Cote d’Ivoire
• This past month, MAP staff engaged in nine days of Buruli Ulcer awareness in 12 primary schools, reaching 59 teachers and 3,905 students who now understand Buruli Ulcer and how it can be prevented and identified. In addition, 12 surgeons and 6 anesthetists were trained in Buruli Ulcer case management and special surgical techniques. As part of the ongoing relief efforts in the IDP camp at Duekoue, MAP organized teams of medical doctors who saw 3,124 patients this month.

• Kenya is heavily affected by the current Horn of Africa crisis. Many Kenyans are going hungry, and the country is now supporting hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees. The Total Health Villages of Burangi and Kilonga have been highly affected and are in desperate need of food aid. MAP is formulating a plan and gathering funding to intervene in these areas.

Indonesia • MAP collaborated with the Ministry of Education (MoE) at the sub-district level facilitating a seminar on youth • Ghana
• • MAP Ghana supported the Nkoranza South District Health Management Team to carry out training on BU for 114 community-based surveillance volunteers in the Nkoranza South District. Supported St. Theresa's Hospital's team on Buruli Ulcer to carry out health outreach and case search on BU in two communities in the Nkoranza South District where 141 people were reached. reproductive health in Tello that was attended by 160 senior high school students. Community members in the Lahusa Total Health Village Cluster continue to increase food security by planting more seeds in their gardens and attending training sessions on crop production.

• Trained the people of the Nueva Armenia/Garifuna community on the use of mosquito nets and took blood samples to determine the disease prevalence of malaria in the community.

• • Former health promoters, including children, adolescents, and women’s groups, were trained in respiratory diseases, relief unguents and anti-inflammatory products, Chagas prevention, nutrition, and sewing. Children advocated to authorities on their right to have safe family and home environments, demonstrating the power of their voices and capacity to make a difference in unjust systems.

• • • MAP facilitated trainings and workshops for 692 health promoters in topics ranging from pregnancy prevention to first aid. 1,020 adolescents have been reached through workshops on healthy sexuality and pregnancy prevention this month In the Valle del Toachi community, over 1,000 used bottles have been collected to use in the building of the Health House with ‘plastic bricks’.

• • Procured over $40,000 of essential medicines through the Irish Aid supported project to support health centers in remote and needy areas treating malaria, HIV/AIDS, and providing good ante-and post-natal care. The MAP Uganda office has been carefully monitoring the Horn of Africa drought situation, especially in the northeast where many of MAP program communities have been affected. Interventions are currently underway.


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