INTERVIEW SCHEDULE A Study of business communication 1. PROFILE OF THE ORGANISATION: 1.

1 Name & Address:

1.2 Type & year of establishment:

1.3 Nature of production:

1.4 No. of employees:

2. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION RECRUITMENT 2.1 Methods of recruiting management trainees/junior executives: a)Advertisement in the newspaper. b)Outsource it tp the search consultants. c)search from the existing data banks. d)visit professional instiututes e)ask the employees for their contacts f)internet sites g)networking sites h)any other ANS:

2.2 Process of selection: a) Written test b) Interview c) Written test & interview d) Written test, GD &interview e) Any other ANS: 2.3 besides the knowledge base how important is the communication skills & soft skills of the candidate? a) Very important b) Important

YES/NO ANS: 3.3 DO you have formal meetings? YES/NO (give examples) a) Weekly b) Fortnightly c) Monthly d) Quarterly .2 Different informal channels of communication(give examples) a) Grapevine b) Rumours c) Gossips d) None of the above ANS: 3.4 Do you have induction training/orientation programmes for the new employees? a) One day b) Two days c) One week d) Two weeks e) One month f) Any other ANS: 2.1 Different formal channels of communication(Give examples) a) Downward b) Upward c) Lateral d) Cross-wise e) All of the above ANS: 3.5 Emphasis is given to soft skills & business communication during the induction training programme. ANS: 2. CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION 3.c) Less important.

5.2 ANS: Type of presenatation they make.4.3.1 Agenda is always circulated: YES/NO a) one week in advance b) one day in advance c) on the same day d) any other ANS: 3.1 Different forms of communication used to reach out to employees.5 Written communication 3.2 Minutes are always circulated: YES/NO a) Immediately b) Within 24 hrs c) Within a week d) Prior to the next meeting e) Any other ANS: 3. a) Memo b) Circular c) Notice d) Order e) Any other ANS: .4.4 Oral presentations 3.3.e) Any other ANS: 3.1 Are the executives asked to make oral presentations? YES/NO ANS: 3.(Explain) 3.

5.3.1 What types of external communication are being carried out? a) press release b) press conference c) product launch d) advertisements e) public notices f) tenders g) magazines h) brochures i) newsletters j) mail coupons k) any other .3 What type of medium do you adopt for the above forms of communication? a) E-mail b) Hard copy c) Both d) Any other ANS: 3.1 do you have to prepare business reports? YES/NO a) Short (informational & analytical) b) Long ANS: EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION 4.2 ANS: Do you have any specific format for the above forms of communication? YES/NO 3.6 Business report 3.6.5.

ANS: 4. discuss its role) ANS: 4. discuss its role) ANS: 4.2 Do you have a public relation cell? YES/NO(IF yes.3 Do you have a corporate communication cell? YES/NO(IF yes.4 Are employees sent outside for attending various training programmes? YES/NO Ans: 4.5 Is organisation aware of the legal aspects of communication? YES/NO ANS: 4.6 Do you have cross cultural training programmes for the employees? YES/NO ANS: .

5 Do you have to make oral presentations? YES/NO ANS: 5.2 Which mode of communication plays a more important role at work in your job role? a) Oral b) written c) both ANS: 5.PERSONAL COMMUNICATION 5.1 How much time you take to prepare a one hour presentation? Ans: .1 Do you give feedback & suggestions? YES/NO ANS: Do you attend meetings with your team members? ANS: 5.3 Communication in your job role is focussed more on: a) internal members b) external agencies c) both ANS: 5.1 Communication is an important element in your everyday work-life. YES/NO ANS: 5.

7 Are you sent for training programmes?YES/NO ANS: 5.6 Do you write the following? YES/NO a)Memo: b) notice: c)circular: d)order: 5.9 Do you have a dress code? YES/NO ANS: PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENT 6.5.1 Name: .3 How do you rate your listening sksills? Ans: How do you rate your presentation skills? Ans: 5.8 Suggestions for making effective presentations: ANS: 5.1 for the above you use: a) e-mail b) hard copy c) both ans: 5.

3 Social group: 6.6.5 occupation & position: 6.10 native/migrant: THANK YOU! .7 income: 6.9 no.6 years of work experience: how long have you been working in this organisation: 6. of children: 6.2 age: 6.8 marital status: 6.4 education: 6.

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