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I hope together we can make the world a better place! I would also like to thank my mother for allowing me to live a free life and not subject me to the prison that most parents inflict on their children. I have become what I am because of your blessing. .I would like to thank all my friends who have stood by me regardless of my beliefs and everybody who has contributed to the information in this e-book. Words cannot express my appreciation.

truth.This e-book is dedicated to all those who have fought and been on the pursuit of three things. justice and freedom! .

Some of the conclusions I have come up with derive from personal experiences. What you are about to read is the result of many years of research and will hopefully answer the questions that never get answered. My only ask is that you read the whole ebook to get a full understanding of what I am communicating. you are free to take this information in any way you wish and form your own conclusions. I hope you get something out of this. This e-book uncovers information that the authorities don’t want us to know about and containes work from established scientists who have struggled to circulate their work within the public domain. . but what lies beyond. The journey you are about to take in reading this will broaden your understanding of not only your own existence. I am not claiming to have solid concrete evidence for everything that I have to say. Although I am a strong believer in my ideas. but I do believe what I have written is true.This e-book deals with a highly controversial issue about the world we live in. deep thinking and eight years of in-depth research.

so what do I have to write about that’s different? If you have never come across this information you are about to read. This is also for those who want to improve their lives and become far more superior than they initially thought they were. . after that I talk about the practical steps necessary for transformation.Who this e-book is for This e-book is for anyone who wants to find out who they are. I know you have heard it all before and countless authors have already spoke and written about it. why they are here and where they are going. Yes. avoid conflicts and master your emotions. The first part deals with increasing awareness of self and the world around you. but when I started writing I felt that I wanted to tell the story from the beginning because it’s vital you get the full picture. Some of you will be familiar with the themes and ideas mentioned in this piece of work. You will learn how to optimise your health. then welcome aboard. There are also some facts we need to know about the food and drink industry that will enable us to take extra precaution.

There are forces out there that will not want you to read this. Much of the information here will attract scepticism. Today there are still unanswered questions as to who we are and I want to answer those questions.What is Transform the Illusion? Transform the Illusion is information that could help us understand ourselves and the world around us. of course we should question information but there is a difference between scepticism and ignorance. Good luck in transforming your own illusion! . just to make you aware that change attracts hostility. the truth behind the confrontations we are faced with. but this isn’t to frighten you. There are facts we need to know about our health. It’s also a self-help e-book that can help you regain some stability in your life. the world we live in. Reading about new information and then questioning it is one thing but arriving to definite conclusions without doing any research of your own is another. I am not imposing my views on anybody all I am doing is exposing information which we all should have access to but get very little of.

. There are some disturbing facts to reveal about the medicine we are offered by those who are serving what’s nothing more than a profit making business but it’s up to you to decide where you turn for help. It’s just offering an alternative that has been suppressed for so long. but this is not to discourage anyone from seeking help from the established medical practises.Important message This e-book heavily criticises the orthodox medical system. only by opening yourself up to who you really are can you experience the true essence of self. Take this information and utilise it to the best you can.

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Chapter 1 A time to wake up “Minds are like parachutes. they work better when open” 1 .

