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August 2011


the web solution would help you make the best use of this emerging trend. consulting.word of mouth advertising . new and potential customers. Information on the Bridge Mechanism used for the 3 Nationalized Banks. implementation. 4 .Executive Brief The Challenge Following the banking consolidation and injection of over N679 billion naira in to the new bridge banks in Nigeria.respond to Customer Enquires and Questions In Real-Time and with no Delays in information Distribution. Embedded Social Media to your website and other social media integration. cost effective and user friendly social media strategy. Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) is in need of proper information and communication management. The Solution Bincom is proposing a fully functional. the stability of the banking Sector and the Economy at Large. AMCON has the opportunity to : . implementation . project management and application development. and social web presence management package.Maintain and Manage Customer Perception and trust in the Banking Sector.Gain trust and loyalty of old. Integrity and loyalty of the Banks to the customers has to be established in the minds of the public. The Opportunity AMCON has the opportunity for to use of modern and world-class tools in social media to improve its customer/client perception. Twitter Followers. . . Ranging from customised Facebook Page.send Information to a wide variety of People irrespective of location and social status by the fastest mode of advertising . It is critical to communicate to the general public about safety of customer deposit and funds. internal & external stakeholders on the emerging social media sphere. This would serve as a “one stop shop” catering for needs of the general public. Our proposal is inclusive of strategy.

the undoubtably central hub to all social media effort on the world wide web is facebook. You have a cler opportunity to influence the flow of information . Banking Sector in Nigeria : The general public are talking about these issues on social media .com .. The question is : Are you harnessing facebook & social media’s full potential? . Currently..Why Social Media Social media is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2. The use and relevance of socialmedia all over the world has grown exponentially in the last few year. Businesses also refer to social media as consumer-generated media (CGM). which allows the creation and exchange of usergenerated content...0.

276 1.16 .. 039. and some statistics in Nigeria .67 % 7. 110. 044 1.. 320 2.. As at May 2011 Number of users on Facebook in Nigeria: Number of male users on Facebook in Nigeria: Number of female users on Facebook in Nigeria: Penetration of Facebook in Nigeria to population*: Penetration of Facebook in Nigeria to online population*: 3. 149...

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Networking . medium and short term goal ? What is key driver ? Brand-building .Harnessing properly the full potential of social media is not a question of if anymore but a question of . Customer Service . when & how ? Some questions to answer: What is the short... Sales Prospect and much more How do we measure Success ? Do we have the resources to ensure success ? We can help you develop a vibrant social media strategy .

Customer Service Social media has become a great customer service tool across many industries. By embracing the most popular tools available. and organisations seem to be leading the change when it comes to social media innovation.What and How can Social Media make a Difference? Perception Management Managing perceptions of the general public during this time is a key goal of the industry. By helping the general public have a painless transition in the complete brand change . This will help reduce the adverse market effect. It will help rebuild the customer confidence and avoid unnecessary customers panic and consumer distrust. Social media tools will give unique opportunity to manage and affect positively the perception of customers . various industries all over the world have also been embracing the best of what social media culture has to offer. A visible Twitter (Twitter) account can be a quick and easy first step in the customer service chain when people want to get specific information. being more active in engaging with their customers over social media channels about their products and services in real-time has been helpful in addressing problems with customers. this will give the banks the needed ability to retain its customers and gain new ones. For some brands. clients and the general public. .

. Community Building The world is changing.Whatever the objectives. a social network is an undeniably powerful research and development resource for organisations. Focusing on customer service and adopting the personality of the people they serve. organizations are rethinking what it means to be "close to customers". even brands that are known for building warm and fuzzy communities around their products and services. Product Research From crowdsourcing to find out what customers think about specific services to using social media as a tool in the arsenal to enlist customers to help develop new products. organisations must have a Social Media Strategy but most important is exceptional implementation. organisations have been finding that immersive marketing techniques using social media tools have can bring solid results. .Marketing & Promotion Brands using social media to brand themselves or to market a specific product or service have found success by integrating social tools into their existing campaigns or creating new ones that capitalize on the spirit of the community... Whether it’s by making the brand synonymous with solid real world experiences or giving people the power to do some good in the world. are now trying to foster their online community rather than appear monolithic and imposing .

We are Application Developers We shall work with our team to develop & program the best solution . . our drive is Best Use of Technology We can work with your team to decide on the best technology to use to achieve each business objectives in the most efficient way. We can strategise. Youtube. we can offer you an end to end solution from conceptualisation to implementation . and much more At Bincom ICT Solutions. with the best possible tools in the best overall packaging. We use Social media Tools Using social media tools including but not limited to Facebook. key managers & employees understand better and internalize the concepts underlying social media. We will work with you in creating a short & long term social strategy and policy — and then help your team execute it. . Flickr. develop. resulting in a powerful social presence. we are Experts & Trainers Our Social Media specific training will help your executives. Linkedin and much more. Youtube. Twitter. facilitate and deploy various social media projects that would be useful for your business.Why work with Bincom ? We are Social Media Strategists.

