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Ghost in the Reverb Pedal

constant acid sky lift reappraise aliens glow in the dark green early 90s rave

DJ Tournament of Poses
represented by pills we have to see the sun away new man made secret obsession sargasso dance party swallows me, swallows you apathy sat in the fiery stove, out of prison his perfect timing just the right amount of receiving see more


killing people can be fun when a beat goes to far we know we have static


we go down the dark road no end now we see the end

The Happy Field

have the place to call mystery have the place to be warm inside the fire inside me always inside

Used Tresor Troll Club

party tonight

The Living Dead

love me heads part and sound part today walk down snow street shedding light rain and ok ok ok

Another Ancient Sound

a now snow brighter meetings meaning before a crush that crushes ahs you too crush likes crushes ahs too

Left Behind
4 real this time privacy and sensation through another nothing can fight a life whereas we go hide hide hide hide hide no no no no outside is an alien arms inside is an alien

Boys Club
caught on in a flash

The Night I Live Forever

and now i am a son scenes rock no sounds in chains

Everything You Have Ever Done Means Nothing

nothing nothing nothing pearls turn into nothing nothing nothing party til you are nothing nothing haha, nothing

Haunted Haus Hits

mash yr face face smash smash smash flash flash dash salt into the feast

Daddy and Daddy / Set Free

even my heroes abandon me, cracked apart, even my heroes deserve their own, punishments, again. heads like rocks. things are hard, again. bite our heads off, let it die, in a strange wave. even my heroes fail. chances drop. who was i when i became someone? who am i now that i can leave myself, leave oddities, leave someone.

beggars steal lie no more no fantasy land heaps on a new beggars seed blessed into the trust sky

LOVE NOBODY: Especially Inside of a Game

a top who knows what hes doing my smiling wish for you, broken fag the sounds of bones on a special town, we cant find, no regrets clack clack them together hear the sound a kiss, from my mother suddenly lost in life we never wanted, astounding man who couldnt handle all of, these bones, overload lives thought unsudden choices, no more, accept lights go up, inside of myself i dont know the truth but i can look inside

heres something funny just for you

damn boy one sweet business and would love to eat your fuck hole then you plow you pump several deep into that hole

sounds pretty working you over deep and love to make the way i want you tonight tonight me

Serious Witches
a map is a tip image repeated first glance, where i want them additional closet, additional explanation, one at a time small triangles my pet, new move on, used extra slice, two different entities hit bottom another try detached from cool

A Date
to many new arrivals on the cusp a wind that can break us in too many pieces can unravel my evening, my time in, lies so now we can surrender into purging broken waves clutch perfection, losing time to break waves to be on edge pleasurable play warm cries jumping into space shaking like animals that convulse morning light eyes shaking into space, animals, doubts roles can be foolish what can be given to you? beaten over the head

no more watching time

Fantastic, God Given

this fire inside passing into desolation it marks all doors what is next is a world lined up in our same way a collection of embraces things you shouldnt do warrant this last sigh against the push of another maze

Breaking Down Breaking Down

can i be draped like the thing that is next to me can i be piled like the collected works next to my still body outside the window is another scream in my dreams i am let down a man sees me through glorious life, reaching through to grasp at what can be left i am removed i cant say why this immortal

Strange Trust
pumps in factory quietude trust cant be made its man, its manufactured shrill and thrilling in two but for me it can shatter in machinized trust beggars live there no more things to need when lying a path downward is always another path downward rising into the never i can have never too addictions can matter in lands like this where emptiness leads to emptiness a hidden fortress amidst emptiness

Permanent People
its always been crawling crawling on this trail generations after sadness not even sorrows are free searching a ritual is a ritual, even when it cracks across a mind now steps crumble in buried sands you can find where they have never been appearing in a specific future you can find where they have never been buried

Entrance to Alchemy
life started as a tape winds up around itself, in a whirl of distorted past. life started crawling amidst non-life, the desert of this past birth, decrepitude. life sways in ways i couldnt imagine, on the trail of my past, on the trail of a downfall. one thing in front of another, there are many walls that encompass this, an enemy thats always been there in wandering. find us in the corners of dried leaves, or the patterns of what covers you in sleep. have you seen time pass in its physical form? like what appears in front of the childs eye, in the middle of forever, because even forever ends. this is where you can find us. answers are plenty, in a sea of praying. seeing itself, as a punishment, and the clap of a heavenly door. could i say that i was full of a new entity, born to call on you, but always at another time?

i cant tell you, you can tell me. if you build thought like a castle, i know i will destroy you too. being inside is whats at the end, nothing will replace what you really want. i know i will destroy. on a long journey ive finally reached here. it plies us open, in cavernous age, we too discover where everything will go, fallen through unimaginable holes. filling the gaps of what i mean, what i want in entrapping spaces. coughing up a blob of a tear. could purity stand where the surface leaks into mountains, your thought, my donation to my own hunted loss.

my door glows with a beyond. its cracking open can sound like an eternal heartbeat, if found. angular passages are what lead you into last goodbyes, displaying oneself in cruelty. the nooks and crannies of my land pitched forward, pistons in creation. knowledge can break your legs off, twist them both right off, a mourning reserved can twist you into wilted foil, the bliss of regret, new understanding always does this, always places you at a distance, my better heartbeat, freedom falls down blind into a welcoming gutter. glow with my love, if you can trust it. once it fades, it falls into a chasm. no goals are enough in night, things bend back from this. the trees fell backward as another comet hit the crook of my land, my twirling soul.

Take Root in the Cold

from one hole to another, the cause of an empty room, in pain with eachother. appear in extinction, in and out of mass, and extinct. what i will be coming home for, being this is always what ill be coming home for, in this body. lets say you know where i am, forgetting faces can be so easy, im all about disappearance, no excuses today, except for loss of air, loss of function, morning, towns, thin openings appear, in the sky. unlocking the lock, and glanced down into, his open death resembles some type of silence, confusion, vague mistakes, blame, directions and causes, freedom, whatever he says. if only i knew why i was me, hollow like me, uncontrollable like something like me, open to i dont even know anymore. take root to hold still. belief is believing in whatever has died, whatever refuses to take me in. attracting a playful tear. tonight, sleep will be cold. attraction will be captured, and now piece by piece we can put what was once whole into a fractured piece, fitted in steel structures, failing sleep. our sounds forgotten, the sound of dust, dusk. see me as disposable too, confused, illusory. that particular collision felt the mind burst, gelatinous, the same as everything else. distributed collision doesnt pay. a particular burst, escape within this chest, it can do nothing, not that it matters. he never could be, get out for me, just another show, deserted, deep, something old, an enemy, he talked to me, chances can never be taken again in comfort. no one can do anything, and no one can do anything. amusement can be felt in obligations, especially when one first

falls into stranger, i was told nothing. never knew anything, this is faith, faith is the confrontation. hells structures are limitless, remaining in change, the sea plays, but we cant feel sad anymore. there is sight, this is what ive been told. its dawn that has been given to, i could change, rot. people like this, fade away, broke apart, the chime of shattering, unnatural.

Year of the Ghosts

below it opens, spraying out, another son of, god. opens revelry into, saintly revelry. i sparkle, collapse, the name of love is, the beginning of now, my wishes were never, enough. in a dance, see the future, in a dance i shake my head, little whisper, show me i can be, i can be right, nothing matters, life is a. boring at the base of a mountain, boring at the point, overlooking what i know i want, whats my mind, another disappearance.

Ground Accused my Soul Over

in pain can heal, turn now, theres nothing left to try harder. forgotten long ago, in need, fate is what we can leave alone. now, try less, into another, world what have i done? he says, its not an unachievable dream impressed, into a thousand year dream the worst thing that could befall him i will not die me: thats really why i dont like using and there are dogs on my property they keep showing up i dont know where from there was one last week and someone killed my dog they ran him over i live in the middle of nowhere i think scientologists are trying to kill me im serious i got mixed up with some weird people some radicals and gang type people and some people who have enough money to torture me i dont know why they would though

ive never done anything but that might have been enough im scared i think im being followed and tapped by the cia they keep turning off our electricity too and everytime im on the phone i hear clicks clicking, throbbing naked in breaking view, on a new disease this time, it can save my life

Before Truth
happy, a bump in mid state, denying and whispering an alien alarm, telling me that one, love it best. forget about it, i forget, i was, ever. open windows climb aboard please deny how long ive been away, mending. climbing into a final night, that night, of what i can say, farther from home, below in secrecy, no more seeing. from here i can see, what i can never be, in lying sunlight, while im away. heres to hope, hoping it escapes the day, boy. here fellow broken home, bent on escaping just me, love reflection, whatever i can say. after the world can disappear, im just a fellow brother, fellow stranger, beneath a wheel, unwanted reflection, plus no love. stars inside his hand, withering of the land.

Returning Harvest
nothing will happen, and nothing will be doubts in my morning time speech, corrective. gravitas, gravitas, freezing on my knees in prayer, it pulls me down. im down again, ive achieved something finally, evading confidence, i could run away, ride the rain. hidden inside my talk. im just a game, and blacked out, a face inside. light has never reached this far out before, its because of who and how it flies, how it sounds, multiplying sound dullness, bored pain. ive corrected life, everything ive ever loved, made so many choices, below the ground. when a sunshower comes along, when the meat has been stripped, the trees climbing the breeze, violin bows, climbing down a muddy worn path, climbing down a muddy pathway. on tip toes, awaken and harvest return, return of the void.