people were far healthier because they ate healthy and lived a more active lifestyle. but when I did the research I found it’s not just about money. having breakfast. The cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry. the responsibility to help yourself is no longer there because you simply hand over the control of your body to someone who has an office and looks smart in a suite. There are genuine doctors out there who know what is really going on and I have come across many who have been struck off for rebelling against things like the cancer scams. therefore rely on fast food which is responsible for the increase in obesity. it’s for everybody. but if you don’t know you have this power you are not going to utilise this great gift we all have. despite the millions donated to finding the cancer cure.When we wake up in the morning. but this control over your health ultimately means control over your life because your health is the most important aspect of your life. A hundred years ago. Let’s take a look at the cancer virus. The ability to achieve your goals and become your essence lies in your hands. Today because of the busy life. brush your teeth. Have you ever looked closely at your life and found yourself going round in circles? Everyday being the same. but we tend to copy other people because most of us are afraid to live our own lives. We are much more than this. Yet the FDA deliberately hold it back for the same reason just about every other cure is held back and it’s to do with money. The same goes for all the other deadly illnesses like diabetes. aids. Even when we know this.” Today we are faced with countless health problems. What most of us don’t realise is that we have the potential to heal and help ourselves. Stop for one moment and take a look at your life. For as long as you are dependant on mainstream medical treatments. However it’s interesting when you think that despite the so-called advanced technology we have today. no one else’s. but this isn’t just for people who want to change their life. What most of us don’t realise is that our lives run almost in clockwork like fashion and we don’t realise until it’s too late. In 1964 the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) invested millions of dollars to stop a cancer cure which successfully treated thousands of cancer sufferers because finding a cure would mean that the government would lose money. poverty in the third world. going to work. wars and global pollution. most of us don’t have time to cook. then I hope you will benefit from this e-book. We are convinced that doctors in the medical profession are right because they have key positions or degrees and letters next to their names. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve herd people say “I need some excitement in my life” or “I want something to happen” and before you know it you’ve hit fifty and you say to yourself “gosh where did all those years go” or more importantly “what have I achieved in all those years I spent watching rubbish on television and reading the newspaper. and watch junk on television before boozing down the local pub. You go to the bathroom. what your purpose is or where you are heading! If you are one of these people. the virus is increasing and not decreasing. Today the word cure is heavily threatened and for many years doctors who are trying to escape the conventional book of health are confirming that there has been a cure for cancer for years. all those issues are increasing and not decreasing. most of us are stuck to a constant day to day routine. then have breakfast before leaving for work or going to school then finish to come home and have dinner to find yourself finally going back to sleep again. Most people only operate at a fraction of who they really are. Underneath the physical exterior lies an infinite degree of possibility. no advancement or development in understanding why you are here. you may be putting yourself at even more risk. whether it’s to further enhance your well being or just have a greater understanding of reality itself. are your actions determined by you or someone else? Most people carry out their daily activities at the demand of other people and therefore are not in control of their lives. over the years if you look at how many cancer research centres have opened. The typical life of an average person involves waking up in the morning. The next day you go through the same pattern all over again. asthma etc. it’s about control over your health and life. Anybody who reads this will hopefully get something out of it. It certainly makes you wonder what they do in those research centres. most of us do very little about it. For as long as you are dependant on other people to help you. but it’s about time we took control over our own health. Some people are happy living in circles which is 2 .

