Title: Your Responsibility Author/Artist: Dover Pairing/Characters: Castiel/Dean with some side Sam/Gabriel

. As well as some Bobby. Rating: NC-17 Warnings: I‟m not used to writing scmoop, I usually write really nasty stuff with weird metaphors and idek, but, I wanted cute so; here‟s some cute. Also, Dirty talk later on as well as some rimming (That‟s not cute but idgaf) Word Count: Summary: Castiel has a little bit more responsibility thrust upon him by his Father with the arrival of a young child. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this piece of fan fiction. A/N: Well, this has been fun to write :U Even though I slacked off pretty hard in the middle and it took me a while to stop sitting around in the day watching Amnesia walkthroughs and eating crisps and actually finishing this.

“Cas, what the hell do you think you‟re doing? Cas slow the hell down.” Dean rushes past his brother after said Angel, who five seconds earlier had scurried through the motel room with a sort of muted determination. Sam watches with a blasé expression his older brother‟s irritation, a tiny smile quirking the side of his mouth when Dean emerges back in the room a few minutes later; holding a dark blue tie. “What was that all about?” Sam says quietly, glancing over the top of his laptop. Dean snorts and throws the piece of fabric down onto one of the beds, “Cas just being a total drama queen over nothing. He said he was needed upstairs for something but wasn‟t saying anything else.” Sam raises an eyebrow, “So you deemed it necessary to pull off his clothes?” Dean shrugs, “He zapped himself out of the parking lot just as I grabbed hold of it.” Sam gives a little “hmm” noise but says nothing else about the matter. Dean settles on the corner of one of the beds and huffs out a tiny sigh, “Cas looked pretty pissed. Maybe his old man wanted something big? Cas hasn‟t really been doing anything but hanging round with us and drinking all of Bobby‟s bourbon. Maybe his Dad is annoyed with him and that‟s why he got called back at such short notice.” With a click, Sam shuts his laptop‟s lid and considers it for a second before saying, “Perhaps. Did Castiel say when he was going to be back?” Dean spreads his hands in a, „I don‟t know‟ sort of gesture and mutters a, “His feathery ass better call me later.”

~*~ There‟s a ruffle of feathers and Dean snaps his eyes up and open up to see Cas standing above him, looking decidedly nonplussed. “I‟m sorry I took so long.” Dean glances at the clock and eleven twenty-eight am flashes back at him. He must have fallen asleep whilst Sam had gone to get the food about half an hour prior. Dean swipes a thumb over his eyes, scratching away some sleep and blinks at Castiel‟s trench coat; a large lump of cloth shielded by Castiel‟s palms. Dean reaches for it and Castiel frowns, “I have something to tell you Dean.” The hunter frowns at the angel, “Nothing bad is it.” Cas fidgets and opens his coat slightly to show what is in his arms. Dean swallows as a tiny face blinks back at him, and crinkled fingers scrunch together in the fabric wrapped around it. Castiel clears his throat and says quietly, “So, this is a baby.” Dean looks up and nods, “Yeah, I think I can see what it is Cas. Why…Why do you have a baby? You didn‟t steal it did you because I‟m pretty sure that‟s illegal.” The angel sighs and holds the baby at arm‟s length, observing it, “My father told me take care of it. From what I can gather, amongst my brothers and sister, I don‟t tend to understand…emotions as well as they do. So, he gave me a simple task. Look after this child. It doesn‟t seem too hard, it hasn‟t done much yet.” Dean‟s mouth presses into a hard line, “But it‟s still a living thing Cas. Christ, you…You really have no idea how hard this is going to bad, do you?” Castiel replies with a tilt of the head and Dean huffs out a sigh, “Babies are hard work Cas. I can‟t believe you agreed to this, I mean what are we going to do with a baby, we‟re hunter for God‟s sake, and we can‟t have a kid strapped to us if we‟re fighting off a fucking nest of vampires or something.” He clenches his temples and continues, “Of all the dumb things you‟ve done Castiel. I mean, I‟ve done some stupid shit, but accepting a baby.” “Fledgling.” “Fine, a fledgling, into my life is not one.” Castiel frowns and stares unblinking at the child, who gives him a smile and a thumbs up which is decidedly cute but not helping. “But this child is my responsibility; I cannot just simply take it back. Technically, it is mine. I believe it was created from a portion of my grace so, it is my child. Anyway, who says we have to take it on hunts? It is nothing to do with you, apart from the fact we are friends.” Dean pinches the bridge of his nose and nods, “Fine. Fine, just make sure you realise if you fuck up, I won‟t help. But for now, you and I are going to stare here and watch over this little social experiment.” Castiel cocks his head to the side, still staring at the baby, “How old do you think it is?” The hunter pushes himself off the bed and takes the child from Castiel, scowling a little at how cold and clinical the angel is with the baby. “Stop calling the baby „it‟. Did you dad not tell you if it