Searching for Touch

in the morning, i awaken, i pace the floor of my room. the floors are made of wood. the wood burrows away, revealing its own history, under the constant shuffle of my feet. my room is bare, a circular window overlooks the woods, and beyond, the fields. im ready, but i dont know what for. daytime breaks over the trees, throwing pumpkin colored light onto the edge of the sill. i can fall too, in birthlike morning hymnals. i sit down on my bed, stare at the wall, stare at my blackened desk, pens, pencils, papers, books, in my head hidden drawers. i stare at my door, breaking into it with my own eyes, freedom. pacing my floor again, i know what endings can feel like, beneath the strange space, sometimes bending into what we all hide, but inside, im wary of time, of clutching my own hands, nothing can be worse than night or day, clutching my mind. when these hands meet the light, i know how far ive gone, i know what im trying to hide. warmth meets my face, the time ive taken cant be replaced, except in morning prayer, mending life, i remember things that have happened to me. wringing veins in, my washed out and dry hands, pale beneath stars when we talked freedom, being what i was, wringing my arms, shoulders, elbows, and arms again. sensing cant help me, though i attempt to regain everything in deep breathes. im bare, and away in morning time. i can feel myself, understand loves drain, uncaring, i see you as if i were never here. yes, i tell myself that things can have only one side, if im the one to lose. back in bed, i lean my entire body against this bedpost, unanswered, a daybreak medication now. seeing loves fantasy in end, having just set foot inside to tell me that im so over, bending over into kissed, grasped shoulders and autumnal

chests, wavering and emoting, farther from myself than i have ever been. i climb into pale, cold, shelled bedsheets, being what i cant be. a staring virus.

Creature Touch
he was free, on a breeze, on a ray, creature-like, totally over the world, the whole world begins. transformation begins at dusk, broken sighing, does anybody know the moon, like i, no one? painful sea, there are so many things, unfortunate. happiness comes back with war, twisted spines, black leather haystack.

The Finest Blood Ive Ever Known

now something bigger a constellation in stormless in winter a warm palm, calm in contrast, two faces, meet, being right the first time in my life endangered solitaire dead hurt you create fire, buying in my plague now im right, illuminated nothing had a chance manifests in your voice as rubble rumbles, city walls fail keeps me brilliant

new not being an athiest having no more, reason, to not believe, manifesting its holiness when i talk to supernature resides there, in the devils mountain warm hand slips into stony me smiles michael knows depths of souls submerged in tar dark on an ocean floor i was found

spread wide my ocean wide diagnosed with the dreaded fathers same disease inside of me grows, my fathers dreaded once upon his disease

Happy, Finally
there, there underneath a bubbling fur cry heart pounds in after math of my dream im no longer lonely

Oh My God!
journey to the end where you cant hold him anticipate the bed on an edge of the mountain wretched cries can go to hell, wretched heart can go to answer, he said, against the journey, journey to another life the end of where you cant have him unnoticed why he likes this cut up once among little wisdom dogs deserve bliss inside a red truck, inside the red interior, my grief excuses everything. i touch your face, in the year you were born. unlocked and unfounded, loneliness and strife for you. i touch your face, i nuzzle your leg, i run through fields and woods with you, curling up, a scrap on fire. curling up, protect my everyday. keep me safe. i wish you did it now. in the year of unkind and repentant unreprentant and on fire the tears are me wretched like me like what i say like a boy who went out by himself like simply collapsing into oneself watch him dancing some more

we leave nothing for no one in this life

Longest Song Ever

clean trees, shady castle friendliness windowpane du life i read a book once, opened it, closed it, knew every word, mystical ram bird stops, and clean trees

Wall of Tears
this is my wall comprised completely of tears its pretty cool, huh? looks sorta like a bunch of crystals neon plasma screen late sky when its fleshy anyway, its alot of wall

Boy Under the Floors

when we peel up the floor nails from a finger

Witch on a Whim IV
lives in a house on times in day lives in a crackled house out of a sparkling woodwork lives in a house the time in his life leaves climb on the sparkling air skip shoes cracking pavement footsteps beneath a wooden ship

Chilly Trees
my head beneath the current, emerged. i was there once too. on the tip of a diamond, kind of like frosted leaves, my winter came soon. i was dealing with symbols. his head turned to me, talked to me, splitting open like a dead squash, i was ok again. i stood up, walked towards the window, glanced outside, the lake was frozen over, an iridescent sheet. the window was colored white puzzles by grandfather frost, the cabin was a prismatic jewel on the side of a hill, dipped in fog.


fortress of glass little boy lies on a brick like eyes on la tick a claw, my claw, a personal moon the kind on a sea tamer than the sea my seer, bricks of hair down my back wavey torrents infiltrating files files flies

Sombre Warhol Andy in Flames

death to addiction metal head ufo guitar at midnite ill turn into a snowy male model the moon on a log, on a log, on a log a star paths date of robotic steps forward moonlight in the downy dawn of violet morning, dawning of rock gods heroes guitar gods hair comprises of 1. flames 2. amber studs 3. ivy that encircles the flames 4. golden leaves of some kind 5. stick 6. bird poops 7. complete st. sebastian avatar 8. la la la-la la 9. under the sea 10. plinys history of the carthaginians


me, i am your history let me siren in your head, a jet black gloss, histories of moss and plants and a botanical delight, delights him in the annals of analog me, well, i am your vague history let me tell you, it took just a short while to get here

Fathery God
tinkering with the age of my father divine brain windowless soul wind blown moon crater crisp lines prison lines, puppet stance my son walks roads horizons change ive been a choir for a long time

The Court of Human Knowledge

time today is not what it used to be time today is not the news it used to be im a lucky man time today prohibits filmic sad lucky men today we can crowd around rimming winning ive read so many things i know so many things

Everything Was OOKKAY at My Desktop

at my desktop everything was ok, spreading out before me a vast lover a lawn of posies finally ive taken good care of myself

Horn of Nothing
i crawled out from the shoe i crawled into the sink i bought some stores on the rue capitol i crawled from under the stove i formed a cross of roses on a wall once i crawled from underneath a broom stick i crawled into the heavens i crawled into the heavenly clouds i crawled from beneath a broom stick into a long hole unraveling like this long disease a long horn brimming orange peridot diamond i found you amidst trees i found this jewel in a bank of dead trees one day, there was a werewolf inside of it. i live inside a vast

maison de la poupee

Meat Farm
i lived at the meat farm from miles around the squeals arose decaying horizons violins a gleaming, giant decaying, a gleaming freeways, a great de-gleaning eyes eyes eyes on the mountain, outdoor bottomless lake, if he said one thing, he said that i will find you one time i lived on a barren sprawling whine the land was made of signs

Pleasant Vest Meat Yard II

there once was a world wherein operation a dark mans desires a dead mans desires infiltration the here and around in the sunset, moonlight his bones will decay what does he care? is he still there? black in the mountain of love, daddies on the front porch he scarred deliberately no more god he knew not what to do and now he goes into myself right now

The Wind in the Trees

i ease into the dead like soft serve the kiln dilating my soul work work

The Finest Antiques

their little stitched glass moulded fingers heads made glass made blue and weighted golden mohair corpselikeness wonderment miracle empty garage, emptied storebacks, bookshelves i once was newer revolution seperate faces and seperate enraptured pressed cracks and hairlines toes the finest mechanics ever produced by withering old fingers crepe paper tassle last chair of day the finest hours of civilization, ladies in chairs the empresss earrings


Off the Ledge

meat marquetry polonaise a blue tatter

The Truly Weird

the truly weird they live here down the block in this apartment victorian stashings the intricacy of the truly weird is within their wardrobe or the gait in which they carry themselves, little horns when a king walks, he walks in accordance of the truly weird, for they control the dawns of the world its supra clitorus

What Tchiakovsky Does to Me

i make childs dreams i make moon screams hmmmm, mmmhmmmm listen to doze bells

The Ethics of Housewifery

first You sweep down the center then You sweep down the sides First You sweep down the sides and then You sweed down the Center First You slip down the sides and then You sweep down the center First You slip down the sides and then You sweep down the center

Blackwood DOLLS
the poetry belonged to me a birds song belongs to flutes the curtain flips forward a door to the future the pinch in my shoulder a door to the future the bird song belonged to making childs dreams come true/tru

Checkered Floor
here dem bells i here dem bells the bird song sung in a foliage of green here dem bells i here dem bells i here doze flutes i here dem bells the monster slipped down the mountain provoking the door to the future here dem bells i here dem bells the song sung in a foliage of green, karen carpentier green the monster slipped into the future the floor of the world opens up to now swallow the swallow songs song of the future listening to an broke open my blue soul should

Three Springs Chocolate Cheesecake

Dis cake will keep yo yewth up! chocolate sounds like germany to me lets dace a polka kunty and two lets dance a marimba kunty and three

giant victorian music box with turntable and music on giant circular metal punched disc automata with dolls doing all sorts of insane things ontop like making mountains skiing adventures and opening christmas gifts and ballerinas and little halloween men and stufff the music would be tchaikovskys act ii tableau 3 pas de deuz a intranada from the nutcracker

Most Real Fantasy #1

born real born real born into the sunphase generations exist on interface

The Extreme Seven

they dealt in dolls, of the extremely rare type, types unknown to even the most encyclopedic of museum collections, representations not yet fathomed by man. these men dealt in dolls with special faces, in heavenly craft. they found heavier, forever heavy faces. their poupees stood in glass cases, made from the finest materials, in the best of times, in the best glass cases, stood my creature-hood. farming beneath the palest of silks, the rot of dupioni, its stench, a cheese hanging in the air, old flowers and lace, deaths fingerprints. they found the frozen children they were searching for. the frozen. heads hung in mid air

Black Pan
morose the rosary zoo was full for you three ladies, or boys die in the hands of black pan his horrors for rose too was full on blue moons or toys die in the hands of the black black black black pan the closet door closed in the late afternoon the horror of little boys the greatest of mans man and he was the blackest of black black pans

Autumn in Summer
though the bell rings true the corridors darkwings of this house are frigid

Whispering Poster
it topples, it turns in soft apple-light the room stirred christs dead flesh is alive it topples and yet it turns

Wicker Cage
home beyond the light the church is see through today he visited the prison and saw that everything was invisible

Super King
super kind ultra kind youre the one of a kind the last of its kind

i want this place to give me impossible things this place is my worst nightmare

Welcome Back to the 19th Century

steam driven toy sings me sings steam driven who had novelties?

