Acknowledgements First and foremost, I would like to give praise and honor to God for all his many

blessings that He has bestowed upon me and my family. These poems are a memorial to the Lord and to all of those who have blessed me with their presence. Sincerely,

Gail N. Gerald
Gail N. Gerald

Who is death? I think about death often And I fear it What will happen to me when I die? I value my life too much and I am so afraid to die Death is miserable, painful, and dark It is inescapable Life is over It is nothing You are nothing Death is the end There is nothing I can do to change that Then one Day Matthew 28:1-10 tells us this story, (from, New American Bible) 1 After the sabbath, as the first day of the week was dawning, 2 Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb. 2 And behold, there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, approached, rolled back the stone, and sat upon it. 3 His appearance was like lightning and his clothing was white as snow. 4 The guards were shaken with fear of him and became like dead men. 5 Then the angel said to the women in reply, "Do not be afraid! I know that you are seeking Jesus the crucified.
3 1

6 He is not here, for he has been raised just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. 7 Then go quickly and tell his disciples, 'He has been raised from the dead, and he is going before you to Galilee; there you will see him.' Behold, I have told you." 8 Then they went away quickly from the tomb, fearful yet overjoyed, and ran to announce 5 this to his disciples. 9 And behold, Jesus met them on their way and greeted them. They approached, embraced his feet, and did him homage. 10 Then Jesus said to them, "Do not be afraid. Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me."
6 4

Death will be cast into the Lake of Fire Death no longer has any Sting Death has been conquered Death will be destroyed Death doesn’t have to be the end Death is the beginning Eternity is forever Jesus Has Risen! Jesus is Alive! Next time you think of Death Think “Jesus has Arisen!”

What Was I Thinking? What was I thinking? Why Did I do it? What was I thinking? Falling into it What was I thinking? Falling off the wagon What was I thinking? Making the same mistakes What was I thinking? Going back in time What was I thinking? Hurting myself What was I thinking? And why? I feel so guilty And I don’t what more to say Lord, please, please help me And I feel so bad I’m so sorry for the things that I’ve done I’ve made mistakes that I wish I could take back I need You, Lord I need You today I realize that I am week without you I met You before but I turned my back on You Please, please forgive me I’ve learned my lesson

I understand that You are a just God I don’t deserve your love I don’t deserve it But I know you love me And I’m calling in faith Please forgive me For all that I’ve done What was I thinking? Going back? I call on You for I know You can I know You’re able I call on You, Lord I turn from my wicked ways and turn towards you What was I thinking? I want to come home What was I thinking? I’m so sorry, Lord. I’ll serve you everyday, I promise You, Lord, I want to change I want to come home I am lost without you I wish I could turn back What was I thinking, Lord? I’ve lost so much I want You back in my life. I need you, Lord.

Jesus, set me Make me whole Wash me whiter than snow What was I thinking, Lord Please help me What was I thinking? I’m calling out to you. I want You back. I’m humbling myself to you. I want to come home. Please, forgive me. What Was I Thinking? What was I thinking? Why Did I do it? What was I thinking? Falling into it What was I thinking? Falling off the wagon What was I thinking? Making the same mistakes What was I thinking? Going back in time What was I thinking? Hurting myself What was I thinking? And why?

The Value of Money Not a God But it is like water It is something we all need to be productive But can be used for good Or for evil It is powerful But not all knowing It can build knowledge It can create the best schools Produce educated minds But it can’t produce godly people It can provide you with clothing, food, and shelter Bills are paid Refrigerator is packed House is fixed But it cannot provide happiness It attracts friends It gives you a name It gives you a fine house on the hill It changes everything But don’t let it rob your soul Like water, be wise, don’t waste it

Invest it and it will keep you wise Invest in God and He will carry you through Money is good But it is not God It will not save you nor deliver you Money is good But it is only temporary Have your feet on solid ground Keep your eyes on God Set a watch over your mouth Endure to the end And you will reap more riches and more glory than you can ever imagine

