani origin Taliban involvement in Xingjian. This move is aimed at creating cracks in the friendly relationship between Pakistan and China. These Chinese nationals are believed to be the members of East Turkmen Independent Movement (ETIM) and are considered suitable for creating unrest in Northern china.

Similar is the situation in Waziristan. History proves that the Muslims of the sub-continent demanded a separate country for themselves because an anti-Muslim environment had been created there. They cannot be trusted.000 to the unemployed Balochi young men to use them for anti-state activities. Hindus are very clever and cunning. after a keen and careful observation. admitted that Pakistan is neither aggressive nor has it been sending trained terrorists to Kashmir. RAW established 40 terrorist training camps in the Makran Division of Balochistan ± adjacent to Iran. RAW. But these extremist Hindu organizations take them back to those hateful days of 1947. Many people are killed but dead bodies are never desecrated. Enmities and animosities of the tribal people linger on for many generations and even for many centuries. are due to the mean and biased activities of these sectarian Hindu organizations. in the guise of Mukti Bahni. Facts cannot be denied. The strained relationships between both the countries. is respected as an honourable guest. Extremist and sectarian organizations of India have been active not only in India but also in other countries.A wolf in sheep¶s clothing Those who attacked the security personnel and butchered them in Waziristan and Swat were not the local people because the local people of that area. They are wolves in sheep¶s clothing. They have never accepted the creation of Pakistan. but the Hindu bigots always gave the impression that Pakistan is aggressive and oppressive. even if he is an enemy. Pakistan always extended her hand of friendship. but also increases hatred and animosity. Everyone knows how the Sikhs of East Punjab treated the migrating Muslims. Nor can friendly relations be maintained between them. It paid a monthly salary of Rs 1. whether they belong to a religious party or are non-religious. who were those people who not only attacked the security personnel but also were so cruel towards the local population. The police recovered from these arrested people remote control electronic devices. satellite mobile phones and some important documents and maps. Some people of India want friendly relationship with Pakistan. A visitor. These extremist Hindu organizations are against Pakistan. too? They were none other than the agents of the Indian secret agency ³RAW´. The strings of this net of ³a greater India´ are in the hands of RAW. nor does our religion allow it. Borders between them cannot be eliminated. They never accepted the creation of Pakistan. It is a fact that India and Pakistan are two different countries. They cannot occupy 152 . They even spare their lives if enemies visit them. The whole world. Then. There are so many similarities between the East Pakistan of 1971 and the tribal areas of present days. In East Pakistan. would never do such a heinous crime against even the worst of their enemies. The Kashmiris have been fighting for their freedom since 1947 against the occupied forces of India. It not only adversely affects the development of both the countries. About 60 of them have been arrested. decapitated the Pakistani soldiers and treated even the Bengalis in the same way.

We shall have to first resolve the Kashmir issue before we improve our relationship with India.Pakistan by force. 153 . but they want to tactfully continue their occupation of Kashmir and to find a market in Pakistan for its commodities.


155 .

The first Prime Minister of India. Kashmir was annexed to India. The Kashmir issue is in fact a part of an incomplete agenda of the division of India. It means that the Indian forces had already made a plan to enter Kashmir. the Indian rulers not only refused to give them the right of self-determination but also declared that Kashmir is a part and parcel of India. But then. But the Indian rulers fail to understand that Kashmir has become a big headache for them. But when Kashmir was about to get freedom as a result of the struggle of the Kashmiris. The whole nation has been suffering because of the wrong decision of the leadership in 1947. On the basis of this rule. This rule of freedom had been agreed upon at the time of partition. In 1947. civilization and culture. the state of Jammu and Kashmir should have joined Pakistan. promised that the Kashmiris would be given the right of self-determination as per the UN resolutions. Kashmir had to be a part of Pakistan. the maharaja of Kashmir and Indian rulers sent their forces to Kashmir and occupied a large part of it. There are 90 percent Muslims in Kashmir though their raja was a Hindu. it cannot win the hearts and minds of the people there because they are determined to get rid of the Indian 156 . Even the British realized the natural necessity of division of India into two autonomous states. on October 27. India has been acting upon many plans to make its imperialistic occupation eternal. Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah (late) had declared that trusting the Indians was his greatest blunder. Congress. had to accept it. The Kashmiri leaders demanded the Indian government to act upon the promises made to them in 1947. But the Hindus and the British rulers conspired to create hurdles in Kashmir¶s annexation to Pakistan. This is also a historical fact that Mountbatten wrote a letter to the Kashmiri raja and the Indian forces entered Kashmir that very day. the Muslims rose against them. religion. India has made Kashmir its colony. They admitted the right of self determination for the Kashmiris and decided that the Kashmiris would be given the right to decide their fate on the basis of adult franchise. Pakistan came into being in northern India on the basis of Muslim majority there. The Muslims and their leader Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah insisted on the two-nation theory. how could the newly created Pakistan remain unconcerned about the situation in Kashmir? India benefited from Pakistan's shortage of manpower. When. It was sure that the Indian forces would easily capture all of Kashmir. He also behaves badly with the Kashmiri women. The maharaja had taken no decision even two months after the division of India. On the basis of geo-strategic position. Whatever India does in Kashmir. Jawahar Lal Nehru. The Indian soldier checks the identity cards of every Kashmiri and hits him. believed that they were a part of Pakistan. arms and ammunition and means of transport. at the time of the creation of Pakistan. India raised this issue in the United Nations. The Hindus¶ party. Mountbatten ordered the Indian forces to enter Kashmir. The UN passed resolution to solve the Kashmir issue.Freedom movement in the occupied Kashmir The Kashmiris. Then.

157 . The Muslims were in great majority in Jammu and Kashmir and so Kashmir should have been annexed to Pakistan. There is only one solution and that is the right of self-determination. The 40 years¶ patience has forced the Kashmiris to take up arms. per its illegal contract with the Dogra rulers on October 27 1947. The Indian government. the UN and the Kashmiris themselves consider this occupation as illegal and immoral. It is occupying a large part of Kashmir. The whole world. There was no moral or legal justification for that. The maharaja of Kashmir had conspired on that day with the Indians to annex Kashmir to India.occupation. Even the state terrorism cannot control the situation there. This has annoyed India. occupied Jammu and Kashmir. It is known as Occupied Kashmir. The fact is that India itself is involved in terrorism against the Kashmiris. The Muslim sons of the soil and the Kashmiri youth protest on October 27 every year against the so-called annexation of Kashmir to India. Nothing can stop them. But the Dogra rulers conspired to make Kashmir a slave of India. calling it µacross the border terrorism¶. The Indian government is trying to present it as terrorism at the international level. India has forgotten the UN resolution. India has gotten entangled in it and cannot get a way out of it.

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation leader Yasin Malik said that he felt no decision would ever be taken to implement a roadmap for peace in the State. President Obama has many a time expressed his desire that the dispute between India and Pakistan should be resolved but has stayed short of playing an active role in resolving the dispute. i. in addition to participants from the host country and the conference was opened by former Indian premier IK Gujral. Sir Gerald Kaufman also shared his painful experiences of his visits of Kashmir where he was able to observe worst kind of violations of rights of people. One does not understand how members of Pakistani delegation had agreed to the topic. and it is the responsibility of Britain to help resolve this issue. which was essential for the peace of entire region. Prime Minister Gordon Brown¶s statement that the solution of the Kashmir issue is vital for world stability is indeed encouraging. as it is unfinished part of the partition of the subcontinent. Anyhow. which proved to be an exercise in futility. On second day of the conference. addressing Indo-Pak Conference on µroadmap for peace¶. the oppressed millions in Jammu and Kashmir would get their basic rights. British Labor Member of the Parliament Sir Gerald Kaufman in his address on Kashmir Solidarity Day seminar held in London said that the issue of Kashmir will be on top of the agenda in his meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown. But what transpired in the meeting was not known. On 5th February 2010. which bracketed Balochistan with Kashmir. Participants were invited from Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir. 10-12.. whereas Kashmir is 158 . as the former is part of Pakistan. The session was addressed by Asma Jahangir of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and important personalities from Balochistan. In January 2010. It has to be said that the Kashmir Dispute owes its origin to machinations of the governor general Lord Mountbatten. Pakistani delegation should not have attended the conference for bracketing Balochistan with Kashmir. He said that UK and US were concerned on the situation particularly for its bearings on stability and economy of Pakistan. A 3-day conference organized on Jan. after that he did not speak on the subject as to what transpired in his meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown. 2010 by a consortium of Indian fora ended.Resolution of Kashmir dispute The US and Britain often express concern over the looming threat of war between two nuclear states India and Pakistan. as it is a major flashpoint in the world. If the world powers including US and Britain take due interest in the matter and ensure implementation of the UN Resolutions on this issue. He asserted that UN Resolutions on Kashmir remained valid. the topic was ³Issue of Autonomy: Kashmir and Balochistan´. and would also strengthen world peace and stability. January 11.e. But he should take initiative and persuade international community to help resolve the dispute. He is perhaps the only British MP who believes that UN Resolutions are still valid. and peaceful resolution of the issue was possible only through the implementation of these Resolutions.

Balochistan and NWFP were neglected so far as their development is concerned. CIA and Mossad are active in Balochistan and FATA to destabilize Pakistan. It goes without saying that tribalism is firmly rooted in Balochistan. A couple of times Sardar Ataullah Mengal 159 . and there was no concept of any independent state. It is unfortunate that neither the British leadership nor the civil society in Pakistan consider it worthwhile to comment on what sardars have been doing to their people. As regards Mian Nawaz Sharif¶s suggestion of holding talks with those who are not in Balochistan is intriguing. But those who have not been weaned from the poison of sham nationalism. But this is also true that despite being part of the provincial governments. he should take measures to get the headquarters of BLA closed. which has left the province inexorably fragmented. and the fate they met. sardars had neither done anything to develop Baloshistan. and ethnic and tribal identity is a potent force for both individuals and groups in Balochistan. Britain should not allow leaders of the banned outfit Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) to issue instructions to the insurgents in Balochistan. and both are reported to have the backing and support from the enemies of Pakistan. Prime Minister Gordon Brown should look into the matter and. and Pakistani leadership ± ruling and opposition parties ± should work in unison to frustrate the designs of the enemies of Pakistan.a disputed territory. Each of these groups is based on different rules of social organization. keeping in view excellent relations between Britain and Pakistan. There is no denying that during British Raj and after independence. In this backdrop. He should have known that Brahmadagh Bugti is ensconced in Afghanistan near President Karzai¶s palace. with the result that there exists deep polarization among different groups. which is pending in the United Nations. The long dormant crisis had erupted into a brutal confrontation with the centre in 1973 when late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had tried to establish educational institutions and construction of roads in Balochistan. one can understand that the bone of contention between late Akbar Bugti and the federation arguably was that the former wanted an increase in gas royalty. From the statements and interviews of the scions of Akbar Bugti. nor persuaded the central government to make development plans for their province. The insurgency had lasted for four years from 1973 to 1977. It is too well known that RAW. and it was after promulgation of Martial Law by late General Zia-ul-Haq that sedition cases were withdrawn against Baloch sardars. Now Baloch sardars are peddling the idea the Balochistan was an independent entity in the plan for the partition of the subcontinent. Tribal group-ism has failed to integrate the state and enforce a national identity. and Mir Hybyar Marri is in London. They consider all natural resources of Balochistan their personal property and want to pocket all the profits and royalties. should take a look at the history of the Balkans. No human right activist cries over the atrocities inflicted on them by their feudal lords and sardars in their private jails. Britain is also in the picture that states Kashmir is either in India or Pakistan. and he is trying to draw political mileage from the contradictions between sardars and the government.

appeared in a television interview. Punjab and Sindh have sacrificed part of their share to Bahlochistan. Sardar Ataullah Mengal. and he would accept any outside help to disintegrate the country. It is heartening to note that there is dawning of realization on the part of the central government as well as provinces. and said that America did not pay any attention. and in this regard. 160 . Sardar Khair Bakhsh Marri and the scions of late Akbar Bugti should try to safeguard the interests of Baloch people but not through violence and bloodshed.

According to the Indian journalist. Pakistan is only interested in getting billions of dollars from America. The last diatribe of this Hindu journalist in the Guardian was like this: ³Within the next 20 years Pakistan as we know it today will probably not exist. General Arora was a Sikh.´ Which Pakistani is not aware of the anti-Pakistan mentality of the Hindus? I don¶t know why our leaders tell us that Pakistan has no threat from India when India. I firmly believe that with the grace of God. He believes that the Pakistan of 1947 came to an end in 1971. which has drenched hands with the blood of 90.´ He tells us that when he met Yahya Mujahid of Jamaat-ut-Dawa in Lahore. The planner of the war policy J F R Jacob was a Jew. Pakistan will always go on shining like a star. His article entitled ³The Demise of Pakistan is Inevitable´ was published in Britain¶s famous newspaper µGuardian¶ of June 14. Army Chief General Manik Shah was a Parsi. is now attacking Pakistan's ideological frontiers. ³The recent bomb attacks of the Taliban have been pestering their Pakistani paymasters.000 soldiers to sit idle on its eastern border. The demise of Pakistan is the wishful thinking of India and Israel and some enemies of Pakistan. He says that it was the armed forces of a secular India which liberated the Bengalis from the madness of the Pakistani government though none of the commanders of the invading Indian army was a Hindu. ³Pakistan's fight against the Taliban is like a fixed game.000 innocent Kashmiri Muslims and which separated East Pakistan in 1971. He continues that at the time of release of Hafiz Saeed. Even the Americans wonder how the aid of billions of dollars has been spent on strengthening the anti-India armed forces of Pakistan. 161 . If the Pakistani government had been serious about eliminating the Taliban. it would not have allowed its 200. terrorism and atomic technology¶s illegal network are spreading. But the Pakistani government would never change its attitude about the Taliban until the Taliban are determined to destroy India and liberate Kashmir.´ According to that journalist. Air Chief Idrees Latif was a Muslim. he (Yahya) affirmed that the war against India would continue till the freedom of Kashmir. He says.The Kashmir issue and peace Kapil Komireddi is an Indian journalist. The myth that the Hindus and the Muslims could not live together would have been justifiable if India had become a Hindu state after the separation of Muslims. there was no clear-cut justification for the creation of Pakistan in 1947. He often writes on India¶s foreign policy matters. His articles are published in some leading newspapers of India. the Lahore High Court judges said that there was no mention of Al Qaeda or its world-wide terrorism in their books. The Indian journalist says. America and Britain. The journalist thinks that Pakistan is a failed state where religious extremism. 2009.