Ancient Playthings
the entrance to hell has double doors

Along the Edge of the Blade

the oddities life here is fanciful a train set wreck, fanciful, the spoiled new boyfriend

The Sullen Child

the sullen child stood at the christmas tree awaiting his pleasantries

Three Window Delight

i came home to a hole in the ground the new apartment has many ghosts living within it

Across Life
the head was cracked open displaying the mechanisms inside mechanisms of the child the head was completely cracked open

Hate is Malleable
the pigpen requires tuning to a new disease

Bale of Hay
within the sky resides the numerous yawnings his sleep likens to a viola sighing

Know Dear, How Much I Love You

watch the house burning the lamp of a tornado halos burn out too evidence in the trees change change change change my meadow full of brain dead

The Life History of Cum Guts

cum guts was a hungry boy cum guts was my fathers brain cumguts sat churning guts on the gutter floor of my squid-like life nothing will be perfect enough the boy tonight is home cum gutter guts his pentagramical windows a groan from inside the mountain a groan from inside the lane

The Purest Document of Genius

the purest document of agreement the house was built on a pile of sticks six more days into the netherworld of the twilight two more days into the netherworld of the grain eyes climb onto me one after another in the basement tones of doves around my head a halo he knocks woe woe my grave companions were grave knocking on my dreams a teary eyed walk down wherever we have no, no idea living in an attic all his life

Larry Levan Hates My Life

really larry levan hates my entire existence his husband was the poet comprising dead angers from the dead figures of society there life together was constructed like thick layers of paint one ontop, there was the other the years of their life together was yet indefinable no bodies were in it arriving home to nudity the young frame in bed stopping didnt stop his head shook sloping downwards into mechanical joy the emotion evolved he says boys pussylips loves the ways he dance boys pussylips are softer than ice cream on a warm waffle

A Human Animal
does sex remind you of animals human animal? the bear faced grin of human animal mister human animal does sex remind you of factory made prison human animal animal animal, trees appear in the grain he works from behind behind a square you can take the trail of what a detailed life you lead things come home things crawled from the ground through shades things came home

Making Mixtapes
record myself onstage making mixtapes for people that i know. record the sessions, sell them as real mixtapes to people. i will be like gilbert and george.

Tale of the Drunken Monk

stays away it never did anything for me i dont mind because it never did anything for me anyway i have problems

Kim Gordon Mixtape

she walks onstage onto my life too gold make believe you can do whatever you please

Kim Gordon Sweater

my daughter was a gramaphone let go talking sick

Maximum Pentagram
unenjoyable future its funny that way my throat was a spider strangling your spider what you know from the crystal ball thin legs hairy legs i could never gather a future

Effectively Ending the Ending

effectively ending the wedding not another peep not another peep through the peephole a black void a black hole effectively ending the ending the screen turned black seen through the peephole

Falling Asleep in the Forest

sometimes my body blends into the forest on my sheets sometimes my body blends into the forest on my sheets sometimes i get lost

Analog Wood
browsing the corner of the wood i saw the light emerge from the bush dark green fog i dodged behind the tree stood there staring at me

God Did Nothing

instead of roaring roaring roaring thunder light thunder crack thunder light thunder crack

Death Rattle
i once heard it described as yelling out the window nothing to me dealing with the delicacy of hell the tampering of light dampened im no wizard im no hypocrite as if making death ones own meant personal freedom there was intelligence in finding his own pleasures his private own pleasures a mans pleasures avoiding ideas reflecting the lighting

avoding the lighting that was the key behind the slash was the best place to be

Aint No Telling Baby What I Got

sometimes the television says things exclaims explains his diseases to me what goes on in the inner mount collect them all

Effective R
the boy who never never little musical note your body hits the same one it hits when with me that little note in walled in, heaven i dont even know whats happening anymore he used to get me books books about barbie layers between perception things we see often remain and new new things appear when sack is emptied his sack brain emptied like pulling out from full ass

His Job Was to be New

newness was new like new shadows too long he stood in trees dark shadows running faces too, the vultures laughed about you lovecraft mighty ocean but its frozen i waste your mouth you trip me up

Human Relationships
the funny thing is he hugged me afterwards i mean life like i mean hey you hey new this is how i mean life honestly we dont care how young they are as long as they got the tinkers the hair we want them to have Stranger Alice So So Irene Sadness for a Lifetime Right on this Stupid Trail The Court Wears What She Has Wear My Bitch Forget This One

Love it So Much
How do You Love? man, im sort of dumb. i have this friend who has alot of problems i think, like emotional problems. last night i vomited into a pitcher and swallowed it i forgot to try telling anyone anything i knew i could play life like spiritual bach or something exoh like little grass the sound of living in the cement in the content of night

Contented Shape
each little brick ran from me the land shaking all people scurry like bugs from time to time the end of the hills was the end of the world that is stomped into a mattress enfolded in remember

Sailing Dark Rocks

in howling night he found the animals he knew it wilderness crass crying on the father he couldnt be

Broken Chord Chord

there were times when things slowed down when he knew his own personal deception his own personal machinery was operational was observatory there were times when he understood he was not a human

No Underwear
itll air out tomorrow oh ah oh ah oh ah oh ah i knew you when things were better less thinner less annex i dont know i think i know i dont know i think i know i dont know i think i know i wonder what kind of dream life ive tapped into now?

Sunday is Gloomy
i have this weird thing i dont know what it is i have this weird thing little white flowers i have this weird thing little things angels have no thoughts

Death Has No Dreams

death has no dreams one rose spoke to another death has no dreams no dreams

Fellini Fellini
today my day started super day my eyes dropped to the sides the air brushed my flesh awake warm trees the very warmest of trees

Hanging Bear
once a year the hanging bear in the tree outside behind my window the story goes the crowd hung him there once again i hear the crowd comes home


pretty empty wake up empty sometimes i wake up empty

I Love You I Love You I Love You I Love You

rainer let me sit on his lap lapped up rainer let me puff on his pipe puffed up rainer let me climb ontop of him climb up rainer let me let me let me love you before you

there was a sadness and a happiness together they lived empty corridor, silly metro station, unallowed you made a mistake i couldnt blame you, let go of me, right fucking now in the town where we grew up, in the middle of the very very night you made the mistake, i can say the plight was one moment before

The First Smith

empty pages

The Second Smith

high tide empty emptiest of pages

The Third Smith

the storm was long

The Fourth Smith

step before me, go to sleep

Foot of the Stamping Child

im the stamping child nineteen fifties christmas im so sick to my stomach rubbing my blistered fists in trouble with so many laws eyes watch me, but all i do is laugh when i laugh a new world comes undone

The Boy w/ Round Glasses

alarmed i was on the stalemate because i didnt know who i wanted to be let alone whom i wanted to be in another world i was a castlemaker i found my calling when he called me alarmed i was on the stalemate because i didnt know who i wanted to see let alone whome i wanted to be im the last son the sun of a morning good to you castlemaker castlemaker chances for me and for you!

Todays Rule
boring days another stale boring day in my sweaty room what a fool ive become completely undone other just another you or something or other and other and other sitting here in pants too tight tight around my mothers old thighs another day i can see how its going to be another boring and frightfully eyesoring existence in the eyes of the normalized whatever i say say say say say im criminalized in my own home a theatre state i cant tell you how this became but i can tell you where to go!

