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Vacancy Announcement

Kindernothilfe, is looking for a suitable candidate, female, to be appointed as SHA National Coordinator, in Pakistan. (SHA stands for Self Help Approach) 1

A. About the Organization:

Kindernothilfe e.V. (KNH) is a Child Focused organization, having its head office in Germany. With a mandate of promoting and protecting child rights, KNH is working though its partners in more than 28 countries, to strengthen children's position and reinforce their social environment, empowering them to enforce their rights and shape their own future. To learn more about KNH and its work, please visit our website 1

B. About Self Help Approach

KNH believes that without empowering people to take control of their destiny, child rights cannot be effectively promoted and protected. Self Help Approach is a powerful tool to empower communities and to organize them into Peoples Institutions. KNH is increasing using and promoting this approach to pursue its mandate of child rights and protection. To learn more about SHA, please visit our website 1

C. Eligibility: The candidate shall be:

a) Proficient in written and spoken English, holding Masters degree. Other languages/ dialects to be
considered as additional qualification. b) Computer literate (essentially) c) Can handle responsibilities with minimum supervision/monitoring. d) Willing to travel independently throughout Pakistan or abroad, as required for training/exposure/ capacity building. e) Willing to travel by appropriate/available public transport (cab/bus/train/air travel).

D. Appointment & Remuneration

a) The appointment will be on contract basis (2 years, renewable). Six months probation period apply. b) A competitive remuneration package will be offered, which shall be negotiated at the time of
Interview. c) Work related travel/transport/boarding/lodging is paid by KNH. No TA/DA shall be permissible.

E. Responsibilities
The SHA Coordinator shall be responsible for promoting Self Help Approach in Pakistan, playing the role of facilitator, trainer and coordinator. This shall include, but not limited to: 1

F. Co-ordination of existing work

Supporting NGOs implementing SHA concept, in establishing SHGs/CLAs in various communities, by visiting the NGOs and their SHGs/CLAs, as required in SHG manual/plans. Collecting quarterly (narrative and financial) reports from the implementing NGOs. Consolidating the same and forwarding them to KNH. Facilitating transfer of KNH-funds to NGOs implementing SHA. Maintaining her own accounting records for funds utilized in performing her duties. These accounts shall be audited annually. Organizing exposure visits (facilitators => once every quarter, management => once every 6 months) Forum meeting for NGOs: 2 days, every half year Regular communication with NGOs to motivate staff members and get a feel of the progress of work. Collection of case studies/success stories. Reporting success and failures to KNH. Accompanying visitors to SHGs/CLAs as needed

Capacity building/Training To facilitate SHGs/CLAs training, conduct community visits with the NGOs and give vital
feedback. To organize training for new community facilitators: 1 week, every half year. To train new SHG Coordinator and give regular capacity building inputs, as required. to other NGOs by organizing sensitization

Propagating the SHA concept programs/seminars with NGOs/Departments.

Developing a resource bank relevant to SHA, for use by NGOs. (e.g. Appropriate Technology, small business, etc) Corresponding with and visiting organizations within the country to collect information on relevant skills/techniques and other relevant services, and disseminating the same to SHG partners. Actively collecting relevant information from donor and other external sources for dissemination.

Supporting NGOs in their fundraising activities related to SHA. This is done in her function as trainer and facilitator. However, the actual fundraising should not be her task.

Establishing SHA structure in Pakistan in close coordination with the Country Coordinator. 1 Last date for submitting application: 7th July 2011. Please forward your applications/CV to: