NILKAMAL LIMITED is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange since 1991.

Nilkamal¶s (FY 1011) turnover exceeds INR. Rs. 1499.44 Crores / US$.335.59 million. Quiet dynamism characterises the Company. Maintaining leadership in its market segments through core values and hard work is a basic tenet driving the Company. Founded by first generation entrepreneurs, the corporate leadership of the company is young and poised to lead the Company to greater heights. Nilkamal¶s Core Businesses Nilkamal is in 5 Key Businesses:

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Material Handling Crates, Containers and Bins. Moulded Furniture such as Chairs, Tables and Cabinets. Custom Mouldings & OEM supplies for specific customers. @home, the Mega Home Store Retail Chain Service Products for Hospitality Industry

Manufacturing and Selling Strengths The Company has 7 large manufacturing plants in India: * North ± Samba (Jammu & Kashmir) and Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) * East - Barjora (West Bengal) * West - Sinnar, Nashik (Maharashtra) and Silvassa (Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli) (2 plants). * South ± Pondicherry (Union Territory) The Company has advanced machinery in Injection Moulding, Rotational Moulding, Vaccum Forming, Polyurethane Injection (of insulation) and capabilities for SMC and Blow Moulding. Each of these plants have dedicated Tool Rooms. Occupying a massive total contructed area of 11,33,738 sq ft, all of Nilkamall¶s manufacturing plants are ISO 9001/2008 Certified and practice 6 Sigma manufacturing process. This extensive manufacturing infrastructure is ably supported by our wide and strong sales network, operating through 49 Regional Offices and 33 Warehouses spread across India. All the Nilkamal plants, warehouses and offices are connected to the Head Office in real time by ERP, SAP-R3.

Furnishing is an important part in improving the aesthetic appeal of any place. Putting this belief to work, we launched our furniture division in the year 1990. Today this division has become most versatile with a turnover of Rs.500 Crore. We offer the largest range of moulded furniture products in the industry-be it your office or your personal space.

at-home.000 sq. PRODUCT y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Chairs Stools Centre Table Dining Table Trolley Corner Cabinet Rack Planter Toy Storage Solutions Ready To Assemble Furniture Office Seating Solution School Benches Sofa Nilkamal Ltd. @home is spread across the country with 16 large format retail stores with an average of 25. www. per store and 30 more stores slated till 2013. Available in variety of colours and designs. has a host of superlatives to its credit. chair shells. home accessories and a plethora of a whole lot of services to enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces. Nilkamal is also a pioneer in the home retailing segment making a foray in this field with the @home chain of complete home solution stores dotting the Indian map.. positioned as a Home Maker store. is a perfect one-stop solution store for home planning.ft. The designs @home are contemporary yet practical. features among the Rs 1000 crore listed companies. Our furniture segment includes range of chairs from premier chairs. @home. racks. baby . school benches to planters.With the ever increasing modernity and development. Every @home store is a visual treat. mirroring Indian taste & finesse. the Visual Merchandising at every store is done in minute detail to suit the Indian with finest quality furniture. stools. trolleys. The world's largest manufacturer of moulded furniture and India's leading manufacturer of Material Handling Systems. Keeping up with our innovative trends. Nilkamal Ltd. these not only bring appeal to your living space but also provide you with best in style and durability. center tables. today furniture design and concept have become very diverse. we have forayed into lifestyle furniture with our range of storage and furnishing solutions. dining tables. soft furnishing.

