Builder No: 7Following is a list of the Drawings and Manuals for building the STOL CH 701, whether building from the complete kit, partial kits, or "scratch" building from plans-only. STOL CH 701: STOL CH 701 DRAWINGS: 7-G-0 Drawing List, dated: Sept. 29, 2003 5th edition 2nd revision 09/2003 (11" x 17", 72 pages )

STOL CH 701 BASIC CONSTRUCTION MANUAL: 4th Edition, revised December 2003 Pages 1 to 18 (8½" x 11") • CONTROL DEFLECTIONS: 02/06/03 page 1 of 1 • WEIGHT & BALANCE REPORT: ZAC form: 701-w& (3/02) page 1 of 1

STOL CH 701 PHOTO ASSEMBLY GUIDES: • • • • • • • RUDDER: Title page 04/25/03 HORIZONTAL TAIL: Title page 04/25/03 WINGS: Title page 04/25/03 FLAPS/SLATS: Title page 04/25/03 FUSELAGE: Title page 12/03/03 GEAR & WHEELS / CONTROLS: Title page 04/30/03 FINAL ASSEMBLY: Title page 04/28/03

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