Bougainvillea You will need: Crochet cotton in the petal color (bougainvillea come in a ton of different colors) and

green. As to size, that is up to you. I am using size 20 and the flowers are about an inch wide. You will need a small amount of the yellow or white in 1 size smaller than you use for the rest for the inside flower. Sewing needle with eye big enough for the largest thread you are using. Stiffener, I use Elmer’s glue. With green chain 20 turn. Working up the chain skip the first chain and slip stitch in the next 9 stitches, ch 18 turn skip the first chain and slip stitch in the next 9 stitches. Chain 18 turn skip the first chain then slip stitch in each chain back down to the beginning of the chain . Don’t hide and trim the loose ends because they will help you keep up with which one is the bottom. Note that the one in my picture is longer at the base. I found that to be too long and had to tuck it under so I reduced it. Yours should be shorter.

Take the pink thread and join with a sc to the very tip of the first branch.

Ch 8 turn, skip first ch and slip stitch in next 5 chains,(this is the little stem that sticks out of each petal)

dc in next three stitches. Slip stitch into the very top thread of the beginning stitch. Work 2 more petals like that in the same stitch….they will fit. dc. 3 tc) . . skip first chain working one stitch in each chain work sc. hdc. Work a sc in next stitch but first pull the loose thread from where you tied of the last round behind your work and make the sc over the thread pulling it tight work the next few stitches over the loose end and clip off the loose end. dc. Skip the chain 3 and work 1 sc in first tc. then work 1 tc in each of next 5 stitches. Tie off. hdc. sc up to the tip. In the last chain work (3 tc . In that same stitch work (ch 3. slip stitch) turn the flower so that you are now working up the other side. Tie off. work 2 dc in next 5 stitches. Working one stitch in each stitch of previous row sc. Working in the back loop of the chain work 1 tc in each of next 5 stitches. Folding the little stem toward you as you pass it. sc in next stitch. ch 3. this should hide the knot from tying off. hdc in next . hdc. Work into the next leaf over. sc in next. Continue working around the petals when you get to the tip of the last one (where you have already worked the picot) work a very tight slip stitch right in that picot and pull tight. dc . Slip stitch in the top stitch and work 2ch picot. ( 8 turn. 2 dc in next 5 stitches then 1dc in next 4. ldc. but don’t trim the thread yet. pull the little stem toward you and work the stitch from behind it) Then work ldc. NOTE ON THE THIRD ONE DON’T TIE OFF ch 2 picot in the last stitch.

Join yellow with a sc . work 5 more sc in the same space working around in a circle and join with a slip stitch to the first sc. Tie off don’t worry with the loose ends at this point. looking at the inside of the flower. Turn the flower back over. Pinch each leaf together and sew across the back of it. you can sew over those loose ends at the same time and clip them.Turn the petal over so that you are looking at the back side of the flower. .

sc.Work 2 more like that on the other 2 ends. 2 dc in next stitch. slip stitch across the ch 3 on this round work 1 stitch in each stitch of previous round unless noted. 3 tc in next stitch. dc. Sc. When most of the glue has drained off shape the petals. sc. trim the yellow loose ends a little shorter. Saturate the flower then let it drain on a slanted plate. ldc. (sc. When the flowers are dry you can clip all of those loose ends. ldc. (20 sc) ch 1 turn. dc. work slip stitch 2 ch picot in tip. but not all the way. 2 tc in next 7 stitches. You want to wait to clip them short after the glue dries. ldc. hdc. but I had a little problem with them getting tangled and had to trim them during shaping. 2 dc in next. tc . but I use 2 parts Elmer’s glue and 1 part water. Set the main part of the flower aside. You can use whatever stiffener you want. If there is a lot of excess glue you can dab it off with some paper towel. hdc. dc. now it is time to stiffen the flowers and leaves. Set the flower aside on some plastic wrap to dry. ldc. You can continue to shape the flowers during the drying process until they are completely set. over last 4 stitches. but don’t worry with them at this point. Tc. hdc sc. hdc. Slip stitch in that little loop in the tip and start working down the other side. Check on them after several hours to make sure the little stems are sticking up. dc. tie off. slip stitch in first 5 stitches. Now you have finished the crochet part. 10 tc. tc in next 10 stitches. sc. At this point it looks like a shaggy mess with all those loose ends. With green ch 21 turn skip first ch and sc in each stitch across. Work down the other side (2 sc . dc. hdc. 3tc in next stitch ch 3 slip stitch to center where the stem starts. Tip: before you glue. dc. . hdc. 2 tc in next 7 stitches . ch 3 the rest of this round will be worked in the back loop only. Slip stitch.

Now hot glue everything together and you are done! You can glue pins or a magnet to the back. .

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