Your early years are very important when it comes to learning and by the time you’re an adult. I am not referring to all parents because some are incredibly understanding and will support you no matter what. but although they want the best for you. From the moment the child is born. It’s all about choice at the end of the day. It’s the same with knowledge because once you’ve gone through the whole educational system being taught the same thing. We all know that parents want the best for us. that belief system sets in your mind in such a way that anything which contradicts that system will be rejected. I remember speaking to a friend of mine whose parents planned his whole life out for him. After some time. because you are being programmed to believe a reality that is being fed 3 . he replied because my parents want me to. so therefore become reluctant to change your beliefs. but ask yourself are you living for yourself or your parents? In the most extreme cases I have seen parents dictate their children’s lives daily. therefore your reality is the result of whatever these conventional sources feed into you. Of course we want to make our parents happy and proud. I have always thought that if your parents really loved you. you can either continue to exist inside a fraction of possibility or you can expand your horizons and become the essence of who you are. that’s all they know and that becomes the norm but I would like to relate this to another example. some of the information that you will come across might collide with your belief system because from the moment we are born we have been conditioned to believe a system of reality that has been pulled over our eyes. Mistakes are made to be learned from and nobody goes through their whole life without making any but it’s important we advance from them. If a baby is born with a disability. and plus I owe it to them since they brought me into this world. deciding their career and their partners. I have noticed a lot people take huge interest in my work but are afraid to go any further because of what their parents and friends would say. You watch the television which feeds you one reality. and he replied “I'm not sure. you get used to that. my parents want me to do it and I don’t want to let them down. Many parents don’t want their children to make their own decisions because they don’t want them to make mistakes. it will grow up living its life with the constraints of the disability and it will get used to that. As you read this book. you listen to the radio which feeds you the same news. but it doesn’t have to be this way. He hadn’t even seen the bride and was happy going ahead with it because he didn’t want to let his parents down.” I then asked him a simple question. your life can be an adventure if you want it to be.fair enough. or are you living the life you want is the question you need to ask yourself. This is what’s called programming. but ask yourself what’s the source of that fear. but everybody makes them and it’s how we progress. He was studying a business degree and when I asked him why he is doing it. A typical example of this is parents enforcing their religious beliefs on their children at the exclusion of all other beliefs and once they start to rebel against this control they are confronted by emotional blackmail. you are living for them. Thankfully there is such thing as re-programming and it’s never too late to change. Most people won’t read this information because they are afraid it will change their lives too much. they would let you make your own decisions and not treat you like some robot that you program orders into. later on he confessed that his parents had also chosen a wife for him and arranged his marriage. and then you read your mainstream newspaper which also feeds you the same information. This is called programming because your mind is being programmed to believe in a system of reality that is ridiculously narrow and only allows you to become a fraction of what you really are. but if this involves being told what to do on a daily basis then you are not living for yourself. whatever you have learned sets in your mind in such a way that if any contradictory pieces of information comes along. the parent makes it clear who is in command and will program the mind of that child to such an extent that it will reject any contradictory information. because it does not support what you have been programmed to believe. I said to him but is it not what you want. “If you were born a slave. your mind automatically rejects it without investigating it. would you rebel?” He replied “of course who wants to live their life being told what to do everyday!” For some reason he couldn’t see the resemblance. Since most people repeat the same actions on a daily basis. it’s up to you to decided whether what they want is what you want. Are you living just to satisfy your parents.

You walk to the other side of the wall to find that there’s another poster also describing how to make fruit juice. Dick and Harry think if I read this? What will my friends think of me if I speak about that? I remember speaking to a dentist who thought so highly of himself and his profession. you either accept what the professor says without question or you self-educate. I have found that people who live their life according to somebody else’s rules instead of their own also insist that everybody else does the same. the past. I was surprised how little he knew about the harmful effects of mercury but then again I shouldn’t be surprised since he was educated by orthodox practises. but the media has programmed its own norm into the public and anyone who acts outside this is ridiculed or labelled eccentric. when I brought the subject of mercury fillings into the conversation. Why he didn’t even look at it or even take the slightest interest. but two or possibly three ways. However after so many months of walking past the same side of the wall. The reason behind it has always been fear and most people fear to much in life. Fear has become such a strong tool for controlling the masses. they are afraid of dying. but when there are two ways of learning. What will Tom. you then realise that the wall itself has two sides. knows no rules and a hidden energy that when utilised allows you to become more that just an ordinary human. but how many of us make the effort to look at the other side of the wall? When I speak about the topics covered in this e-book to some people. I have always believed we are capable of achieving more than what we are made to believe. what is interesting from a social point of view is the fear of not being normal.into you on a day to day basis either by watching television or listening to the radio. you are convinced that’s how it’s done. Schools are particularly responsible for indoctrinating children into thinking they are nothing more than ordinary and the educational system itself is ridiculous. After so many months of walking past this wall. I have met so many people who are hopelessly dependant on official sources and when you try to put something unconventional in front of them they shy away from it. Mercury is confirmed and medically proven to be an oral poison and when I told him this. not having enough money. they hardly question what’s being fed into them. but most people will shy away from these because it will change their perception of the world. but on the way to work you have to walk past this glass wall which has posters on it describing how to make fruit juice. Underneath the exterior of flesh exists an incredible force that has no limits. he replied “Well if we are using it. What is normal? Everybody has their own norm. Today most people get their information from the mainstream media and because they are under the understanding that these sources are always right. the reaction I sometimes get is of ignorance because most aren’t prepared to look at both sides of the coin. therefore do not act outside our belief system. There are unconventional sources of information out there that will give you a different view of reality. I mean we are the experts!” I tried to show him my research that I collected on mercury poison and he refused to even hold the papers let alone look at it. I think was because it was written on scrappy pieces of paper and not cleanly published in the mainstream newspaper like The Times. Most of us live our lives in constant fear of what other people think. I have encouraged self-education to the fullest because you haven’t got some teacher implanting the syllabus into your head. Today we are bombarded by the phrase “you are only human” and when we are constantly told this it sets in the mind to such an extent that you don’t know any different. Children judge their own intelligence by what results they achieve at school 4 . We are encouraged to live by the conventional norm as much as possible. a mental prison is formed. because that side of the wall is feeding you the same instruction on how to make fruit juice. What did you find by looking at the other side of the wall? That there isn’t just one way of making fruit juice. the future. By people controlling each other this way. I don’t mean to undermine someone’s education. This is probably the biggest question you will ask yourself. Imagine this. then it’s got to be safe. but in a completely different way. yet this norm is such a narrow bandwidth. you travel to work everyday. In all the years that I have collected information. Who am I? Where have I come from? What was I before? What is my destiny? Where am I going? I am sure everybody asks themselves at least one of these questions at some point in their life.

