65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 0 dated 10 Oct. 2010


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65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 0 dated 10 Oct. 2010

SECTION 1- GENERAL 100. Intent & Definition This specification is intended to describe the construction of a twin screw Anchor Handling, Towing, Supply Vessel (AHTSV) completely outfitted and equipped for rescue, offshore supply, oil recovery, standby and other related duties. The Vessel will be classed for Unrestricted Service. The Vessel shall be capable of operating in all seas and weather conditions, which may occur. Vessel may be utilized for any duties within the capabilities of the vessel. The Vessel shall be equipped with two (2) Controllable Pitch Propeller, one (l) stern thruster and two (2) bow thrusters. The Vessel to have in way of all area except for the tanks. All accommodation and wheelhouse shall be forward and an open flat deck area aft for deck cargoes. For further details see the relevant sections of this Specification. While most of the functions and equipment requirements have been indicated herein after but it may not be exhaustive. Hence any item or equipment essentially required to proficiently utilise this type and size of vessel shall be provided by the builder, irrespective of whether or not the same are specifically detailed in this specification. The builder will ensure the safe and effective operation of all the systems, equipment and machinery provided on board, by providing suitable guards, platforms, accesses, communication facility, clear visibility, tools or any other accessories as required for satisfactory operation. Charter party specification requirements for the scope of service for this vessel, as annexed, are to be complied with, if not included this specification. The following terms will be used in the following specification:Owner : Halul Offshore Services Company W.L.L Builder : TBA Classification: LR. 101. Operational Requirements The Vessel is to be designed in such a way that the following roles can be obtained: a) Transport fresh water, diesel oil, deck cargoes, bulk cargoes (cement/Barites/ Bentonite) liquid mud, stores, materials & equipment. b) Tow / move Rigs c) Anchor handling d) External fire fighting e) Transportation of passengers to and from Oil field, located offshore. f) To berth and/or hold station near offshore platforms to safely transfer passengers**, liquids, deck and bulk cargoes. g) Rescue personnel fallen overboard and pollution control. h) Oil recovery and standby duties. i) Helicopter hoisting facilities j) Operation to be 24-hours/day continuous operations, capable of remaining on station for a minimum of 30 days. ** Passenger means marine working personnel, rig-crew etc. Good manoeuvrability and station keeping, is to be achieved by using twin controllable pitch propellers, twin rudders , bow and stern thrusters. Twin manoeuvring consoles shall be fitted in the wheelhouse stations, forward and aft with all individual controls and integrated joy-stick and DP system. Provision for the complete command and control of the vessel shall be provided on both the forward and aft consoles. The wheelhouse is designed to ensure excellent all-round view for facilitating all intended operations. Unobstructed view of the Windlass, rescue zone, aft deck, anchor handling / towing winch and aft may be ensured by fitting full-length windows and deck head windows.

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65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 0 dated 10 Oct. 2010

Additional CCTV monitoring is to be provided with 3 cameras with zoom pan and wide angle facilities to cover AHT winch, Windlass, bow, Rescue zone and cargo deck. 1 camera shall be at fwd. deck and 2 cameras at aft deck. Views from all 3 cameras are to display simultaneously and also individually at the monitor at aft console at Wheel house. The accommodation is well appointed and centrally air-conditioned. The main propulsion engines are two medium speed heavy-duty marine diesel engines. All documents shall be in the English Language. Special Considerations Special consideration must be given to the following requirements:  Suitably equipped for anchor handling, towing and transport of passengers, deck and bulk cargoes.  Provide a stable platform/deck even in rough weather conditions. To minimize pounding and rolling, the main weight should be concentrated mid-ship and aft and the hull form should feature a fine bow with flared section above waterline. Safe havens for crew and passenger protection during cargo and passenger transfer operations shall have obstruction free access and there shall be no major obstructions in the safe havens. 102. Principal Particulars Dimensions (approximate): Length overall Breadth moulded Depth moulded Draft Scantling Draft loaded (Max.) Accommodation Super Structure height 65.00 m (approx) 16.00 m 6.50 m 5.50 m 5.00 m Less than 13.5m at summer load line draft, excluding masts, funnel, antennas, etc. 1800 T 65 T (Average pull) * 13.5 Knots in BF -2 12.5 Knots in BF -2 30 days @ service speed

Performance: Dead Weight required Bollard Pull Trial Speed @100% MCR 5.0 M draft Service Speed @ 85% MCR & 5.0 M draft Endurance

* The bollard pull to be done at 4.0 M draft with all thrusters fully immersed. Capacities (Minimum): Fuel Oil Fresh Water Drill Water / Water Ballast Mud/ Brine/ Recovered Oil Recovered oil Foam Dispersant Dry bulk (Sp Gravity 0.95 – 2.4) Lube Oil Sewage Holding Tank Dirty Oil Tank
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450 cu. m 400 cu. m. 500 cu. m 400 cu. m. At sp Gravity 1.80 550 Cu.m ( total capacity) 20 cu. m. 10 cu. m. 150 cu. m. (4 tanks) 4 x 5 Cu.m 20 cu. m. 10 cu.m.
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Machinery: Main Engine Propulsion System Generating Set Shaft Alternator Emergency Generator Main Engine driven Fi-Fi pump Bow Thrusters Stern Thruster Fuel Oil Purifier Lub Oil Purifier Sewage Treatment Plant Oily Water Seperator Crane Fuel Oil Cargo Pump Fresh Water Drill Water Pump / Ballast Water Pump Mud Pump Dry Bulk 10 cu .m/hr @75m head Mud tank to have agitator & circulation pump.m. 2010 Bilge Holding Tank Freezer/Chiller (Ship’s use) Deck Cargo Deck Loading (Aft working deck) Clear working deck area Deck Cargo. 2x~100 cu. Six (6) bar system * Power of Main Engine to be appropriate for the speed. 2x 25 M3 (Approx) 600 t 7 t/sq.m/hr @75m head 2x~100 cu. 60 Tonnes x 60 M head x 125 Meter distance.M/Hr Electro Hydraulic Telescopic boom 3 Tons at 15 Meter Radius. Halul offshore Services constructed in Lloyd Register class notation IWS+ ES+1 Page 5/85 . ** Power to be appropriate for DP -2 station keeping Complement: Crew Hospital – dedicated hospital Special personnel Total Clear ceiling is not to accommodation spaces be less than 2150 18 men 0 men (See clause 308) 32 men 50 men mm (average) generally in 103. Machinery and outfitting equipment shall be accordance with the latest Rules for Building & Classing of Steel Vessel to of Shipping (hereinafter referred to as classification) and have their LRS+100A1+DP(AA)+Oil Recovery+UMS+Fi-Fi I+ Standby Ship+ Anchor Handling Towing/ Supply for Unrestricted Services.m/hr @75m head 2x~70 cu. Classification The vessel including its Hull. 0 dated 10 Oct. To be hard wood planked 400 sq.m/hr @75m head 2x~100 cu.20 M above wood sheathing.m (between the crash rails) 600 Tons with VCG 1. PTO requirements and station keeping. *2 x~2000 KW each with power take off for shaft alternator and Fi-Fi Pump Conventional CPP in nozzles 4 x~400 Kw diesel driven 2 x~1200 KW (each) 1 x 120 Kw diesel driven 2x1650 cu. m with and superstructure drenching system 2x~600 KW CPP type ** 1x~400 KW CPP type ** 1x 2500 Litres /Hr ( LS HSD) 1x 1000 Litres / Hr 1x Biological Type for 50 Men 1x 1Cu.m. bollard pull.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.

2010 104. under the flag of Qatar. Letters of Compliance with Annex IV.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. MLC 2006 concerning crew accommodation on board ships. Rules & Regulations The Vessel and its equipment shall be designed and built in accordance with International Shipbuilding Standards in respect of general hull. MARPOL 73/78 including requirements of the Baltic Sea Convention and all subsequent amendments Radio Communication Regulations to Government Regulations for GMDSS for Area A1 & A2 and wireless safety requirements International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at sea. International Electrical Commission (IEC) publication 92 – Electrical installation in Ships International Telecommunication Convention with the latest amendments including requirements for GMDSS. including overhead beams and lugs Magnetic compass calibration sheet Page 6/85 Halul offshore Services . 6954 – Guideline for overall evaluation of vibration in merchant ships.Guidelines for the design and construction of offshore supply vessel Resolution A574 (14) – Recommendation on general requirements of Electronic Navigation aid. Maritime Laws and Regulations of the Qatar port authorities 106. mooring. 1973 and Protocol 1978. marine engineering and electrical equipment and International Rules and Regulations which are in force at signing of Contract/ Keel Laying. Registry The vessel will be registered at Doha. 1972 including amendments of 1981 SPS code 2008 MSC 266 (84) (Carrying up to 60 personnel. Certificates The following certificates are to be supplied to the owners at the time of delivery of the vessel. & Machinery as applicable Makers certificate for all the items Load test certificate from classification for all the lifting. 105. ISO std. V and VI issued by Classification Society Tonnage Certificate De ratting Certificate Approved SOPEP Approved Garbage management plan Approved Cargo Securing Manuel Type approval certificates of equipment and machinery as applicable Class certificates for the Eqpt.Protocol 1978.                 SOLAS 1974 for cargo ships with all subsequent amendments. IMO A343 – Recommendation on methods of measuring noise levels and measuring points IMO 469 (X11) . Rules which may come into force prior delivery of the vessel shall be treated as modification. 0 dated 10 Oct. as applicable for this category and size of vessel: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) Builder’s Certificate Classification Certificate (Hull and Machinery) Safety Equipment Certificate (for a complement of 50 persons ) Safety Construction Certificate Load Line Certificate Safety Radio Certificate IOPP certificate and MARPOL 1973 . International Load Line Convention 1966 (Type ‘B’ Freeboard) Classification society rules International Tonnage measurements 1969 The International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from Ships. lashing equipment.

Inspection/Supervision Throughout the construction period prior to the delivery. Temporary lugs are to be removed and burs ground smooth with out any defect. edge preparation and gap widths. testing. strong. The cost of all fees and charges incurred for survey. 2010 18) All other certificates required by the classification. the surveyors. structure should be pre-fabricated in assemblies and sub-assemblies to give the maximum possible amount of down hand welding. flag authority and owner. All timber to be impregnated against rot. Approved and accepted equipment and machinery list of all equipment and machinery to be used in the vessel is included as attachment ‘Makers List’. Electrodes to be selected from classification approved lists. All visible plates are to be smooth and straight wherever applicable. 109. 107. Only mild steel to be used for hull structure. Shipyard to submit QAP Plan showing inspections and control points by class and owners representatives. fairness. b) All woods used to be suitable for the intended purpose and of good quality. classification and issue of certificates are to be borne by the builder. Qualified personnel from main engine. Deck crane. within 2 months of contract signing. High standards of up-to-date welding practice and procedures are to be applied. Intermittent welding to be used only inside the super structure. blowholes and other defects. Diesel generators. c) All smith work or fabricated fittings to be of neat design. Shell plating is butted flush and fully welded seams. 110. associated with alignment. Lifting eyes are provided on shell plating to facilitate propeller & rudder removal. 108. The yard shall inform the owners giving 14 days notice for attending the shop trials of main engines. Materials & Workmanship a) All materials and workmanship are to be of good shipbuilding quality. specification & classification requirement. Scantlings are to class requirements or more. dock trials and sea trials as necessary at builder’s expense. hull forging and castings are to meet classification’s requirements and supplied with test certificates where required by classification society. infestation and free from odour. 0 dated 10 Oct. Welding to be in accordance with classification requirements. All steel plates. smooth & free from defects. Steel castings to be manufactured to classification requirements and approval where required. Tests Shop Trials Shop trials of equipment are to be conducted in the presence of the owners and classification representatives. Where possible.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. in accordance with contract plans. Welding Vessel to be of all welded construction. auxiliary machinery and other specified major equipment suppliers / manufacturers shall be in attendance during installation. sections. Towing winch and Main & emergency switch boards. Continuous welding is to be used for all the structure up to uppermost continuous deck and weather exposed area. Halul offshore Services Page 7/85 . Bow thruster. Welding schedules to meet classification requirement/ standard. All steel used to be of good welding quality. commissioning. All castings to be of good quality close grained and free from cracks. owner’s representative and consultants are to be given free access to the builder’s yard during normal working hours for supervision and inspection. propulsion system. free from laminations or other harmful defects and to be blasted and primed before using.

Propulsion machinery. A report on the inclining experiment is to be supplied to the Owner. 111. The builders are to supply a master. subject to builder providing FO analysis report from an approved lab. pilotage. Owners at acquisition cost may buy the remaining diesel oil on board after the trials. Insulation measurements shall be taken for each electrical item and associated circuits in presence of owner’s representative and recorded. Control systems Automation 112. Sea trial Sea trial is to be arranged and carried out in accordance with a program approved by the Classification society and owners. including the checking of valve name plates Electrical power points together with all lights Auxiliary machinery Ventilation. all victuals and necessary equipment and arrange the catering during the trials. Halul offshore Services Page 8/85 .5 knots at 5. deck machinery. All piping systems are to be fully tested. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 113. the Hull. all machinery. all equipment installed. FW. standby vessel and dues for the trials are to be paid for by the builders. A representative of the Statutory Authority and owner’s representative are to be present at the inclining experiment. piping. Free running speed shall be measured over an approved “measured mile” in four (4) consecutive runs. Dock trials are to be carried out in the presence of Owner’s representative. crew. engine room auxiliary machinery. The compass is to be adjusted during sea trial. Alternator set load tests shall be carried out to demonstrate satisfactory electrical load and condition.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. owners and /or their representative. are to be tested. The vessel also should demonstrate a cruising speed of minimum 12. prior to painting in way of the welds. to check operation of machinery. All tanks generally complete with its fittings and piping to be tested under hydrostatic and / or pneumatic pressure according to the classification requirement.00 m draft and 100% MCR of the engines. Inclining Experiment Before sea trials and with the vessel in as complete a condition as possible. machinery and deck fittings. automation etc. refrigeration machinery All deck machinery Air-conditioning machinery All pumps etc. All piping systems shall be pressure tested according to the classification requirement. a) Speed Trials Speed is to be assessed during performance trials. All diesel oil. an inclining experiment is to be carried out to ascertain the lightship displacement and centre of gravity. in deep waters and sea conditions around Beaufort scale 2. 0 dated 10 Oct.5 knots at 5. Dock Trials Dock trials are to be carried out in accordance with a programme agreed between Builder and the Owner. The vessel is to demonstrate a minimum free running speed of 13. control systems. lubrication oil. 2010 Onboard Trials Prior to the delivery. Electrical machinery and circuits shall be tested to demonstrate satisfactory workmanship and compliance with specified requirements. domestic equipment are to be thoroughly tested in the presence of the classification society’s attending surveyor.00m draft @ 85% MCR with the vessel and sea conditions similar to above. electrical.

8 Feet) 1. Through out the period readings of the pressures and temperatures are to be taken at 30 minutes intervals.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. The test is to be repeated with the helm hard over in the opposite direction. With the vessel under full headway and the engines running at their full revolutions. The course. 2010 Maximum combustion pressures are to be recorded at 100% and 85% MCR. machinery and equipment. After the vessel has reached full sternway and with engines running at their full revolutions. c) Turning Circle and Steering Trials Steering gear trials are to be carried out. The time taken to move the rudder and the rudder angle is to be recorded and a plot of the same has to be framed and installed in the wheel house. their components and related systems shall be entirely suitable for service under the following conditions: Sea water temperature Ambient air temperature Relative air humidity Wind velocity Significant wave height Current velocity Wave period Max 360C & Min 10 0C Max 500C & Min 5 0C Max 95% & Min 0 % 18m/sec (35 Knots) 3. and the vessel is to run until the output of the engine has reached full headway. During this trial. b) Endurance Trials Full power endurance trials to be carried out for a period not less than 4 hours or as per classification requirement which ever is higher. Turning circle trial has to be also carried out using Thrusters Williamson Turn (Man overboard trial) is to be carried out and a plot of the turn with relevant distances and time are to be framed and installed at a suitable location in the bridge. (Should be less than 40 Sec. d) Stopping & Astern Trials With the vessel proceeding ahead at full power the thrust direction controls are to be moved from ‘full ahead’ to ‘full astern’ and the following records taken: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Time to move controls from ‘full ahead’ to ‘full astern’ Time for the thrust to reach a steady condition to ‘Full Astern’ direction Time to bring the vessel to a stop. in accordance with Classification Society requirements. Environmental Conditions The vessel. 0 dated 10 Oct. The rudder is to be moved to the hard over position with vessel under full headway and held until the vessel has made one or more complete circles. the rudder is to be kept amidships. Main engines Fuel consumption shall be recorded separately for MCR and for 85% power. The time to turn through 360 degrees and the diameter of the turning circle are to be recorded.0 m/sec (2 Knots) 10 sec Halul offshore Services Page 9/85 . the propellers are to be reversed to full ahead. 114. Noise is to be measured during endurance trials and recorded. time and distances for these manoeuvres are to be recorded.0 m (9.) Estimate of distance run between initiation of order and stopping of vessel Time to a steady astern condition During the astern trial the vessel is to be inspected for occurrence of local vibration. Parameters of the main engines and propulsion system are to be recorded at these operating condition and also at 50% MCR. the propeller is to be reversed to full astern. plant.

Ballast & Fire main System 34) Ship’s Fuel and Lube oil System 35) Engine Cooling 36) Starting air system 37) Service air system 38) Exhaust system & funnel 39) AC and Ventilation system 40) Cool & Cold room arrangements 116. Trim & Stability The vessel is to have sufficient positive stability in normal conditions of loading to comply with the standards as recommended by the Regulations and/or Authorities. Drawings On completion. The results of the inclining experiment are to be used in the preparation of a comprehensive Trim and Stability Book for the use of ship’s officers. 2010 115. 1) General Arrangement 2) Hydrostatic Curves 3) Cross Curves 4) Inclining Experiment Report and Stability Booklet 5) Dimensional Profile 6) Anodes plan 7) Docking Plan 8) Drain plugs drawing 9) Tank Calibration 10) Structural Profile & Deck 11) Midship Section 12) Cargo rail and Bulwark 13) Structure in way of crane 14) Engine Seating Detail 15) Plummer block drawings 16) Forward Sections 17) Aft Sections 18) Typical sections 19) All transverse and Longitudinal Bulkheads 20) Shell Expansion 21) Superstructure Detail 22) ‘A’ Bracket details 23) Shafting Arrangement 24) Rudder Arrangement 25) Rudder stock & Rudder drawing 26) Drawing of Skeg 27) Bilge keel drawing 28) Deck outfit plan 29) Anchoring and mooring arrangement plan 30) Seachest arrangements 31) Engine Room Layout 32) Thruster Tunnel Detail 33) Bilge. The stability data is to include loading conditions sufficient to cover normal operating roles.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Builder should ensure that the vessel should have a trim by stern in all loading conditions and does not have any permanent list. two sets of soft copies on CD ROM in Auto CAD format of the following ASFITTED drawings to be given with the vessel in addition to three (3) sets of paper prints. Halul offshore Services Page 10/85 . The completed Trim and Stability Book is to be approved by the Regulatory Authorities. 0 dated 10 Oct.

AHT winch etc.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. lighting. Sounding & Filling Pipes Oily Water filter and overboard system Schematic Wiring Diagram and Reference to Fittings As fitted Cable try & wiring drawing for power. gob eye. Framed Plans Following drawings/plans shall be framed and mounted at appropriate places on the vessel: a) General Arrangement b) Capacity Plan c) Life Saving Arrangement plan d) Fire Fighting arrangements plan e) Bilge and Ballast plan f) Fuel and Lube oil system g) Turning circle and Willamson Turn h) Stopping distances i) Bunkering Plan and Procedures Halul offshore Services Page 11/85 . shark jaw. DP FMEA report. control cables etc. Cold) & Sanitary System Position and details of Tank Vent. 2010 41) 42) 43) 44) 45) 46) 47) 48) 49) 50) 51) 52) 53) 54) 55) 56) 57) 58) 59) 60) 61) 62) 63) 64) 65) 66) 67) 68) 69) 70) 71) 72) 73) 74) 75) 76) 77) 117. DP system layout and cabling. Refrigeration system Cooling system for AC & Refrigeration system STP system Domestic FW (Hot. communication. 0 dated 10 Oct. towing bollard. Shaft generator arrangement Main Switchboard Wiring & Short Circuit Calculations etc. tow pins. 24V DC Radio battery Charging Panel & 24V DC Switchboard Ventilation Arrangement LSA Plan Cargo securing manual Garbage management plan Fire safety operation booklet (FSOB) Approved SOPEP Training manual for LSA &FFA eqpt. also for the tank gauging system Fendering plan and details Towing and Anchor Handling arrangement details including all the equipments like stern roller. Dispersant system FO cargo system FW cargo system External FI-FI system Lay out of manholes and hatches Lay out of doors Lay out of ladders Lay out of windows and port holes Penetration fittings drawing Mast drawing Bulk Cargo system FO purification system LO purification system Painting scheme detailing area and type of paint Trimmed sounding tables.

Vessel Operating Manuals Operating manuals. Manuals of Machinery & Equipment Three (3) sets of instruction manuals. Spare Gear & Tools Builder is to provide all spare parts as listed in section 9 of this specification and also those mandatory required by classification society in their rules. spare parts catalogue etc. If the time required for delivery exceeds 6 months after launching or if vessel is grounded at any period after launching then the vessel to be docked for underwater inspections. if available from respective suppliers. piping. Practice Any modifications or changes required by Classification Society and Government Authority. and platform pull off emergencies  Black out procedure. Any additional spares if recommended by manufacturer are to be offered to owners for purchase. 120. Builders shall ensure that all machinery. the vessel thoroughly cleaned and ready for service. 119. The vessel shall be delivered to the owner’s crew outside the port limit upon dropping of the pilot with propulsion machinery running. As a minimum this operating manual shall contain:  A general description of the Vessel  Schematic diagrams of main and emergency power supplies and electrical installations  Fire control plan including type and location of fire-fighting appliances and a procedure for evacuation of personnel from the Vessel. including a escape route  A plan showing safety provisions including location and operation of life-saving appliances and a procedure for evacuation of personnel from the Vessel  Procedures for anchoring and mooring operations  Procedures for adverse weather conditions. 122. bilges.  DP operation Manual including the DP capability plots. Halul offshore Services Page 12/85 . 2010 Comprehensive set of colour photographs showing systematically the progress in construction of the vessel from steel cutting until trial completion shall be supplied to the owner from time to time. Two copies of the completed vessel’s colour photograph of size 10R. equipment. Any defects in the underwater are to be rectified prior to delivery. M/E and auxiliary machinery and propeller units shall be protected between shop trials and sea trials by a method of corrosion inhibitors approved by manufacturers.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. must be on board and available to all concerned. properly framed shall be provided. 121. coolers and tanks are cleaned and preserved/ painted till delivery to and acceptance by owners. Soft copies of instruction manuals shall also be supplied on CD-ROM. A joint acceptance survey shall be conducted after successful completion of trials 3 days prior to the delivery date. if not covered by this specification. All the tools and the standard spares from the Manufacturer are to supplied to the vessel. For changes. required by class or statutes affected after the keel laying date. 118. Delivery Delivery of the vessel is to be taken afloat adjacent to the builder’s yard at a safe berth. containing guidance for the safe operation of the Vessel under normal and emergency conditions. The builders shall have completed rectification of all defects. 0 dated 10 Oct. prevailing on the date of keel laying or similar stage but not mentioned in the specification shall be modified and installed at no extra cost to the Owner. of all machinery and equipment in English language are to be supplied by the builders. shall be to buyer’s account.