Westaughne Mountain
surely the top head was worthy of some famous glory i won a war and all i can do is tell another boring story surely these funny days can provide me with so much fancy soup opera bullshit but you wont blame me if i just turn over and sleep in it i wait for great friends to come over but smiles are surely the vials birthing the ends

Wind Blown Bear Head

i love the photos of castles you sent me though i could never love you its funny to know what was written in the pages of my enemy even though all i can do for you for you in cages we found and atlast banal envy the funny thing was i thought i was a poet another one its a funny thought if i whine it will eventually turn into a great wooden wall before me i laugh so much these days i burn the eyes out of glee how funny my world has become something i know, its so funny and all i can do is stand here in my dress and laugh at myself

Luckys Finest
what a bruise i got today just from trying to survive i got stares of empty gog and magog through that door we stepped opening by itself i could feel the flames of hell engulf me had to engulf me thats how i got burned so badly thats my story and thats all i have to talk about

Bastards Bastards Last Nights Bastards

all of these are blowing whines with sad whining in the background this passenger seat is empty of faith watch me, i dont mind i said we always laugh at everything we hate in this strange lifestyle we lead he said believe me i know i know even though i dont even believe what a funny thought he left everything he had for something so peculiar a new stone age

I Left Alone
blah blah blah one more episode on behalf of the peanut gallery when she left she said needed salary leaving home she was never alone never alone oh never never alone alone he left off a bridge one night the city was awaken with fright so much fright for the people of this city a tiny corpus, itty and bitty rotting beneath the nightlight a bastard ran this gallery he turned me down down today down tomorrow i left life alone finally broken and alive, the streets i wandered blindly alive so alive i knew my art would be appreciated for years to come oh finally alive

Serial Killer Cereal Killer

once i played with boys with toys that knew no boundaries we built castles, had ploys to build the foundations of a brilliant life now im alone without the bodies that kept me so alive for so long im just so alone keep me today, watch me flounder these days

Broken Yet Sunny

the innocence of mr. barrett is undisputed amidst this gray garret of the southern bride we all know he was a pack of the pride a conspiracy endeavour isnt forgetten forever correct the children who died this city has been so bad to me the greatest burden of my life in a moment of strife i come back here, just to see the greatest moment of my life what a time ive had here discovering everything that was good everything that was bad and good all hope cant be forgotten

Elvis Presely
slimy slimy so toned slimy the night is finally finally greased sliding through this night is like sliding on the screams of a thousand screaming children was diane arbus so shocking the same year as she shot as she is now the answer is sadly not to the people who mattered the idea of death made her departure so sad

Reality and the Hobby of Reality

i hate everyone including you youre the last person on earth i want to know exists

Seriously, Portland
growing up to be what we were not supposed to be grazing against the cat i forgot what i wanted to be i forgot i forgot to pet the cat keep petting the cat i couldnt stop petting the cat i see your thin ness going away soon sometimes i forgot what we wanted to be who we wanted to see inside of things with things take me back to dear old blighty please see me behind the chair once i think we were different and strange. so many strange things i suppose i dont know how much we have

Midterm in INK
the goose rose towards heaven i dont know who took that money what i know is her face her face was leaven like leaven bread, the leaden skies purely lenin

Childhood in Dresses
social disease what hes called daily what a ttagic existence this fashionable urchin has developed a factory of trends the living sign

Porcelain in Dresses
mother listens to him in the car she can hear him the past beckons her from beyond the hands reach out quickly quickly in ink it goes down in her book the mind unravels into the skies i see it unravelling in the skies reading her mind i saw his face in the window that night i heard a groan from beyond i heard it from my mom mother listens to him in the car she can hear him

More Fulfilled These Days

more positions the priestly voices said more positions is what we need what we wanted were desires groaning from beyond the shadows of their brains too found you the shadows of the those voices inhabited a dark world of mirror world the mirror of the sky the voice is coming from beyond inside of my throat its speaking like a snake outside of my throat

Spit in the Eyes

i broke free from history broke free from the mindless cog of history the empty sigh history stretches out too like you my great solace what are the days, were living in deathly grin? marthas chin? the broken skies speak to me sometimes opening up like a broken television screen pixelated mother clouds sweater ring i forgot what part of me controlled this practice i dont know the answers to all goddamned existence

Pretty Roses of Tomorrow

in my eyes i see brighter sides of everything often when its a funny thing In a house by the road is where he was bored oh so bored these pretty roses of tomorrow i know you found that letter, but i wanted it, i still have it, i wont give it back though there was once this kid who broke so many bones man, i lie in that room the whole year listening to the same song the same one over and over again on the radio i sat there making sculptures out of plyboard or something foamcore board the board the board wouldnt glue together it sat on the chair away from you my friend what kinds of things we were forced to do how jealous we might have been

always been so sad to have lost this good friend who will leave but i dont mind sometimes people dont recognize eachother its funny these ways you are something i always thought i could love you are something i always wanted to wanted from there were so many times when i watched this plant grow there was something digging into it something lost amidst the tows of dirt so many problems life continues to be the problem i dont mind it i knew youd find a home somewhere i dont imagine what could have ever happened in our lives or knowing people disposing of things i once disposed of so many things i dont know if i do ever how cant i ever forget it never so strange to never be able to lever my own rememberance

Behind Closed Doors Closed Windows Closed Closets Closed Attic Door
there were closed spaces the heir was an heir it shone with him, in his hair the golden flare resided amidst the mansions of bel air i am somebody else i cant think of anything else to tell you the truth come to my church sometimes i dont know what the fuck i am doing most times what is desire? what is desires desire?

Chambers Chambers
sweet victorian chamberss a tickle in my ears keeps me awake low profile chambers tickles my innards calls me weak i hear the sound of them on the squeak climbing the walls outside deadlights

My Personal Chapel
record albums using the exact same instruments and gear as used by the band and then have it printed in exact replica copies with stickers and even a cover with me on it redoing whatever is happening or something.

Problem Castle
we lived in the problem castle i was a problem castle

Hunter of Dracula
he lived in the castle atop the hill casted of hill so much too much

in these cases this life small life entrapped in the middle encased in the middle this life my small very small life entrapped in the middle very encased in the middle

Boy Encased
in the town of your dreams the very dreams you escaped the town of your mighty dreams falls around you a trap door what a fine place to grow up in what fine things i had as a child fine things are what i have lived for all that i have lived for all that i have lived for

More Fag Shit

monster time feeding the prey fattening the prey i wander into so many spaces so many reservations monster time fattening the prey

Darkness Whatever
come home, come home come home there are some things that can never cange i admit that but if you came home i would forget everything that has ever existed like my birth, fathers death day, my brothers suicide come home and ill forget

Saddening Dispositions
rats are wonderful is what you said

Haunted by the Ghost of the Cat

finally i hear finally i hear finally i hear the scream of the cat

Sex is When
sex is when the body becomes something something else of the body it becomes mechanical it becomes becomes becomes the mechanical

There Was Once This Guy

on a quest i found what i was looking for suddenly things made sense boring i thought so boring that things could make so much sense

Fashions of the Town

lifted from the very thin pages of my life the thing i knew i once knew more than anyone i was a smart boy the boy who hid a massive knowledge betwixt glossy hair this place has so many secrets so many secrets waiting for you and me i hold you at night when it doesnt mean a thing

Walking Home
nihilism of this kind can only come from spain or missouri this doll kid this boy hes worth thousands of lives ive been obsessively following his every move getting others to endure it with me ask around ask around ask around i know it may all seem like that im the no i assure you its the pure truth theres no more to this story from here on it gets gory

Conversations on Disease
going home never felt so like it was clicking all clicking into place the things i wanted and never could have i never understood what anyone meant and now i dont know what to think of anything this is the game this is the greatest game ever invented

The Greatest Game Ever Invented II

he took it all right there in bed i dont mean he took what i said he took it all meaning life is what he had its all he ever had

Sad Skunk
holding its body against mine exchanging warmth like young in the alley greedy greedy greedy this house feels natural i cant help but feel natural everything here reminds me of the things i need to forget so i forget them this is really scary i hate this i hate this i hate this

Toothless Marshes
sometimes being seems wonderful sometimes it seems petty awful

The Day that Never Was

to be born is the trickiest of things the softest of things the morning of things lying in the middle of the road noone loved him

Glass Smiths
smashable constellations easy lies the child was mine the child cried frightened

Solid Misery
there are three parts solid misery in there there are five parts solid misery that comprise the makeup of this home

Mottled Metal
hanging here on this wall the poster displaying my fall another thing for my mind to absorb there were so many things for my mind to absorb here i create things for myself, new ways of seeing bumble bees

Windy Night
the principal a principal the mayor a mayor the greatest disaster of our time the principal a principal best held to understood it wasnt anything too important the greatest dance of all time the light of this night will forever be engravened on my sight

Truman Capote Lookalike Contest

throwing people off their rocker seems to be the latest craze these thugs smashed my teetth but failed to smash my confidence in this town

Beauty and the Beauty

entrapped there was no way out of the garage his fingers were gingerly crushed crushed like the pants he wore to this night this special night the final meeting he fell asleep, awaiting another night

Le Outsiders
falling asleep he could remember exactly what he said the day before and the day before that the day he left his bike at the edge of the hill the blank alleyways on these days he takes a walk through mottled jewel like trees he can see the future of this place his place nothing can make him laugh anymore

Jokes on You
this beer tastes like human flesh jokes on you

Fantastically Alive
he ran home when he knew the small truths revealed so many truths, the mind

First Wheel as Second Wheel

attracted yet scared these men encircle me bored these men encircle me scored

All Sorts of Wrong

in the being there is being in the soldier there is wrapping shards of glass unknown soldier taking another chance

Honky Hoome
this town the silliest of towns blight on this town and its people heads full of snow, slurred seeing his face in the car was so painful so very painful this town is the sunniest of towns blight, its people are pathetic creatures, broken creatures, fellow creatures the whitest of creatures one thing fell into place the whole machine was greased working together like the rusty parts of this town one thing fell into place even though it was all so plastic, not original they left without me these rusty people

Naturally Strange
having forgotten how bad things were i was shocked to see this face in front of me, the same face i wanted to die i laughed at it, sat back realized this place will never escape anyone who lives people are sick again, the same people who became so badly sick come here to visit, but dont wait for me i know youd leave if i was just two minutes late thats why i hate you