heart and instinct. I need to stress something before you read on. they’re told from an early age to grow up. All the senses are converted into electrical signals sent to the brain. I personally get irritated by the phrase “stop acting like a child” since when is it a crime to act like a child? Today children hardly ever get to be children. we see from the back of the brain. I have known many youths who suffer from child depression because they cannot achieve the results they want in exams or because they don’t feel they can do the work for whatever the reason and as a result they look down on themselves as people. but all I am going to say is don’t judge information without doing any research of your own. I am not saying we should all be big-headed but we need to accept how great we are and be proud of our gifts. Understanding is vital to being free. It will guide you to the truth! Something else you need to know is that the government is deliberately trying to sabotage our health. do your homework and be in bed by nine. Today the world is controlled by forces that wish to dominate the lives of millions of people but this is only achieved because we as people are told we are nothing more than just ordinary. There is something else that bothers me about society in general which is that talented individuals feel obligated to undermine themselves when they express their uniqueness. run around like headless chicken and play with toys. Everything is decided by your age. but before we can understand we must seek the knowledge that increases our awareness of who we are and the world around us. You might ask the question “what do I believe?” It’s not up to me to make anyone believe in anything. but all the evidence proves this. how ridiculous can it get? When I was sixteen I tried to enter a philosopher’s chat room on the internet to discuss various topics and was never allowed in because they told me I was too young to be a philosopher. You go to nursery when you’re a certain age. but it has to be said that they are more intelligent than we give them credit for. 5 . They need to be told they are supreme beings with unlimited capabilities just like the rest of us and when I say this I don’t mean supreme as in try and be better than the rest I mean manifest to your fullest potential. A person’s intelligence should not be measured by his or her age anyway. but remember this. I have met dozens of people who say to me they won’t believe it unless they see it with their own eyes. from here you go to infant when you've reached another age and so on. Follow your third eye. Go up to an artist and tell them how great their work is and the response will be something like “well it’s nothing really” or something along those lines. you’re almost going to think it’s a work of science fiction.but if the education is flawed which it always has been then it’s not right to measure yourself against such a system. so it’s up to us to rebel against it and take back the control. The stereo-typical view of children is that they lack intelligence. this is another reason why I undermine the educational system because it judges you by your age. we don’t see from the eyes. Yes I know it sounds outragous and radical. how pathetic. The reason behind this is because they make money and increase their power over the public. However we should not encourage children to measure their intelligence by what results they get at school but instead give them an ultimate sense of awareness of who they are. If we are to set ourselves free and become the ultimate force we truly are we must understand the nature of who we are and the purpose of our existence. Some of the things you’re about to read are going to sound so unbelievale. There is a war for your mind and body.

