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SIEMENS (Pakistan) Engineering Company Limited


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Two months after this I got confirmation of my internship in Siemens from HR department of Siemens. management skills also count a lot along with your knowledge. Keeping all this in mind I applied in Siemens for internship. I realized that practical life is far different from what we learn from books. I started to contact my seniors and teachers for this. 4 . I started to search for the companies where my internship experience would be beneficial for me. As SIEMENS Lahore is a sales office so your communication skills and your convincing power also really matters because you have to convince your customers to buy your products. My teachers recommended me that SIEMENS is the better organization for me. During Two month of my internship. I started my internship at 1st April 2010 to May 31. In practical life. Lahore. 2010. As I have completed my MBA in 2009. My search ended at a few organizations in the end. Siemens was one of those organizations.Introduction I wanted to pursue internship in a reputed organization in 2010 despite of the fact that internship was a Learning part of my course. I got impressive comments about the company’s repute and brand name from my friends and from the internet also provided me with ample knowledge about the company. I wanted to gain some know how about practical work during studies before indulging into practical life completely. And this was my last chance to do this.

Athar Ashfaq (Commercial Officer) 5 . Suleman Ahmed (Team Lead) Mr.Acknowledgment I pay special thanks to: Mr. Manager SB) Mr. Ghulam Nabi (Dy.

Company History “SIEMENS was founded in Berlin by Werner von Siemens in 1847.” Werner von SIEMENS  Made the world's first pointer telegraph  Made the Electric dynamo  Constructed the world's first electric railway  Laying the first telegraph line linking Britain and India  Built much of the modern world's infrastructure. They work in the fields of  Energy  Industry  Communications  Information  Transportation  Healthcare  Components and lighting 6 . Siemens is today a technology giant in more than 190 countries.000 people worldwide. employing some 475.

” Siemens (Berlin and Munich) is a global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics. Different Phases:1847 –1865 1865 –1890 1890 –1918 1918 –1933 1933 –1945 1945 –1966 1966 –1989 1989 – 2005 Beginnings and early development Company policy and international projects the second generation a period of transition The National Socialist war economy Postwar reconstruction and emergence as a global player United under a single roof Stepping into the third millennium. Siemens today remains a relentless innovator.While Werner was a tireless inventor during his days. it seems like the revolution Werner started is still going strong. With innovations averaging 18 a day. 7 .

transformers and switchgear.Siemens first office in Lahore.The Pak Industrial & Trading Corp.SIEMENS Pakistan History 1870 .Cable laying project in Karachi.Switchboards production commenced. 8 . 1950 . 1957 .Siemens cooperates with the Pakistani government to build a production plant for manual and automatic telephone systems in Haripur. 1952 .The Pakistani government awards Siemens Karachi a contract to build a production plant for motors. 1932 . The joint venture Telephone Industries of Pakistan (TIP) is formed.1st telegraph line from London to Calcutta. founded as Private Limited Company. Ltd.Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. 1922 . is appointed to represent SSW in Karachi. 1953 . 1960 .

WAPDA 2007-SAP implementation in PTCL Siemens Pakistan pioneered to manufacture 220 kV/250 MVA Power & Transformers in Pakistan 9 .Siemens Karachi succeeds East Asiatic Company (EAC) as representative of SRW. The railway administration awards Siemens a contract to modernize the railway safety installations in West and East Pakistan.11 Grid Stations 220kV/132kV for KESC & Acquired Carrier Telephone Industries 2006-New Jabel Airport and Dubai Sports City 132KV Grid Stations.1 MVA DG Sets 2003-Signed agreement for first desalination plant in Karachi 2004 .412 MW Rousch Combined Cycle Power Plant 1998-Become first Value Added Reseller of SAP 2000-Export order for 132 kV substations for DEWA Dubai. 2005. 1969 .The company begins setting up a GSM mobile radio network 1996 .Extension in Power Transformer rating~60MVA 1993 .Siemens became Public Limited Company & Factory for Motors & Transformers. 1976 . 1963 . Islamabad. and Industries of Pakistan (CIP) is established in Khulna.Siemens and the Pakistani government form a joint venture named Carrier Telephone Industries (CTI).Introduction of Diesel Generating Sets 1981 . UAE & Ghakkar 500kV Grid Station.1961 .Power Transformers production started~30MVA 1987 . 1967 . UAE 2002-Launched 1.Launched new line of Low Voltage Switchgear System of family SIVACON 8PT. Telephone Industries Corporation (TIC) is founded in Dacca.Siemens builds a telephone plant in Tongi and a phone cable factory in Khulna.

