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August 23, 2011 Volume: 2.2.1

Message From Our Leaders
“Who Are We?” By: Danny Baranowski
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Bishop: Vance Randall

Ward Mission
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Thursday, August 25
*2.3.0 Activities Night – Popsicle Night! 6pm: basketball. 7pm: ASL class in
the Relief Society Room, Spanish Class in the Primary Room. 8:20: Volleyball. Contact Gustavo for more info: 801-830-0141

Sunday, August 28 *Ward Prayer – 8pm in the Relief Society Room. Contact Kaile for more info:
1st Counselor: Scott Warr 559-269-5454

*Dessert Night – After Ward Prayer at 656 W 300 S. Bring desserts and/or
beverages (especially milk) or just bring your sweet tooth. Everyone is welcome. Contact Amber for more info: 801-319-9411

Monday, August 29
*Fall Semester Begins – BYU and UVU

Wednesday, September 7
2nd Counselor: Robin Jensen

*Stake Institute @ 7:30 pm. Special Guest Speaker Sister Dalton. Visit for details.

Monday, September 5
*Labor Day

Sunday, September 11
*CES Fireside - @ 6pm Elder Dallin H. Oaks
***Ward Prayer CANCELLED due to Fireside

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Ward C ontacts
Ward Clerk: Danny Baranowski 801-376-8166 Relief Society President: Kate Smith 801-669-3591 Elders Quorum President: Sam Garcia 801-318-1075 Activities Co-Chairs: Ranae Morgan 636-293-4027 Aaron Nelson 801-694-2045 Building Rep: Jonathan Landon 801-318-1892 FHE Co-Chairs: Aaron Bylund 801-709-0223 Julie Mountjoy 801-623-1882 Ward Mission Leader: Andrew Roach 801-616-2117 Full-time missionaries: Elders McMeil/Koide 801-921-1039 Employment Specialist: Ellery Stone 801-787-7218

Message From Our Leaders:

day, changed stakes, went from a three language ward to just English/Spanish, gained Danny Baranowski roughly one-hundred and twenty members to Ward Clerk/Executive Secretary the ward over a two-week span, changed ward names, gained a new Relief Society J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur Presidency, witnessed a bishopric change, was a French-American writer. He and now we are about to take part in a fairly wrote an article titled, “What Is An substantial ward turn-over as school is about American?” in 1782. In his article, Hector St. John to begin the fall semester. Think of your describes his perception of this relatively new land friends in the ward, most of them you probably and the potential that lay in store, “Here individuals have known for less than a year, many even of all nations are melted into a new race of men, only for a few months! Yet we all come whose labours and posterity will one day cause together, all from different walks of life, with a great changes in the world… The Americans were desire to better our futures and ourselves by once scattered all over Europe; here they are developing and enhancing Christ-like incorporated into one of the finest systems of attributes. population which has ever appeared, and which will hereafter become distinct by the power of the While none of us are perfect, we all bring different climates they inhabit.” He then explains something to the table that can assist our that this great opportunity carries responsibility, Father in Heaven, “to bring to pass the “The American is a new man, who acts upon new immortality and eternal life of man” (Moses principles; he must therefore entertain new ideas, 1:39). This ward is the best YSA ward in and form new opinions.” existence right now, it is no mistake that you

Who Are We?

are here in the Provo 230th ward at this time in your life; we have all been brought together from all over the world to be incorporated into one of the finest systems of Latter-Day Saints that has ever appeared. Whether it be the friendliness that Aaron Bylund extends to everyone he meets, the ability of Anieta Cabias to put anyone in a good mood without even trying, the sincere kindness of Sam Garcia, how each Sunday Liz Kanell tries to sit I think of this concept as I have seen our little ward by someone she doesn’t know, or how come together; Since May 1st (less than 4 months inclusive Rachel Snow and Candice Bahm 2 2 ago) our ward lost about eighty members in one In a time when state pride overruled national pride, when we still hadn’t quite found our sense of national identity, when America was not seen as the Super Power that it is recognized as today, Hector St. John saw the value of a diverse group of individuals, each with unique talents and abilities, all coming together to contribute toward a better future.



1:00 – 2:10 PM: Sacrament Meeting 2:15 – 3:00 PM: Sunday School* 3:10 – 4:00 PM: Elders Quorum/Relief Society
are, how Ji Hye Park is always laughing, or Kate Smith’s determination that wont allow anyone fall through the cracks, or how the Bylund brothers and the Hutchison brothers look for every opportunity to serve others, this is just to name a few! (I didn’t plan for the shout out to go for this long but once I started thinking of a few people I couldn’t stop. There are many more I could go on about but I need to get on with this thought) If you embrace who you are, and love others for who they are, we can become known for the strengths that we all have developed over our lives, bringing these attributes together to act on higher principals, entertain new ideas, form new opinions, to be the cause of great changes that will effect our posterity and the world. “Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.” (DC 64:33).

