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CGT 512 Fall 2011 Research Article Analysis Objectives: y To help students become familiar with scholarly research

topics in usability and HCI. y To enable students to practice reading and analyzing scholarly research. y To enable students to learn from each other by reading about scholarly research others have summarized and analyzed.

Identify a list of 5-7 scholarly researcharticles you are interested in reading. Make sure they are: 1. Scholarly research articles published in academic research journals. 2. Related to interface usability and/or human-computer interaction. 3. Related to your own interests. I like using Google Scholar to identify articles, then find the full text through the Purdue libraries. You can also browse the table of contents of recent issues of these usability and HCI journals: Rules: y It is your responsibility to make sure that you have read and analyzed 5 articles before November 1.Research article analyses posted after November 1 will not count toward your grade. y You cannot cram 2 articles during one week. If you post more than one RAA during the same week, only one will count towards your grade. Research Article Analysis Blog post structure For each of the 5 articles, write a blog post that follows this structure: 1. Blog post title begins with RAA followed by whatever title you want. Make sure the blog post is tagged and categorized under Research Article Analyses 2. Full article citation in APA style, linked to full text if full text is available online. 3. Purpose of the research: Explain what the authors set out to accomplish. 4. Methods: Explain, very briefly, what methods the authors used to accomplish the research goal. 5. Main findings: Summarize the main findings 6. Analysis: Write your own thoughts about the article. You, could, for example, address some of the following: What does this article mean to you, is it useful or not for your research interests and current/future projects? What are the main things you wish to remember about this article? What are some of the limitations of the article? What directions for future research does this article suggest to you? 7. In addition to writing these, make sure you read your classmates article analyses. This way, youll be exposed to more research. The only way to show that youve read a classmates RAA is to comment on it. Make sure you bring up the article(s) you read during class discussion. Be prepared to summarize, explain the article, answer questions about it.

Each RAA is graded out of 5 points. If you follow the structure above carefully, it will be really hard to lose any points. However, if you do not post an RAA, or post it the same week as another one, you will not gain any points for that RAA.