Misfortune of my Biology
manchild for me i dont mind that you are just another man child for me i forgot the home i wanted to go to the home i wanted to escape there was something funny about how much we tried to get beyond ourselves this life is serious about taking so much away from me of course daddy, i need the tightest pants i can find manchild for me dont mind me dont mine me dont mind me im just another manchild too

The Vaults of Horror

moralizing parents, schoolteachers clergy, the ones who put me under attack

Wombie Zombie
the greatest zombie ever bred the finally great hits of curses so many lonely days with ben as my husband i dont know why i would run, either? there are so few things that i know so few things that i know thumbing life in my teeth love, knew that love could change, strong

Kentucky Kentucky Strings Like Kentucky

hitting notes of pleasure pleasure inside of the cities the streets lined with leasure pleasure inside of cities the streets hit notes of holes inside festered the city

Falling Down, Almost Everything

his face hid inside of blackness the blackest of times the best of times i knew so many ups and downs all inside of the great room all inside of the very great cloudy room i knew so many histories so many cries into the skies i could feel the cries the best cries the only cries fathers last goodbye there was only one in time there are changes fast voices the voices the beautiful voices inside i knew that time followed me even in death the death i wanted to know so many things to know all i knew there were so few things

that i really really really knew

Booty Dancing to Philip Glass

in there the great jewel the jewel reflected life itself

Rare and Wonderful

luring the kitten out of a spider hole ben knew will was not a thing in a thing ben knew life would lead him astray out of gods hands ben knew sleepwalking was true

rcok on rock on theres a whole lotta rythem in these rockin bones so many bones when i die

Into the Stare

donkey song donkey song there was a boy who once loved me there was a boy once in there the stare loved me once there are songs to sing charming i said im beguiled i said i didnt know the charm of his smile i said

inside this little room was a little room fun can be fun inside of this room here is another place i knew we couldnt be together because we couldnt love eachother dont even look at me Ignoring the Inevitable situations are funny when theyre gone theyre something else in the house on a hill there the rolling hills knew no boundaries the freeze took it all the freeze took everything they had

Cold Day Growing

dried leaves wither shake in their rattling bone the street was grey wet what i heard that morning i didnt know i knew i would never hear that morning again

People Who are Weak

i thought i saw you but it wasnt you his new asshole will be named on the next episode my friend, my friend, my friend my dearest friend

Strange Times
this game this boy this greased knowing as love in the game strange times strange times strange times

Words With Him

the future is looking dim i dont understand the world my heart ran away it ran far away up and above

Film Ideas
slow faces swaying lollipop boys faces swaying boys faces everything ask josh ask ryan ask weston ask isidro ask chris ask chris ask all the boys you know

Baby Dolls Dolls

this is the idea he loves best the town he loves best looking out for himself

The 1950s Psychosis

everything was everything everything was stars in the midst of paranoia the stars tonight hitting in echoey blackness the dimness of regret the eyes were for you too everything was everything was the moon age behind these voices hit in nothing random paranoia

Milky Blackness
His name was Milky Blackness, all he knew to do was sit on the avenue, he sat there staring the other boys down, muscley arms sing goodbyes. Milkys hair was black of course, inherited from his father, or another childhood, his mother always told him the truth about these things. He knew he could get away, but he didnt know where to, he often looked beyond his window for answers, the answers were always as black as Milkys hair. Milkys hair. One morning, he saw into the screen of his window, there he saw the mirror of life, the color changes, the Technicolor sea, the rule of the earth. And his Soul left his body. As often they do, and will happen to you.

Free Kitten
unto death he sent them, another thing he sent them too humble pleas to you boy crazy oh, they called him that name over and over his father said his name boy crazy, boy crazy is your new name you lived in the closet hidden under old clothes who knows what you can do, what you admit is your craziness i dont know boy crazy i dont know him i hid in the closet away from that monster

Boy Crazy
His father named him Boy Crazy, those two black eyes staring up at him, not knowing the future, the future of this life. There were many fights from there on in, the buildings shook at night, above above i asked for love. Into the hands of sadness there was, another sadness, his little head rearing from a black hole, named Boy Crazy.

gay like a clown still around i reel into the gutter make believe make believe me away sons and sons will arrive sons and sons will arrive

Dreamy Towns
murders for venus in venus to venus

Missing the Missing

the glittering spectacle another glittering sueded surface this assortment of things oh, it mesmerizes me

Pictures of me
that soft background that soft light that curvy hair that curvy suit those glimmering looks the smoldering looks those pictures of me those pictures of me those pictures of me

Taken Advantage of
hide i said, hide i ran, behind the wall, i ignored his stares. he stared at me, wondering about the collection of different things in front of him, a challenging puzzle he was forced to put together, assembling before his eyes, the answer he wanted. he only wanted one answer. in magic, i believed, there

The Story of my Friends

becoming more and more obsessed with ben, i dont know what he wants from me, im going to make him mixed tapes just to see what happens. if nothing happens than ill go away forever, and we will have missed eachothers orbits for the rest of our lives. etc.etc.

plato creates his world he created this world this funny thing he made it all up he says people he really likes so great so great plato made up this world this beautiful world that only he can live in he says hes sincere so sincere is the truth this is the world he lives in he says hes sincere and thats the only thing that matters

Plato III
collects his coat, tears the pages up he killed the young only the young oh my oh my plato i do love you too take this warmth, let me plato dont cry , i can hear you dont worry because you belong theres nothing else, theres everything else across time across experience, what experience? mine for yours my plato

Puddin Tain
let me tell you all the things that ive been thinking about i know i dont tell you how i really feel too often but this time there is something different in my words, or the way i will tell them to you i do love you, and i am in love with you, and i will be with you forever and ever, for always my boy my best boy

Adventures of Space
brooding man, my best friend, my only friend i did this for you and only for you and someday i will die for you mentioning, in essence, dont compare me to whomever, whatever can i have an ending, please i am speaking to the boy inside

Super Dead to Me
also there was once, this plaything a product, i would say, of a dead age this plaything lost its way, too many chords i didnt want to know it anymore too many play things make things make mistakes its been said the truth is what we can rely on the truth is not the truth in most cases lying on a bed of histories

Self Away
when bodies hit peaks oh they hit peaks crashing together like shards of ice on a painted canvas borrowed cars are what its all about there are high peaks punching through another broken sky another broken sigh simply punched through there could have been other ways of going about the nuisance of sleep

Trashing the Last

in the craddle of its life it could find too many ways to enfold in it any semblance of life left on cold slopes in the craddle of its very small lives it could find so so many ways of bringing about the warmth of llife left on cold slopes anonymous minutes chirp past anonymous minutes break past the now

No Longer Doubt
there once was a very old person who lost so many things pride, emotions, situations that are hard what can be done for this kind of person is something even more unspeakable than an empty life the emptiest of lives cant compensate for a thousand slaps to the face can completely whipe a face away reminiscent of deadening ice and calmed amongst other things

A Rare Nature
the coldest man alive can break open the necessities to thrive, he said i know exactly what you want finally i tell i can say that i cant give you another thing because things can be too valuable to great to break open the tightening of these chords is the story ive read a thousand times before more chances is what i have nothing left of

Perhaps He Liked to Play

tilting his head slightly he wondered perhaps he likes to play is what flitted through this young mind perhaps he likes to play, intentions

Clandestine Relations
on the curvature of the world there is another world hidden beneath the shadows of clandestine relations we can find the words we need seeking everlasting morning on the curves creating the portal from this world and the next pulsing in darkness this hiss pulsing in darkness the shallow burrow under flap of flesh eyelids flutter swmming towards new shores

Screaming Body
an animal once told me this is not a dance song an animal once shouted to me in a malaise that even i cant comprehend oh my god this is not a dance song in my mind so many things have shifted the plates of the earth shift only faster and faster its expressions whenever i tell it something too serious that there are no words for it creates more hatred in me than the entire world can create with all the people in it you will feel the same way someday if the world can go away

in due time twilight the red sweetness of twilight leaving room for the holy ghost

Stone Works
yes you, son of a bitch and the sons of a bitches bitch the hooting owls, withering owl-like gaze withering withering the grueling work, of this withering gaze, a thousand years fixed upon, the mechanized surface of these eyes of these eyes a greying strange and narrow glaring the vision of someone wronged little blues little face through a veil time was broken pieces pressed into the crevice of the sack carried away on these road ridden trees or a flock of trees road ridden can you hear me calling?