Dhanak 6 . it has always made me more determined to go out there and do it to prove them wrong” H.Chapter 3 My story “The biggest motivational force for me is when someone told me that I couldn’t achieve something.

but in the end found that the best way to begin would be reveal how I got into all this. I remember when I went to university. but I just wanted to achieve my full potential and everybody else’s idea of fun wasn’t mine. but even more so how ridiculous it got. I didn’t want to drift through my life aimlessly. As a result I went through a major character change. what we are doing here and where we’re going. Truth seekers never stop seeking. I would be lying if I said there weren’t times when I wanted to throw away the books and go back to my old life. people often used to say “oh you must be a clever guy if you’re at university” and I replied “not really. moving up to each educational institute allowed me to see how the system works. working. Most people hopelessly rely on mainstream news sources for their information. nutcase and psycho came from just about every corner but none of this mattered to me as it was all part of the challenge. I started to open myself up to information that allowed me to manifest into many different things. you have the dumbest people going to university!” I am not criticising all students. I started reading the works of great philosophers and scientists to enhance my understanding. In 1999 I went through some experiences in my life that allowed me to see the world differently to most people. Everybody thought I was turning into a freak and the words weirdo. I began to question the educational system at sixteen. partying or a sports addict. I wanted to know what the meaning of our existence was. who you are as a person and the seeking of wisdom. I was eighteen years old. It also felt as if this same force was guiding me in my research. There always seemed to be this line drawn against us and the teacher. I must’ve thought of so many ways of starting this work. I moved to college and even graduated in university. from then on I was to live by instinct rather than rules. Almost as if something out there was telling me that I am acting out of frustration and that I haven’t thought this through. holding my hand and taking me to all the doors. they are up there and we are down here! Every time I questioned what the lecturer said I either got thrown out or ignored and this was used as an example to all the other students. As a result of being frustrated with my learning at school I began to selfeducate. From here I could only move forward and deep down it’s what I wanted. but every time I did I felt as though an unseen force was pulling me back. I wasn’t trying to be better than anyone else. I wanted to know what I am doing here! I thought to myself surely there must be more to life than boozing. I was at home researching esoteric knowledge. but I decided to turn away from these and look at alternatives. There were times of intense frustration when my information didn’t add up or I was confused about myself. I am not saying I didn’t enjoy my life. I think you would all much prefer to read the rest of this e-book than hear my life story but I was tempted to just give a bit of background about myself. I was never happy with school because teachers were heavily limited to what they could teach. There are many people out there who don’t have any educational certificates on their CV. but I wasn’t into the usual going out getting drunk. sleeping and watching rubbish on television.I almost didn’t want to tell this story. it was just up to me to walk through them. In the end I realised that letters next to your name doesn’t mean anything. but I found that most university candidates had this “I am intelligent” ego when really there is nothing intelligent about them. but all this came to an end when I dug deep enough. but there does come a point when you are content with the information you have. in fact it doesn’t even guarantee you a job in your chosen field. I started to notice inconsistencies in what was being taught. where we came from. some of my friends understood and were incredibly supportive of my goals whilst others just couldn’t see the reason behind what I was doing. I went through an awakening that a lot of people go through particularly from the teenage years onwards. all I ever wanted was to understand the meaning of my own existence and the world around me. Esoteric education is when you learn about yourself. 7 . but still make lots of money and live a life of adventure. even though this was a few years before my journey really began. I wasn’t going to believe something the professor said just because he held a position and some letters next to his name. Every weekend when my friends went out clubbing. As always I returned to truth seeking and going back to my old life was too late anyway because I had dived so deep into the ocean to the point where I couldn’t see the shore no more.

