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Bomeschool Connections 0nline Classes
Ameiican uoveinment Couise Supplemental Reauing List
Democrucy, GovernmenL & CILIzensIIp
Supplementcl Recdin List

TIIs IIsL IncIudes everyLIIng Irom LIe cIussIc pIeces IIke The Iederclist und
Common Sense Lo modern sLudIes oI power und governmenL. TIe
conLemporury pIeces muy noL be Iree oI vurIous IdeoIogIcuI bIuses oI LIe
uuLIors, buL LIey represenL LIe Lypes oI works oILen sLudIed In secuIur
ucudemIc InsLILuLIons und sLIII Iuve vuIue, despILe occusIonuI bIuses.

Be Iorewurned LIuL some oI LIese books ure THCK und InLeIIecLuuI. `m
recommendIng LIe book on TIomus More us u sLudy In Lrue sLuLesmunsIIp,
cIurucLer und IuILI. TIere ure InLeresLIng pIeces on PresIdenLs RooseveIL,
JoInson und NIxon. TIere ure InnumerubIe books on IncoIn, don`L even
know wIere Lo sLurL In recommendIng someLIIng on IIm.

TIe IoIIowIng seIecLIons IIsL LILIe, uuLIor und u reIerence puge Irom LIe
IomescIooIIng book Ior the Lote oj Litercture by Muureen WILLmunn.
TIese ure books you wIII IIkeIy Iuve Lo IInd uL your pubIIc IIbrury (or
LIrougI InLer-IIbrury Ioun).

The Mcnc Ccrtc, Jumes DuugIerLy, p. 1q
St. Thomcs More oj London, EIIzubeLI nce, p. 1o
Pcul Retere & the World He Lited In, EsLer orbes, p. 18q
Common Sense, TIomus PuIne, p. 18
Constitutioncl Thouht oj Thomcs 1ejjerson, (Irom LIe ConsLILuLIon &
Democrucy SerIes)
DuvId N. Muyer, p. 186
The Iederclist, HumIILon, MudIson, Juy, p. 186
Democrcc in Americc, AIexIs deTocquevIIIe, p. 18o ( quoLed LIIs one In
cIuss - u cIussIc!!)
The Roosetelt Mth, JoIn T. Iynn, p. zoz
Hiroshimc, JoIn Hersey, p. 1z; (LIe moruI ImpIIcuLIons oI wur & nucIeur
Bomeschool Connections 0nline Classes
Ameiican uoveinment Couise Supplemental Reauing List
The Pouer roler, RoberL Curo, p. zo8 (u sLudy In corrupLIon und power)
The Pcth to Pouer, RoberL Curo, p. zo; (ubouL BJ)

AddILIonuI ConLemporury or AcudemIc Works (Lry your IIbrury or
All the President's Men, Woodwurd & BernsLeIn (ubouL NIxon)
The rethren (1q;q), & TIe BreLIren: nsIde LIe Supreme CourL (zoo),
Bob Woodwurd
The Temptin oj Americc, RoberL Bork
+urecucrcc: Whct Goternment Aencies Do & Wh The Do It, Jumes
Q. WIIson
The rolen rcnch, TIomus Munn & Normun OrnsLeIn

TIese ure InsIde Iooks uL LIe U.S. Supreme CourL by InvesLIguLIve
reporLers . InLeresLIng.

+Jumes Q. WIIson Is u preemInenL poIILIcuI scIenLIsL, LIIs Is ucudemIc sLuII.

Mr. Ed RIveL