The Sun The sun casts its shadow through the window With the breath of dust in the air It touched the house The heat kissed my face I am reminded of the creation God made The white hot sun The clear blue sky The cotton white clouds The dew kissed leaves crowning a thick, muscular streaked gray, white-streaked oak tree Hovering over the brightest green grass I am reminded daily that the moving sun is His way of saying "I am the Creator I made all of these things with the fruits to enjoy With the sun to give light for Me to do My handiwork With the sun to guide you with as I am guiding You with Mine eye With the sun peeking through those clouds With the sun complementing the grass that continually grows The sun I create is a reminder that I am a Jealous God And Me only shall You serve I am a Jealous God You are Not to worship all that is in it Acknowledge me and you will be wise Acknowledge me as the sun acknowledges me Acknowledge me as the Son was there from the beginning for the world including the sun was created through Him Acknowledge Him as the Only Begotten Son, Your Savior Acknowledge Him and you shall live You shall live as those things you see I gave you a purpose and that is to live for and serve me and not deny Him Just as I gave this Son a purpose Just as I gave this sun a purpose We shall all work in harmony just as I intended But alas, the stench of sin has seperated You and I But the sun gives light But the Son gives life" It is an interesting thing that God's creation is marveled But the Son is overlooked But one thing I do know The Son saved my life and my soul And I know that the Son was there all along And that God is the World's Greatest Artist

The Second Coming Jesus is coming soon All the dead in Christ shall rise Then we who are alive will be caught up in the air We will forever be with the Lord Lord, Thank You For You are coming soon The trouble with our troubles Is that we don’t see the hope behind them Troubles don’t last always Our trials will be no more All tears will be wiped away Jesus has arisen! And we will rise to be with Him! Even so, Come, Lord Jesus May the Grace of God be with us all Amen.

The Farmer My name is Mitchell Anderson and I am a farmer I am here to tell you about the principles of farming Make sure you have a good foundation Make sure you have some good soil to till the land Make sure you also have the necessary tools as well Know the season when crops can be planted Learn about farming and the principles of farming Prepare yourself for their will be some challenges You have to have a thick skin to be a farmer It doesn’t hurt to get some help from somebody who knows Farming is not for amateurs It is hard work and it takes hard labor When the going get tough, you can’t up and quit It is about being patient Being steady It is about progress It is about being consistent And taking care of what you have Remember to watch out for varmits and theives They could ruin your crops So take good care of what you have I know it is hard But keep on going It is well worth it The Bible itself says it best in Matthew 24, “But he that shall endure to the end the same shall be saved.” Farming is like being a Christian Being a Christian comes with its own problems But if you follow the Lord and put Him first in your life You have a relationship that will grow and grow and continue to grow You will become the better and wiser for it You will reap some hefty rewards Trust me, I should know

Who am I? Who am I? I am a child of God I have feelings, needs, and desires I like to write I like to explore the world I would like to travel and meet new people and learn new languages I don't like to procrastinate I don't like dishonesty, selfishness, and stupidity I like to think and be challenged intellectually I am someone who wants a family of my own I am someone who loves I am a person who cares I am me. This is who I am

What Really Is Love? There is a freedom when it comes to love Love issues a statement to the world and is not ashamed There is a truth that only hate disguises That love reveals Love is a feeling that trusting someone is the right thing to do But love is an action that cautions us and warns us of the impending danger that hate causes Love is pure Love is forgiveness Love is understanding that we are never alone Love is about respecting one another There is not a shred of envy, but mounds of dignity when it comes to love If only the world could apply it to their lives Then we wouldn't see hate in the everyday Because love is what brings us together For love truly does conquer all

