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Three Hours Between Planes story does has historical criticism as it reflect back the friendship of Donald Plant and Nancy, whereby both of them have a good time to catch up with one another. Donald Plant did not contact Nancy and she remembered of Donald Plant as her old schoolmates through the conversation ,
1. Heavens, no!, I was sittinghere having a highball by myself.

2. Donald, it is you. We all changed so. Oh, this is remarkable. 3. You were always a lovely person, but Im a little schocked to find you as beautiful as you are.

Beside that, Donald and Nancy did recall of the place that they went, things that they carried out during their childhood era. Thus most of their conversations were being reflected upon their sweet memory together, through Nancy had mistaken the wrong person, who resemble Donald Plant. Donald plant did have a strong feeling towards Nancy in the past and have certain level of jelousy towards Nancys love with other man.

Furthermore, to explain the historical elements in this short story was reflected when Donald Plant told Nancy about her marriage life for the past six years. Donald and Nancy did discuss as well about Nancys past behaviour and was described as a naughty girl, especially during high school trend in the past. Donald Plant expressed and confess his love to Nancy by describing of how deep is his feeling towards Nancy, This story mentioned a lot about the unforget moments between Donald and Nancy.Although Nancy had the idea that the man who visited her has the similar name as the exact person that she expected.

There is one part where Nancy and Donald spent the time together to glance through those photos in the album which was being taken previously. Donald and Nancy have a great time during their time at Macks party and the game that they played.

As a conclusion, from all those elements, events and examples given above, thus this short story consist compound and embrace the historical elements in it. Once again, historical criticism can help to enable us , the reader, to understand the story better instead of just merely reading without any basic understanding.


The writer potray the man and woman character in this story in different way/scope. It explores the differences between men and women in term of internally and externally.

The writer mention the woman is polite, attractive and turned to be unacttractive when they getting older, they like to dream and they are very particular with their beauty and appearance. Beside that, woman are loveable and emotionay weak and easy to cry when they were sad or unhappy with something. Example; Heres you, she cried. Right away! Apart of that, the woman also easily believe others words without think deeply the truth of the words and sympathy with others especially man. Example; She looked at him attentively, then sympathetically as he spoke. Im very sorry, she said. As for men, they like to admire womans beauty. Example; Startled by her materialization, Donald got out of the cab. Men also are emosionally strong whereby they can easily accept the reality and move or go ahead with the new life.Example; After my wife died, I was very glad of that. It left a very rich memory-nothing marred or spoiled or hard to think over. Men also freaky and open minded to share their thought and feeling compare to women.Example; He can told to her wife that he loves Nancy as much he loves her wife.

Then, they also soft hearted. Example; What a pity, he said gently. But they also know how to share and hide their feeling from other people to avoid misunderstanding and conflict.Example; Half an hour had developed an emotion that he had not known since the death of his wife- that he had never hoped to know again. Moreover, the writer also emphasis that man and woman have different thinking and remember same event with their own perspection and thought. Example; Donald sat for five minutes with two thoughts first the hopeless impossibility of reconciling what people remembered about the same event.

As for the conclusion both gender have feeling like love and caring but they expressed it in different ways.


As I read through the story, I think this is a nice story. It explores new words, sentence structures and term of relevant. It is also a new way of literally writing.

I can generate ideas from the story. For the criticism, I have to do homework as I search the informations from the internet. I feel released after I got the informations that I need.

From the story I also get moral value. As for women they have to be loyal to their husbands. And love never end forever.

I plan to simplifying the story and share it with my fellow students.

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............................... (WAN RADZIAH WAN IBRAHIM) Group 2, TESL PPG Ambilan Jun


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