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Dear Student, We welcome you to the BA/BS Compulsory English II Academic Reading and Writing (Code 1424). As the name indicates that the course is meant to improve your academic reading and writing skills. In the text book there are reading and writing passages and activities that will enable you to perform better in your academic life. We hope you find these passages useful and interesting. If you face some difficulty, please do not hesitate to seek your tutor’s guidance in tutorial meetings. Also remember that attendance and full participation in meetings in very important. Since, this is a distance learning course; it requires self-study, regular attendance in tutorials and punctuality in assignments. Assignments play very important role in your studies. They help you to understand the units and prepare you for the examination. If you solve there assignments on your own, you have a very bright chance to pass the examinations. Try to finish your assignments in time. If any of your assignments is late then neither your tutor nor the course coordinator will accept it. Your B.A/BS Compulsory English II (1424) study package should include: a. b. c. d. Textbooks (One) Assignments (Two) Assignment Forms (Six) Assignment and Tutorial Schedule

If you find any of the above mentioned item missing in your study package, please contact your nearest regional office or write to the Mailing Officer on the address given below: Mailing Officer Mailing Section Allama Iqbal Open University Services & Operational Block Sector H-8, Islamabad. We wish you best of luck

Course Coordinator

ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY, ISLAMABAD (Department of English Language & Applied Linguistics) WARNING

Course: Compulsory English–II (1424) Level: BA/BS

Semester: Autumn, 2010 Total Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 40

(Units 1–4)
Q.1 (A) Read the text given below. You would notice some words are written in bold. Try and guess the meanings of these words through the context. (10) Litter is garbage or waste like left over food, paper, and cans on the ground or in the street. Where many people live together, litter is a problem. People don’t always put their garbage in the garbage can, because they find it is easier to drop a paper than to find a garbage can for it. But litter is ugly, it makes the city look dirty, and it spoils the view,. In most places litter is against the law. The law punishes people who throw garbage on the streets. They usually pay a fine, and occasionally go to jail. (B) There is a paragraph given below in a box. Find out the topic sentence of this paragraph and write it down. (05) Many desert animals are nocturnal. They sleep during the day in burrows below the surface of the desert or hide in shaded areas. They come out at night to eat. Some desert animals do not need to drink water. They get water from the foods they eat. Most desert animals are small. Q.2 In Unit 1, you have read about sequencing. Read the sentences given below. Rewrite them in a proper sequence and order. (10) i. He came to Ali’s house to check the car. ii.He got up early, put his luggage in the car. iii. Yesterday Ali was supposed to take a trip. iv. He called his local garage office. v.He tried to start the engine but it wouldn’t start. vi. Fortunately, the garage had a man free. vii. Soon he heard an announcement “All flights cancelled because of snow fall”. viii. He quickly found out the petrol was finished.



Despite all this, he got the airport on time. Ali felt foolish. Fast food ii. Home made food.

Write a compare and contrast paragraph of 50/70 words on the following topic: (10)


Q.4 Choose the correct word from the list given in the box to complete the following sentences: (05) Flight, Journey, Trip, Travel, Voyage i. I would love to _______________ round the world in a balloon. ii.When they were in Islamabad they took a ___________ to see Faisal Mosque. iii. Getting from Karachi to Lahore may take two hours _______________. iv. She says her hobbies are reading, golf and _________________. v.The Titanic was a ship which sank on its single ____________. Q.5 In Unit 2, you have read about Cause and Effect. Write five sentences in which cause and effect both are present. Take help from the example given below: (10) Example : Q.6 His crop died because of no water. Effect Cause

Write a detailed paragraph (of at least 15 sentences), describing yourself. What kind of a person are you? What do you like? What type of dress do you wear? What do your family members and friends think about you? Describe your physique, personality and then discuss your nature, habits and attitude towards life. (15)

Q.7 Read the text about “Criticisms of Intelligence Testing” in Unit 4, and answer the following questions: (10)

10 i. ii. Q.8 What is the main idea of the text? Make a list of all bad points of intelligence testing as presented by the author in the text.

Rewrite these sentences after punctuating and capitalizing each sentence correctly. (10)

ii. iii.


excuse me said Irfan i seem to be lost take my hand the woman commanded Im in hurry whats happening in the garden asked naila please bring your books tomorrow

Q.9 Here is an exercise to test your skill in choosing the correct simple present tense word. Fill in each blank with an appropriate word from the box. (15) Brush make comb dry take pick up put on rings eat get dressed get up wake up wear shave drive

Every morning I (1)________ as soon as my alarm (2)________ . After 10 minutes I (3)________and go to the bathroom. I (4)________, (5)_________ my teeth, (6)_____a shower and (7)_________ my hair. After my shower, I (8)__________ myself with a big towel and go back to the bedroom. In the bedroom I (9)_________ some perfume and (10) __________ my clothes. After I (11)________, I go to the kitchen and (12)________myself a cup of tea. For breakfast I often (13) ________ cornflakes, toast and jam and a piece of fruit. After breakfast I (14)_______ my car keys and (15)__________ to work.