was a boy or girl? Jesus.” Castiel rubs his neck absentmindedly, “I think he said it was a girl. I must admit I was more interested in thinking how this would affect all of us so forgive me for forgetting a few of the finer details.” Dean scrutinizes the baby for a moment who squeals and tries to grab at his nose, “I have no idea how to judge these things but going by the fact I just saw a tooth I‟d say she‟s nearly a year old. Wait a second.” He sits back down and pulls off the cotton blanket around the child to reveal a tiny white sun dress. He places the baby on the floor and watches her pull herself up into a standing position and toddle around, albeit a bit wobbly. He nods almost triumphantly, “Yeah, I‟d say she‟s around a year old. Sammy could walk around that age as well.” The baby babbles out a few nonsensical words before Castiel picks her up, “We should travel back to Bobby‟s house and stay there for a while. I assume her has the right provisions to care for a child?” Dean shrugs, “Probably…” There‟s a thick silence before Dean says, “You going to name her then?” Castiel frowns, “I guess I should. I‟m not accustomed to these sorts of things. Do you have any suggestions? I am sure anything you could come up with would be much better than anything I could.” Dean flushes and smiles to himself, “Well, it‟s not like I‟m used to it either…I don‟t know just pick something. Nothing unpronounceable though, I don‟t want to have to tell people our baby has some weird ass Enochian name.” “Our baby?” Castiel tilts his head to the side and the sides of his mouth turn up, “Did you not mention that you thought Hanna was just a social experiment?” “Well,” Dean starts but then pauses, “Hanna? Okay, sure, that‟s a nice enough name. I was going to suggest Tinkerbelle; but sure why not.” Castiel crinkles his nose and let‟s out what only can be described as a choked laugh, “That sounds like a name of some sort of escort.” Dean shakes his head and laughs, full on laughs at that comment. Forgetting about the fact he just implied that Hanna was…theirs. ~*~ Dean and Castiel sit and watch Hanna play with the Impala‟s keys, placing them in an ash tray and then putting them back on the floor, then re-doing the whole action; for around half an hour before Sam arrives back at the motel with breakfast. He takes one look at the two of them sitting cross legged watching a baby play before saying, “You didn‟t steal it did you?” His brother snorts, “I fucking wish. Cas‟ daddy decided he needed more responsibility. To learn more about our emotions, and so dumped ababy on him. More importantly, he dumped her on us as well.” Sam dropped the bags of food onto the tiny table in the corner of the room, “I doubt your dad would leave her with you for long Cas. Me and Dean will help though, I know

for a fact Dean likes kids. He just enjoys loose women and drinking enough to never settle down.” Dean smiles at his brother before flipping him off. Castiel frowns, “Dean. I do not think it is appropriate to do that in front of a baby.” Dean‟s smirk falls and he mumbles an apology before heaving himself off the floor to root through the bags, retrieving a sealed cup of coffee and some sort of pastry. He pulls out what he guesses is Sam‟s breakfast, a fruit salad, and chucks it at his brother. Sam catches it and sits on the floor next to Hanna. “What should we give her?” Dean asks, leaning his hip against the table, taking a bite out of his food. Sam shrugs and opens the plastic container filled with fruit, “I guess this couldn‟t hurt her.” He pulls out a blueberry, handing it to the baby who sits down and takes it from him, murmuring a string of, “Dadadadadada” before shoving it in her mouth, barely even chewing. She squeals and reaches out for more. Dean rolls his eyes, “Great. Another health nut in the family.” Sam grins and happily offers up his breakfast to the child whilst a confused angel and hunter watch. ~*~ The street lamps flicker on as sun down nears and Dean paces around the small motel room with Hanna on his hip. He‟s quite frankly surprised that she doesn‟t cry at all compared to how he remembers Sammy being when he was a baby. But then again, he guesses she was created solely to make Castiel look after her, and things wouldn‟t go so well if she got so noisy that Cas might just leave her somewhere. Castiel whips his head round, “I would never do that.” Dean scoffs and tells Castiel to get out of his head, stumbling a little on his words from attempting not to swear in front of the kid. “Have you called Bobby yet?” Sam asks from behind his laptop, as usual, “We should probably tell him about our little problem.” Dean hefts Hanna higher on his hip, “Now don‟t be like that Sammy.” He slaps his brother on the shoulder making Sam purse his lips in pain, “Now I wasn‟t sure how to deal with Cas‟ dad‟s little task but, can‟t be that hard.” The younger Winchester smiles weakly and points to his laptop screen, “I got directions. All you need to do is give Bobby a call. Now, if possible Dean.” Dean rolls his eyes and says a little exasperatedly, “Cas, can you get your ass down here?” A second later Castiel is standing behind Sam, who jumps slightly as Cas says, “I got some milk. Unfortunately it is not breast milk. I tried to procure some of that but the woman in question was…not best pleased about the situation.” Dean rubs the bridge of his nose and says quickly,