Hearing All
this boy said, he can hear it all, hear everything, breakage of course, the time mellowed, inside there stood three like the prince, not coming home in this white light, only in this shade of light suspicions made love, father, he went for me, the dreams stood amidst great periods of time

Turning Six Into One

meaninglessly, i become less than one, this made me more complicated a figure than i ever expected to be, now i have to hold up the wealth of the skies, everything we ever dreamed of, because of this, oh well, because of that, oh well i am a heavy figure to begin with. he sat there, staring over his shoulder, into the darkness of the room, the valueless curtain opening revealed the door, which opened to yet another nothing. what did i expect to come through? i cant remember, a spirit of some sort. the spirit of factories

Of Factories
in these factories oh these factories there was the light of a thousand factories there in his home, the home ridden like grey factories, the smokiness essembling itself in this kitchen every morning these voices are the mechanized whines, greasey whines, into the whines, the sounds of these rusted walls more factory machines i see

Abbott and Costello Meet All the Pain in the Entire World
just like a skeleton oh, it was just like the skeleton in a field by the school house there stood the rapid features rapidly formed in the air and just as rapidly disappearing too religion in child hood he had memories of times wherein the death bed rattled away his daddy was uncontrollable most times this castle smells, an odorless smell dampened news infancy going on disturbs me thickening white flakes boiling over disturbs me in my throat i can feel a numbness growing it spreads quickly

Methodology of Progression
gay people kill their best successes so many people kill their wicked west in the edges going up and down the intricate sides of this victorial house victorian home like a spider crawling up the sides of this, in wedges ridiculous home ridiculous home my home in the shape of a gnome no longer, the pixels anymore the long crying of another no no no so many years ago, so and so wasnt a word so we dont take it seriously anymore etc etc hence the methodology of progression i realized that the porn changed position with my head and not the other way around

Half the People in the World Died

god what a boring house this blue place can be god what a phase im going through in this magazine growl we can hear industrial phased factoires, factories crazy love stories in shadows the vampire pulled out pulled out rushing out of hell

There Was an Old Man

in the world we are in this great world in this great world in the world we are in this great world in this great world in pictures photographs where i am not living give into my philosophy of the world very transparent, beautiful suicidal man of me swimming

My Imagination Has Reached its Peaks

embracing the end of the journey i shut my eyes in a borrowed world fun is fun when it is fun

Background White
creeping chamber where i sleep i feel it creeping over me in sleep

bodiless bodiless the fields lay bodiless past desires lay naked upon these gray shimmering fields the morning never felt so cold before so realization

Ted Never Forgets

so we all know how funny he feels especially when dying

Trail of the Traumas

degeneration keeps falling down into the darkening mud so thick and limitless at the bottom this generation falls deeper and deeper into its own glistening pit a blistering fit licking clean, deliciously licking it clean

The Thing
in the woods outside of this place, there thrives, oh what there thrives, bubbling blackened up from the ground. they came, it came, whatever can come came bubbling black like the worst disease imaginable, no medication can cure it. my mind was pregnant finally literally pregnant the creature crawled from a burst head boiling over into existence watching murders go by like trains the seaside was wonderous all year round simply wonderous he stared out ahead into wonderous the seaside was cold this year his body shook in the wind shaking and breaking beneath a thousand terrible heavy winds grunting over the lapsed flesh teeth gnashed into the sky this creature took me on a journey into what it meant to be myself in the sky my body burned to a simply put crisp erasing life into the mirror of the skies

this creature made me himself more than several hundred curses later they followed me into the ocean

The Entertainer
remarkable an entertainer on the surface amazing entertainer down into the puddles of the glowing streets create invisible face create invisible mind remarkable remarkable so many remarks to make this man keeps me saner, my entertainer

Winter Breakfast
windmills can shatter too, i said too i said my vase stands glass rigid at the window, shatter-like and shatterless two by two the window panes can shatter in this morning wind warmth emanates from my organs caterpillars into the space

Pillow Kingdom
a heavy breath of life escaped me realizing how much i must go on and on and on the pillow kingdom consumed me realizing how much we all must go on, oh yes, forget about it on pillow kingdom engulfs another town, swallows another person, spurts up milky whiteness my life was a fountain to climb on the creation of these words leaves no doubt that these words are or can be as empty as anything

Another Rooftop After

another roof top a size too small another roof top i knew i needed a change floating above the night time county each light was named, another thing, screaming as we sped across the black night time sky another time another roof top called us losing was the worst parasitic losing, you could say seeing the ground from the sky the grass had our names written in it the world was our skirt tips tips of the roof top

To Know You
autumnality regret this autumnality at its very best who knew the leaves could fall shattering entire underneath a pithy mixture mixture of truth mixture of sky borne bluntly the truth the home town wanted confessions home town wanted the very best in confessions this waltz waltzed along a sludge machine trudging along the rusty squeeze box

Forget About Another Rainy Afternoon

music in the stretching trees of evening today i bit myself in half a building i once saw tipped over spreading out before for my butter on my toast this town spreads out greedily fields run from us now the ground is bursting with electricity

Wonder Wonder Wonder

funny things can be said if youre dead the house was collapsing into itself if youre the self itself another time i was a bell walls broke down for me you did too, if only you could remember, the blood in homes in homes in homes small creatures stand noses close to the ground scraping cement they howled one time in my lifetime i knew so many things and now i know very little and sometimes nothing at all but only sometimes i cant imagine a life like the one i had before i cant imagine a life like the one i had before

Boo Hoo
transparency is friendly almost a joke when the ghost comes into choke homes of the lady she ran screaming down the stairs so many stares so many stares ran screaming down these stairs this long hair a lack of modesty cascading down backs the longest brown hair the shimmering sex cascades my lack modest lacking i hide alright i said, on fire i said harboring secret desires i knew only the worst jobs only the worst threats no more donations to this church of hell will be taken taken into the sky by the infamous windego i brunt to crisp

now im dark now im gone now im staying stabbing into another creature bring forth pinpoints of light i knew the truth was that i couldnt win the fight and that i never even had a chance, in a glance my blood was bad i knew it was bad to be had oh, to be had having fun i burst at my seams flesh enfolding the threads threaded flesh quadruple bursting at all seams overtaking all semblance of these folds upon and opening on each other between the south and those gross combinations no thanks i cant stand the combination

Midnight at the Black Nail Polish Factory

those machines rumble i say rumble with the blood of its workers greased i propose a deed to ruin these machines make waste of this production take the blood out of its workings i propose the greatest deed the deed

Innocent, Porcelain
pope innocent, porcelain evens what he claimed i was terribly most terribly maimed my home became porcelain even cracking in ways well, lets say id rather not even know where to begin home became porcelain even, rubbed down in design swirling with magnificence, lit up atomic paris, the perfect sin porcelain became home even, braided with the hair touches christian men letting their own hair down innocent, porcelain blind face we took a walk wed never forget caressing the road like squeezing his bit cut out my self cut out of myself cut out of my mind streaming through the valleys and mountains of kittens hair covered back streams of caressing halo way

hidden in the violence mountains i got to dancing sometimes hairline fractures in the window pane hurting myself or the son in his mind? cement covered in the parking lot he too, knew, he could hide there forever hard to find hard to know hard to find, the only feeling his parents show he was in control of everybody there was no other workshop he didnt know how to try this is my vaccination what you knew could curse and i awakening from sleep was sexual snow covered hills rolling down with grand dad snow covered fields rolling down oh the glad and the dead a diamond pearl castle-like eye the diamond list

brutal on the lie shimmering there car crash he found the end atlast transmitting from heaven on a bed of iridescent clouds darkening down to the ground touched by god fine times dark nights sight was the smallest thing on their minds bedding down there minds in lust many things were wrong, sometimes alone, it was more wrong, in the mind in the distance time

Processions Processions
god save the processions walking, columnar down the gravel road men in sessions taking confessions the gravel pit meets them they manouever around it gathering water like minds on their lust beating their drums the ironic shocking silence of birds an abbey of lusts great creation beyond all thats good is the error

Sore Lips
true love, like any soap contains the legend of my demise guiding you through forest, nook, and nanny true love, and only that does this poetry chopin poetry my dearest chopin the tremors of alienations affliction at night we cant even hold our hands together in unison we dive dive dive, heads banging together the treasury of alienations affliction in the middle of moon light the greatest malfunction i could muster there was trepidation there, still using the fawcet water poured out of things take our towels the chop chop chop chop chop the greatest malfunction in existence chop chop anyway, we had short hips

sore lips hard nips miserable antiquation antiquation was his life

there werent so many things as people supposed the fallen can fall just the same and even more in youth trees lined her pathway graying into bloody autumn she forgot where she came from she had no clue where she was coming from betty ran through the path in hopes of being the poor memory she searched for answers but couldnt find any a pale yellow blurb into the fields is where she went nobody felt nobody feels the telephone rang, the sky was blue i answered it to find no one but you what do you want from me? that morning the telephone rang catching up with me was a memory

in the sky, yes there are lights, more than aliens, in those lights more than anything in this type of light they say it comprises a monster but i cant tell you his name in there inside of there

Liker Your Normalcy

we should be home by now we should be gone by now look down at this grime never again is mine blindly we walk through shadows growing, rotting in the meadows a body slowly disappears in slime likened to your normalcy

Return to the Thin White Duke

born again i lived until the end over and over it re occured, re occult supreme loss supreme loss kaleidoscopic extremes sun is skewed, we ate of the moon fueled by the curse

Another Time Another Time

another time from here i was near the recent subject, i was master of that face to face with the end of everything the things in my life caress me, cease to impress me self made fabrics sweet satin silk and fabrics in my room the current steely diamond ring scratching my eye across ice criss loss with swollen blades another time from here i was near what i could be then another one another one another one another one of them things in my life caress me, man made fabrics wardrobe of the throngs now facing a broken end

The Rectal Casm

the rectal casm sparkles in deep netherworld my phantasm sparkles in the grating noise of hell open to doors of deeper places therein lies the murderous secret slimey walls close on dark desperate secrets inside the elaboration the climbing gold of these caverns clawing into the solidity my own luxury the soft satine, plastic and satine, almost asleep not serene inside this elaboration the climbing grime moldy rot crystal fuzz

