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Blog Requirements CGT 512 Objective The reasons why I ask you to write an individual professional blog are

as follows: 1. Writing a blog requires you to reflect on class readings and content. 2. Writing a blog demands that you look outside of class for interesting and relevant ideas and resources. 3. By sharing thoughts, ideas and resources with the class through blogs, students learn from each other. 4. Writing a blog helps you create a professional online identity. Blog requirements You will create your own blog on You will aim to write about 1-2 blog posts every week. You will tag and categorize your blog posts clearly. Use the following categories: Reading/Class Reflections Before or immediately after each class, post a few thoughts or ideas about the readings all the readings of the week as a whole, or your reflections after class. What did YOU take away from the readings and class? What was interesting/useful to you? How can you apply ideas we discussed to your own area of interest? What questions do you have? What did you learn in class today? I expect you will post such reflections for all but maybe a couple of classes. Links to interesting blog posts When you read an interesting post and want to keep it or recommend it to your readers, write a brief post on your blog: Share the link to the interesting post, and explain in 1-2 sentences why it is interesting to you. Good/Bad Design Provide at least 10 examples that illustrate principles of user-centered design. They can be either good or bad. Explain why each example applies user-centered design principles well, or why it violates them. Keep an eye out for such examples. They can be from any context and any object, not only computer interfaces. Space them out throughout the semester. You can only post one example per week. If you post two or more examples during the same week, you only get points for one. Breakthrough Ideas Share and comment on ideas not covered in class. For example, you may post a video to a futuristic interface, to breakthrough research in the area of human-computer interaction. The field is so much bigger than we can cover in one semester. What would the future look like? What are some other important ideas that are not covered in this class? Collect them on your blog. Thoughts, opinions, commentary, questions, fears, unfinished ideas. You can post your thoughts/opinions about something that was discussed in class, something that happened, ideas for your own research, etc. Blogs are

CGT 512 Blog Requirements

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most interesting when they document your thinking and learning process rather than when they show a finished, polished "final paper." Some mix of personal or humorous posts ad spice to your blog and show your humanity and complexity. Just keep it work-appropriate :) Research article reviews if you read an interesting article thats relevant to class, please blog about it. Make sure to include the full citation.

Create these categories on Wordpress and make sure to assign each post to its corresponding category. Do not double-categorize a post (each post can belong only to ONE category). You can tag as you please the more tags, the better. This will help me evaluate your blog. Below are the minimum requirements for your blog: Category Reading and class reflections Expectations Comments Notes about class readings for at least 11-12 of the 14 weeks of class At least 5 At least 10, no more than 1 per week At least 3 At least 3 Fluent, professional, relatively free of spelling and grammar errors Blog posts will be somewhat interesting and reflect some intelligent thinking Points Out of 5

Links to interesting blog posts Good/Bad Design examples Breakthrough ideas Thoughts & ideas - Overall writing

Out of 2 Out of 5 Out of 1.5 Out of 1.5 You can lose points for this criterion from your total points. You can lose points for this criterion from your total points. Out of 15

- Lack of thoughtfulness


Note for students who are required to have blogs in more than one class: You may use the same blog (your professional blog) for both courses, BUT you have to make sure you tag, categorize, and title each post very clearly so it can be counted towards its course. If you use one blog, start each post title with the course number, e.g. CGT 512: My thoughts on natural user interfaces. Tag and categorize each post with the course number, in addition to other categories required by the course. If I cannot find your content when I evaluate your blog, you will not receive points for it. CGT 512 Blog Requirements page 2 of 2