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Anders Chr.

Rosenkildevej 60, 3000 Helsingør, Denmark
Phone: + 45 49 25 33 03, mobile phone: +45 24 26 34 11, e-mail:

Curriculum Vitae
Anders Chr. Larsen
Rosenkildevej 60, 3000 Helsingør, Denmark
Phone: + 45 49 25 33 03, mobile phone: +45 24 26 34 11, e-mail:
Personal data

Name: Anders Chr. Larsen

Born: 2 March 1967
Married to: Louise Bie Larsen
Wife´s occupation: Computational linguist in Ankiro ApS
Children: Johanne Bie Larsen (6 years)
Signe Bie Larsen (3 years)
Julie Bie Larsen (1 year)


June 2006 - InfoMedia Huset A/S, Senior Product Manager

Product management, MediaSeach
Market strategy, product development, project management, pricing etc.
of the webinterface MediaSearch on

Project Management, WebSurveillance

Commercial design and project management on developing and marketing
a webcrawler to monitor Danish websites.

Oct. 2005 – june Eniro Denmark A/S, Product Manager

Product management, Eniro Red Locals
Market strategy, product development, pricing and marketing
63 titles with a total impression of 1.7 million issues.

Product management, Mostrup Map Books

Product development and marketing, 13 titles

Apr. 2004 – Oct. Post Danmark, Mediapost, Product Manager

Product management, Value Added Services
Product development and marketing of Value Added Services related to
direct mail and unaddressed mail:
• Address sales
• Address wash
• Datamining
• Segmentation (MOSAIC and Conzoom)
• Response management

Legal analysis and assessments

Responsibility for analysis of legal issues, particularly assessments of legal
risks related to the monopoly law and marketing law in connection with
product introductions, pricing etc. in close cooperation with the Legal
Department of Post Danmark.

Partner management
Managing partnerships and contracts witht external suppliers of Value
Added Services.
Project management,
Specification of requirements, webdesign and development, legal analysis,
official introducing and marketing of the webservice in
cooperation with Lettershop Mailservice A/S.
Anders Chr. Larsen
Rosenkildevej 60, 3000 Helsingør, Denmark
Phone: + 45 49 25 33 03, mobile phone: +45 24 26 34 11, e-mail:

Jan. 1998 – Apr. Kraks Forlag AS, Product Manager

Product management,
Kraks Business Directory and Kraks Sector Catalogues
Market strategy, product development, pricing, marketing, campaign
planning, coaching of sales consultants
Budget holder of total turnover of appr. DKK 50 millions

Product management, Danish Exporters

Market strategy, product development, project management of the
webdesign of
Increased total turnover from DKK 5.6 millions to DKK 10.5 millions
Product and project management,
Specification of requirements, webdesign and development and market
introduction of the advanced business seach service
Worked up from scratch in two years a total yearly ad turnover of DKK 6

Product and project management, Business Guide Oresund

Specification of requirements, webdesign and development, market
introduction and sales management of a business search service for the
Øresund Region on in cooperation with the Swedish
publishing firm, Lokaldelen i Sverige AB.
Worked up from scratch in 1½ years a total yearly ad turnover of DKK 2-3

Head of Product Management

Responsibility for the overall market strategy of the total B2B-area.
Coordinating product strategies and coaching of 4 product managers and a
product coordinator. Decisive influence on the total corporate market

Jan. 1997 – Jan. Kraks Forlag AS, Product Coordinator

Product management, Kraks Export Directory
Product development, marketing and campaign planning.

Aug. 1996 – Jan. Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists, Course

1997 Organizer
Coordination and project management
Organised with limited means a professional two weeks course in
interview techniques for unemployed lawyers and economists
(voluntary work).

Apr. 1994 – Jan. Statistics Denmark, Interview Employee

Interview and analytical work
Analyses for The Rockwool Fond, Ministry of Transport and Energy,
Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, Danish National Institute of
Social Research, The Danish Defense and others, including participation
in formulating questionnaires.
Anders Chr. Larsen
Rosenkildevej 60, 3000 Helsingør, Denmark
Phone: + 45 49 25 33 03, mobile phone: +45 24 26 34 11, e-mail:

Aug. 2003 – Jun. Graduate Diploma in Business Administration,

2005 Copenhagen Business School
• Statistics, data analysis, market analysis and strategy
• Specializing in the Market Dialogue side: Communication strategy,
media planning, direct marketing, effect measurements etc.
• Thesis on cooperation with Egmont Serieforlaget A/S
– developing a new communication strategy for the game magazine,
Superplay. Elected the best thesis on the Market Dialogue side.
• cvg
Aug. 1987 - Dec. Master of Social Science, Roskilde University Center
• Master degree in business economy and geography
• Specializing in organisation, transaction costs, sectoranalysis,
Localizing, export and internationalization
• Thesis on establishing production in Polen

Aug. 1982 – June General Certificate of education A-level,

Aurehøj Statsgymnasium
• Mathematical/biological side

2004 CRM Academy, Danish Marketing Forum
• 3x3 days course in direct marketing and dialogue marketing

2000 Internet, Technical, IDG

• 1 week of technical introduction to the Internet

1998 Forum for product managers, Danish Technological

• 4 days conference on the role of the product manager

• Business fluent in English, both in writing and speech
• German, almost fluent verbal conversation
• I understand Swedish and Norwegian perfectly. Can make myself
understandable in Swedish, as consequence of 2 years of close
cooperation with a Swedish publishing firm
• I have mastered French and Spanish on a relatively high level
- need to be practised

Personal caracteristics
As a person, I´m creative, structured and hard working with a high energy
level and spirit. I have great decisive power, not least because of an
unpretentious and humorous approach to the daily problems and tasks.

The predominant part of my spare time, I spend with my family, as three

small children are both lovely and demanding. Nevertheless I take great
pleasure in my great interests for jazz music and history as well as running
half a marathon once in a while. Moreover I have travelled a great deal
both in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and South East Asia.