This Hindu journalist. while pointing towards the Muslims. said. in Balochistan. 2009.´ The Muslims reaped what they had sowed. wrote an interesting article in the ³Guardian´ of April 5th. He wrote that India¶s role in Tibet and Burma is not praise-worthy. The Hindu will never tolerate Pakistan because he is imbued with the idea of a greater India. will destroy India¶s illmotivated designs. prejudices in the lives of the minorities.´ This proves India¶s intervention in the affairs of her neighbouring countries. There is no doubt in the fact that there is a foreign hand behind our internal problems. who criticizes Pakistan and praises the secular India. especially the Indian Muslims. ³There are many frightening names of Muslims like Osama bin Laden.´ The journalist writes that the Chief of Army Staff of Sri Lanka. Sarath Fonsche. in Southern Punjab and in Karachi. but India itself is silent about the Tamil Nadu politicians¶ involvement in Sri Lanka. entitled µIndia¶s Failing Secularism¶. Why couldn¶t it see the 50 mules and vehicles entering Pakistan from Afghanistan? Our leaders may hug and embrace the Indians and forget the UN resolutions. ³The religious minorities have always been worried since the partition because the economic development of India has not improved their miserable state. the international Jeans Information group has also confirmed this intervention. rather it wants to weaken Pakistan from inside by separating us from the whole world.India does not want a direct clash with Pakistan. recently wrote that the story of Hindus¶ atrocities against the Muslims is quite long. wrote on December 28. 2008 in a column entitled ³India¶s Double Standard´: ³According to the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. According to the Indian journalist.´ This journalist who predicts an imminent demise of Pakistan admitted a few months ago that the secularism of India can be explained according to the wishes of the Hindus. The Hindus butchered about 1000 Muslims in Gujrat in 2002. the Chief Minister Modi said. Moreover. They may also agree not to use atomic weapons. the journalist says that Varun Gandhi. there should be no double standards to end terrorism when the Indian leadership followed this double-standards rule when they helped LTTE in Sri Lanka. while defending their crime. ³Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. God willing. poverty.´ He added. According to this journalist. and. who is all praise for a secular India. Doesn¶t the entry and capture of the 50 arms laden mules into Pakistan prove that the Hindus and the Jews and America are behind all the trouble here? The Drone plane can see even the number plate of a car. 162 . ³The hand that rises against the Hindus will be cut. but at the same time it sends her foreign minister to Sri Lanka to press on the government there to talk with the LTTE. ³India tells Pakistan to rein in the jihadi organizations in Pakistan. This journalist who opposes the creation of Pakistan. India goes on repeating that it won¶t talk with the terrorists. had strongly condemned India¶s intervention in Sri Lanka. and by maligning our armed forces. by fuelling internal rifts in the frontier.´ It means no day passes when there are no linguistic riots. The Pakistani nation. He says. The journalist said. Is that not a matter of double standards?´ The same journalist. ³The LTTE could not have grown without the support of successive state governments in India.

Every Pakistani should understand this conspiracy. Then the Afghan people would make their own government and peace would prevail in South Asia. the respectable journalist Kuldip Nayyer wrote in the ³Gulf News´ on July 4th : ³There are no two opinions about the fact that the Kashmir issue should be resolved.´ Then Kuldip Nayyer gave this strange proposal: ³A better environment for the solution of the Kashmir issue can be created if both India and Pakistan join hands and attack the Taliban together.´ After listening to the above mentioned facts as told by an Indian journalist Kapil Komireddi. 1952 in Indian parliament. he should read this statement of India¶s founding father Jawahar Lal Nehru (He said it on August 7th. we are not going to stay against the wishes of the people. you can easily imagine whether the Muslims¶ demand for a separate free homeland was right or wrong. The Indian rulers know that the relationship with Pakistan cannot improve until this issue is resolved. All anti-Pakistan news and every article in foreign newspapers should be vehemently answered back. Our Ministry of Information and every Pakistani embassy in other countries must watch closely this venomous propaganda against Pakistan. ³India may break.´ The present leadership of India should understand that India will rise as a big economic power on the map of the world only when it gives the Indian Muslims the right of self determination in accordance with the UN resolutions and Nehru¶s promises.) and see for himself the mentality of µa greater India¶ and atrocities against the Kashmiri Muslims: ³I want to stress that it is only the people of Kashmir who can decide the future of Kashmir. it is our conviction and one that is borne out by the policy that we have pursued. A former member of Indian assembly and a former high commissioner to UK. such a day would never come when we would need Indian help to solve our internal problems. «. No doubt Pakistan is in a state of war and is under attack from the inside and from the outside. And you know how secular the Indian government is. This jihad is our duty. 163 . Kuldip Nayyer should tell the Indian leadership that the Taliban movement would come to an end only when the Kashmir issue is resolved and Indian Muslims are treated well and America leaves Afghanistan.According to him. It is not that we have merely said that to the United Nations and to the people of Kashmir. The two nations fought three wars including the Kargil conflict because of this issue. If someone is doubtful about India.´ God willing. However sad we may feel about leaving. We are not going to impose ourselves on them at the point of the bayonet.

The people of Kashmir are not a property which can be divided according to an inelastic formula. or they live as an autonomous state. Indian rulers knew that the people of Kashmir would never join India. British rulers and Hindus conspired to make the partition of Kashmir controversial.Backing away from Kashmir issue On August 14. There the Hindus in the referendum decided to join India. the rulers of the gubernatorial states were given three options: they annex with India. If India is doubtful. On September 5th. In 2004 Manmohan Singh and General Pervez Musharraf agreed on a UN platform that everything possible would be done to resolve the Kashmir issue. Negotiations were held with Pakistan and India and the five members of the commission ± Argentine. 1949. India¶s Sir Benegal Rama Rao openly declared and guaranteed in the 399th session of the Security Council on January 13th. But then the real face of India vis-à-vis Kashmir was revealed. Their future should be decided according to their wishes. the UN Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP) passed a resolution and agreed that a neutral referendum would be held about Kashmir¶s annexation with India or Pakistan. 1949 that his government would fully cooperate with the commission to resolve the Kashmir issue and would support the United Nations¶ efforts to establish peace in every place of the world. Every sensible person of the world can understand that Indian leaders are not sincere about a dialogue with Pakistan. 1947. Things were not the same in Kashmir. Our government has assured India many times that Pakistan is not intervening in the Occupied Kashmir. Later. India has imposed a strict government in Kashmir. 164 . On January 5th. There were Muslim rulers in Hyderabad and Junagadh and the majority of the subjects there were Hindus. Torture. Mr Nehru assured that the Kashmiri people themselves would decide the fate of Kashmir. But Indian government is reluctant to accept this proposal. About 700. But then Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru conspired and proposed a referendum in those states where the religious beliefs of the rulers were different from those of the majority. Czechoslovakia and America ± recognized it. 1947. he said it in New York that across the border intervention was the cause of trouble in Kashmir. Then in 2005 the Indian Prime Minister told the UN that there should be no fresh talks about border demarcations. According to the rule of division. Columbia. The history of Kashmir is the history of broken promises. Therefore many arguments were put forward to avoid a referendum there. 2005 Manmohan Singh promised with Mir Waiz Omar Farooq (Chairman of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference in Indian Occupied Kashmir) that India would do everything possible to stop violations of human rights. Here the maharaja was a Hindu and the people were Muslims.000 military and Paramilitary personnel are involved in the hateful violation of human rights. India is in the habit of breaking promises about the solution of the Kashmir issue. Indian leaders talk of negotiations but at the same time they hurl baseless accusation of Pakistani intervention in the Occupied Kashmir. neutral observers can be appointed on the control line. they annex with Pakistan. Professor Joseph Karbil was the chairman of the commission. On November 2nd.

But India never heeded to their wishes. disappearance of prisoners. which has no moral. political and legal justification. ransom. illegal arrests and torturing the political opponents in a cruel way are so common there. Their struggle during the last 62 years proves that they want the right of self-determination for themselves. The majority there are the Muslims who want to annex with Pakistan on the basis of a two-nation theory. Their participation is so vital in all negotiations. 165 . Three wars have been fought between India and Pakistan. But it declares that Kashmir is an integral part of India. They had already announced their annexation with Pakistan. India should keep its promise. looting.rape. kidnapping. The Kashmiri people are an important party in this issue. The Kashmiris have been fighting for their genuine rights. India is continuing military operations in Occupied Kashmir. The people of both Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir should be included in all moves to resolve the Kashmir issue. Pakistan demands the right of self-determination for the Kashmiris. Pakistan has always supported their struggle.

It is a fact that the destructive wars between India and Pakistan could not help resolve the differences. Pakistan supported them. So Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has stressed again the importance of talks between India and Pakistan to resolve all the issues. prosperity. not barriers. So India went to the UN and promised it would give the people of Kashmir the right of self-determination. and if America did not stop patronizing India. It is sad to note that the American support of India has jeopardized the regional peace. But the Kashmir issue is still unresolved. and we should always be ready for that. 166 . If the Indian rulers did not change their attitude. both India and America would be responsible for all the dangers to regional and world peace. It resulted in three destructive wars between the two countries. It resulted in a cease fire under the supervision of the UN. problems and issues. but India does not agree. India violated it and declared Kashmir an integral part of India. Rather these wars increased the differences and problems. Both the government and the people of Pakistan should keep in mind that we will have to offer more sacrifices for our safety and freedom. If there are no talks between these two countries. When the Muslim majority of Kashmir started dissidence against India. Pakistani rulers should watch closely Indian designs and Indo-American conspiracies.Obduracy on Kashmir Every government of Pakistan has always aspired for permanent peace. He said that the question of Indian intervention in Balochistan would be raised. Indian forces met defeat and destruction in Kashmir. it would encourage the terrorists and adversely affect the peace and stability of the region. progress and stability in the region and for a peaceful resolution of all the problems through negotiations with all the countries. It occupied not only Hyderabad and Deccan but also Kashmir. Even then. and to include the Kashmiri leadership in all parleys. It was agreed in the schedule of partition that the states would be allowed to annex with either India or Pakistan. It is also true that India is responsible for all these wars because India never accepted Pakistan. It coerced the Kashmiri people. They should also strengthen their defence. He said it in a meeting in Islamabad that we want to maintain a friendly relationship with all the neighbouring countries. and to resolve in particular the Kashmir issue according to the wishes of the Kashmiri people and the UN resolutions. But India never gave this right to any state. Pakistan has been trying to resolve this issue through talks and according to the wishes of the Kashmiri people. especially India. and that the politicians should build bridges.

It is an illegal occupation. Rape cases have been increasing. More than 1500 women were kidnapped. Kashmiris cannot be free until the last Indian soldier leaves. The freedom movement there is not a foreign element. Can there be a bigger terrorism? But no one sees the Indian army¶s terrorism. Not even a sparrow can enter India.000 of strong Indian army is facing defeat. it would be considered as state terrorism. All the Kashmiris hope that the sun of the new day would bring a message of freedom for them. Last year more than 300 people were killed for not working for them. 167 .More forces in Occupied Kashmir India had called back a limited number of its forces from Occupied Kashmir in November 2004 as a confidence building measure. the Indian Chief of armed forces has held Pakistan responsible for it. Indian forces have been violating the human rights. Outwardly it appears that the freedom fighters too are not in a great number. If India tried to suppress the Kashmiris forcefully. still they call it foreign intervention. Jhelum and Poonch rivers until this day of freedom dawns. Mental disorders and diseases are on the rise in the occupied valley because of the presence of Indian troops. The Kashmiris themselves want freedom from India. As usual. that is why India increased its forces in Occupied Kashmir to stop them from entering India. The state prisons are terrible. Indian forces have turned all of Occupied Kashmir into a jail. They beat and kidnap the Kashmiris if they refuse to work for them. All the Pakistanis support the Kashmiris¶ right of self-determination. After the cease fire of January 1st 1949. Even then 700. But now again it has sent there thousands more soldiers and has kept on an alert position two brigades of its forces. They are thrown into boiling or freezing water and they are mercilessly beaten. The Indian forces kill and rape without compunction. India itself is intervening. All sorts of atrocities are done against the Kashmiris. They are determined to get freedom. The desire for freedom is there in spite of the Indian army¶s cruelties. He argued that terrorists from Pakistan had started entering India again.000 soldiers in Occupied Kashmir. Indian forces have been coercing the Kashmiri people for the last 62 years. The mujahideen¶s struggle is on the rise because of Indian atrocities. Therefore. There were already about 700. People are being killed in fake encounters. India cannot go on enslaving the Kashmiris for a long time. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is not a spacious or dense area. Then why did India send thousands of more troops? India built an iron wall on the border and fixed search lights on them. India has developed this bad habit of accusing Pakistan of intervention. Blood would go on mixing with the waters of the Sind. the Kashmiris have realized that freedom won¶t be offered on a plate. More than 200 people with mental disorders visit Sri Nagar¶s mental hospital daily. India is vigilant on the border all the time. they have to struggle for it and make sacrifices and defeat the enemy. Civilization will come to Occupied Kashmir only when peace prevails there. So we can¶t even think of a decent civil society there.

