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NAME OF CHARACTER 1. Ranchodda s Shamaldas Chanchad

SOURCES OF MOTIVATION PRESENCE OF HIS FRIENDS/ friends Ranchodas is understanding, smart, persuasive, thoughtful, and he shows inspiration of putting happiness to his friends life. Ranchodas is motivated to do his best in everything he does everytime he is with his friends. He gets his strength from them. This shows that he is at his best when he is surrounded by his friends.

SUPPORTING MOTIVATIONAL THEORIES Need Theory ACHIEVEMENT-POWERAFFILIATION Rationale: Ranchodas has a drive to pursue and accomplish his goals. He is doing his best and performs well in school because he has to attain his goal: to finish his Engineering course and survive the challenges ahead of him. He is also motivated to do good not just in school but in his daily life because he has the drive to relate people effectively. He works better when he is complimented for his favorable attitudes and cooperation. He receives inner satisfactions from being with his friends, and he wants a job freedom to develop those relationships. He is also a power-motivated person. He wishes to create an impact

MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMS Job Design Rationale: Since Ranchodas is Powermotivated person, he has the drive to influence others behavior or life. He can be motivated through responsibility. Method: empowerment Job Specifications:

on their organization and he is very willing to take risks to do so. He has the drive to influence people in the positive way, he takes control, and change situations. Pros: a. He influences others behavior for the good of the whole institution or for the good of the people around him. b. Accomplishment is seen as important primarily for its own sake, not just for the rewards that accompany it. c. Take responsibility for his actions. Cons: a. He may tend to select friends. b. It may have difficulty in assigning challenging tasks, directing work activities, and monitoring work effectiveness. c. Overemphasis on the social dimension may interfere with the vital process of getting things done. REINFORCEMENT THEORY

2. Farhan


Recogniton - intangible


AFFIRMATION Rationale: Farhan is obedient to the desired career of his parents. He cant decide on his own because he is more than willing to obey his parents will. He performs well when he is affirmed and recognized by his parents. Farhan only does his tasks when his parents recognized him and are happy about it. He does his task for the happiness of his parents. This shows that Farhan has the tendency to perform a task when he knows it will be recognized by his parents. Pros: a. He may perform his tasks well when he is affirmed. b. He will accomplish his goals when affirmed. Cons: a. May only perform well if he will be recognized and will do it in opposite way when he feels he is not affirmed. b. It does not directly encourage the person unless he is clearly aware of the recognition. ALDERFERS E-R-G MODEL Rationale: Raju is interested in

recognition Recognition Mechanics: When Farhan attains his goal and performs his tasks well, he will be affirmed and recognized through the ff: **oral recognition by his parents

3. Raju Rastogi

FAMILYs status or condition Raju performs his tasks primarily because of the condition or social status of


his family. He needs to attain his goal for him to help his sick father and unmarried sister. They are very poor and that motivates him to accomplish his goals and performs well in class.

satisfying his existence needs which combines physiological and security factors. Relatedness needs involve being accepted by people above, below and around him. He has also his need for growth and this involve the desire for both self-esteem and self-actualization. He performs his tasks when he knows that it would provide his family their needs for existence and security.

Incentive mechanics: When Raju attains