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INTRODUCTION ........................................................................ 1 THE DRIVER OF YOUR LIFE ........................................................ 5 IMPORTANT ATTITUDES YOU NEED TO CHANGE ....................... 8 ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR NEGATIVE ATTITUDES ..........................11 10 STEPS IN CREATING POSITIVE ATTITUDES............................15 CREATE GOOD HABITS .............................................................17 4 STEPS IN CREATING GOOD HABITS ........................................22 FINISH .....................................................................................23 *2011*

All of us want to achieve a level of maturity, prosperity, success, fulfillment and happiness in life, yet few do. Its because only few are willing to go through what it takes to achieve such a level.

There is a saying which holds true up to now, 95% of the population belongs to the class which we can call unorganized while 5% of the population belongs to the class which we can call leaders. What separates the 5% of our population from the rest of the 95% is their ability to organize their attitudes and actions (called habits) towards a specific goal and purpose.

The opposite is true for the 95% of the average population. Average people often wish to enjoy the success and prosperity that few successful people have. But what they do not realize is that successful people are able to achieve such prosperity out of a lot of sacrifices, by always pushing themselves, *2011*

challenging their personal limitations and becoming more skilled in many different areas of life. When average people get to know what needs to change and sacrifice in order to achieve success, they chose not to act and just stick to whats comfortable. We are what we repeatedly do; success is not an act, but a habit. Aristotle If you want to achieve success, but you dont want to change and be out of your comfort zone, then you are in trouble my friend. Wishing success alone isnt enough to bring it. You need to want and act upon it.

Begin by reflecting on the reasons why up to this moment, you still have not achieved the success in life you always wanted to have. Probably, your unwillingness to change is what prohibits you to step up higher than the status you are in now.

Id like to share a favourite phrase of mine which reminds me to act upon my desires in life: *2011*

If you are happy with your life at the moment, then theres nothing you need to change. But if, for even small reason, you feel that you are not happy and you want your life to be different, then you need to consider changing. And change must start from within. Instinctively, we all strive to find a level of comfort in our life. We want to have and be sure of everything. We want to feel safe and to be assured that nothing unexpected is going to happen. The bad news, however, successful people knows that our comfort zone is a very dangerous place to be. Why? If you are totally comfortable with everything in your life it means you arent doing anything. You are not learning or growing. By natural law, this actually means you are becoming less! If you are not changing, you are not growing. And when you are not growing, its either nothing will change in your life or you are doomed to go down. Successful people actually become quite concerned if they find they have settled into a comfort zone. They understand the negative implications of this kind of *2011*

activity and quickly launch themselves into changing their thoughts, mindset and actions again. And that is what this book will help you out. It will guide you to change the circumstances of your life, by changing your attitudes. *2011*


Before we go further, let me motivate you by sharing that most successful people came from humble beginnings. In fact, a lot came from hard beginnings, similar to the rags to riches story we often hear.

You may read to these stories of ordinary people whove achieved the level of success that most average people dreamt of:

Manny PACMAN Pacquiao: Attitudes of Successful People Jayson Yanuaria: Attitudes of Successful People Jay McLean: Attitudes of Successful People

So spare the usual excuse you make, like

I cant be successful, Im not smart enough. They are successful because they were born rich. *2011*

I cant be successful because Im surrounded by negative people and circumstances I cant be successful because I dont have enough talent and resources I cant start taking action with my passion because Im too busy with work responsibility I cant do that, because my friends and family dont want me to I cant work on my passion because I have kids to look after I cant change; this is how God created me. Ill wait for what he planned for me. I trust the government and God to bring happiness and success in my life

And so on. Remember that,

Wherever you came from, whatever circumstances youve gone through or whoever surrounds you, it is you who will determine what will happen in your life. *2011*

Stop blaming your circumstances and results in life to other people, negative circumstances or even God. Wherever, whatever or whoever you are now, it happened because of one person, and thats YOU. So if you have the power in what happens in your life, you are also responsible in changing it, if you want to step up in the ladder of success, prosperity, maturity, happiness and fulfillment in life.

Always remember that you are the driver of your life. You have the freedom and choice to act according to your will. There may be forces outside your control but your response will direct the result that will come out your way.

