Simple past Regular Verb Pronunciation

Group A Voiceless sound: – p – k – s – ch – sh – f – x – h - pronounce ED as “T” Example: Ask, asked = ask(T) Ed as “T” Asked (askt) baked (beikt) brushed (bruhsht) cooked (cukt) cracked (creckt) crashed (crésht) danced (da:ns) + t dressed (drésst) dropped (drópt) escaped (squeipt) finished (fínisht) fixed (fíxt) guessed (guest) helped (Rélpt) hoped (Roupt) hiked (Raikt) joked (Joukt) jumped (Jãmpt) knocked (nókt) kissed (kist) laughed (læf) + t locked (lókt) looked (lukt) missed (mist) mixed (míxt) packed (pékt) passed (pest) picked (píkt) pressed (prést) pronounce (pronaunst) relaxed (riléxt) slipped (slípt) smoked (smoukt) stopped (stópt) shopped (shópt) talked (tólkt) typed (taipt) walked (wólkt) washed (wósht) Voiced sound: – l – v – n – m – r – b – v – g – w – y – z – and vowel sounds (diphthongs) pronounce ED as “D” Example: Allow, allowed = allow(D) Ed as “D” advised (ad’vaiz) + d agreed (agrid) allowed (alald) answered (ensord) appeared (apir:d) arrived (araivd) believed (bilívd) belonged (bilóngd) burned (buhrnd) called (cóld) carried (kérid) changed (tchéndjid) cleaned (clind) closed (clouzd) covered (corvd) cried (craid) damaged (demedjid) described (discraibd) died (daid) dried (draid) earned (êr:nd) enjoyed (enjóid) entered (énterd) explained (ex-pleind) explored (ex-plord) filled (fild) followed (fóloud) happened (Répend) interviewed (interviwd) imagined (imédjind) jailed (jeield) killed (kild) listened (lissend) lived (lívd) loved (lóvd) measured (médjurd) watched – (wótcht) worked – (workt) NOTE: Look carefully for verbs, not for nouns or adjectives because in some cases they have some phonetic differences. Group B


moved (muvd) opened (oupend) planned (plend) played (pleid) performed (performd) pulled (puld) realized (rialaizid) remembered (rememberd) rained (reind) repaired (riper:d) saved (seivd) shared (shér:d) shaved (sheivd) showed (shoud) signed (çaind) slammed (slémd) stayed (steid) snowed (snoud) studied (stãdid) tried (traid) traveled (traveld) turned (tãrnd) used (iusid) welcomed (uélcomd) whispered (uisperd) worried (uôrid) yawned (ynhond) Group C: T or D pronounce ED as “ID” Example: Need. needed = need(id) Ed as “ID” Accepted (ac-céptid) afforded (afôrdid) attended (atêndid) arrested (aréstid) collected (coléctid) contacted (contréctid) counted (cáuntid) decided (diçaidid) defended (difêndid) demanded (dimendid) divided (divaidid) ended (éndid) expanded (ex-péndid) expected (ex-péctid) exported (ex-portid) flooded (fluhdid) graduated (gradjueitid) hated (Reitid) hunted (Rãntid) included (includid) invited (invaitid) invented (invented) landed (lendid) needed (nídid) painted (peintid) planted (plentid) printed (printid) presented (presentid) pretended (pritendid) protected (protectid) provided (provaidid) rented (rêntid) repeated (ripítid) reported (ripôrtid) respected (rispéctid) rested (réstid) scolded (scoldid) skated (skeitid) started (stártid) shouted (shaltid) treated (trítid) visited (vísitid) waited (ueitid) wanted (wantid) wasted (ueistid) 2 .

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