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How to survive your first year at Ryerson

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August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011


The Eyeopener


MLSE sues Rye over MLG name
Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment slapped Ryerson with a trademark lawsuit this summer, claiming the university would lure crowds away from the ACC. Sports editor Sean Tepper reports

Jack Layton dies at 61

Ryerson partnered up with Loblaws in 2009, agreeing to turn the landmark site into a multi-level complex which will house a grocery store and the university’s new athletics facility. PHOTO: MARTA IWANEK
Ryerson might seem like an unlikely rival to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE), but the university is giving the sports giant some serious anxiety. MLSE filed an injunction against both Ryerson University and Loblaw Companies in late June, demanding the university stop referring to its new $60 million athletic facility as Maple Leaf Gardens. According to court documents obtained by the Eyeopener, MLSE believes that “Loblaw and Ryerson threaten and intend the deliberate use of the trade mark to deceive the public and infringe the rights of MLSE.” The filings also suggest that MLSE believes Ryerson’s 2,600seat arena may compete with the Air Canada Centre (ACC), the company’s current venue for sports and entertainment. “It really boggles my mind,” said Levy. “How in the world can we compete with [the ACC]? What we want in there they would never want, and what we would dream about having in there we could never have. [MLG] can’t handle U2.” The documents also suggest MLSE feels threatened because the venue will be managed by Global Spectrum, a Philadelphia-based company that manages stadiums such as Citizens Bank Park and the University of Phoenix Stadium, both of which house professional sports teams and high-profile concerts. While Levy believes that it is impossible to compete with a stadium like the ACC, MLSE—which formerly owned MLG—claims “the use of the property as a sports and entertainment facility creates a real risk of confusion in the minds of the public that MLSE is still involved in its operation.” “Do you think that people are going to confuse the Ryerson Rams with the Toronto Maple Leafs? The only reason they would is that we’ll win championships,” said Levy. MLSE stated they would never have sold the property to Loblaw if they knew that a stadium would be built in it. The two parties are currently negotiating and, even though no progress has been made yet, Levy said he hopes the matter can be settled out of court. “[We told MLSE that] we read the covenant, understand it and we will not break the covenant, but that has not been a satisfactory answer to them,” said Levy. When Ryerson partnered up with Loblaw in December 2009, they saw MLG as being a crucial acquisition that would not only provide their overcrowded athletics department with more space, but help build an identity for the school’s teams. Under the current agreement, the Gardens’ main floor will be home to a Loblaws grocery store, while the facility’s upper levels would house a full athletic centre, including basketball courts and a hockey arena that would house the university’s varsity teams. While the Loblaws grocery store is set to open this fall, Levy said the athletic facility is set to open this winter.

Jack Layton started teaching at Ryerson in 1974.

Before Jack Layton entered Toronto city politics, he spent nearly 10 years influencing and inspiring Ryerson students as a tenured professor in the politics department. “To have once been taught by Jack is to be forever touched,” said Myer Siemiatycki, a Ryerson politics professor and long-time friend of Layton. On Monday, Aug. 22, Layton, 61, passed away from cancer at 4:45 a.m. in his home, surrounded by family and friends. Layton led the party to official opposition status in May, the NDP’s greatest success since he took over as leader in 2003. Layton began teaching at Ryerson in 1974, specializing in municipal and national politics. Siemiatycki described Layton’s teaching as an “extraordinary performance.” He not only conveyed to students the scale and scope of political life but also empowered them to make a change, Siemiatycki said. “Jack’s teaching was a revelation — ahead of the curve,” said Siemiatycki. During Layton’s time at Ryerson, he founded the White Ribbon Campaign after the Montreal Massacre in December 1989. Current co-chairperson Jeff Perera said, “knowing [Jack] was a part of the [White Ribbon Campaign] meant something.” Layton’s time at Ryerson ended just before he was elected into City Council in 1982 but, in a speech in October 2007 commemorating the 45th anniversary of the public administration program, he said that “teaching at Ryerson is among the happiest times of my life.” “There is a whole generation of Ryerson students that Jack motivated and inspired,” said Siemiatycki.

CKLN kicked out of Student Centre

After nearly 30 years of broadcasting, community station 88.1FM CKLN will leave Ryerson campus on Aug. 27. Last January, the station lost its license due to breaches of Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications (CRTC) standards. The station received letters of default from the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) and the Palin Foundation, which governs the Student Campus Centre (SCC), which asked staff to vacate and required student fees to be held in trust. CKLN agreed to terminate its lease agreement in an August 3 CKLN was broadcasting until April 15 and has continued online meeting and not reapply for licenssince then. PHOTO: LINDSAY BOECKL ing because of ongoing lawsuits

involving former board members and volunteers. Following its decision to leave Ryerson, CKLN has announced that it will sell part of its extensive vinyl archive along with a selection of CDs, books and memorabilia due to a lack of space at their new location. “We’re selling about 15 to 20 per cent of our total collection,” said station manager Jacky Tunistra Harrison. The Vintage Vinyl Party and Sale will be held on Aug. 27 on the first floor of the SCC. “The CKLN portion of the proceeds is going to support a girls’ and women’s radio club [in] Regent Park,” said Tunistra Harrison. The fate of the 88.1FM frequency is still undecided. The

CRTC has yet to begin the application process but Evanov Communications Inc., owners of the all LGBT station 103.9 Proud FM, have allegedly expressed an interest as well as two AM broadcasters. Ryerson has not officially expressed any intention to file an application. The RSU created an online survey, ongoing until late August, to gauge student interest in using the $10.35 levy to open a student run station. So far 59.8 per cent strongly agree with the idea of opening a campus station. In total, 78.8 per cent either strongly, somewhat agree or do not care about allocating the student levy for a new station.