Ship’s Model One ships model per vessel in scale 1:100 shall be supplied. if any. 125. 124. Shipyard shall submit results of model test to Buyer’s representatives. immediately upon finalizing the GA and in any case not later than 3 months from the date of signing the contract.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. etc. Halul offshore Services Page 13/85 . are to be adjusted in the contract price. components and materials. Modification If for any reason the Owner or Builder would wish to change brand of equipments. 0 dated 10 Oct. in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. 2010 123. outside the agreed maker’s list. both parties are to mutually agree first and any differences in prices. Model test .

fabricated of mild steel. The rudders are to be watertight streamlined. Two shaft brackets are to be fitted on port and stbd to support and protect propellers.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. All openings cut in shell deck or other members shall be regular in outline with well-rounded corners. Suitable filling and drain plugs are to be fitted and lifting arrangements are to be incorporated for the rudder and on the hull. Upon completion the Skeg is to be provided with a float coat by filling & draining of bitumen solution or equivalent. 203. with internal horizontal plate frames. 0 dated 10 Oct. connected throughout the length to the centre girder. Keel A plate keel 14mm thick and minimum 600mm wide is to be fitted. made of fabricated mild steel construction. General The steel hull and deckhouse are to be of all welded construction. Stem The stem is to be formed by a mild steel bar or by a formed radiused plate suitably stiffened by webs and breast hooks as per the design. floors and girders in ballast tanks. Provision is to be made for internal drainage to the drain plug. propeller openings. Shaft Brackets. Provision is to be made to ensure internal drainage to the drain plugs. However ~1mm extra thickness over rule requirement is to be provided for bottom. No opening shall be made in any stress member for penetration of pipes. upper part to support shaft aft bossing and lower part to protect propellers. Propeller shaft brackets are to be of the “Y” type. Bottom & Shell Construction The bottom is to have double bottom tanks extending the complete breadth meeting SPS 2008 requirements. 205A 206. 201. a float coat is to be provided by filling and draining of bituminous solution or equivalent.5m. Upon completion of the Kort nozzle fabrication. Doors to void spaces / escapes at ER wings shall be watertight type. The skeg to house the stern tunnel thrusters. cable or other purpose unless approved by class with compensation if necessary. Skeg A double plate box shaped Skeg is to be fitted on the centreline aft and set forward of the propellers. The propellers are to be housed in adequately rigged Kort nozzles with SS plating in way of the propeller tip at inner side of nozzle. Rudders & Rudder Trunks. double plate type. The vessel is to be double skinned in way of machinery space and Bulk tank space.STRUCTURE SPECIFICATIONS 200. heavy insert plates shall be fitted. Sacrificial anodes are to be provided on the exterior surface. 2010 SECTION 2. In way of openings for hawse pipes. W/T bulkheads and exposed decks. All workmanship shall be executed by “qualified” and skillful workmen under regular supervision. 205. sea chests and other openings. It is to be tapered at the forward end to the stem bar or plate and is to be continued up to the aft end. Lofting of the hull shall be thoroughly checked by the builders and inspected by the owner’s representative before templates are taken for construction. Halul offshore Services Page 14/85 . 202. The scantlings of all members shall be as per the classification requirement for a draft of 5. Two (2) semi balanced high performance becker type flap rudders with bottom pintles are to be fitted each with an approved area. 204. sides. Kort Nozzles.

Draft Marks Draft marks are to be in metric on P+S at forward. Separate sea chest(s) of adequate size is/are to be provided for the external fire pump. The rudderstock is to be of forged steel. 210. Adequate number of used aircraft tyres are to be installed above fenders on the sides and stern such that the tyre fenders will be touching each other or separated by a gap less than 50mm. they are to be of recessed type with flush wooden covers to match deck level.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. The fendering plan and the securing arrangement to be approved by the owners. Sea Chests Sea chests meeting the classification society requirements have to be provided on the port and stbd sides for the ships use. The bearing and stock to be designed to take the full side load of the rudder. W-type rubber fenders are to be provided at the bow and stern. Fenders Heavy Duty “D” type rubber fenders of 300mm wide to be provided at the main deck level on both sides and on forecastle deck level. 2010 The plate frames to have limber holes to ensure internal drainage. made of 300 x 12 plate with 25mm dia. 209. Suitable blanks and fittings are to be provided for “In Water Survey” with appropriate class notation. In engine room and main deck. 207. with a heavy top plate to take the steering gear and house the watertight gland. Air vent pipes have to be provided from the upper most point. The location of the same are to be such that these will be well under water even in the lightest condition of the vessel. 208. A lifting eye and a jumping collar are to be fitted to each rudderstock. After testing. MGPS from KC limited or similar using Cu & Al anodes to be provided in the main and FI-FI pump sea chests for anti-fouling of seawater lines. Sacrificial anodes are to be fitted on the out side surfaces of each rudder. they are to be “raised” type. The rudder bearing is to be water lubricated. Raked fenders to be provided between forecastle deck and main deck. aft and amidships as per the relevant regulations. 0 dated 10 Oct. The gratings have to be fitted using hinges. Halul offshore Services Page 15/85 . 211. Manholes All manholes are to be of elongated shape with stainless steel studs and nuts. The rudder trunk is to be tubular steel. In way of accommodation. A heavy steel boss to be incorporated at the lower end of the trunk and fitted with approved type bearing. Securing of tyres to be done to four points (lugs) using chains and shackles. Bilge Keels One (1) bilge keel each on P&S. The suction pipes have to extend into the sea chest to prevent drawing of entrapped air if any to the upper level of the sea chest. the rudders are to be filled with bituminous or equivalent solution and drained. Round bar is to be fitted on the bilge strake between the chines on doublers. in similar lines to the main sea chests above.

213. All coamings are to be as per Loadline Regulations. Steel minor bulkheads to be fitted around following accommodation compartments:  Toilets (excluding modular toilets)  Laundry  Galley  AHU room  Stores  Freezer and cool rooms Flood coamings of 50 mm height above deck to be provided on all the exposed decks . 0 dated 10 Oct. plating to be 1mm more than classification rule requirement. 2010 212. W/T Doors & Hatches Hand operated or Hydraulic sliding watertight doors with clear opening of 1400mm high by 650mm wide are to be provided as necessary. to be covered with 50mm thick hardwood laid fore and aft.5M x 1M size to be provided above the engine room for handling of large spare parts. Deckhouses are to be welded direct to deck.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Lids to be capable of being opened and closed from inside and outside. They are to be capable of local control. The timber to be retained by steel bars spaced approximately 1800 / 2400 mm apart. Main Deck The deck plating aft of the superstructure is to be 12mm minimum thick and to take uniformly distributed load of 7 tonnes/M2. Drag Plate Drag plate of appropriate size and adequate thickness is to be provided on the main deck forward of stern roller. Deck House & Minor BHD Scantlings are to Classification requirements. Exposed deck 216. Stiffeners to be spaced to suit deck longitudinal and bottom structure (also to meet the class requirements) with bracket at each end. One bolted. Watertight/Oil tight Bulkheads The WT/OT bulkheads are to be plated horizontally. 215. 214. portable. Forecastle Deck Forecastle deck is to have increased scantlings in way of deck machinery. (To be marked on GA Plan) The deck plating is to be welded direct to the shell. from each side of the bulkhead. Watertight doors and hatches are to be fabricated to Yard’s standard design. The large hatches to be provided with counter weight (for out side ones) and tension springs (for the inboard ones) to facilitate easy opening by one person using one hand only. The cargo deck. flush type hatch about 1. Bolted access manholes with gasket to be fitted to each tank space to Classification requirements. Watertight hatches are to be fitted on the main deck between bulwark and cargo rail and one on fore deck. 214A. Halul offshore Services Page 16/85 . Suitable bolted portable panel are to be provided on the foxle deck and main deck for removal of BT and ST motors. inside the line of the cargo rails.

C. middle and bottom rails to be 19mm diameter solid rod. Stanchions to be 65mm x 14mm flat bar. . Masts to have rungs with protective guard carried to the top. Blocks for aerials.80 pipe. They are to be suitably protected using portable wooden storm boards.’s and showers and where required in way of manholes and vertical ladders. 217A.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. alley ways. Freeing ports to be cut in upper forecastle bulwarks. The winch to be provided with SS wire of minimum 100m. Upper forecastle bulwark rail bar to be 100 NB sch. Arched pipe of around 100mm NB with flanged connection to be provided over the openings for bollards to maintain continuity. bridge deck. Davit An electrical operated davit along with a sheave of 1 Ton SWL is to be provided on the stbd side on the foxle deck mounted close to or on the bulwark. The lockers to be formed by steel bulkheads. Doubling plates to be fitted under bulwark stanchion feet and in way of mooring pipes. Storm rails of 32mm diameter (stainless steel or plastic covered pipe) shall be provided inside the accommodation spaces.0 m wide is to be provided on the P&S side bulwarks. Top rails to be 32mm galvanised pipe. 0 dated 10 Oct. Plating to be 8 mm thick with 100 NB sch. Funnels Twin funnel uptakes to be arranged to accommodate the exhausts and to serve as engine room hot air exhaust. etc. Rails & Stanchions To be fitted around wheelhouse top. 2010 217. 218. as required. Masts The main mast is to be fitted with brackets for the navigation lights. Halul offshore Services Page 17/85 219. Handgrips to be fitted in way of W.80 pipe on top. wheelhouse. All transitions in the bulwark top are to be made as smooth as possible to avoid snagging the towline. with solid half round or inverted angle stiffeners. The floor of the locker is to be perforated steel plate made portable. The capacity of each locker is to be sufficient to stow specified length of chain cables. forecastle deck and elsewhere as necessary. as required. 221. Cast steel mooring chocks to be fitted on the bulwark at the appropriate locations for passing the mooring ropes. Dispensation for distance between the forward and aft mast is to be arranged by the owners. 220. arranged for access to light trays and necessary fittings. Freeing ports to be arranged in main deck bulwarks with area to Classification requirements. set in 75mm at top from shell side. Bulwarks Bulwarks at main deck level to be 1 M high extending from corners of transom to aft of forecastle. around consoles etc. Chain Lockers & Pipes Two (2) chain lockers are to be constructed to the forward of the collision bulkhead. Bulwark stays welded direct to deck. Suitable stays to be provided to make the mast sturdy. To be fitted to ladder ways and round ladder way landings. spaced approximately 1800mm and welded to deck. The davit will be used for lowering HiPAP beacons. yard arms and ensign staff to be fitted and sheaves for signal flags and shape hoists to be arranged on masts. One opening each of 2. The cables are to be self-stowing.

Striker plates are to be provided below the sounding pipes and doubler plates of larger diameter are to be provided below the bell mouths. Small tanks to be fitted with Gauge glass. Spurling pipes are to be provided with 50 mm half round chaffing bar. suction lines. All tanks shall be pressure tested. Steering gear. holding down bolts and/or fitted bolts are to be provided and carefully fitted as required for all items of machinery. Fire pumps. mainly the following: Gear boxes. Chain pipes and hawse pipes to be of welded steel construction designed to give easy stowage of the anchors and cables. 222. Propulsion units. Material Thickness Tolerance The tolerance allowed on material thickness is + 0. In way of manholes on both sides handgrips and steps (rungs) are to be fitted as necessary. filling pipes. Suitable chock fast resin. Tanks All tanks to be constructed of steel plate. 2010 Bitter-ends to be fitted for securing the cable ends. baffles and inspection covers shall be fitted to all tanks.W. Lifting points / eye pads are to be provided over heavy machinery. For more details see clause 518D. 224. sounding pipes drain plugs. double continuous welds in SW tanks.5mm Lifting Points Lifting beam with trolley of SWL 1 ton to be provided on top of both Main Engines. 225. Suitable bolted ladders are to be provided wherever necessary. thoroughly cleaned and inspected by owner’s representatives before closing of manholes. In addition to guillotine bars. which is to be fitted with a watertight manhole cover. Test certificates of the proof load from classification society to be provided. Lifting equipment is load tested after installation and permanently marked with the S. anchor lashing/securing arrangements shall be provided on forecastle deck. Seatings Main engine. Shaft alternators and Diesel alternators. Reliable calibrated tank content gauges to be fitted for monitoring of FW & FO tank content. or any other tank intended to contain corrosive liquids and stiffened to class requirements. Motors. 0 dated 10 Oct. Halul offshore Services Page 18/85 . gearbox and auxiliary engine seatings are to be built by the Shipbuilders but are to be submitted to Owners and engine builders for their approval.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. A permanent flushing arrangement to be provided in the hawse pipes for cleaning the anchor cables. 223. Venting pipes. Foot holes are to be cut in the centre division adjacent to the access opening.L. sewage tanks.

toxicity etc. Persons Spl. Modular toilets shall be used everywhere. Special attention shall be paid to the rules and regulations concerning the noise level. Master key suitable for all these locks is to be provided. Persons Total Complement All single cabins two men cabins to have en-suite toilet facilities. Allocation of Cabins Status ______ No. of Men 2 2 14 2 6 24 50 Captain. 300. hung on brass / stainless steel hinges and fitted with brass / SS door fittings. Generally within the accommodation area. Separate community toilets or en-suite toilets shall be provided for four man cabins. Name Plates & Notice Boards All cabins. workspaces etc are to be identified by plastic nameplates over doors. An emergency shower cum eyewash station is to be provided at the aft end of the accommodation on the main deck. Chief Engineer. stores and other compartments throughout the accommodation. Scheme of decoration together with colours for furnishing fabrics. Upholstery of all chair / settee in mess / recreation room / offices are to be of leather finish Rexin. Asbestos is not to be used for any of the accommodation materials. deck coverings. All loose furniture. Builder shall provide information of all material used for the construction. Padlocks of brass to be provided for hatches/doors as appropriate. mattresses for bunks and PVC covered settees / chairs are to be of good quality and supplied and fitted by the builder. plastic laminates. shall be chosen by the Builder and submit to Owner for approval. It shall be fully air conditioned with such installed capacity as to ensure that room temperature does not exceed 23C @ 50% relative humidity even during the extreme ambient conditions prevailing in the summer months (up to 50C @ 90% RH). All hardware used to be of brass. Notice boards and nameplates as requested by Classification and authority regulations are to be provided.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Halul offshore Services Page 19/85 . a clear height of about 2150 mm average is to be generally achieved. of Bunks 1 1 2 1 2 4 No. as applicable. stores and cold/freezer rooms. 0 dated 10 Oct. cupboards. All fixtures and fittings are to be from a quality supplier approved by owners before installation.ACCOMMODATION & OTHER COMPARTMENTS. of Cabins 2 2 7 2 3 6 No. Good quality Mortise locks with three (3) keys having engraved labels each are to be fitted to doors of all cabins (double berth cabins to have 4 keys). All doors are to meet with SOLAS requirements and with baked enamel finish frames. Chrome plated brass locks are to be fitted to all drawers. rooms. General The accommodation is to be arranged & fitted out in accordance with best shipbuilding practice and confirming to MLC 2006 requirements. Chief Officer & 2nd Engineer Two men Crew cabins Spl. Escape hatches to have internal locking arrangements. lockers. All materials used in accommodation area to comply with the relevant regulations regarding inflammability. All doors and hatches to have ‘door catches’ to hold in open position. These are to be designed and arranged to provide the comfort and space utilization. Persons Spl. paints etc. All such nameplates are to indicate name of compartment. 2010 SECTION 3 .

In addition to navigational and electric equipment. Wheelhouse windows are to be arranged to give maximum visibility all round and above. 0 dated 10 Oct. Chart table to be provided with save-all and slit on tabletop edge for the charts. Valve engraved metallic nameplates to be bolted to valve wheels. and engine Halul offshore Services Page 20/85 . 301. Window washing System to be of centrally controlled type from forward and aft console. Hinged. DVD players and LCD television sets shall be provided in these spaces. The wheelhouse to have completely duplicated combined steering manoeuvring console one each fitted across the bridge. Air. sounding pipe filling and discharge pipes to have engraved metallic nameplate. and keep lanyard Bookshelf and racks Steel filing cabinets File racks Upholstered settee. forward and aft. Engraved labels are to be supplied for all keys. and all single berth cabins. the following items to be supplied and fitted in the wheelhouse:               Flag lockers for one complete set of International signal flags Binocular box forward and aft (2 off) Storm rails all round Chart table with drawers under with retaining edge and the chronometer chest incorporated. weather tight doors to be fitted on each side of wheelhouse giving access to open bridge deck. recreation rooms. One chart table lamp with dimmer Radio table with drawers under One radio table lamp with dimmer Radio operator’s clock Three Helmsman chairs with arm rest. Doors to be fitted with large fixed windows. Portable storm covers are to be provided for WH windows as required by class. All tags are to be marked for space and numbered.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.Multi channel independent switching / auto tracking international satellite television system with RADOME antenna connected to mess rooms. adjustable in height and with footrest. The magnetic compass is to be located above the forward steering position. communication and control equipment as specified elsewhere. These covers are to be stowed in WH. upholstered. hat pegs and coat hooks A toilet (WC + Washbasin with hot & cold-water taps) shall be on the W/H deck. Wheelhouse The wheelhouse is to be located on wheelhouse deck and to be fitted with all navigation. SOLAR SOLV or similar foldable/roller screens are to be provided for all windows of Wheelhouse. One (1) 350 mm diameter heavy duty clear view screen to be fitted in window forward and one (1) in aft window. Satellite TV system . Window wipers are to be provided for all forward and aft wheelhouse window screens except for the windows where clear view screens have been provided. 2010 Shipbuilder’s nameplate with principal particulars of the vessel to be displayed on the vessel and in the vessel’s model.

 1 Table Lamp. pumping systems and flow meters for the fuel and water with printing system. CCTV control. 0 dated 10 Oct. Telephone and Talkback system VHF (GMDSS& Charterer’s) Gyro repeater. tanks etc.  TV & Radio Arial sockets. Captain’s Cabin & Toilet The master’s cabin is to be situated forward of forecastle deck and fitted out as follows: Prefabricated toilets of reputed make (BIP Accommodation systems.  1 set TV and VCD player  Carpet on floor (above tiles) Halul offshore Services Page 21/85 . BT & steering (aft console only) Horn button Muster alarm Joystick control for search lights PA. auxiliary engines. echo sounder display.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. indicators & alarms Integrated joystick and DP controls for propulsion & manoeuvring (at aft console only) Manual & Joystick selector switch for propulsion. Alarms for main engines. Rudder indicators Steering controls & indicators Bow thruster controls. hanger rod and hooks with lifejackets stowage on top. water & lube oil temp. 302. Bulk discharge systems. 2010 The forward & aft consoles in the wheelhouse to be fitted with: ME controls ME and shaft tachometers. External Fi-Fi control (Aft console only) Portable aluminum storm covers shall be provided for W/H and other windows (As required by class) The equipment & devices installed on the aft console or aft region should be suitable for operating the vessel facing aft. speed log display GPS/DGPS Towing winch control. ash tray  1 built-in wardrobe c/w shelf.  1 upholstered desk chair  3 Hat & coat hooks  2 port lights / window c/w deadlight covers and curtain  1 keyboard  2 spare power points 240/1/50  1 battery clock  1 book case  1 4-drawer steel filing cabinet  1 Small built in domestic refrigerator  1 One small safe  1 Sound powered Telephone and normal Telephone. Details of equipment and layout shall be provided by the builder. tank gauging system. pressure gauges etc. Korea or similar) are to be used for all the en-suite toilet facilities  1 2000  900 built-in berth with drawers under and bunk light  1 kneehole desk with drawers and light  1 built-in upholstered settees c/w coffee table.

Chief Engineer’s Cabin & Toilet The Chief Engineer’s accommodation is to be arranged at the fore end of the upper forecastle deckhouse on the port side.      1 – wash basin 1 – toilet paper holder 1 – water closet and grab rail 1 – shower with plastic curtain 1– Fresh water hose with tap and sprayer (health faucet) near to water closet. suitable for Qatar. Owner’s Cabin & Toilet (One) The accommodation for Owner’s representative is to be arranged and be fitted out generally as per captain’s cabin (without small safe and Sound powered Telephone).  1 Fresh water hose with tap and sprayer (health faucet) near to water closet. 303. 305.towel hooks  1 . 2010 For attached toilets  1 washbasin (hot and cold water)  1 toilet paper holder  1 towel hook  1 tumbler rack  1 water closet and grab rail  1 shower with plastic curtains on rail. with drawers under  1 full-length wardrobe  1 built in settee  1 kneehole desk with drawers  1 desk chair  1 bookcase  1 ashtray. All electrical fixtures and fittings to be international supplier. 240/1/50  1 toilet cabinet with mirror. hot and cold water  1 waste bin  1 common extractor fan  1 spare power point. and is to be fitted out as per Captain’s cabin (without small safe but with UMS alarm panel). Attached toilets for each single man cabin.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.  1 – small refrigerator  1 – table lamp. table type  1 clock  1 – port light/windows with dead light and curtain  1 . 304.toilet cabinet with mirror  1 . Halul offshore Services Page 22/85 . 0 dated 10 Oct.tumbler holders  3 .waste bin  1 – Coffee table. One Man Cabins & Toilets (Two) The One-Man accommodation for senior officers and special personnel are to be fitted with the following:  1 built in berth. Sockets are to be of British Standard. spares are to be available in Qatar.hat and coat hooks  1 .

65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.table 1 – table lamp 1 .settee  1 .shower with plastic curtain  1– Fresh water hose with taps and sprayer near to water closet.ashtray. 2010 306.shower with plastic curtain 1– Fresh water hose with tap and sprayer (health faucet) near to water closet. table type  2 .wash basin  1 . Attached toilets for each 2 men cabin  1 . 307. Four Men Cabins The four-men cabins are to be arranged with the following: Common toilet shall be provided on their deck.built-in two-tier wooden berths with plywood bases and drawers under lower tier 4 – full height double tier wardrobes 1 .book rack 2 .double toilet cabinet with mirror 6 .hat and coat hooks 1 . One Toilet to be shared by a maximum of 4 persons only. Alternatively.water closet and grab rail  1 .towel hooks  2 .chair 1 .book rack  1 .tumbler holder 4 .chair  1 .  built in wooden double berth with plywood base and drawer under with locks  2.Port light with dead light/ window and curtain Common toilet is to be provided on same deck 1 .sets berth curtain rails 1 .water closet and grab rail 1 .tumbler holders  2 .waste bin 1 .ashtrays.towel hooks 4 . table type 4 .port light with dead light/ window and curtain  1 – table lamp.table  1.toilet paper holder 1 . 2 .settee 2 . Halul offshore Services Page 23/85 . Two Men Cabins Cabins are to be arranged with the following.full height wardrobes  1 .double toilet cabinet with mirror  2 . The two-men cabins for special personnel are to be above main deck level and are to be complete with attached toilet (at least sharing between two cabins).toilet paper holder  1 .waste bin  1 . 0 dated 10 Oct.hat and coat hooks  1 . The two men cabins for the crew shall be provided with common toilet in crew decks. attached toilets may also be provided.wash basin 1 .sets berth curtain rails  1 .

This room shall be near to the crew mess room. 1.  Two (2) oxygen resuscitators with two spare medical oxygen cylinders (make . Combined mess room & Recreation room for the Senior personnel having all modern amenities entertainment with a seating capacity of 6 persons to be provided. This should contain the following:  Built in birth cum examination Table  Locker  Wardrobe  Washbasin with hot & cold water supplies  Direct entrance from the main deck  Medicine locker / chest with medicines (as per attached list)  100 L lockable refrigerator. 1 .ashtrays.Sideboard with cupboards.drager)  Attached toilet complete with bath tub. soft seats & backrest and tables with anti-skid tabletops to be provided.Microwave Oven (medium size). chairs with armrest.Combo type music system 1.One double door refrigerator of 200 L capacity 1.  Two Paraguard stretchers properly stowed against the bulkhead or below the table.  All drains from emergency treatment room are to be separately led to STP. Halul offshore Services Page 24/85 . Sufficient settees with built in stowage under.10 Ltr Thermostatically controlled Hot water boiler. wall mounted and hard plumbed with UV treated drinking water supply (Electrolux or similar) 1. table type . Mess cum Recreation Rooms Crew Mess room: One mess cum recreation room for the crew to be fitted out as follows: Combined mess room & Recreation room for the crew .Water cooler (water through UV filter) 1.hat and coat hook racks 1 .Clock 6 .DVD player 1.Cupboard with counter tops arranged below the serving window from galley 6. . 0 dated 10 Oct.Extra power sockets. chairs with armrest. drawers and tumbler rack fitted. 1 .Toaster (domestic type) 1 .Having all modern amenities for dining and entertainment with a seating capacity of 20 persons to be provided. Minimum six (6) spare electrical points shall be provided. Hospital/Treatment room Vessel shall be equipped with Hospital /treatment room.Bain Marie with 4 tumblers.hat and coat hook racks 309. Mess room for Senior officers.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.LCD TV ( 40 Inch) 1. Sufficient settees with built in stowage under. soft seats & backrest and tables with anti-skid tabletops to be provided.clock . Preferably the mess room area and recreation area shall be divided by a collapsible partition. 2010 308.book rack 1. Minimum three (3) spare electrical points shall be provided. Preferably the mess room area and recreation area shall be divided by a collapsible partition. 1 2 1 4 .

