Which test investigates both functional and non-functional system requirements? Select one: a. Acceptance testing b.

Confirmation testing c. Alpha testing d. System testing The process of testing to determine the _________ of a software product. See also efficiency testing? Select one: a. Reliability testing b. Integration testing c. Performance testing d. Functional testing Which of the following can be tested as part of operational testing? Select one: a. Disaster recovery b. Probe effect c. State transition d. Component interaction The following list contains risks that have been identified for a software product to be developed. Which of these risks is an example of a product risk? Select one: a. Software delivery is behind schedule b. 3rd party supplier does not supply as stipulated

are for customer-developed softwae and b.c. Threat to a patients life d. A strategy is needed to inform the project management how the test team will schedule the testcycles Testing the changes to an operational system or the impact of a changed environment to an operational system? Select one: a. are usually optional . Contract and regulation acceptance testing and b. business reputation. Robustness testing b. are conducted by regulators and b. Software failure may cause loss of money. Functionality testing d. Portability testing c. Not enough qualified testers to complete the planned tests Why is it necessary to define a Test Strategy? Select one: a. b. a. thought must be given to decide what will be the most effective way to test the project on hand. a. Maintenance testing What is the key difference between a. time. c. It is therefore critical to have a proper test strategy in place. alpha and beta testing? Select one: a. and in extreme cases injury and death. As there are many different ways to test software. are for off-the-shelf software b. Starting testing without prior planning leads to chaotic and inefficient test project d. are performed by system administrators c. are mandatory test for government applications and b. a.

Reliability testing d. Requirement c. Regression testing c. A goal is to find as many failures as possible so that the cause of the failures can be identified and fixed d. Portability b. are performed outside the company and b. A goal is to fulfill all requirements for testing that are defined in the project plan. A goal is to eliminate as much as possible the causes of defects c. are conducted by the test team Which of the following statements contains a valid goal for a functional test set? Select one: a. specification. A goal is that no more failures will result from the remaining defects b. Performance d. or other formally imposed document? Select one: a. Performance testing A condition or capability needed by a user to solve a problem or achieve an objective that must be met or possessed by a system or system component to satisfy a contract. Which tet is usually run many times and generally evolve slowly? Select one: a. standard. Stress testing b.d. Robustness Which acceptance test is USUALLY performed by system administrators? Select one: . a.

Developers perform component testing. beta testing. Load testing. Contractual Which of the following list contains only non-functional tests? Select one: a. Operational c. Interoperability testing. System testing. The test manager is justified in her decision because no bug has been fixed in other modules b. component testing. Testers perform component testing. The test manager decides to do regression testing only on the reports module? Select one: a. Testing various configurations. stress testing. Component testing searches for defects. related to reports.a. performance testing b. Customer b. testers perform integration testing c. portability testing What is the difference between component and integration testing? Select one: a. users perform integration testing d. All the bugs are in one module. reliability testing. interation testing searches for defect A number of critical bugs are fixed in software. Component testing tess interfaces. load testing d. c. The test manager should do only automated regression testing. Regulatory d. performance testing c. Regression testing should be done on other modules as well because fixing one module may affect other modules . interration testing tests interfaces b.

Acceptance testing . Structural testing Which test is OFTEN the responsibility of the customers or users of the system? Select one: a. c. I. III and IV are correct c. There is no need to do regression testing Integration testing has following characteristics? I. It is always done after system testing III. Percentage of completed tasks in the preparation of test environment test cases prepared d. Number of residual defects in the test object. II and IV are correct b.d. testing cost b. The test manager should only do confirmation testing. I. I is correct d. Number of detected defects. Stress testing c. I. Black-box testing d. It includes functional tests IV. Number of test cases run / not run test cases passed / failed Which test measures the system at or beyond the limits of its specified requirements? Select one: a. It can be done in incremental manner II. Error guessing b. It includes non-functional tests Select one: a. II and III are correct Which set of metrics can be used for monitoring of the test execution? Select one: a.