The Eyeopener


August 24, 2011

Be the best dummy you can be
there’s a shiny diploma in your future. The challenge of university isn’t the book learnin’ part, it’s the attempting to be a quasi-adult part. It’s having to pay for tuition, rent and bills on top of the bar tab. It’s It’s my job to pass along words knowing how to say hi in the Pitof wisdom for surviving your first man hallway to the guy you just year at Rye High. But here’s the had a horrible one night stand with. truth: university is pretty easy. It’s figuring out how often you’re Go to most of your classes, pay supposed to wash the sheets on a moderate amount of attention, your dorm bed (hint: often). do the homework and, lucky you, These probably aren’t things your Ryerson tour guide covered as you were looking at all our very impressive, very under-construction St. George/Bloor next to Jackbuildings. man Humanities building. Growing pains are no fun, but Furnished, 2 bedroom condo. luckily you have four whole years Balcony overlooking treed courtyard. Immaculate, noto figure out how to function after smoking. Includes washer, dryhigh school. And here’s a little iner, stove, fridge, hydro, water. sight into how those four years are References. $1,600. Visiting going to go:

scholars/faculty preferred. Call Alex 416.720.1398

Basically this is your only year to get crazy, make mistakes and get a little (or a lot) messy. It’s the year when you can be a dummy and get away with it. In this issue we tell you all the tips and tricks to make the Second year: The “oh shit, I’m pay- most of your dummy year. ing for this” year. Say goodbye to Make note of when you can drop beginner mode. You’re out of rez, that class your failing without lospassing prerequisite classes sud- ing all your money with our pulldenly matter and being old enough out calendar. Figure out where best to (legally) drink is eating into your to run amok in the city on a Friday wallet. Welcome to real life. night with our handy map on pages 8 and 9. Abuse your student disThird year: The “fuck this” year. count privileges on page 11. Make The university thing? Bah. Over it. your rez room hook-up friendly with our guide on page 12. And if that Fourth year: Get me out of here. doesn’t work, see our rather useful With only one year to go, all the list of covert campus spots for gettricks on how to do the bare mini- ting frisky on page 14. mum and still succeed are packed Have fun, froshies. And remember First year: The fuck up year. You’re firmly in your noggin. The end is to wear a rubber.

going to learn that beer is both tasty and cost effective, how the sex thing really works and that living in close quarters with a bunch of 18-year-olds wasn’t as fun as you’d thought. It’s also the one year where you can get low marks and still have time to boost your GPA for graduation.

so close, yet so far, and will therefore drag on for eternity until you finally cross the Ryerson Theatre stage.

Wanna be one of these cool people? Volunteer for the Eyeopener!
We’re recruiting writers, photographers, cartoonists and anyone who likes bringing us coffee. Visit our office on the second floor of the SCC to sign up for the best unpaid job of your life.

Find rewarding work with your students’ union!
Part-time jobs (10-15hrs/week) earn $11/hour

Sex at the Ram:
Dirty Bingo & Drag Show

For a sexy good time come to

Wednesday, Sept. 7
4pm at the Ram and the Rye
brought to you by

Apply at the RSU Office by

Mon, Sept 19 @ 2pm
Student Centre, SCC311 Please bring your resume, cover letter & class schedule
Sean “FUCKIN’ BOX” Tepper Nicole “STARBONER” Siena


Chris “JOB” Roberts

Jobs are available in the following areas:
• Front Line Service • Outreach Coordinator • Equity Service Groups • Campaigns • Graphics/Media Communication


J.D. “DUSTY” Mowat

Lauren “PORN STAR” Strapagiel Mariana “MIAMI” Ionova Rebecca “BETH’S BITCH” Burton Carolyn “MOVIN’ ON UP” Turgeon Marta “OF THE NORTH” Iwanek Sarah “GLAMAZON” Del Giallo Allyssia “REPUBLIC OF” Alleyne


Chelsea “I JUST WORKED” Pottage Lindsay “‘MURIKA” Boeckl Mohamed “MOJITO” Omar Suraj “CHEETO” Singh Lee “PRINCESS” Richardson Emma “AWAY” Prestwich John “SHMUELY” Shmuel


Chris “CONSORT” Dale Jeff “LASERQUEST” Lagerquist Becky “TRENDY” Mildon Kai “MYSTIK” Benson Playing the role of the Annoying Talking Coffee Mug this week... Image Arts Building. We see through your tree ruse. The Eyeopener is Ryerson’s largest and independent student newspaper. It is owned and operated by Rye Eye Publishing Inc., a non-profit corporation owned by the students of Ryerson. Our offices are on the second floor of the Student Campus Centre and you can reach us at 416-9795262 or


NOTE: You must be eligible for the work study to apply.