I felt worse. A relative that saw me said I showed the symptoms of Malaria. you don’t get it free on the NHS. Imagine if all of a sudden all the diseases disappeared for forever. We have the media to thank for this. than I did as a teenager and I think this has something to do with going to the GP more. they eventually took me to a doctor who examined me and I can’t remember exactly what he said now. I even lost my voice so I couldn’t talk. I noticed when I was happy. so it was before the explosion of knowledge began. so I started to apply my own techniques to rejuvenate my own life. This isn’t to discourage anyone from seeing doctors. I was feeling really cold. I am now going to list every serious health problem I have had to this date and explain in detail how I cured all of them. At the moment most of the global population are afraid to seek alternative treatments because of either disbelief in there results or because they feel they have no credibility. but it was something along the lines of “you have bronchitis. The weather was hot. When I started this journey of awareness.” He gave me some pills which tasted so revolting that I vomited after taking them. but there are things you need to watch out for which I’ll come to later. From now on. there would no need to sell drugs. and said “I don’t wan’t to take anymore pills. it delayed the awful taste. There were times when I got seriously ill and my family insisted I see a doctor. and I remember there being a real atmosphere. It was the year when the world cup was playing. I was to become a doctor of my own body and every illness I had from this point I wanted to heal on my own. When they realised I was getting worse. where I came from or where I am heading. but when I sulked in my room. I was staying with family there throughout the two months. I said to myself. I think this was probably one of the worst illnesses I ever had. billions would be lost in profit. Still I had an open mind and was willing to try something different. In 1998 I had gone on Holiday to Nairobi in Africa for the summer. Becoming a doctor of my own body I don’t know about anybody else but I found I got more ill as a child. because most think the media is always right and they will accept whatever is fed into them by these sources rather than seek out their own truth. I remember sitting at the breakfast table one day and I couldn’t even pour my own tea because my hands were shaking so much. not knowing who I am. over there you have to pay for medicine. the symptoms were less. This was mainly due to the fact I couldn’t swallow. I have been through depression. had a feeling of no sense of self. no need to donate anymore money to medical research. This way all those big shots make millions and we pay the price by being infected with irreversible illnesses. I have to try something else otherwise this is going to get out of hand. I remember times when I used to talk to my body as if it was a seperate mind and my gut feeling was telling me my body was listening. In realising this disturbing truth I did some thorough research into alternative health treatments that were proven to be far more beneficial than conventional methods. I thought to myself if I cannot help myself I can’t help anybody else. I wasn’t eating or sleeping and totally drained of my energy.When I started to investigate the major pharmaceutical companies I discovered that they really didn’t care about curing the population but only focusing on treatment. I was sixteen at the time. I hadn’t taken my Malaria tablets throughout the whole holiday or only took them once a week. The family I stayed with weren’t that well off. still it didn’t occur to me that I could actually crush the tablets. I said to myself “I can cure this!” I walked over to my aunt who regularly gave me the pills.” She thought I was 8 . if that. I tuned into my sixth sense to improve my own health and well-being. Looking back now I can’t help but think that the reason I got so ill was because of the prescribed medication. but because I was so ill. I realised at this point that my body was a reflection of my mental state. All this led to a long depression period which I couldn’t have ended had it not been for the information in this e-book. For starters I couldn’t swallow and even if I crushed them. but I was adament I knew what I was doing. I started to observe my body’s reaction to my moods. One month into the holiday I started to feel extremely weak.