MAJOR COMPETITORS These are the major competitors: • ABB (Italy) • Areva • Climax • Elmetec • FICO • PEL • Schneidar • Transopower • Transfab 10 . UAE & Inauguration of Desalination Plant for DHA Cogen Ltd.2008-New Jebel Ali Airport 132kV Grid Stations Extension Project.

 Descon  Habib Rafiq Pvt.  Saad Ullah khan & Brothers  DHA  MEPCO  FESCO  LESCO 11 . Following are the major customers:  WAPDA  PEPCO  Nishat Group  Sitara Group  Ibrahim Group  Umar Group  Gulistan Group  Columpia Group  Packages Ltd.MAJOR CUSTOMERS SIEMENS have many customers. Ltd.

is one of the largest multinational companies in Pakistan. The quality of the products is thus interlinked with that of licensing factories of siemens AG whose specialists provide expert assistance and backup as and when required. and in 1963. Ltd. The Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company SIEMEN Pakistan Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Ltd is a public limited company with its registered office and manufacturing facilities situated in Karachi. 12 . Siemens Pakistan engineering Co. the products produced in the factory are manufactured under license from siemens AG. the company was reorganized as a public limited company. was founded in 1953 as a private company. Being a subsidiary of siemens AG.

Siddiqui Syed Asadullah Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Power Transmission & Distribution Industrial Infrastructure and Power Generation Medical Solutions. Transportation& Appliances COMPANY SECRETARY Mohammad Rafi BANKERS ABN Amro Bank Citibank NA Deutsche Bank AG Habib Bank Limited Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Meezan Bank Limited 13 . Karachi Stephen Schneider Tajammal Hussain Bokharee.BOARD OF DIRECTORS Syed Babar Ali. Lahore Dr Udo Niehage Klaus Stegemann. Karachi Chief Executive Officer Director Director Director Director Director Director MANAGEMENT Sohail Wajahat Siddiqui Gerhard Wilcke S. Lahore (Chairman) Sohail Wajahat Siddiqui.Nadeem Ali Kazmi Nasim A. Munich Zahid Hussain Gerhard Wilcke.

To maintain our strong and prominent local presence. to their complete satisfaction. Sindh Industrial Trading Estates Karachi-75700 Our Vision “To remain market leader and technology pace setter in the engineering and electronics industry by utilizing the high-tech engineering expertise of the Siemens Group worldwide..” Mission Statement To realize our vision by:  Providing quality to our customer at competitive prices. 14 . Estate Avenue. Karachi Registrar and Share Transfer Agents: THK Associates (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi REGISTERED OFFICE: B-72.Muslim Commercial Bank Limited Standard Chartered Bank Union Bank Limited AUDTIORS: KMPG Taseer Hadi Khalid & Co.

our Processes. Generating earning sufficient to ensure a secure future for the company and to protect and increase our shareholders investment. our technology.  To enhance creativity and job satisfaction of our employees by providing opportunities for personal development.  To contribute to the national economy. whilst realizing a strong sense of responsibility to society and the environment.  To enhance the investment of our customers through human Excellence.  To support and strive for technology transfer to Pakistan through our global resources and local presence SIEMENS CORPORATE PRINCIPLES Major corporate principles are as under • • • • • Customers Innovations People Responsibility Value Customers: We strengthen our CUSTOMERS . limited only by their own ability and drive. our High Standards of Quality and Financial keep them competitive 15 .

to open up new opportunities We generate profitable growth to ensure sustainable success. Our corporate culture is defined by diversity. business partners and shareholders. and by clear goals and decisive leadership. good corporate citizenship and a healthy environment. Innovations: We push INNOVATION . We turn our people's imagination and best practices into successful technologies and products. around the globe and around the shape the future Innovation is our lifeblood. We provide our customers with our comprehensive experience and solutions so they can achieve their objectives fast and effectively. 16 . Creativity and experience keep us at the cutting edge. Responsibility: We embrace corporate RESPONSIBILITY .to achieve world-class performance Our employees are the key to our success. our business excellence and synergies across all segments and regions. Value: We enhance company VALUE . technologies and activities help create a better world. We leverage our balanced business portfolio. We work together as a global network of knowledge and learning. This makes us a premium investment for our shareholders. We are committed to universal values. People: We empower our PEOPLE .Our success depends on the success of our advance society Our ideas. by open dialogue and mutual respect. Integrity guides our conduct toward our employees.