From this day on, as you journey towards the success, prosperity and fulfillment you want to achieve in life, remind yourself that:

I, not events or people, will determine the result of my life. My attitudes and actions are collaborative efforts that will direct me to maturity, success, prosperity, fulfillment and happiness in life. I will direct my life and will not let outside forces to distract me. *2011*


What differentiates a person of success from another average person is its attitude. Indeed, attitude is everything. If you have the right attitudes, your desired results can come into your life. Yet, if you have the wrong attitudes, expect undesirable results to come in your life. However, dont feel safe if you are in between or often called average, because its almost as worse as having the wrong attitudes.

Aimlessness leads straight to poverty, misery and failure. A man without definite, constructive purpose in life is simply one of natures mistakes, because nature did not intend to create such kind of being, in all probability. Napoleon Hill (80 Years Best-

Selling Success Author/Coach)

Probably, you are asking, *2011*

What kind of changes you need to make in order to change the current status of your life?

1: 2:

Acknowledge Your Negative Attitudes Create Good Habits

In a blog article Ive written, 10 Attitudes of Successful People, Ive shared ten (10) important attitudes a person needs to develop if one wants to achieve success and happiness in life. In this book, however, I will only discuss two (2) out of ten (10), because I encourage you take the first small steps towards change, before you jump changing it all. It will help you not to get overwhelmed and as well as create habits. The focus and purpose of this book is to help you take bigger and better change in two (2) very important attitudes towards success and happiness, thats your mindset and habits.

It is just natural to start the change within before you can change whats seen outside. *2011*


What usually happens is when we create changes in our life, often its superficial. So we change our physical appearance, wardrobe, car, house, career, work, or people we hang out with, yet after such, we still feel so lost and unhappy. Thats because the change weve made is not a change from within. Physical and outer change is usually temporary, it only seals our ill feeling for a little while, but the real problem will still arise.

If you want to create lasting and permanent change in your life, do so by creating changes within. Because when change is from within, not only your physical circumstances change, but your whole outlook and action towards life changes.

The man who succeeds in life is the man who gets what he needs when he needs it, and if he does not get it, he is not a success, no matter how proficient he may be in explaining the reason why he did not get it. *2011*



The first step to changing your life acknowledge your negative attitudes. is to

Quiet often, people doesnt realize or denies that they have negative attitudes within them. Many see it as weakness, and as such, the tendency is to deny it. It is human nature to feel ashamed and insulted to appear weak, humans want to belong, and part of belongingness is to showcase strengths and power. Furthermore, arrogance comes from boasting strengths and denying weaknesses, and such attitude is what most people possess.

On the other hand, truly successful people know how to accept ones weaknesses. Because people who achieve success and fulfilment in life know the value of acknowledging owns weaknesses and improving strengths.

Before we go further, Id like to share with you an article that talks about the common fall of most *2011*


people, thats being cynical and perfectionist. Read this article on how you can avoid falling in such syndrome, How to Avoid Being Perfectionist?

An understanding of how to turn our weaknesses into strengths can result in an endless string of possibilities. Sun Tzu, Art of


In order to change negative attitudes to positive one, begin by acknowledging your weaknesses. Once you acknowledge that there is something not right with your attitude, you can see clearly what needs to be changed. Thats where your road to success and happiness begins.


Take a moment and reflect on your current behaviour towards everything in life. Your attitude towards people, work and responsibility; how you manage your relationships, goals, tasks, finances, events, or circumstances. Heres an example of a list: *2011*


My Weaknesses (As of __/__/__) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Selfish Cynical Pessimistic Arrogant and Bossy Too Emotional

9) 10)

Take time to be alone and quiet yourself. Be truly honest and sincerely list down the attitudes that you think are negative, in respect to the person you are becoming and the result it brings your life. List down as many negative attitudes as you can, dont worry about being judged as weak, nor think of your honour and ego. No one will see your list, just you. So if you want to help yourself to lift up your status in life, take time to do this activity. As mentioned, the importance of acknowledging your weaknesses can help you pin-point which attitude you need to change and improve at. Because unless you admit that there is something wrong in your attitude, you wouldnt want to change anything, right? *2011*


After acknowledging your weaknesses, make a renewal of changing those weaknesses by doing the opposite. For an instance, if you are selfish, develop an attitude of giving more than you receive. Another is if you are cynical and pessimistic; develop an attitude of always looking at the bright side of things. Do the same on the rest of your list. *2011*



Negative Attitudes is a Habit, the same as Positive Attitudes is a Habit.

