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The reading test is 30 minutes in total. In this time candidates are required to read two texts, answer 22 questions, and transfer their answers to an answer sheet. This component tests the level of the candidate’s English language reading skills. The test does not seek to test any specific professional knowledge or background. The question types are multiple choice; true/false/no information given; and sentence or question completion. In general a candidate should aim to spend 10-12 minutes on Text One and 18-20 minutes on Text Two. The sample below shows the kind of topic and variety of question types you are likely to find in a UBELT reading test. (The sample has only 10 questions: the real test has 22 questions).

Sample Only: Text One: Breath Problems - The Facts
Read the text and answer the questions in 10-12 minutes.

The reasons for bad breath, or halitosis, are various. The usual culprits are inadequate oral hygiene, the consumption of certain common liquids or foods, such as coffee and spices, and particular habits, like smoking. As such the lay-person would consider halitosis to be more of a social problem rather than anything else, yet in reality, the social side may be just the tip of the iceberg. Halitosis can be related to tooth decay and gum disease, and can be a sign of something far more serious: digestive tract disorders, or diseases such as diabetes and cancer. The underlying source of all breath problems is the build-up of bacteria. These accumulate on the teeth and tongue, and as they increase, produce gases containing sulphur compounds. It is these same sulphur compounds that give bad eggs their distinctive smell! Smoking - that perennial villain - contributes to bad breath, not simply because of the tobacco smell itself, but by actually increasing bacterial growth in the mouth and by reducing production of the body’s own unique cleaning agent saliva. Shops are full of mouthwashes and strong toothpastes, as well as natural remedies, such as parsley and liquorice, to mask breath problems. In general, however, it is better to examine the cause of the bacteria build-up and in serious problems expert advice is necessary. The most effective way to address bad breath is to get to the heart the problem, namely, to prevent bacteria build-up. Luckily, this is also the most convenient and economical solution as it simply involves careful tooth brushing and flossing. If comfortable, gentle brushing of the tongue is also recommended. Special small devices or scrapers, which fit easily in the mouth, can be bought for this purpose. And, of course, regular visits to the dentist or hygienist are essential.

- UBELT Test Samples -

then have a sniff. Finally. answer the following questions by writing NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS for each answer.UBELT Test Samples - . Questions 1-4 Read the statements to decide if they are True (T). 2) There is a link between bad breath and a dry mouth. if you are concerned. 4) Bad breath is the most common oral hygiene problem. B. .UBELT Test Samples It can be difficult to tell if you have halitosis.that can be used to answer this. 3) Special devices for cleaning the tongue are essential. Simply lick the inside of your wrist. Write A. 5) Smoking is harmful because it encourages …………………………and 6) reduces ………………………………………………. C or D on your answer sheet for each question.The Facts Questions 1-10 Answer the questions according to the text ‘Breath Problems’. you can try the "wrist lick". NI means the text gives no information. or NI on your answer sheet for Questions 1-3. 1) Bad breath is not only a social problem. wait a moment. Questions 5-7 Based on the article above. Alternatively. Put your answers on your answer sheet. This is extremely effective and helps you avoid the insecurity of not knowing. do not be frightened to ask the opinion of a trusted friend. you should never be embarrassed to ask your dental professional. 7) The best way to tackle bad breath is ……………………………………………….. Reading Questions Text One: Breath Problems . F.. Questions 8-10 Read the choices for each question below and choose the best one according to the information in the text. Write T.direct or indirect.. False (F) or if there is No Information (NI). and although the topic of bad breath is often a social taboo.

UBELT Test Samples - .UBELT Test Samples - 8) The meaning of ‘culprit’ in the second sentence is: A) Halitosis B) Poor health C) Cause 9) If someone is unsure whether they have a breath problem the advice given is to A) stop smoking B) use a mouthwash C) ask someone D) try using a tongue scraper 10) In the final paragraph why does the author specify a ‘trusted friend’? A) Because the friend has to lick you B) Because the friend has to sniff your wrist C) Because you may otherwise feel embarrassed D) Because it is unnecessary to trouble a doctor or dentist Answer Sheet Text One: Breath Problems ..The Facts 1) _____________________________________________ 2) _____________________________________________ 3) _____________________________________________ 4) _____________________________________________ 5) _____________________________________________ 6) _____________________________________________ 7) _____________________________________________ 8) _____________________________________________ 9) _____________________________________________ 10) _____________________________________________ .

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