FINANCE& BUSIENSS ADMINISTRATION (FBA) Karachi E. Quetta. 3.BUSINESS Automation & drives (A&D) Karachi Lahore Medical. Information & communication (I&C) Industrial infrastructure and power generation (IIP) Power transmission & distribution (PTD) Karachi Karachi Karachi C. 2.CORPORATE DEPARTMENTS Karachi 17 . transportation system & solar (MTS) D. Lahore. Peshwar B.BUSINESS DIVISIONS 1.OVERVIEW OF SIEMENS PAKISTAN’S ORGANIZATION AND BUSINESS ACTIVITIES A. COUNTRY-WIDE LOCATIONS Head office Regional and branch offices Karachi Islamabad.

LTD 1. 6. 18 .PRINCIPAL BUSINESS FUNCTIONS OF SIEMENS PAKISTAN ENGINEERING CO. 3. Sales & Marketing Engineering & Design Manufacturing Installation & Commissioning Services Business Administration 2. 4. 5.

Infrastructure & Power Generation Automation & Drives HV Sub-Station Transformers BUSINESS UNITS Power Generation Infrastructure Solution / Siemens Building Technologies On Call.Organizational Structure CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Power Transmission & Distribution Industry. Transportation Systems. marine solutions 19 . Carrier Telephone Industries Medical Solutions OEM Onshore Transportation Systems Carrier Telephone Industries MV Switchboards PTD Services Energy Automation Oil. OEM Onshore. Logistics & Maintenance Information Technology Solutions Cross Industries Projects Generating Sets Motors and Alternators Standard Products LV Switchboards & Special Projects MED Solution.

CHIEF EXECUTIVE Finance and Business Administration Financial Governance Financial Controlling Procurement Governance Company Secretary Central Audit Export control & customs Corporate Information Office / Data Privacy Protection Coordination / Process Management / Business Continuity plan Shared Services / Real Estate Human Resources Information Technology Service Management & Delivery Corporate Financial Functions Financial Controlling Logistics Support Corporate Functions UAE Financial Services Human Resources Governance Industrial Relations Corporate Communication Corporate Quality And Process Excellence Management Business Development Iraq Strategic Business Development Regional Compliance Officer Business Administration PTD Business Administration IIP Business Administration A&D Business Administration MOTAC Business Divisions 20 .

and IEEE standard General Purpose Transformers: 21 . Details about Siemens Transformers: Siemens transformers are completely static electrical devices which convert alternating current from one voltage level to another. Since no volts are required for installation.Siemens has following businesses  Transportation system  Information and communication  Automation and drives  Medical solutions  Power Transmission and Distribution  Industrial solutions and power generation SB Department There are so many departments in Siemens Lahore but I was assigned to do my internship in SB department. costly. This eliminates the need for long. switchboards. and supplies orders containing services of different projects. Siemens general purpose transformers meet applicable NEMA. circuit breakers. UL. They can increase (step-up) or decrease (stepdown) voltages. It deals with sales of transformers and the above mentioned devices. capacitors and so many etc. low voltage feeders. dry type transformers can be located right at the load to provide correct voltage for the application. control and relays panels. The main objective of this department is to provide goods and services. The transformer is used to match the voltage supply to the electrical load. This Deparment only deals with private sector of Pakistan and also This department provides different things like transformers (power &distribution transformers). ANSI.

transport and installation. Simple de-rating from a higher Kva will not satisfy the TP1 standards as the efficiency level is dependent on the combination of core (no-load) losses and I2R (winding) losses. installation and commissioning. For more than 100 years our technology has been state-of-theart. The Siemens power transformer product range comprises transformers for power stations. 240. voltage. They also comply with special national design requirements. A reliable power supply presupposes a sufficiently large supply with highperformance transformers. Standard distribution voltages are 600. type of cooling. and 240 volts. transformers substations. standard load voltages are 480. low noise level. and power loads from electrical distribution systems. including development. The world market of the future will continue to require high-power and high-voltage transformers. mode of operation. High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission systems. lighting. connection techniques. special transformers for industry and transport. reactors and accessories. 480.General purpose transformers are rated 600 volts and below for supplying appliance. TP1 Transformer: The TP1 designs include the use of higher grade electrical steel and other features designed to lower flux density and reduce losses especially at average 35% loading where the TP1 measurements apply. To meet TP1 the design engineer must consider both the I2R losses and the core or iron loses. The high-quality standards set by Siemens are appreciated throughout the world. and 120 volts. We supply designs that meet all requirements concerning power. 22 . manufacture.