For more info visit
SCC311, 55 Gould St. Toronto, ON M5B 1E9


Liane “VISITED” McLarty

August 24, 2011


The Eyeopener


Lawyers, guns and money
This summer Ryerson was hit with teacher lawsuits, more delays in construction and new provincial funding. The Eyeopener news team updates you on what you missed Image Arts continues construction with move-in date slated for Oct. 11
After over two years of construction and a one-year and one-month delay, the university has announced the Image Arts move-in date is slated for Oct. 11, 2011. Last fall’s original opening date was axed after what President Sheldon Levy deemed “unforeseen problems.” The delay was extended further this year because the building’s original heating and cooling system broke during construction causing the need to reinstall the entire system. Students in the school of image arts received schedules indicating that classes would take place in the building. In an e-mail sent by the school of Image Arts chair Alexandra Anderson, she corrected this by saying all classes set to take place in the IMA building would be moved to either the Victoria building or the Rogers Communication Centre. Kerr Hall South will also continue to house dark rooms. With the staged move-in date set, the department will transition immediately to housing classes in the new building once it is ready. Shortly after, darkrooms and the second floor studio will be available. Production facilities, more classrooms and offices are planned to open later in the term.

Sheldon For Dummies
He’s the man behind the master plan. The head honcho and invisible hand behind every decision that will be made for you over the next four years. So what’s he all about? Here are some fun facts, out of context quotes and useless knowledge to introduce you to Ryerson’s very own President, Sheldon Levy. You can find him in JOR1307. Our favourite Sheldy quote: “Maple Leaf Gardens will be the best sports facility in the country, maybe even the world.” If you ever get a chance to meet in his office he will most likely offer you coffee. He loves his new Keurig machine. Once referred to as a mixture of Dumbledore and Van Helsing. He has two cats named Poopy and Gibby.

The Image Arts is set to open around Thanksgiving.


Associate business dean James Norrie sues Ryerson for $575,000 for alleged ‘wrongful dismissal’
The associate dean of the Ted Rogers School of Management filed a lawsuit against Ryerson this summer, after he was banned from campus amidst allegations of harassment. James Norrie is claiming the university breached his employee contract and damaged his reputation when it placed him on paid leave in March. The university began investigating Norrie following a number of staff complaints accusing him of “profanity directed at persons, ridiculing or belittling persons and other inappropriate action,” according to court filings. Norrie was told to stay off campus but was allowed to continue teaching one course because no replacement could be found. Norrie is seeking damages totaling $575,000 and an apology in a national paper. Ryerson president Sheldon Levy declined to comment on the status of the lawsuit. Norrie became a tenured professor in 2007 and signed a five-year contract as TRSM associate dean in 2008. Norrie taught in the department of Information Technology and was an active member in the Digital Media Zone and SIFE Ryerson. Norrie is well known for his stint on the first season of Dragon’s Den, when his interruption caused James Norrie was placed on the Dragons to rip up a $200,000 leave in March. cheque for a group of Ryerson en- PHOTO COURTESY OF RYERSON trepreneurs. UNIVERSITY

Ryerson receives $56.4 million in funding to open new health sciences building
Ryerson will receive $56.4 million in provincial funding for a new health sciences building which may include more residence spaces. The building will include stateof-the art labs and will allow the university to increase its enrollment by 1,800 students, according to Ryerson president Sheldon Levy. Levy said the university would be open to adding residences on the upper floors if it’s architecturally possible to build upwards. “The health sciences building that is funded by the province of course doesn’t include residences but that doesn’t stop the university from using the density of that site to have residences on top of it,” Levy said, adding that the feasibility of the idea has yet to be determined. The university has not decided on a location for the building yet but it is considering a site on the corner of Church and Jarvis Streets or the parking lot opposite the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre. The university is still in the early stages of planning and designs are not expected until next year.

Norway killer references Ryerson in manifesto
The accused Norway killer mentioned Ryerson University in a 1,583-page manifesto condemning multiculturalism. Anders Breivik confessed to the bombing of an Oslo government building and the shooting at a youth camp on Utoya Island. The attacks occurred on June 22, killing 77 people. The manifesto, titled “2083: A European Declaration of Independence,” explicitly mentions Ryerson: “The largest student group on campus, the Muslim Students’ Association, has monopolized use of the multifaith room. Eric Da Silva, president of the Catholic Student Association, said the group looked into using the room for mass but was told by RSU front desk staff that the room was ‘permanently booked’ by Muslim students.” Da Silva, former president of the Catholic Students’ Association, commented on the dispute in an Eyeopener article in 2006. It remains unclear how Ryerson appeared on Breivik’s radar, but the gunman frequented internet message boards with extreme right-wing tendencies.

We Will Sell Them For You
We're open late to serve you better!
(Monday, Sept 12 to Thursday, Sept 22)
Monday-Thursday: 8:30am–9pm / Friday: 8:30am–6pm Saturday: 11am–5pm / Sunday: CLOSED

Bring Us Your

Student Centre, Lower Level, 55 Gould Street

Buy or consign used textbooks at the Used Book Room. Run by students, for students.


The Eyeopener

August 24, 2011

nts ion prese ' Un Students on he Ryers T

eek w
Tues Sept 6

e ‘11 lcom f we o

Wed Sept 7

Thurs Sept 8
Gould Street

street festival
Gould Street

campus groups fair
Gould Street
ent Meet over 100 stud ions! groups and course un

oths, activities Interactive info bo s with a social and performance focus. justice and equity

! All events FREE
• Cotton Candy & Popcorn • Personalized ) Buttons (11am-3pm • Shisha (1pm-6pm) hir ts • Airbrushed T-S



community bbq
Free BBQ hosted by ent University Advancem

coffee house

, Thomas Lounge Student Centre

rformances, Relax! Student pe d snacks. free coffee, tea an

• Henna (3pm-6pm) • Live Student Performances ting • Live Mural Pain • BBQ s • Sponsor booth


sex at the ram
dir t y bingo & drag show
Ram in the Rye
yePRIDE, In partnership with R and the Women’s Centre Prizes The Eyeopener. Free

Fr i Sept 9
Meet in Quad @

e! ... and much mor


live enter tainment & shisha
atio Ram in the Rye P


block par ty
on the patio
Ram in the Rye
FREE. ALL AGES 300 Free BBQ for the first ays people. Free Giveaw

annual parade & picnic

r a FREE BBQ Join your faculty fo nto Island. and concert on Toro BRING STUDENT I.D .

