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Beauty and the Illiterate

Often, in the Repose of Evening her soul took a lightness from the mountains across, although the day was harsh and tomorrow foreign. But, when it darkened well and out came the priest's hand over the little garden of the dead, She Alone, Standing, with the few domestics of the night—the blowing rosemary and the murmur of smoke from the kilns— at sea's entry, wakeful Otherly beauty! Only the waves' words half-guessed or in a rustle, and others resembling the dead's that startle in the cypress, strange zodiacs that lit up her magnetic moon-turned head. And one Unbelievable cleanliness allowed, to great depth in her, the real landscape to be seen, Where, near the river, the dark ones fought against the Angel, exactly showing how she's born, Beauty Or what we otherwise call tear. And long as her thinking lasted, you could feel it overflow the glowing sight bitterly in the eyes and the huge, like an ancient prostitute's, cheekbones Stretched to the extreme points of the Large Dog and of the Virgin. "Far from the pestilential city I dreamed of her deserted place where a tear may have no meaning and the only light be from the flame that ravishes all that for me exists.

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http://www. Stars. Vicente Aleixandre. solitude dispersed and seeded stars!" Odysseus "Shoulder-to-shoulder under what will be. WA 98368-0271. coppercanyonpress. Copyright © 1998 by Odysseus Elytis.Beauty and the Illiterate by Odysseus Alepoudelis Elytis : The Poetry F. Source: Eros Eros Eros: Selected and Last Poems (Copper Canyon Press. Box 271. "Beauty and the Illiterate" from Eros. Planets. sworn to extreme silence and the co-ruling of the stars. the illiterate. Planets. Eros. Heavens. "As if I didn't know yet. Landscapes & Pastorals 2 of 3 21/8/2011 5:47 µµ . Stars. articles...poetryfoundation. Port Townshend. Heavens. in extreme silence are the most repellent thuds "And that. P. The academy declared in its presentation that his .O. 1998) ABOUT T HIS POEM Discover this poem’s context and related poetry. . and media. POEMS BY ODYSSEUS ALEPOUDELIS ELYT IS For Efessos The Little Mariner The Presence POEM CAT EGORIZAT ION SUBJEC T Nature. Although the Swedish Academy of Letters had in recent years bestowed the honor upon other previously little-known writers—among them Eugenio Montale. since it became unbearable inside a man's chest. Reprinted with the permission of Copper Canyon Press. and Harry Martison—their choice of Elytis came as a surprise nonetheless. Landscapes & Pastorals BIOGRAPHY Odysseus Elytis was relatively unknown outside his native Greece when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1979. that there PO ET Odysseus Alepoudelis Elytis 1911–1996 PO ET ’S R EGIO N Greece SUBJEC TS Nature. . Eros: Selected and Last Poems.

make a suggestion. http://www. 3 of 3 21/8/2011 5:47 µµ .poetryfoundation..Beauty and the Illiterate by Odysseus Alepoudelis Elytis : The Poetry PO ET ’S R EGIO N Greece If you disagree with this poem's categorization.

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