Atrocities on the Kashmiris
India has been working on many plans for a permanent occupation of Occupied Kashmir. But the Indian rulers don¶t understand that they cannot swallow it. Whatever they do, they cannot win the hearts and minds of the Kashmiris. The Kashmiris want freedom from India at every cost. Nothing can stop them from their struggle for freedom. About seven hundred thousand Indian soldiers have been violating the human rights to suppress the freedom movement. RAW is fully supporting them. Their atrocities are heart rending. The mujahideen¶s struggle has exposed the claims of the puppet government there. The land of Occupied Kashmir is a victim of state terrorism of Indian forces. The Special Forces there have been committing every inhuman crime. They kill, shoot, rape, burn houses and force the people to migrate. The Indian government has established a special bureau (SSB) under the supervision of RAW. Its training camps are there in Jammu, Rajori, Mandhar and Poonch. Those who get a 6-week training there are given a free hand to murder and commit other inhuman crimes. Some of them are sent to Azad Kashmir for espionage and destruction. India is not ready to read what is writ on the wall. It has given no importance to world opinion and to the UN resolutions. India is involved in state terrorism but it accuses Pakistan and ISI. Its brainless answer to everything is across the border intervention. India must realize that this trend has never helped it; nor would it help it in the future. Truth will prevail. India must realize that a peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue would solve all the problems. This is the only solution to the problems of millions of people who are living in adverse conditions across India India has been committing crimes and atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. It has been killing 10 to 15 innocent Kashmiris daily. Their number has risen to about 100,000. Millions of the young people are being tortured in jails, thus crippling them mentally and physically. Children are being made orphans and women, widows. The Kashmiris will heave a sigh of relief if India calls back its army from there. So much blood has been shed in Kashmir. This issue must be resolved now.


The national hero of occupied Kashmir
Indian imperialists offered chief premiership dozens of times to the son of a labourer and a Syed. In response to such an offer, Syed Ali Gilani said, ³The office of the chief minister has no value against that grand mission for which I¶ve devoted myself. My motto and my mission of life cannot be sacrificed for this designation. The world must know that we are not a saleable commodity. India cannot buy us. Nor can we bow before any hegemonic power.´ The 80-year old ailing Syed Ali Gilani was imprisoned for two years under the Indian black laws. The pangs of imprisonment and torture didn¶t matter much to him. This leader of the freedom fighters was first arrested on August 28 1962 when he was quite young. The same thing is happening even in 2009. This son of the Syed, who is true to his word, has been carrying his own cross since long. He was handed over to different investigation institutions many times. Many cases were registered against him. But not even a bullet has been recovered from him. Even then the Indian imperialists are afraid of him and they even arrested him despite his severe illness. Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had declared Kashmir as the jugular vein of Pakistan. We have Islamic as well as strategic and geographical ties with Kashmir. We share a 700-mile long border with this state. The only road that connects it with the rest of the world is the Rawalpindi road. The inhabitants of Kashmir have Islamic, religious, cultural and social relationships with Pakistan. All the rivers from Kashmir flow towards Pakistan. Cool breezes come from Kashmir. Pakistan is now facing the water crisis. This crisis is gradually taking Pakistan and the Pakistanis towards death. India has started building illegal dams on three of the rivers that flow towards Pakistan. Pakistan¶s second biggest water-related plan ± Bhasha Dam ± is in jeopardy. Why? Our jugular vein is in the hands of the enemy. Not only that. The presence of enemy forces on the snow-laden tops of Kashmir has jeopardized even the defence of Pakistan. Syed Ali Gilani is Pakistan's advocate in Kashmir, whom the Pakistanis have forgotten, although Gilani says it clearly, ³Pakistan has a right on the waters of Kashmir and no one can deny this right.´ This son of a Syed is faithful to Pakistan even at the age of 80. But then, what are the Pakistanis doing? Did they ever think about that? It was expected that the Pakistani media and people would show a strong reaction against the unconstitutional and immoral arrest of Syed Ali Gilani. But his arrest could not make headlines in the Pakistani media. The dictator had taken a u-turn on Kashmir after which the graveyards of Shopian, Sri Nagar and Islamabad have been expanding. Even then there is silence in Pakistan. Even the literati have not written anything about this sad state of affairs in Kashmir despite the fact that Syed Ali Gilani is not only a freedom fighter but also a literary man. He was an editor of the most popular weekly ³Azaan´ of Kashmir, and the Pakistani media had declared his ³Roodad-e-Qafs´ as the best book of the year. Historians would declare Syed Ali Gilani as the greatest freedom loving leader of this era. Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukh Dev and Ashfaqullah occupy a high place in 169

the history of India. These freedom fighters wrote the history of freedom for India with their own blood. But when the historians of the Kashmir liberation movement make an impartial analysis, they will admit that the sons of mother India were betraying their own µhero¶. They broke those very rules and regulations on the basis of which they fought against the British. The freedom of Kashmir is the writing on the wall. If East and West Germany can unite, Kashmir too will become a part of Pakistan. The time will come when the student of history, while visiting the memorial places in Naini jail, Central jail Alahabad, Sri Nagar jail and all those jails where Syed Ali Gilani was kept, would ask the followers of Gandhi that, if the struggle of Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukh Dev and Ashfaqullah is part of their story of freedom, why they didn¶t grant liberation to Kashmir. He would declare Syed Ali Gilani as Nelson Mandela. But at the same time, he would regret the world conscience which grants a Nobel Prize to Nelson Mandela for his struggle against apartheid, but ignores the person who struggled for the right of self-determination according to the UN Charter and resolutions. Syed Ali Gilani says it clearly, ³I don¶t accept Kashmir¶s so-called annexation to India. I¶m a rebel to Indian imperialism, and I¶d kiss even the rope of the gallows for that.´


Occupation of Siachen
Siachen undoubtedly is a part of Pakistan because foreign mountain climbers, since long, have been going to the Siachen glacier via Skardu with a formal written permission from the government of Pakistan. In 1957, a team from the Imperial Defence College, London, went to Siachen with the permission of the Pakistani government. In 1960-61, Australian climbers went there via Khaplu. In 1962, 1967 and 1969, the Indian forces suddenly occupied Siachen and it became a controversial place. The Pakistani government lodged a strong protest with India when it opened this controversial place for tourism. This opening of Siachen for tourism would be detrimental because Indian occupation of Siachen is illegal. Siachen glacier is in the east of Baltistan. It is 46 miles long and 6166 meters high. It is 30 miles from the Pak-China border, inside Pakistan. In 1984 Indian forces suddenly occupied a part of Siachen. Troops of both the countries are facing each other. According to the SinoPak contract of 1962, Pakistan¶s control line is shown from the Korakoram Pass in the east, including Siachen. India never objected to it. The main cause of occupation of Siachen is to keep an eye on Sino-Pak relations via Shahrah-e-Raisham and control it if it is needed. After Siachen, India also tried to occupy the tops of Kargil but failed due to the timely action of the Pakistani forces. India insists that the present position of the troops be determined, whereas Pakistan insists that that would mean amendment to the line of control, which was determined in the Simla Accord. This amendment is a political problem not a technical one. So it should be resolved. The line according to the Simla Accord ended where the glacier started because the glacier is in that part which is towards Pakistan. On the failure of the Siachen parleys, the BBC representative asked India¶s former Chief of Army Staff VP Malk, how would there be an improvement in relations when on one hand his government talks of confidence-building measures and, on the other hand, has such a strict attitude about Siachen. VP Malk could give no answer. According to an Indian journalist, India spends two million dollars daily on Siachen. While talking about Siachen, an Indian officer said that those who have served on Siachen, collectively believe that India is in a strange situation. They could have avoided being entangled in this cold hell, but due to lack of insight on the part of the Indian politicians and senior commanders, the troops of both the countries are entangled in a useless war. It is a cancer for India. Declaring Siachen as a nonmilitary area or withdrawal of troops of both the countries is in India¶s interest, but India wants to delay it. The Kashmir issue is the main cause of all the wars between India and Pakistan. Though Siachen is an unpopulated snow capped piece of land, yet India has no right to occupy it because it is a part of Pakistan. It is a violation of international as well as moral laws. On the other hand, Kashmir is a paradise-like valley where millions of people live. It has become hell because of India¶s obduracy. Is there any inhuman crime which India has not committed on the majority of its people? About 100,000 171

but India accuses those who defend themselves as terrorists. thousands of women have been raped and millions of the people have been made homeless.young men have been martyred there. Self-defence is the law of nature. then are Indian forces¶ atrocities in Kashmir not state terrorism? 172 . If it is terrorism.

173 .


175 .

It is instead. But now India is usurping water supplies that rightfully belong to us under the terms of the 1960 Indus Waters Treaty.000MW Pakot Dul dam on Chenab after the completion of the Baglihar Hydropower Project. India plans to build a 21-Kilometre-long tunnel for diversion of the Neelam176 . These dams would be built by cutting in the occupied Kashmir which would affect rainfall in Pakistan. Pakistan nurtured militants who operated on both the western and eastern borders and ultimately turned their guns on the country itself once Islamabad renounced links that only the most ill-informed could ignore. India is not only building projects on Chenab but was also building 240MW Uri Power Project and 330MW Kishan Ganga Power Project on the Jhelum River. It had not provided any technical information about the new dams to Pakistan as required under the Indus Waters Treaty. pro-peace commentators in this country who some-how find hope in the face of brazen provocation.India¶s water theft It seems that India is trying to choke Pakistan in every way possible. a move that could deal a body blow to an agrarian economy that is already under severe stress. which would affect the flow of water to Pakistan. 1. India is seen as a regional bully throughout SAARC. There is no shortage of well-meaning.85 MAF water of Chenab. In fact. India could build run-of-river hydropower projects and utilize 2.200 MW Siwalkot dam and 1. Under the terms of the Indus Waters Treaty. it would be taken up at the top government-to-government level. Jhelum and Indus rivers. That did not happen and it is up to the comity of nations to ensure that India¶s transgression is stopped dead in its tracks. The Pakistan government would take up the issue of proposed construction of four dams by India. Clearly. Under the World Bank-sponsored Indus Waters Treaty. damaging its agriculture production. What¶s more. India has started construction of the 1. trying to destroy the agriculture of Pakistan by executing projects for stealing water of the three rivers in violation of the treaty. it could be said that India¶s decision to go ahead with the Kishanganga hydropower project and four other dams in Indian-administered Kashmir are geared not so much towards meeting its own needs as impoverishing Pakistan.030MW Basrur Multipower project. India is not abiding by the rules ± probably because it sees itself as a power that is somehow above regulations. Pakistan enjoys exclusive rights to the volumes generated by the Chenab. The construction of four dams by India would be discussed at an expert level and after finding its solution. Jhelum and Indus under the Indus Waters Treaty. This attitude has harmed its credentials not only in Pakistan but also in other SAARC countries as well. But even they must accept that New Delhi can be most intransigent when it comes to issues that Pakistan rightly sees as a matter of life and death. True. India is required by law to inform Pakistan six months in advance if work is to commence on diverting or stalling waters covered under the 1960 agreement.

India created more problems for Pakistan by not providing timely information about the floods of monsoon. The Pakistani commissioner of the Indus Waters Treaty. India should desist from the river water diversion which was a violation of the Indus Waters Treaty. India continued making Pakistan a barren land and also provided lesser water than the agreement. India would have no right on the water of these rivers. It was agreed that India would use the water of the Ravi. The boundary commission was not impartial. the danger of war between the two countries increased. Jhelum and Sind rivers. At last. India also is working on a project of a 105megawatt hydro power on lower Jhelum. It should not only provide complete information about the projects on the Jhelum and Chenab rivers but also allow the representatives of Pakistan to inspect all such projects. yet the construction of a new dam is dangerous. illiteracy and other economic problems. leaving West Pakistan¶s agriculture at the mercy of India. Moreover. Jhelum and Sind. India is also using more than its permitted water share through Ranbir and Partab canals. At the time of Partition. When India stopped the water of those rivers which flow towards Pakistan. According to this accord. a contract was signed on September 9th. Satluj and Beas rivers and Pakistan would use the water of the Chenab. When India tried to harm Pakistan¶s agriculture by stopping water from the Sind river in 1951. That is why it wants to keep the Kashmir issue intact and increase confrontation so that Pakistan should spend its resources for its safety only and not to end poverty. India has been using water as a big weapon since 1948. 1960 in Karachi. India has never recognized Pakistan. with the efforts of the World Bank. which adversely affected 3 million acres of the Punjab province. It has also started construction of another dam on the Jhelum River. India would not build any dam or barrage on all these three western rivers namely Chenab. the water crisis between the two countries became serious. India starts a new 177 . India can cause floods in Pakistan whenever it wants. Pakistan raised the issue of the one million acre land in front of the boundary commission. It also affected the production of electricity of Mangla Dam because of a shortage of water there. During the last four decades. Though India has stopped work on Wooler Barrage. violating the Indus Waters Treaty. Then Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan (late) declared that we would prefer to die on the battle field for even a single drop of water.Jhelum and the Kishan Ganga Water Project. the Radcliffe Award handed over two important head works ± Madhopur and Ferozepur ± to India. India. Jamat Ali Shah. After the construction of this dam. First India tried to give a big blow to Pakistan¶s agriculture by building the Wooler Barrage in 1994. Now again India has started construction in violation of the Indus Waters Treaty. India has started work on its Morha plan of 9 megawatt on the Jhelum River in Occupied Kashmir. declared the construction of this 240-megawatt Orhi 11 project as serious for Pakistan. This project was started in 1993 but India stopped work due to a full-fledged protest from Pakistan. which threatened Pakistan¶s 930MW Neelam-Jhelum Project. This accord is in danger because of India¶s expansionism and ill will. tried to make Pakistan a barren land.