“Yeah. Yeah, thank you Cas.” Hanna makes a garbled noise and reaches out to Castiel and Dean can‟t help but grin, “Well, looks like the little princess wants her Mommy.” Castiel frowns and tilts his head, “But I am not her mother.” The baby whines and Dean gives a small laugh, “Well you‟re definitely her something.” He shoves Hanna in Castiel‟s general direction and the angel takes her. Still as awkward as ever as he holds her to his chest and she plays with his tie, actually setting it the right way round for once. “Sam. Phone.” Sam throws the phone over to his brother who in turn catches the mobile and hits speed dial until Bobby‟s voice resounds around the room, slightly dampened by the phone‟s speaker. But Castiel hears the friendly, albeit slightly gruff, greeting Bobby gives Dean, before the eldest Winchester starts to tell the family friend of what has just happened. He feels Sam walk up behind him and Castiel turns slightly to look at the taller brother who says quietly, “Ever thought you‟d be a mom?” The angel, surprisingly, gives a small chuckle but his face returns to its steely pallor quickly, “No…I did not actually.” ~*~ Maybe it‟s just the fact that Castiel has never cared for anything but himself and his own family, none of which were babies but, he really has no idea what he is doing with Hanna and he is terrified to let the Winchester‟s see his predicament. He‟s got Hanna cradled to his chest, pacing around the room trying to quieten her cries. Cries he can‟t decipher the meaning to, and it‟s all getting too much. He never understood why parents looked so tired after a day‟s worth of looking a baby. But now he does. He sighs and scrubs a hand over his face, wishing he could return to heaven and just recuperate some energy but, He is needed here and here he must stay. He glances to the side where Sam is slumped over his laptop, headphones plugged in; probably to block out the noise of Hanna. Dean is on the bed and Castiel pads over to him and sits down, “I‟m tired.” The eldest Winchester smirks and huffs out a laugh, “Yeah. Having a kid does that to you Cas.”

Castiel shifts and places Hanna between them, “She is tired too…” Hanna‟s sobs cease into almost inaudible snuffles and slowly she slides her eyes shut, yawning into a clenched hand. Dean smiles warmly and yawns back. The angel‟s stomach warms at the sight and he says quietly, “I was scared when she was first handed to me, I guess that‟s what it‟s like for everyone who has a baby thrust upon them but...It was all so new and I didn‟t know what to do. I knew you‟d help. I do believe you could help me with most things Dean.” Dean smiles tiredly, but the happiness is still there, “I shouldn‟t be handling this whole Hanna thing well…Neither of us should. But we are and I guess that‟s the main thing right. It‟s going to be fucking scary and I hope if we screw up too bad, your old man isn‟t going to get all rapture on our asses but; I think we can deal with this.” He gives one final yawn before following Hanna into sleep. Castiel watches them. He watches for a long while before he leans over and brushes his hand over Dean‟s hair lightly. He wonders if this is how his Father felt when he created his children. It‟s a warm feeling in the pit of his stomach and he can‟t help but move to the child, brushing his lips over Hanna‟s forehead gently. He briefly debates doing the same to Dean but, he knows that even if a while ago, or at least, a while ago compared to his life, a kiss was something exchanged between friends…But now, Dean has implanted odd ideas about personal space into his mind. So the kiss stays locked in his lips. “This will change everything.” Castiel looks up at those words to Sam, who is smiling thinly, “We both know this will change things Cas.” Castiel nods and walks over to Sam, sitting in the chair opposite him, “Are you against change in any way?” Sam looks rueful for a moment, “No. Dean deserves this.” The, he deserves you, hangs in the air but it never leaves Sam‟s mouth. Castiel agrees silently because he has always thought Dean deserves all the good things that come to him. “You care so very much for your older brother Sam, it‟s one of the most interesting things about you. Your unbridled loyalty to him.” Castiel smiles like weak tea and taps a finger on the plastic table top, “It reminds me of my older brother.” Sam flushes and looks up, startled, “I…Erm…” He trails off; blush creeping down his neck into the line of his t-shirt. Castiel smirks, but there‟s no malice, “I‟m not judging you.” Sam swallows

