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Vol. 51, No. 6 Serving The Spring Creek Community Since 1974 March 10, 2023

March is
WHistory omen’s

See Centerfold for PS 346's Harlem Renaissance Fashion Show

Page 2 SPRING CREEK SUN March 10, 2023

S pring Creek Towers’ residents, do you have an

upcoming special birthday, anniversary, engage-
ment, wedding, birth, special occasion or a death
announcement that you would like to let the community
know about?
The Spring Creek Sun will be running these announce-
ments in the paper. For more information call Pamela
Stern at 718-240-4554 or email pstern@springcreek

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March 10, 2023 SPRING CREEK SUN Page 3

Daylight Saving Time FAQs Around Spring Creek Towers

By: Pamela Stern

It’s almost time to spring forward! Q: What do I do if I am having heat issues in my apartment?
Daylight saving time 2023 begins at 2
am on Sunday, March 12th, mean- A: Reach out to Management immediately by calling our Spring Creek
ing you’ll set your clock to 3 am at Towers Resident Call Center to report any issues heat at 718-240-4646.
that point.
Daylight saving time only lasts Spring Creek Towers does not recommend the use of space heaters.
for eight months and will come to
an end on Sunday, November 5, The risk of space heater fires is real. According to the Consumer Product
2023. This is how it has been Safety Commission, space heaters are involved in more than a thousand
since 2007, when Congress de- home fires every year.
clared that daylight saving time
begins in the United States on the If you are going to use one, here’s how to use a space heater safely:
second Sunday in March and ends on
the first Sunday in November. lMake sure your space heater includes safety features, such as a burn
The observance is often misidentified as guard around the heating element, a shut-off if it gets too hot, and an
“daylight savings time” with an extra “S,” but its name comes from the automatic shut-off if it tips over.
idea of saving daylight. lNever use an extension cord or power strip with a space heater. And,
That being said, daylight saving time isn’t observed the same way — you should keep it on the floor, around 3 feet from the wall.
or at all — in some parts of the country. The Uniform Time Act of 1966 lUse the 3-foot rule. Your space heater should not only be 3 feet from
standardized time zones and daylight saving practices around the the wall, it should be 3 feet from anything flammable — pillows,
United States, but it allowed individual states to pass laws exempting curtains, bedding, furniture. And we’re not a huge fan of placing it on
themselves. Arizona and Hawaii are the only states that do not observe carpet, which could melt if the space heater tips over.
the time change. lTurn it off when you leave the room. The space heater can only warm
a small amount of space. And there’s no sense in heating an empty room.

In general, your best bet for staying warm this winter is to use your heat
system that is built into your home.

Source: NFPA Applied Research

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• Did you know that we offer ClickPay, an online • If you do not have a checking account you may make
payment method, for you to make your rent a payment via MoneyGram.
• The nearest MoneyGram location to SCT is City Fresh
payments? Market. You can check out other locations by going
• Check out ClickPay by going to to: It is FREE if you pay • To make a MoneyGram payment you will need to
from your checking account (ACH). Fees apply if you present the following:
use your credit or debit card. • Acct # from your monthly statement
• Receive Code 16459
• Click register and then create your online profile • Company Name: BSC Owner LLC
• You will be charged a $3.95 payment fee
• Connect your unit by using the account number
found on your monthly statement lCVS at 1346 Pennsylvania

• Set up Automatic Payments or click Pay Now to make 718-642-2727
one-time payments
lCityFresh at 1380
• Questions or help please call ClickPay at 800-533- Pennsylvania Avenue
7901 or 718-642-1608

lCherry Valley Marketplace at

1115 Granville Payne Avenue
Page 4 SPRING CREEK SUN March 10, 2023

Facts About Purim:

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the saving of the the Torah. Hallel is not recited. Accordingly, business transactions and
Jewish people from Haman, who was planning to kill all the Jews. This even manual labor are allowed on Purim. A special prayer (“Al ha-
took place in the ancient Achaemenid Persian Empire. The story is Nissim”—”For the Miracles”) is inserted into the Amidah prayers during
recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther. This year Purim begins on evening, morning and afternoon prayer services, and is also included in
Monday, March 6th evening and ends on the Birkat Hamazon (“Grace after Meals.”)
Tuesday, March 7th.
According to the Book of Esther, Haman, royal Purim Foods
vizier to King Ahasuerus of Persia, planned to As part of their celebration many Jews will enjoy
kill all the Jews in the empire but, his plans were a festive meal called the Purim se’udah (meal).
foiled by Mordecai and his cousin Esther, who There are no particular foods that must be served
had become Queen of Persia. The day of delive- at this holiday meal, though dessert will usually
rance became a day of feasting and rejoicing. include triangular shaped cookies called haman-
taschen. These cookies are filled with fruit mar-
Purim is celebrated among Jews by: malade or poppy seeds and are a treat people look
Exchanging reciprocal gifts of food and drink forward to every year.
known as mishloach manot They were originally called “mundtaschen,”
Donating charity to the poor known as meaning “poppy seed pocket,” the word “haman-
mattanot la-evyonim[6] taschen” is Yiddish for “haman’s pockets.” In Israel
Eating a celebratory meal known as a se’udat they are called “oznei Haman,” meaning “Haman’s
Purim ears.”
Public recitation (“reading of the megillah”) of There are three explanations for the triangular
the Scroll of Esther, known as kriat ha-megillah, usually in synagogue shape of hamantaschen. Some say they represent a triangular-shaped
Reciting additions, known as Al HaNissim, to the daily prayers and hat worn by Haman, the villain in the Purim story, and that we eat them
the grace after meals as a reminder that his dastardly plot was foiled. Others say they
Other customs include drinking wine or any other alcoholic beverage, represent Esther’s strength and the three founders of Judaism:
wearing of masks and costumes, and public celebration. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Yet another explanation applies only to
Purim is celebrated annually according to the Hebrew calendar on the “oznei Haman.” When called by this name, the cookies make reference to
14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar (and on Adar II in Hebrew leap an old custom of cutting off the ears of criminals before they were
years that take place every 2 to 3 years), the day following the victory of executed. Whatever their name, the reason behind eating hamantaschen
the Jews over their enemies. remains the same: remembering how close the Jewish people came to
tragedy and celebrating the fact that we escaped.
Purim has more of a national than a religious character, and its ** Purim facts courtesy of: and
status as a holiday is on a different level than those ordained holy by
March 10, 2023 SPRING CREEK SUN Page 5

