Monty Python – The Life of Brian

Guided Reflection Questions
1. Did you enjoy the film? Try and articulate a nuanced opinion based on more than “gut” feeling.

2. Where does Jesus appear in the film? Do you think the presence (or absence) of Jesus is significant for interpreting the film? 3. What is Monty Python parodying with “Blessed are the cheesemakers”?

4. Is Brian Jesus?

5. Pick some specific scenes from the movie, and demonstrate how they a. parody events in the Bible OR b. how they parody the popular perception of religion.

6. What is being said through the scene in which Brian is chased into the desert by people who think he is the Messiah?

7. Why do they make the jokes they do about crucifixion?

8. Do you think Life of Brian is hostile to Jesus?

9. Do you think Life of Brian is hostile to Christianity?

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