It is high time India cooperated with Pakistan and provided Pakistan¶s share of water. The most important issue however between the two countries is the issue of Kashmir. India has spread its net of conspiracies and is now constructing this dam with the help of Israel. In short. Then the issue of the division of water started. as it did in the case of the Kashmir issue. otherwise Pakistan would suffer severely. It does not show Pakistan the designs of the dam. nor does it allow Pakistan to inspect it. Wooler Barrage and media war. India shows obduracy all the time and succeeds in it. 178 .issue every now and then.

Baglihar dam
According to the puppet chief minister of Occupied Kashmir, Ghulam Nabi Azad, 450 megawatt electricity production in Baglihar Dam would start in June. The Indian government has been building many dams in Occupied Kashmir. All the rivers, canals and water channels which flow towards Pakistan are being closed. India aims at making Pakistan a desert like Somalia and Ethiopia. Pakistan is against the construction of Baglihar Dam which is being built on the river Chenab in the Doda district in Occupied Kashmir because this dam, which will cost Rs 4000 crore and produce 450 megawatt electricity is a violation of the Indus Waters Treaty. This will create more problems for Pakistan which has already been facing water shortage. India is building this dam despite many protests by Pakistan. Pakistan wanted to solve this problem seriously and sincerely but India is using the delaying techniques. When this problem was not solved through mutual talks, Pakistan, in the light of the Accord¶s article no. 91, raised this matter before the World Bank. Pakistan had no other option because of India¶s obduracy. Pakistan wants no favors from India; it only wants to stop India from taking an illegal action. Pakistan has many reservations and apprehensions about the construction of Baglihar Dam, about its design, height and its capacity to store water. Its height is 144.5 meters, its length on top is 317 meters and it can store 15 billion cubic meter water. According to the Indus Basin Accord 1960, no dam can be built to stop the water of the Chenab River in Kashmir. But India continued building dams despite Pakistan¶s protests. Pakistan accepted the representative of the World Bank as an arbitrator. This arbitrator, after hearing Pakistan¶s objections, initially stated that Pakistan was right, but then he changed his opinion and said that India was right. Indian experts had already been saying that all the arbitrators of World Bank would decide in favor of India. The World Bank¶s neutral expert Professor Raymond Lafeeti reported that the Biglihar Dam issue cannot be resolved because they did not accept Pakistan¶s stand that the construction of this dam was a violation of the SindTas Accord of 1960. The neutral expert said the height of Baglihar Dam was too much above the water level and India would increase its water level thus resulting in lesser water for Pakistan. Experts believe that after the construction of the Baglihar Dam, Pakistan would be deprived of 7000 cusec water every day and that would be a big loss to Pakistan. Pakistan informed India about its losses but India rejected our protest with this argument that it did not rain much during the last two years and that water shortage was not due to the construction of Baglihar Dam. After the completion of this dam, daily shortage of water during the rabi season would be from seven to eight thousand cusecs. Water from Tarbela and Mangla dams would be supplied for irrigation of wheat crops. The construction of Baglihar Dam would cause shortage of water in Tarbela and Mangla. Thus, enough water won¶t be provided to wheat crops in rabi. It will decrease per acre production of wheat. The design of Baglihar Dam is such that it would slow the natural flow of the Chenab River. According to the SindTas Accord, India has no legal right to stop the flow of the Chenab River. 179

Water hegemony
During the last couple of years, confrontation between India and Pakistan over the construction of Baglihar dam have created much bitterness between the two countries. Both countries already have had a bitter dispute over the Indus water. A similar situation was faced by Bangladesh after the construction of a canal by India, diverting the water of river Brahmaputra. According to Karl Marx, economic interests dictate the course of history. If we grill this statement with regards to Pakistan and India, it would be more appropriate to say that the water decides the true mechanism of any state¶s survival and political profile. Any water controversy between India and Pakistan indicates lack of monitoring and implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty 1960 in its letter and spirit. Water is a gift from Almighty Allah and the symbol of life. The scarcity of water means strangulation and drought, resulting into a chain reaction leading to one problem after the other: For instance, land erosion, shortage of agricultural products, price hike, unemployment, law and order situation, chaos and anarchy and its ultimate product violence breeding more violence. There is no concept of plantation without water. Irrigation is the life-line of plants. More than 70 percent of Pakistan economy is based on agriculture. The same situation is faced by other South Asian states like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan. It means the mainstay of survival of both rivals ± Pakistan and India ±± rests on the availability of water. Even though the two countries do not fight against each other in the battlefield, water blockade by one state can defeat the other. During the last couple of years, confrontation between India and Pakistan over the construction of Baglihar dam created much bitterness between the two countries. Both countries already have had a bitter dispute over the Indus water. A similar situation was faced by Bangladesh after the construction of a canal by India, to divert the water of river Brahmaputra. Tension also continues between India and Nepal, India and China ± that might one day take a serious turn, as all the entities claim their share of water from the river water passing through their respective territories. Apart from the survival, the water of India and Pakistan also decides their respective prowess to twist the arms or brow beat its rival. When Pakistan raised its voice against hegemonic and expansionist designs, nobody bothered to heed. But now, when the water crisis has become the matter of life and death, its policies to choke the water resources by building dams such as Dulhasti, Dugar, Gondhala, Reoli/Dugli, Sach-Khas, Tandi, Teling Kirthal hydropower projects, besides Baglihar dam on Chenab further aggravates Pakistan¶s position. According to reports, India has also commenced its projects like Uri-I and Uri-2, on the same river. According to the Indian prime Minister there are actually 67 projects, nineteen out of which have already been completed. 180

According to John Briscoe and Usman Qamar who compiled their book titled ³Pakistan¶s Water Economy ± Running Dry´, Pakistan is one of the world¶s most arid countries, with an average rainfall of under 240mm a year. Its population and the economy are heavily dependent on an annual influx into the Indus river system (Including the Indus, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi) Beas, and Sutlej rivers) of about 180 billion cubic meters of water that emanates from the neighbouring countries and is mostly derived from the snow that melts in the Himalayas. The first challenge arose when the partition of the Indo-Pak subcontinent severed the irrigated heartland of Punjab from the life giving waters of the Ravi, Beas and Sutlej rivers. In the unprecedented triumph of water diplomacy, Pakistani engineers, together with their Indian counterparts and the World Bank, negotiated the Indus Waters Treaty giving Pakistan the right in perpetuity to the waters of Indus, Jhelum and Chenab rivers, which comprise 75 percent of the flow of the whole Indus system. Experts on the water division surveys divide this region into three distinct plains; the Indus valley (mostly in Pakistan), the Punjab valley (divided between India and Pakistan including Haryana plains) and the Middle and Lower Ganga valley. By another definition, the Indo-Gangetic Plain is divided into two drainage basins; the eastern part consists of the Ganga-Brahmaputra drainage systems and Delhi Ridge. These regional distinctions are based primarily on the availability of water. In terms of availability of water, the Indian reservoir of water that it received through Brahmaputra and Ganga is much bigger than the share Pakistan received under the Indus Waters Treaty. Pakistan objected to the construction of the dams on the Indus and Chenab in Jammu and Kashmir which is part of the large dispute over water sharing of the Indus River and its tributaries. Will the whole South Asia die of hunger and lack of the necessities of life: food primarily, while Indian hegemonic and expansionist attitude will go on unrestricted?


Hydro power projects on Chenab
India has planned to build four hydro power projects on the Chenab River. They would produce 1180 megawatt electricity. During the last four decades, India not only continued its efforts to make Pakistan a barren land but also provided lesser water than it had agreed on. Moreover, India created more problems for Pakistan by not providing timely information about the floods during the monsoon. India has also started construction of a controversial Baglihar Dam on the Chenab River, in violation of the Sind-Tas Accord. Pakistan raised this issue in the World Bank but India did not act upon its decision too. India built the Biglihar Dam in spite of the protests from Pakistan. Pakistan appealed to the World Bank but India continued violating the accord. It wants to hit hard our agricultural economy by building Baglihar Dam and Gangakishan Dam. Due to the Indus Waters Treaty, India not only dried the three rivers of Pakistan but also strengthened its hold on Occupied Kashmir by occupying the sources of the rivers. India is so active in stopping the flow of water into Pakistan that it is closing the rivers starting from Occupied Kashmir and also using every influence to compel Afghanistan to build a dam on the Kabul river so that the Warsik hydro power house near Peshawar should stop working and Pakistan should be deprived not only of water but also of electricity. India has made the Baglihar Dam a controversial issue as it had made the Wooler Barrage. The Baglihar Dam has been completed on the Chenab River in the Chanderkot area of the Doda District of Occupied Kashmir, 150 km from Jammu. It would produce 450 megawatt electricity. It has caused a shortage of 10,000 cusec water daily. It amounts to 250,000 cusecs in one season. The Baglihar Dam is an irredeemable loss for our country. Its construction is a big shock to the Pakistani nation. It would cause an immense loss to the Pakistani agriculture and economy. India has already occupied the rivers of the Punjab. The construction of dams in Occupied Kashmir has caused shortage of 7000 to 8000 cusecs of water daily. Water from Tarbela and Mangla is provided for wheat crops in Pakistan. There is also a shortage of water in Tarbela and Mangla due to these dams. Thus, enough water would not be supplied to wheat crops in Rabi, and per acre production of wheat would decrease.


The Kabul River starts its journey from Pakistan¶s Chitral valley and enters into Afghanistan about 45 km west of Kabul. Both India and Pakistan. in accordance with the Sind-Tas Accord. The present rulers after the Taliban naturally consider themselves to be nearer to India. the US ambassador in Afghanistan has offered the Afghan minister for water and electricity the US aid to build a mega dam on the Kabul River at Dromund. But there is no such contract with the Afghan government. It enters Pakistan north of the Khyber Pass after a long journey through the city of Kabul. The Indian government has made this large-hearted offer to Afghanistan that it would provide not only technical know-how and expert services but also a large amount of three billion dollars to construct a big dam on the Kabul River. The shortage of water in the Kabul River would adversely affect the Warsik Dam which gets water from that river. That is why they. Water from both the Sind River and the Kabul river can be stored in the Kalabagh Dam. The aim of building a dam on the Kabul River is to deprive Pakistan of a large amount of water and to hamper Pakistan¶s efforts to achieve its agricultural targets of self sufficiency. The provincial government of Nangarhar planned to construct a long dam on the Kunar River. the proposed Indo-US sponsored Dromund Dam on the Kabul River would stop a large amount of water from flowing into Pakistan. It flows through the Peshawar district and falls into the Sind River near Attock. under the supervision of the Indian experts. can appeal to the World Bank for arbitration. it would deprive millions of acres of agricultural land of Pakistan of water from the Kabul River. 560 kilometres of it is in Afghanistan and 140 kilometres is in Pakistan. India has already taken some practical steps in that direction. the dam on the Kabul River would hit hard the Kalabagh Dam project. easily feel inclined to antiPakistan plans. The water experts of Pakistan are seriously worried because Pakistan uses the clear drinkable water of the Kabul River. We badly need water from the Kabul River to fill the Kalabagh Dam. It puts forward such proposals to the Kabul administration which outwardly are beneficial to the Afghan people but they in fact aim at harming Pakistan.Dam on Kabul River Many rivers of all sizes in the eastern part of Afghanistan fall into the Kabul River in Pakistan and thus they provide some extra water to it. near Jalalabad. too. If a dam is built on this river. As a result of Indian conspiracies. Work has started on this plan too. Similarly. to change its direction towards the Imberi desert to make it irrigable. Pakistan would be deprived of three fourth water of the Konar River. should use its influence to stop the Afghan government from constructing this dam. India exploits this situation. as they did in the Baglihar Dam case. The length of the Kabul River is about 700 kilometres. If India succeeds in its efforts. As a result. The Pakistan government needs to contact the Afghan government to inspect the site of the dam and. 183 . if needed. under a sort of silent diplomacy.


185 .