AN AMn email Vice-President of Student
For informatio

VENTS ALL OF FREE s, vp fe Z ING WEEK Life and Events, Alyssa William A

eate accessible ion strives to cr son Students’ Un rs. If you have The Ryer r all of its membe lusive spaces fo and inc email y needs, please any accessibilit ent. ek before an ev at least one we

August 24, 2011

The Eyeopener


Get involved and get serviced
Community editor Nicole Siena breaks down student groups so you can get the most out of your university experience

Ryerson Students’ Union Groups


STUDENT Student and AND COMMUNITY GROUPS Community Groups

THE $99 PosT-sEcondary

sTudEnT MonTHly METroPass
available at TTc collectors, participating TTc Fare Media sellers or at select Pass Vending machines in subway stations. • Eligible: students enrolled full-time • non-Eligible: students in in a degree or diploma program in a certificate programs or enrolled recognized post-secondary institution on a part-time basis. located in Toronto. For details on how to get your TTc student Photo Id, visit




The Eyeopener

August 24, 2011

treet urst S Bath

et t s Stre tree Jarvi rch S Chu eet e Str Yong

What to do in Toronto when you don’t have a clue
1. Toronto Island/Waterfront Head down Yonge Street for a 20-minute walk south to Queen’s Quay and you will be at one of North America’s largest recreational waterfronts. Take the ferry from 9 Queens Quay West to Toronto Island. On the island, rent a bike and explore or just relax on one of several beaches. There’s even a nude beach. Grab a bite to eat at Captain John’s restaurant aboard the permanently docked MS Jadran after a long day. Sports fans can catch a Blue Jays or Argonauts game at the Rogers Centre or watch the Raptors play at the Air Canada Centre. Jays tickets are as low as $14. Check out the Harbourfront Centre which has two marinas, restaurants, craft boutiques, art galleries, and theatres. Or take the 509 streetcar west from Union Station to Exhibition Place, where the Canadian National Exhibition is being held until Sept. 5. 2. Cabbagetown If the city life is stressing you out, take the Gerrard streetcar to River Street, walk North on River until you hit a path to Riverdale Park West and keep walking until you see the Riverdale Farm. The serene ponds, donkey, chickens and other animals will have you feeling like you were on a rural farm in Ontario. And it’s free. Don’t forget to bring back some fresh produce. Every Tuesday from May to October, it hosts a farmer’s market. Cabbagetown’s pubs and cafes are not to be missed either, nestled among the area’s Victorian houses. Grab a coffee at Jet Fuel or a beer at local pub House on Parliament.

Rebecca Mildon and Marta Iwanek show you how
Honest Ed’s has almost everything you need and you won’t miss the bright, bulb-covered building as you walk to Bathurst. Dance Cave is free with a student card and will have your feet moving to a mix of alternative and top 40 music. Eat and drink your way through pubs, 3. Kensington Market pizza joints, sushi restaurants and cafes like Future Bakery or get lost Not to forget is Kensington Mar- among the shelves of the area’s ket in Chinatown. Walk west on used bookstores. Dundas Street, past Spadina and turn right on Augusta Avenue. 5. Allan Gardens On Sundays from May to October you will feel like you’ve stepped If you’re looking for some green into another city. In the absence of to cheer your winter blues, Allan cars, bubble machines and buskers Gardens will do the trick. A 15 mininvite you. Vintage stores, South ute walk up Gerrard Street to Jarvis American food and Tibetan cafes Street and you will see the public give you a wide variety of places botanical garden with six greento go. Enjoy the summer weather houses. It’s just steps away from the relaxing in the park, or attend the busy campus and yet you will find annual Festival of Lights or Kens- yourself surrounded by the lush ington Market Winter Solstice in beauty of mother nature even when December. On your way out, make the weather outside is frightful. sure not to miss the Vietnamese It will bring you back to the sumcuisine at Pho Hung Restaurant on mer with its blossoming flowers, Spadina. earthy smell and water running in its fountains. If you’re there in the 4. The Annex summer take a walk in the park just outside and watch the dogs play in Students on a tight budget, the off-leash, fenced dog park. but hoping to have a good time, should head to one of the most 6. Queen Street West student-friendly places in the city. Neighbouring the U of T campus, If you’re looking for some rethe Annex is full of goodies and tail therapy, look no further. A 10 discounts. Take the Bloor subway minute walk south from campus to line and get off at Bathurst Station. Queen Street. Then just head west.

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Toronto Island

See one of your favourite celebrities on New Music Live at the MuchMusic headquarters located at 299 Queen St West. Right around the corner is the Scotiabank Theatre where you can catch the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Across the street is The Ballroom, a recently opened bowling alley and sports bar right in the heart of the Entertainment District. Between Spadina Avenue and Trinity Bellwoods Park is Toronto’s fashion district showcasing independent boutiques. And be sure to try some one-of-a kind food at Gandhi’s Indian Cuisine. 7. The Village Walk up Church Street, past the still under construction Maple Leaf Gardens and you’ll find yourself in the Church and Wellesley Gay Village, home to Canada’s largest LGBT neighbourhood. The area is still going strong, almost 30 years after it emerged as the centre of gay life in Toronto. If you’re around in the summertime, make sure not to miss Pride — a week of festivals, marches and rallies with over a million in attendance throughout the week. Check out Crews and Tangos restaurant and bar or all ages nights at The Barn Nightclub. Hungry? Make sure to stop by Hair of the Dog for nachos and a drink.