thickly and his eyes dart about the room and he mumbles out a quiet, “We just hung out, you know? He bought me a beer and it was nice.” The angel looks knowingly at the younger Winchester, “He was trying to make it up to you, he feels…regret…and guilt, for what he put you and Dean through. He wants to atone for what he did. It‟s very un-Gabriel.” The sheets rustles and both men, or man and angel, whip their heads around as Dean settles on the bed, curling an arm around the slumbering Hanna, a sleeping smile plastered across his face. “It feels nice.” Castiel says in a hushed tone. Sam frowns, “What does?” Castiel shrugs, Sam notices, a very human gesture; “Having something that you can call your own.” Sam doesn‟t question whether Castiel means Hanna or Dean. ~*~ Sam blinks open his eyes and swings his legs round, “You got to stop the dream visits man, I swear I‟m always so tired after them.” Gabriel chuckles light heartedly and paces over to where the younger Winchester is seated and stands in front of him, hands on his hips, “You don‟t need all that beauty sleep Sammy,” he pinches Sam‟s cheeks between two fingers, “You‟re already the prettiest moose around.” Sam snorts but doesn‟t deny it. The former archangel rocks on the balls of his feet, “My little brother caught wind of our little liaisons then?” Sam quirks an eyebrow up and shrugs, “He seemed to hint to something between us at least. You‟re worried?” Gabriel shrugs back and licks his lips thoughtfully, a hand coming up to rub the scruff of his chin, “I guess not. He‟s too naïve to understand it yet. I bet he still is confused by that little crush he has on Deano.” Gabriel smirks as Sam shakes his head and says, “You‟re not messing with them. I swear if you do, I‟m going to be pissed Gabe.” He gestures with a hand, waving it slightly, “They‟re like kids, they need to learn on their own.” He nods and continued, “Your dad even whisked up a baby for Cas. I‟m not stupid. He did it to bring them together, I fucking know it.” Gabriel tuts and brushes a thumb over Sam‟s bottom lip, “Language Samuel.”

Eyelids flutter shut and Sam smiles, wrapping his lips around the thumb before letting it pop out of his mouth. Gabriel swallows dryly and blinks, “You need to stop doing things like that Sammy. I believe some guys wrote a song about what might happen.” Sam raises an eyebrow, “Yeah?” “I think it‟s called „Jizz In My Pants.” Sam throws his head back and laughs deep in his gut, it rumbles out and Gabriel‟s grin spread across his face, up to his eyes. “I love it when you laugh Sammy.” He crawls onto Sam‟s lap like the biggest house cat you‟ve ever seen and grins, leaning forward, “You‟ve been around that kid for too long,” Sam frowns, “Only a day, Gabriel.” Gabriel snorts, “Okay, but still, you need to relieve a little stress.” He clicks and suddenly he has a clipboard and a pair of horn rimmed glasses on, “I prescribe sex and more sex.” Sam plucks the glasses off whilst chuckling, “Really? And you‟re a licensed doctor now?” Gabriel‟s lips slide into a thoughtful look and he says, shrugging a little, “I did imitate Doctor Sexy once, if you remember our time in TV Land.” Sam nods and lets out a little „ah‟ noise as if he‟s thinking about that time. “I remember you had a strange fascination with my crotch area. I mean, nut cracker and the genital herpes advert? You just wanted to touch my junk didn‟t you?” Gabriel doesn‟t even bother to answer that question; they both know what he‟d say. They both duck in and the kiss is sweet and fast and hard. Just perfect. ~*~ “Dean?” Dean looks up from spooning porridge into Hanna, who, he has decided, gets far too excited about food, trying to smear it into the dusty blonde hair she has. She must get that quality from him he thinks briefly before thinking that is ridiculous. “What is it Cas, kinda busy right now.” He places down the spoon and wipes a thumb under Hanna‟s bottom lip before wiping it on a dishtowel. He spins in the seat and he realises what Cas is talking about, “Ah…I see.”