The Art and Design of Man I am fearfully and wonderfully made I have been made a little lower than the angels You are mindful of me You number the hairs on my head You gave me dominion You trusted me You have given me the power to speak To give life To create another life To love To make love To have a friend To be a friend With fingers we can could With whole hands, we can hold With legs we can run, and walk With our entire beings we can behold We our eyes we can see With our minds we can create, develop We are your artwork We are your creation Let us rejoice

Let us be grateful Let us behold for it is he who created us He thought about us Let us think of him Let us love him Let us behold him With all our innermost beings Thank you, Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

The value of one's character The value of one's love The value of one's family The value of having God in your life Take pride in all of these things and the rest will follow It all sounds very simple If not too simple But the simplest things could be the answer to our problem Take stock of your life Value what you have For tomorrow it might be too late

The Ten Commandments Commandments or Suggestion? Why are they there? They are Commanded because God is the God of the Universe. The One and Only True God. That is why we are to have no other gods before Him because He is a Jealous God. We shall not, not shouldn’t, but shall not, worship other gods, for they are fruitless. They are manmade and yet imperfect. They don’t know our thoughts, nor hear our pain. The are liars because they cannot discern our thoughts. They can’t number the hairs on our head. It is foolish to love the creation more the creator. That is a sign of being ungrateful and idolatrous. That is why we shall not misuse His name. He is Holy. That is why we should live Holy. A diety is to be an example. An example of worship. An example of perfection. An example of respect. A diety is about recognizing that there is something, or someone, greater than us. A good name is precious. It symbolizes something of importance. It can determine one’s heritage, one’s station in life. To God, He is the Highest Station in Life. He is God. He is Creator. He is the Lord. He is to be Respected and to be Feared. The guilty shall be judged. Never slander His name. The earth is His and the fullness thereof. That is why we observe the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. Set aside a day to praise Him and to worship Him. He deserves it. He is worthy of it. We shall honor our mother and our father. Our parents are over us and we are a gift to them from God. We are to treat them with honor and respect. We are to love them and cherish them. They are to rule over us and discipline us, just as God disciplines His children. The family is a living, breathing copy of the Heavenly Family. God watches over us, takes care of us, and loves us. He is the Head of the Church. Families are supposed to teach us about values, about integrity, about character, and most of us all about the Father and what he has given us. How should we relate to one another? As we should relate to God. That is why we shall not murder, for it is hate and destruction We shall not commit adultery, for it is deceiful and idolatrous. Wives and husbands are to be loyal. Wives are to be submissive. Husbands are to loving. We shall not steal, for it is dishonest and it is not ours. If you have a need, ask God, and He will provide that need. We serve a God of giving and compassion. We shall not lie, for we are to trust Him, and we want for others to trust us. We serve a God who cannot lie. We shall not covet, for that encompasses greed, deception, adultery, theft, and idolatry. In short, Jesus said we are the love our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We are also to love our neighbor as ourself. Obey your commands.

The Abortion The child in the womb Growing inside A baby just waiting to be born Ten little fingers and ten little toes One little girl or one little boy Or is it One little girl and one little boy His mother’s hair and his father’s eyes That baby looking up at you That baby depending on you That baby giving you heartache That baby giving you love That growing up while you grow old That grown taking care of you That message weighing down on you As you think about having an abortion You think to yourself that ;you shouldn’t do it And at the last minute you change your mind It is my body but this is my child I want this baby for it is my gift I want be a mother What a beautiful thing I can bring to this world

Only to be foolish and destroy the beauty within I changed my mind and I’m giving this baby a chance.

The Soldier I am a soldier in the army Of the army for souls, for lives We have an enemy and a relentless one at that Pray for our soldiers Many of our men are in captivity Many more have been tortured They have lost their homes Some have lost their lives Doth protest much? If you want to be on the winning side, protest none! There is a battle waging and there must be a winner We have to fight We have to sacrifice We have to choose sides Or we will all lose No one can afford to sit on the sidelines There is no time for that There are no armchair quarterbacks There is no downtime This is a daily battle But one we can all win. So let us do our Commander justice. For every soldier has their reward.