In '99-'00.005 sq. with an installed capacity of 6. this factory complex has already started functioning with 4 molding machines Sri Lanka Columbo: Sri Lanka In the last few years the company has extended its business to other countries through it processed Sri Lanka is considered as the growing market for our goods. Material Handling Crates and Bins. East India East: Barjora. Silvassa (U T .mt. factory complex has 2 molding machines at present. UP This 16. has largest variety. Garment. Pharmaceutical. In a Joint Venture the company has set up a plant in Colombo.881 metric tonsWest: Vasona.000 metric tons.Road No-11/A. This will be our most ambitious project till date. Mfrs. factory complex has 9 molding machines. Industrial Pallets. it processed 3.970 metric tons.000 sq. Dhaka -1205. It started operations in April this year and will house 16 machines in the near futureNorth India North: Noida. In '99-'00. factory complex has 7 molding machines.Nilkamal Plastics is Asia s largest plastic processor of moulded products.50/1. West Bengal. Nasor Market Road.. & Exporters of Plastic Furniture.668 metric tons. Food processing. factory complex has 4 molding machines. GaziPur. Being an ISO 9001company. Dhanmondi. it processed 3. Silvassa (Union Territory) Coming up in this industrial belt is yet another plant focusing on furniture and crates. widest range and most elite clientele from all sectors of industry & business like Automobile. We make products that have changed the very nature of the good transportation and furniture industry in this region. United Arab Emirates which will cater to the requirement of customers in the Middle East & the African continent We being India¶s largest manufacture of Material Handling Plastics Crates.987 sq. Every year new designs and sizes are introduced with the result today NILKAMAL markets many different models of Material Handling crates to suit diverse application in various user Textile. Breweries. Logistics. Konaban. The group has not only limited its manufacturing operations in India but have also gone beyond Indian boundaries with its expertise in the field of plastics and has set up Joint venture manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka (again an ISO 9001 certified unit) as well as Bangladesh. Fruits and Vegetables etc. This 12. Insulated Crates etc West: Kharadpada.500 metric tons. Waste Bins.000 sq. Rack. Electronics. factory complex has 7 molding machines.000 Dhaka Office Add:.498 metric tons. Apart from having overseas manufacturing facilities the group also has a warehousing facility along with a marketing office set up in Ajman Free Zone. Retail chains. it processed 4. with an installed capacity of 5.Nilkamal Crates and Bins) This 26. Baby Table. Stool. with an installed capacity of 3. It supplies our products to the soft drink giants up north (45% of the soft drink market is in North India) South: Pondicherry This plant is manufacturing molded furniture systems & material handling crates.500 sq. In '99-'00. with an installed capacity of as a result the marketing team was able to penetrate into many industries . Ground Floor. Bottling. Center Table. Dining Table. Dairy. This 10.640 metric tons.346 metric tons. Bangladesh Email Works@nilkamalpadma. This 19. With an area of 50. The recently commissioned plant at Barjora in the east of the country aims at satisfying the last of the unsatiated markets. In '99-'00. Engineering. we have catalyzed the crate market and adopted a very aggressive marketing strategy. The group commands market leadership in India with five state of the art manufacturing facilities in various states of India accredited with quality certificates like ISO 9001 & ISO 14000. Bangladesh M/s Nilkamal Padma Plastics Private Limited Mouza & Village:Baghiya.

The company was founded by Mr Vrajlal Parekh. But the company is also a major player in manufacturing crates which are used for commercial purposes. 2009 Nilkamal Plastics : Creating Value Through Convenience Corporate Brand : Nilkamal Agency : Triton Brand Analysis Count : 385 Nilkamal is a company that successfully branded a commodity. The Indian home furniture market is huge with a market size of around Rs 14000 crores. MARCH 03. The brand has a long history dating back to 1934. Nilkamal Plastics was born in 1956 and became and independent company in 1981. Mr Vrajlal Parekh started manufactur ing metal buttons from his small factory.TUESDAY. he started producing plastic products and the company was called Standard Plastics. Majority of the market is in the unorganized sector. Nilkamal is the market leader in the plastic molded furniture segment in India. 40% of which is in the unorganized sector. Nilkamal operates in the moulded furniture market which is around Rs 950 crores. Nilkamal is known for its plastic chairs . But Nilkamal was able to . Nilkamal is a brand that popularised the use of plastic chairs at homes . Earlier households used to purchase only wooden /steel furnitures. In 1950. According to reports .

baby chairs which became popular.The success of Nilkamal prompted many players to enter the segment.break that mindset . the brand building gave Nilkamal more mileage and also premium prices. Nilkamal is the market leader in the segment with a share of over 37%. The company also introduced a new range of office furniture brand Novella. dining tables . Nikamal is a brand that is heavily associated with plastic furniture. The brand was slowly moving towards becoming a lifestyle furniture player. During this time. Recently the brand also launched a range of plastic Cupboards and cabinets branded as Freedom. Households earlier was averse to plastic chairs because it looked ugly and was not perceived to be strong. Since the designs could be easily copied. In 2005. In a market which was dominated by unorganized players. it was difficult for Nilkamal to sustain the growth momentum. These retail outlets showcased the new range of home solutions from the company. The brand introduced knocked down furniture and also sofa sets . the brand moved from molded furniture to home solutions. The brand has a high credibility among the consumers.This was backed by heavy promotions using various media. Nilkamal did this by creating good designs and also taking care of the quality factor.But the market for moulded furnitures has become stagnant. the brand ventured into retail business by launching large retail format under the brand name @home. The major problem faced by the brand is that plastic is . Nilkamal changed that perception by introducing well designed chairs .

Branded wooden furniture are out of reach for many middle class customers. As a consumer. There is a flood of imported furniture which looks good and priced affordably. Hence there is a huge potential for affordable designer furniture. it could leverage that equity in creating an affordable range of home solutions to the Indian middle class. Currently this market is being captured by cheap imports from China. I have often found branded furniture to be terribly overpriced for the quality it delivers. Nilkamal have the brand equity to tap this potential. Although it is heavily associated with plastics. Plastic furnitures lack the glamour and home makers tried to avoid these products. But I think there is a huge potential for Nilkamal in developing itself to a highly creative furniture company. .associated with cheap furniture and this has prevented the penetration of this product category into high -margin household furniture segment.

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