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Scentsy Quick-Start Guide

Welcome to Scentsy! This guide is designed to give you a quick look at what you need to know to jump-start your
Scentsy business. Consult the full-length New Consultant Start-Up Guide in your Starter Kit for more information
on the items listed here and other valuable tips and resources to support your success as a Scentsy Consultant.
Scentsy will ship your Starter Kit within three business days of your enrollment date. We are excited to have you
as a part of our team!
Awards & Recognition
Dont miss out on these red-hot opportunities to earn rewards and recognition designed specically for new
Consultants. The day you enrolled as a Scentsy Consultant is considered Day One of the countdown. Displayed
on your Workstation Performance tab (see next page for login instructions) will be your qualication period and
metrics to track your progress. If you have any questions about these awards, contact your Sponsor or Director.
The clock is ticking, so get started today:
Shooting Star Enhancement Kit
Sell 500 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) to earn the option to purchase ten pre-selected warmers from the
current catalog. You pay $200 plus tax, and your shipping is FREE! You also earn commission and volume on this
purchase. This is a one-time offer and must be ordered within 30 calendar days after the end of the qualication
periodwhich is 45 calendar days from the day you enrolled as a Scentsy Consultant.

Date to Qualify (See Workstation Performance Tab):
Scentsational Start Awards Program
Earn this one-time incentive for doing those things that will have the greatest impact on your future success
booking, sales, and sponsoring. You will be awarded the highest level award you achieve during the rst 70
calendar days after your enrollment as a Scentsy Consultant.

Your Target Level to Qualify:
Date to Qualify (See Workstation Performance Tab):

Scentsational Start AwardLevel 1

l,2u o|ots |o ersooa| keta|| vo|ume (kv) or tbree ersooa||y soosoreu
active Consultants
Award Received
$u rouuct Creu|t
Greeo Sceotsy Sceotsat|ooa| Start |ae| |o
Cert|ncate or Acb|evemeot
Scentsational Start AwardLevel 2

2,uu o|ots |o kv or l,2u o|ots |o kv aou tbree ersooa||y soosoreu
active Consultants

Award Received
$l2 rouuct Creu|t
ur|e Sceotsy Sceotsat|ooa| Start |ae| |o
Cert|ncate or Acb|evemeot
Scentsational Start AwardLevel 3
,uuu o|ots |o kv or 2,uu o|ots |o kv aou s|x ersooa||y soosoreu
active Consultants

Must complete
within your rst 15
Calendar Days
Must complete
within your rst 70
Calendar Days
Awards & Recognition, continued
Scentsational Start AwardLevel 3
Award Received
$200 Product Credit
Blue Scentsy Scentsational Start lapel pin
Cert|ncate or Acb|evemeot
Name in Scentsys monthly newsletter, Consultant Spotlight
kecogo|t|oo at Aooua| Cooveot|oo
New Consultant Checklist
Record Your Important Contact Information
Log in to your Workstation

Go to
toter your ass|goeu Coosu|taot lO Number aou tbe assworu you se|ecteu uur|og tbe eoro||meot rocess.
If you have forgotten your password, click on the I forgot my password link and it will be emailed to you.
Access the Training Center
Upon Workstation login, go to the Training Center link in the upper right corner to view video training and
download step-by-step instructions on how to use your Workstation. We recommend viewing all of the trainings
on the First 70 Days tab, but the following ve are considered especially critical to jump-starting your business:
Your t|re||oe1be Coosu|taot wor|stat|oo
o||c|es 8 roceuures
low to |ace rouuct Oruers
Sett|og U 8 tu|t|og Your ersooa| webs|te
Successru| art|es. Your tauocb arty
Edit your Personal Website (PWS)
When you join Scentsy, you get a FREE three-month subscription to your own PWS, which will help you to:
romote Your uus|oess
Aooouoce Your tveots
Co||ect Oo||oe Oruers
kecru|t New Coosu|taots
A wS |s a|so regu|reu to se|| aou soosor |o a|| Sceotsy mar|ets. You uoot bave to be a web ues|goer or a
programmer to customize your PWS. Its easy to do on your own! Click the Edit My PWS link on your Workstation.
The My Website Manager page contains links to each of the customizable features of your PWS, from your photo
to your personal story. Select each of the links to change content, images, and features on your website.
Consultant ID Enrollment Date
Password ersooa| webs|te Ukt
Sponsors Information Directors Information
Name Name
lome booe lome booe
Cell Phone Cell Phone
Email Email
webs|te Ukt webs|te Ukt
New Consultant Checklist, continued
Monthly E-Newsletter
Your PWS subscription includes Scentsys monthly e-newsletter service, Making Perfect Scents. Your
e-newsletter is automatically sent out via the Internet to your customers email addresses the rst Wednesday
or every mootb. t|o|s w|tb|o tbe oews|etter ta|e customers u|rect|y to your wS wbere tbey cao buy rouucts,
host a party, join your team, or request information! You can access your newsletter through the Newsletter
||o| oo to or your wor|stat|oo bomeage. 1be e-oews|etter lA_, |ocateu w|tb|o tbe News|etter ||o| oo your
Workstation, contains valuable e-newsletter tips and training. Start adding your contacts now to include them
on your distribution list.
Print labels containing your contact information
Personalizing your business materials is critical to repeat and future customer orders. Your Starter Kit will contain
business cards, catalogs, invitations, and order forms. Each one is a key customer touch-point that should be
labeled with your contact information. Scentsy offers a label template in Resources on your Workstation.
Contact your Sponsor or Director
Be sure to call your Sponsor or Director with additional questions on how to succeed with Scentsy!
Launch Party
1be tauocb arty |s a GktA1 way to get your bus|oess orr to ao outstaou|og start! lere are some |mortaot
t|s ror bav|og a successru| tauocb arty.
Before Your Launch Party