1Dresser with cupboards and drawers under and plate rack over 1Side board 1Pan rack 1Waste food macerator with bone crusher fitted with suitable power. 1 . sink waste macerator and Drainer. The galley equipments shall be of suitable capacity for compliment All electric sockets in Galley are to be of watertight type. cups. fresh water & disposal connection. 311. adjustable timer clocks. Well appointed laundry space shall be provided. shelves and lockers underneath and plate racks overhead. bread and cake moulds etc. 4310 extra power sockets. 0 dated 10 Oct. Laundry shall have spot cooling from the main A/C plant. Sufficient stainless steel cupboards.Cupboard with counter tops arranged below the serving window from galley and extending from the one bulkhead to another. Laundry shall have sufficient pegs and lines for hanging the clothes. Etc 1Stainless steel working counter. 1Garbage bin with lid and attachment 1Grease trap from galley drains (to be located under main deck. electric 1Electric kettle. thermostats. 1. A smoke sensor connected to main fire alarm system shall be provided. 1Meat mincer. 2010 1 . The control for this fire extinguishing system should be immediately outside the galley door. 1Trash compactor (may be located out side at suitable location) Galley exhaust canopy to be provided with grease trap and fire extinguishing system satisfying the SOLAS requirements. Halul offshore Services Page 25/85 . Strainer box shall be fitted in galley) 1Large microwave oven with convection and grill / bake facility 1Serving windows to mess rooms 1domestic refrigerator of about 340 litres capacity 1Universal food mixer / grinder.36 Inch LCD TV.DVD 1. hanging cupboards etc shall also be provided.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 1Set of cooking pots/pans/bowls etc. with mechanical exhaust canopy with grease trap over and retainer bars. 2 Thermostatically controlled electric range with oven and 4 hot plates on top. electric 1Meat chopping block 6Spare power points 240/1/50 4Racks for keeping plates. 1Stainless steel double deep sink With Hot and cold water faucet. Laundry & Drying room / Wash place. The exhaust from dryers shall be piped out of this room on to main deck. One lockable cupboard for keeping dirty linen and washing powder etc shall also be provided. Galley To be arranged suitably and to be fitted with the following: All galley equipments and outfits are to be of stainless steel.Microwave Oven (medium size). glasses. electric 1Dishwasher 1Coffee machine 2Rice Cookers.toaster (domestic type) 1 .

Bulkhead mounted ironing board with iron and drawers below 4 . Halul offshore Services Page 26/85 . Office shall have two upholstered chairs in addition to the following: 313. Vessel to have following walk in type refrigerated stores spaces as follows:  Deep-freezer for ship’s use . Heat sensor for the fire alarm system is to be provided for the paint store.25 M3 overall volumes approx. to be arranged near to the galley and fitted with removable galvanised steel shelves with portable retaining battens. 317. Sufficient racks and filing cabinets shall be provided. telephone and e-mail terminal shall be provided. Lock-in alarms with light and sound indication in Alleyway and WH. 315. shall be provided. Ship’s Office A ships office complete with computer.  Cool room for ship’s use . Store Spaces Sufficient number of storing space for the linen. The changing room/ Oilskin locker shall be walk-in type with direct access from main deck. Engineer’s Store To be arranged in Engine room or steering gear compartment..25 M3 overall volumes approx. 2010 The following equipment to be provided: 1 – Large stainless steel washbasin with taps for hot and cold fresh water supply. 2 . The access to this space is to be through a hatch from the deck above or through door from above main deck. Paint Store One paint store with racks and forced ventilation using explosion proof fan and lights.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Force exhaust to be arranged for this compartment. 316. Gasket heating to be provided for the deep freezer. “OPEN WHEN FIRE IN PAINT ROOM” CO2 Room One CO2 room is to be provided to install CO2 bottles. Two cargo nets of size 3m x 3m of 1 tonnes lifting capacity are to be supplied complete with certificates from the shipyard. All electrical fittings fitted inside the paint store are to be explosion proof. Spanner for removing the door lock from inside shall be stowed inside the reefer rooms. The isolating ball cock for water deluge system is to be 5 M away from the Paint Store and to be painted red with warning/ caution plate. mirror and cold water tap. 312. with shelves and locking arrangement. One wash basin with soap tray. photocopier. printer. shoe rack shall also be provided there. Provision & refrigerated Stores (Walk-in freezer and chiller) Dry provision store should be sufficient to store dry provisions for 50 persons for 30 days. 318. The cold room to be line with SS lining and all shelves to be of stainless steel. 314. Changing Room / Oil Skin Locker Hooks and racks are to be provided for keeping oilskin and work clothes.Hooks to hang washing line All electrical fixtures and fittings in the Wet area (Toilets & Laundry) to be of watertight type. To have expanded metal boundary. deck gear and the engine gear shall be provided with suitable racks. 4 – Heavy duty marine type washing machine – 7 Kg (Electrolux or similar) 4 – Heavy duty marine type dryer unit – 7 Kg (Electrolux or similar). 0 dated 10 Oct. The forward store incorporated with the chain lockers are to be situated forward of the collision bulkhead on main deck and fitted out with suitable shelves and portable retaining bars. Water deluge arrangement is to be provided.

Sufficient storage racks to be provided in the Engine room and bow thruster room Halul offshore Services Page 27/85 . Pedestal mounted drilling machine of 25mm 4. 50 Hz. 6. knurling. 9. blowback arresters. A workbench with 5” vice to be fitted at suitable location. One of the fan to be of reversible type. Service air connection with sufficient length of hose with quick connect couplings 13. Workshop An air conditioned. Work bench with drawers below 5. Portable handrails are to be provided in strategic positions for protection of crew’s safety. Engine Room The engine room is to house all machinery and equipment at convenient locations described elsewhere. Pressure switch and gauge tester 10. Two (2). Steel chequered plates are to be used in ER and steering Gear compartment for flooring secured with Brass / SS screws to steel bearers and fitted with handrails as necessary. 3P. A smoke detector connected to main fire alarm system having a reset timer of 30 minutes duration will be provided in the workshop. Marine clock and clinometers are to be suitably positioned. Bench vises – 150mm – 2 nos. One sound powered telephone to be fitted. having following machinery shall be provided. when Main engines at 100 % and generators in full load are operating. Shadow board complete with hand tools 7. dual speed axial flow fans of sufficient capacity have to supply air to ER. etc) 2. well laid out workshop of about 20m2. 1. Airflow to be sufficient to maintain the average temperature does not exceed 10 % above the ambient. 3. Cabinet for storing brazing rods and one set of brazing rods (All equipment to be from UNITOR with flash-back arresters). 0 dated 10 Oct. Double ended heavy duty grinder mounted on a pedestal.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Gas welding and cutting set complete with cylinders. Rubber mats are to be placed in front of all the switchboards. Arc welding machine – 415V. shall be located outside the workshop in a sheltered area. Precision lathe machine with a set of tools (Knife. spaced 10 meters apart from each other. with protecting eyeguard and quenching box nearby. One set of workshop tools 11. Brazing and cutting torch with one set of nozzles. Portable hand grinder and drill are to be provided. Heavy duty. All moving parts are to be provided with guards or rails or both. One stainless steel sink with hot & cold water connections 12. Capable of welding plate thickness from 1 mm to 15mm.power points 1 –waste bins Builder shall submit a detailed specification for owner’s approval listing the facilities provided in the accommodation and in the commissary spaces. 319. pressure regulators. All welding accessories are to be provided. parting. hoses. 8. 2010 1 1 1 2 -desk -table lamp -computer table x 4 drawer filing cabinets 1 -small refrigerator 8 . One table for mounting the fuel injector testing equipment 320. The gas cylinders.

The control room should be provided with marine PABX/sound powered telephone.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. aft. which are to be extended low enough to allow a good view of the deck working areas and the rescue zone. shall be of anti-mist (electrically heated). local controls. sound powered telephone/Marine PABX. 2010 321. A computer table complete with electrical connection points and two chairs shall be provided. Self contained packaged air-conditioning to be arranged. shall be provided outside the control room Windows and Side lights General All windows and portholes shall have mild steel casings welded to the bulkheads and glass frames of brass or aluminum. The compartment is to be suitably forced ventilated. 324. ECR to be arranged so as to get a clear view of the engine room. Portholes in toilets are to have translucent glass. Portholes All portholes on main deck are to be fitted with deadlights. 500 mm high x 400 mm wide opening. Porthole frames shall be spigoted through the shell sufficiently for welding and a welded eyebrow shall be fitted above. Bolts and screws shall be of non-rusting material. The front and aft windows are to be installed sloping outwards going up. . one fwd and one aft. 0 dated 10 Oct. 325. local controls. nuts and other fasteners on exposed deck are to be of stainless steel. All windows are to be of fixed type. Above the main windows inward sloping top windows shall be arranged sufficiently at fwd. Engine Control Room Engine Control Room shall be installed with all necessary controls and equipment required by class and owners. A stainless steel washbasin complete with hot & cold-water taps and drain leading to bilge well. Bow Thruster Compartment This compartment is to be fitted out with bow thruster equipment. All pipes and cable conduits running on exposed decks shall be at least 150 mm above the deck. and each side. 323. Stern Thruster Compartment This compartment is to be fitted out with stern thruster equipment. Windows shall in general be fitted with tempered clear glass. Halul offshore Services Page 28/85 . this applies particularly to the forward and aft windows. 322. Exposed Deck All studs. sound powered telephone/Marine PABX. Bilge alarm to be provided. One filing cabinet is to be provided for keeping drawings & instruction manuals. unless required by class to be of open type for use as emergency escapes. Bilge alarm to be provided. Wheelhouse windows. Wheelhouse windows Wheelhouse windows are to be of the largest possible size to give maximum visibility. Fixed portholes with armoured glass / deadlights shall be provided in all weather tight external doors to accommodation. They are to be of fixed type. bolts. This compartment to be completely watertight. Accommodation windows Windows in way of the accommodation (minimum one for each cabin) are to be glazed with an approx. The compartment is to be suitably forced ventilated.

The platforms shall be constructed inboard of the vessel bulwarks with its deck in line with the top of bulwark. Vessel shall be equipped with suitable aluminium Gangway which is at least 6m long and is fitted with a roller on the underside at one end and hardwood on the underside for the final 1. These ladders shall be standard diver’s aluminium ladders fitted with mounting arrangements. This is normally to be used in conjunction with safety net to provide safe access. 327. The doors are to be channel-framed tightened to gaskets of neoprene or similar. Eyebrows to be fitted over weather doors where there is no deck overhang. All external ladders to have angle bar runner and raised pattern plate steps.5m square and one each shall be located at each quarter. Each platform shall be about 1. To be fitted 328. Steel Doors All external doors on the main and forecastle deck are to be of steel with coaming heights according to the Load line requirement.0m length at the opposite end. All stairways. Stern Quarter Platforms Vessel shall be equipped with 2 platforms for safe and easy transfer of passengers to wellhead jackets and other Offshore Locations boat landing platforms. Ladders & Gangways Vessel shall be equipped with 2 easily portable. 0 dated 10 Oct. 326. Halul offshore Services Page 29/85 .65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. This gangway shall be fitted with 4 lifting eyes for slinging by crane it shall also be fitted with side rails or plentiful side stanchions for manropes.0m length with side rails (or stanchions) & manropes. All ladders in Engine Room shall have back plate. Each platform shall have an access stairway from the Main deck & shall have removable hand railings. A strong downward freshwater spray system shall be fitted all around the wheelhouse windows.5m x 1. 2010 One of the front windows and one of the rear windows shall be provided with the clear view screen. Stairs should be sufficiently broad at least 850 mm and not to have steep gradient. Doors to be fitted with sturdy padlocks and holdback arrangement to retain them in open positions. when Vessel berthed alongside. and capable of being opened from either side. peaks and all other compartment where required. Straight heavy-duty marine wipers shall be arranged for the windows in the fwd & aft. which ensure that rungs and handholds do not touch the Hull plating. strings and treads to be of steel construction with chequered plate treads. Six dogs workable from both sides are to be fitted with clips and grease fittings. The vessel shall be equipped with a second lightweight aluminium gangway of at least 4. rigid aluminium over side boarding ladders. with galvanised pipe handrails in conformity with adjacent handrails. Access to wheelhouse top is to be via external vertical ladder welded to the bulkhead. Fixed portholes with armored glass and dead light to be provided on all the weather tight doors to the accommodation. Mast ladders to consist of mild steel rungs welded to side of masts lower structure with handgrips and dog steps up tubular topmasts. which are suitable for assisting divers to board the vessel from the sea.. Care should be taken to design cargo rail so as to avoid fouling of towline with the platforms. Overhead windows are to be fitted with antiglare films. SOLAR SOLV or similar foldable/roller screens are to be provided for all windows of Wheelhouse. Ladders to be fitted under access manholes to tanks. except those fitted with CVS.

Sides trimmed with binding strips. The thickness to be sufficient for insulation purpose. 0 dated 10 Oct. Acoustic & Fire Insulation Insulation: The insulation is to be fixed in place with adhesive and secured with wire cleats. Sides trimmed with binding strips. All insulation to be covered with thick aluminium foil. The GI & SS lining to be minimum of 1 mm thk. 2010 329. thickness about 9mm with plastic facing on side facing out and GI sheet on other side. Freezer & Chiller: Deck heads. Deck head of the wheelhouse Acoustic Insulation: Generally noise levels to be in accordance with relevant IMO code. Thermal Insulation: The following surfaces are to be insulated: Weather-exposed walls of air-conditioned rooms. General Ceilings & Steel Bulkheads: Fire retardant material. 330 Thermal. Grab rails are to be of satin finished stainless steel or steel coated with plastic. Control Rooms & Cabins adjacent to Machinery space or Machinery. Deck heads & Steel Bulkheads: Non-combustible panel about 25 mm thick with perforated GI lining on one side and plastic lining on the side facing out. SS linings to be minimum 0. Where ceilings and bulkheads form an outside boundary they are to be suitably insulated and lined with non-combustible plastic laminated material of marine quality.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Sides trimmed with binding strips. (or both sides with plastic facing) Sides trimmed with binding strips The self standing partitions are to be minimum 25 or 50 mm thk lined with plastic facing on both sides.8mm thk. Prior to the paneling. Halul offshore Services Page 30/85 . The floor to be provided with FRP gratings. Bulkheads & Floor: Non-combustible panel with GI lining on one side and SS lining on the side facing out sandwiched with PUF insulation. Galley Service Spaces: Deck heads & Bulkheads: Non-combustible panel about 25mm thick with GI lining on one side and SS lining on the side facing out. Particular attention must be paid to provide sound insulation of private areas from public and machinery spaces as required. Minor Bulkheads & Lining In way of pipelines and ducts the deck head and bulkhead linings are to be made removable where required. The insulation is to be considered in conjunction with the capacities of the air-conditioning plant. (Acoustic type) Sides trimmed with binding strips The self standing partitions or bulkheads to be 25 or 50 mm thk perforated GI lining on one side and plastic lining on the side facing out. Sides trimmed with binding strips. Deck heads of all domestic and catering spaces where such deck heads are located under weather-exposed decks or under storerooms situated on deck.

The net shall be 5 M wide and of depth up to one meter below light waterline. To be fitted with one column of four drawers. All tiling to be well sloped to ensure complete drainage. Chairs to be fitted with arms. Curtains etc to be fire retardant and to be provided with a certificate. The Deck in Galley. deep drawers at bottom suitable for files.75 meters in length. 100mm thick fire retardant mattress and pillow with covers for each to be provided for all bunks/ berths. Rescue Zones 5 meters long rescue zones shall be established on both sides of the vessel and will meet with the following requirements:  CC TV monitoring  Each rescue zone shall be illuminated both on deck and over side with no shadow areas. See through windows to be provided for internal doors leading to external deck. Showers. The bulwark opening shall not be less than 3. built of plastic faced plywood matching the room interior and to include a hat shelf. shallow drawers at top. 333. Mattress. Store rooms to be provided with shelves having retaining bars.  Bulwarks openings shall be secured with removable type wooden storm boards to allow an open working area. Deck Coverings Floating floor to be used on main deck accommodation area and on wheel house deck. all doors of offices and conference rooms. Laundry and Mess to be fitted with steel clips and then cement.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Furniture to be of fire retardant marine plywood faced with hardwood veneer or with plastic laminate on both sides. Door hardware to be of brass chrome plated. 2010 331.80 meters Halul offshore Services Page 31/85 . all doors of wheel house. Top to be heat resisting plastic. Wooden grating in store rooms for hawsers and wraps. Berths to be of wood and to have wooden leeboards. Drawers to have positive keeping arrangements to prevent sliding open in heavy weather.S with FRP gratings. Arrangement of shelves. To be ventilated top and bottom with life jacket and B. Sizes of berths to be approximately 2000mm x 900mm. Details to owner’s satisfaction. The tiles to be minimum 1 ft x 1 ft. Book racks to have fixed bar across front and raised coaming at front edge of shelf. 332. Cold rooms to be of S. Wardrobes to be about 500mm square internally. Drawers to be arranged under. All accommodation spaces to have 3 mm thk vinyl tiles/mat laid throughout except in wet areas. Floors in Store rooms (except provision store & linen store) to be painted non-skid deck paint.  Scrambling nets shall be Provided on a roll up drum at ship side for quick deployment so that when lowered the net shall be 250 mm away from the shipside. hanging rod and shoe rail.A stowage above. The distance of sea to main deck to be less than 1. 0 dated 10 Oct. Dining tables to be 850mm wide and fitted with polished timber fiddles. to be sufficient for the intent of each storeroom. Chart table to have wood veneer plywood top and be 1000mm minimum width. Linen Store to have vinyl tiles. Carpenter’s Work & Furniture All accommodation internal doors are to be in steel complimented with internal panel These internal doors to be self-closing type provided with rubber stoppers and holdback hooks to retain the doors in open position. Exposed edges of plywood in furniture or panelling to be covered by wooden/plastic strips. Wash Places. Leather upholstery . Settees to be leather upholstered with good quality foam on seats. Flooring to be vitrified non skid ceramic tiles or equal nonslip tiling. mess room and stores. Knee hole desks to be of wood veneer faced plywood with cigarette proof plastic tops. etc. Settee backs to be leather upholstered with 75mm thick foam. All Furniture. Provision Store.

All paint guarantees shall include the supply of materials. loss of adhesion. Over side ladders providing foothold clear of bulwark and hull extending 1 meter below water line. hard angular. PH neutral. The materials selected and the application of same shall be of such quality that a substantial lifetime of corrosion protection with minimum maintenance is guaranteed. Finish colours shall be to Owner's approval. this applies also for all subcontracted items including the colours of the machinery in the engine room and equipment in the wheelhouse. suitable for marine operation. Anti-skid paint shall be applied on specified areas of exposed main and superstructure decks. Finishing coats in under deck spaces and tanks shall generally be of a light colour in order to facilitate inspection. cracking or flaking shall be considered as defects for all paint guarantees. Technical data sheets for all referenced paints shall be submitted to Owner for information. The surface preparation and painting work of the sub-contracted machinery.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Eight (8) life buoys with buoyant heaving line in addition to requirement as per SOLAS Clear access to Survivor holding area and to hospital. Painting All paint materials shall be of the highest quality.Svensk Standard. paint manufacturer pre-approved. Halul offshore Services Page 32/85 . all paint works including surface preparation. The Owner's and paint manufacturer's representatives shall have the right to inspect and report on the standard of surface preparation and quality of coatings at all stages of application. paint application and all associated costs and expenses. With respect to surface preparation the following standards shall be applied: SIS 055900 . equipment and piping shall be carried out in accordance with this specification and in agreement with and under control of the Builder. Surface Preparation. over coating intervals. Builder's and paint manufacturer's surveyors before starting painting. the agreed and approved paint specification and work procedures. dry. etc. Paint and coating guarantee A paint coating guarantee of 36months from delivery date on shall be given by the Builder for all painting works on the Underwater area and tanks. Suitable securing points for scrambling nets. 0 dated 10 Oct. Blisters. 2010      334. calculated coverage. even if they are not associated with visible corrosion. surface preparation. peeling off from substrate or between coats. drying time. recommended dry film thickness. General Abrasive blasting materials used for surface preparation shall be cleaned. Slanting zebra markings shall be done with yellow and black. and to request corrective measures should deviations from either the specification or good practice be discovered. These data sheets shall include all necessary requirements and recommendations concerning solid volume. paint application and inspections shall be carried out strictly in accordance with paint manufacturer’s standard published instructions. and shall have a chloride level of not more than 20 ppm and a conductivity of less than 100 µSiemens/cm (ASTM D49-40). Procedures and supervision: In addition to the procedures outlined in this specification. between each paint coat and after finishing painting. safety lines and rescue craft. All surfaces shall be surveyed by Owner's.

Furthermore. sweep-blasting should be used for the surface preparation. bilge. soot from welding and cutting. oils. 2010 Before application of any coatings. equipment and piping shall be carried out in accordance with this specification and in agreement with and under control of the Builder. When the extent of the rusted or damaged portion of a plate caused by welding. moisture. Secondary surface preparation Before the first paint coat is applied in ballast. fresh water detergent and foam tanks St 3 / SA 2. dust and other foreign materials with thinner. The use of powered wire brushes shall be minimised. Gas-burnt areas and other damaged parts of shop primer and weld seams shall be shotblasted or mechanically cleaned to SIS St 2 or 3 and touched-up with zinc epoxy shop primer for rust prevention.0 Weather decks SA 2.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. wire brush. 0 dated 10 Oct. Burr caused by gas cutting shall be removed from all cut edges of structural members. secondary surface preparation grades shall be applied as follows: Area: Preparation Grade: Shell bottom and topside SA 2. the specified over coating is interval exceeded or the adhesion of subsequent coats is jeopardized. all sharp edges must be ground smooth with 3C edge preparation.0 Deckhouse exterior St 2 Deckhouse and ER interior St 2 Ballast. white deposits. Halul offshore Services Page 33/85 . Any paint damage shall be made good at each coating stage before the application of further coats. Sharp peaks shall be ground flush. moisture. etc. foam and detergent tanks. Furthermore. fats. or compressed air. then re-blasting in parts or in whole shall be performed. if areas are poorly prepared or not painted to an acceptable standard of finish. soap solution.0 Lube oil. burning. During fabrication the primer coat shall be touched up where damaged by mechanical means or by welding. The surface preparation work of the sub-contracted machinery. After blasting plates shall be primer coated immediately with one coat of 20 microns shop primer. Primary surface preparation All surfaces of steel plates and sections shall have mill scale and rust removed prior to use by means of shot/grit/quartz/sand/copper slag blasting to a bright metal (Sa 2. Before over coating all surfaces shall be cleaned of oil. dirty oil tanks St 2 Fuel oil tanks St 1 Others St 2 For this surface preparation grit/ sand blasting or power tooling by disc grinder shall generally be applied. full re-blasting shall be applied. chalk marks. In normal circumstances. marking paints and other foreign materials. all surfaces to be coated shall be cleaned by applicable means from visible salts and other contamination such as but not limited to dust. Before pressure testing of tanks and compartments butt and seam welds shall be surface prepared and coated with shop primer for rust prevention.5) finish. In other areas 1C edge preparation shall be applied for all sharp edges. freshwater. exceeds 40% of the plate area or if the Shop primer is broken down more than 50 % or Shop primer prescribed protection duration (as per Paint Data Sheet) is exceeded. freshwater. it should be understood that when shop-primed surfaces are corroded to such an extent that they cannot be adequately made rust free by sweep-blasting. Welding slag and spatter clinging to surfaces on and around welding beads shall be removed by hand scraper and/or disc sander.

The scheme to be submitted for owner’s approval. All steel structure areas where components are attached by screws and bolts shall be stripe coated before the components are fitted. and other locations not accessible or suitable for spray gun application. all equipment. fittings. Galvanised and non-ferrous items shall receive a required primer in advance. freshwater. Equipment. All tanks and in weather exposed areas one (1) stripe coat shall be applied prior to each full coat. unless otherwise specified. at the remaining 10% of the measured points at least 90% of the specified DFT shall be achieved (90/10 acceptance criteria). 0 dated 10 Oct. Salt measurement shall be performed before paint application. corners. The water used for cleaning shall be clean. platforms and other outfit. No limitation shall be made on the location and number of points for paint thickness measurements. (Hempel Paint is preferred) Item A. All pipes except in tanks to be painted white with colour coding strips. fog.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Coating Quality Criteria. contamination free and have a conductivity of less than 300 µS/cm. No paint application shall take place if the chloride contamination level exceeds 3µg/cm2. Air humidity shall be controlled during application and shall be within the accepted limits of the applied paints. Roller and brush shall be used only for touch-ups. Handrails in the engine room shall have a white finish. polyamide cured epoxy Modified polyamide cured epoxy Tin-Free self polishing antifouling 40 2 x 150 50 2 x 150 Scheme DFT Halul offshore Services Page 34/85 . 1 Location HULL EXTERNAL Bottom /Underwater Hull Including all appendages up to 150mm above load waterline 1 2 1 2 x x x x Polyamide-cured epoxy High -build . The manufacturers application recommendations shall be obtained. shall have the same coating applied as for the surrounding areas. The dry film thickness shall be measured after each coat to confirm adequate thickness. The dew point of air shall be at least 3°C below the steel surface temperature and the relative humidity shall not exceed 85% during paint application. minor repairs and markings. including. In ballast. Application methods Painting work shall be performed by airless spray as far as possible. 2010 335 Paint Application. All defects shall be repaired before the application of the final anti-fouling coat. Painted visible surfaces shall be free of sags and runs. In general. The stripe coating shall be applied to all weld seams. The painting should be in line with the below mentioned scheme. The dry film thickness (DFT) of the paint coats shall be measured by digital equipment. snow or under freezing conditions. edges. Pipes and Machinery. foam and detergent tanks 100% of the specified DFT shall be achieved at a minimum of 90% of the measured points. rear ends of bulbs. The underwater hull paint thickness shall be checked and recorded before and after the application of anti-fouling paint. Conditions for paint application No painting shall be carried out under adverse weather conditions such as rain. piping and machinery items. During dry-docking before sea trials the underwater shell shall be high pressure water washed and fresh water cleaned before the application of the last anti-fouling coat. For all other painted surfaces an 85/15 acceptance criteria shall be applied. Stripe coatings shall be applied by brush.