Not wanting to totally rely on these sessions. My mission was to eradicate this disease for good and I was prepared to do anything to achieve this. which would’ve had me in stitches had I not been feeling well. I started to change my thinking and began to routinely put in place certain positive beliefs about myself. I turned towards a holistic healing therapy called acupuncture. On this occasion however the palpitations continued for months and I said to myself I have to do something otherwise this could get serious. Some of my worst illnesses have been experienced while abroad. however in the end I turned to my GP for advice. and most definitely one of the best experiences of my life. It not only felt good to be back to full health. but they just couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t take it. “if you’re not going to take the pills. The GP told me I was allergic to caffeine. but when she realised there was no way I was going to be forced into taking them. one of the reasons why I got so ill as a child was probably because the medication was poisoned. This fury inside me sparked an intention to do whatever it took to cure myself. I was put on herbs and regularly attended acupuncture sessions which involved very fine needles placed on certain parts of my body. my relatives got some medication for me but when I looked on the ingredients it contained the poison aspartame. Looking back now. It was a two month holiday. The next illness I had surpassed all the others. why are you being stubborn?” This got me so angry. This was probably my best triumph over an illness. There was no way I was taking that! I tried to explain to my family that the medication was corrupted. I remember the pain being so bad. There were times when I even doubted myself as to whether I could cure my problem. I have never had faith in doctors. After two weeks of meditating and positive thinking. I just couldn’t eat anything after that. I was thinking of thoughts that made me happy and most of the time convinced myself I wasn’t ill (telling my body I’m not ill). I remember someone asking me at the time. I’m not a doctor but even I know this wasn’t anything to do with caffeine allergy. Whenever someone told me I couldn’t do something. I think a lot of parents insist on their children taking doctors medication without doing any thorough research. but also to prove everybody wrong. Thinking on its own isn’t powerful enough. I shouted back “yes I am! And I’m going to prove to you all I can heal this on my own. I slowly started to recover and couldn’t believe this was actually working. then how are you going to get better?” A friend that came with us heavily insisted I take the pills and said to me “Hitesh. My next big challenge was some years later at the age of twenty-four when I went on holiday to India. Aspartame is a sugar substitute. I started to suffer some major heart palpitations which meant I struggled to breath on occasions. she accepted. The pain in my stomach slowly deteriorated and I started to feel better. but it delivers too many side effects. I then started some meditation techniques to highten my moods. When I say positive thinking. Dissatisfied with the answers and treatment I was getting from the conventional medical system. which is a traditional form of Chinese medicine. However three weeks into the holiday I was the first one to catch the stomach bug. I remember doing some visualisation techniques to make myself better and it actually worked. I would go out and do it just to prove them wrong. That’s just the type of person that I am. I was back to full health. and it was before I started my spiritual journey.” They should know by now that they can’t make me take anything and I stood my own ground.absolutely barmy. I slowly started to recover and gradually returned back to full health. I had cured every other disease I ever had my own 9 . but I realised that the mind was far more powerful than I initially thought. you have to feel positive as well. Again I resorted to meditation and positive thinking. so I started to think of ways I could impact my body with my mind. I hadn’t been to the doctor for years and I didn’t want to change that. My family couldn't understand how I recovered without taking the pills. It was the worst I had experienced. I am usually the type of person who doesn’t want to make a fuss about health problems and just hope that they go away. it felt like an alien was growing inside me. I believe now that it was the combination of my thought mechanisms and the acupuncture that healed me. In early 2006. I think it’s the change in weather and diet. you’re not a doctor. I don’t know if I would’ve been determined enough to heal myself had it not been for my family disbelieving in me.

I was rid of the eating problem. If there was ever a point in my life where I had to utilise all my power. I freed myself from the prison that most people live in. but I also had the unshakable belief that anything was possible. the only difference with me was that if I didn’t eat every three hours. This is quite a common problem. I decided that if I can do this. At one with the universe and everything in it. We are not only one in mind and body. and not putting on any weight. It didn’t matter how many pills I took. but also as a human race. because that way we deny our true potential but this is all wrong. which was the fear of what other people think. but one. Only by not caring what other people think have I come to understand the true nature of reality. my body would start shaking. The last serious condition I had was an eating problem in 2008. and it paid off. anybody can and wanted to share my knowledge so everyone can benefit from it. the thing is I didn’t realise I had a problem because it was all so gradual. Looking back at all those times I got seriously ill. If I refused to get up. 10 . My doctor said there was too much fire in my stomach. Within each of us is the power to cure anything but it’s up to us to unlock this power and utilise it as much as possible. Still the problem was serious because the symptoms were quite disruptive to my life. it’s just that we need to know it’s there. I couldn’t sleep throughout the night without waking up to eat and sometimes I had to wake up twice. The mainstream media wants us to believe that everything is seperate. the body wasn’t happy either. oneness is the only truth.way but this was taking it to a whole new level. Opening myself up to knowledge allowed me to live to my full potential and I wanted to help others do the same. Basically I was eating too much. It was kind of like a machine that instantly became self-aware. because it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t quite classed as an eating disorder. We are all one. this was the time and to everybody’s amazement including my own the palpitations ended. I knew that the tremendous power I had to end my disease existed in everybody. I realised that my body was a reflection of my mental state. If something wasn’t right in my mind. After two months of treatment. This problem lasted about six months. then my palms would go numb and my body would start shaking again. it developed a mind of its own and kept asking for more food when it didn’t need it. My friends around me noticed I was never without my food bag and I was eating constantly. Once again I turned to Chinese acupuncture for help. From here I just kept on going in my research. This led me to believe that the mind and body aren’t seperate.

taste and see. then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain" Morpheus in the Matrix 11 . smell.Chapter 4 Unplug from the Matrix "If real is what you can feel.

