About Us: Since 2002, Handmades has been working toward creating a distinguished position for itself in the industry

with its innovative idea of creating handmade gifts f or clients so that they can gift it to their loved ones on different occasions. What really makes our idea special is that we are the exclusive manufacturer of handmade glass quotations, earthern gifts, frames and a number of other gift art icles specially made for different occasions our clients love to cherish and cel ebrate.

Our company boasts of an extensive product range such as gifts for relations, fr iendship gifts, birthday gifts, love gifts, anniversary gifts, valentine gifts, religious gifts, new frames, earthern gifts, artist paintings, special occasion gifts as well as miscellaneous gifts. Along with the customization service, our company takes care of the fact that every order is created and delivered as per as the clientâ s requirement and demand. Our company, at present, has 1,00,000 pieces as its annual capacity production in order to meet the demands of its clients s pread across the world.

Right from helping them choose the right gift, to checking their quality during the process, to packaging them aptly for the occasion and delivery; our company makes sure each of our work process is in sync with our policy of having a clien t-centric approach towards the work. Even our raw material is procured only from reliable vendors that have a reputation in the market for their quality. Our pa rameters for quality are pretty hard, which eventually explains why we are known for our quality and durability of products.

Our success story wouldnâ t have been a reality, had it not been for our guide and me ntor, Mr. Pushpak Nimje. With his strong insights, and industry experience, our company has gained at every step and progressed by leaps and bounds in the marke t in a very short span of time. Starting from a humble beginning, our company to day boasts of a unique position in market. Our company shows gratitude towards h is immeasurable support and treasures his knowledge and experience in every poss ible manner. Product Portfolio: We offer to our clients a wide assortment of handmade glass quotation and gift. Specially our handmade products are very beautiful, innovative in designs and co lors. Our wonderful array of glass frames & gifts comprise of Birthday Gifts, Fr iendship Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Love Gifts, Gifts For Relation , Miscellaneou s Gift , Religious Gift Articles, Valentine Day Gifts. Moreover, we also offer s pecially fabricated products such as Artist Paintings , Earthen Gifts, Special O ccasion Gifts & New Frames. Our Product Range: Our company has created a niche for itself in the range of glass quotations and handmade gifts for different occasions. Not only are they unique and beautifully express your feelings for the occasion, our range fits a number of occasions th rough which you can make your loved ones feel special and cared. Our product ran ge comprises of items such as friendship gifts, love gifts, birthday gifts, anni versary gifts, valentine gifts, religious gifts, new frames, earthern gifts, art

ist paintings, gifts for relations, special occasion gifts as well as miscellane ous gifts.

Hereâ s a list of certain special attributes in our product range that makes it exclu sive:

* * * * * * * * *

Fascinating designs Attractive colors Excellent finishing Pure Durable Thickness Color Shape Design

In addition, we also offer special customization service required as per our cus tomerâ s demand in order to provide the best of services for even bulk of quantity.

Category Products Occasional Gifts Valentine Day Gifts Special Occasion Gifts Religious Gifts Friendship Gifts Miscellaneous Gift Birthday & Anniversary Gifts Birthday Gifts Anniversary Gifts Gift Frames Designer Frames Table Photoframe Art Work

Love Gifts Earthern Gifts Gifts In Relations Gifts For Relations

Packaging: Packaging comes as an important part of the whole order and the service. Our com pany pays special attention to the fact that all the orders are packaged with pr oper material and involve a thorough process. Only quality packaging material is utilized in the process and divided structurally in three levels. While the fir st level includes paper shredding and bubble wrap for individual packing, the se cond level is put to effect using corrugated cartons, wooden boxes as well as th ermocol sheets. In addition, there is a third level where our packaging experts go through the whole process and check the final product for timely and flawless delivery.

Applications Areas: These products find their use in certain special days of year like Mothers day, Fathers day, Friendship day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine day, Rakshaband han and several other occasions. However, these products are exported to various places.

Customization: In order to provide maximum client satisfaction to our clients, we also offer th e additional option of customization to our clients. The customer, as per their wish and requirement, can choose from a variety of size, design, shape as well a s different glass frames for the gift range. Also, we also develop special gift items completely customized on clientâ s special demand.

Vendor Base: Our vendors play a key role in forming a trustworthy relationship with our clien ts across the globe by providing best of quality with high-tech production techn ology. Our vendors are appointed only once they are thoroughly checked and are r eliable sources renowned for their quality. All of the imported items are made t o pass the quality checks our company performs in order to offer nothing but the best to our customers spread across the international markets. And this is what

puts their trust and long term loyalty towards our brand.

Our Team: Our dedicated and expert team has played an important part in our companyâ s success story. Not only they take extra care in order to maintain the quality of the pro ducts we offer, but also maintain a healthy relationship with all of our clients . Each of our professionals has considerable amount of experience which helps in forming a refined work structure to offer maximum of choices and satisfaction t o the clients. Industries Caters To: Over the time, Handmades has emerged as an established name which is largely app reciated by a wide customer base with its extensive variety of options, with its excellent quality and its innovative designs. Our whole product range has speci al gifts for different occasions such as Valentine Day, Friendship Day, Mothers Day and many more, due to which our products find application in a number of dif ferent places irrespective of the industries. Our customers are spread across th e country, as well as in international markets where all these occasions are cel ebrated.

Quality Assurance: Quality has always been one of the main highlights of our world-famous handmade gift range. Our dedicated team takes special pains to ensure that each and every gift item delivered to the client is defect free, and has premium quality. It i s because of our quality, that today we are a known name across the continent an d many other international markets. We conduct a number of stringent check-ups t o ensure the products all the required standards. Also, all the orders are check ed twice, at vendorâ s end as well as at our facility before finally delivering it. Client Satisfaction: Having a client-centric approach at work, our company has all its business polic ies as well as work process bend towards achieving the same goal, providing maxi mum satisfaction to the customer. Our quality is at par with international level and always assures a 100 % record in client satisfaction so far. No matter how big/small the client is, we provide the apt gift item from our extensive choices so that the customer feels perfectly right after investing its money and trust in our company.

Our Strength We are the only manufactures offering wide range of handmade glass quotations a nd handmade gifts. Our organization has gained a strong foot hold in the industr y owing to our following attributes: * Cost Effective Rates * Sole Manufacturer

* * * * *

Creativity Contemporary Designs Fast Delivery Best Quality 100% Handmade

Infrastructure Our company boasts of a high-tech infrastructure which has every thing required to give an almost flawless service to all our clients, no matter how big the ord er. Our spacious unit is divided structurally into separate divisions where ever y department focuses on its specific area, thereby improving the quality and the final product with utmost ease. There is also an exclusive unit for quality che ck-ups so that each and every product, before its delivery, is checked thoroughl y for any defect or any lack.

Why Us? After you become aware of the whole working process adopted by us in our busines s, and the kind of unique treatment we give to each order with our innovative gi fts, any buyer would not be left with much of confusions as to why we are the ul timate choice for any smart buyer when it comes to handmade, unique gifts which are able to express your love and care on your part.

Beyond that, our company is an exclusive manufacturer for handmade glass quotati ons and gift articles. There are a number of other factors too, which always wor k in our favor, making us an ultimate choice for a wide client base spread acros s the globe. Contact Us: Handmades Mr. Pushpak Nimje Charkop, Sector - 7, Kandivali West Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400067, India

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