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certainty who invented them. Some of the effects have been modified to accommodate the prop. I have simply taken six very strong effects that have. and built a routine for them around a central prop. most of them over a liundred years old. I can take no credit for any of the effects here. is also an antique. Some of them are so old that no one knows with . will use it over and . At this point I'd like to remind you that one of the greatest methods in mentalism. the center tear. I'm sure that those who perform this piece. been tempered by millions of performances. and this presentation is guaranteed to involve ana please any audience. but the methods are all very old.. it is the presentation. though I know it is worth many corns of gold to the working performer who desires a reputation. say that they already knew some of these tricks. over the years. It will not be sold to the magickal public for any price. The cups and balls illusion had been around for five thousand years when Dai Vernon routined it so that every magician began to add it to his repertoire. Page 1 The Sealed Tome #1 Docc Hilford was not written for collectors.was his book .. because they haven't learned that it is not the trick that matters to a layman. and look how miraculous it can be in the right hands! Some may read this book. The Sealed Tome N1. as it's designed. To them I wish the best. and put it on the shelf unused. It written for the sole use of new subscribers to The New Invocation magazine.

so the audience feels that they have been involved No cards are selected No one has to think of anything. That is. A dozen people can be used as assistants. you will. and think about the item that they own. .~ The Sealed Tome II. The hosts of a home pa~ will show off the item to their friends as the one you used In a miracle. love to use people as props. The chair won't be remembered. This is a demonstration of real magick. and this routine does just that. The events that take place are inexplicable. so it can be the feature of your act. The full routine will run about twenty minutes. yet the stage area is always full. with a common item found in everyone's home. except than to say it was magick. The everyday item is just a chair. metal chair. Bizarre magick is not puzzling. They leave feeling less ordinary themselves. It doesn t require any special [rops. save a piece of thread. They are an essential part of the demonstration. You can perform the routine in this book in front of thousands. the helpers feel honored that they were part of something extraordinary. not wonderin~ how it was done. oak throne. P0ge2 over again.ethome. . It makes the audience think about your performance every time they see the item at their house. It can be a beautiful. because it can be seen. ciependinf on your style. wondering if theirs also has the same strange qualities possessed by the one in the theater. hand carved. Many of the individual effects have been used by working professionals in packed theaters. People in a theater will g. because they were in the spotlight for a moment. I believe that it will go down as one of the classics of bizarre magick. or in a home for only a few peopl~J because it is very personal. two hundred year old. The venue is up to you. They feel like stars. to be subsequently (yawn) revealed No one is humiliated On the contrary. or a simple folding. He wants the audience to go away with an explanation for what they have just witnessed. Since the audience's collected thoughts cause the miracles. It won't matter. after all. what the true bizarrist strives for in his presentations. This routine makes miracles happen in everyday surroundings. with everyday items. it 1S miraculous. the act couldn't happen without their help.

i. and a tattered sheet of parchment. it is one of the most requested . write some of your own. and belief is sure to follow. a black cloth with a pentagram on it. The routine should be done indoors. but they do add to the ambiance of the routine. In an impromptu setting. or move some of the guests around. Read this book carefully. and you can't do miracles on request. without even soft music. I ask the host to do something. just when the host is ready to give up. It is a reputation builder. so I'm not burdened with anything large. Since I have combined the different effects into one routine. I have baited the audience by protesting that I really don't want to attempt it. The room should be completely quiet. is the most important part of any bizarre presentation. and put them together in a scnpt. will put them in their place. Remember. such as adjust the lights. In this routine. Still.you free to concentrate on the tale. These items are not essential. it is more important than the tricks themselves. Fix the story in your mind as if it really happened.l I have performed this routine. I have added some window dressing in the form of several small candles. I have mentioned that there are no props other than a piece of thread. even if I have seen that all the conditions are correct. commercially. this is a miracle. so a few well chosen words about how we must all work together for the demonstration to be successful. or do the routine without them. Wait for the right time to perform this routine. Take the words of patter that fit you. There should not be any skeptics among the viewers. Everthing is carried ill a shoe-box sized chest. I mention that I don't expect them to believe. in subdued lighting. so it leaves. Then. in various forms for many years. the audience Will believe it too.not by magicians. to . but on the patter. I just aSKthem not to disbelieve. Many times. Remember. Your rehearsal time will not be on the tricks. this is not a magic trick! It is real magick. If you believe the story you are telling. (This is hardly possible in a theater setting. While this is true. but by laymen. The Sealed Tome II. Remember that the story. I have had even greater success with it. I either borrow similar items. The tricks themselves take very little skill. P". I'm not sure it will succeed. Performing it has al~ays given me great satisfaction. I agree to give it a try. Don't do it at the drop of a fiat. Of all the routines that I perform. Then memorize your script.