COTS testing c.b. Alpha testing b. 4. Fixing defects as soon as they are found. Component testing X. Structural testing b. W. W1. Robustness testing 1. Black-box testing Which tests are BEST described by the following characteristics. X4. 3. AUtomating test cases before coding. Stress tesing c. Maintenance testing c. Usability testing d. Beta-testing d. X1. Regression testing d. W3. Testing the interaction between components 2. Functional testing What test can be conducted for off-the-shelf software to get market feedback? Select one: a. W2. Usability testing Which test ensuer that modifications did not introuduce new problems? Select one: a. Alpha testing Z. X2 AND X4 c. Integration testing Y. W4. Y3 AND Z2 b. Testing separately testable components? Select one: a. X1 AND Z1 .

d. black-box testing and white-box testing b. Only requirements which are listed in the specification document are to be tested c. integration testing. Only functional requirements are tested non-functional requirements are validated in a review Which test levels are USUALLY included in the common type of V-model? Select one: a. integration. Both functional and non-functional requirements are to be tested d. beta testing. system testing and acceptance testing d. exploratory testing and data driven testing c. system and acceptance phases Which of the following is most often considered as components interface bug? Select one: a. A testing life cycle model including unit. acceptance testing and regression testing V-Model is? Select one: a. Component testing. W2. The system is difficult to use due to a too complicated terminal input structure . A software development model that illustrates how testing activities integrate with Software development phases c. Alpha testing. Incremental testing. The official software development and testing life-cycle model of ISTQB d. W4 AND X1 In system testing? Select one: a. W3. Interation testing. exhaustive testing. system testing. Only non-functional requirements are tested functional requirements are validated in a review b. A software life-cycle model that is not relevant for testing b.

Component or unit testing c. it is not possible. System interation testing b. With automated testing you can make statements with more confidence about the Quality of a product than with manual testing c. For a software system.b. to test all input and preconditions. Testing is a part of quality assurance b. Which of the following sentences describes one of these basic principles? Select one: a. Testing is not a part of quality assurance . Acceptance testing d. Validation and verification In foundation level syllabus you will find the main basic principles of testing. A goal of testing is to show that the software is defect free d. under normal conditions. Under high load. the system does not provide enough open ports to connect to c. For two components exchanging data. The messages for user input errors are misleading and not helpful for understanding the input error cause Which test may OPTIONALLY be included in the common type of the V-model? Select one: a. Complete testing of software is attainable if you have enough resources and test tools Which of the following is true? Select one: a. b. one component used metric units the other one used British units d.

c. System testing Which of the following software work products can be used as a basis for testing? . Testing is the same as quality assurance The capability of the software product to provide functions which meet stated and implied needs when the software is used under specified conditions? Select one: a. Code coverage d. or adapted to a changed environment? Select one: a. Usability testing b. Structural testing c. Testing is same as debugging d. Interation testing The ease with which a software product can be modified to correct defects. Interoperability c. modified to meet new requirements. Functionality Which test can be performed at all test levels? Select one: a. Impact analysis b. System testing b. Operational testing d. modified to make future maintenance easier. Beta testing c. Maintainability d.

V-model specifications d. Black-box can be performed only after white-box Why is incremental integration preferred over big bang integration? Select one: a. white-box is sturctural c. Black-box is functional. Because incremental integration has better early defects screening and isolation ability Why is testing necessary? Select one: a. white-box is non-functional b. Because incremental integration can compensate for weak and inadequate component testing b. Design documents c. Black-box has a wider statement coverage than white-box d. Because testing is good method to make there are not defects in the software c. Because verification and validation are not enough to get to know the quality of the software . Incremental integration is preferred over Big Bang Integration only for bottom up development model c. Black-box is functional. Because big bang integration is suitable only for real time applications d. Undocumneted features What is the KEY difference between black-box and white-box testing? Select one: a.Select one: a. Because testing measures the quality of the software system and helps to increase the quality b. Incremental scenarios b.

Because testing finds more defects than reviews and inspections. A development life cycle where a project is broken into a series of __________? Select one: a. To know when a specific test has finished its execution c. i and iii only . Performance testing c. Non-functional iii. To ensure that the test case specification is complete Regression testing can be applied to which of the following. Black-box test design technique Maintenance testing is? Select one: a. Functionality testing b. Incremental development model d. Functional testing ii. To set the criteria used in generating test inputs b. Triggered by modifications. migration or retirement of existing software d. Testing management b. Structual testing? Select one: a. Synonym of testing the quality of service c.d. i. Testing the level of maintena What is the purpose of test exit criteria in the test plan? Select one: a. To specify when to stop the testing activity d.

i. Senior programmers and professional testers c. Technical system testers and potential customers b. Independent test team and users of the system .b. i and ii only Who OFTEN performs system testing and acceptance testing. ii and iii d. respectively? Select one: a. Development team and customers of the system d. ii and iii only c.

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