. determine. There are several opportunities on the various platforms available.Facebook is not the only social media platform available There are several social media platforms that focus on various areas including Videos. business outlook and short term organisational strategy we can to help strategize. Pictures. your choices will depend majorly on your . Professional Profiles.. facilitate and maintain the best implementations in the best over all packaging and best use of available technology work with you Facebook serves as a great backbone for most social media implementation and strategic drives.

You must have a Social Media Strategy but most important is exceptional implementation. maintaining that presence can test your endurance and ability to maximize the impact of your efforts. While establishing a business presence in popular social venues like Facebook and Twitter may be crucial to your online community building initiatives... several tools and techniques are available to help you meet these challenges. Your website is your online center of operations. word of mouth. but with the use of social media. Fortunately. Organisations must integrate customers behavior on social networks to their corporate website to increase relevancy. your presence can potentially get scattered across the web.best use of technology ... Let’s help you deploy ... . and trust Your entire Web Presence must be Integrated You have a rare chance to be one of the first few in Nigeria to fully embrace this technology for the purpose of your organisation...

developed and deployed GTCOMMUNITY for GTBank . designed. Product and Services. Corporate Social Responsibility. We strategized with.000 individual (fans + friends of fans) weekly with its various products and activities at a fraction of the cost of traditional media using social media. the facebook page has gathered almost 50. Use of social media has not replaced traditional media for advertising. facilitated. Branch locator. Do it yourself. Invite a friend. GTCommunity has features including but not limited to Naira Mastercard. a feat previously thought to be impossible for an institution of its nature (A bank). The platform has gained so much relevance in the banks’ corporate strategy that one of its new products (the first ever Naira Mastercard ) was launched on Facebook in early 2010. The facebook application GTCommunity was deployed as part of its broad strategy to interact and reward its loyal community. 2009 .000 fans. however it has augmented and provides a much higher and measurable ROI (return on investment). The Impact The bank is able to reach over 200.CASE STUDY: GTCOMMUNITY The Solution GTBank ‘s facebook page was started on October 1. In less than 6 months.

We would also request an opportunity to present to management. we shall produce a technical proposal that would highlight some of the major features. methodology. our proposal. some statistics and projected benefits. These meetings are at no cost to you. plans and so on. Review our Proposal Based on our understanding of your present organisational drive. Let’s work with you! Based on our proposal and subsequent meetings. . Management can then decide to commision us to work on the ‘Social Media Project’ . Please get someone to call Ann on 01 854 6554 to book us an appointment as soon as possible. understand your present business strategy and explore possibilities.What we Propose ? Lets meet your team We request an opportunity to meet with members of your team to enable us to share some ideas.

Our drive is to provide our clients with tomorrow's technology today .turkishairlines.. We prescribe.esetng. develop and deploy for each client's unique problems the best Our Vision To be the World’s Best and Universal Provider of ICTS with Exceptional and Personalised Service *ICTS > Information Communication Technology Solution We won Future Awards 2010 Our Lead consultant. Web Development and customized desktop and online application development. See more about bincom at www.net www. At Bincom.com (Global Brand Regional Site) . So they in turn have a big edge over their competitors. Who we’ve worked with ? In the recent past.Who are we ? Bincom is a fast growing ICT solutions and consultancy company..ng (Airline) www.com. Best Use of Technology . Bade Adesemowo recently won the Future Awards 2010 in the category . This has and still enables us to think outside the box and enables us to come up with amazing solutions to numerous client issues. we’ve worked with various organisations on various IT / web related projects in Nigeria and internationally including but not limited to : Delta State Government National Committee on Job Creation Turkish Airlines ( Nigeria) Guaranty Trust Bank Eset West Africa HP Service Center ( Nigeria) Lagos Multidoor Court House Afrofoodmart (UK) NTA Lagos Visible Impact Limited (Nigeria) Dangote Group Fela Durotoye Amongst many others.bincom.. We specialize in Web Design. we believe that nothing is impossible.

on facebook include: Facebook Company Page: Guaranty Trust Bank www.com\connectedlagos .facebook.com/intercontinentalbankplc Facebook Application: http://apps.com/felaonfacebook Facebook Company Page: www.com/powerbackalarm Facebook Company Page http://www.com/gtbank Facebook Fan Page http://tinyurl.facebook.facebook.What We’ve done Some of the recent projects we’ve worked on .com/proudlynigerian/ Facebook Group facebook.facebook.

So What Now ? . and finally ...... Some more statistics from facebook .. please get someone to call Ann on 01 854 6554 . Thank You !!! ..

+234 (1) 813 6530 info@bincom.net . Onikan. Lagos +234 (1) 8546554 .bincom.net www. 21 Araromi Street.Bincom ICT Solutions 2nd Floor.

Lagos +234 (1) 8546554 .bincom.net www.net +234 (1) 813 6530 Document produced by Bincom All rights reserved. 21 Araromi Street. Some images are copyright of respective owners and can not be used publicly except on express permission of the owners.net . Bincom ICT Solutions 2nd Floor. Onikan.1 Project Contacts Bade Adesemowo Oyebade Bade@bincom.net +234 (0) 802 322 3796 Tolu Tolu Olowu tolu@bincom. +234 (1) 813 6530 info@bincom.

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