If you are in a room full of loud. It is obviously better. stick to the You Do VooDoo needle.. He said that he put a brick on his head.. You appear quite confident of the intended outcome.!if. If this is not possible. The correct timing. you may wish to cut that particular effect out of the routine. it will return to you fame. Max M . I vait a veekl" If you will give this simple routine the consideration it deserves. Tho Sealed Tome II. You must wait for every condition. Please do not rearrange them. "But. was once asked how he miraculously caused a brick to appear under his hat. and a personal satisfaction that few other routines in magick can give. to be exactly right. covered it with his hat.t a collection of good tricks. obnoxious people.have fun! . If the attempt fails. the lighting. "Sometimes.) The spectators must want the demonstration to be successful. without a carpet. and waited until someone asked to see some magic. the audience. it is most likely because someone is causing interference with their mind set. and most of all. fortune. ana not a miracle. or the routine will beai:::. the time and place. You must walk the fine line between demonstrating a miracle. et cetera. Each effect leads into the next. P'II" • keep an open mind. and mood. The order of the effects has been carefully thought out. environment. and save this routine for when conditions are right. and attempting an experiment. how long do you wait?" he was then asked He replied. . Guard it well. are essential. to wait for the right flooring and do the entire routine. however. yet you can't guarantee that it will work this particular time. One effect requires a bare floor.

"Is it true that in the 1800s. muffled by the bottom of a glass. the highlight of my trip to the Land of Enchantment. "Even this chair?" I asked." Ian responded. "Masklyn. came from the Mage's direction as he complied. about the tales of spiritualism that were told about the ancient villa. and lit them. Marie had just cleared the table of the remains of our feast. Ian Ross. rather it's the wood from which it is madel You all know that many ancient cults were devoted to the worship of trees. and the hospitality of the clan at Casa Flora was unequaled anywhere. arms and a back. After I had settled into a luxurious leather armchair. would you open that drawer. "Quite so. Around the chair he put the thirteen candles in a circle. In fact. I've found that it isn't the type of table so much that matters. Brother Hunter asked our host. It has legs. especially' that chair. and the most revered type of wood seems to have been oak. Docc. and hand me the box inside? It contains thirteen candles." "I've tried my hand at table tipping. "but I haven't had mucli luck. I like to think of it as an old friend.i The Sealed Tome II. Brother Ross pulled the other pieces of furniture to one side of the room. my friend. "It's said that die furniture flew in those days. any piece of oaken furniture can be made to perform weird actions. though mostly for the table tipping demonstrations given by my great-grandfather. and the brethren had retired to the study for cigars and brandy. as always. "Yes." Brother Harper interrupted. and I'll use them to show everyone what I mean. Reaching into the box. it will do things! Behold!" Ian turned to face the shadowy figure in the corner. feet. he removed a large square of black . "You see. Europeans traveled across land and sea to attend special seances here? Brother Hunter asked. For me. It also has a personality." "Well." Brother Ross told us." Brother Ross answered. under the right conditions. it has many parts similar to you and me. At least not with every table I've tried." "Grrrmmmpphhhl" A sound. Page 5 he meal of chili-marinated beast was. clearing a space for the single oak chair.

"If you will give me just a moment to invoke the powers that be. "Anniman. Ian lifted the chair and handed it to him.Kardor!" His voice became louder as he spoke. try to set the chair on the floor. and the skin of Kres. Corindass. and he began to move his fingers slig~tly up and down. and the chair fell back." Ian told him. He began to read from die paper very slowly. "Now. _pointing them towards the chair.. with your kind help. don't let it leave the safety of your body. and don't let it get away from you. waiting to see what Brother Ross would do. The last object in the box was an ancient sheet of parchment with some weird markings on it. staring at a chair that defied the laws of gravity. "It seems to be responding. lru. sitting in the huge silent room. and stood back to admire his work. "Tar and bell. I could see Brother Dean struggle to get the chair to the floor. so that it rested on the front two legs alone. Demons from Hell. "I believe it will show us some of its strange powers now. It ." Brother Dean said "We'll get it to do more. once again resting on an four legs. Vernay . "If you will just hold this chair tightly against your chest. Remember. He placed the cloth over the chair's tall back.i The Sealed Tome'l. Then. the chair remained balanced on its front legs! It was very eerie. we will try to get the spirit of the wood to respond " "Grrrmmmpphhhl" The noise was heard again. and when he had." Ian stood behind the chair and held it by the sides of the back. in a voice barely audible. I think it Will remain suspended in mid-air!" Dean held the chair firmly against his body. Ian clapped his hands. and Ian pressed his palms gently on the back and on the seat. but it would not move from the space it was possessing. though this time it ment that Masklyn's glass needed to be refilled We all sat around the perimeter of the room. He leaned it forward." Ian motioned for Dean to join him in the circle of light. P"" 6 cloth with a gold ~ntagram stitched onto it. and the kin of Tess!" Brother Ross was literally shouting at the wood.. As he gently released his grip and stood back. Voltaz.