Sam is writhing about on his single bed and Castiel is staring wide eyed and stupidly curious, as ever. Dean coughs to get Castiel‟s attention who looks at him and says calmly, “I believe he is having a moist dream.” Dean blinks before bending at the waist with the weight of his laughter. “Never change Cas. Never change.” He turns back to Hanna, shoulders still heaving as laughter rippled in waves through his diaphragm and Hanna mimics the laugher, obviously enjoying how happy the adults around her were. Castiel raises an eyebrow, “What is so funny?” Dean shakes his head and lifts Hanna from the high chair they had to pick up from the lobby this morning, the receptionist giving Dean an odd look as they hadn‟t checked in with a child as far as she knew. “It‟s nothing. Nothing. Just I forget how hilarious you can be when you say shi...” He gives Hanna a wistful look before continuing, “When you say stuff like that.” He brushes a hand over Hanna‟s head and grimaces at the dried porridge, “I need to give her a bath, try and wake Sam up before he gets the sheets all gross, okay?” He gets half way to the bathroom before Castiel has his hand wrapped around his right bicep, dangerously close to the handprint he himself left there, “Why are you doing all of this?” His brow tilts down in more confusion than anger. Dean‟s face washes over with a sheepish look and he holds Hanna closer against the hip he has her balanced on, “I just feel like I should. She likes me doesn‟t she?” Hanna proves his statement by pressing his face into Dean‟s chest, pulling back with a childish „mwah‟ kissing noise. The look on Castiel‟s face could only be described as envious. “She is not your burden to carry.” Dean pulls back from the hand on him and scowls, slightly astonished at Castiel. “She‟s your kid, not the One Ring to Rule Them All.” Castiel doesn‟t even bother to tell him he does not understand that reference before taking Hanna out of Dean‟s arms and counters out, “I can look after her just fine on my own. She is mine. Stop acting like you‟re her parent as well.” He straightens up significantly and marches proudly into the bathroom, slamming the door shut and Dean doesn‟t move until he can hear the tap running. He paces over to Sam‟s bed and he has to admit, it‟s seriously funny watching Sam drool into his pillow and not so subtly grind his hips against the worn and squeaky mattress. He hums trying to find what he wants before settling on a newpaper. Rolling it up he pulls his hand back and then swats Sam around the head as hard as possible. The younger man yelps and sits bolt upright in bed, giving a shout of, “Gabriel.”

Dean scrutinizes his brother before breathing out, “What?” Sam‟s eyes widen and he draws the loose sheet up to his chest, “What what?” Dean rolls his eyes and jabs a finger in Sam‟s direction, “You just said Gabriel,” Sam opens his mouth and Dean shakes his hand at him, “No, don‟t try and deny it.” He puts his hands on his hips and leers down at his younger brother, “Good dream?” His mouth splits wide into a cheshire grin and he nods his head at the tent in the sheets and in a sing-song voice states, “Sammy is pitching a tent for an Archangel.” Sam‟s face screws up he runs a hand through his hair, “At least I don‟t have a boner for an angel with a kid.” “I do not…Ooh. Low blow Sammy. Low blow.” Sam smirks triumphantly, having struck a nerve with Dean. Dean grumbles and moves over to the kitchenette to make himself a well-deserved cup of coffee and maybe some streaky bacon and, oh, he hadn‟t even thought about food this morning yet. Too wrapped up in Hanna waking up at half six and being hungry herself an hour later. He‟d had no time for himself. He sighs and flicks on the kettle, even instant coffee was better than nothing. “Go fix yourself up Sammy. We need to go and get a few things today and I know how you are when you haven‟t had your special time in the morning. You get cranky like a kid who hasn‟t had their Weetabix.” He twists a nob and the radio spills out some pop garbage before he switches stations and a banjo plucks out a distinctly minor key sequence. Dean leans against the counter and yeah, the song is sad but he listens on anyway. The song grips his throat and squeezes as the chorus buzzes from the beat up radio, Oh tell me now, Where was my fault, In loving you with my whole heart? His fingers grip the surface top and he scowls at his white knuckles and he vaguely hears Sam get up from his bed and pad across the floor. Then there‟s only the sound of the radio and its disconsolate wail of „ah’s‟. Until Sam shrieks most undignified and Dean ears catch him saying, “I‟m so sorry. Fuck, I mean, shit. I mean, sorry Cas.” Dean smirks and Sam lets out an annoyed huff before his eyebrows slide up his forehead, “Oh and Cas….You‟re kind of meant to take your clothes off before you get in the bath.”