India came to the fore front when General Yahya Khan announced to hold elections in 1971 and it provided money and a well-organized force of agents to the Awami League which paved the way for its success in the general elections. the Indian agents and rogues of Mukti Bahni and the Awami League started killing the Biharis. Lal Bahadur Shastri and Nrisma Rao. When our armed forces had crushed this rebellion and normalized the situation there. under the leadership of Pandit Nehru. At the time of the 1971 war. Indian diplomats openly distributed money among the journalists and literati in Dhaka¶s press club and instigated them against West Pakistan. raped 300. The Congress leadership never accepted the creation of Pakistan.Naked aggression The Congress leaders Gandhi. Pandit Nehru and Patel believed that Pakistan won¶t survive long. The dead 186 . has always been conspiring to harm and divide Pakistan. who started a maligning campaign against West Pakistan. Indira Gandhi¶s government trained groups of Hindu teachers to mislead the patriotic people of East Pakistan. The vitriolic anti-Pakistan Indira Gandhi made pieces of an Islamic country. In the late 1960s. Sheikh Mujib had always been exploiting the linguistic crisis for his political gains. India planned to create Bangladesh and funded Mukti Bahni and gave money and arms to the Hindus and to the Awami League workers all over East Pakistan. But it failed. created rifts among the Muslims and divided them. India severed the air and naval communications between East and West Pakistan and founded Bangladesh through naked aggression. First of all. Later. Her son Sanjay Gandhi died in a plane crash. Three of them were these: they killed about 3 million Bengalis. Her second son was killed in a bomb attack when he was a prime minister. It won the elections in East Pakistan thanks to its vandalism and rigging. the Indira Gandhi government tried to trap Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman and some other leaders of the Awami League. India attacked Pakistan and at the same time founded Mukti Bahni for which its own soldiers worked and it gave them arms and ammunition and spread them all over East Pakistan. India spread a network of conspiracies and used some Sindhi nationalist leaders to separate Sindh from Pakistan. It also gave the same feedback to the international media which. Indira Gandhi was killed when she was on her way to the Prime Minister House or Rashtrapati Bhavan. Thus Pakistan was not only left alone in the world but also became a victim of hatred from all the people. Indira Gandhi.000 women and burned down many villages. It. Mukti Bahni¶s headquarter was established in Calcutta and given the name of Mujibnagar. maligned Pakistan. But see nature¶s law of retribution. without any investigation. The big powers at last decided to separate East Pakistan and India made it Bangladesh. When General Yahya Khan postponed indefinitely the meeting of the National Assembly. the Indian media hurled some illogical accusations against the Pakistani forces. Her sons and she could not die a natural death. the citizens of West Pakistan and pro-Pakistan people. It is strange that all the political actors of the December 1971 incident and their children died unnatural deaths.

a new wave of destruction and terrorism started in Balochistan. yet the Bangladesh of today is a country of Islamic identity in every aspect. 600 girls (of 20 years) of infidel and irreligious families are provided to these traitors. physical features and attraction and not on the basis of their education and qualifications. especially RAW. where terrorists are being trained under the supervision of RAW. Sikkim. India has bought the services of some so called jihadis in Afghanistan and Pakistan. At the same time. Indira Gandhi was very proud on the breaking of Pakistan. but we need not be disappointed about Pakistan ideology. Rather it created and strengthened movements for a separate homeland in East Punjab. Pakistan was divided into two and East Pakistan became Bangladesh. the presence of this consulate in that city has no justification. After the arrival of America in Afghanistan. not Kandahar. the Afghan government has established an institution where Uzbek. and they are involved in terrorism and destruction in Pakistan for money. We should be realistic and fulfill our dream in the vaster interests of the Muslim ummah. The Indian secret agency RAW is believed to be behind the murder of shias and sunnis there. If both the countries of South Asia cannot unite again. Tamil Nado and in more than twenty other regions. The Indian consulate in Kandahar is in fact the headquarters of RAW in Afghanistan. India has established at least 18 training camps in Afghanistan. India wants no peace for Afghanistan because only then will it be able to continue using the Afghan tribes there to spread hatred and animosity against Pakistan. especially to Waziristan and Balochistan. All the members of his family except Hasina Wajid who was out of the country at that time were killed.body of Shaikh Mujib-ur-Rahman could not be removed from the stairs of the president house for hours. Otherwise. After training they are being sent to different parts of Pakistan. The only aim of opening the Indian consulate in Kandahar is to intervene 187 . Our investigation departments have concluded that Indian secret agencies. The Bangladeshi Muslim is not less Islamic. are behind all the recent terrorist attacks in many cities of Pakistan. they should at least agree on a confederation which would be encouraging for Indian Muslims too. Beautiful girls of other countries are provided for sexual satisfaction of these people in Kabul every sixth month. from where they are committing terrorism against Pakistan. on the instigation of India. After that. Indian trade and arrival and the departure of the Indian citizens and diplomats is through Jalalabad. India also opened her consulates at different places near Pakistan¶s borders. for terrorism and destruction. Tajik and some self-exiled Pakistani traitors are being trained. This refutes Indira Gandhi¶s claim that she had drowned the two-nation theory in the Gulf of Bengal. Foreigners were arrested in connection with suicide attacks on imam bargahs. Some members of the Indian and Afghan forces are involved in internal and external attacks on Pakistan with a view to establishing India¶s dominance in the region. nor is it ignorant about India¶s designs. These girls are recruited on the basis of their beauty. Outwardly Indira Gandhi succeeded. yet the fact is India never benefited from the creation of Bangladesh. India again opened its embassy in Kandahar.

Nepal and Sri Lanka. India has been dreaming of occupying all the countries of South Asia. Ask your Muslim brethren how treacherously India treated them. With the compliance of Afghanistan. The Afghan and Balochistan¶s borders are common and weapons are provided to the Baloch Liberation Front through this way. The recently established Indian camp at Koshila Jadeed north of Kabul is very important. Indian consulates there are in fact camps of terrorism. Jalalabad. is done there. The world should keep in mind this heinous character of India. military and intelligence staff there. Bhutan. The Afghan territory is being used against Pakistan. India has increased the number of its diplomatic. In fact India is using their safety as a pretext to do terrorism in Balochistan with the compliance of the Afghan government. Apart from its embassy in Kabul. Mazar Sharif and Herat and they are big centres of antiPakistan activities. which it revealed in Bangladesh. India has appointed 300 commandos in Kandahar. All the antiPakistan planning. 188 . India can use it to blackmail the Afghan government and use it against Pakistan. Jalalabad and Kabul for the safety of Indian Balochistan and do terrorist activities there. its consulates are there in Kandahar. especially about terrorism in Balochistan and tribal areas.

RAW¶s training camps and Indian consulates were opened at many places in 189 . instability and terrorism. especially in Balochistan and tribal areas. Jalalabad. The masterminds of RAW brainwash the suicide bombers. Strange that America has requested India to close one of its 15 consulates! Will closure of one consulate only stop terrorism here? Are the other consulates playing a gentle role? America perhaps cannot answer these questions. There are agents of RAW in the Indian consulates in Kandahar and Jalalabad. Our democratic and military leadership have said it time and time again that there is a foreign hand behind all these incidents. The land of Afghanistan is being used against Pakistan. An institution has been established in Afghanistan with the cooperation of RAW. Even its friendly countries are not spared from Indian conspiracies and evil designs. How is it possible that America is not aware of India¶s anti-Pakistan activities in Afghanistan? If India is involved in activities against Pakistan when America is present in Afghanistan. are being planned in Indian consulates. The military leadership has proved that India is involved in terrorism in Waziristan and Balochistan and RAW has been helping the extremists. train them and then send them to Pakistan for bomb explosions and suicide attacks. It is a fact that it is America which has given India the task of rebuilding Afghanistan. who enter Pakistan via Torkham and Chaman for terrorism which is detrimental for both Pakistan and America. Indian consulates in Kandahar. They are being taught languages of Pakistan¶s tribal areas so that they can easily mix with the people here. The biggest hand is that of India which thinks that creating problems for Pakistan is its first and foremost duty. Criminals get there training from Indian terrorists. The agents of RAW are being trained in the Mazar Sharif area of Afghanistan and then they are being sent to Pakistan. Apart from its embassy in Kabul. which is a centre of destructive activities in Pakistan. isn¶t it evident then that America is patronizing India? The Indian secret agency RAW is busy in activities of terrorism in Pakistan. which India wants to use to destabilize Pakistan and to establish its own role of a policeman. The real face of these players has been exposed.India¶s role in terrorism The incidences of terrorism from Waziristan to Balochistan prove that anti-Pakistan forces have been destabilizing our country for their own nefarious ends. Anti-Pakistan activities in our country. The American observers have stressed upon their government to press upon Afghanistan to close the training camps of the RAW. The name of the Taliban is being used when in fact the real actors are the anti-Pakistan forces. America has now told India to close its consulate in Jalalabad because of Pakistan¶s complaints about it. India has long since given its RAW agents the task of spreading restlessness. These very forces are behind terrorism that is happening in the name of Taliban. Mazar Sharif and Herat are the biggest centers of anti-Pakistan activities.

A large number of paramilitary forces and black cat commandos have reached Afghanistan for the safety of India¶s Border Road Organization which has been making and expanding roads there. Such activities aim at straining our friendship. On the other hand. suddenly became a stranger. sympathies and magnanimity. We cannot even imagine that a Pakistani can ever target the citizens of that great friendly country. the suicide bombers enter Pakistan. The terrorists have been eliminated in the tribal areas. which adversely affects the peace here. There is strong evidence of India¶s involvement in Balochistan and in the frontier province. therefore their access to atomic weapons is not possible. stoned. RAW is responsible for their deaths. They are being targeted. After getting training from RAW in Afghanistan. national. Pakistani consulates were attacked.Afghanistan. Some American analysts have been crying about a possibility of Pakistan¶s atomic weapons going into the hands of terrorists. The Chinese citizens were targeted in Gawader and at Gomal dam. China¶s role in Pakistan¶s progress is tremendous. Every arrangement has been done for their safety. geographical and political relationships with Afghanistan. 190 . No Pakistani can kill Chinese people. They all forgot Pakistan¶s hospitality. regional. Drug traffickers also enter Pakistan with them. But India has become everything to them. looted and burned. currency notes and forbidden anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam literature. But it is impossible. Pakistan. India has been covertly increasing its forces in Afghanistan. These smugglers bring with them weapons. which has long-lasting religious. America should give Pakistan every possible help because Pakistan has been fighting this war against terrorists and has become a victim of terrorism. The Chinese experts have been working in different institutions of Pakistan. Nor do they have planes and aircrafts to transport and drop these weapons.

191 .


193 .

The Muslims dominate both of these fields. The literacy rate among the Muslim women is even lower. Ninety percent of Muslim children in Kerala and Tamil Nadu are registered at school. Only 50 % of Muslim women are literate.000 which is less than the number of Muslims in Pakistan and Indonesia only. During the last 62 years. Even 62 years after the independence. a large majority of Muslims stayed back in India. security and inequality in society. The literacy rate among the Muslims in Andhra Pradesh is 68 percent which is more than the literacy rate of both the province and the country. The railways there provide the maximum number of jobs. The historians say that it is quite painful that majority of the population of India. 4 % in the police and 7. The Indian Muslims are mostly illiterate and poor. the number of Muslims in other government departments and bureaucracy is so meagre. 1. the Hindus. There are 13 percent Muslims in India. The Muslims could not get their right share in education. Some thinkers and literati thought of making a separate party for the Muslims in 1953 ± a year after the first elections. which is slightly better than those of the poorest strata including the untouchables and the tribal people.5 percent. They raised a voice against the absence of Muslims in political and government offices. The captain of the Indian cricket team was a batsman like Azhar-ud-Din. According to the historian Ram Chander Goha. There are only 5 percent Muslims in India¶s giant governmental network. The Muslims in it are 4. their number is 138. Out of a population of 1000 million. The situation in the private sector is slightly better. But the authority of the president is just nominal. sometimes their patriotism is doubted and sometimes attempts are made to appease them. sometimes are charmed by the extremist Hindus¶ slogans that the government¶s policy of appeasing the Muslims has been depriving the Hindus of their legal rights. The literacy rate among the Muslim minority is 60 percent which is 5 percent lower than that of the country.000. the miserable state of the Muslims has not improved.The plight of the Muslims Though about one million Muslims migrated to Pakistan in 1947.8 % in judiciary. there was hardly a Muslim left in the Secretariat and the defence institutions at the time of partition. 31 % Muslims are living under the poverty line. there have been three Muslim presidents in India. There are 3 % Muslims in India¶s powerful bureaucracy and civil services. health and 194 . Indian people are crazy about Bollywood and cricket which have nothing to do with religion. Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan have dominated the film industry in Mumbai while the Indian team¶s fast bowler Zaheer Khan is the centre of attention due to his good performance.8 % in foreign ministry. What are the factors for the Muslims¶ backwardness in India? The first cause is the government itself. According to a sociologist. the uncountable economic and social problems of the Muslims have become more complicated because of their identity. Similarly. About one fourth of the Muslim children between the ages of 5 and 14 either never go to school or leave school sooner or later. According to a report prepared for the Indian Muslims.

says that there are more opportunities of education and private business there due to social and cultural changes. But the Muslims have always been in the forefront in the film industry. Mahesh Ranga Rajan. Apart from that. Another historian.government jobs. There are 31 % of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh which is one of those provinces that have a greater number of populations. Ram Chander Guha says that the Indo-Pakistan enmity and bitterness and the treatment of the minorities in Pakistan also adversely affected the Indian Muslims and they remained backward. The poor and backward strata were adversely affected by the government¶s attitude. That is why the Muslims could not get their share in politics. skilled workers. The process of their economic and intellectual progress could not start because of a vacuum of leadership among the middle class Muslims. One cause of this vacuum of leadership among the Muslims was the fact that the government officers. The number of the Muslims is comparatively high among them. teachers and doctors among them had migrated to Pakistan at the time of partition. The population of Muslims in Behar in the north is more than 10 million. Things are different in southern India. the miserable state of the Muslims was also due to the form of government. and the Muslims availed themselves of it. inequalities in society and lack of equal opportunities for jobs in northern India. 195 . Some time-serving elements exploited this situation and dominated the Muslims. He adds that the Muslims were affected most because of poverty and a lack of welfare policies. They had to face the political prejudice of the Hindu extremist party ± The Bhartia Junta Party ± after its ascension in the centre and some other states.