Brother Riccardo. It stayed in the air only a few moments and fell back to earth. and the damned thing started to rise higher and higher. He took the oak chair from Brother Dean. and entered the circle. All four legs of the chair left the ground. as the chair rested on its front legs. the front of its arms. Ian had to help the men bring it back down to the floor. Page 7 looked as if there was some invisible support beneath it. we'll attempt an actual levitation." he told them. and you take the top of its back. and don't let it fall. and turned the chair on its front side. so that it sat on all four feet. Ian removed the black cloth from the chair's back. "If two of you gentleman will assist me. and asked Brother Scarborough to sit in it. He removed his hands. Brother Ross invited two more of the group to hold different parts of the chair. and try to force it down. and the two men were to do their best to keep it from getting away from them. But Ross wasn't satisfied with only one man s weight. " Brother Ross pointed to the man from the southern hemisphere. When both men were comfortably situated. . Scarborough grasped the sides of the seat. And after a few words of encouragement. They left their seats. We were going to see if the chair would levitate while Brother Scarborough used his entire weight to keer it earthbound. He asked Brother Riccardo to straddle Brother Scarborough's legs. and seat. Before Riccardo sat down. and the man from the southern state. The back and two back legs were now uppermost. Scarborough. Ian again gently rested his palms on the center of the chair's back. or float away. Brother Scarborough. put the black cloth over the chair's back. and told the wood to levitate.i The Sealed Tome II. but it would not budge. and floating to the ceiling. He explained that the chair would soon begin to rise of its own accord. and slowly pushed it to the floor. and rocked back to balance on the chair's back two feet. "Please take the back feet of the chair. Riccardo. He turned the chair right side up. it jumped up from the floorl The chair and all 350 pounds of southern sorcerers lifted into the air. Brother Ross placed his palms on the top uprights of the chair's back. so that their combined weight was well over 350 pounds. He carefully draped the cloth over the chair's back. Lift it up to chest height.

out of the chair! .. you're probably the tallest one here.. above his head. neophytesl" Masklyn was obviously amused by the demonstration. "Because everything is going so well. Then. though we did not touch him. and rest his hands in his lap. and Brother Ross said. and the chair held him fast. Sometimes the wood will convey its powers to those who sit in the chair." Ian told him. three!" We all lifted. At last. Brother Ross lifted his finger. He was told to keep his feet on the floor. and I put my fingers under Brother Cravens' left knee. I'll attempt another experiment. and relax. On the count of three. as he made his invitation. and Thomas could once again stand. Brother Ross gently pushed Brother Thomas' head back. we each made two-handed fists with our index fingers extended. Brother Ross seemed confident in the chair's ~wers. and Brother Hunter put his under the left. Brother Thomas tried to raise his head and could not.~ I' The Sealed Tome 11. But. two. and put his index finger on Thomas' forehead. and four of us put our hands. and up the tall wizard floated. teehee. He tried to stand." Brother Ross expounded. Brot er Thomas put his fingers under his right knee. will you please sit here?" He held his open hand above the mystical piece of furniture. Ian counted. you won't be able to get up out of it. and an attempt to levitate him was going to be difficult. Brother Thomas. Will you be so kind as to let the spirits of the wood levitate you?" The wizard of the desert stood no less than six foot six. we were all to lift upwards in a smooth motion. one on top 0 the other. "Brother Cravens. We were told to ask the wood to make the man's weight disappear. and try as you will. as well. Brother Thomas gingerly sat in the haunted chair. P"" 8 ~ The two men took their seats. "One. I believe the wood will cause all energy to leave your body. Brother Harper put his fmgers under Brother Cravens' ri t arm pit. "If the ~wer of the wood will keep a man down. and placed them under different points of his b~. "Teehee. "Close your eyes. perhaps it can give him the power to levitate. Brother Cravens took his rlace in the chair.