Pretty Boys Make Bottoms

the abstract designs of the porn set decorator too the british ogre mr. british ogre driving his car straight through you unknown problems, in a desert a cruise ship island this is where i was the murder was committed on the vast plane separating each sector each room, a slick moldy decoration, empty corners, corridors more rococo than the last, because walls led to nothing, doors opened square death came fast a couple with increasingly growing population of small dogs an aging superstar, squealing mounds of fur enbedded in thickening carpet the deadest of weight her life rolled out extending for hate each satine wall, each blended yellow wall, sanitized, leading towards glass doors the glittering sea beyond and the grassy moors on the other side, more glittering

than anything else i could have ever seen, i could see guards the yellow haze of the sky, the morning of those murders on the highlands this is where the world is for me, life on this ship amidst the empty sea these are the only walls ive known, born in this prison, a cruise ship island climbing increasingly, golden charmed, scrolling up and over glittering mass of purple glass, a globular crust encrusting the kitchen, crawling growing growing more inside of me and this litter of hairy and hairless demons, they had been together for so long this island of murder where the scientist murdered his children his wife and killed himself in my house a history i never knew of until it slipped towards me, from childbirth a secret truth seasons changed on the cruise ship island, but the sky was always cloudy moving through vast terrains of sparkle homeless pain for sacred things my mother the coming the coming the coming news was finished finally news was obsolescent opalescent, afire with glinting color the moon was bright foul hole

prophet and prophetic prophetic dead walker the same news of golden supremacy walls shone with encrusting hard glamour a sticky stretch sprays into flesh of the light light of the flesh so bright it turns on dead sensual snake blame risk and mistake un-slipped and away from me dream like ocean came to life spreading out and infinitude in front of me glory of murder on the grassy hills windswept and gray sky hovering above a special glittering sea, ablaze illuminating you and me there the walls climbed, puppies yelping the evening, this evening, was beautiful, smoky air hung in the air thick with pale rose and orange smokiness haze of fire haze of fire i live in the womb dark cave-like murder under monster beds another world sweeter world

Tales of a Gay Porn Star

tales of a gay bareback porn star stars glistening voids hello lloyd furry grunt also known as pins on the dick pins on the very tip dick, a strident lick to suck out the body the body of the tick swaying in trees elbows and knees bodies a tease i said with a sneeze and the tip was on pins pins pins and gore pins by candle light he hide his secret hood his secret in candle light nobody knew, everybody knew so much so much so many things to know vacation is tomorrow though i may never go swallowed by the ocean mass swallowed swallowed swallowed down to a pearly blue amber and gold ocean floor a mass to adore the city was light, sparkling and light

too much for my sight i fell back in fright for the holy divinity of this infinity was too much for my affinity the aesthetics of a nunnery swallowed by the ocean mass swallowed swallowed swallowed down to the pearls and blue amber gold a golden floor the essence of a bore his elegant head swayed with every snore who knew this could happen to me too? pale and amber and gold was the kingdom a swallowed bird coughing nearer a death bed he called out his death and read it for a year the drop from above was a divinity tear bird caught up with its pray who knew what to do what to say the shaking of the bed said hell soon be dead and awake in the night of the day pale amber his face glowed pretty although his dead flesh seemed slimy and gritty the dirt stuck to its age its blessed age said so much, its age said so much as thin as a page from an book of hours oh showers oh showers of wash away showers its muddy blue bloat blended into the flowers

my castle my castle welcome back to my castle

Medieval Midwives
storming hills traveling troupes confronted by a pig on a hook, fractured pig, sparkling pig confronted like the pig knowing now is the time its very strange how life changes going over in a thin glaze thin golden fine haze, layer after layer revealing the ranges, a colorful trope of forever changes will we ever come to terms with his forgetfulness? will we ever come to terms with his forgetfulness? golden fingertips rubbing fingertips slight scrubs across the versions of my skin fleshless, bountiful, a rimming carousel terrified of a horny male a woven trip ripped and adventure sleeping forever hey forever is forever listen to me

totally thrilling walking nowhere forever is forever, an excuse for forever speaking on terms pleasant but disturbing the new world is disturbing moving and stirring into a quiet future the future a monotony, a quiet future

Old Preserved Flesh

glory of the water my beautiful preserved flesh afloat a floss in the water shelf the blockiness a shelf the water preserved state paperweight glistening clarity of another into glowing daylight, glowing on the flesh, fine haze this daylight, brilliant on the flesh, where i rest my gaze there was where where i knew knew i could find home home of my youth with room after room, another brilliant room arching stairway, a wodden stump, glint of glistening a hissing hump curved glass chandelier, an arching stairway a window that gives way towards a tear, a drop of a teardrop chandelier silent family silent and think i walk from an empty vehicle grass sticks there here and there crows arent scared

they crawl

They Crawl
up and down, a smiling crawl absorb absorb into this absorb the sheen, fine foggy sheen they crawl they crawl they crawl from another land climbs into the honeycomb space a crumbling lie i want to be burnt i want my ashes to be thrown into the sea i want everything that i love to be thrown in after me in me after me almost after impaled on me waiting for thee lubed and spewing climbing onto the building climbing onto the building climbing onto the building the fantasy of killing

imitate my body imitate my head imitate no nobody imitate youre dead

Dreamies Dreamie
dreamie sat up in bed, a blue shock of light careening into the ceiling, what a world i just escaped what a world, oh what a world

Curious Mister Punch

always dreamy mister punch my little munch my curious little munch always joking always tricking always the trickster my little mister punch mister munch

Race Wars
slowly and slowlier i become the teenage werewolf body amidst fruition growth after growth a dirty city becoming a dirty city into a dirty city the grime and the streets caked thick as icing the dirt slowly and slowly, but slower i become and more and more as histories pass becoming is so fun

The Hyper Modern Queer

there is a difference between the definitions of hyper modern and modern avant garde in the reductive qualities of those simplified synths are the essences of a modernity the experimental was born the year after i was the greatness of the lie is that the experimental was in practice many years before it was born i am simple the godless and the god search for me in the sublime im not scared of anything of this generation i am the best the newness lives on inside of me a salute to fascisti see his hands raise into the air the first masterpiece of existence as plain as the first dna forming from mud the complications therein

there is a difference between the definitions the modern and the other the context wherein i was born remember the difference in accepting the difference there is one, here between the fast and the old those reductive electronics things that hold sway i knew that the digital told me where we were at it spoke to me in digital voice and voiceover a digital and digital and digital being came into existence once again, because i had a hand on the forceness of the new i grew from inside overwhelmed and encompassing the passing phrase of weirdness the ending of the governing here we are born anew and blind the blindness overcame me, i knew not a sign undertags and undertags the cities dress like the future skinny hipster future a mutation on another future but much more future than the past you see the lobotomy was me in the past we watch the clock stop on pastel formations a traditional sense of masculinity we watch the past form us into many roles many people we inspired all of them now i dont know who we are, the best of us dress as if we were elves a medieval fantasia

skinny legs and furry sweaters a hat or two the polaroid achoo achoo a cobra snake bit me once injecting me with prophecies of the future a mutation on the experiments of yore the soon to be poor a class unto itself a class until it becomes again to become the being is a blind animal it is blind to become is to being now in the sublime the new world is great of a brilliant thousand new a thousand a thousand a thousand anew

Today I Dreamt of A New Future

tonight i blind me into a suture tv star riding around riding around in a killers car i only see you in hallways the endless hallways dont you know that you must cooperate with this alienation? we can do it in reductivity the simplified notions the horn sounds the beginning of the new see it in an agnew martin color scheme i vote for the feeling of the new existing on another realm? well who the fuck cares? the beginning one eras appropriation who knew so quickly it would move into the advanced realms of anothers view the shock is renewed

(this poem is not yet finished, but is, according to my radical ideology of living in the moment) spank combining the end im only as radical as many people know that i am my claim is short like ten thousand short someday i dont know there might be a book or no i dont know forget it though i honestly dont know what to say about dark parts of lives the thing is that you have an entire womans life in an album the light of the time entire lives take place between the pages a simplified forgettably is what were all about but there you go between a hundred pages there exists the need to transgress the forgotten people a forgotten age youre so in tune with the times that its ridiculous

an unfinished poem about you i know youre reading this mindfuck mindfuck mindfuck i am scared of over simplifying the problems or ignoring the problems i dont want to be blamed but i know whats true for right now

Lighthouse Dreamings
what was the essence of the lost postmodernity? the relationship between hot air and a cool drink? is this alienation or what? what what the essence? this is an abstraction beyond comprehension redefinition is svengali-like jiving redefinied god given unconscious in conscious confident and condescending lost in glass glass like posture sculpture is stiffer but now now awful i see it

Things You Do Are the Things We Must

alienating everyone i know im not interested in anything abstract shards of electronic sound all of them especially the really trashy stuff stuart gordon i read alot you probably wont find out casting bullets down upon groups out to kill dropping from the skies the end was nearer than we suspected the group dispersed the bell sound repeated the future we sought for was soon rejected