The biggest culprit of all our problems is a secret society network known as the Illuminati. a movie released which got the whole world thinking. touch and smell because we don’t know what’s going on in other galaxies. This isn’t to say we are not responsible. mysery and suffering. I have come to the conclusion that we exist inside our very own Matrix. we live in an environment that is survival of the fittest and pushing others out of the way for your own benefits. they are trying to communicate a message to the world. Since this planet is all we experience. Neo is soon confronted by Morpheus who educates him in what is called the Matrix and during a brief discussion he gives him a choice to either go back to his old life or see how deep the rabbit hole goes. food and pharmaceutical industries they have manipulated the human race for thousands of years. it could only have been created by a negative force. As humans we aren’t that different. but we don’t. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. from which follows a training session to free his mind. In deciding to know more. We are surrounded by fields of vibrational energy. Their agenda is to advance what they call the New World Order. it’s fact. When I talk about outside forces. called the Matrix. On the other hand humans can’t percieve a higher intelligence. thinking how aimless they are. but we need to take a close look at ourselves before we judge anything else. Before when I talked about a higher force looking down on us like how we look down on fish. it’s happening because we are letting it. Those who we percieve to be prime ministers and presidents are not in charge. This planet is controlled by some really sick people. but at some level. We think we live in a world. After doing some research of my own. You might be thinking how it’s possible for something to feed off 12 . they take orders from an even higher order. a reality of rules created by the system. The laws of nature operate in a sense of survival of the fittest and winner takes all. The difference between fish and us is that the fish can see people looking at it. not because there isn’t one. he would experience something then awake from it as if it were a dream. I personally could never understand why a loving god would create a world where animals have to eat each other to survive. The Illuminati families are the richest in the world and belong to a bloodline that goes as far back as the ancient world. When we look at the world now. one world army (NATO) and a global surveillance society. we can see all these things taking shape. Its surroundings become its reality and it doesn’t know anything outside of the water. If you observe the world closely. However the Illuminati aren’t the origin of this manipulation. eat and sleep!” We look at swans. We exist in a dimensional reality that is just one out of an infinite number of dimensions. How do we know there isn’t a higher intelligence looking down at us thinking “is that all they do. Morpheus tells Neo that the Matrix is a system that is plugged into every human so what everybody perceives is an illusion. The swans are well aware that people watch them and they can sense that there are other beings out there who are capable of more mobility. Not so much as it’s depicted in the film.Have you ever looked at fish in a pond. Through the entertainment. Films like the Matrix are there just for entertainment value. one currency. Our reality is actually a farm. where humans are used as lab rats to experiment on and feed off. Neo is brought into the real world. one man to rule the world. This is a micro-chipped population. Careful analysis of the movie indicates that the creators deliberately inserted subliminal messages to the audience. When you look at the amount of suffering that goes on in the world and in our lives. I am referring to the secret society networks that control our planet through covert and over means. The story is about a young man named Neo who goes about his life being confused over what’s real and what isn’t. work. I believe the Matrix is that force. it is triggered by an outside force. We only know the world we live in. they are just another vehicle to push this agenda. we can only talk about the things we can see. The Illuminati are workers for the Matrix almost in the same manner how worker bees round up food for the queen bee. hence the reason why the Illuminati are generating mass depression. or swans swimming aimelessly and thought “is that all they ever do?” A fish swims round and round in a pond because that’s all it knows. dimensions etc. but due to the fact that it operates behind the curtains. In 1999. I believe the Matrix is feeding off our negative energy.

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