in 1526. he was present there and his photo was published in the newspapers.Advani.P. it became further clear that the mosque was demolished through an organized scheme. Babri Mosque was built by Zahir-ud-Din Babar. Murli Manohar Joshi. When the mosque was being demolished.K. The Indian extremists know that the voice of the minorities have been suppressed by terrorism and now. in the leadership of L.J. distinctiveness and separate culture. It spread a wave of sorrow and anger among Muslims of the whole world.K. The Indian Muslims asked for justice from the special court of Braely for the survival of their identity. a series of bloody riots started in which two thousand Muslims were killed. So it became clear to the Muslims that their future was not safe in India under the slogan of secularism. It is a weapon to get votes of the Muslims in elections.Demolition of Babri mosque 6th of December is a black day for the Muslims of South Asia when millions of the prejudiced Hindus. Giri Raj Kishore and Sadhvi Ritambhara are directly involved in the demolition of the mosque. The archeologists of India have come to the conclusion that there was no temple at this place and the mosque was built for the first time. It was he who arranged Rath Yatra and aroused the emotions of the Hindus of all of India. Had he not held Rath Yatra and arose the emotions of the Hindus. the Mughal king of India. In the B. it was just an empty slogan. the mosque would have been still there. His daughter-in-law also revealed that he was fully involved in the crime. the president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Ashok Singhal. Vishnu Hari Dalmiya. Thousands were injured and driven away from their houses. After the incident the Hindu extremists killed two thousand Muslims in India.Advani demolished Babri mosque. After the demolition of the mosque by the extremist Hindus under the leadership of B. The president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad International.P Uttar Pradesh and the member of parliament from Faizabad Vinay Katiyar. whether the slogan was raised by Congress or B. Ashok Singhal has demanded from the government of B. After studying the incident of the demolition of Babri Mosque. The extremist Hindus not only demolished the mosque but also killed two thousand Muslims in the aftermath. The fact is that he was the vice-prime minister of India and the exPrime Minister did not do anything without consulting him. the president of B. L.P.J.K. we come to know the role played by L.P ruled states. According to the report of the commission formed for the investigation of this crime.J. 196 .P that a referendum should be held for the construction of Ram Temple if the legislation in parliament is not possible on this issue. ex-minister Uma Bharti. there is no hurdle in their mission of making India a pure Hindu state. A special court of Raey Braely ignored the central culprit of the crime of demolishing the mosque.J. the minorities are unable to defend themselves from atrocities of the extremist Hindus.J.Advani in the incident.. As a result of the decision of the court.

linguistic.In the light of the incident. not only will the judiciary¶s authority be destroyed but the slogan of secularism will die its death. religious and sectarian prejudices. 197 . If the temple is built on the place of a mosque. The Indian judiciary also seems to be impressed by the racial. it is clear that the slogan of secularism signifies nothing.

These terrorist attacks took lives of the chief of ATS Hemant Karkare. that created massive rupture in the ranks of RSS. These investigations brought the new faces of terrorism in shape of Hindu terrorists Sahdvi Pargya Singh Thakar. A network of Hindu terrorist organizations started coming in the limelight after the arrest of Sahdvi Pargya Singh Thakar. People who were worried due to the investigation of the Malegaon and Modasa bomb blasts would have now been happy and slept in peace. The Hindu organizations started maligning against the ATS and termed the investigation as a conspiracy of UPA government to trap them and politically die them out. In fact. They were arrested in suspicion of terrorist activities and put behind the bars. the term of Hindu Terrorist was coined for the first time in history. It further unfolded so many sectarian elements like Colonel Prohat and revealed those who were putting the Indian army into disrepute and other questions i. VHP. Whenever there was a bomb blast in a mosque. ATS investigation revealed about what was happening in Nagpur Bhonsala Military Training School and who was imparting training there. how many corporate families are investing with financial support.The Malegaon investigation report No patriotic Indian would ever be able to forget the dark night of Indian history on November 26. Pitto Gahrya accused Congress president Sonia Gandhi of supervising the ATS investigation to take revenge from Hindu forces. Nanded and Parbhani blasts would reveal in such a manner. Bajarang Dal for the fear of their own deeds on verge of being unfolded before the Indian nation. Till then the Indians were only familiar with linking terrorism with the Muslims. No one knew that the results of the Malegaon. These Hindu terrorists are linked with Hindu organizations ±± BJP. Aims of the terrorists were unclear except that they wanted to eliminate anti-terrorist officials or the investigators of terrorism within ATS. That would compel people to think that terrorism has no religion. He even questioned whether the ATS wants to have Bhagwan¶s narco-test? She wanted to make terrorism an elections issue but that proved to be the key stumbling block. Before these episodes.e. There are thousands of such Muslims who are in jails without any remedy or care. Lieutenant Colonel Prohat and Swami Dayanand Pandey. investigation of the Malegaon and Modasa blasts can be regarded as a beginning and turning point of a bomb culture in India. Bajarang Dal. shrine or any other place. Lieutenant Colonel Prohat and the self-assumed Swami Dayanand Pandey. Islam was the sole source of terrorism in the eyes of the Hindus. who is funding terrorism. how Sadhus and Saints 198 . 2008. when the terrorist attacks shook all of Mumbai! The bloody drama continued for 60 hours and took the lives of 200 people with a physical loss worth of 400 crore rupees. They would apprehend that their involvement in blasts could be proved. After their misdeeds were revealed. Muslims were the natural suspects. ³encounter´ specialist Vijay Salaskar and additional commissioner police Ashok Kamte. Modasa. VHP. RSS.

Cruelty has to meet its poetic justice in the end! 199 . This is the real scenario of the Malegaon and Madosa investigation and turning point of bomb culture. National newspapers and TV channels were honestly bringing out ATS revelations for the first time. who were killed in the struggle to unfold the real terrorists of the country. we will remember the Indian Muslims and Hindu fighters of ATS. But on November 26. Eight terrorists were killed. Lieutenant Colonel Prohat and Swami Dayanand Pandey are freed by the court on the basis of insufficient proofs. Country¶s majority secular circles had now understood to a great extent what was happening and who was behind these bomb blasts and what they were targeting. an indiscriminate spree of arrests of innocent Muslims again erupted like before.are being used for terrorism. Nevertheless. When the dust would settle after some days we would like to witness that Sahdvi Pargya Singh Thakar. direction of the Malegaon investigation went back to its traditional path. It was found out that he had targeted the ATS chief. Terrorists would not stop until either BJP or the NDA comes to power in the central government. One Ajmal Qasab was captured. Under suspicion of links with these new terrorist organizations. Blood of these martyrs would definitely speak and Indian Muslims will get rid of the curse of cruelty and terrorism forever. Some terrorists fled from the scene. These terrorist attacks took the lives of brave and honest ATS officers. and by using Hinduism are maligning it.

Police has dual standards. on the Tehar jail of Dehli. while the other roams freely even when implicated under severe criminal activities. This year the total inhabitants were fourteen thousand three hundred and twenty eight. One of the reasons is that many accused people are waiting for the court decisions and have passed twice as many number of years in jails as in case decisions would have been held against them. In cities like Dehli and Mumbai this ratio exceeds further from 30 to 40 percent. µMy Days in Prison¶. Praful Bidwai maintains that Sachar Committee formed by the government on the economic and educational situation of Muslims has brought out a true picture of jails through its survey. Muslims were five thousand six hundred and twenty. the same information has not been provided. Neither any one is prepared to bail them out. He says: There is a bias against Muslims in lower courts and police in Dehli. authored a book named. Vijay Helmet of the Centre for Human Rights and Law. He states that Muslims are quickly outnumbering others in Indian jails.Maltreatment with Muslim prisoners According to some unofficial estimates. Experts think this ratio to be alarming. Numerous people have been unjustly captured under laws like TADA and POTA.5 per cent of the total populace. in that it throws one community into jails on an iota of suspicion.5 percent. Its recommendations can potentially reform the situation. Muslims are held on priority in suspicion. which is a cause of injustice done with the Muslim community. There are almost 40 percent accused under trials in jails. Bureau Chief of the newspaper Kashmir Times. who has been working on jail issues for the last many years. while in the country they are only 13. This is a routine matter that country¶s majority jails are over-crowded. 200 . the Muslims make about thirty percent of the inhabitants of prisons in the country. Senior journalist Praful Bidwai laments over the number of Muslim prisoners that 30 percent. He says that whenever some bomb blast happens. dangerous and disproportionate. According to his version: The Muslim population of jails in India is indicated every year before Ramzaan. But they are more than 30 percent when it comes to prisons. Iftikhar Gilani. Despite contacting with authorities of jails in Dehli. Muslims are in a majority number in these cases. Still he insists that there is the need to reform some jails on an urgent basis. Gotam Nolakha says there is a need to hold administration and police accountable to end this injustice. This is also attributed to the µbiased attitude¶ of courts and the police towards Muslims. Official Indian data puts Muslims population at 12. Human rights activist Gotam Nolakha says: Discriminatory attitude towards Muslims is a norm. nor do they have resources to contest their trials. says that number of Muslims is 40 percent in Mumbai jails.

201 .


203 .

India is not only involved in a rebellion in Swat and Waziristan but also collaborating in the terrorist attacks in the God-given country. 167 billion and 300 million. Our real enemy is not India. money and training to terrorists. It was also a signal to the fact that America considers the equilibrium. America is showing partiality towards India as it wants to make the latter a monopolist in the region in future. America is our friend but it is not ready to give us the drone technology. America and India have recently colluded in a big defence agreement with mutual willingness. An attempt is made to mislead the people by saying that America is Pakistan's trustworthy friend and wants to maintain pleasant relations with India as well. MIG and other fighter jets. America will support India while Pakistan is fully relying on America. it had promised to give a few F-16 jets to Pakistan for its need and continued to postpone the matter. America is inking defence pacts with our enemy. It has already proved a collaborator in the terrorism incidents and for terrorists in Pakistan. It means if (God forbid) there is a war between India and Pakistan. America will give the latest technology. India has established consulates along the border belt of Pakistan whose majority of officials consists of the RAW agents. Under the defence pact. It has always been using Pakistan for its objectives. The Indian defence budget has reached Rs 14 trillion and 17 billion after a recent increase of Rs three trillion.´ This saying is applicable to the Indo-US friendship. Through America's civil atomic cooperation agreement with India and unjustified pressure on Pakistan after recent Mumbai attacks. satellite and two atomic reactors will be provided to India so that India could practically display its biased mentality. which has not accepted us till now and remains busy in conspiracies for weakening our roots. It is not only generously providing atomic reactors to India but also has given 126 bomber jets to the country which has already a big reservoir of Mirage. the reality has been clarified that in fact America is a friend of India. as 204 . India is also a strong defence ally of America. 126 fighter jets. which we will use for it. America terms Pakistan its frontline ally and friend that is fighting its war in the country under pressure from America: another side of the picture depicts some other scene. but its friend America. which will be a big step towards equipping the Indian army with the latest weapons. Under the agreement. weapons and atomic parts to India. which was maintained between India and Pakistan in the past. Whereas. Pakistan was not included in the American Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton's tour to South Asia.Indo-US defence pact It is a saying of Hazrat Ali (RA): "Your enemy's friend is your enemy. America backtracked from the promise of giving F-16 jets in the 90s and refused to return the received money as well. During the rule of General Musharaf. Our rulers have always been ignoring the strategic partnership of America and India. India has provided huge amount of weapons.

would remain a dream unless it peacefully settles disputes with neighbouring countries and sets its own house in order. it must not be forgotten that there are other promising contenders like Japan. Our rulers should consult the elected representatives after convening a special meeting of the parliament in this regard. calling for a solution of the Kashmir dispute through a plebiscite held under UN auspices. Moreover. America is accepting the Indian stance and cooperation happily for the accomplishment of its anti-Islam crusade agenda. and in this particular case there¶s many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip. India has gained superiority in every respect with regard to America's regional priorities. One who made them his friends he will be among them. has open enmity and difficult relations with all neighbouring countries and is disposed to pick up quarrels at the slightest of provocations and brandish its nuclear sword to intimate adversaries be it China or Pakistan. President Obama¶s support for India¶s seat was only a deceptive move to curry the favour of the Indians. by contrast. 205 . a tool has come into the hands of India in the form of ongoing war against terrorism. At the same time. He has no authority to speak on behalf of the UN. What is the justification for ignoring steps taken by the well-wisher and friend of our first enemy? They are a threat to our Islamic liberties. On the one hand. endorsed by the US. Most important of all. After the 9/11. Its accession to the UN Security Council. India. Another factor that would ultimately thwart New Delhi¶s bid is the fact that expansion of the UNSC is a long-drawn process. with Afghanistan after inventing a new term "AfPak". and is mired in pervasive poverty. Allah Almighty has clearly said in the Holy Quran: "Oh believers! Do not make the Christians and Jews your friends and some of them are friends of some others. even with the US promised support. they should not delay in the formulation of the new effective national policy after discussing the role of America. a nuclear state. The concern about India¶s zeal to gatecrash into the UNSC. was to a certain extent allayed by China¶s opposition on this count. which is being used in propaganda against Pakistan. Pakistan has caused unlimited loss to itself in the American war and the future conditions also seem dangerous. The reforms package. So far as the question of regional representation on the basis of population and economic strength goes." Pakistan has gained no benefit from the friendship of America. It is struggling to overcome at least 13 insurgencies within. the country has been for the past many decades sitting on the UNSC resolutions. Its atrocities in Held Kashmir are a matter of record of the bodies of the UN. Foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was right in saying that a permanent UN Security Council seat for India would upset the balance of power in South Asia. we have China as a permanent member. which envisions the enlargement of the body is a bone of contention amongst the member states and there is little possibility of a consensus in near future. Germany and Brazil whose bid for a permanent slot deserves to be given precedence. defence and survival. America has practically linked the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.unimportant. On the other side.