(Units 5–9) Total Marks: 100
Q.1 (A)

Pass Marks: 40

Read the statements given below which are taken from an advertisement. Write whether it states a fact or an opinion about the product. (05) i. ii. ii. iv. v. Halib Milk is the best packed milk in the market. A team of experts in the field of milk production helped and guided the production of Halib Milk. Halib Milk will help you in maintaining your health. Each pack of Halib Milk is inspected before it leaves the factory. Milk is always good for health.


Choose an article from any English newspaper, paste it in your assignment and then write answers to the following questions which are related to the article: (10) (05)

i. What is the writer's purpose of writing the article? ii. What is the tone of the writer?

Q.2 Imagine that you are a shopkeeper selling fruits in market. Write down a dialogue between you and the customer who is complaining about the prices you are offering. (Your dialogue should be of approximately 10-15 sentences). (15)


Q.3 How did you spend your last weekend? Write a paragraph (of at last 10 lines) about your activities. You may start your paragraph like this: (10) Last weekend, we all went to ………… Q.4 Following are some incomplete sentences. Fill in the blanks by using the suitable word given in the box: (10) if, so, because, therefore, yet i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. Q.5 (A) He worked hard _______ he failed. I could not come, ________ it was raining. I was not feeling well _______ I stayed at home. You broke the cup _______ you didn’t handle it with care. ________ you had called him, he would have come. ________ you eat sweets, you will become fat. The colour was fast _______ it faded. ________ you were not interested, you shouldn’t come to see the match. ________ you took care of your things you wouldn’t have lost them. Students don’t work hard _______ they fail. Read the following short story and answers the questions that follow: The Strange Little Fire Mr. Polido lived in Mexico. He was a farmer. Every day he worked in his fields. As he worked, he often felt the warm ground under his feet. One day Polido saw smoke coming out of the ground. “What a strange little fire,” he thought. “I’ll cover it with some soil.” As the days went by, the farmer found more and more strange little fires. One afternoon when he was working, he head a loud ruble. The ground moved and great clouds of smoke shot into they sky. “An earthquake! I will go and get my family,” said Polido as he ran to find his wife. They hurried to the town. All the people were worried. From the town they saw a great tower of smoke and rock and fire. It came from the cracks in the ground on Polido farm. They felt the ground move again and again. When night came, they heard great explosion. Giant rocks shot into the air, then fell around the hole in the ground. Day after day, there were many explosions. People came from everywhere to watch. A small hill began to grow. In a week it was a small mountain. Soon the small mountain became a giant mountain. Great waves of lava pushed out of the cracks and across the fields. All the plants and animals died. For kilometers around ther was nothing alive. “The mountain will get bigger and bigger,” Polido told his family. “We cannot live here now. We’ll move to another town. The volcano of Paricutin roared, smoked, and exploded for nine years, until 1952. Today there is a beautiful sleeping mountain where Polido planted his corn. Questions:

i. ii. iii. iv. v. Q.6 (A)

What is the main theme of this story? Who is the main character of the story? And what is his Profession? Why did the ground move? What was the first sign Mr. Polido noticed in the farm? Why were all people worried? If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.

(5) (5) (2) (2) (1)

Read the following poem by Emily Dickinson and answer the questions that follow:

Questions i. Write a short note (not more than 5 lines) about the poet’s use of the words in order to portray life. (05) ii. Write a summary of the poem in your own words. (Not more than 20 words) (05) iii. What do you think about this poem, write down your opinion in 10-15 words. (05)

(B) We have given you practice about “Guessing the meanings of words
through context in almost all the units. Here is an exercise that will further help you in guessing word meanings. (05)

i. Birds that migrate, such as ducks and geese, leave their home in the winter.
The word migrate means: swim, move, fly, run


I ate a portion of everything on my plate; some meat, a chappatti, and a shami kebab.The word portion means: Swim, move, fly, run There are many forms of transportation, such as a bus, a car, or a train, that can get you anywhere. The word transportation means: toys, animals, system for moving people or things, times



Nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables, help our bodies grow. The word nutritious means: healthy, boring, fatty, oily


There was chaos as people were trying to get into the music hall. The word chaos means: silence, peace, confusion, order

Q.7 In Unit 9, there is a poem “Autumn”. Read that poem and answer the following question? (10) i. ii. What is the main theme of the poem? What descriptive words are used by the poet to highlight the effect of Autumn?


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