Pipes passing through tanks to have the painting scheme applied to that particular tank Halul offshore Services Page 35/85 . stays and ladders Steel Bulkheads and deck heads of behind insulation PIPING Pipes 5 6 7 E 40 2 x 125 Note: 1.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Lube Oil &Hydraulic Oil B)Dirty oil Tanks /Bilge Tanks Ballast Tanks and Drill water tanks 3 x Pure epoxy (novolac) 1 x Polyamide -cured epoxy 1 x Polyamide -cured epoxy 3 x Polyamide cured high build epoxy 1 x Polyamide -cured epoxy 3 x High -build. above floors including sides and deck heads M/C Sapce below 1 x Polyamide -cured epoxy 2 x Polyamide cured high build epoxy chequered flooring and bilges SUPER STRUCTURE . stanchions.. polyamide cured epoxy 1 x Polyurethane finish TANKS AND HULL INTERNALS Fresh Water Tanks Oil Tanks: a)Fuel oil. 3. Stripe coating to be carried after each full coat. (external) 40 2 x 150 50 3 x 150 40 40 3 x 125 40 3 x 150 40 2 x 125 40 2 x 125 3 4 5 C 1 M/C Space and Other 1 x polyamide -cured epoxy 2 x polyamide cured high build epoxy spaces.DECKS & OTHERS Main Deck and other Exposed Deck Chequered plates in Machinery Spaces 1 x Polyamide -cured epoxy 2 x polyamide adduct cured high build epoxy 1 x polyurethane finish with antiskid 1 x Polyamide -cured epoxy 1 x Polyamide cured high build epoxy 1 x polyamide -cured epoxy 2 x Polyamide cured high build epoxy 1 x Polyamide -cured epoxy 1 x Polyamide adduct cured high build epoxy 1 x Polyurethane finish 1 x polyamide -cured epoxy 1 x Polyamide cured coal tar epoxy 1 x polyamide cured coal tar epoxy 1 x Polyamide cured epoxy 1 x Polyamide cured high build epoxy 1 x Polyurethane Finish 1 x Polyamide cured epoxy 1 x polyamide adduct cured high build epoxy 1 x polyamide cured epoxy 2 x polyamide cured high build epoxy 40 2 x 125 50 40 125 40 2 x 125 40 125 50 40 150 150 50 150 50 40 150 2 3 4 Steel deck under deck composition Deck Fittings such as bollards towing posts etc Anchor and Chains Exposed bulkheads of superstructure(inside and outside )hand rails. 2010 2 B. polyamide cured epoxy Top Side Areas. 2. 1 2 1 x Polyamide -cured epoxy 2 x High -build . Shades of each coating to be visibly distinct. 0 dated 10 Oct.

Other markings on the superstructures shall be provided as necessary. suction and discharge pipes except for oil pipes. Exterior rails. Guard rails. shall be done by hot-dip galvanizing to 80 microns. “Unauthorized entry not permitted” will be stenciled using paint on all external doors and hatches leading to the inside of vessel. fire equipment designations. Steel sounding.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. aft and midship region. Suitable lighting of the name boards shall be provided. Drill water except where otherwise noted Exterior gratings where of steel Other items as deemed necessary. etc. deckhouses and on weather decks according to operational procedures and as required by the applicable rules and regulations. IMO stickers etc. no smoking sign. Draft marks in decimeters shall be cut from steel plates and welded at fore. ISPS Markings. Manholes shall be marked with weld beads. coolers are fitted by sacrificial anodes. Shall be provided in machinery spaces. 337. The rescue boat. All galvanizing. Vessel’s name and port of registry. bow thruster tunnel. Markings General All markings in English shall be done as mentioned below. Cathodic Protection Cathodic protection for 3 years duration to be given to the external hull. bulkhead. each sea chest. Life Jackets will be stenciled with ship name. Safety Markings All necessary safety markings such as caution plates. Superstructure Markings A Vessels name board engraved in wood shall be installed at both sides at the top of the wheelhouse. Hull Markings The necessary hull markings. bottom plug marks. freshwater. also for piping. Ships identification number (IMO number) cut from 6mm plate shall be welded in a visible place on the stern or on either side of hull or super structure and on transverse bulkhead in Engine room as per requirements. pipelines where dissimilar metal components like pumps. 2010 336 Galvanizing Galvanizing shall be carried out on: Air vent hoods. safety instruction notices.e. freeboard and draft marks. Galvanizing shall be carried out after finishing of all the hot works. tank border marks & tank identification for in-water survey. 338 339. Owner’s Logo shall be provided on port & stbd sides on the funnels. i. stern. Halul offshore Services Page 36/85 . 0 dated 10 Oct. MGPS Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) shall be installed in all Sea Chests. Vessel’s name and port of registry made of cut steel plate and welded on shall be provided at Fwd & Aft sides in English and Arabic as per Owner’s requirements. Stairs and Ladders All piping for sea water. life rafts and other lifesaving equipment shall bear the ship’s name and port of registry.

65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 0 dated 10 Oct. 2010

Markings of Pipes. The marking of pipes shall be done according to Owner’s standards. In general, pipe Colour strips shall clearly identify each pipe designation/purpose, and copies of the code chart shall be mounted at appropriate locations in all machinery spaces. The pipes to be painted in white if colour strips are to be used. Name Plates for Equipment, Outfit and Machinery. Nameplates shall be fitted for all equipment, outfit and machinery items, valves on deck and in machinery spaces. Nameplates on exposed decks shall be of stainless steel; nameplates for interior spaces may be of brass.

Halul offshore Services

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65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 0 dated 10 Oct. 2010

SECTION 4 - DECK MACHINERY 400. General All deck machinery and equipment are to be supplied and installed to meet classification, intended operational & owner’s requirement. All fastening materials, bolts and nuts, which are exposed on the open deck, shall be of stainless steel SU 316 / equivalent materials. Anchors & Mooring Equipment Anchoring and mooring equipment shall be provided as per Classification Society Requirement or above. Two (2) bow anchors with high holding force together with shackle and stud link chain cable are to be installed in accordance with the rules. One (1) spare anchor to be provided and stored on board. For guidance, they are as follows: Two (2) high-hold-type anchors as per class requirements without weight reduction.  U2 stud-link-chain cables with a minimum length of 13 shots, on each side or as per classification requirement whichever is higher  Two (2) chain-stoppers, spindle compressor type  Bitter ends to be fitted for securing the cable ends on deck.  Anchor holding strops shall be provided. 402. Anchor Windlass-cum-spooling winch One (1) electro-hydraulic anchor windlass with two (2) cable lifter and two (2) warping drum and one (1) spooling winch is to be provided. Brake and coupling allowing independent operation of cable lifter, warping drum and spooling winch shall be arranged to suit the anchoring equipment to be installed at the forecastle deck. Capacity: as per class requirement with a minimum speed of 12m/min. Forward spooling winch combined with anchor windlass with a capacity of 300m x 38mm steel wire rope. Certified wire rope shall be provided by the builder. ‘Handsfree’ spooling system is to be provided for spooling (mooring) drum. An ‘H’ type bollard (double cruciform bollard) of 10 tonnes capacity and of suitable height for the spooling drum shall be welded forward of the windlass. The windlass is to be securely mounted on fabricated steel seating on forward of forecastle deck above the chain lockers. Chain pipes, cable stoppers and hawse pipes are to be suitably arranged for easy flow in and out of the anchor and chain. The windlass must be visible from the wheelhouse forward control station. In addition video cameras/monitors shall be provided for viewing the drums, gypsies, warping heads, spooling drum, brakes, bow etc. The windlass shall have independent electro-hydraulic power pack with 2 pumps each capable of independently driving the windlass, centralized local control at the site and also remote control for the spooling drum at forward console in wheelhouse. All pressure indicators in hydraulic system of all deck machinery are to be of electrical type unless otherwise stated. Smit bracket The vessel shall be equipped with a 150 tonnes SWL ‘Smit bracket’ on the fox’le deck adjacent to a panama lead, capable of connecting 3 inches diameter chain or pennant thimble eye.


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65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 0 dated 10 Oct. 2010


Lashing Lugs & Dummy Capstans 20 numbers of 5t SWL lugs are to be arranged on main deck / Cargo Rail. Sufficient (8 Nos.) numbers of dummy capstans each are to be fitted on the supports of the cargo rails / main deck suitably at the port & stbd. Sides. 2 rows of removable pipe stanchions for loading/securing pipes on deck , shall be provided. Rubber plugs shall be provided for stanchion receptacles. Common line drain valves under deck shall be provided. Capstans Two (2) electro-hydraulic/electric capstans shall be installed at main deck aft (P & S), with pulling force of 5 tonnes @ 15m/min. Variable speed control to be located at main deck aft. Bollard, Fairlead, Loose Mooring Equipment Around 12 bollards of 12” NB sch 80, excluding the “H” frame Bollard in front of the anchor windlass, are to be suitably located on boad the vessel. Mooring pipes or chocks for the above bollards are to be fitted to the bulwark as required. Mooring lines: 4 x 160M long mooring ropes of 64 mm diameter having a breaking strength of more than 13.5 tonne (polypropene). Ropes to have eyes at both ends. Tow line: 1x 190M long towline of min. 34.5 tonne breaking strength (polypropene). Diameter of rope to be not less than 64mm or diameter as specified by class which ever is higher.




Towing & Anchor Handling Winch One(1) unit electro-hydraulic waterfall type double drum towing/anchor handling winch, complete with dynamic brake system. Each drum should be capable of independent operation. Brake holding capacity Stall Pull No. of Set Type : 250 Tonnes : 200 Tonnes One (1) Hydraulic driven, double drum, waterfall type c/w spooling device for the towing drum (only).

Towing drum and anchor handling drum rated pull. At first layer Low speed : 175 tonnes @ 0- 6 m/min Mid speed : 75 tonnes @ 0- 10 m/min : 10 tonnes @ 0- 45 m/min High speed Braking capacity : 250 tonnes Stowing capacity : 60 dia. x 1000M - Upper drum; (Towing), complete with certified spelter socket. : 60 dia. x 300M - Lower drum; (Anchor Handling), complete with certified spelter socket. wire rope : 60 dia. (6 x 37 IWRC(wire rope core) @ 165 kg/mm2) Control : Remote control from aft control stand in wheelhouse and local control on forecastle Deck (Port) adjacent to the winch, where the operator can have a complete view of the rope drums and clutches, etc. It is required to have two separate motors for each drum as this will help to operate both drums simultaneously and independently during the anchor handling. It is also required to have a tow wire tension/pay length meter (load cell) to enable the master to know the length of the cable and load, which is of great use for day-to-day operation. These indications shall be at local and remote control panels.

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65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 0 dated 10 Oct. 2010

The local control station shall have mechanical controls (lever operated valves), which facilitate complete operation (heaving, paying, clutch controls, etc) in the event of failure of electric remote control system. Pressure indication at local control shall be mechanical type. Operation from the remote control, situated at wheelhouse aft console, shall be electric. Pressure indications at remote control console shall be electric. The entire deck aft shall be flushed to facilitate the transfer. Wire drums and clutches to be visible from the wheelhouse aft control station. In addition, Video camera/monitors to be installed arranged for viewing the rope drums, clutch, brakes, etc. 407. Towing Pins & Shark Jaw —“Karmoy Make” Two (2) vertical hydraulic towing pins of Karmoy make, retractable type, closed top to be installed in the centreline of the main deck. The anchor handling pins should be able to take a side force of about 300 tonnes and to extend about 600mm above main deck level in the fully extended position. One (1) set hydraulically operated anchor handling fork (hydraulic retractable shark Jaws) of approved make to be installed in centreline on main deck aft. The stopper to be able to take 50mm to 70mm dia. wire and 30mm to 70mm dia. chain. SWL is to be 300 tonnes. Stopper and towing pins with common power unit and to be remotely controlled from the wheelhouse aft console and local mobile control station at the stern with talkback and speaker facility to communicate with the wheelhouse. The aft control station on the after part of the main deck shall be fitted with sufficient lighting. The mobile local control unit shall be stowed in a watertight box suitably on deck. 408. Gob eye Flush type ‘gob eye’ of 300 tonnes capacity is to be installed on the aft deck suitably positioned. Towing Bollard One(1) set double bit cruciform towing bollard 120 tonne SWL situated aft of the towing winch to guide wire onto drum. Spare Towing Wire Reel One (1) electric or electro-hydraulic spare towing wire reel with drum capacity to stow 1000m x 60mm dia. wire rope. One (1) electric or electro-hydraulic spare AH wire reel with drum capacity to stow 300m x 60 mm dia. wire rope. 411. Spare Towing/ AH Gear Following to be provided:111000m x 60mm dia towing wire (Identical to towing wire rope on winch). 300m x 60mm dia work wire (identical to AH wire rope on winch).



One (1) Chain Chaser of SWL 100-tonne is to be provided and installed. One (1) Grapnel Hook of SWL 100-tonne is to be provided and installed. Both items shall be of ‘Crossby’ make. 412. Stern Roller A stern roller 3.8 M long by 1.5M diameter (S.W.L. 250 mt) with forged steel running in roller bearings. Horizontal separation between stern roller and rudders shall be such as to allow 35-40° angle of inclination (to the vertical) tangent to aft of stern roller and bottom ends of trailing edges of rudders. The design of roller shall be simple and maintenance friendly. Free access for inspection/renewal of bearings shall be provided. Greasing arrangements shall be provided through strong tubes and grease nipples.
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UV protected equivalent to Bridon Marine or Samson. 416. Fresh Water. Halul offshore Services Page 41/85 . Rungs or vertical ladder are to be fitted for each escape hatch and area to be illuminated by emergency light. Drill water and Mud.. Each winch is to be complete with one (1) wire drum and one (1) inboard warping head.  One flush bolted panel of 1200 x1200 to be installed with in the out reach of the crane above the engine room for the supply of the heavy spare parts. Note: Suitable isolating valves/ball cocks shall be provided on the tugger winches and anchor windlass. 417. Deck Connections Discharge manifolds shall be provided on deck for the following and fitted with CAMLOCK couplings as applicable. discharge points at port & stbd midship and port & stbd aft end. 414.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. A high temperature alarm for hydraulic oil system shall be provided. National Colours “Staff” to be installed at mast for national colours. capacity are to be installed on the forward end of the aft deck. complete with 250mx22mm dia wire rope having hard eye at the free end. to be provided. Save all / spill trays to be provided for all the filling / discharge lines. Escape Hatches Watertight hatches. Tugger Winch Two (2) electro-hydraulic Tugger winches. dirty oil & bilge holding tanks. Springline/Stretcher And Fuse Wire Two(2) springline/stretcher. 25M x 100mm dia. port and starboard. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Sewage Dirty oil Diesel oil Fresh water Drill Water Mud Cement Connection to meet MARPOL 73/78 Connection to meet MARPOL 73/78 4 inches female CAMLOCK connections 4 inches female CAMLOCK connections 4 inches female CAMLOCK connections 4 inches female CAMLOCK connections 5 inches female CAMLOCK connections 415. lube oil. except stated otherwise :  Engine room  Steering gear compartment  Bow thruster room – The hatch/bolted panel shall also facilitate removal of electric motor directly on to the exposed deck. with counter weights to be provided for the following compartments. prior commencing the work. Adequate lighting shall be provided above the Tugger winches. with with with with with caps. for fuel oil. A schematic drawing to be submitted for owner’s approval. 0 dated 10 Oct. air vents / over flow lines etc. See through protective guards made from strong expanded metal shall be bolted behind the wire drum to protect the operator in the event of wire breaking. On each side of the roller. with the same diameter on the after side as the roller. 8 strand plaited with hard eye on both ends. 2010 The roller is to be arranged so that the top of the roller at centre projects about 200mm above the top of the steel main deck. fixed fairing plates are to be arranged. Bulk. caps caps caps caps For Diesel oil. Local controls shall be provided at the winch. hydraulic oil. each of 10 Tonnes at 15M/min. 413.

65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. signal lights. Sch 80 portable pipe stanchions are to be arranged P+S for deck cargoes The crash bar/cargo rail ends shall be properly finished on to the stern fairing plates with good sloping to enable the tow wire to slip on it smoothly. Crash bar/Cargo Rails & Pipe Stanchions Cargo rails made of 8” N. 424. Horizontal runs of drainpipes to have a slope of not less than 1:50. 120 pipes to sustain minimum 100T compressive strength are to be fitted longitudinally along the main deck for the stowage of pipes.B. Deck Crane One (1) electro hydraulic telescopic type marine crane is to be fitted on aft foxle deck (adjacent to towing winch on the stbd side). searchlight. Other details are described elsewhere. Each scupper to be fitted with a grating and all domestic pipes are to have water-sealed traps and cleanout plugs at bends.6 m and below the centerline of tow winch drum. on P+S. It shall comply with requirements of Qatar Petroleum Lifting Equipment requirements. Necessary warning lights & floodlights are to be provided on the crane boom. Drains are to discharge overboard through a storm valve. along the main deck. To be fitted around cargo area of main deck. The deck loading is 7 T/m2. Work Deck The aft working deck area of about 400 m2 suitably sheathed with hard wood is to be provided. engine room and bow thruster compartments. which can be extended at least to 15 m. 0 dated 10 Oct. Drainage for Decks Suitable scupper pipes minimum 50mm to be positioned in funnels. A stopping arrangement (horn) is to be built ar a suitable location on the P&S side cargo rail to prevent rope coming on to the structure. each wash place and shower sumps. 2010 418. 419. etc are to be provided. 4” N. forecastle deck and wheelhouse top to facilitate deck drainage. Crane shall be fitted with automatic safe load indicator & other necessary safety devices. Storm Rails Storm rails and grab rails to be fitted all round deckhouse and wheelhouse and on exterior bulkheads.B. 421 423. The Crane shall have a telescopic boom. Soil pipes from WC to be minimum 100mm and led to a 150 NB common soil collector line leading to the sewage collection tank.. The dynamic load factor required for the crane is to be at least 1. speaker. The height of cargo rail/crash bar is to be 1. Covers for Deck Equipment Suitable strong PVC / Canvas covers for deck equipment such as compass. Storm rails also to be fitted in convenient positions in toilets. etc. The crane shall be 360o continuous slewing type and be capable of extending/retracting the boom with full load hanging from the hook.35 and the crane should be able to operate at full load up to Beaufort Scale 2-3 and up to 75% capacity at Buffort Scale 4-5. Sch. anchor windlass. 420. Halul offshore Services Page 42/85 . Scuppers on main deck are to be provided with rubber plugs. 50mm dia scuppers and drains are to be fitted in galley. Drains to be fitted to discharge from all washbasins and scuppers. and has an SWL of 5 tonnes at 15 m radius.

Crash bar chocks Crash bar chocks are to be provided on either side crash bar/cargo rail with sufficient angle from gob eye (aft of gob eye). 2010 425. Deck Shower One shower cum eye wash point to be provided at a suitable location on the aft bulkhead of the superstructure. Other details as per stern quarter platform described in section 3.5m x 1. Halul offshore Services Page 43/85 . See also cl. 0 dated 10 Oct. 428. Landing Platform The size to be ~1. 423.5m. 426.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 427. Eye Pads Two heavy duty eye pads of 100 T capacity with proper structural reinforcement to to be provided with 45° angle to stern in a recessed pockets on either side outside the crash bar at suitable location forward to shark jaw line.

0 dated 10 Oct. Those below 25mm are to be screwed with unions or similar except for the air piping where butt welded with flanged connection is to be adopted.5 times working pressure after fabrication and before coating. deck or tank top. Flush deck sounding pipe to be avoided on exposed deck. All pipes to be pressure tested to 1. compressed air and exhaust piping and are to be black steel. filters and valves are to be arranged to classification’s requirements. exposed and uncovered threads are to be treated with an approved anti-corrosive compound. In general. Where screwed connections are used. where necessary. Mud boxes. All sounding pipes to be fitted to each tank and to extend above exposed deck. All valves will be marked with appropriate nameplates. piping is to be designed with fluid flow speed under 2. Threaded pipes are to be avoided wherever possible except in freshwater supplies system for domestic use.PIPING SYSTEMS 500. 501. All pipes. double bottom’s sounding pipes to have self closing weighted cock. Pipe and Valve Material Pipes:Hull piping system to be DIN or JIS. Actual schematic diagrams of piping systems shall be provided and approved before installation. fresh water. cargo lines and fire lines to be hot-dipped galvanized to a thickness of at least 80 microns. Pipes systems are to be fitted with cleaning plugs and drain cocks. All pipes of 25mm and over to have flanged connections. Bilge. Vents are to be fitted to all under deck store spaces. F. General All pipes are to be arranged according to good marine practice with sufficient bore and thickness for the purpose intended and to comply with classification rules and JIS/DIN standard.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. All filling connections for F/W tanks to be fitted on main deck complete with brass screw cap and keep chain.3 m/sec. Oil fuel and lube oil. Bunker station will be arranged on deck with common filling of diesel oil. Approved type of bulkhead fitting is to be used where piping penetrates a watertight or oil tight bulkhead. For pipes passing through tanks. All bare steel pipelines to be painted with primer prior to final finish coat as per paint specification.O. Short sounding pipes to be fitted to double bottom tanks in engine room. Filling pipes to be clearly marked with engraved brass tally plates. pipe scantlings may be increased to be to Classification requirement. 2010 SECTION 5 . All suction lines from the main sea chest line to be fitted with strainer other than the main sea chest strainer. Expansion bends are to be fitted where necessary to avoid damage due to expansion or movement of the structure. scupper. They are to be well clamped to the ship’s structure and to have minimum number of bends. All air vent pipes for tanks and voids to be carried above exposed decks and terminate in tank vent check valves as required. Piping on hot services is to be insulated and is to be clamped to the structure after insulation has been fitted. pipe fittings and valves are to be of JIS/ DIN standard. Halul offshore Services Page 44/85 . other pipes to be galvanised. Float balls to be PVC /copper. Colour code is to be advised by Owner and generally all to Builder’s standard practice. Fluid pipes are not allowed to be laid above switchboard or distribution board. to the extent possible. All ballast and freshwater tank vents are to have insect screens. Screens to be arranged where fuel oil and lube oil pipes are laid on hot area. strainers. as necessary and fitted with brass cap and brass keep chain.

0 dated 10 Oct. (SW & FW) Soil Pipe Air + Sounding Control Compressed Air Exhaust Bulk Handling Mud Material Galvanised steel Galvanised steel Galvanised steel Galvanised steel Galvanised steel Black Black U-PVC U-PVC Galvd. All main tanks. ballast.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Air pipes terminating on deck to have vent heads with ball float valves. Air pipes for loose tanks to be terminated on top of the respective tanks. Bilge & Ballast System Bilge main and Ballast lines sizes are to be in accordance with Classification requirement and meeting SPS 2008 requirements.W. Double bottom tanks are to be sounded from the engine room. Filling. Upon completion.W. Valves on fuel oil and lube oil systems are to be Cast Iron. Piping is not to be led through tanks as far as practicable. cofferdams and drain wells. 502. Valves are to be provided on either sides of the strainer on the main sea suction to facilitate cleaning. 2010 System Sea Chest interconnection Bilge + Ballast Fire + Wash deck S. Self-acting weighted cocks to be fitted. and F. Striking plates or equivalent to be fitted at bottom of sounding pipes.W. 503. fire and wash deck may be cast iron body with bronze trim. Two docking plug spanners are to be supplied. Care is to be taken to ensure drainage to bilge suctions and scuppers. Valves:Shipside valves are to have cast steel or bronze body and bronze trim. Halul offshore Services Page 45/85 . Valves on compressed air system to be steel or bronze. cooling water (S. Cooling Fuel Oil Lub Oil Sanitary. including the Skeg to have 40mm diameter screw fittings.). Mud and strum boxes to be galvanised. Air & Sounding Pipes Sounding pipes are to be fitted to tanks. Name plates of brass engraved with the tank number and purpose to be fitted. with bronze internals. suction and discharge pipes to be fitted to all tanks. stainless steel docking plugs fitted at their lowest point as far as practicable. the systems are to be pressure tested to Classification requirements. this is to be carried out after fabrication as far as practicable and rectification of the damaged coating to be done in any case. Valves on bilge. Suctions to be fitted as required by Classification. Mud or strum boxes are to be fitted in the system where applicable in accordance to Rules requirements. Cooling F.W. steel except Oil tanks Copper Black steel Black steel Black steel Galvanised Steel Remarks Seamless Sch 80 Seamless Sch 40 Seamless Sch 40 Seamless Sch 40 Seamless Sch 40 Seamless Sch 40 Seamless Sch 40 Heavy Duty Heavy duty Seamless Sch 40 Seamless Sch 40 Seamless Sch 80 ERW Seamless Sch 80 Seamless Sch 80 Where galvanising is specified.