.. 'are known as tea candles. It also gives the spectators something to focus on. slowly. et cetera. Brother Ross said a quiet spell dismissmg the wood spirits.. "There are more things in heaven and earth. so there is no need for candle holders.. A these are standard effects. but no one dared ask any questions about it. and not the almosr two hundred I knew he weighed.. he turned to me and said. The candles I use . and I camouflage it by running a black magic marker over the thread in a series of long and short . and joined me on the sofa. that make the lighting of thirteen candles much easier than using conventional match sticks. plenty of them. about a foot long. Page9 We then let him down. in which the chair balances on its front legs.. I had questions. There was no doubt that we were all impressed with Ian's demonstration. but the critical tips that them work have been left out of previouspublished explanations. . roughly ten feet in diameter. I must say that it felt as though Brother Craven weighed only a few pounds. and has a pentagram of gold silk ribbon stitched onto it. The gimmick 1S an eighteen inch piece of transparent hem thread. The cloth simply adds some magickal symbols to the setting.. I place them in a circle. consider the trappings. large enough to accomodate four people and the chair. The first effect.. These are wooden match sticks... Mine is an old wooden jewelry box. I keep a few fireplace matches in the box with the candles. We all returned to our seats and puffed gratefully upon our cigars.. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.et cetera.. Each has its own metal container. and a modern cigarette lighter ruins the ambiance. and an inch deep. They are about as big around as a silver dollar." 13E!~?:r~vcaI1UDrl:' s I stated in the introduction. But just as I opened my mouth to ask one.. stained a very dark brown.i The Sealed Tome'l. The black cloth is two feet square. You are trying to create a mystical atmosphere.. as Masklyn poured another brandy. It is actually a thin monofilament.. extinguished the thirteen candles. Any box can be used.Please don't use a lighter. back into the chair. is the only effect that requires a gimmick.

~ The Sealed Tome 11. and lean it forward just a bit more. The second effect. and get the wax ball on the tip of your thumb. At this . about four inches above the seat. and it is an e~ matter to keep him slightly off balance by pushing with the palms of your hands on the chair. The wax end is stuck onto the back of your pants snap or button. getting tension on the thread. On one end of the thread. If he holds the chair by the sides of the seat with the chair's back held tightly against his chest. and roll the wax around the wooden anchor. His legs are stiff. and shift your weight to the back foot. when you clap your hands. As you lean the chair forward. to the end of the thread. The idea is to have the ball of wax out of sight. Pin the thread to the waist of your trousers. pull your body backwards. and it will tilt back. where the chair cannot be set down. H you wear a belt. and tuck it back into its hiding place behincfyour waist band. tie a safety pin. fooling the eye. and stick the bill of wax to the center of the chair's back. but easily accessible. The chair will hide the thread. but pulled up the edge of your trousers. While standing behind the chair. This. Page 10 marks. will break up the continuous line. an eighth of an inch long. While trying to keep the chair from getting away from him. the thread will not pull free of the wax. and this will keep him off balance. Find the true balance point of the chair. at the center. he will actually pull up on it trying to regain his balance. hook your thumbs behind the edge of your waistband. and place your other hand on the seat itself. On the other end. The thread will now support the chair. involves the spectator's balance. Thus. dislodge the wax ball. You grasp the bottom area of the chair's back. and should not look as though you've done anything. Every time the spectator tries to put the chair down. Now. will pull the chair off balance. after you've lit all the candles and said your invocation. and it Will remain motionless. slightly reposition the chair. Tie a Sliver of match stick. attach a ball of magician's wax. his whole body becomes rigid. These movements take but a brief moment. you give the tiniest push with your hand against the back. it may be put behind the top edge of it. Hidden by the chair. It's best to stand with one foot in front of the other. but I like to cover every angle. A slight movement of your body backwards.

