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Origins of all things: Origin of the universe Origin of order and complexity Origin of the solar system Origin

of the atmosphere and hydrosphere Origin of life Origin of man Origin of marriage Origin of evil Origin of government Origin of language Origin of death Origin of culture Origin of nations Origin of religion Origin of Gods chosen people Temporal vs Eternal Division of Light and Darkness (Gen 1:4) No night (Rev 21:25) Division of land and Sea (Gen 1:10) No more sea (Rev 21:1) Rule of sun and moon (Gen 1:16) No need of sun and moon (Rev 21:23) Man in a prepared Garden (Gen 2:8,9) Man in a prepared city (Rev 21:2) River flowing from Eden (Gen 2:10) River flowing from Gods throne (Rev 22:1) Gold in the land (Gen 2:12) Gold in the City (Rev 21:21) Tree of life in the midst of the Garden (Gen 2:9) Tree of life throughout the city (Rev 22:2) Bdellium and Onyx (Gen 2:12) All manner of precious stones (Rev 21:19) First Adams Bride (Gen 2:18) Second Adams Bride (Rev 19:9) God walking in the garden (Gen 3:8) God living with people (Rev 21:3) Concerning the Curse

Cursed Ground (Gen 3:17) No more Curse (Rev 22:3) Daily Sorrow (Gen 3:17) No more sorrow (Rev 21:4) Thorns and thistles (Gen 3:18) No more pain (Rev 21:4) Sweat on the face (Gen 3:18) Tears wiped away (Rev 21:4) Eat herbs of the field (Gen 3:18) Twelve types of fruits (Rev 22:2) Returning to dust (Gen 3:19) No more death (Rev 21:4) Evil continually (Gen 6:5) Nothing that defiles (Rev 21:27) Coat of skins (Gen 3:21) Fine linen, white and clean Rev 21:14) Satan opposing (Gen 3:15) Satan banished (Rev 21:10) Kept from the Tree of Life (Gen 3:24) Regain access to the Tree of Life (Rev 22:14) Banished from the Garden (Gen 3:23) Free entry to the City (Rev 22:14) Redeemer promised (Gen 3:15) Redemption finalized (Rev 5:9,10) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. It It It It It It It refutes refutes refutes refutes refutes refutes refutes atheism (no God), because the universe was created by God. pantheism (nature and God are one), for God is transcendent to that which He created. polytheism (many Gods), for one God created all things. materialism (all that exists is matter), for matter had a beginning. dualism (Good and Bad are equally opposing each other), because God was alone when He created. humanism(man is the chief end), because God, not man, is the ultimate reality. evolutionism(God created and things mutate cross species), because God created all things.

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. God This opening verse of the Bible is unique, the foundation of foundations, probably the first words, ever written down, either revealed to Adam, or even written directly by God Himself. One who really believes Genesis 1:1 will have no difficulty believing the rest of Scripture. God (Elohim) is eternal, existing before the universe, and is omnipotent, having created the universe. Therefore, nothing is impossible with God, and He alone gives meaning to everything. No attempt is made in this verse to prove God; it was recorded in the beginning when no one doubted God.

Created No other cosmogony, whether in ancient paganism or modern naturalism, even mentions the absolute origin of the universe. All begin with the space/time/matter universe; already existing in a primeval state of chaos, then attempt to speculate how it might have evolved into its present form. Modern evolutionism begins with elementary particles of matter evolving out of nothing in a big bang and then developing through natural forces into complex systems. Pagan pantheism also begins with elementary matter in various forms evolving into complex systems by the forces of nature personified as different gods and goddesses. But, very significantly, the concept of the special creation of the universe of space and time itself is found nowhere in all religion or philosophy, ancient or modern, except here in Genesis 1:1. Appropriately, therefore, this verse records the creation of time (in the beginning), of space (the heaven), and of matter (the earth), the Tri-universe, the space/time/matter continuum which constitutes our physical cosmos. The Creator of this tri-universe is the triune God, Elohim, the uni-plural Old Testament name for the divine Godhead, a name which is plural in form (with its Hebrew im ending) but commonly singular in meaning. The existence of a transcendent Creator and the necessity of a primeval special creation of the universe is confirmed by the most basic principles of nature discovered by scientists: The law of causality, that no effect can be greater than its cause, is basic in all scientific investigation and human experience. A universe comprising an array of intelligible and complex effects, including living systems and conscious personalities, is itself proof of an intelligent, complex, living, conscious Person as its Cause; The laws of thermodynamics are the most universal and best-proved generalizations of science, applicable to every process and system of any kind, the First Law stating that no matter/energy is now being created or destroyed, and the Second Law stating that all existing matter/energy is proceeding irreversibly toward ultimate equilibrium and cessation of all processes. Since this eventual death of the universe has not yet occurred and since it will occur in time, if these processes continue, the Second Law proves that time (and, therefore, the space/matter/time universe) had a beginning. The universe must have been created, but the First Law precludes the possibility of its self-creation. Although it is impossible for us to comprehend fully this concept of an eternal, transcendent God, the only alternative is the concept of an eternal, self-existing universe; and this concept is also incomprehensible. Eternal God or eternal matterthat is the choice. The only resolution of the dilemma posed by the First and Second Laws is that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The so-called big bang theory of the origin of the cosmos, postulating a primeval explosion of the space/mass/time continuum at the start, beginning with a state of nothingness and then rapidly expanding into the present complex universe, contradicts both these basic laws as well as Scripture.