Drain from drip trays to be drained to dirty oil tank. The settling and service tank shall be provided with low/high level alarms and high / low cut in / cut out float switches for automatic operation of transfer pump. Lube oil storage tanks are to be provided in engine room with filling pipe and air vents with suitable save all trays. F. Filling connection is to be with flange closures. LO transfer pump shall be provided for inter-tank and deck transfer. Additionally sounding pipes shall be of welded type with closure devices. 505. Drip trays of minimum 150mm coming height are to be fitted in way of pumps. Save-all trays are to be provided on all filling. A separate single air pipe is to be arranged from the overflow tank and is to be terminated under the forecastle deck bulwark with appropriate ball float vent head and flame arrestor screen. All filling connections on deck for fresh water. The settling and service tanks are to be located at a higher level. 2010 All air and sounding pipes shall be galvanized. The lube oil/hydraulic oil tanks are to be located in the wings. Ventilation head for fresh water and ballast water to be provided with S. sounding connections of fuel and oil. The oil fuel piping is to be arranged so that the transfer pump may draw from any of the bunkers and discharge to either the daily service tanks or the settling tanks. fuel oil and lube oil shall have stainless steel / brass Camlock couplings with caps. as far as practicable.O. The common line to be provided with an air vent.S. The main and auxiliary engines are supplied with built-in lube oil pumps. vent. Emergency hand pumps to be provided. with capacity sufficient to hold oil required for one change.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. A springloaded draw-off cock is to be fitted to each daily service tank and settling tanks. Lube Oil System Lube oil pipes of seamless black mild steel are to be arranged in accordance with engine Manufacturer’s recommendation and to meet Classification requirements. flame arresters. Each oil fuel bunker and daily service tank to be fitted with an overflow pipe led into a common main. Remote air-operated closing devices for fuel oil valves are to be provided as per Rules and Regulation. The service tank will overflow into settling tank. No lube oil/hydraulic oil tank to be located in the double bottom area. Oil fuel filling connections are to be arranged port and starboard on the main deck with suitable spill trays. Halul offshore Services Page 46/85 . Fuel Oil System The ship’s oil fuel bunkers are to be arranged with one of the bunker tank arranged as an overflow tank.S./ brass insect screen and oil tanks to have with S. All bunker tanks to have high level alarms. Separate lube oil/hydraulic oil tanks to be provided for each grade of oil. Lube oil purifier: Lub oil purifier of 1000 Litre/hour capacity and 2-stage heater is to be installed and connected to the system for close circuit purification. 0 dated 10 Oct. 504. Purifier of about 2500 Ltrs/hour capacity to be provided to draw from service and settling tanks and discharge to service tanks. Emergency shut-off valves to be fitted on fuel oil and lub-oil tanks subjected to static head. which is fitted with suitable level alarms. Two settling tank and two service tanks are to be provided. sampling cocks and pressure gauges. Audio visual alarm and illuminated site glass shall be provided in common overflow line. fitted on main deck. A relief valve shall be provided on the main bunker line in the E/R. which is to discharge into the overflow tank.

The vessel shall be provided with minimum 100m reinforced compressed air hose on a reel.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.  Two (2) air bottles of suitable sizes. Hydraulic System Pipes are to be of seamless type with cutting ring connections. towing winch and other deck machineries and are to be provided in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s recommendation and / or classification society requirements.3 bar). The pipes running below deck are to black steel and above deck or exposed area to be of stainless steel. 0 dated 10 Oct. The compressed air pipes of solid drawn black mild steel are to be arranged with air bottles. The sea water cooler to be of plate type with titanium plates All plate coolers are to have port strainers and provision for regular back flushing. water. The system shall be pressure tested and flushed using closed loop to the manufacturer recommended standard. The hydraulic piping are to be cleaned internally for the steering gear. High-pressure flexible hoses of approved type to be provided where necessary. 508.3 bar. Air compressors are to have automatic start/stop. 2010 506. air & exhaust manifolds. The dryer shall ensure that the air is dry in all ambient temperature & humidity conditions in the Arabian Gulf. In addition to remote indicating digital gauges for temperatures and pressures. The compressor should be screw type with auto unloading mechanism. Permanent connections with necessary valves and proper drainpipes are to be provided for this purpose. coolers. and pressures gauges in accordance with Manufacturer’s recommendations and to meet Classification requirements. Working air compressor – In addition to starting air compressors. 507. All heat exchangers shall be designed with 25% fouling factor. workshop. local pressure gauges & thermometers to be provided on pumps. Appropriate strainers are to be provided on the SW suction lines of the pumps. etc.  Two (2) electric motor driven directly coupled compressors capable of charging the air bottles within one hour. 25mm diameter and working pressure 10. the Vessel shall be equipped with a permanently installed electric motor driven working air compressor connected to compressed air supply system. Compressed Air System The main engines and diesel generators are to be compressed air started by means of air start motors engaging with flywheels of respective engines. The compressed air system must be fitted with filters & refrigerated dryers and must be capable of providing at least 300m3/hour (175 cubic feet per minute) of clean/dry compressed air at a discharge pressure of 827 kPa (120 psi or 8. All hydraulic fittings on exposed deck to be covered with Denzo tapes. with outlet points which include the clear open deck on both sides at the stern. Halul offshore Services Page 47/85 . fuel oil and lube oil pumps with their independent coolers. fresh water. intermittent auto drain and running hour meters. The cooling pipes are to be arranged in accordance with engine manufacturer’s recommendations and to meet Classification requirements.  One (1) of the compressor to be supplied with alternate source of power from emergency generator. Engine Cooling System The main and auxiliary engines are to be sea water-cooled and each engine is to be equipped with engine driven sea water. Control air system shall have separate air bottle with water separators and refrigerant dryers with by-pass systems. One attached pump of each type for Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine is to be supplied as spare. valves.

The hot water heater shall be electrically heated by two immersion heaters and be thermostatically controlled to cut-in and cut-out in sequence. Cold & hot freshwater shall be led to all sinks and basins. Hoses with standard approved type of instantaneous couplings are to be supplied with jet cum spray nozzles. Forced circulation to be provided by electric driven centrifugal pump having Cast Iron casing.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. As far as possible hydrants are not to be located in accommodation area. bronze impeller and stainless steel shaft. Drain plugs to be fitted at low points in the system. bronze impeller and Stainless steel shaft. Halul offshore Services Page 48/85 .2 to 4 bar. Fire hose couplings are to be braided. A hot & coldwater dispenser is to be arranged in the mess room. One FW line complete with UV steriliser is to be provided and supply to drinking water fountains and in the galley. ballast or fuel. 0 dated 10 Oct. Freshwater System. Domestic fresh water system shall draw water through separate (independent) suction pipes from forward fresh tanks. which are not used for pumping bilges. Each pump discharge is to connect to the system through an accessible isolating valve and each main deck branch is to have a shut-off valve and cap. hose nozzle and valve spanner to be stowed in boxes adjacent to each hydrant. 511. The tanks are to be de odorised before putting into use. Taps for Cold freshwater supply to wash basins shall be spring-loaded. A thermometer is to be fitted to the heater. The pump capacities shall be about 3 cub.M/hr and cut in / cut out pressure range of 2. 512. One (1) additional pump is also to be fitted to act as standby for both potable water and sanitary water pumps and not to be connected to the piping system. The calorifier is to be adequately lagged. Vessel shall have a completely separate clean FW (potable water) system together with pipes/lines & pumps. with automatic filling and thermostatic controls.Cold A potable water pressure system is to be fitted for drinking and washing purposes. The hydrophore tank shall be 1000 ltr. The pumps in sanitary system is to have bronze casings. One hot water circulation pump shall be installed for forced circulation to circulate the hot water throughout the vessel. 510. 2010 509. Size. Sanitary Water System A pressure system identical to the fresh water system is to be fitted. Hot & cold freshwater supply to showers shall be led through mixing valves of the anti-scale type. The domestic sea water system shall be used only for toilet flushing. Hose reel. Freshwater System-Hot One freshwater calorifier with adequate capacity (approximately 1000 l) shall be provided for supply of hot water throughout the Vessel. is to be provided in crew mess room Pressure system is to consist of a pressure tank and one (1) pump. One (1) 10-litre electric hot water heater. System to supply sanitary water to water closets and to taps for washing down purpose. Fire & Wash deck Service Salt water for the fire fighting and wash deck service are to be supplied from the general service pump and the fire pump to a fore and aft main run under deck with branch line of 65mm and with 2-1/2” instantaneous hydrant valve of John Morris type with twin twist lock as per applicable rules.

the outlets from the pressure tanks shall be interconnected through isolating valves spectacle blanks to facilitate only one pump supplying the sanitary and domestic freshwater system when using freshwater for both systems. Inside scuppers shall be provided with water seals and shut off device. Quick couplings are to be provided complete with reducer. F. Barite. sinks are to be grouped into common cross main(s) to discharge overboard through storm valve(s). 2010 The piping in accommodation area behind panelling shall be of heavy duty U-PVC except in engine room. Scuppers from the refrigeration spaces are to be led to the bilges. main deck are to be supplied with rubber plugs. cement and one chemical with a maximum specific gravity of 2.s : 100mm Cleaning plugs to be fitted as may be required. tank to have independent Loading cum Discharge lines. Cargo Capacity Operation Pressure Classification Cargoes : : : : Approx 200m3 total (50m3 x 4) . Scuppers on Moisture condensate drainage has to be provided from behind accommodation panelling above main deck. One (1) hydrophore system supplying seawater for toilet flushing of adequate capacity for the Vessel’s complement as specified above shall be installed The SW hydrophore pump should have identical capacity as that of the FW hydrophore system. All scuppers and drainage pipes shall be galvanized steel pipes. Scuppers to be of JIS standard or similar. The SW sanitary pump shall be provided a suction line from the freshwater tanks/system.C. 514. Each Loading/discharge operation to be from Central Control Panel to be located in Wheelhouse. is to be led to a sewage treatment plant adequate for 33 persons. All internal scuppers are to be sloped. Similarly. Bentonite.W and sanitary pumps shall be identical. Open superstructure/deckhouse decks to be drained by 50mm scuppers. showers. through isolating valves and spectacle blanks to provide flexibility for using either fresh or sea water for the sanitary system. 513.e. Halul offshore Services Page 49/85 . Bulk System. Overboard-discharge shell penetrations are to be of galvanized steel with gate valves and non-return flaps.8. Discharge rate minimum 60 Ton/ hour with a discharge head of 60 meters and piping length of 125 meters. 0 dated 10 Oct. Loading/discharge station arranged at deck .65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.C.on port and on starboard sides aft. Scupper from AHU 50mm scuppers to be fitted in toilets. Internal scuppers from accommodation are to be taken separately. Discharges and traps generally to be as follows: Showers : 50mm with P-trap Washbasins : 32mm with deep seal bottle trap Galley sink : 65mm with water and grease trap.maximum LRS Cement. and fitted with portable gratings. Crushed Marble. The system is designed for simultaneously loading/discharging of 2 grades of cargo i. strainer to be fitted W. Discharge from W. The FW and Sanitary pumps are to be identical. 6 Bar . drain is to be led to deck scupper. Scupper & Discharges Discharges from washbasins. Laundry and galley scuppers to be 80mm.

65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. vent and discharge piping to be 5 inch and shall be flange connected in lengths no longer than 2M and fitted with CAMLOCK or equal couplings. 0 dated 10 Oct. Bulk discharge / intake lines shall be fitted with pressure gauges at the discharge point. 4” Male x 3” Female -6 nos 3. having two purge valves for each tanks and two(2) compressor stop buttons incorporated. 2010 Tanks: Four (4) off vertical segregated cement tanks of 50 m3 each with completely independent filling cum discharge arrangement. Capacity : as required to achieve 60 ton/hr discharge rate Working pressure : 6 bar The compressors are to be with after-coolers complete with moisture separator and auto drain trap. Set pressures are to be marked on the valves. The length between the pipe couplings shall not be more than two (2) meters. All tanks for 6 bar working pressure. To prevent contamination. all to manufacturer’s recommendation. seawater cooled. with sea water cooled de-humidifiers. Certificates are to be provided for setting of all relief/safety valves. Cargo pipes to be kept as short and straight as possible.5 times working pressure. Deck connection shall be of quick disconnecting type CAMLOCK or equal coupling. 5” Male x 4” Female-3 nos 2. lifting eyes. barite and Bentonite tanks shall have independent filling. It shall be located in Wheel House facing aft. discharging and vent lines. fill and vent lines and air supply plus continuous level indicators. Air piping from compressor to tanks to be as straight as practicable to eliminate condensation collection points. Sets of CAMLOCK couplings made of brass with the following details shall be provided. legs and pipe connection for discharge. The bulk system shall be remote operated with the exception of butterfly valves (manual operated) located on the main deck. The cement tanks shall be individual filled and vented. pressure valve and safety valve. Compressors and dehumidifiers x 2 sets: 2 off electrically driven screw compressor each capable of providing the discharge rate independently. Test pressure 1. 1. Electric motors and compressor units mounted on common skid. The system shall be provided with a water driven eductor located in the bulk room to enable the tanks to be cleaned efficiently. Remote control stand for four(4) tanks operation. All fill. Halul offshore Services Page 50/85 . To be complete with aeration system hatch. The pipe couplings shall be of ‘victualic grooved coupling” or similar. Cargo hose 18 M long with one end male and other end female camlock coupling with caps. No interconnection of tanks are permitted except for relief valve. One compressor and one dehumidifier system shall be 100% standby for the other. working pressure 10 bar with test certificate x 2 nos. the cement.

brine.M/hr at a head of 75 meters to be arranged. 0 dated 10 Oct. discharge and tank to tank transfer.5%. Two (2) sets of cargo hoses of 18 meter length with male and female camlock couplings with caps and working pressure of 15 bar with test certificate to be provided. with bypass possibilities. Pump start/stop switch with safety cap for cargo fuel oil transfer pump shall be provided at aft console in wheelhouse. The local indicator shall be mechanical with tamperproof sealing. In addition to local reading/display of flow meter. 517 Freshwater Cargo System The FW cargo system to be arranged with manifold for transfer between tanks in addition to discharge to deck. 516 Fuel Oil Cargo System The fuel oil system shall be arranged with manifold for transfer between groups of tanks in addition to discharge to deck. Mud discharge / intake lines shall be fitted with pressure gauges at the discharge point. A flushing water connection from the general service pump shall be provided on the suction side of both mud pumps.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. near flow meter and near main deck bunker stations. remote display shall be provided at the aft console in wheelhouse. The Mud tanks to have electrical driven agitators and high level alarm independent of tank gauging system and testing facility. flush-type manholes from open deck. air pipes etc. Pump start/stop switch with safety cap to be provided locally and in wheelhouse aft console. Two (2) sets of cargo hoses of 18 meter length with male and female camlock couplings with caps and working pressure of 10 bar with test certificate to be provided. A washing connection from Sea Main shall also be provided for both the mud tanks through the Mud Pumps. The mud tanks shall be arranged for continuous recirculation. Selector switches to be provided at local control station and remote control station (wheelhouse). according to the rules. The pumps to be of centrifugal type of Mission Magnum Make. 2010 515. The system shall have two pumps and capacity of each cargo pump shall not be less than 100 M3/Hour at 75-meter head. Liquid Mud (Brine / Recovered Oil) System Two (2) tanks between tank top and main deck aggregating to 400m3 capacities are to be arranged for carrying liquid mud. Flow Meters shall be of good quality (Liquid Controls or equivalent) and built for ‘radio interference suppression’. Diesel fuel discharge & intake pipes or lines shall be fitted with pressure gauges and sampling cocks for monitoring quality at periodic intervals during discharge and intake of diesel fuel. recovered oil with density up to 1. The remote shall be digital display. The fuel flow meter shall be provided with calibration certificates upon delivery of the vessel. The tanks to meet requirement for carriage of Noxious Liquids. The tanks are to be arranged with 800mm dia. Halul offshore Services Page 51/85 . The piping arrangement shall permit using the flow meter for filling . Selector switch shall be provided at local and remote control station (wheelhouse). using a separate pump of smaller capacity.8 and with flashpoint above 60C. Two (2) discharge pumps of 70 Cu. The system shall have two pumps and capacity of each water transfer pump shall not be less than 100 M3/Hour at 75-meter head. The fuel discharge. Mud systems to be arranged with loading strainer. filling and tank to tank transfer to be through a positive displacement flow meters with an accuracy of ± 0.

The total capacity of recovered oil storage tank to be 550 Cu. The equipment shall include all equipment for recovery and discharge including the power pack required for the equipment operation. The local indicator shall be mechanical with tamperproof sealing. Pump start/stop switch with safety caps for cargo fresh water pump shall be provided on aft console in wheelhouse . Necessary power supply to be provided on Main deck. The oil recovery system shall be user friendly and robust so that vessel crew can deploy and maintain the equipment. All oil spill response and associated equipments shall be containerized and stored on board the vessel so as to facilitate rapid deployment and installation on board. Slick Detection system: The vessel shall be equipped with a local radar based oil slick detection system and a portable slick detection system shall also be included. Storage of the oil spill response equipment should not interfere with the normal operation of the AHTS including towing and Rig Move. Selector switch shall be provided at local and remote control station (wheelhouse).M. In addition to this two (2) pumps that are installed in the sweeping arms can be used also to enhance the discharging capacity. In addition to local reading/display of flow meter. Flow Meters shall be of good quality (Liquid Controls or equivalent) and built for ‘radio interference suppression’. There is no requirement of dedicated recovered oil tank. The piping arrangement shall permit using the flow meter for filling. filling and tank to tank transfer to be through a flow meters with an accuracy of ± 0. Fresh Water discharge & intake pipes or lines shall be fitted with pressure gauges and sampling cocks for monitoring quality at periodic intervals during discharge and intake of water. Two (2) sets of cargo hoses of 18 meter length with male and female camlock couplings with caps and working pressure of 10 bar with test certificate to be provided. The remote shall be digital display. The Mud tank and suitable Fuel oil storage tank can be designated as recovered oil storage tank subject to the approval from class.M/Hr and minimum 10 bar discharge pressure and with preinstalled hot water current radial system to facilitate pumping of high viscosity oil Discharge Pumps: The vessel to have two (2) portable PDAS pump with pre-installed hot water current radial system with an individual minimum capacity of 120 Cu. All oil recovery tanks to have 800 mm dia flush manhole opening directly to main deck. The fresh water flow meter shall be provided with calibration certificates upon delivery of the vessel. Oil Recovery equipments.M/Hr at 10 bar. The oil recovery tanks to be fitted with interface detection system with sensors to detect the interface border between the oil and water so that quantity of actual oil stored is known. remote display shall be provided at the aft console in wheelhouse. 0 dated 10 Oct. The vessel to have LRS “Oil Recovery” notation. 2010 The fresh water discharge. 518 Recovered Oil System.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. discharge and tank to tank transfer. Primary system : The vessel to be equipped with an inflatable sweeping arm system with integrated skimmer with a minimum capacity of 150 Cu.M/hr and integrated positive displacement Archimedes screw (PDAS) pump with minimum capacity of 100 Cu.5%. Decanting System : The vessel to be able to decant the excess water so maximizing utilization of the onboard storage capacity Halul offshore Services Page 52/85 . near flow meter and local start/stop switch shall be provided near the pump.

Dirty oil/sludge tank Header tank for LO Purification Tank for storage of Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine lub oil. liquid flow sight glass on the refrigerant line. Remote tank gauging system to be provided for Fuel Oil. complete with all necessary accessories. liquid level sight glasses on the condenser. each capable of independently maintaining the temperatures in the refrigerated rooms. Minor Tanks The following minor tanks are to be sited in the engine room / outside space and arranged with all necessary filling. At least two settling tanks. oil and refrigerant charging connections with proper isolating valves. Fresh water header tanks for main engines Stern lube oil header tanks Emergency generator F. oil separators. (-) 20 degrees C and (+)4 degrees C in Dial type thermometers to be supplied and fitted for each chamber with dial mounted on outside of chambers.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 520. 2211111520.72 Cu. 2Daily service oil fuel header tanks. Fresh water and Mud tanks complete with remote digital displays and paper print-out on both Bridge and ECR. each sufficient for 24 hours running of two main engines and one generator. such as dryers. each of about 20 M3 capacity shall be provided for diesel fuel. air pipes. Major components of the system shall be as follows. level indicators etc. to be installed on vibration-free mountings. The transfer pump shall be arranged for automatic start/stop operation depending on the tank level. manholes.M/hr at 20 -100 bar to clean the equipment and deck at first stage after operations 519 Tank Gauging System Loose tanks shall be provided with gauge glass of suitable protection and draw-off cock as per Builder’s standard. Belt drive will not be used for driving the compressors.O storage tank. The system to be highly reliable and the high level alarms should be independent of gauging system. Refrigerant piping should be as short as possible and should not be taken behind freezer / chiller room lagging. The plant shall be skid mounted and located to minimize length of refrigeration gas piping. 0 dated 10 Oct. For charging of refrigerant a hose set with pressure gauges shall be provided.18 – 0. Ratchet spanners shall be provided for opening/closing of valves. Refrigeration System Two (2) Refrigeration plant of R404A system direct expansion type. Drill Water . Stern tube lub oil storage tank. Refrigerant pipes to be seamless copper and they are to be lagged. drain and outlet connections. Two compressors. electrically driven. water-cooled. Two condensers. one shall be 100% standby Two sea water cooling pump one 100 % standby The plant is to maintain temperature of refrigeration store spaces. Halul offshore Services Page 53/85 . 2010 Portable Cleaning Machines: A portable cleaning system consisting of three (3) portable high pressure hot water cleaning sets shall be provided with a flow range of at least 0.