Romanos 10 Querido Jesús Admito que Usted es Señor Creo que Usted murió en la Cruz para mí Y aquel Dios se le levantó de los muertos Gracias por todo lo que Usted ha hecho Usted ha sacrificado a favor de todos nosotros Gracias. Le elogio, Le recibo Le acepto Usted es Mi Señor y Salvador Gracias, Señor, para Usted son el Único Camino al Padre Con Mi corazón creo Y con mi boca admito Y Ahora soy salvado. Doy la alabanza, el honor, y la gloria a usted Para Señor, Usted es el más Digno. Gracias por salvarme. Sinceramente, (Nombre en el Libro del Cordero de Vida)

Grace of God Grace Jefferson was reading about the concept of grace Hebrews 4:12 “Let us therefore draw near with boldness unto the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy, and may find grace to help `us' in time of need.” (ASV) The Throne of Grace? God sits on His Throne, for He is a King What is Grace? I have often heard that grace is unmerited favor Let me go on the internet to find out. Well has a few definition for grace Well grace is according to definition 3 “favor or good will.” Definition 4 says, “a manifestation of favor, esp. by a superior” Definition 5 says, “mercy; clemency; pardon” Interesting, she says. So it is like unmerited favor. While we were yet sinners, God loved us enough to give us a second chance He has already paid our debts. He took our place. He sacrificed his life on the cross for us. He did that for us, each of us, murderers, rapists, homosexuals, liars, adulterers. All of us, no matter what our station in life. God has given us his favor and good will. He, our Superior, the Head of our Church, has manifested favor to us. He is the Law. He is Head of State, Governor, Judge, Jury, and Executioner. All in one. He has granted us clemency for crimes. He has pardoned us, and we did nothing to do deserve it. He has set us free! So to backtrack what I have learned about grace, I will paraphrase Hebrews 4:12

“Let us humbly come to our Superior who has already granted us a pardon, that we may receive favor from Him, and find a manifestation of His favor to help us in time of need” Hallelujah! In other words, “It is finished.”

The Christmas Poem Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house Not a creature was staring Not even a mouse Well that doesn’t happen in our house Because you see, we have a cat His name is Tanga and he goes all through the house, so we don’t have to worry about any mice We don’t have a chimney so we can hang our stockings with care But at least St. Nicholas will be there With cookies, pies, candy, and cakes galore We will be a hospitable family to Santa all the more But you see, while many in the world look for Santa We look to Jesus our Savior and Lord That is whose coming we should celebrate He was born a babe in a manger With swaddling clothes because there was no room in the inn With praises, thanksgiving, and holy communion The world knows of the Baby But they do not know The Savior The Baby grew up He preached the gospel and healed the sick He forgave our sins and saved many souls Mary, did you know? That your Baby boy Is the Great I Am I believe that she did And one day, so shall we Merry Christmas to all

Purpose God, why am I here? Why am I put here on this earth? Am I here to take care of the sick? To preach the gospel? To give comfort to orphans and widows? I read and study your word and I still don’t know. God, why am I here? Am I here to be a wife and mother? Am I here to be a teacher? To provide justice to the wronged? To care for the elderly? God, why am I here? What is your plan for my life? What is my purpose? God, why am I here?

The Adulteress She stalks her prey She looks for the foolish young man She is foolish She is selfish She is deceitful She is the whore The whore everybody talks about The whore everyone is warned about The woman with the bad reputation The woman in red, sort of speak The adulteress is the woman who has a hand in breaking homes The places no value in home and hearth She only places value in fulfilling her own lusts Her own desires How her needs can be met She is faithless She is disloyal She doesn’t seek the husband at home She is an opportunist She is a liar She is greedy Always needing and is never satisfied