and single-phase design) • • Cast-resin transformers GEAFOL up to 30 MVA Oil-filled distribution transformers TUNORMA and TUMETIC from 50kVA to 2500kVA • • Furnace and converter transformers Traction transformers 23 .000 MVA (three. transport and installation with on-load and off-load tap changers. Depending on the requirements. type of cooling system.000 MVA and voltages up to 1. operating mode.Details We supply made-to-measure transformers that can fulfill all requirements for performance. Our distribution transformers for the final step-down have proven their worth over the years servicing power utilities and industry. noise. voltage.500kV. Features We offer product and service range that includes: • Power transformers up to and above 1. connecting system. For example. Industry and transportation systems make many different demands on transformers. losses. they can be supplied as single-phase or three-phase separate-winding transformers or autotransformers for power outputs of 2 MVA to over 1. mechanical and thermal characteristics. We counter this by offering the widest possible range of transformers designed specifically for the particular application. TUNORMA (with conservator) and TUMETIC (Hermetically encapsulated) have state-of-the-art ratings and outstanding electrical. furnace transformers for steel production or converter transformers for electrolysis plants and for HVDC transmission systems.

• • • • • Transformers for HVDC transmission systems Ignition transformers Reactors Accessories All services for transformers Benefits Our customer benefits from: • • Lower loss design in transformers. • Higher reliability. Ghulam Nabi is the manger of Commercial business and administration. 24 . which reduce maintenance costs. Ltd SB like every business unit is divided into segments of Business Administration and Sales. which saves running costs By using optimized designs. which leads to a reduction in unscheduled outages Major customers of the department are:  Nishat Group Of companies  Packages Ltd. Mr. Mr. there are fewer pumps and fans.  Descon  DHA        Sitara Group Ibrahim Gro Umar Group Gulistan Group Columpia Group Packages Ltd Saad Ullah khan & Brothers  Habib Rafiq Pvt. Sulaman is the manager of sales and marketing of transformers.

Performance Highlights (2009) New Orders New orders of Rs. This significant reduction in new order value is mainly attributable to two factors. Firstly. Secondly. the local market also witnessed a dull situation not only because of the financial Crisis but also due to the domestic economic and Political conditions. 16 billion have been Received during the year showing a Diminution of 69% over last year. in the previous Year we were able to secure extraordinary order Intake due to boom in the UAE market. Sales turnover The Company was able to achieve the highest turnover volume in its history as the turnover reached to Rs 36 billionshowing an increase of 34% over previous year mainly due to projects being undertaken in the energy 25 . In the current year we were not able to secure any major order.

1 billion. The main contributor of erosionof profi tabilityis the unfavorable exchange rate movement. Earnings per share The earnings per share (EPS) after taxation was Rs 165. profi t after tax also recordeda decreaseof 19%.53(2008: Rs. registeringgrowth of 74% over last year.sector. 2. This increase was attributableto execution of orders received in the previous year. Profi tability Despite all the odds in UAE and Pakistan market and the unfavorable business conditions.4billion) conducted in Dubai. 12.60). In line with profi t before tax. As there 26 . showing a declineof 16% as compared to the corresponding previous year. 203.5 billion (2008: Rs. The total turnover includes business of Rs. the Company has managed toachieve profi t before tax of Rs. 21. UAE and in Afghanistan in thearea of construction of High Voltage substations.

Rest of the capital investments were mainly undertakenon account of miscellaneous replacement. 27 . Capital Investment & Future Commitments During the year. extensionof offi ce blocks and procurement of vehicles. The vapor face Oven for large transformer was completed during The year at a cost of Rs 160 million including its Building. the Company strengthened Its manufacturing capacity. modernization. the fi nancial commitments of the company towards procurement of capital goods were Rs no movement in the numberof shares. As of September 30. the only contributor to this decline in EPS is the low profi tability. which is an integral part of our new 220? Kv power transformer manufacturing facility commissionedlast year.584 million.and capacity enhancement of plant and machinery. 2009.