Frosty The Lone Halloween

frosted tips oh my oh what can i do when the leaves turn blue turn you return you frosted tips oh my oh what i can i do when the leaves turn blue turn on you returning me to you now a present for you lonely now returning love to one who died oh i can feel it oh i can feel the love for you although i never knew you you see i made it all up in my head and now i can make up how youre dead written at the desk of your love the wooden life in wooden tail glass eyes of the fields staring from me about you about you in the rows, dark rows, a feeling a new this way now im glad and i have a home to go too

although constructed of thinly veiled wafers cinnamon, chocolate, sugar spun dreamy baby head i have a home too you inside of you feeling new this time, this way now im glad and i have a home to go to although constructed of thin wafers, the gingerbread manor glistening trees sweating out life sweat on the bed meg in the bed and soon to be dead an autumn once said eye shadows shadowed things for the night theyre what just must busted my nuts in the blue cement room corner row tiger marked iron gates a new collar open the door forget me not i see you staring in this hidden wrist watch a pleather under pants whispering new names on the sofa stealing the trinkets youre a trinket once i had ians hair once i tripped it up by the end of winter it will commence again the tubular strength the maze like fright

mazes in the dark un-tame able in the morning memories kicked alive coalesce with memories warm now warmer i love this synagogue performance i hope the states institute some form of voter safety this election brings out the crazies like never before an eternal election unblock enshrined in the cementhood of young manhood touch me elliott from beyond reanimator too genius

The United States of America

bringing bringing the failing cringe a golden outside like the cloud, other ones made the decision, brilliantly columned on our side a phase held place bringing or another cloud many of my own, hidden in a crowd, could you believe that the suns rays felt as new as this, first light on a fetal cringe so many angered a new ringing, lets go back to my time, you beckoned, life was funny, too funny to explain i escaped into, bright past, there was no irony there, destructing the sublime, life was different as it scatters another brilliant another ecosystem organisms a lobotomy bringing bringing cloud like ordinariness a blaze anew trap and less like the older ones who hate us now older ones who dont know to go about the business business of the day my soul crooned, i have good will, good happiness

inevitable it happens hey sometimes theres renewal too, like new life forms and whatever else new sports, pulling on the gleam of armor we did it

Virgin Wife
virgin wise virgin wise voice like a disney soundtrack bells swirls devils script sells eliot has a voice like the world on fire hurricane wire broken glares sun rising melting snow my death face frozen forever into the ice melting when they removed my stiff body necessities oh necessities the twinkle of stardust snow memory like past my eyes your eyes memory snow going away i go away, a train station today a train station tomorrow anticipation gets me down somehow im special at finding it a passing miracle

the sun was blue like the sky and everything else was spilled over with longing freedom it blew over with the fire of freedom hell, brimstone, all that stuff it blew over my eyes introducing me to nothing stolen away hello intro to hell torment

Intro to Hell
loud stars too empty happy ness never began deep within lights wander too swollen swollen heart so blood swollen echoes hidden love catch crack snatch the hidden ditch swirling through winds in the night time hidden witch on a broomstick bring me

Strange Dream
i dreamt that i was inside of a hotel, and the hotel was on a major city block in a major american city. the hotel was old on the inside, like a grand hotel from the gilded age. the walls were covered in wallpaper from the titanic, the staircases were all carpeted with red velvet roll-up pathways, etc. there were chandeliers and many many rooms. but the hotel was sinister, like the overlook. the rooms it held had alot of secrets. i remember that i ran from the hotel, i had a lover in the hotel, he was an older man, he would walk around without a shirt on, his torso was lean and muscular, but not attractively so, lean and muscular like someone who was about to die of aids, in fact i think that my dream-consciousness dictated that he did infact have aids. he was bald. he would walk around the hotel and greet people. i ran from the hotel down the streets looking for someone, but all i could find were tourists mainly from sweden. i ran back to the hotel, but the elaborate facade had disappeared. instead there was just a lacquered door with a golden number on it. i dont remember the number. i opened the number and there was a small staircase leading to a banquet hall. it was the hotel. in the banquet hall were all of the european tourists who i had met on the street. there was a big window, on the windowsill was a bird with barack obamas head. it was singing all sorts of songs, i realized that the songs were actually lines from the bible, but not, they were just regular lines of prophetic type imagery, but my dream-consciousness concluded that they were lines from the bible. my lover appeared, he was still shirtless, and still diseased, he had a nipple ring and i ran up to him and embraced him and then i tore his nipple ring out. he told me that the hotel

had many horrible secrets, he also told me that he knew that i didnt believe him. he told me to open a door, any door, and the secrets would be revealed. i walked past him and opened a door, behind the door was a hallway, with a spiral staircase that lead up and up through the hotel. i walked into the hallway, and suddenly gusts of wind started coming from down the staircase, filling the entire hotel with hurricane-like winds. everyone disappeared. suddenly a scared cat jumped from the doorway onto my hand. the cat was horrified of the winds. light began filling the hallway, there were all sorts of extraordinary alien lights, the winds began picking up even more unimaginable speed. the cat dug its claws into the flesh of my hand, i was too stunned to move. it opened its mouth and bit into my hand, it didnt want to fly away with the winds. i knew that if i held my hand completely still that, even though the cat had both its teeth and claws inside of my hand, it wouldnt wound me. so i held my hand completely still. the teeth and claws of the cat got bigger and bigger, digging deeper and deeper into the flesh of my hand, i watched as it started severing fingers and chunks of flesh from my hand, but i wasnt wounded, because i was holding my hand completely still. i took my other hand and started to crush the head of the cat. i watched as my other hand started to cave in the fragile skull of the cat under tremendous pressure, the flesh began to tear from its skull and the eyes began to ooze out, its brains oozed out too. the cat was screaming like a child. the winds began to die down, and suddenly the cat was gone. my hand was ok. my lover was gone, everyone in the hotel was gone. and i was alone in the hallway, this is when i woke up.

Kill the Kids

get the boy kill the kids kids a selfish mind tic tac to no no no we can go we can go we can go im gonna fall down now car, the tea, the catch, and moi im gonna kill im gonna kill im gonna kill the blind now catch moi et catch moi get the gun kill the kids kill this brat kill his selfish mind tic taco tic tac to wicked go a wicked witch in the ditch we can go too we can go too so now i see so now i see car, tea, wire, now i see you

Ta Da Da Dow Ta Da Da Dow Ta Da Da Dow

in a church organ i lived a shiny lie lived in the tubular form of the building hearing wind brought me to tears back to my tipsy house alone in the world now alone in a stoop in the now a georgian character the time and place is where i am white horse hair i remember the date a british chair a french chair around the bend he had this home for a long time he felt at home corners streets night time performance brilliant performance shining performance for a long time god was a performance his best performance coining often british mop tops stale bread hair jewellery twinkling on the midst of the gray gray corners we stood there trying the best

only the best in happiness repairing repairing only im repairing i staunchly up the blood pane worship this worship that worship this and that only that darkness blistering life oh blistering life opening revealing nothing only the spaces no more cures making a mixed tape for one who doesnt care making a mixed tape for someone who might kill me liking the blast from another fear another fear oh my god just another fear might be trying to convict me create me convert me to christianity what can i do in this dead town? brown with draping fears veiled tree moss this is really weird brain grass brain grass brain grass another story

i can be hidden i can be hidden citizen hidden oh the forests thats where im from brown horses forests of thrash taken home journey journey its definitely allowed for everyone here we dont do a thing about your sub conscious just let it go for everyone to use, information is ours to chose making a mixed tape for some guy who i think has only ever listened to the greatful dead and gospel music his entire life, is iggy pops version of china girl classic enough? what am i doing with myself? blue should i play him merzbow i guess im just going to do it scream man scream man scream from that cave a hellish cave the knave and eyeball gash yummy yummy kitchen nash nash nash mash mush yummy yummy kitchen mush it goes on it goes on it goes on

christmass gay against you telerad live it goes on

Song Generation Song Whatever or Song For a Future Generation

wasted years this guy didnt know who the velvet underground was the world is behind me so behind me i thought that was super creepy

Proposition 8
im not interested in anything except for actions, im interested in mental actions and physical actions what makes them actions and how those actions can be presented abstract shards of electronic sounds, repetitive pianos, harpsichord, organs, contrapuntal madness, confessional sobbing, electronic desert shores, memory music, pretend music, nothing music, Love Songs all of them all of them hammer stab all of them most of its here atleast you spent one day in los angeles while this insanity is going down! too much history in one week! could i be alive tomorrow could i be alive tomorrow

Walking and Talking

i am walking today unusual i am talking today unusual the spirit has filled me to the point of walking squeaking wooden tail glittering glass eye knock knock knocking against aglow a fire floor mothers birthing thighs squeaking wooden tail glittering glass eye knock knock knocking against our woven floor time for baby to die i am walking today unusual i am talking today, squeaking of my wooden voice knock clock rocking against the bedroom door hear babys sleep sigh

A Letter to Mitchell
drawing, does not a human, make. mitchell come over here sometime to drink and share ideas and watch new movies youve never seen before. i have alot of these things mitch, alot of good movies youve never heard about black rose manor? or funeral parade of roses both experimental japanese 60s films about warped genderfucks? youve never seen them mitchell, and i have them. or come over to listen to my extensive record collection. i have bathory on vinyl. or rare walter carlos singles and 45s from the late 60s? you could come over to browse through my collection of fine books, like my 1972 edition of gogo lewis and leon manleys anthology of doll ghost stories called the haunted dolls or my signed first edition copy of derridas the truth in painting? come over mitchell, forget drawing, come here. i have alcohol and fine commodities for you to consume.


i own your soul journey with me through the centuries i still have your soul enraptured always more enraptured all ways more a trope

During My Orgasm I Think of Science

i hear the analysis we are animals my animalism orgasm organism is pure mathematics when i think of ecstasy i think of him as an animal we are the animals the science of breeding, maintaining, controlling animals science turns my cock on i never feared in waves of channels distorted milky white might so much fright from when i remember that what gets me off more than anything else in sight is the science in the sex of our animals


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