She is the adulteress The woman never satisfied

Life is short Eternity is long Life is short Where do you choose to be? Life is short This could be our last day Life is short Eternity is long Choose Now Today is the day of salvation Life is short Eternity is Long Only two choices to make Don’t take too long Life is short Eternity is long Where do you choose to be? Don’t wait until it is too late

Romans 10 Dear Jesus I confess that You are Lord I believe that You died on the Cross for me And that God rose you from the dead Thank you for all that You have done You have sacrificed for us all Thank You. I praise You, I receive You I accept You You are My Lord and Savior Thank You, Lord, for You are the Only Way to the Father With My heart I believe And with my mouth I confess And Now I am saved. I give praise, honor, and glory to you For Lord, You are Most Worthy. Thank you for saving me. Sincerely, (Name in the Lamb’s Book of Life)

Help He is there to help in time of need His name is worthy to be praised The Lord is there He sticks closer than a brother He gave His life for His friends You are His friend He is Pure, Honest, and True He is the Maker of Heaven and Earth His foot shall not be moved Psalm 121 states that Truth It is that Promise It is there His Word is who he is It is accurate, wise, and gives wisdom Whatever you need, if you don’t ask amiss, He will offer it to you Ask, seek, and Knock Ask, and it shall be given to you Whether it is Wisdom, Ask Whether it it Finances, Ask Whether it is Salvation, Ask Ask, Seek, and Knock Call on God for Help, and You shall find.

Racism The color of my skin The brown of my hand Determines how the world views me But it does not determine my drive My capacity to love Or my will to succeed Nor does it determine God’s love for me Love knows no color Nor does suffering God does not see color like we do There are no separate Heavens and Hells There is only one Heaven and only one Hell The Kingdom of Heaven will not be divided by race It will be divided by the wheats and the tares Is your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life? For outside are unbelievers, murderers, and those who are fearful Those who hate and judge will be amongst the ones outside Those who love will enter God himself has an exclusive membership And only those who follow Him will enter Black and white will all be God’s children All tribes, languages, and nations

Worshipping and praising God The only color that God sees is the color of love God is neither man or woman, black or white He is a Spirit And He desires those who worship in Spirit and Truth Those are the things God looks for Not that ones skin is black or white.

My Soul I am aware of what is going on I have a self-awareness that I never had My soul is the most important thing to me My soul is the only thing that I will posess once I leave this world No one will remember my money or my fame That will come later That is only the surface Deep calls into deep And it calls into my soul A good name is more important than anything And the soul knows the truth And my soul shall have its final destination In the beauty of Heaven Or in the depths of Hell I am aware of what is going on I just hope that it won’t be when I look up from those depths of Hell

Hard Life It is a hard life The pain of the world just won't go away No matter how hard I try It is just too painful It is just too rough It is just too much I have had about enough It is a hard life It is just too much It is a hard life It is such It is just too much and just too much It is such and I have had about enough Lord, I need help and I’m overwhelmed I can’t take it anymore And I need your help I need you, Lord I have been through so much Help me to see things as you see them Everything is foggy Everything is bleak It is a hard life I am in pain I am desperate and in need of you It is a hard life It is a hard life

It is just too much It is a hard life It is such It is just too much and just too much It is such and I have had about enough n of the world just won't go away No matter how hard I try It is just too painful It is just too rough It is just too much I have had about enough It is a hard life It is just too much It is a hard life It is such It is just too much and just too much It is such and I have had about enough

Give Thanks Give Thanks to the Lord For his mercy endures forever Give Thank to the Lord For He is the Father Give thanks to the Lord For He is our Savior Give thanks to the Lord For He is our Provider and Healer Give thanks to the Lord For He is the One who sacrificed for us Give thanks to the Lord For He never changes Give thanks to the Lord Thank you, Lord, in Jesus' name