and relax your arms. then step out of the doorway. If you want to feel this action for yourself. for they will be working against each other. if practiced that way. The additional weight on the man's legs makes the demonstration even easier. You don't want any jerkIng motions made. Immediately take your hands away. You continue to say that the chair will become lighter. facing him. They will seem to float upwards. is accomplished by suggestion. you release the pressure. and push down with the lightest pressure. After a few moments. and put both feet on the ground. It looks as if all the weight is on the back two legs of the chair. I have found it difficult to find people that can perform the balancing act required to put three people on the chair. . and it will float away if they don't keep it from doing so. Push against the doorjamb for at least one minute. but it can be done on a low pile carpet. The fourth effect. it doesn't matter that two others are pushina on the chair. hook your thumbs under the back edge of the chair. It should be noted that this effect requires the help of sincere participants. Have the spectator grab the sides of the seat. and muscle tension. PogeU point. but keep suggesting that the chair is becoming lighter.~ The Sealed Tome 'I. When the doorjamb blocks your way. in which the chair levitates with two people on it. you place your hands on the chair. The third effect. but in reality most of the weight is on the first spectator's feet. The second man should not let his feet touch the floor. the floating of the chair. As the two spectators hold the chair even with the bottom of their ribcages. The contracting muscles in the spectator's arms will make them lift it to about chin level. This was originally performed with a third man on t~p of the second man's shoulders! However. as they could ruin the effect. This works best on a liard floor. the muscles of their arms begin to tire. At this point. and start to contract. _pressyour arms out even harder. takes the most practice. The sudden change in the amount of strength needed to keep the chair up lets the muscles contract. stand in a doorway and try to lift your arms out to the side. and gently start the floating process with a little lift. and possibly hurt the spectator holding the chair. not more difficult. have a second spectator straddle liis legs. and will want to stay up for several minutes. When he leans back. A firm and steady push forward on the top section of the chair's back will cause the chair to act as a lever and shift the fulcrum point to the man's feet.

and was determined to stand. so. The four helpers interweave their fingers into two handed fists. you keep him from leaning forward to adjust his center of gravity.I The Sealed Tome II. By keeping pressure on the forehead. On your cue. within reason. but this is verboten. and it must be moved over die feet to stand. . The last effect. and your helpers will cooperate more readily. while performing this effect. and you must suggest that they can do it. P. Laypeople love it. be sure to use a normal sized person with a clean face! Some will try to move their feet to the sides of the chair for support. ana his own weight keeps him in the chair. it will not succeed as easily as when you have the audience on your side. They extend their index fingers. Don't use someone who weighs over three hundred pounds and expect four people that weigh seventy-five pounds to lift him. The im. and he could stand. I chose a rather large fellow to assist me. they do 90% of the work. and his hands in his lap. in which a spectator rises out of the chair. and the suggestibility of the assistants. Tlie subject must sit up straight. Using his neck muscles. and they will do it. don't sell it short. and just as strong. He was a skeptic. Once. with his feet on the ground. The spectator must have both feet firmly on the floor in front of him. The human body's center of gravity is right around the belt buckle area. is well known to many magicians. I kept him in the chair until his very greasy forehead caused my finger to slip off. is an old hypnosis stunt. Have him lean back in the chair. His neck was as big around as my leg. Let's face it. It creates an atmosphere of suggestibility. and look up. and put them under his arms and knees. they all lift together. Let them know what to expect.. Use the heaviest man in the room. If you present this as a challenge. where a spectator can't get up out of the chair. So.Portant points to study are the location of the participant s center of gravity.. 12 The next effect. he pushed forward with great force. You should approach this almost as hypnosis. Avoid any quick jerks by saying that they could throw the man against the ceilingl The bit of putting their hands above the spectator is very important. Silently will them to do what you suggest. One international psychic uses this in his lectures with amazing results.

Box 8263. After all.O. The reason why the effects in this routine have been around for so long is that they please an audience. You can even practice one or two of the effects in a payIDs show. The chair now has powers that it can bestow upon you while sitting in it. Check The Tarot Reader's Notebook by Ron Martin. and chis audience is an exceptional one. for the best method of the gyrating table I have read... And that is who pays the billsf . I have also. 87198. Your knowledge of which _people to use.. . because a failure now and then makes the other effects in your program stronger..~ The Sealed Tome II. There are many p0ssibilities for extending this routine into a complete act. published by Flora and Company. Il How do you practice a routine that uses several people? Perform die vanous parts of the routine for friends ana loved ones as an experiment. on a smooth surface.sat in the chair after the demonstration. it's just an experiment. NM. Albuquerque. at any time. I haven't truly failed at any of these. please use them. I hope you will try this routine yourself. and where to use them. The gyrating table effect would work witli a c . and done a Question and Answer act. P. So. will come only thro~ actual performance. You might also try doing table tippinlt:th a chair.. It packs small and plays big.a1ways be 100% successful With the first effect. and can then try another. You will. who ~ht be able to accomplish one of· the feats.

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