Israel says that it reserves the right to sabotaging and operating within any other country.The Indo-Israel designs Israel has recently suggested opening an international nuclear market for those countries that have not rectified NPT. These three countries cannot purchase atomic reactor. The Pakistani atomic program is a nightmare not only for India and Israel but also for other western countries. In this scenario. There were reports of repeating rapid operations in the 1990¶s by Israel that it had committed against Iraqi installations. It has always dreamt of Akhand Bharat. Despite clarification and clear rebuttal the Indian government was shamelessly stubborn to its assertions. It also claims to have the right to intervene in any country where it thinks there are terrorist camps. Israeli commandos reached the occupied territory to train and assist the Indian army. India and Israel. It tries to link every internal terrorist activity with Pakistan. but India remained unmoved. from the international nuclear market. etc. 45-membered nuclear supplier countries have put a ban on nuclear trade with Pakistan. When militant activities of Mujahidin accentuated in occupied Kashmir to fail the Indian army. India explicitly made an unsuccessful move to implicate secret agency of Pakistan in Mumbai bomb blasts. Israeli secret agency Mossad and the Indian RAW have established an organized and coordinated mutual network. India and Israel because of their non-signatory status on NPT. Prior to this. These non-signatory countries include Pakistan. Israel had actively participated for US-India nuclear agreement and now wants an open market for India that has never accepted the existence of Pakistan. uranium and fuel. That¶s why there has been time and time again scheming for depriving us of nuclear capability through threats of attacking our nuclear installations and pressure tactics. Israel thinks that only India and itself can benefit from the international nuclear market. India has many a time threatened Pakistan to chase within its own territories? It was thought that hostility between the two countries will lessen after the IndoPak dialogue. The similar conspiracy was unfolded in 1988 that compelled Pakistan to declare its nuclear status. Pakistan went to extents to make it happen. the instigation of the Israeli ambassador to attack Pakistan indicates that Israeli-Indian hobnobbing is a security threat to Pakistan. 206 . They cannot stand nuclear capability of an Islamic state.

On one hand. It provided India with pilotless spy planes and modern air surveillance equipment during the Kargil operation. It is the latest form of Patriot missile. Rumours of an Israeli attack on the Kahuta plant were then in the air due to the fact that the Pakistani program is undesirable to both the countries. The US had banned Israel to sell this gadgetry to India in the past. an agreement worth 100 billion dollars was signed to develop earth-to-air missiles. Its results were quite positive. They want to weaken it and have been in a mutual relationship since long. so they experimentally used the Eero missiles for the first time in Iraq. whose founder and leader supported the Palestinian cause even before establishment of Pakistan. but now the selling is being done with the willingness of the Americans. They are also ready to train more Indian pilots in Israel. All this weapon-system is American made and cannot be sold to other countries without permission of the Americans. well-being. Same is the case with missile manufacturing. Its installation over the coastal areas will also enable India to monitor Pakistani sea boundaries. Israel has supplied arms to India in the past as well. He declared the establishment of Israel as illegitimate. It wants to rebuild it with assistance from Israel. That¶s why despite spelling charms of peace by tongue they are busy scheming against Pakistan by throwing it into political and economic instability and depriving it of a sustainable defence guarantee about its atomic program. it never lost an opportunity to harm 207 . One of the main reasons of the Israel-India collaboration is arms trade. The Israeli-Indian scheming against Pakistan is not a new phenomenon. It is used to hunt ballistic missiles. where Israel supplies arms. It was demonstrated in the past as well. The Indian plane-manufacturing program is dead. The Eero missile is yet another important military equipment supplied by Israel to India. freedom and security. Israel has tried to make good relations with Pakistan and. Americans were quite apprehensive of the Iraqi ballistic missiles. Israelis use American arms and have recently offered India to buy American arms. India also possesses MIG-21 planes. India is the largest customer of Israeli arms worldwide. the most modern Falcon carrier radars were provided to India. on the other. Likewise. India and Israel both are enemies of Pakistan and they cannot stand Pakistan¶s existence and its progress. India has purchased arms from Israel to the tune of 5 billion dollars for the last 5 years. Israelis have promised to do the up-gradation of the Indian air force. which are over-dated and have to be upgraded. Pakistan is an Islamic republic. Moreover.The Hindus and Jews India and Israel are fearful of Pakistan¶s international role. Falcon radars have the capability to sense planes in the range of about 200 miles and after its procurement India can have an eye over almost all important cities of Pakistan.

Israel is also selling weapons like radars and other equipment to monitor movement of the Mujahidin and check their activities. India has already resorted to Israeli cooperation to crush the independence movement of Kashmir. It has provided military and human support to save Indians from Mujahidin attacks and to monitor their activities.Pakistan and Muslims in collaboration with India. Some Israeli commandos have also been arrested or killed at the hands of Mujahidin in occupied Kashmir. its commandos are training the Indian army. Indian genocide of Kashmiris in occupied territory has persisted under Israeli guidance. 208 . Israel has shown India an anti-Muslim path. India is murdering Muslim youth in occupied Kashmir and within its own country just as Israel kills Palestinians with a view to Muslim mass-murders. Israeli leaders have never advised Indians to soften on Pakistan. Moreover.

The Indian media's propaganda against the Pakistan Army. America asked India to close the RAW's centre of terrorism in the name of the Jalalabad Consulate from where saboteur activities are carried out in Balochistan and weapons and money were provided to the BLA and the BRA. ISI chief General Shuja Pasha. the Indian opposition parties exerted the pressure in such way that Manmohan Singh turned lesser into the prime minister than a RAW spokesman and explained that there was no centre of the RAW in the Jalalabad's Consulate. Pakistan's ISI provided the proofs of terrorism and Indian intervention in Pakistan from Jalalabad. to the Americans. has so much influence over its government that everything was settled between the Pakistan President General Pervez Musharaf and Indian Prime Minister A. behind which there is the media cell of RAW. Pakistan Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has presented the proofs of Indian terrorism to the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Mossad and the CIA is the ISI.Campaign against ISI The India's rogue agency. Afghanistan.B. For this reason. The biggest hurdle in anti-Pakistan plans of the evil triangle of RAW. but the ceremony and the agreement were scrapped as a result of behindthe-curtain pressure and intervention of the RAW. The Indian wickedness can be gauged from the fact that when it was agreed between Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani and his counterpart Manmohan Singh in Sharm Al-Sheikh not to link the Kashmir dispute to terrorism. Indian Federal Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister. which is continuing. Shashi Throor has claimed that 209 . He had also to face the allegations of bowing before Pakistan while the Indian diplomatic sources are hellbent on proving this meeting inconclusive after terming the joint declaration of this meeting bed-drafting. is busy making efforts in this regard. the newspaper said that the Pak Army and the ISI are certain that they can play an important role in the talks with India because they have a deep relation in the policy-making in Pakistan. has refuted this mischievous report of the Times of India in which it was claimed that the Pak Army and the ISI have started efforts to join talks with India. With regard to diplomatic sources. Not only that. America has itself asked to close the Indian Consulate in Jalalabad. Under strategy of the RAW. a trustworthy friend of Pak Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani. and chairs were laid out for the ceremony of putting formal signatures on the documents of the agreement. including Afghanistan. a tumult was raised against the Indian prime minister in his country. RAW. According to the newspaper's claim. Though the Pak Army's spokesman institution. India established the spying network and training camps for terrorism in Afghanistan at the behest and will of America. the ISPR. The Times of India report is based on mischievousness and depicts the wickedness of the wicked Hindu usurer so that no opportunity should be lost to attack our security by getting benefit from this weakness.Vajpayee during the Agra dialogues.

Because of India¶s stubbornness. it can never be expected from India that it is convinced to solve our old Kashmir issue at the table of dialogues in the light of our principled stance on the basis of the UN resolutions.the joint declaration was just a diplomatic paper. Under the given circumstances. our rulers should also not advance the step towards friendship and trade till the resolution of the Kashmir and water disputes according to the UN resolutions. not a legal document. 210 .

If we look at the track record of events as analyzed by experts. On the basis of which a military intervention would be held justified in Pakistan. India hired late Baitullah Mehsud (leader of Taliban) against 25 million dollars to attack nuclear installations in Pakistan. the matter sounds to be highly sensitive. All the recruiters of Baitullah Mehsud were Pakistani and they belonged to (or still come from) the Mehsud tribe. 3. 47 years old nuclear scientist named Lok Nathan Mahalngam used to live in the Karnataka state of South India.either India or Israel and when it was converted into thoughts. International media particularly those of the USA and Britain should portray an exaggerated picture equaling it to the situation during the Bay of 211 . Even the British and USA media ignored the news. A brief sketch of the plan is discussed here: 1. 4.The Mysterious Death of Atomic Scientist The death of an Indian scientist is quite suspicious especially under unknown circumstances and due to unknown reasons. He worked at Kika Atomic Power Station near an Indian military project C-BIRD. India intends to demonize the country in international politics and weaken it by involving international pressures. It¶s a question whether Baitullah Mehsud was backed by experts of India or Israel during the training? For sure USA and Britain were not aware of the plan hence its experts are not a party to the operation. It¶s still not clear originally whose brain child this idea is . But a more alarming fact is the silence of the Indian media on the death of an important person. We cannot say for certain that the purpose of this attack was to demolish nuclear installations but certainly it was directed to demonize Pakistan before the international community for not protecting its nuclear installations and to establish that these weapons are not safe in Pakistan. It would further shake the American trust over the safety of nuclear installations in Pakistan. Wherever it is possible the offenders must enter the nuclear installations and scare the Pakistani people through maximum media coverage at the international level. 2. Baitullah Mehsud selected a group of 500 militants who were trained in the similar terrain of Afghanistan for the specific operation. All the groups should be equipped with advanced communication instruments and weapons. The news of his death and being lost as an important scientist has not been highlighted the way it should be. One of the countries has already sent the message to destroy nuclear installations of Pakistan where as Indian strategy to oppose it is more mysterious and driven by conspiracies. This happened on May 2009. The whole Indian media kept quiet on the event as if it was a routine loss like similar happenings in every second street and corner of the country. If the mentioned facts are reality based then it shows that the Pakistan¶s atomic activities are alarming for both the states. They would tell the story as mentioned below. Baitullah Mehsud¶s army would attack once and for all the Pakistani nuclear installations or spread smaller groups at different locations to do the task.

US White House. Through these tactics an environment would be created among international community that the Pakistani nuclear program is dangerous and unsafe and should be handed over to international monitoring to disable its function. 212 . Pentagon. The Most dangerous element in this plan was that once the mission would be achieved. after some time a small scale atomic blast would be planted at American or NATO forces bases in Afghanistan to ensure that the Afghani Taliban or Muslim extremists have successfully succeeded in penetrating Pakistani nuclear installations. Indian security establishment is always bent upon to dominate Pakistan and occupied Kashmir. As it is evident from the above mentioned story that Israel is even more interested in the Pakistani atomic program. Foreign Ministry and CIA all admit this fact.Pigs in 1961.´ Times of India also mentioned a report in this context which complains America has lost confidence that Pakistan¶s atomic assets are unsafe and they are ignoring the reality. 5. It is clear that Israel sent utmost support to India during its war and tension with Pakistan in 1999 which resulted in the loss of marching Pakistan and the Kashmiri freedom fighters. On May 16 an Israeli website Debka revealed a story titled Singh Warns Obama Pakistan Is Lost which states that: ³Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has warned the American President that Pakistan¶s nuclear sites situated in NWFP are already partially in the hands of Muslim extremists. the whole world knows about the collaboration and cooperation between India and Israel on security affairs.

213 .


215 .

though understandable. Sir Creek. we are ready for a proper process of composite dialogue´ the Pakistan spokesman said while responding to a latest statement of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wherein he stated that there was no 216 . All media accounts of the short interaction between the two sides suggest that no progress could be made towards normalization of relations as India was not willing to discuss the real issues in a meaningful manner. provided there were no preconditions from the other side. response of the Indian Foreign Secretary. violation of Indus Basin water treaty by India and the issues of Siachin . their engagement augurs well for the future. This is also important in the backdrop of the reality that Pakistan itself is witnessing almost on a daily basis the Mumbai like incidents. otherwise we would again be falling into the Indian trap. ³Ball is in India¶s court. 2010 produced nothing substantial mainly because of the belligerent attitude of India. We would. Despite the fact that no progress was achieved in New Delhi. Pakistan can also pose a number of preconditions for entering into the process of dialogue but the country believes in settlement of its bilateral issues with India through a positive negotiation process. This forced the Pakistan side to convey to India that the focus was unfair. Indian approach is highly deplorable and should be a cause of concern for policy-makers in Islamabad.India not ready for dialogue As was widely apprehended. unrealistic and counterproductive and that the process of dialogue should not be allowed to stall by a single incident. urge Pakistani leadership to insist on a timeframe for negotiations. The talks afforded an opportunity to Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir to present the country¶s point of view on issues of concern to Islamabad in an articulate and forceful manner. If India is not even willing to talk then how can we expect that New Delhi would ever reciprocate in sincere and serious manner to address the real issue? The two countries have been holding talks for decades but these have produced nothing worthwhile except conveying a false impression of engagement to the outside world. Though publicly India had been claiming that it would not discuss anything except terrorism but credit goes to Salman Bashir for a straight talk on the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir. However. was shocking as she claimed that time was not ripe for composite dialogue. This is because Pakistan firmly believes that there can be no genuine peace and progress in South Asia without resolving the problems that bedevil relations between the two nuclear neighbours. therefore. some observers point out that the meeting itself was as a step forward in the sense that the two countries were not on speaking terms ever since Mumbai incident and. the Delhi parleys between Foreign Secretaries of Pakistan and India on Feb 25. Pakistan was ready to participate in the process of composite dialogue with India. therefore.