Confessions I confess that I did not always know You I feel much better holding it all in I felt for a long time no one would listen to me But I was wrong I had no idea that confession was so good for the soul Letting go Letting God Confession is good for the Soul It is good for my health I confess that I now do know You Yet you have always known me You listened to me All I have to do is to talk to You I can start afresh I can start anew I confess that my relationship with you is real That You are my Lord I confess, not just profess, to know you Confession is too real and to deep Profession is not always real and not always so deep I confess that I know You And to know You is to love You

Now I know is that confession is good for the Soul

Encouragement Smile, God Loves you Smile, Jesus Saved you Smile, The Holy Spirit is in you Christian, you have plenty to smile about You are a child of God and a Joint-Heir to Jesus You have passed from Death to Life Heaven will be your home Jesus has paid the ransom for you The Devil is a defeated foe You can overcome anything You have nothing to worry about Cast your burdens to Him You have nothing to fear Perfect Love Casts out Fear You can overcome sickness By His stripes, You are healed You can be set free Wait a minute, you have been made free You serve a God who cannot lie He is closer than a brother He is much closer than a phone call away There is much for you, Christian, to be encouraged about

Smile, God loves you

Children Suffer the little ones to come unto me They are so beautiful, so pure, so innocent How can anyone not love such a one? Let us humble ourselves as a little child He has given them the power to love They have wisdom far beyond their few years They often teach us They often show us the way Their thoughts are simple, yet deep Our children are a precious gift They are an extension of us They are to be valued They are more worthy than all the riches on earth Handle them with care

Being a Woman I am Baby, Child, Teen I am Woman Wife, Mother, and Grandmother Friend, Confidant, and Lover I am your Sister, I am your Daughter I am to be treated as a Weaker Vessel I am to be cherished I am a Wife I submit to my Husband I am to be loved I am the keeper of the home I am your Mother I am saved by child bearing I am the giver of life I am a believer I am to be in unison with other believers in the Body I am no longer a slave to sin I am a child of light I am free in Christ I am strong I know that all-surpassing power comes from God and God only I am hard pressed, but not crushed I am perplexed, but not in despair I am struck down, but not destroyed I have joy in my heart I have love for man But most of all, I have love for God I love Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength I am God’s creation For I am fearfully and wonderfully made I am Woman And I am God’s handiwork Flesh of flesh Bone of Bone

Being a Man God gave me dominion over the fowls of the air, the fish of the sea, and the the creepy and the crawly. I am the last created I am made a little lower than the angels Out of bone, woman was created I am to honor her and cherish her I am to give up my life for her For I am the head of my home I am the soldier I am a commander I am a Man of God I am called to pastor a church I am called I am called to be Man of God To be a father To be a husband To be an example To be a friend To be a lover To be a guide To provide wisdom Wisdom is a woman Plain and simple I am a ruler I am a king I am a President I determine fates I build houses I conquer nations I am an artist I am an athlete I am a teacher I am a leader I am a child of God

Joint heir with Jesus I am a child of God I am a man

As the Wind Gently Blows As the wind gently blows The roses bloom As the wind gently blows The children laugh and play As the wind gently blows The dog barks The cat sleeps As the wind genlty blows The sun shines and blazes over us all As the wind gently blows The clouds soften the light blue sky As the wind gently blows Memories come flooding in about the days of my youth As the wind gently blows Life goes on As the wind gently blows What is there to worry about? What is there to fear? Remember the Lord is my Light and my Salvation Who shall I fear? Life goes on But look around What you see is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof God cares about you Live for him Don’t be envious

And don’t be afraid Don’t be shy And don’t worry He will take care of the evildoers Just hold on to him Life goes on Just turn it over to him As the wind gently blows wind gently blows The roses bloom As the wind gently blows The children laugh and play As the wind gently blows The dog barks The cat sleeps As the wind genlty blows The sun shines and blazes over us all As the wind gently blows The clouds soften the light blue sky As the wind gently blows Memories come flooding in about the days of my youth As the wind gently blows Life goes on As the wind gently blows

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