Create your Initial Contact List and List of 100. To assist you, templates are
provided in the New Consultant Start-Up Guide contained in your Starter Kit.
Se|ect tbe uates you are ab|e to coouuct bome art|es aou, wbeo your Starter
Kit arrives, highlight them in your monthly planner.
Scbeuu|e your tauocb arty to c|ose|y ro||ow tbe arr|va| or your Starter k|t.
lov|te your guestsover |ov|te! Geoera||y, ooe out or tbree |ov|teu guests
will actually attend.
Work closely with your Sponsor or Director. They will have invaluable tips and helpful hints to make your
tauocb arty a success.
At Your Launch Party

kee your rerresbmeots s|m|e to |ee tbe rocus oo your oew bus|oess. ke|ax, be yourse|r, aou
have fun! Share your love for Scentsy products and the business opportunity.
tet your guests |oow wbat your oeo uates are to scbeuu|e oew art|es. 1ry to scbeuu|e as maoy
art|es as you cao at your tauocb arty.
After Your Launch Party

Coogratu|ate yourse|r! Youve just bau your nrst Sceotsy arty!
|a|e ro||ow-u ca||s to your guests aou tbao| tbem ror com|og. 1o aoyooe wbo cou|uot come,
call and remind them that they can still place an order or book a party.
wor| w|tb your Soosor to eoter your arty oruer.
You w||| earo a 2u comm|ss|oo oo sa|es u to l,uuu career o|ots |o ersooa| keta|| vo|ume (kv). lo tbe
mootb you reacb l,uuu career kv, you w||| be a|u 2 comm|ss|oo ror tbat mootb aou every mootb rorwaru.
lr you se|| 2,uuu kv |o a mootb, you w||| oot oo|y earo 2 comm|ss|oo, but w||| a|so be a|u a |ootb|y Sa|es
Awaru uoous or .
Note: It may take
up to 48 hours to
gain access to
your e-newsletter.
Scentsy Contact Information
A-A|| Sceotsy mar|ets C-Caoaua oo|y U-Uo|teu States, uerto k|co, aou Guam oo|y
Account Services
Extensions, suspensions, voluntary cancellations, reactivations, new
Consultant welcome calls
A Making Perfect Scents customer e-newsletter
U Internet marketing, logo usage, promotional materials
C Canadian Internet marketing, logo usage, promotional materials
C Fairs and shows, Canada
Consultant Support
U.S. Sceotsy o||c|es 8 roceuures, uoma|o aou ema|| oame |ssues,
guidelines for fairs and shows, order status, product questions, special
requests, ordering assistance, Workstation questions, rank advancements,
troubleshooting of any kind, returns and product issues, commissions,
pay card
Caoaua Sceotsy o||c|es 8 roceuures, uoma|o aou ema|| oame |ssues,
order status, product questions, special requests, ordering assistance,
Workstation questions, troubleshooting of any kind, returns and product
issues, commissions, cheques
U Cooveot|oo, wor|u 1our, uoot Cam, loceot|ve tr|s, teauersb| ketreat
Canada Consultants: Convention, World Tour, Boot Camp, Incentive trips,
teauersb| ketreat
A lu00-|lSC aou 14A rorms
A Sales tax
Media Relations
U U.S. publicity, public relations, media relations
C Canada publicity, public relations, media relations
Product Development A Product suggestions and feedback
Scentsy Family Foundation A
Charitable donations, sponsorships, scholarships, cause warmer
Scentsy News A Email communications from home ofce, Consultant Spotlight newsletter
Scentsy Success A Scentsy products that enhance the Consultant experience
Subscriptions A ersooa| webs|tes, Sceot 8 warmer or tbe mootb
Training and Development A Training, personal development, business development
Money NetworkScentsy Pay Card 1-888-913-0900 (U)
333u t. tou|se Or., Su|te 6uu,
|er|u|ao, lO 83642
1Ott lktt. l-8-8-u6l
.O. uOx l33
|tklOlAN, lO 8368u
lAx. 2u8-888-43u6