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September 16, 2008

Citywide Land Use Group


Final Draft Dated 9/1608

Planning Commission Hearing 10/14/08 (Tuesday/12:30)

Planning Commission Work Session 10/28 (Tuesday/7:00 pm)

Digital Copies of Draft RICAP 4 document

Paper Copies of RICAP 4 document Phil Nameny 503-823-7709

Hearing by City Council (potential - early December, 2008)


(see RICAP document for full discussion and actual change)

Item # 1 NO CHANGE SUGGESTED (building code setbacks)

2 Revise and clarify measurement of maximum lot width in single dwelling
3 NO CHANGE SUGGESTED (narrow lot structural heights)
4 Change of code to treat flag lot and non-flag lot structures the same
5 Clarify corner lot dimension standards
6 Make rules for corner lots consistent
7 Clarify current terminology for lot dimension standards
8 Removes exception to allow in building equipment within setback
9 Allow accessory structure to remain after lot line adjustment
10 Clarify garage regulations facing alleys on existing narrow lots
11 Make garage street lot line setbacks consistent
12 Technical adjustment to move garage entrance purpose statement
13 NO CHANGE SUGGESTED (pedestrian circulation in travel lanes)
14 Clarify setbacks of accessory structures from internal lot lines
15 Make code consistent with METRO rules
16 Clarify where pedestrian standards apply
17 Clarify exterior storage language
18 Adjust home occupation code to State day-care standards
19 Clarify prohibited home occupations language
20 Clarify how living area is calculated for Accessory Dwelling Units
McKnight/summary RICAP 4 Package – cont 2

21 Amend code for height of new or replacement antennas on existing towers

22 Make manufactured homes and parks consistent with State law
23 NO CHANGE SUGGESTED (non-conforming situations & timelines)
24 Expand exceptions for gravel driveways accessed from unimproved alleys
25 Clarify distance for radio transmission facilities from habitable space
26 Allow FCC Compliance Letter to define radio transmission facility
27 Make Community Design Standards table consistent with code
28 Clarify language re: greenway review exemption
29 Clarify treatment of contributing structures in historic districts
30 Clarify corrections of airport noise impact contour lines
31 NO CHANGE SUGGESTED (Central City plan district typo)
32 Move Columbia South Shore office floor limitations to section of code
regulating uses
33 Correct Laurelhurst/Eastmoreland Plan District boundaries
34 Remove zoning code requirement for skinny lot curb cuts to recognize
PDOT regulation responsibility
35 Clarify and limit garage requirements for skinny lots
36 Clarify and amend flag lot standards and density requirements
37 Add standards for detached & attached houses in R2 zones to allow staff
discretion to require alleys
38 Create and revise standards for lot width in multi-dwelling zone flag lot
development with existing housing
39 Allow staff discretion to require alleys & to make public where needed
40 NO CHANGE SUGGESTED (shared courts as streets)
41 NO CHANGE SUGGESTED (using common greens to create corner lots)
42 Improve lot design in land divisions through enhanced staff role
43 Remove specific height modification standard in Planned Development
44 Clarify approval criteria for Planned Development review
45 Clarify property line adjustment standards to avoid creation of non-
conforming uses
46 Revise lot width measurement method in single family zones to clarify
difference between flag lot and narrow lot
47 Clarify role of existing dwellings in flag lot development
48 Clarify definition of attached houses
49 Clarify definitions of corner and through lots
50 Strengthen tree protection requirements and clarify tree survey
requirements for land divisions
51 Clarify date when Type III decision is final
52 Re-examine open area requirements in Gateway Plan District
53* Provide exception in Division Main Street Overlay Zone to retail space
maximum cap for some existing buildings as of defined date
*(Added by Planning Commission at 8/26/08 meeting)