Basit said adding Pakistan has always been making efforts in this regard. ³We have given a road-map to Indians and now it depends upon them. He said the Pakistan¶s delegation visited India with a positive approach. To make hostage the entire peace process on the pretext of one single incident was not a mature approach. as and when they respond to this road-map positively´.other way but the composite dialogue for the solution of Pak-India disputes. ³We will keep on trying to get engaged with India in a meaningful. Pakistan¶s position from day one was crystal clear to everyone with regard to composite dialogue and it will keep on pursing it in future also. purposeful and result oriented dialogue process´. Pakistan was never desperate for the dialogue with India but being nuclear powers it was in mutual interest of both the countries to settle their differences and disputes through negotiation for the security of entire region. Continuity of dialogue is not only in the interest of Pakistan and India but in the interest of entire region. he explained. ³We welcome the Indian desire for resumption of composite dialogue´. 217 . Basit said that. to address the issue of terrorism it is also imperative that Pakistan and India should work in cooperative form.

If India becomes pawn of international politics. Pak spokesman further added that no one should underestimate our capabilities and determination to foil any nefarious designs against the security of Pakistan. it will not only damage regional peace but also destroy herself in totality. such statements like one Indian General gave. We are mindful and ready about any threats to security of Pakistan as well as importance of promoting peace in South Asia. 218 . adding that Gen Kapoor ³knows very well what the « Pakistani armed forces can pull off´. But at the moment. Indian army from its statement looks as being commanded by subalterns and not generals. Pakistan army in its response termed the statement of Indian General as jingoistic and it was rightly so. It seems that the Indian army is the largest component of the Indian armed forces. Analysts. As per spokesman. Indian as well as international media will highlight this or not. Is this Gen Kapoor¶s personal opinion or is he articulating government policy? What precisely is the nature of this new ³offensive´ nuclear doctrine and why is it needed in the first place? And could it be that Indian generals. are now calling the shots where regional policy is concerned? Islamabad¶s rejoinders have been stern. Its primary mission is to ensure the national security and defence of the Republic of India from external aggression. Whether. civil society and well-wishers of the region will keep discussing the two-front war statement of the Indian ex-army chief (looked inspired from Bal Thackeray and Bollywood) who left no space for India to clear its position on increasing militancy. actually betrayed hostile intents as well as hegemonic and jingoistic mindset that were out of step and proportion with realities of the times. as opposed to elected politicians. extremism and terrorism in so called secular India. India¶s armed forces are wholly answerable to the government of the day. remain a million dollar question. But unfortunately. and perhaps never more so than when CJCSC Gen Tariq Majeed warned against ³outlandish«strategic postulations´. media. It also conducts humanitarian rescue operations during natural calamities and other disturbances. officers like Col Prohat were found in killing and creating humanitarian crisis and the general was himself trying to threaten its own borders on grounds unknown to anyone and probably to himself as well. threats and maintaining peace and security within its borders.A time for peace Nowhere is the military¶s say greater than in the sphere of foreign policy vis-àvis hostile neighbours or ostensible allies that sometimes try to dictate terms to Islamabad. So how then are we to interpret a recent statement by the Indian army chief Gen Kapoor that his country can take on both Pakistan and China simultaneously? He even suggested that a ³limited war under a nuclear overhang´ is possible in South Asia.

vulnerable and insecure material circumstances than a decade ago. India considers itself a secular and democratic republic and its constitution provides basic human rights to all citizens. In rural areas the majority of Indian citizens live in more fragile. it¶s hard to believe that Indian Dalits or untouchables are still suffering from centuries old inhuman caste system. But just step outside these glorious images for a moment.India shining or declining A beautiful phrase has been drummed by western and Indian media into the heads of millions of people all around the world to build an image of India as a fast growing and responsible country. In 1975 Mrs. which is pegged at 1. For any civilized person. But a question arises here. Sub-Saharan Africa which is considered the world¶s poorest region. There are daily reports of starvation deaths and increasing number of suicides by indebted farmers unable to cope with the strain. which actually make up the background. India is home to roughly one-third of all poor people living on this earth. according to the new estimates. India. Agrarian crisis and worsening food security for the poor across the country is growing with every passing day. Indra Gandhi said that All India Radio is a government organ and it is going to remain a government organ. had 456 million people or about 42% of the population living below the new international poverty line of $1. The uplifting images of India as a fastest growing economy in S. Each year nearly twenty five thousand women and children from Bangladesh and ten thousand women from Nepal are trafficking to India for commercial sexual exploitation. On the other hand. Then anti Sikh riots in 1984 and anti Muslim riots in 1992 and 2002 are just the example of minority¶s situation in India. Religious violence is another major problem for people living in India. Economists say millions of Indians still do not have access to potable water.25 per day. does this beautiful phrase ³shining India´ has any line with reality? Here is a try to find an answer. having potential to become a world power in near future. Having the second largest population of the world. The collapse in employment generation is creating depression in youth while the huge population is providing a large number of workers every year. the poor safety measures adopted by Indian nuclear management authorities are making India the greatest threat to the natural resource and environment of South Asia. That policy still exists. Besides these facts the situation of human rights in India is very complex. 219 . Asia and the largest democracy of the world are getting world recognition. Indian media is also under strict control of the government and cannot portray the real picture. electricity.2% of its population below the $2 a day level.4 billion people. is better ± it has 72. or 75. The number of Indian poor also constitute 33% of the global poor. Large scale human trafficking is also a major concern over human rights situation in the country. and look into the fringes of the picture.6% of the population living below $2 a day. decent housing or even good roads. India also has 828 million people.

Nagaland. a very different picture emerges. Kashmiris. the rich and the richest. To look at the dramatic increase of differences between rich and poor. With the current policies. the worsening human rights situation for minorities and the uprising of insurgencies in the country. Millions of people are struggling to get rid of evil imposed on them by the Indian government. for the ninety percent of population India is on a fast way to decline. Sikhs and other minorities all over the country.India is currently facing the world insurgencies of Naxalites. 220 . it will take centuries to turn existing India into shining India. Indeed India is shifting for a very small proportion of its population.

While yielding to acute poverty. Although these covert activities vary from country to country. FATA and Azad Kashmir´ including building pressure on Islamabad. For the last 25 years. India has been providing its military and intelligence agency RAW with huge funds in order to support insurgency. like the former Soviet Union. The paper titled. separatism and lawlessness in Sri Lanka. Russia. especially by the US. Nepal. Agni-III in May 2007. signed the pact of a civil nuclear technology with the US in 2008 and has been importing the latest arms and ammunition from Israel. (Also available on the website of India Today) advised New Delhi to ³exploit the divisions within Pakistan and expose its weaknesses in Balochistan. India launched its first nuclear-powered submarine. even its nuclear weapons could not save its collapse.Heading towards downfall Although India has been supporting the forces of separatism especially in Pakistan and the Chinese Tibetan regions. On July 27. On one side. One of the important causes of the disintegration of the Russian Empire was that its 221 . In this respect. which are becoming serious and threatening the Indian union. New Delhi has been spending huge money to train and equip the militants who have been entering Pakistan on a daily basis and have been conducting suicide attacks in our country. India which incurred huge amounts on advancement of its nuclear weapons and successfully tested missile. On the other side. New Delhi. yet the same intensifies in the case of Pakistan. Bangladesh. In this regard. India has been endangering the regional peace by dreaming to become a super power in the wake of modern world trends like renunciation of war. War on Terror: The Agenda for Action. In the past. a well-established network of the Indian army and RAW has been working to destabilize Pakistan by supporting insurgency in the Frontier Province and separatism in Balochistan. and assaults on our security forces. the provincial and regional disparities have been widening in the country day by day as majority of the Indian population is living below the poverty level. New Delhi has been paying attention to its internal multi-faceted crises. America. The Indian anti-Pakistan plan has also been endorsed by a 72-page white paper handed over to its Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the aftermath of the Mumbai carnage. peaceful settlement of disputes and economic development. Bhutan. which decided a 34 percent increase in its defence budget in 2009. It is notable that the former Soviet Union which has subjugated the minorities and ethnic groups in various provinces and regions through its military. Germany and other western countries. disintegrated in 1991. everyday people are committing suicide in India. and raised its military budget by 50 percent to almost $40 billion during 2010. However. it has rapidly been heading towards its downfall. has been extending its range. Sikkim and China. 2009. lacking basic facilities like fresh food and clean water.

Matternich had to admit that he was fighting for a useless cause. The meeting could not succeed because India is offering wide autonomy to the group. subsequent Indian regimes dominated by politicians from the Hindi heart-land ± Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) have been using brutal forces ruthlessly against any move to free Asam. and the empire disintegrated. attacking official installments in the major Indian cities. under the new puppet regime in the occupied Kashmir. Kashmir.greater defence expenditure exceeded to the maximum. The New York Times wrote. massacre. According to Indian historian. Tamil Nadu and Tripura. Khalistan. on October 31. collapse of the former Yugoslavia could not be stopped. Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). Under the mask of democracy and secularism. since 1947. Indian brutalities keep on going against the current phase of Kashmiri uprising which began on August 12. Every entity of South Asia is well-aware that even under the rule of Congress. targeted killings.´ India¶s prime minister met with Naga separatists on March 2 this year in an attempt to end one of the South Asian nation¶s longest-running insurgencies. militarization of the Soviet Union failed in controlling the movements of liberation. Bulgaria and other states. ³India¶s Maoist rebels are now present in 20 states and have killed more than 900 Indian security officers« India¶s rapid economic growth has made it an emerging global power but also deepened stark inequalities in society. As regards to the Indian-held Kashmir. sieges. where wars of independence continue in one form or the other. In that context. Nagaland. Prince Metternich. Post-Napoleonic era in Europe proves that it is not possible to suppress the independence wars through military terrorism. resulting in the independence of Italy. Recently. 2009. However. New Delhi has been advancing towards a self-destructive path. while learning no lesson from its previous close friend. though it has already rejected the separatists¶ demand for an independent homeland in northern India. The Naga insurgents have been fighting for more than 50 years. to maintain their alien rule. Mizoram. Mahahin. etc. Shiv Sina and Bajrang Dal have missed no opportunity to communalize the national politics of India. despite the employment of unlimited atrocities by President Milosevic. 2008 when Indian forces killed Hurriyat Conference leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). Indian forces have intermittently been employing all the possible techniques of military terrorism such as curfews. On the other hand. which claims to be a secular party. Nevertheless. crack-downs. India has been acting upon the similar policies in some way or the other. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh (RSS). resulting in economic crisis inside the country. In this context. In the recent past. Although violence against the other communities has been used 222 . launched by various ethnic nationalities. However. Maoist intensified their struggle. emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire did what he could to subjugate the alien people by employing every possible techniques of state terrorism. by neglecting all the ground realities.

Srikant Purohit and along with other army officials. Indian fundamentalism and mistreatment of religious minorities could also be assessed from some other developments. 2008 in the house of Bajrang Dal fundamentalists in Nanded. Similarly. yet anti-Christian and anti-Muslim bloodshed in the last decade coupled with the dissemination of Hindutva has increased. China. Shiv Sena. at least 60 Christians have been assassinated in the recent past by Hindu fundamentalists in the state of Orissa. is bound to result in a downfall.´ Nonetheless. he was involved in the bombing of Samjohta Express. if such a policy continued. Other minorities of India are also target of Hindu terrorism. which burnt alive 69 Pakistanis. ATS further disclosed that Lt. the artificial union of India which is maintained through a militarization of the country by incurring too much expenditure for importing arms. ³Jinnah-India. providing them with the military-grade explosive RDX.´ While pointing out BJP¶s attitude towards the minorities. BJP. Besides the previous genocide of Muslims and destruction of the Babri Mosque. more than 2500 Muslims were massacred in 2002 in the BJP-ruled Indian state of Gujrat. VHP and RSS are now pressurizing the Congress regime to release the culprits. The investigations proved that the militants belonging to the Bajrang Dal were found in the bomb-making and attack on a mosque in Parbhani in 2003. On September 13. used in the Malegaon bombings and terrorist attacks in other Indian cities. 2008. ³India could undergo a second partition. subjugating minorities through force. when on April 6. a bomb went off. It is mentionable that the ideology of Hindu nationalism prevails in every field at the cost of other minority groups. Hindu fundamentalists as a normal practice since Partition. the author warned in his book. crushing wars of liberation with brutal tactics and for sponsoring insurgency in Pakistan. This fact could be judged from the recent past. It is even supported by Indian defence forces clandestinely. indicating that they were helping in training the Hindu terrorists. Col. Col. in one of the most tragic incidents in Assam. Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the Mahrashtra arrested a serving Lt. 223 . Independence. After serving the BJP for 30 years. Jaswant Singh was expelled from the party for praising Mohammad Ali Jinnah and echoing the pain of the Indian Muslims in his book. Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. In this respect. Singh wrote: ³Every Muslim that lives in India is a loyal Indian«look into the eyes of Indians. Hindu extremists burnt alive six members of a Muslim family. Assam. Leaders of the Indian extremist parties. Purohit confessed that in 2007. assaults on Christians and their property have continued by the Hindu mobs in Orissa. and other regional countries.

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