To be concealed behind deck head lining. to be installed on vibration-free mountings. Belt drive will not be used for driving the compressors. liquid level sight glasses on the condenser. Ratchet spanners shall be provided for opening/closing of valves. 2010 Refrigerating system shall be of the fan/coil blower type and to be automatically controlled. oil separators. Exhaust from cabin or compartment to be through louvered grilled in the lower part of the door. oil and refrigerant charging connections with proper isolating valves. Two compressors. bronze impellers and stainless steel shafts with mechanical seals. with explosion proof / intrinsically safe outdoor unit. The coolers/condensers shall be designed for 25% fouling factor. Additionally separate air cooled a/c units (2 x 3 tonnes). 522 Ventilation: Following spaces to have forced supply and/or forced exhaust: Engine room : Two (2) forced supply (reversible with two speed) Halul offshore Services Page 54/85 . water-cooled. Two condensers. The Air-conditioning plants shall be skid mounted on vibration free mountings and located. The plant shall cool the wheelhouse and all living spaces within Accommodation area. The seawater cooling pump shall have independent suction from the sea-main and located in the engine room. preferably in the AHU room to minimize length of gas piping. Fire dampers to be fitted where necessary. Air Conditioning & Ventilation Air-conditioning:Two (2)Air-conditioning plant of R404A system direct expansion type.H. and 50% R. Only one condenser will be in use and the other shall be standby. Ducts to be spiral type and insulated by minimum 25 mm thick glass wool and ensure that the condensation will not occur on the outer side. Design Conditions as follows: Outside : 45 degrees C and 65 % R.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Major components of the system shall be as follows. liquid flow sight glass on the refrigerant line.H. ECR and workshop to have independent water cooled packaged unit. The air duct to Wheelhouse is to be separate from other branches. complete with all necessary accessories. 521. Pump shall be vertical type and have bronze casings. such as dryers. Two sea water cooling pump one 100 % standby . Galley and dry provision store to have spot cooling. is to be installed in Wheel House. Scupper pipes to be fitted draining to main scupper lines and led to overboard except refrigerant lines no other pipes or cables to pass through cold rooms. each capable of meeting 100% of ships requirement. Door gasket in freezer room is to have heater. to suit the system requirements. Inside : 23 degrees C. electrically driven. For charging of refrigerant a hose set with pressure gauges shall be provided. 0 dated 10 Oct. Drain from tray to the scupper is to be provided with defrosting arrangement.

after turbo charger and also where necessary Drains and external spark arresters shall be provided on all exhaust pipes of diesel engines 524. Emergency Generator and cement tank compartment: Wash places.) to be fitted adjacent to the quick coupling. including thrusters and cement rooms will not rise more than 5 degree Celsius above the ambient temperature. The exhaust pipe supports. Butterfly valve (S. 0 dated 10 Oct. Forced supply and natural exhaust Forced exhaust and natural supply Halul offshore Services Page 55/85 . a controllable injection pump which can inject between 0% to 10% by volume of dispersant in to the discharge stream. The system has to be from Ayles Fernie or similar. Bow Thruster.B.B. (5 inches)  Liquid mud 100 mm N.  Cargo drill water 100mm N. Silencers and exhaust pipes to be thermo metrically insulated from steel work. 2010 Steering Gear. controls. immediately after the turbo chargers shall be of rigid type. Stores. a dispersant tank of at least 10m3 capacity. Laundry The exhaust / supply fans & ducts shall be so designed that the room temperatures in the machinery spaces. meters and monitors. Exhaust gas compensators. Galley : Co2 room.B.  Dry bulk 130mm N. stainless steel construction. The system is to consist of the following elements: the exhaust gas silencers. Cargo Handling System The combined filling and discharge points on deck shall be colour coded and with the following sizes for various cargos:  Cargo fresh water 100mm N. and all associated pipe work. Exhaust Pipes & Silencers Exhaust Pipes from main and auxiliary engines to be led to top of funnels. Deck termination shall be fitted with appropriately sized “CAMLOCK” female type quick coupling. where they can be rigged or deployed quickly.B. Expansion pieces for main and auxiliary engine’s exhaust pipes shall be arranged.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.  Cargo fuel oil 100mm N. Exhaust Pipes and silencers to be well insulated and covered with sheet metal sheathing. 525. being able to suppress noise by about 25 dBA and equipped with spark arrestor and suitable for oil field operation Exhaust gas supports to be provided by flexible suspensions. 523.B. Dispersant System The vessel shall be equipped with a permanently installed oil pollution dispersant spraying system consisting of extendable or swivelling spray booms or arms each fitted on each side of the vessel.S.

one (1) on each side of the Rescue Zone. Section-V and subsequent amendments. 2010 SECTION 6 .65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. All to be SOLAS approved. The FRC should comply with SOLAS Ch. The attached buoys shall be 4. In addition the vessel to have 10 nos Life Jackets suitable for 140Kg persons.II. Twelve (12) parachute distress rockets. are to be stowed in hinged type cradles for quick sideway launching. suitable for 10 persons including crew with a minimum speed of 25Kn shall be supplied. All to be SOLAS approved. Ten (10) lifebuoys of PVC or equal approved construction. made of 10mm circ. Lights to be stitched on vest. 0 dated 10 Oct. A polypropylene net reaching at least one meter in to the water when lowered. The net should have a spreader beam cum weight at the lower end to keep it under the water. The safety and Navigational equipment to meet SPS 2008 requirements. Twelve (12) Red Hand flares One (1) rigid hull FRC driven by inboard diesel engine connected to water jet propulsion. The collar is to be of semi rigid type preferably. Rolled up when not in use and approx. Battery to be water contact type. One (1) lifebuoy to be positioned close to stern Two (2) sets. All to be SOLAS approved with at least 10 months validity upon delivery of vessel. PP rope with mesh about 200 mm The nets shall be mounted on reels for quick deployment and recovery Lifebuoy -Ring : MOB-Light Smoke Signal Lifejackets : : Work vests Pyrotechnics Approved) (SOLAS : : Fast Rescue Boat : Retro Reflective tapes Scrambling Net : : Halul offshore Services Page 56/85 . Twelve (12) red/orange hand flare Distress Signal each to have 120 seconds discharge time and be waterproof. 5 M wide. Part C. Fifteen (15) nos inflatable type life jackets for the use of FRC crew and personnel involved in Rescue operations Six (6) floatation aids to work on deck Four (4) self-contained line throwing apparatus. Life Saving Equipment The following life saving equipment shall be provided on board the Vessel and shall be of the latest design which comply with the manufacturers’ standard and meet the international rules and regulations for seagoing vessel of 50 person compliment. A SOLAS approved davit for the above FRC also to be supplied. weight Sixty (60) approved type lifejackets including spare jackets are to be supplied and stowed above the lockers in each cabins. Five (5) lifebuoys with 90 Ft buoyancy line Five (5) lifebuoys with 90 Ft buoyancy line and self igniting electric lights.5 kgs. The FRC to have a permanently installed water proof VHF (SAILOR RT 2048) with a small antennae and external speaker Life Saving appliances are to be fitted with reflective tapes Two (2) numbers. Liferafts : Eight (8) sets twenty five (20) men inflatable Liferafts to SOLAS requirement.SAFETY & NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT 601.

Four (4) nos with Life Line.One (1) breathing apparatus . The sensor heads are located at Air inlets to E/R. 15M long 10 mm diameter. Bottle hooks to suit the wire rope – 2 Nos. Three (3) portable intrinsically safe. Helmets with attached earmuffs – 6 Nos. Nylon safety lines with soft eyes on both ends – 6 Nos. Two (2) portable hand held. Intrinsically safe. At least 3 x 50 men first aid kit (Mess room. one optional point. ECR. 2010 Boat Hooks First Aid Kit Breathing Apparatus with approval certificate : : : Gas Detection Equipment: H2S & LEL : detector Portable detector : Safety Harness Fireman Outfit : : Two (2) boat hooks c/w approx.One (1) set of gloves and boots . Each of the fireman’s outfit are to be comprising of following: . H2S detectors. (Total twelve (12) sensors. 6 each for H2S and LEL) Three (3) portable hand held. steel rope. shall be provided for hoisting a casualty by helicopter. forward of wheelhouse. One earth bonding pole ( to catch winch wire) One set of heavy duty wire cutters (one meter long) Wind sock (Illuminated at night) Day & night helicopter batons High visibility over vests.One (1) aluminium asbestos protective clothing .One (1) fireman’s axe . 8mm handle. Two (2) sets of portable H2S gas testers. Air Breathing Apparatus of 30 minutes duration = 4 Nos. Body harness – 6 nos. Stretcher Helicopter winching gear : : Halul offshore Services Page 57/85 . One (1) copy of Captain Medical Guide. Intrinsically safe. 15 M long. battery operated. stored in the hospital. 8mm dia. battery operated area monitors.One (1) electric drill Two nos. (2) paraguard stretcher. Air inlet to accommodation. All above unit to be with spare battery and battery charger. 0 dated 10 Oct. O2 detectors.One (1) safety lamp of portable battery type . with hard eyes (thimble eye) at both ends – 2 Nos. battery operated. The vessel should be equipped with a helicopter winching area clearly marked and clear of all obstructions. and equal no. Bridge) Breathing air apparatus of 15 minutes capacity = 60 Nos. Permanently installed fixed H2S and combustible gas (LEL) sensing and alarm system having both visual and audible alarms through out accommodation and workstations. Six (6) sets to be provided (each with its own separate storage unit).65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. of charged spare cylinders . and equal number of spare charged cylinders. main deck.oxygen tank and mask . Two (2) pairs of heavy duty insulated rubber gloves.

Control : A fully equipped hospital in compliance with statuary rules to be provided on the main deck with door opening on to the open clear deck. 604. 15M canvas fire hose c/w brass coupling and nozzle is to be supplied and stowed alongside each hydrant in a protective box. International shore connection is to be provided as per SOLAS Portable Fire Extinguishes:Fire extinguishers are to be supplied and installed as per SOLAS. Fixed CO2 System A full flooding CO2 system consisting gas bottles. Steering gear room. The equipment and medicines shall be provided in accordance with QP marine procedures guide appendix ‘H’.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. mess rooms. etc. Generally all in accordance with the following:Fire main: A fire main with suitable hydrants are to be installed. with an internal deck. machinery spaces. 2010 Hospital : Damage Equipments 602. S/T room. Only dry–powder. Fire pumps Two (2) seawater pumps each 1650 m3/hr at 14 Bar. Fire Blanket Two (2) off to be provided in engine room and galley. The CO2 bottles to be stowed inside a separate compartment. Halul offshore Services Page 58/85 . 605. other than CO2 extinguisher. Operation is to be manual arranged both on the bottle(s) and in a “break glass” pull box at the engine room access. The fire alarm system to addressable analogue type Fire fighting equipment is to meet Classification and relevant Government Authority Regulations. 0 dated 10 Oct. foam and CO2 extinguishers are to be provided. accommodation. B/T room. workshop. The pumps are to be driven from the front side PTO of the main engines via step up gearbox with built-in clutch. ER to have 50% dry powder and 50% foam units. on various deck levels and in engine room. All nozzles are to be dual jet/spay type. Firefighting & Detection Equipment INTERNAL Fixed fire detection and alarm system for the accommodation. paint room. laundry. offices. The capacity of the pump is considering the drenching requirement. Fire Axes Two (2) off. 603. may be increased if felt insufficient. As per Class / Flag requirements. alleyways. recreation rooms. machinery spaces and paint locker is to be provided. pilot bottle c/w quick operated valves and auto alarms is to be provided for engine room fire fighting. wheel house. External Firefighting External fire fighting system is to be as generally stated below and is required to meet FIFI Class 1. 603. Emergency Fire Pump Please refer to Machinery Specification Clause “Fire Pump-Emergency” . Monitoring panel shall be installed in wheelhouse.A Fire detection system Smoke and heat alarms shall be fitted throughout the galley.item 731.

 One (1) joystick panel for installation in wheelhouse with the following remote functions i) Elevation and rotation of monitors. Electrical joystick control arrangement from the aft console in wheelhouse is to be provided. superstructures and deckhouses including foundations for water monitors and other equipment. Two (2) hand wheels for emergency manual control also require to be built on the monitors. 0 dated 10 Oct.logic for operation of monitors. Horizontal and vertical movement with limit stops restricting monitor discharge on any part of the vessel.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 2010 Independent sea suction and piping system for each pump has to be provided. Monitor control The monitor remote control system consisting of the following:  One (1) main control panel . Monitor Capacity Inlet pressure Throw length Reaction thrust Swivels and swivel Barrel Throw height 1200 m3/hr 12 bar 120m 16. The pump’s casings are to be cast steel. Elevation and rotation of monitors Foam shall be introduced to the monitor from branch pipe directly and expansion in the foam barrel for application. ii) Clutch in/out operation of fire pumps. Deck Delivery Heads Two (2) sets of 4-way 65mm delivery heads with instantaneous hose connections are to be fitted on main deck.58 KN Bronze Acid proof steel. 55m measured vertically from sea level assuming a mean impact area located at a horizontal distance not less than 70 m from nearest part of vessel. according to requirement for FF Class I vessel. The arrangement for the water-spraying system is to be such that necessary visibility from wheelhouse and the control station for remote control of the fire fighting water monitors can be maintained during the water spraying. Fixed Water-Spraying System (FFS Make) The vessel is to be protected by a permanently installed water-spraying system consisting of Tug Nozzles and OSV nozzles. The pipelines and nozzles are to be so arranged and protected that they will not be Halul offshore Services Page 59/85 . Minimum of 230 degrees in horizontal and -20 to +70 degrees in vertical directions. Overboard dump lines shall be provided to empty the system after use. shaft acid proof steel & impeller of AI-Bronze. Capacity Head Pump speed Power absorbed Driver power : : : : : 1650 m3/hr 140 MLC 1800 Rpm Maker requirement Maker requirement Fire Monitors (water/foam) Two (2) units of short type fire monitors for water and foam discharge are to be provided. The fixed water spraying system is to provide protection for all outside vertical areas of hull.

5 MHz as secondary.525 MHz (Channel 70). One (1) Radar to have a slave monitor at aft console. Foam System Foam system shall come with tank of 20m3 capacity Foam injection system shall be suitable for up to 3% foam injection with proportioning pump and flow meter for controlled injection. 25 W with remote handsets are to be provided.  Two (2) 20” LCD Radars. Remote handsets to be located at the forward and aft control stations. Gyro to be interfaced with DP system.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.  One (1) Dual Axis speed log system comprising transducer and receiver capable of measuring fore-aft and athwart ship speed. The Anemometer to be interfaced to DP system. Two independent INMARSAT stations with telephone. both meeting SOLAS & ARPA with daylight display and 24 Nautical mile range. All pipes in permanent contact with foam or detergent concentrate shall be of stainless steel. 606. Navigation & Communication Equipment The following navigation and communication equipment are to be fitted in accordance with relevant Government Authority requirements. It is preferred to have two (2) water spray nozzles at the fwd end of main deck so as to cover the entire working deck area.  One (1) Weather Facsimile.  One (1) watch keeping receiver unit. The VHF to be programmed to Rig Move frequencies 153.  Two (2) Anemometers with display of one on fwd console and other on the aft console.080. Should also include current speed and direction.  Two (2) units of search and rescue radar transponder (SART)  One (1) unit of NAVTEX Receiver operating at 518 kHz  One (1) EPIRB with 406 MHz as primary and 121. if required by rule. Speed log to be fitted on Fwd console with repeater on the aft console. Two (2) units of VHF-radio telephone. The dual axis speed log to be interface to DP system. fax and e-mail facility from wheelhouse and from one of the office. Following is based on GMDSS requirement for AREA A1 A2 & A3. 0 dated 10 Oct. The fixed water spraying system is to have a capacity not less than 10 litres/min/m2 of the area to be protected.320 and 153. Both to be multi channel 25 watt RF output power and 1 watt reduced RF output switch fitted with digital selective calling (DSC) and capable of receiving on 156. The system shall comply with the requirements of 1974 SOLAS as amended by the 1988 GMDSS conference.56 MHz. A manual isolating valve shall be provided before the solenoid control valve. The foam shall be injected only to the fire monitor line avoiding the mixing with the drenching water system. The radar to be gyrostabilized and interfaced with GPS and AIS. Running of drenching lines on aft working deck to be avoided. Halul offshore Services Page 60/85 .  Three (3) master gyrocompass fitted with five (5) gyro repeaters positioned as follows. The EPIRB to be fitted with hydrostatic release unit. INMARSAT equipment Fleet Broad band 500 from Trane & Trane for Telephone/Fax and e-mail facilities. All pipes of the fire fighting system shall have drainage and venting valves.  One (1) in wheelhouse forward console  One (1) in wheelhouse aft console. 2010 exposed to damage during the operations. Drenching branch line for the main spraying system shall be provided with remote operated solenoid valve with control at the aft wheelhouse control console for controlling the supply to the wheelhouse during fire fighting operation. The gyrocompass to have gyro control and switch over unit. 153.

Additionally 3 lithium batteries are to be supplied with 9 months validity.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. and 135. fitted with gimbals and      One (1) in steering gear compartment. vessel in distress etc. One (1) echo sounder. 1 Phase. One aero band VHF with frequencies 121.        Item not specified above but required by the relevant Authority are to be supplied. 0-50 meters deep range in forward console and c/w repeater at aft manoeuvring station. Three (3) sets walkie-talkie. Read out to be in meters and feet. 607. GMDSS compatible and water tight each complete with spare battery and chargers. Azimuth device is to be provided. Electrical supply: 230 volt. SSB set (See separate clause no. One (1) GPS (Global Positioning System). Hygrometer. Seatex DPS 232 or similar. 50 Hz and DC 24 volts. AIS – Type Ä equipment confirming to SOLAS and interfaced to Radar / GPS. Internal telephone system to be provided in all rooms namely:          Cabins Offices Common spaces Workshops All control positions Stores Engine room Wheelhouse Bulk Cargo room In addition to above Sound Powered Telephone (SPT) to be provided at the below locations       Wheelhouse on both consoles Masters cabin Chief Engineer cabin Steering Room Bow Thruster Room Engine Room Control Halul offshore Services Page 61/85 . IMO approved for the ship Two (2) DGPS displaying Northreens & Esteems are to be provided. 626). 2010  Two (2) outside of wheelhouse in the bridge wings. 0 dated 10 Oct. quadrant balls and reflector tube and compass binnacle. 135. DP System from Kongsberg azimuth circle. Barometer and Barograph. Internal Communication One (1) auto-telephone system with about 10 lines spare capacity is to be provided.5 MHz.950 MHz as a minimum.900 MHz. One (1) of the DGPS to be of dual frequency type. ditched helicopter. These should have “way-point” features and suitable for navigational use and to establish accurate position of Man overboard. One (1) stand alone autopilot compatible and interfaced with gyro and steering compass. One (1) magnetic compass with 7-inch reflector type c/w correction magnet.

LAN hubs are 16-port auto sensing stackable 10/100 base TX/FX Ethernet switch (d-link/3 com). Wheelhouse. One electrically operated automatic fog horn from Zollner or similar to be provided. 24 V aldis lamp socket to be available in wheel house near the doors. 6. All the offices 6. Day Light Signal One (1) Aldis type day light signaling lamp c/w portable battery. Halul offshore Services Page 62/85 . 1. Ship’s Bell One (1) 12”brass bell with rope and engraved with ship’s name and year of construction. Electrical Navigation Lights & Shapes Duplex type 230V AC navigation lights are to be supplied: Two(2) / Three (3) pieces masthead lights  Two(2) pieces of side lights  One (1) towing lights  One(1) stern light  Two(2) anchor lights  Two (2) / Three(3) NUC lights  Two(2) black circular shapes of 600mm dia. The server to be located in a lockable cabinet in the wheelhouse. The connection outlets for PCs are to be RJ-45. 612. Separate routing and deck penetrations to be provided for LAN cables so as to avoid interference with other power/signal cables. All outlet positions to be sequentially numbered and labelled with corresponding labels on the patch panel ports and cable. 609. Qatar national flags – 2 to be supplied. Mouse to be of Optical Type. 5.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Horns One (1) air horn (to be operable from forward and aft control). 0 dated 10 Oct. 2. Master’s cabin 4. DVD writer. 611. Computers and servers Makes to be of IBM/COMPAQ with International Warranty Services. charger. with the server at Wheelhouse and computer terminals with all the accessories in following spaces 1. Engine Control Room. 3. 610. Processors to be Quad Core i5 2. 4. Chief Engineer’s cabin. numerical and alphabetical. Owner’s cabin 5. Each equipment is connected to network with 3 meter grey jacketed fly lead to wall outlet. Flags One (1) complete set of International signaling flags. 4 GB RAM 3. The computers to meet the following specification. The cables used for computer network is to be double shielded CAT6 or CAT 7 type. Total numbers to 6 nos 608. cable etc. Plus one spare  Two(2) diamond shapes The lights and shapes have to comply with COLREG and applicable classification & administration rules. 2010 Computer Network Server based LAN should be installed for emailing purposes. 1-meter patch cable is to be provided inside the patch panel.

Clock In all the living spaces. 2 units type with changeover for forward and aft wheelhouse consoles. Clocks to be battery clocks. 2 x 11 orders. 621. These will be supplied by the owners. Flood Lights Seven (7) Halogen lights of 1000W each are to be fitted for external lighting.C for twin screw propulsion consisting of the following commands to be mounted at the two (2) wheelhouse control consoles. Chronometer One (1) unit chronometer to be provided Barometer / Barograph One (1) unit precision barometer to be provided. 619. Charts & Publications – Owner’s supply All relevant radio. Search lights to be supplied from main and emergency switchboards. Sextant One (1) unit sextant to be provided. searchlight & voice pipe are to be supplied. Instruments and equipment selected for the aft consoles should be suitable for operation facing aft. one in engine room). 615. Search Lights 2 X 2000w c/w under deck operation (one from Fwd. 616. navigation publication and charts for the voyage from shipyard to DOHA and for the operating areas in Qatar territorial waters. Quartz type. 622. Halul offshore Services Page 63/85 .65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. One (1) unit Barograph to be provided. 620. 0 dated 10 Oct. repeaters. 2010 613. Clinometer Two (2) units. including wheelhouse and engine room. working and mess room spaces. Floodlights shall be supplied from the main and emergency switchboards. 618. Telegraphs Two (2) sets electric push button telegraphs operating on 24V D. 617. Covers for Navigational Equipment Canvas / PVC covers for compass. electrically operated ‘joystick’ control type. 2 x 11 order means: Full astern Half astern Slow astern Dead slow astern STOP Dead slow ahead Slow ahead Half ahead Full ahead Wheelhouse control Finished with engine and standby 614. one from Aft). Shipyard to propose locations. wall mounted (one in wheelhouse.

aft deck bulkhead and at the Crane column. Handsfree attachment (clip on PTT) shall be supplied.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. This shall be provided at the aft console in wheelhouse. Minimum special frequencies 3825 and 4753 KHz. 2010 623. One talk back facility with headphone is to be located near the local control for the CPP in the engine room. with a slave unit in Master’s cabin. Electrical supply: 230 volt. WH. Steering gear room. Anemometer Two(2) 0-100 mph anemometer comprising transmitter and receiver of the dial type shall be installed. wall/panel mounted VHF – Sailor RT2048. 629. Charger for one set shall be provided in the ECR. 15. 627. Talk back facility to be provided at all operational points like workshops. 630. Thermometer (Dial Type) One (1) unit of local & remote reading (in wheelhouse) seawater thermometer is to be provided. 1 no. PA system is to be connected with auto telephone system for ‘paging’. Wall/panel mounted Aero band VHF – To be programmed to Charterer’s frequencies for helicopter operations. Walkie talkie sets shall have carrying case with shoulder strap. Unit shall be suitable for 230V AC. 50 Hz and 24V DC. wall/panel mounted VHF – Sailor RT2048. 625. 628. 626.. 1 no. Binoculars Two (2) normal ship binocular sets. 2. and in steering gear room. Alarm System (General) Vessel shall be equipped with a General Alarm System capable of being activated from a minimum of three separate locations on board the vessel. programmed to Charterer’s frequencies and mounted in the ‘Fast rescue boat’ in water tight container. 16. PA System PA system with talkback facility is to be installed with one (1) loudspeaker at the forward. B/T room. two (2) loudspeaker at the aft and Two (2) in engine room. having 8 channels) – To be programmed to Charterer’s frequencies as below. Power 400 watts including microphone. Other channels of these walkie talkie sets shall be standard marine channels including channels 6. coupler. Halul offshore Services Page 64/85 624. 1 Phase. 7 x 50 Owner required equipment in addition to GMDSS. programmed to Charterer’s frequencies and mounted in the hospital for communication to shore based doctors. ECR and aft deck . These shall be programmed to Charterer’s frequencies. 17. 5. 3. Engine Room. antenna. wall/panel mounted VHF – Sailor RT2048. One each shall be mounted at the forward and aft console. One slave unit shall be in Master’s cabin. fwd deck. 2 nos.5 MHz and capable of generating distress alerts on 2182 MHz. 14. 1. Internal antenna wiring shall be provided in the ECR. in Engine room. 4. 0 dated 10 Oct. 13. Microphones at fwd and aft consoles are to be hands free type. Standard channels should also be available. each loudspeaker with 60 watts capacity to be audible with all the machinery running. 69. Thrust Direction Indicator One (1) for each propeller and each bow and stern thrusters at both the control consoles. SSB radio / Telephone One (1) set of fully synthesized MF/HF single side-band (SSB) transceiver with DSC and receiving capability on 2187. Spare batteries and chargers shall be provided for each set. 4 nos. . VHF radio portable (Intrinsically safe. whip antenna control and coaxial cable.