Answering The Call To Serve
Service Opportunities Near You
- Provo City needs volunteers - Weeding flowerbeds at Pioneer Park and the Library (now-Sept). - Trail building at Big Springs: rebuild a trail, weeding, and lining with rocks (ongoing until completion). *If interested contact Chris Gourley, Provo City Volunteer Coordinator, 801-852-7607.

Looking For Work?
Myler Disability is in need of a Full-time legal assistant. Need to have exceptional typing skills, no legal experience necessary. If interested, email your resume to Eve Gillum at Contact Eve with questions at her email or at 801-369-3558. Let her know that Candice Bahm sent you. Andrew Roach puts on a gun show as Danielle Harrison pretends not to notice.
Photo By: Anieta Cabias

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STEP 1: Click on the link above Step 2: In the upper right-hand corner double click on the “sign in” Step 3: Double click “register for an LDS Account” Step 4: Type in your church Membership Record Number*, along with your Date of Birth, and the letters given in the image, then double click “next step” Step 5: Continue following the instructions outlined on the screen and then your set-up will be complete.
*Your membership # is located on your temple recommend. If you do not have a recommend you can get your number by texting Danny Baranowski.


Activity/Sports Night!
6 pm: Basketball (Cultural Hall) 7 pm: ASL Class (R.S. Room) 7 pm: Spanish Class (Primary Room) 8:20 pm: Volleyball (Cultural Hall)

Plus other surprises all night long! See you there! -Gustavo
(Left) Jonathan Landon, Veronica Anaya, and Callan Stone laughing it up at a ward FHE activity Photo by Anieta Cabias

Happy Birthday!
Joni Valente– August 23rd Amber Child– August 23rd Casey Day– August 23rd Arica Scheetz– August 24th Jeremy Rieske– August 25th Andrew Roach– August 26th Brittnie Hatch– August 26th Melissa Smith– August 28th

“I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt
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1. Could your scripture study use a jumpstart? Teachers: Would you like some help with your lesson? Check out the Sunday School Blog at, or find it through the Stake website at 2. Looking for a job? Is your company hiring? Your Ward Employment Specialist would like to know! Email or connect with the ward specialist (Ellory Stone) with/for employment openings and job opportunities 3. Sign up now to join others in the stake to do Family History indexing! Please contact Shannon Dame or Blake Larson, Stake Family History Co Chairs, for more information, or visit 4. For interviews with the Stake Presidency, contact

a. Brian Thomas at (801) 589-9211 b. David Clawson at (801) 427-9030

Keep the Ward Newsletter Alive
Looking for proactive members of the ward who are willing to write or take photographs for the Spanglish Gazette. Contact Danny if interested 801-376-8166.
Use your QR scanner on your smart phone to access the stake website

Well done Relief Society! Since the creation of the 230th ward, the R.S. has out-visited the E.Q. 3 out of 3 months! Good work sisters!



July 31% 12%

If you are not sure who you are assigned to visit… E.Q. contact: Ken Cline R.S. contact: Kristin Burrell Home Teaching Message:

Home Teaching

Visit Teaching

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Ward Missionaries








Jong Han

Provo YSA 230th Ward Mission Plan
July 2011 through Jan 1, 2012 *Every Sheep a Missionary
1. Pray for missionary experiences daily, at FHE, and at Ward Prayer. 2. Ward fast for missionary experiences (in August or a 40 day fast). 3. Share missionary experiences in Priesthood and Relief Society meetings. 4. Missionary Challenge (Pass along cards, The Book of Mormon, videos).

*Increase the Flock (Conversion)
1. Invite people to church. Goal: 5 non-members attend church each month. 2. Missionary ward activities (more specific). 3. Find people for the full-time missionaries to teach. Goal: Obtain 5 member referrals each month for the full-time missionaries. 4. Increase membership of ward. Goal: 5 convert baptisms by Jan. 1, 2012. 5. Pass around referral sheet during Relief Society and Elders Quorum with class roll.

*Bring Back Lost Sheep (Activation)
1. Spend time outside of church with less actives. Goal: Elders Quorum contact 5 less actives a month. Relief Society contact 5 less actives a month. 2. Activities for less actives to come to (Thursdays nights, FHE, ward prayer, institute, stake activities). 3. Bishopric and ward missionaries do visits on fourth Thursday of the month. 4. Commit to 100% home and visit teaching as a ward.

*Keep the Flock Together (Retention)
1. Members of the ward will pray and study their scriptures daily. 2. Ward temple trips (more specific). 3. Ward activities (ward prayer, FHE, institute, Thursday nights, stake activities). 4. Ward service projects (more specific).
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(Polls are still open for voting and will close at the end of the month).

Preliminary Voting Results:

Who has the better bowling follow-thru, Cory Bylund (left) or Daniel “The Animal” Woo?
Photo by: Anieta Cabias

Comments or Questions about the Newsletter? Contact me at

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