Top 5 Toronto websites
Concert listings, booze, festivals and food.
1. BlogTO 2. NOW Magazine 3. The Grid 4. The Torontoist 5. The Eyeopener

August 24, 2011

The Eyeopener


Places on campus you don’t want to forget
Community editor Nicole Siena tells you where to sleep, study and shit
Starting fresh in a new campus can be daunting. It’s a new city full of new people and new experiences. But student handbooks fail to tell you the truth behind designated “quiet studying” spaces, or that classroom chairs weren’t designed for napping, or even that the cleaning staff sometimes forget to clean a toilet or two. Here’s the low down on some secret (or not so secret) campus spots for you froshies to remember. If you have to go, you have to go. You may be breaking the seal after an hour of drinking, or maybe you ate something your parents would not have approved of. Regardless what the circumstance is, you want to pop-a-squat somewhere clean. If you’re up for a trek, the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRS), located beside the Eaton Centre, has been known for having an abundance of clean bathrooms. If you want to go somewhere closer to campus, take a walk over to Oakham House (OAK). The bathrooms on the main floor in between Thomas Lounge and Oakham Cafe are usually spotless and always have a full stack of paper towels. That being said, many of you froshies will probably spend lots of time in rez. Pitman hall is open 24/7, so take advantage of their bathrooms, then crash on the couches after a late night of studying. If those couches are all occupied, try booking out a study room in the Library. You’ll have an undisturbed nap for at least two hours. If you’re really desperate, take a walk over to the Kerr Hall East (KHE) basement. Engineers have been known for crashing in the dark “dungeon”. The Student Campus Centre (SCC) is always a safe bet. There are couches located in the basement, the main floor, and the second floor. Group them together, and you’re good to go. Don’t be alarmed if or when security wakes you up. It’s their job to distrub your sleep. But if you can get a few minutes of snooze in before coming back to reality, then mission accomplished. Quiet places are hard to come by on campus. There are tons of “student designated” spaces, but when you actually need to get work done, where do you go? The library has quiet floors (which are also good for napping), Kerr Hall, and Victoria Building (VIC) have an abundance of empty classrooms and there are even some study spaces in the Engineering building (ENG). The main thing to remember is there is tons of space on campus, hidden gems, and cool people. Don’t be afraid to walk around or put in a complaint when you find that a certain bathroom has been neglected for what looks and smells like months.

places to sleep

quiet studying

clean bathrooms










The Eyeopener

August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011

The Eyeopener 11

Even as a broke student, you have options for cheaper spending. Here are some discounts your student status can get you.

Dance Cave

529 Bloor Street West Discount: Cover free with student card Take a step out of the residence bubble for a night of drinking, dancing and free cover. Dance Cave is a favourite among university students from both Ryerson and U of T. The play list is usually pretty great too.

Keeping your cash on lock can be tough for a new university student. This is especially true for Rye students with all of the expensive attractions that downtown Toronto has to offer. PHOTO: LINDSAY BOECKL

Be a savings smarty pants
Learning to budget your cash can suck, but are some awesome ideas from Biz and Tech editor Sarah Del Giallo to manage your money instead of your student debt

Stag Shop

239 Yonge Street Discount: 10% Yep. Believe it. The Stag Shop provides a discount when shown a student card. Head over and pick out some toys, condoms, lotions, novelty gifts, or even costumes around halloween (not all of them show nipple).

Use your mealplan
Your mealplan has a wealth (yes, pun intended) of opportunity when it comes to saving your pocket money. Plus it keeps you from spending on fast food. There are some wicked ways to spend it. Pitman cafe sells pizza in both individual slices and full pizzas. And if you have money left over at the end of the year, think of the overpriced and delicious Vitamin Water and smoothies stocked in the fridges. Stock up! If there’s cash left on your plan at the end of the year, you won’t get it back. Some students end up losing hundreds of dollars this way.

Avoid the freshman 15
In case you live under a rock, the freshman 15 is the long dreaded phenomenon of a student dropping 15 per cent of their average and gaining 15 pounds in their first semester of university. How does this happen? Mainly crappy eating habits and binge drinking. The combination of calories and late nights result in a bulging waistline and a lot of missed classes. How can you save your average? Ration your drinking habits. We know, this sucks, and trust us, we rarely suggest this. But when it comes to your wallet, drinking drains your money and it usually results in sleeping through your alarm. Try to drink only on weekends, on weeknights when you have no class, or when you have class in the afternoon the next day. Expecially in first year, profs mark for attendance, and that extra percentage can help you out if you bomb an essay or an exam. The solution to staying in shape? Eat well. A lot of the crap you’ll be buying consists of things you don’t really need. Like munchies, bar food and fast food. Most of that shit is over priced. Eat at home, pack a lunch, and use your mealplan. If you must munch, Metro has great fruit and veggie platters.