Gear ratio is to match the engine for appropriate propeller. O. Joystick control. four stroke. Each engine is to be provided with one (1) P. sewage and garbage in conformity with MARPOL 73/78. non-reversible. Complete engine cooling shall be provided by freshwater.. The engine shall comply with the latest IMO requirement for NOx emission and shall be supplied with EIAPP certificate.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. 702. when standby comes into operation in the event of low lub oil pressure. shall be provided for emergency.Machinery Propulsion is to be provided by two uni-directional marine diesel engines arranged to supply power independently via reduction gearboxes through twin propeller shafts to two controllable pitch propellers fitted in Kort nozzles. IMO and National Societies. Each engine to be about 2000 KW continuous rated and is to be coupled to one (1) Controllable Pitch Propeller Unit via a reduction gear. 703. at front end of about 1200KW to drive a fire pump / Shaft Generator via a step-up gearbox to match the RPM of the fire pump & Shaft Generator complete with isolating clutch. Two (2) independent propulsion plants. propellers and gearboxes is to be provided from two stations in the wheelhouse along with relevant indicators. Electric driven standby gearbox lub oil pump shall be provided for each gearbox. marine diesel engines with exhaust turbo charging and charge air-cooled are to be provided. for each shafting system. 2010 SECTION 7 – MACHINERY 700. trunk piston type. independent steering gear. The pump shall start automatically in the event of low lub oil pressure. Each gearbox should have a vertical offset power take off (PTO) to drive shaft alternator . Each engine is to be of compressed air-starting system. 114. L. All main and auxiliary machinery is to be rated for continuous maximum output under tropical conditions as described in cl.O. 0 dated 10 Oct. medium speed. Gearboxes are to have built in hydraulic clutches. General . 701. Diesel engines are to have NOX certification in accordance with Classification Society Rules. Main Engines Two (2) single-acting. A visual and audible warning alarm in ECR & Wheel House shall be provided.going vessels for the prevention of marine pollution by oil. CPP System Automatic starting standby pump for each shaft line with audio visual alarm. constructed and installed according to the rules and requirements of Classification Society. bow and stern thrusters. All alarms and safety requirements as per class and in accordance with good Shipbuilding practice are to be provided. shall be provided. Additionally a hand operated pump. is to be provided. Exhaust gas emission limitations. Manoeuvring control of the propulsion units. Halul offshore Services Page 65/85 . each unit shall consist of:  One (1) Main Engine  One (1) Controllable Pitch Propeller with fixed nozzle The entire propulsion plant is to be designed.T. one forward and one aft. integrating the main engines (CPP). according to IMO. Priming pump and preheating device for main engines are to be provided. Rotation configuration shall be made to ensure correct propeller rotation direction. shall be noted as well as measures for sea. Gearbox Each of the main engine to drive the propeller through a marine reduction gear. All coolers are to have 25% fouling margin above rated capacity.

The command. Suitable spectacle blanks shall be provided. Control consoles in bridge Forward and aft engine manoeuvring control console to be installed at the bridge and fitted with all required instruments. The tanks are to have air release arrangements. 706. Propellers Two (2) four bladed controllable pitch propellers are to be installed. Propeller blades and hubs will be in Ni-Al bronze or equal . an oil level gauge. Stern tubes. Main engines shall be controlled remotely by electrical power from the wheelhouse including all safety features for safe operation of the vessel from the wheelhouse. 2010 704. to prevent accidental contamination/drainage. Mess Room. Propeller material to be of approved nickel aluminium bronze and are to be manufactured to ISO/TC 8 Class II standard and statically balanced. as required for UMS notation. Emptying out of tank shall be done by sludge pump. Remote Control (Manoeuvring and control equipment) Control & Monitoring system A control and monitoring system. monitoring and communication systems will be completely duplicated on forward and aft consoles. The Builder shall furnish and install a complete twin-screw controllable pitch propeller system. Mechanical means to arrest shaft trailing to be provided. Engr’s cabin with a selector switch in ECR for the extension alarms. one LH and one RH to be provided. Two fabricated mild steel stern tubes are to be supplied and fitted. shall be provided in ECR with group extension alarms in Bridge. Shaft coupling between intermediate shaft (if provided) and propeller shaft is to be of the split coupling type to facilitate withdrawal of shaft in to the dry-dock. and arranged for oil lubrication. secured at the bulkhead and at the “Y” frame boss. Shafting (Stern Gear) Each of the forged steel tail shafts is to be sized 2mm in excess of Classification minimum requirements. 705. The system is to be interfaced with machinery data logger and recording system. Halul offshore Services Page 66/85 . seals and couplings shall be provided. operating in fixed nozzles. CE’s cabin and 2nd. All relevant tools for opening of blades. Two (2) stern tube oil tanks are to be fitted and arranged. Stainless steel net cutters and MS rope guards shall be provided. The entire CP propeller system is to be designed. The stern tubes are to be fitted with simplex seals. Propellers are to be designed to give speed performance and bollard pull as specified. one to feed each tube by gravity. Temperature monitoring shall be provided for stern tube bearings. Shaft brake with interlock with ME starting shall be provided.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Changing of propeller blades should be possible in dry dock. and low-level alarm. Propeller shaft brackets are to be of “Y” type fabricated of MS. The blades will be designed for operation in fixed nozzles. Remote temperature monitoring shall be provided for all bearings of the shafting system. Upper part to support shaft aft bossing and lower part to prevent wires entering nozzle thus protecting propellers. 707. Shaft earthing shall be provided. fwd and aft seals. The tank shall be connected to LO purifier for ‘closed loop’ purification. built and installed to meet Classification standards. control. without withdrawing the shaft fully. 0 dated 10 Oct. A drain tank of about 2 m3 storage capacity shall be provided in the DB for emptying the oil from stern tube systems. Rotation of propellers will be arranged with due consideration of specified performance of the vessel. Each is to be fitted with white metal lined bushes. as necessary. One (1) set of spare propeller blades.

Generators are to be designed for parallel operation. auto load sharing and auto synchronisation to be provided.O.O. rudders and thrusters. 3 phases Frequency : 50 Hz Output of each set : 1200 KW Shipyard to submit ME power balance chart and electric load chart before placing order for DG sets and shaft alternators. 708. Basic Design Characteristics:  Heat exchanger cooled  Compressed air start using air start motors coupled to flywheel. and fresh water heaters  Local start and remote start from ECR  Resilient mounting For alarms. 2010 All instruments used on the aft console shall be suitable for operating the vessel when looking aft. All DG sets are to be able to operate in parallel. The cooling of engines shall be done by individual heat exchangers cooled by LT water of central cooling system.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. An integrated joystick control system is to be provided at both forward and aft control station to the controllable pitch propellers. “”Supply by Maker’s propulsion package complete with all necessary interfacing.  4 stroke  Engine mounted L. with selector switch. 3 phases Frequency : 50 Hz Output of each set : 400 KW  Shaft Alternators Voltage : 415 V. Halul offshore Services Page 67/85 . Engine & pitch movement recorder shall be provided at the wheelhouse and engine data recorder (log printer) and alarm logger shall be provided in the ECR. The diesel generators in the engine room shall be driven by four (4) water-cooled marine diesel engines. Provision for auto start. which is to be resiliently mounted. fresh water. The data logger system shall have power backup from UPS. The diesel engines and generators are to be fitted on a common foundation. Back up provision for operating the CPP in case of failure are to be provided at both the consoles. for automatic load sharing / transfer and while supplying to BT or ST. All accessories shall be in accordance with the Classification Society. safeguards and instrumentation see separate clauses. Transient paralleling is to be provided between the shaft generators. Generators . fuel oil and raw water pumps  Independent L.Main The electrical power is to be supplied by four (4) diesel-driven generators and two (2) shaft driven alternators. These shall be mirror images of the instruments fitted on forward console.  Diesel Generators Voltage : 415 V. 0 dated 10 Oct. Alternators to have bearings at both ends. The Main generators and Shaft Generators will be capable of continuous parallel operation with each other. Necessary inter locks to be provided for operating the shaft alternator. Shaft generators shall be capable of parallel operation individually with main generators Inter-changeability of shaft generators and thrusters shall be arranged in such way that either of the thrusters can be run by either of the shaft alternators and from main diesel generators. Starting of engines is to be by compressed air using air start motors coupled to flywheel.

Generator . if necessary. Emergency hand hydraulic starting arrangement shall be provided. One set of mouth rings Builder shall provide numbers. 2010 709. Pump is to have a cast iron body with alloy steel rotor and shaft. FO overflow shall be taken to designated overflow tank. 3 phase. The pump and motor are to be mounted on a combined base plate.8 pf. Bow & Stern thrusters are to be interlocked during fire-fighting operations. 712. One propeller blade for the identical thrusters shall be provided as spare. emergency steering. diesel-driven emergency generator with air-cooled radiator system and to be of electric-start type shall be provided in the Emergency Generator Room located on the main deck and to be readily accessible from the open deck. Tank shall be filled up by the FO transfer pump. Fuel Oil Transfer Pump One (1) gear pump is to be provided for fuel oil transfer. the casings shall be of bronze. Pump to have one remote stop outside engine room. Control of both thrusters shall be from all control positions in wheelhouse. 710. 711. 415 V motor complete with locally mounted starter. One Mechanical seal 2. impeller of bronze. The emergency genset room is to be well insulated and the generator is to be mounted on resilient foundations to minimize noise and vibration. All pumps shall have locally mounted starter panels with ammeter. capacities. Diesel oil service tank for the emergency generator set shall be fitted with high & low level alarms. 50Hz. and back up power supply for the search light and flood lights etc. Output: 415V. NPSH charts and detailed specification of pumps for each system including standby pumps for the main engines &. diesel generators. running / stop indication lights. Bow & Stern Thruster Units Two (2) transverse bow. All necessary arrangements in accordance with Rules and Requirements are to be provided. For all seawater pumps (excluding the Fifi pump). Pumps All centrifugal pumps shall preferably be of vertical type. 1. shafts of stainless steel with mechanical seals. The units to be driven by electric motors and complete with controllable pitch propeller. Emergency starting and control should be available locally in the B/T and S/T compartments respectively. Remote start / stop panel with selector switch and running / stop indication lights shall be provided in ECR. Pump to have a capacity of 10M3 per hour against a discharge head of 15M. emergency lighting. The FO transfer pump shall be wired for auto start and stop. Running/stop indications shall be provided in the ECR Halul offshore Services Page 68/85 . and one transverse stern thruster unit are to be fitted with a power of approximately each 500 KW Continuous rated (8 T thrust approx). Following spares shall be provided for each pump. powered by electric power from shaft alternators.Emergency One (1) SOLAS compliant. Pump is to be directly coupled to a 3 Phase. 50 Hz. 120 KW (approximately) Should cater for the dead ship start arrangement. The capacity of generator is to be sufficient to supply all emergency and harbour loads as required. 0 dated 10 Oct. 0.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.

Two (2) self priming centrifugal pump.W. connected to bilge. Pump is to be directly coupled to a 3 Phase. The pump shall have cast iron body with alloy steel rotor and shaft. Pump to have remote start/stop in ECR with running/stop indication. 2010 713. Remote Start & stop panel with illuminated indication shall be provided at the aft console in W/H. and 415 V motor complete with locally mounted starter. 717. The SW and FW pressure pumps to be cross connected with spectacle flange. shaft of stainless steel and Impeller of bronze.S. 716. Remote Start & stop panel with illuminated indication shall be provided at the aft console in W/H.W. Mechanical seals and adjustable relief valves are to be provided.F. Pressure Set. Bilge and Ballast Pump / Drill water pump. Pump to have remote start/stop in ECR with running/stop indication. 715. on main deck and in ECR with running/stop indication. A local and remote reading flow meter capable of being used for filling and transfer is to be provided. Potable Water Cargo Pump Two (2) self priming centrifugal pump. The pumps shall be provided with local start & stop panels with running/stop indication provided in the ECR. 719. 720. suitable for pumping mud. Pump casing. One (1) Fresh water pressure set complete with motor driven Hydrophore pump 3m3/h at 45m and one (1) pressure tank of about 1000 litres with maximum working pressure 2.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. The pumps shall be provided with local start & stop panels with running/stop indication provided in the ECR. Pump to be identical to bilge/ballast pump. impeller to be bronze and shaft to be stainless steel.W. Halul offshore Services Page 69/85 . Mechanical seals and adjustable relief valves are to be provided. and Fire Pump One (1) General Service and fire pump. Liquid Mud / Brine Pumps Two (2) Centrifugal pumps ( Mission Magnum) are to be provided each of about 70 M3/hr (Minimum) at about 75 M head. suitable for pumping mud. Pump to have remote stop outside engine room. Pressure Set . Pump to have a capacity of 100M3 (Minimum) per hour against a discharge head of about 75M. 714.2 – 4 kg/cm2 with pressure relief valve. 50 Hz. 0 dated 10 Oct. Remote Start & stop panel with illuminated indication shall be provided at the aft console in W/H. The pump casing is to be of cast iron. A local and remote reading flow meter capable of being used for filling and discharge is to be provided. These pumps shall be of screw type. electric motor driven 415 volts 3 phase 50 Hz with locally mounted starter and capacity of about 100m3/hr when discharging at about 75m head to be provided for Sea / Drill water duties. shaft of stainless steel and Impeller of bronze. Cargo oil transfer pump – Two (2) gear pump is to be provided for pumping of diesel oil cargo. Pressure Set – S. Remote Start & stop panel with illuminated indication shall be provided at the aft console in W/H Liquid Mud recirculation pump. G. The pump and motor are to be mounted on a combined base plate. One (1) Centrifugal pumps (Mission Magnum) to be provided of about 20 M3/hr (Minimum) at about 25 M head. These pumps shall be of screw type. One (1) Salt Water pressure set identical to F. The pump to be connected to all Mud tanks. ballast and fire system. 718. A local and remote reading flow meter capable of being used for filling and discharge is to be provided. electric motor driven 415 volts 3 phase 50 Hz with locally mounted starter and capacity of about 100m3/hr when discharging at about 75m head to be provided for fresh water duties. Remote reading display shall be provided in ECR & W/H. The pump casing is to be of bronze.

Cooling Pump For Aircon And Refrigeration Plant (Total 4 Nos) Two (2) each self-priming centrifugal S. automatic cut off valve or stopping arrangement etc. being air-cooled and electric driven. 723. Pipes and air bottles shall be designed according to the regulations. shall be installed onboard. L. Capacity 1 M3/hr complying with the latest statutory requirements. 727. One (1) of the compressor to be supplied with alternate source of power from emergency generator for dead ship start.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.W. Oily Bilge Separator One (1) MARPOL standard oily water separator complete with pump and oily water discharge alarm. filter. The pipes are to be of seamless steel pipes with suitable connection. The sludge tanks for each purifier shall be located below them above the DB tanks. directcoupled type. An additional control air bottle c/w control panel. The compressors shall be direct driven by 415V. 726. 2010 721. 728. Purifier & Diesel Oil Purifier One (1) electrical centrifugal lube oil purifier of capacity 1000 L/Hr complete with electric heater. 725. 3 phase 50Hz electric motor through a flexible coupling.O. Air compressors to have automatic start/stop with selector switches for Auto / Manual operation and also selection of lead / lag compressors. L. Compressor and motor shall be mounted on a common skid/foundation with resilient mounting. Transfer Pump One (1) horizontal gear / screw pump of capacity 5 M3/hr at 25M head. Air Compressors . Sludge Transfer/Dirty Oil Pump One electric driven horizontal positive displacement type screw pump. One (1) electrical centrifugal diesel oil purifier. Starting Air Receiver Two (2) sets of starting-air receiver with sufficient volume and necessary fittings shall be provided. 722. The bilge lines and sea suction lines shall be connected to this pump.W. S. Pressure Set Standby Pump One (1) pressure set standby pump. capacity about 2500 litres/hr. D. Pump casing is to be of Bronze. circulating pump of suitable capacity. with rubber stator. The fault alarms of purifier shall be connected to central alarm and monitoring system. L.O Purification system to be from settling tank to daily tanks.O. complete with electric heating coil for the tank and / suction line with recirculation arrangement.Starting Air Two (2) sets of starting-air compressor. 50 Hz is to be provided for LO system. 415V. 724. 0 dated 10 Oct. Overflow from sludge tanks shall be lead to dirty oil tank. The capacity of each unit is to be according to the regulations and main engine maker requirement. identical to above shall be adjacently mounted to FW pressure pump.O Purification system shall be from M/E sumps and from L. Both the LO & DO purifiers shall be provided with appropriate controls for ‘automatic’ operation. oil and moisture removal shall be provided for the control air system.O. settling tank. Arrangements for draining the water from sludge tank to bilges shall be provided thorugh funnel and appropriate piping. The sludge tanks will manually drain in to the dirty oil tank. Halul offshore Services Page 70/85 . 3 phase. electrically driven is to be fitted to serve air-conditioning and refrigeration system. installed in the engine room and shall deliver 5 M3/hr at 25 M head. The discharge shall be led to bilge holding tank and to deck connection. is to be fitted.

actuator. Sewage Treatment Plant One (1) Sewage Treatment Plant of approved type suitable for 50 men capacity. Floor plates are to be fitted in Engine room. bow thruster room and stern thruster room around all equipment and extend to ship sides or bulkheads as far as practicable. 732. 2010 Timer operated. steering column. Bedplates. liners. Halul offshore Services Page 71/85 . Emergency Fire Pump One (1) electric motor driven emergency fire pump is to be provided. Two (2) rudder indicators of Panorama/dial type are to be fitted on/above the aft console in W/H at eye level. Washing arrangement from GS pump shall also be provided for this tank. The common fault of this system shall be connected to the central alarm system. System to be completely independent complete with two pumps for each steering gear system. Mechanical stoppers are to be provided at the side of each tiller. locking valve. Selector switches for FFU. automatic condensate drain system. starter. NFU. filter. Lifting arrangements are to be provided over major items of auxiliary machinery. The system shall be interfaced with ‘Joystick’ control. 730. It is to be of selfpriming. The drains shall be piped in to splash protected open funnels and lead to nearest bilge well. shall be provided at both consoles. solenoid valve controlled. 729.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. One of these pumps for each steering gear system shall be supplied from the emergency generator via emergency switchboard. The pump to have a capacity of 5 m3/hr at 45m head . Aft indicators should be suitable for operating facing aft. Two (2) completely independent. 731. Isolating valves shall be provided before the solenoid valves. steering switch and other necessary fittings are to be provided. Steering Gear. with manual bypass. handrails and stanchions being fitted as required. 0 dated 10 Oct. etc. electro-hydraulic steering gears. Handrails And Gratings Ladders and gratings are to be furnished to provide adequate access to equipment. shall be provided from both air receivers. adjacent to sewage treatment plant. motor. A high level alarm shall be provided. Sewage holding tank of sufficient capacity (20 m3) and appropriate pumping arrangements shall be provided in the Double bottom. Lifting Equipment Lifting beams are to be fitted over each main engine to facilitate lifting of cylinder covers. capable of 2 x 45 deg. solenoid valve. Pumping out arrangement from sewage holding tank shall be by a Macerator pump. Floor Plates. 735. Sewage tank discharge Pump One (1) electric motor driven sewage discharge pump is to be provided. pistons. Mud Tank Agitators Two (2) each electric operated Mud Agitator to be provided in each Mud tank. Two (2) panorama type helm indicators will be fitted above the forward console. centrifugal type with a capacity 35m3/hr at 45m head or as per SOLAS / Class requirement. 733. Synchro etc. to comply with latest MARPOL Regulations. 734. All these are to be tested and certified for their SWL by the classification society. Steering gear control is to be from forward and aft consoles in wheelhouse.

Tank level alarms Following tanks shall be provided with tank level alarms. Running hour meters. chlorinating unit. as required by class. refrigerant. 5. for maintenance and operation of machinery. Raised platforms. One (1) fresh water generator of Reverse Osmosis Type to be provided.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. The capacity to be 20 tons per day.LAH All expansion tanks – LAL Stern tube header tank – LAL Stern tube forward seal – LAL CPP tank –LAL All DB tanks used for fuel tanks . including pumps. They are to be supported on angle steel supports and are to be removable for access to tank tops and are to be provided with lifting holes. Dirty oil tank – LAH Designated Fuel oil overflow tank . 4. The alarm shall be connected to ships central alarm system. blowers. The sample to be tested and certificate to be issued from an authorised laboratory. Halul offshore Services Page 72/85 . Handrails and stanchion are to be arranged as required. 738. Fresh Water Generator. PH meter and adjustment unit The generated water should be suitable for drinking (potable) meeting the WHO and local authority health requirements. shall be provided as necessary. Stand-by/Kit pump for Main Engines and Auxiliary diesel engines are to be provided. Sewage holding tank – Continuous level indication. 6. Shallow coamings are to be provided where necessary around openings in floor plates. etc.LAH 737. all compressors for air. 1. 3. 7. The fresh water generator to be complete with pre-filtration unit. Stand By Pumps. 9. The arrangement is to be of sufficient strength to support machinery components during inspection and maintenance. 739. Running hour meters shall be provided for all machinery.LAH Sludge tanks for FO & LO purifiers . 0 dated 10 Oct. 8. chemical dosing /descaling unit. 2010 Floor plates are to be 5mm thick chequered steel plate. main & auxiliary engines. 736. 2.

to be of adequate mechanical strength and rigidity to protect the contents and to prevent distortion under all likely conditions of service. which can normally flow through them without their respective ratings being exceeded. navigational lighting and power less than 3 KW. All indication lamps. switchgear and accessories shall be of such size as to be capable of carrying the maximum current. welding transformer. 415V. alarms and steering gear system. The sockets are to be different type from the 230 V sockets. All electrical equipment shall be constructed of durable flame retarding. communication.  415/230V. The shaft generators shall be capable of continuous parallel operation with main generators and between shaft alternators for a period of 30 minutes for load transfer.for power.C .65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. controls. emergency lighting. 50Hz. 50 Hz . from main engine Four (4) – 400 KW. The generator sets must therefore be suitable for parallel operation and must be completed with necessary control kits for continuous parallel operation and auto load sharing in proportion to their capacity. 50 Hz electrical sockets. As far as possible should be of LED type of about 8-10 mm size. Insulating materials and insulated windings shall be resistant to moisture. 1 Phase.8 PF alternator P. 415V. Harbour loads. The design of all equipment shall provide for accessibility to parts requiring inspection. The auxiliary diesel engine driven alternator sets are able to run in parallel and continuously when required. 802. 3 phase. 415/220V step-down transformers Delta-Delta connected for the 230V supply Two (2) 35 KVA. 1 phase.for general lighting. 2 nos. 110V. and workshop equipment. A tiebreaker is to be provided between the MSB and the common bus bars of shaft generators.  230 Volts. Domestic FW & SW pumps. 3 Phase. 50 Hz emergency generator for emergency lighting. 50 Hz. green). System Of Supply  415 Volts.8 PF alternator driven by auxiliary diesel engines. 50 Hz sockets shall be provided in the workshop. 50 Hz. The shaft generators shall supply the MSB during cruising.T. i) ii) Two (2) 75 KVA. 50Hz. 0. 3 phase.  24V D. Halul offshore Services Page 73/85 . 3 Phase. 1 phase. 415/220V step-down transformers Delta-Delta connected for emergency supply 801. and on the main deck.  In addition to 230V. amber. General The electrical installation is to be made in accordance with the requirements of the Classification Society and IEC latest regulation. 0. 0 dated 10 Oct. cables and fittings intended for use on the vessel shall be submitted to the site representative of owner’s for approval prior ordering.O. radio and navigation aids. Specification/brochures of all wires. Where necessary all electrical equipment shall be suitably suppressed to satisfactory radio operation. to prevent accidental wrong plugging. 2010 SECTION 8 – ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION 800. which shall not be subject to deterioration in the atmosphere and at the temperature to which it is likely to be exposed. one main air compressor. 50 Hz . navigational lighting. Enclosing cases for electrical equipment. junction boxes etc. General colour code to be adopted (Red. non-hydroscopic materials. All conductors. Power Supply AC System The electrical generation plant on board this vessel comprises: Two (2) – 1200 KW.for alarms. sea air and oil vapour in tropical conditions.