~*~ Dean is still laughing as he dries Castiel off with a rough motel towel. Castiel sits with a glum look on his face whilst Sam plays chase with Hanna outside in the parking lot on a space of grass. A cluster of young mothers sighing and cooing at him from a distance. “You‟re kinda dumb for an angel, you know that?” “How was I supposed to know?” Castiel snaps back and yanks the towel from Dean‟s grip, rubbing his hair before starting to unbutton his drenched shirt, which is clinging in all the right places and, Dean stops and turns away, rubbing the side of his neck as Castiel‟s clothes drop wetly to the short, filthy carpet. His ears pick up the clack and rustle of a belt being undone and he falters over his dry mouth, “I‟ll get you something else to wear. Wait…Why didn‟t you just use your mojo to dry them?” Castiel walk round, in nothing but a pair of navy boxers and it‟s a mixture of hilarious and plain wrong seeing him so exposed. “I was going to tell you. It appears I have been cut off, for now, from my „mojo‟. I think He wants me to do things the old fashioned way so to speak.” Dean groans and tries to avert his eyes from Castiel and moves over to his duffle bag, yanking out clothes that he thinks will fit the other man…Angel. Whatever. He pushes some jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt into Cas‟ hands, “Put these on, we need to go buy some stuff for Hanna before we set off for Bobby‟s so I suggest we try and look like a normal family. As normal as three guys and a one year old can.” Castiel tuts in the back of his throat and pulls on the t-shirt and it‟s a bit tight around his chest and the sleeves are a bit long but he rolls them up and Dean‟s mouth goes torrid and his adam‟s apple bobs as he tries he swallow around it, because Castiel looks good. And when he‟s finished putting on the jeans, he looks almost human. But he stands too awkwardly. Like good posture was beaten into him and he tries to pat down his hair, constant bed head ever present. Dean grimaces and pulls Cas forward as Cas squints and lets Dean sort his hair out and he oddly remembers the time he watched a bird preened it‟s mate on a nature show Sam was watching when he mojo-ed himself into their motel room. He bristles as the thought and grabs Dean‟s hands in his, stilling them. Dean‟s face softens and he leans forwards, eye sliding shut. Castiel takes a step backwards, “What are you doing?”

Dean stops and his eyes blink back to normal, but now he‟s glowering at the angel, “I thought…Nothing. Just get ready, we‟ll be leaving soon. I don‟t want to waste any more time in this shit hole.” He gives a cut off grunt before pushing Castiel back and pretending to search for something in his bag. Sam clicks the door open and Hanna runs through barrelling into Castiel‟s legs and wrapping his tiny arms around them, “Sum.” Sam grins proudly and Castiel thinks it‟s wonderful to see Sam entirely happy for once, “I think she means me. She likes me.” He chuckles lightly as she screeches as Dean swoops down and picks her up upside down, “Of course she likes you. You‟re Uncle Sam…Wow, wasn‟t that a nickname meant to be.” Sam flushes and then notices Castiel sitting on the bed, picking the rips in the borrowed jeans. The younger Winchester grins and turns to Dean who has Hanna on his shoulders, “Did Dean let mommy borrow some of his clothes?” Dean growls lightly and leans down slightly in front of Sam and says, “Get him Hanna.” The baby scraps up Sam‟s face on cue and then giggles, getting distracted by Sam‟s hair, burying her hands inside it and flipping it about so it falls into his face. Dean grins and pats her side, “That attack could use some work little lady.” Sam laughs, shaking his head before saying, “The care‟s loaded and we just need you two in there and we can head over to the Supermarket in town, then Bobby‟s. Sound good?” Dean gives a thumbs up and grabs the door key, throwing it at Sam, “Take this down to reception will you, I‟m gonna try and get her strapped into the car.” Sam nods and leaves, still mildly confused with why Cas is wearing Dean‟s clothes. ~*~

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