Buy beer in bulk
Costco saves you money — not because it’s a magical store where things cost less, but because you’re buying large quantities. Not surprisingly, this rule applies elsewhere. A six pack of Alexander Keith’s from the beer store costs about $2.25 per beer. A 24 of Keith’s costs about $1.91 per beer. Doesn’t seem like much, but consider you drink six beers three times a week (yeah, like that would be it), every week — by going in on a 24, you could potentially save yourself over 50 bucks a year. You could put that money towards clothes, video games, textbooks or hey! More beer!


3 Elm Street Discount: 10% For image arts students and independent photographers, Elpro provides professional grade printing with a discount for students. They also develop negatives.


50 Gould Street Discount: Varies on item The Student Campus Centre (SCC) is the student run building at Ryerson. It houses the Ryerson Students’ Union, the Ram and the Rye, Oakham Cafe and the Eyeopener (among others). It is also where you can get discounted prices on anything from movie tickets to reading week trips. Drop by to check out what discounts you can get for your preferred entertainment.


iPhone | BlackBerry | Android

The Weather Channel
iPhone | BlackBerry | Android This app goes a little bit farther than the standard weather app that comes with your smartphone. This app provides hourly updates and allows you to pinpoint your location. It’s fantastic for commuters.


iPhone | BlackBerry | Android Speaking of keeping those 15 pounds off, MyFitnessPal helps you track your exercise and calorie intake to keep or get weight off. It has detailed food lists that include everything from “large apple” to “Tim Horton’s bagel.”



OOHLALA is a multi-platform app that allows you to mingle with students at your school, as well as find good restaurants and entertainment in the area. Great for all students — especially froshies.

Want to vent your frustration or make us laugh? Use the #eyeforatweet hashtag. If we like what we see, we may print it! Be sure to follow @theeyeopener for all your Ryerson news.

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Thank you @RyersonU for making me wake up for 5:30am to fix me schedule... now I have to go to work tired!

busy day messaging a bunch of the #Ryerson 2015 Facebook groups... hopefully some of them realize how awesome @RUQuidditch is


ramss you cause me grief #thatisall #ryerson


Ouch Burn!! RT @theeyeopener Spotted: dead rat outside the Image Arts building. Perhaps it died waiting for construction to finish

August 24, 2011

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Leave your self respect at the door
Your parents have finally left, you’re alone with your unpacked bags and your new independence. What’s this unfamiliar feeling? Panic? Loneliness? Associate news editor Carolyn Turgeon helps you focus on having a sick rez room, a socially inept roommate and a week you’ll never remember

The epic frosh checklist

Party on every floor of Pitman Hall in the same night. TIP: Don’t live in Pitman? Befriend someone who does at a frosh activity. Post-drinking, hit up Big Slice for pizza (385 Yonge St.) or Fran’s for 24-hour breakfast (20 College St.) Get day-drunk in the quad. TIP: Water bottles, of course Cause a 3 a.m. fire alarm in Pitman without actually setting a fire. TIP: Don’t tell anyone it was you or you’ll be hated. Get a shopping cart onto your floor and use it at your leisure. We know it’s possible. It’s been done. Have races through the rows of fountains in YongeDundas Square. TIP: This is best done late at night and intoxicated. Dramatically sing a song in a public place. Choices include Bohemian Rhapsody, Baby Got Back and Don’t Stop Believin.’ ZANZIBAR! TIP: go at lunch and enjoy a buffet with your show.

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Fill your corkboard with old and new memories alike. Start off with pictures, letters and other tidbits to make you less homesick. Be sure to pick up as much free stuff (buttons, calenders, etc.) during frosh as you can. You can then continue to add to it throughout the year, adding new pictures, projects and concert tickets. SAVE: Head to PharmaPlus in the Eaton Centre and print photos for 17 cents each.

One of the first things you’ll notice about rez: your bed sucks. It’s small, uncomfortable and kind of gross. Make sure to fix that by splurging for some new sheets, a cozy comforter and plenty of pillows. It’s also imperative that you buy some sort of mattress pad if you want a good night’s sleep. SAVE: Sears sells foam mattress pads of various qualities for as little as $30.

Don’t be afraid to fill up those ugly walls! Posters are the easiest, and you can usually find some featuring your favourite bands, movies and celebrities. Don’t waste your time, the odd and unfriendly walls are resistant to regular adhesive. Your best bet: Blu-Tack, and lots of it. SAVE: Fill walls and windows with instant art decals for as little as $10 at Canadian Tire. They come in various designs and are reusuable.

Rearrange the furniture to add a little feng shui into your space. Rez rooms are often small, so sticking the dresser in your closet can really open up the space. The lighting is dim, so instead of straining your eyes just get on your chair and take the cover off. Be a rebel. Move shit. SAVE: Steal extra furniture from the lounge but put it all back at the end of the year. Rez will charge your RAMSS account for any missing or additional pieces in the room.


Look for something interesting to put on your desk. You’ll definitely need a pick-meup after long hours of studying, so why not make it something original. SAVE: Head to Honest Ed’s Bargain Store on Bloor Street.

The infamous naked roommate


Roomies 101: the good, the bad and the naked


It’s not very likely that your randomly matched roommate is going to become your very best friend, so here are some ways to deal with the worst possible situations. You can also take note of these rez fouls and make sure you don’t fall into the category of terrible living partners. Some people just don’t know how to clean up after themselves. Chances are they’ve never had to. If you find yourself doing all the dishes in order to avoid a disgusting mess, make an agreement to alternate days or establish a “wash what you use” rule. Has your roomie been leaving their shit all

over the common areas? You can dramatically toss it out the window or maybe just inform them how annoying it is. Just because you live with someone doesn’t mean they can’t respect your personal space. Does your roomie hang around your place butt-naked? Sit them down and discuss why it makes you uncomfortable or, if you’re feeling crafty, constantly open windows until they’re forced to bundle up. If forced to listen to the sounds of their sex life — or lack thereof — strategically blast mood killing music until they get the hint. Whether you’ve come from a small town or the GTA, you’ve been taught to stay away from strangers.