Switchboard . Synchronising equipment for Auto and manual parallel operation of diesel driven generators shall be installed with synchronising lamps. ammeters. connection box. navigation lights.C. phase meter. Capacity of each reefer socket shall be 35 Amperes 5 pin type (3P+1N+1E). frequency meter and earthing for controlling the entire A. to connect between the shore & shore connection. 3 Nos 30 m length cable with 5 pin male and female sockets on either side to be provided. It shall be fitted with copper bus bars at the upper rear part of the switchboard. Emergency generator to have sufficient capacity to cater for emergency lights. ii) A 24V DC supply for the radio is to be obtained from 2 banks of 24V. dual frequency and voltage meter. Emergency Supply: One (1) 120KW output diesel driven emergency generator to be provided c/w an independent day tank for at last 18 hours continuous running. intercom system. Halul offshore Services Page 74/85 . 415/110V step-down transformers Delta-Delta connected for the 110V supply. All electrical sockets/plugs etc. search lights. moulded case circuit breakers. 3 nos. governor motor switch etc. iii) Emergency Generator starting battery with float charger. Reefer sockets are to be of standard universal type. 2010 iii) iv) v) vi) One (1) 20 KVA. selector switch for generators. For generator protection the generator circuit breakers shall have under voltage trip inverse time over current and instantaneous trip devices. digital synchroscope (LED). circuit breaker and connected to the main switchboard.C Supply: i) The 24V DC supply is to be obtained from 1 bank of 200AH. Shore Supply: A 300 Amp T. 24V DC regulated output transformer/rectifier with the input coming from the main switchboard. This generator sets should be able to take the entire harbour load (without cargo operations) when feeding to MSB and shall be arranged with independent automatic battery/air starting in the event the main power supply fails. sequence indicator. reefer connections (for refrigerated containers) are to be provided on the main deck. One length of 30m cable c/w terminal connections is to be supplied.Main The main switchboard shall be of opened hinged front and opened back screw type and arranged in the engine room. iv) One (1) 40A. 0 dated 10 Oct. voltmeters.P 415/3/50. 3-wire watertight shore supply complete with kwh.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. A fixed louver complete with fine insect netting shall be installed in the back plate. navigation aids. 24V DC output static battery charger to be provided. flood lights. A second unit is to be provided as ‘spare’ to meet classification requirements. 200AH batteries via the radio battery-charging panel. The shore connection box to be placed on the main deck within the superstructure and connected to shore supply through watertight bulkhead opening. 803. shall be of British type. fire detection and alarm system and aldis light for 18 hours. system. The shore connection box is to include:  Ammeter  Voltmeter  Power Indicator Light  Phase Indicator  Frequency meter D. 50Hz.

emergency diesel generator or shore connection box with 415 V. frequency and ammeter shall also be provided in the shore supply section of the MSB. Voltage. All necessary detailed drawings and material list shall be submitted to the Owner’s Representative (two sets) for approval prior to commencement with manufacturing of the switchboard. 415V/3 Ph/50 Hz/3 wire. during the cruising. Care is to be taken for appropriate arrangement of switches. All components throughout the switchboard shall be provided with white-black-white triplicate nameplates clearly indicating the components service and normal full load current ratings. radiator-cooled diesel engine driven alternator set. Switchboard . It shall have a minimum width of 600 mm and thickness of 12 mm. Earth test arrangement to be provided. 50 Hz. 0 dated 10 Oct. The 230V distribution shall be derived from a 415/230V transformer. An alarm for the low busload and a switch for auto load sharing are to be incorporated. it shall be at a convenient height and run the full length of the switchboard. the electrical equipment can be fed either by main generators or by the shaft generator (s). ESB. Distribution of electrical power shall be made available both at 415V and at 230V levels. 3 phases. Shaft alternators shall be capable of running in parallel with the DG sets for short duration to facilitate transfer of loads. of the first standby generator and if failed should start the second standby generator.Emergency One (1) emergency switchboard similar in construction to main AC switchboard and shall be fed via a bus tie cable from main switchboard in normal operating conditions for the control of one (1) 120KW. A rubber-insulating mat of 2000V shall be laid full length in front of and behind the MSB. An insulated handrail shall be fitted to the front of the switchboard. During normal operation the emergency switchboard shall receive power from the main switchboard. and starter panel of bow/stern thrusters.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. The internal wiring of the switchboard shall be carried out in EPR insulated wire to Classification and specification with a maximum operating temperature and having the following insulation grades:  Power Cables: 660 volts  Control Cables: 250 volts On completion of manufacture the switchboard shall be subject to an electrical voltage test of 2000 volts at a frequency between 25 to 100 cycles in accordance with Classification requirements. 2010 Auto load sharing and auto starting. Interlocking between shore power connection and shaft. Halul offshore Services Page 75/85 . a reverse power relay for trip shall be provided. main generators shall be fitted. In addition to under voltage and over current relays. An earthing indication light and testing switch shall be fitted and also a selector switch for ammeter and voltmeter. fuses. 804. In harbour. Operation The design shall ensure that. The plates shall be secured with brass pins or screws. The necessary arrangement shall be made to guarantee an uninterrupted operation of all essential consumers in case that the loads have to be taken over by stand-by generator. shall feed the electrical equipment instead. in case of unstable bus. protections and control equipment to ensure ease of maintenance and operation.

A dummy push button switch to simulate power failure shall be incorporated. No. set). If a joint is absolutely necessary or desirable.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. switchboard shall be provided for battery charging and distribution of DC sources. Halul offshore Services Page 76/85 . isolation. Heavy consumer control / preferential trip. it shall be carried out in a suitable box of such design that the conductors remain properly insulated and protected from atmosphere action. Load dependant start / stop. Automatic synchronising and load sharing. In toilet and washroom areas as far as practicable only cables absolutely necessary for the supply of equipment used in these spaces shall be permitted. Load and frequency control. Manual start / stop. following functions to be available on operator station: Total available power Total power in consumption KW – meter each bus Bus breaker indication (open / closed) Start sequence selection Operational Mode selection (min. Automatic standby start after black-out and automatic sequential restarting of essential equipments. Sequential starting selection / automatic changeover of generators. as required. Normally cable runs shall not include joints. changeover and selector switches for battery charging and circuit breakers. 24 V DC Switchboard will serve for the following  24 V DC consumers  24 V DC radio battery charging panel Power Management System (PMS) The PMS to handle the entire control of the all the generator including shaft generator and emergency generator The following functions to be implemented in the PMS. the water tightness of the cable ends situated below the bulkhead deck shall be ensured by appropriate means at the time of installation. In addition for each Main Generator set to have KW – meter Frequency meter Running indication Connected to bus indication (breaker status) Auto / manual selection and indication Alarm conditions One repeater panel of the power management to be available in wheel house. of gen. action from condensed moisture or drip and protected from risk of mechanical damage. Automatic operational modes including harbour and emergency mode. 806 807. It shall be equipped with all necessary voltmeters.C. Min.24v D. where exposed to damage. Main power cables in ER and exposed deck. 0 dated 10 Oct. All cables to be regularly colour coded or labelled. are to be armoured type and PVC outer sheathed or taken through steel conduits. Care shall be exercised in the run of all cables to avoid areas of excessive temperature.C The 24 volt D. Cable Installation All cables shall be EPR/XLPE insulated PVC sheathed or equivalent and subject to acceptance by Classification. 2010 805. When required. Switchboard . and fitted with terminals and rectangular bus bar. ammeters.

Outgoing circuits. Lighter individual stuffed glands or boxes containing several cables and filled with fire retarding packing shall be used for this purpose. Radio Switch Panel (24V D. for guidance as follows: RED : PHASE ONE YELLOW : PHASE TWO BLUE : PHASE THREE Cable Tray/Supports Cables within machinery spaces shall be secured by approved type saddles onto perforated galvanised steel tray/galv’d cable ladder. 811. Cable Colours Vessel current carrying parts of different polarity shall be clearly marked with internationally accepted distinguishing colours. failure alarm indicator and changeover switch. fuses. 2010 Penetration of watertight decks and bulkhead shall be effected in watertight manner. maximum amps. and rating of fuse fitted. and D. Switch Panels Switch panels shall be sited at the wheelhouse and all outgoing circuits fitted with nameplates indicating the circuits.C. 809. Pipe shall be smooth on the interior and not subject to deterioration from the effects of moisture. Distribution of power throughout the vessel shall be generally as described. shall be fitted with nameplates indicating the circuits. Power and lighting distribution boards in number and size as necessary. Where it is not practical to run cable behind panelling the cable shall be covered with battens.) This panel shall be fitted with a built-in transformer rectifier of 230V AC/24V DC indicators. A. Motors All motors shall be suitable for working in climatic conditions and in accordance with the requirements of Classification.C. distribution boards are to be double pole type. The pipes shall have their ends shaped or bushed in such a way as not to damage the cable covering. Navigation Light Switch Panel (24V D. Distribution Boards Distribution boards situated in Accommodation spaces shall be installed in an easy accessible manner. Halul offshore Services Page 77/85 . buzzers. switches. Passage of cables through tanks must be avoided and if essentially required then same to be taken through sealed conduits. It shall be fitted with indication lights.C supply and emergency from the main batteries.C. 0 dated 10 Oct. 813. 812. ampere and voltage meters.) The radio switch panel shall be powered from the radio battery via the radio-charging panel.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. The pipes shall be mechanically and electrically connected to terminating boxes. 810. Electric Distribution Distribution shall be by the three wires with neutral earthed system. circuit breakers and alarm indicator. In accommodation spaces. fuses. Cables subject to weather or mechanical damage shall be run suitably supported in conduit pipe with welded unions. Main supply is obtained from 230/1/50A. Generators and motors in excess of 50 KW shall have built in space heaters. cables shall be run behind panelling in horizontal or vertical run in an orderly manner and clipped to straps welded to frames. 808.C.

Motors between 10KW and 50KW shall be started by means of a “STARDELTA” type starter. Motors above 50KW shall be started by means of soft starters/ Auto transformer starters. It shall be of the open type rated for an input of 230V. ensuring that the case is both dustproof and water jet proof. The starters are to be of magnetically operated type. The connection box shall be complete with circuit breaker. Motors up to 10KW rating shall be started by means of a ‘DIRECT ON LINE’ type starter. 2010 814 Motor Starters All motor starters to be suitable for marine use and provided with single phasing overload protection and running indication. Shore Connection Equipment Provision shall be made to connect a 200A. with an output of 24V D. 817. All batteries shall be installed in steel or GRP watertight ventilated boxes on the bridge deck. A drip proof supply switch fuse box with male type plug receptacles shall be fitted on the main deck in a convenient position and be permanently wired via a changeover switch. All motor starters shall be tested in accordance with Classification. All motors above 5 KW to have hour meters fitted. 3 Phase. supply from shore to the main switchboard. phase sequence indicator. 50Hz. Every starter shall have the load break insulator mechanically interlocked with the case door. The applied paint shall be treated in accordance with Classification Regulation. heaters and fans to engine room shall be fitted with remote stop stations located one in the passageway outside the machinery space and one in the wheelhouse.C. 0 dated 10 Oct. All cut-outs and door edges shall be suitably sealed with gaskets. 50 Hz. This transformer rectifier shall be in the normal supply to the navigation lights. One (1) step down transformer rectifier shall be installed in the Navigation light switch panel. pilot lamps and socket. A starter shall be provided for all electric motor of 0. Transformer Two (2) step-down 3-phase transformers (415/230V. 3P) one as 100% standby.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. All motor starters shall be enclosed in 16 SWG quality bright mild steel cases. The battery space shall be painted with a corrosion resistant paint.5 hp and above. Storage Batteries All batteries shall be of the lead acid type. and phase reversal switch to the main switchboard. The batteries shall be sat on non-absorbent insulating supports with similar spacer blocks at the sides to secure air circulation space all round the battery. a stop push button shall be installed externally near the gangway (P&S). Two (2) step-down transformer for emergency power. ensuring power is off when door is opened. 815. Halul offshore Services Page 78/85 . 1 phase. For discharge of oily bilge water. The system shall be arranged so that it is not possible to parallel ship’s alternators with shore supply. 50Hz. All outgoing cable terminations shall be located above in removable gland plate located in the base of the case thus providing ready access to terminals and glands. All motor above 5 KW shall be provided with ampere meter. shall be installed in Engine Room to provide for general lighting and power supply for the vessel. 415 Volt. All the motor starters for oil related pumps. 816. Motors for purifiers and M/E turning gears shall be provided with ammeters.

. 0 dated 10 Oct. Navigation Lights Double tier lens. Fire And General Alarm Fire and general alarm supply system is to be taken from 230V A. In the engine room. watertight and guarded florescent. bow thruster and cement tank compartments. 2 x 20W. Classification and relevant Authority requirements. The installation shall meet SOLAS. 823. 822. sockets. galley. forecastle. 819. : : : 230V A. at entrances. A visual and audio indicator for light failure shall be fitted. 2 x 20W florescent 230V A. an alarm horn complete with a red rotating beacon is also to be fitted. marine moulded type surface mounted shall be fitted throughout the engine room. The navigation lights shall be according to COLREG.. Where soldering is adopted for securing cable sockets and connecting terminals. 821. main deck. 2010 818.. 3 pin switch sockets.C. forecastle deck.C. Fuses And Circuit Breakers Fuses circuit breakers used throughout the installation shall be of the Classification approved type and shall be suitably sized to circuit requirements. bow thruster compartment and engine room. Lightings Cabins Engine Room Floodlights Floodlights . engine room. Accommodation: Non-watertight 230/1/50. which would be injurious to the installation. All to Classification and relevant Authority requirements. An alarm horn is to be installed in the bow thruster compartment. supply and shall form part of the normal lighting system. and main deck lobby. and the 24V D. 3 pin switch sockets. Alarm push buttons are to be fitted in wheelhouse. 230V A. mess and radio area. flush or surface mounted shall be fitted throughout the accommodation spaces.C. All switch. Switches All switches in the accommodation are to be flush mounted and switches in the engine room and other machinery and watertight compartments are to be watertight and metal mould (marine type) Control switches shall be suitably sized to circuit requirements. 824. plugs etc shall be UK type (British type) suitable for use in Qatar. Alarm bells are to be sited in wheelhouse.. supply. each 500W Halogen in way of liferaft areas.C.C. 820. navigation lights shall be fitted. All navigation lights shall be controlled by an indicator panel fitted in the Wheelhouse. lobby. store space and main deck.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Sockets And Terminals Cable sockets and connecting terminals shall be of such dimensions that the maximum current likely to flow through them shall not produce heat. Emergency lights shall be automatically energised on failure of main A. Emergency Lights Emergency light is to be provided and fitted at strategic points in the wheelhouse. Each navigation light shall be controlled and protected by a double pole switch and fused on each conductor. 1000 watts Halogen to deck – 7 nos. steering gear.. galley.C. Halul offshore Services Page 79/85 . Engine Room/Galley/Stores/Main deck Around 20 nos of watertight 230/1/50. corrosive solid or liquid flukes shall not be used.

automation and instrumentation shall be designed based on the Class requirement for UMS operation with the necessary alarm systems including extension alarms in order to allow vessel operation without continuous engine room manning. All the engines and low-level alarm should be provided with a panel in the Engine Room and in the wheelhouse with visual and audio indicator. extension and group alarm panels are to be provided in cabins of C/E. Additionally. 826. The main engine shall be supplied from D. Builder shall provide complete specification.C. A steering gear visual and audio alarm indicator shall be provided. Halul offshore Services Page 80/85 .65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.C. Main And Auxiliary Engine Instrumentation And Alarm To be in accordance with Classification Society requirements. 2/E and crew mess room. detailed drawings for owner’s approval within 4 months of signing the contract. 2010 825. supply. Shipyard shall propose a comprehensive list of alarms and automation for owner’s approval. Monitoring. The duty station selector switch shall be provided in the ECR. 0 dated 10 Oct. main switchboard. operation and Control The controls. All alarm shall be operated on 24V D.

Fully operational Redundant DP system shall keep the Vessel in position and working. The DP System shall be installed to meet the LRS DP (AA) IMO DP -2 notation. Motion Prediction Analysis. One (1) HiPAP The system to include on line Consequence Analysis. c) Motion Reference unit x 2 nos. The indication should be available locally and near DP console. Following operational modes shall be included: • Standby mode • Joystick Mode • Manual/Joystick mode • Mixed manual/Auto mode • Auto Heading Mode • Auto Position Mode • Auto pilot Mode Following interfaces shall be provided. The valve to have open close limit indication using limit switches. -3. b) Wind sensor x 2 nos.300 Meters . All required HiPAP cabling to be done Halul offshore Services Page 81/85 . 0 dated 10 Oct. Main Switch board Joystick Power Management system Three (3) Gyro compasses Two (2) Wind sensors Two (2) Motion reference units Two (2) DGPS One (1) Laser reference unit.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Hipap trunk with 500NB gate valve. Hipap trunk will have 2 Manholes. Manual operated will be installed for future installation of the HIPAP unit. On line DP Capability Analysis. All thrusters. (Seatex DPS 116 & DPS 232 or equal) e) Laser type (Radius) reference system – x 1 no.35 Knots. 902 System Requirements The system to have interfacing to a) Gyro compass x 3 nos. FMEA to be carried out and approved by class. The system must have the ability to plot and print capability graphs. 2010 SECTION -9 DYNAMIC POSITIONING SYSTEMS 901 General The Vessel shall be fitted required to hold position environmental conditions Water Depth Wind Velocity Significant wave height Current velocity with Redundant Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) and is in any of the loading conditions and under following . The DP system to have latest operating system . etc. d) DGPS x 2 nos. DP Operation output Alarm.0 M (Frequency of 6 -8 seconds equivalent to a force 6 gale on Beaufort Scale) .2 Knots. 1 door and a vertical ladder.

 One (1) set of assorted hand tools. They are to be packed in boxes.  Three (3) electrical hand inspection lamp with 10M wandering leads  Two (2) keys for sounding pipes screw plugs. The spare parts shall be tropicalised for long term storage. 1003.  One (1) 1-ton chain block  One (1) steel workbench with adjustable light and drawers and lockers with padlocks under in the engine room.  Two (2) points on the outside of the hull and adjacent to each rudder.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Compulsory Spare Parts Spare for 5. and material standard in all respect to the primary parts and are to be from the same suppliers. 0 dated 10 Oct.  One (1) electrical portable drilling machine. One (1) pedestal-drilling machine. The spare parts are to be equal in design. identified and listed.O.  Two (2) points above each generating sets  One (1) point above each pump. 1002. One (1) lot CP Propeller standard tools.SPARES AND TOOLS 1001. Maintenance And Workshop Tools Lifting lugs suitable for use of chain blocks are to be fitted in the following positions:  One (1) point above each gearbox.000 Hours Operation as the Standard of Manufacturer (List of spare parts certified by the manufacturer shall be submitted item by item with technical proposal)                Main propulsion engines Main diesel generator Emergency diesel generator Controllable pitch propeller units Other pumps Air compressors Purifiers Heat exchangers Ventilating fans Reduction gears Refrigerating plants Air conditioning units Hydraulic pump units External fire pump Bow & stern thrusters 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 set each set each set set each set set set set set set set set set set set each each each each each each each each each each each Halul offshore Services Page 82/85 .  Two (2) steel sounding tapes for F.  One (1) lot generator standard tools. origin.  Two (2) points on the outside of the hull and adjacent to each propeller. 2010 SECTION 10 . Spares & Tools & Instruction Manual The Vessel is to be completely with the following compulsory spare parts. and F.  One (1) point above each rudderstock on the underside of main deck.W. One (1) pedestal grinder.  One (1) 6” vice mounted on the workbench.  Two (2) points above each intermediate shaft.  One (1) lot main engine standard tools.

Mandatory parts for main engines as per attached list Fuel injectors complete – for one main engine Fuel injector nozzles – One set for each engine L. 0 dated 10 Oct. Sl No. 2. soft eye) Nylon stretcher rope with hard eyes of 150 T (SWL) on both ends 1005. Loose Rigging Gear (AHT Gear) The following gear to be supplied loose.4 1. 3.2 1. Qty. All items to be of ‘Crossby’ make. 20 T SWL 80 T SWL 35 ton & 55 ton Dia as towing line Dia of rope – 100 mm for 65 Tonne Bollard pull. 2010       Hydraulic deck machinery Deck crane Fast rescue boat and davit Steering gear Step up gear boxes Shaft Alternators 1 1 1 1 1 1 set set set set set set each each each each each each 1004. Other 1.    Spare Parts And Tools 1 set of spare blades (one blade for port and one blade for stbd propeller) 1 spare blade for each bow and stern thruster.1 1. 1 1 1 3 1 3 2 pcs. 1.O filter element for turbo-charger – One set for each engine Halul offshore Services Page 83/85 . 2 2 1 3 2 2 2 3 12 2 1 1 each 1 1 Mooring Ropes (60 metres long) Anchor Handling Hook Chain from Gob-eye to the towing wire with swivel in center of the chain Bow Shackle Pennant Wire (20 – 25 m long. SWL 60 mm Different 1 ton Marlene round 10T SWL 5 Kgs. 2 x 2m & 1 x 1.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev.5m 2 ½ or 3” dia.5 1.3 1.6 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Description Shackles Shackles Shackles Shackles Shackles Shackles Metal Snatch Block Pelican Hooks Roller Shackle Wire Slings Single Wooden Block Steel spikes Wooden Spikes (+ hickory Mallet) Grappling Hook Sledge hammer Crow Bars Size 120 tons 100 tons 75 tons 55 tons 50 tons 35 tons 22 mm 70 T.

6. etc. Halul offshore Services Page 84/85 . 2 sets of fuses used in the main switchboard.O filter elements – One set for each engine Mechanical seals for attached pumps – One set for each engine L. 2010                   4. filter elements – One set for each engine F. rocker gear push rods. complete with cylinder head gaskets and O-rings 2 numbers . couplings. Speed governor – One set with all fittings One set of all relevant tools and measuring equipments One set of each type of attached pumps Turbocharger overall kit – one complete set for each turbocharger ( Detailed list to be provided by builder for owners approval) Scavenger air cooler (complete) Mandatory parts for diesel generators as per attached list Fuel pump assembly one complete set Fuel injectors – Two complete sets Mechanical seals for attached pumps – One set All filters – One set for each engine Cylinder heads complete – one for each engine Speed governor – One set with all fittings Turbo-charger complete set One set of all relevant tools and measuring equipments Attached pumps – one of each type Freshwater cooler – one complete set One set of Exhaust & Inlet valves and seats Liners – Two numbers Pistons – Two numbers Con rod – Two numbers Main & Con rod bearings – two sets Tools for opening and closing of propellers. complete with rings.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. * Nos marine plastic electric cable 5 core complete with male and female 5 pin 32 ampere sockets on either end each of 50 m length.Cylinder head assembly. 0 dated 10 Oct. rudders etc.                5. 2 numbers -Cylinder liner assembly.O Injection pump – One for each engine 2 numbers .O. F.Pistons. gudgeon pins Piston ring set – One set for each engine Connecting rod assembly – One set for each engine Main bearing metal – 1 set for one engine Connecting rod bearings (top & bottom end ) – 1 set for one engine Thrust bearing metal – one set for each engine Starting air motor – One number complete with all fittings. complete with valves.

Tyco H2S & LEL detectors Industrial scientific. Volvo. KS Valve (India). Envirovac. Yanmar. ABB Kongsberg. Thorn Security. Bombass Azcue. TTS. Sewage Treatment . KC Ltd. Terasaki (Japan). MAN. Electrolux or European equivalent. Autronica. Carrier. Viking Galley Equipments. Furuno. Triangle DP system Kongsberg Note : All selected equipment should have service facility available in middle East.. Norselight Tank Gauging System GWK. Trimble. Zeintel. Ocean Clean. Halul offshore Services Page 85/85 . Hamworthy. Draeger Breathing apparatus Tyco Scott. Rolls Royce. Cables Nexan. Electrlux or European equivalent. Hatlapa. York Purifiers Alfa-Laval. Daihatsu. Medana & Visca Paint Hempel Fast Rescue Boat & Davit Norsafe . Refrigerator. Alstom Karmoy. Hamman. Beha. York Refrigeration Plant Bitzer. FFS Desmi. Choice ( International Brand) Fixed and Portable firefighting items Unitor. DGPS Seatex. All Weiler Desmi. Man Lindenberg.Furuno. Transformers. Kongsberg Marine Growth Prevention System Cathelco. Power management system Integrated Alarm System Hydraulic Deck Machinery Deck Crane Fire Pump Fire Monitors Pumps & Hydrophore Oil Recovery equipments Starting air compressors Oily Water Separator Makers Wartsila. Zeal. Owners. Beha . 0 dated 10 Oct. ZF Berg. Search Light Francis. Corintec. JRC. 2010 SECTION 11 – APPROVED MAKERS LIST. Kvaerner. Keystone. Glamox. Viking Life Rafts Norsafe. EBI Cranes. Valves Econosto. MAN.65 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS Rev. Jastram Rolls Royce. Washing Machine. B + V Industrtrietechnik. Cargotec Kvaerner. Tokimec Auto Pilot Anschutz. MAN Rolls Royce. Gyro Compass Anshutz. Item Machinery Main Engine. Thorn Security. Berg Caterpillar. Helkema. Air Conditioning System Bitzer. JP Sauer. FFS Hamworthy. Daihatsu Leroy Somer. ABB. Lips. Sailor GMDSS Sailor. Hamworthy.Biological Hamworthy. Cargotec SORMEC. TV etc. Reinjites. Westfalia Navigation Equipment JRC. Becker. Rolls Royce. Schottel. Apollo. Sabore. Gear Box Conventional CPP System Rudder & Steering Gear Bow Thruster Main DG & Emergency DG Motors & Drives Switch Boards. Carrier. Marine Electricals. Alstom. Stamford. Simrad Communication Equipment JRC. Schottel. CMR. Wartsila. Sperry. Distribution boards. Marine Electricals. Allied Pumps. Anschutz. Tyco Fire Detection Equipment Unitor. Hatlapa. Sabore. Drier etc. Sperry. Atlas. Wartsila-Lips. Skum.

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