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Topic / Title : Methodology :


Learner background, size :

5 students nurse college of nursing Port Dickson. Semester 4 ( 2nd year ) 07.6.2011 ( 9 A.M )

Date & Time : WARD 3 HOSPITAL TUANKU AMPUAN NAJIHAH Venue : Learning Outcome : At the end of the lesson, student will be able to administer intramuscular injection technique correctly.

Learning Objectives :

1) Define what is intramuscular injection 2) State the indications for giving intramuscular injection. 3) Identify the sites for intramuscular injection. 4) Demonstrate intramuscular injection technique correctly. 5) How to maintain sterile technique when giving intramuscular injection. 6) How to practice safety precaution to avoid needle prick. 7) Show how sharp instrument is dispose.

esson plan clinical teaching.

Teachers activities Set induction ( 2 minutes )


Audio-visual/teaching aids

Picture a nurse giving intramuscular injection.


1) Definition of intramuscular injection?


An intramuscular injection is an injection given directly into the central area of a specific muscle. In this way, the blood vessels supplying that muscle distributed medication via the cardiovascular.

2) Indications for giving intramuscular inj. An intramuscular (IM) injection is the preferred route of administering medication when fairly rapid-acting and long-lasting dosage of medication is required.

3) Equipment required for giving

intramuscular injection.
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kidney dish. Syringe. 2 needle dissecting forceps. Swab sterile Medication as ordered by doctor. (file) if needed. Receiver. Medication record.

Picture of proper location injection.

4) Injection site for giving intramuscular injection.


To identify the injection site, draw an imaginary horizontal line across the buttocks from hip bone to hip bone. Then divide each buttock in half with an imaginary vertical line. The four imaginary sections of the buttock are referred to as quadrants. The proper location for an injection is in the upper outer quadrant of either buttock.

Intramuscular injecti n site in the buttocks (upper, outer quadrant) y Picture of good technique while 5) Demonst te int muscul techni ue correctl injection giving injection.

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Check instructions for injecting. Wash hands. Provide requirements. Provide medication and syringe out into the syringe and exchange the needle. Figure 1

Place a sterile swab around and below the hub of the air out by pushing the plunger slightly.

Take the syringe in a sterile container to the patients bedside. Identify the patient by asking his name.

Provide a clear explanation to the patient. Expose the parts necessary.

Figure 2

Choose the right place on palpation for Anatomical markers.

Place the swab between fingers three and four non-dominant hand.

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Pinch the injection with one hand. Point the needle angled 90 degrees from the skin up to 2mm from the hub.

Pull the plunger back slightly to ensure no contact with the blood vessels.

Inject drug by pressing the plunger with a pressure slowly

Remove the needle and put in the receiver.

Massage the injection site with a dry swab.

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Make patients comfortable. Keep a record of giving injections. Wash utensils and disposable syringe and needle.

Record Administration of Intramuscular Injection. Record the information in the patient's medical record.

6) Maintain sterile technique when giving intramuscular injection.


hand washing before and after procedure.

Use injection tray while giving injection.

7) Practice safety precaution to avoid needle prick.

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Don t recap needle after use. Throw syringe and needle directly into sharpbin. Clean injection tray and trolley after procedure.

8) Show how sharp instrument is dispose.


Aware of the uses and potential dangers of intramuscular injection technique.

Throw needle and syringe into sharpbin after use to avoid needle prick.

9) Return demonstration of giving intramuscular injection.


Students can demonstrate in the correct way how to give intramuscular injection.

10) Record medication charts.


Record Administration of Intramuscular Injection. Record the information in the patient's medical record.


An intramuscular injection is the safest, easiest, and best tolerated of the injection



Cara lipat napkin untuk hiasan meja makan. Topic / Title :

Methodology :

Lecture -Demonstration

Learner background, size :

24 orang pelajar pengurusan perhotelan.

30 julai 2011 ( 11 pagi ) Date & Time : Open University Seremban Venue :

Learning Outcome :

Di akhir sessi pembelajaran pelajar dapat melakukan lipatan napkin untuk hiasan meja makan dengan cara yang betul dan kemas.

Learning Objectives :

1. Beri definasi lipatan napkin. 2.Nyatakan tujuan / kegunaan napkin? 3. Berikan dua jenis fabric napkin. 4. Berikan contoh lipatan napkin yang boleh di buat. 5.Tunjukkan cara salah satu lipatan napkin seperti melipat napkin peacock.

Lesson Plan- cara lipatan napkin. Teacher activities (estimate time allocated ) Set induction ( 2 minutes ) Pelbagai cara untuk menceriakan meja makan dengan cara hiasan kreatif napkin. Body 1) Apakah kegunaan napkin?


Audio-visual/ Teaching Aids

Gambar meja makan dengan hiasan napkin yang pelbagai bentuk.

Gunakan gambar untuk menunjukkan contoh lipatan napkin.

Mengelakkan baju pelanggan kotor.

Mengesat mulut selepas makan.

Menceriakan meja makan.

2) Berikan dua jenis fabric napkin.

y y

Linen. Kain kapas

3) Alatan yang di perlukan untuk melipat napkin.

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Napkin. Gelas

4) Jenis lipatan napkin.

y y y y y y

Snowflake Pocket Kipas / Accordion Tulip Klasik . Ring Cock Comb atau

Bird of Paradise


5) Cara melipat napkin Peacock. 1. Mulai dengan napkin yang diseterika dengan sedikit kanji. Lebarkan napkin. Letakan dengan posisi di, bahagian luar diatas. Lipat sisi kanan menuju ke tengah. 2. Lipat sisi kiri menuju tengah. Tekan dengan jari. 3. Lipat hujung bawah menuju garis tengah, tekan dengan jari. 4. Lipat hujung lipatan ke 3 tadi membentuk kepala (kira-kira 1 -2 inch).tekan. 5. Lipat menjadi setengah kebahagian luar, tekan dengan tangan. 6. Tempatkan bahagian badan Gently peacock dalam gelas.perlahan2 7. Simpan Satu peacock telah disimpan dalam gelas.

Pastikan lipatan napkin di buat dengan kemas supaya hisan meja makan menjadi cantik dan ceria.


Pelajar dapat melakukan lipatan napkin peacock dengan teknik dan cara yang betul.