Now y o u have to live with one. If you have nothing in common from the looks of your rommie’s books, movies and poster, give it time. It could be fun to have a friend with drastically different interests. You just can’t stand to be around them? Try to deal with it by living together and just being polite and friendly. If all else fails, request a switch.

Head to for more rez advice, including communal bathroom etiquette and tips on making friends. Then tweet us @theeyeopener with your insane stories about frosh week!

August 24, 2011

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Cheat sheet: become a Rams fan
Sports editor Sean Tepper tells you everything you need to know about Ryerson’s Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) teams and the upcoming 2011-12 Ontario University Athletics (OUA) season
Men’s Basketball (11-11)
Despite having a predominantly rookie roster that was forced to overcome a slew of injuries, Ryerson’s men’s basketball team had one of its best seasons in recent history last season. After bowing out of the second round of the playoffs, head coach Roy Rana recruited yet another strong rookie class to Ryerson. Led by second-year point guard Jahmal Jones, who was the recipient of Ryerson’s male athlete of the year award, and fourth-year guard Ola Adegboruwa, the Rams have a legitimate shot at winning the OUA Championship this season. to a playoff spot. With the addition of rookie guard Chloe Mago, the Rams will once again be looking to make the playoffs as one of the OUA’s top teams. for the rookie team, it will be up to new head coach Lisa Jordan to prepare her players for the challenges that lie ahead. will mostly consist of first-andsecond-year players, the coaching staff will turn to team captain Andrea Raso to lead this young team into the postseason. second-year players. While they are inexperienced, Ryerson’s young team should be drastically improved this year.

Men’s Soccer (7-2-5) Men’s Hockey (8-18-2)
Last season looked promising for the men’s hockey team, as they started off the season 4-1-0 and managed to make the national rankings for the first time in team history. However, after several injuries to veteran players, including team captain Marcus Booth who missed 13 games with a broken leg, the Rams proceeded to lose four of their last 23 games. Despite their dissapointing year, fans should be optimistic for the 2011-12 season, as a number of key players will be returning to the ice, including Matt Schmermund, who led the team in both goals and points last season. Coming off their best season in team history, the 2011-12 Rams will look to build upon last season’s historic finish, which saw them come within a few penalty shots of clinching their first-ever chance to compete in the CIS Championships. While Ryerson’s young soccer team has the potential to make another championship run, they will have to manage without two-time CIS all-star Alex Braletic, who will not be returning to the team this season.

Figure Skating Men’s Volleyball (6 -1-4)
Although the Rams opened the season with a 3-3 record, a five game losing streak quickly derailed their hopes for a playoffs berth. Having missed the playoffs for three consecutive seasons, head coach Mirek Porosa will turn to second-year setter Aleksa Miladinovic to provide most of the team’s offense. Miladinovic was selected to the OUA All-Rookie Team as a rookie and recorded the second most total assists in the conference. Coming off of an extremly successful season that saw them win four individual medals at the OUA figure skating championships, Ryerson’s figure skating team is looking to compete for a team medal this season. With skaters such as Alysha Gjos, Katherine Bilinskyand Lisa Jensen all expected to return, Ryerson has the potential to be a powerhouse on the figure skating circuit.

Ryerson’s fencing team won a bronze and silver medal at the 2011 OUA men’s fencing championship at Brock University, solidifying themselves as one of the province’s top-five fencing teams. With head coach Alice Lu (who was named the 2011 OUA coach of the year) returning to Ryerson, there’s no reason to believe that the fencing team can’t improve on an impressive 2010-11 season.

Women’s Basketball (10 -12)
Ryerson’s women’s basketball team had an extremely successful season under rookie head coach Charles Kissi. Led by forward Kelsey Wright and guardAshley McDonald, who was the recipient of the 2011 Ryerson’s female athlete of the year award, the Rams managed to win eight of their last 11 games to propel them

Women’s Soccer (4-6-6)
After an up and down season saw them miss the playoffs by a single point, the women’s soccer team will be looking to prove that they can compete with the best that the OUA has to offer. Because the team

Women’s Volleyball (1-18)
With nine new players recruited to play for the Rams this season, it will be interesting to see how the women’s volleyball team responds to their dismal 2010-11 season. Like the women’s soccer team, head coach Dustin Reid’s roster will mostly consist of first-and-

Women’s Hockey
While the women’s hockey team went undefeated in Toronto’s Golden Blades Women’s Hockey League (GBWHL) last season, they will face much stiffer competition as they prepare to compete at the CIS level for the first time. Although it will be tough

NCCA’s Baylor bests Rams

In spite of their best efforts, Ryerson was no match for one of America’s top university basketball teams. Check out Victor Ferreira’s column on why Canadian universities cannot match the athletic talent of their American counterparts at PHOTO: CHRIS DALE


The Eyeopener

August 24, 2011

Get in touch with your campus
Looking to get lucky Ryerson? If sex on campus is on your to-do list, here are our favourite spots to get down and dirty

Dorm rooms: Being your home away from home, this is a bit of a no-brainer. Try to be considerate of your roommates and do it in the afternoon when they have class. For the risky entrepreneur, rent out your room to those commuter kids for an hour or two. Sure its not too romantic, but it’s better than mom’s house if you’re in a pinch. Prof’s office: Hot for teacher (or TA for that matter)? Maybe some office hours are in your future to get in a little private tutoring, if you know what I mean. The offices aren’t too spacious but that just makes it easier to get up close and personal. Empty class/lecture hall: If you’re more into playing the role of the teacher, why not suit up and take advantage of one of the empty classrooms or lecture halls? Then take advantage of each other.