Delivery schedule is obtained from latest stock position or from Planning/Production/Purchase. Lahore. On the very first day of my internship. I shall summarize here the working of SB department briefly. I met Mr. My supervisor Mr.Ather Ishfaq gave me a brief introduction about company and the working at Siemens Office. Calculation sheet is prepared.Experience in SIEMENS In this part. ♦ If customers requirement do not match with standard specifications and product range. Customer’s stated as well as non-stated product requirements are determined and reviewed If customer requirements are matched with the standard product specifications and product range. customer requirements are forwarded to “Design & Engineering” along with checklist.Ather Ishfaq gave me a brief introduction of the department and working here. a formal quotation is prepared. He provided me an annual report of the company which I studied thoroughly. delivery time from Planning and self costs from BA costing are received. Verbal/Written or electronic enquiry is registered in enquiry register & allots an enquiry number. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Customer enquiry is received and forwarded to concerned SM/IC sales or Sales Engineer. Mr.that what I had actually done in these two months and what knowledge I had gain. My department in which I was indulged for internship was Switch Board Depatment. I will summarize my Two months experience in Siemens company . Ghulam nabi who refers me to Mr.Ather Ishfaq. ♦ Enquiry detail from Design & Engineering. 28 .

♦ ♦ ♦ Offer is submitted to customer. Indent is received back with delivery schedule. Order confirmation is obtained from Planning/Stores and sent to customer with in 6 working days. Equipment readiness information is obtained from Planning/Production/Stores through email/telephone.♦ Offer is prepared manually based on “Design Enquiry Detail” covering price schedule. Delivery is made to customer as per customer delivery requirement. BA sales and QC. Quarterly offer hit rate report is prepared mentioning details of lost offers with root causes and required corrective measures. Indent is prepared and submitted to Planning. Offer is followed up for order with customer and post offer queries from customer are received. standard/specific terms & conditions. “Dispatch intimation” is submitted with complete detail of product to GS assembly. technical specifications. delivery schedule. Report is submitted to management. Dispatch note and invoice are prepared in SAP system. re-negotiate and documented. stores. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Order acknowledgment is sent to customer with in two working days and receipt of PO/LOI. If customer is satisfied with offer then purchase order/LOI through SM sales or directly from customer is received and registered in order register. ♦ ♦ 29 . ♦ ♦ Corrective measures are taken or recommended to the concerned with reference to lost offer analysis.

 Brief reading of Letter of Credit (LC) what is it and how it is implemented. how are they filed. their documentation and their submission.  I made an assignment of the questions related to the power transformers and distribution transformers.  Placement under respective immediate supervisor Commercial officer on SB department.  Detail study of siemens through company’s annual report 2008.  Getting commercial awareness of Siemens Transformers Division and its history.  Introduction to Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co.5KV & 20/26MVA power transformer and 11/0. Lahore.  Study of various design specifications. their compilation. 30 . responding to bids etc.  Study of transformer manufacturing and quality assurance.  Study of Tenders.  Study of Bids.  Question and Answer Sessions with the immediate supervisor on the commercial specifications of Siemens Transformers.4KV distribution transformers and control and relay panels.  Study of various types and kinds of transformers produced by Siemens.  Introduction to staff and colleagues. what are bids.  Preparation of Internship Activity Chart and Time Table.  Study of various recent tenders completed by Siemens and their technical aspects like 132/11. what are Tenders.Now I will summarize about the tasks which were assigned or different manuals which were given to me during my Two Months of internship are. their filing. how are they placed.

 Three weeks visits in different departments.  Introduction of SAP and learn about how it is working in the Siemens. and FESCO etc. LESCO. Two weeks in Transformer Daprtment and one week in Project Management.  Recap of all the work I did in SIEMENS during the internship  Made a final report about my work in Siemens. Mr.  Farewell speech by the Manager Business Administration. 31 .  Study of transformer requirements of various Multinational and govt. Ahsan Raza. Study of Descon Bhakki Project.  Create invoice on SAP. owned companies such as MEPCO.  Create Purchase and sale order on SAP.

there is not enough space available so Company should appoint internees according to space in the office. ♦ Computers here are not advanced and speedy which can affect the overall performance of Company. ♦ For internees. ♦ A better coordination should be developed between the top management and lower level employees. ♦ Pay scale for lower level employees should increase as compare to competitors. So the Company should provide upgraded computers to its employees. 32 . ♦ Siemens should retain their good employees by giving them incentives ♦ ♦ Proper training should be given to employees. Employee’s satisfaction level should increase by appraising them at the spot and by giving them different incentives like bonuses etc.Recommendations I would like to make recommendations to Siemens (Pakistan) Engineering Company Limited for their betterment.