1. Avoid Negative Thoughts 2. Remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you dont want others do unto you

3. Keep a win-win attitude. Think and decide for the common good. 4. Increase your level of emotional intelligence. 5. Know how to control yourself first before you control others 6. Stop Worrying. Focus your time on living today and preparing for the future. *2011*


7. Surround Yourself with Positive, Like-Minded and Successful People 8. Keep an open mind. Learn to listen and show respect. 9. Have discipline to constantly renew your attitudes to create a better version of yourself. 10. Show importance and value to people. *2011*



Once you develop a positive attitude, the next step is to create good habits.

Habit is defined as a recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behaviour that is acquired through frequent repetition. An established disposition of the mind or character.

Short to say, our daily actions and attitude forms our HABIT. It is the way we do things, how we think and approach people and circumstances, our hobbies and activities. Habits form part of us, whether we are aware of it or not.

The truth is you can determine how far a person will go by looking at his habits. If one has formed good habits, expect that person will reap good results, for his/her ability to discipline mindset and actions. The opposite happens for a person who has formed bad habits; expect whom to reap badly results for his/her inability to direct his/her attitude and actions properly. *2011*


Personally, I have seen and dealt with different people in diverse walks of life. Ive witnessed people who live in slump (community of poor people), dealt with average people who lives a standard way of life, and as well as mingled with people who came from high standard of life. Other than the status in life, a great difference that people from different walks is can be seen by their attitudes and habits.

*Note: Do not take this comparison as a way to feel discriminated or demoted, but take it constructively and objectively to see where you stand. So as you can create change and form good habits.

Habits of Poor People loves to procrastinate and wait for things to happen instead of doing something to change their circumstances. Often has an attitude of inferiority and without self-confidence in once capability. Blames their misfortune on the hardship their going through in life.

Habits of Average People are often hardworking but play harder. Ive noticed that they work hard to earn more, so they can spend all their money again to acquire material things *2011*


and experience things that high-profile people do. Its funny but true. Often average people have a problem in the way they handle their finances and how they direct their attitude.

Habits of Truly Rich People - in my experience Ive seen that they are the simplest person in our society. Unlike average people who loves to appear high-profile and glamorous, truly rich people likes to keep their appearance and lifestyle simple. On the other hand, despite keeping things simple, unlike poor people, they keep a level of selfconfidence and belief in their purpose and goals. These are the people who have developed a well-sense of being because they have developed the right attitude and habits towards life. Activity:

1. Take time to reflect on your current attitudes and habits. Which group do you currently belong? Do you have the habits of:

a) Poor People *2011*


b) Average People c) Truly Rich People Be true to yourself and analyze your current mindset and habits. Do you still want to stay where you belong or you want to create change in your life? 2. List down the bad and negative habits you currently possess. These are habits that you think are leading you to becoming a failure or causing you not to step up in the ladder of success in life.

Here are sample of bad habits: My Habits (As of __/__/__) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Smoking Drinking Procrastinating Spreading Negative Story About People Spending Beyond What Im Earning Not giving my best in what I do

9) 10) *2011*


3. Make a renewal of changing those negative habits to positive habits.

To change a habit, make a conscious decision, and then act out the new behaviour. - Maxwell Maltz

A change in bad habits leads to a change in life. - Jenny Craig *2011*



1. Define specifically what you want to achieve and accomplish in life.

2. Develop positive attitudes such as selfconfidence, initiative, enthusiasm and imagination.

3. Maintain a level of self-control and tolerance.

4. Work and be persistent in your pursuit to change.

Achieve success in any area of life by identifying the optimum strategies and repeating them until they become habits. -

Charles J. Givens *2011*


We are already in the end of this book. I hope that by reading and finishing the task in this book, you have seen where you currently are and where you want to head on in life.

I wish you success and happiness in your journey to life!!

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