Lab space: Plenty of programs have lab space that can be booked or is only accessible via one card. While this may be trickier to get, it guarantees at least some privacy. So be chummy to your new friends in Science or FCAD (Radio and Television kids have access to sound proof recording studios). Quad: Feeling like a little fresh air? Take a roll around in the quad. Being “au naturel” while surrounded by nature can be a perfect mix of naughty and nice. Just try to avoid the inevitable dog shit. Also, do it at night to avoid rez kids tossing Frisbees at you. Student lounges: Many programs have lounges full of comfy couches. Try the Arts lounge in the podium or the journalism one in the RCC. The RTA one next to it always has a party going on, so unless you’re into being watched...

SCC: Speaking of comfy couches, the basement of the student campus centre, while kind of creepy and dungeon-esque, is also rather secluded in the evening with plenty of couch space. The library: Librarians are sexy, end of story. If your idea of hitting the books is a literal one, take to the library. It’s quiet and next to empty thanks to everything being on the internet. If you want, you can book a study room for a little more intimacy. Just keep it quiet, it is a library after all. Washrooms: There’s always time for a quickie between classes and washrooms are a classic choice for a reason. What they lack in the romance department they make up for in the sense of adventure and spontaneity. Just don’t get toilet paper stuck on your shoe, that’s just embarrassing.

The birds and the bees like to have sex too.

Beat boredom

Got time to kill between classes? Lucky for you Ryerson is smack in the middle of downtown Toronto so there is no good reason to be bored.



The Quidditch team plays in the quad. PHOTO: MARTA IWANEK

While lectures in the AMC theatres are pretty fun, catching a matinee on your day off (or even if you have a huge gap between classes) is a great way to spend your time during the harsh winter months, plus discount tickets are available at the student campus centre. FREE: If that’s too pricey, borrow a movie from the library. They have a surprisingly decent selection from 12 Angry Men to Zoolander.

If catching a foul ball sounds better than catching a movie, Jays games are always fun to go to. Drinking in the afternoon, making friends with strangers and jeering from the nosebleeds is something everyone needs to experience at least once. FREE: For the movers and shakers try joining a club, everything is more fun together! There are plenty to choose from. We even have a quidditch team on campus, nothing says higher education like running around on brooms and nailing people with dodge balls Partying is as much a part of the university experience


as all night essays and energy drinks before exams. So how do you deal with all the stress of classes? The first, and most obvious, option would be grabbing a drink. Lucky for you there are several bars and pubs a hop skip and a projectile puke away from campus. If drinking isn’t an option, either legally or by some misguided sense of morality, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too: Grab some rush tickets to a show at the theatre and pretend to be cultured on the cheap. If comedy is more your speed check out some standup at Yuk Yuk’s (swing by the SCC first for cheaper tickets than buying at the door).

Weekly Horoscopes
Aries You will encounter financial difficulties after smashing a Ryerson computer while trying to enroll in a mandatory class on RAMMS. Gemini You will struggle to suppress your laughter when informed that yes, Ryerson has a quidditch team. Two weeks later, you start as backup seeker. Leo New experiences bring new friends—and new enemies. His name is Doug, and he’ll be your roommate. He’s a lot of fun, but do you mind if he helps himself to your everything? Virgo You will enter the new semester ready to take on the world and ace all your classes. You’ve even quit drinking! It lasts for one week until you die at a kegger. Libra Although everyone really commends the spirit you have shown by painting your entire body, you will be disappointed to learn that Ryerson’s colours are not pink and green. Scorpio You will neglect to cherish the fact that this will be the only week in the next eight months when you can afford both food and beer. Sagittarius You will discover the hard way that even though the moon, stars and planets control your fate, you will still fail that test if you don’t study. Aquarius You will feel isolated when you realize that the Politically Apathetic Students Without Any Religious Affiliation (PASWARA) do not yet have a Ryerson chapter. Pisces You will consider dropping out of school when you find out the Tims on campus don’t take debit.

Taurus Stay on your toes; be wary of first years drinking with older students. Projectile vomit is easy to avoid but hard to wash.

Cancer You will experience unexpected hardships when a stranger dies at your housewarming kegger.

Capricorn Looking at the road ahead, seeing how if you accomplish enough in school you might just reach your dreams, you consider if it would really be so bad to be homeless.

August 24, 2011


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August 24, 2011

Fun, Fab Food & Flicks!
Baskin Robbins • California Thai • Caribbean Queen • Chipotle • Harvey’s Jack Astor’s • Johnny Rockets • Jugo Juice • Juice Rush • Koryo Korean BBQ Made in Japan • Milestones • Milo’s Pita • Mrs. Field’s • Opa! Souvlaki Pumpernickel’s • Sauté Rose • Starbucks • Subway • Tim Hortons • Timothy’s Woo Buffet Restaurant & Lounge. With 25 fabulous eateries you’ll always find something to satisfy any craving. Plus, visit our great stores like Adidas, Future Shop, Gadget City and more!




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