Spotlight: Remembering Former SCTA President Marie Purnell

concerned her Brooklyn neigh- Black, an organization that sup-
borhood.  For Women’s History ported and encouraged African
Month, the Spring Creek Sun American cultural awareness. Prior
salutes Purnell for her efforts to to her work with the SCTA, Purnell
enhance and protect SCT. She worked for 24 years with J.P.
blazed a trail that allowed others to Morgan Chase Bank as a bank
follow in her footsteps. officer and retired in 1990. Just one
Purnell was born on November year before her retirement, she
30, 1930, in Harlem. She married became a member of the Starrett
her husband, Herbert Purnell in City-Spring Creek International
1955 and later moved to Spring Lions Club. It was during this time
Creek Towers in 1976 when it was that she developed a passion for
then known as Starrett City.  helping those in her community. 
While a decade has gone by since Residents have described her as
she passed away at age 82 on May someone who would always be
9, 2013, her influence on the SCT there to lend her ear to listen to and
community is still prevalent. In fact, a shoulder to cry on when needed.
when residents look back at the Purnell’s dedication earned her
foundation of SCT, Purnell’s name numerous accolade such as being
is often mentioned when discussing named by Lions Clubs International
and advocating for tenant’s rights. Foundation a Melvin Jones Fellow
For almost 20 years she was an —the organization’s highest honor
active member of the Starrett City —for dedicated humanitarian ser-
Tenant Association, Inc. (SCTA), vice, as well as the recipient of the
and from 1992 to 2008, Purnell Robert J. Uplinger Dis-tinguished
served as the president.  Those Service Award for Untir-ing and
around her would describe her as a Devoted Service.
force to be reckoned with, utilizing Her steadfast work did not stop
her serious, direct nature and keen at the SCTA or the Lions Club,
negotiations skills, she was able to Purnell served on the Spring Creek
handle any issue thrown at her. Senior Partners and Brookdale
  While she personified strength Hospital Boards of Directors and
with her unwavering ability to get was a member of the Community
Marie Purnell things done, Purnell did not let dis- Planning Board for District 5. 
agreements or different matters of In memory of Purnell, the Spring
opinion affect her relationship with Creek Towers’ Scholarship program
individuals. She respected everyone named an award after her dedi-
BY AMANDA MOSES munity: Marie Purnell.  She was and truly attempted to make cation which is given to a student
often herald as a leader who fought decisions that were fair to all parties who exemplifies outstanding com-
Almost ten years ago, Spring to give a voice to the voiceless. She involved. munity service.
Creek Towers (SCT) mourned the was a free spirit, loyal friend, and  In the late 1970s, Purnell served
loss of a vital member of the com- stood her ground on matters that on the Executive Board of Basic Spring Creek Sun File Photo


Spring Creek Towers residents aged 60+
2022 income of less than $80,000 (with
dependents) or $56,000 (single, without
Refunds will be direct deposited to your bank


Valid photo ID
Social Security card (original or photocopy) Open to all students in 3rd-12th Grade.
Income statements (e.g. W-2, 1099-Misc, No prior music knowledge is necessary.
Sign up for our Hybrid lessons!
1099-INT, etc.) Space is limited.
Other helpful documents: 1098-T, 1098-E Students who
Clickjoin SCYS
on the will
link receive
below special rates,
to register
https:/ Ms. Robinson for more
/ s
Bank Routing and Account Number for direct details
deposit of refund What's included: NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $75.00 TO
• 28 weeks of live & private virtual START
Registration fee is $150 all payments received
lessons (featuring in-person by appointment only!

No walk-ins; please Location: drums, trumpet, and violin.)

• Once a month in-person group
Cash & Personal Checks WILL NOT be

schedule an appointment Spring Creek Senior Partners sessions.

• Platforms: Zoom, Google Meets, or
(Includes non-refundable security deposit
and processing fee for use of an instrument)
160 Schroeders Ave., Suite 1B, FaceTime. BSC T.R.S. LLC

All appointments Building G5 Students who join SCYS will receive special rates,
are in person
Brooklyn, NY 11239 Contact Ms. Robinson for more

Scan the QR code above or contact us to schedule Contact Info

Ms. Robinson at (718) 240-4577
an appointment:

Program sponsored by The Spring Creek Ofce of Community Relations & Public Afairs
Spring Creek Senior Partners This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York

Funded in part by a grant from New York City

Aging (NYCA).
Page 6 SPRING CREEK SUN March 10, 2023


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March 10, 2023 SPRING CREEK SUN Page 7

Community Organizations Spring Creek Senior Par tners News

Starrett City Tenants Association Teen Central WOMEN’S INTERNATIONAL MONTH
The next SCTA meeting is to be Open to Spring Creek Towers
determined. If you are a SCT residents only, ages 12 to 18, Every year, March is designated Women’s History Month by
resident who has any questions or Monday through Friday from 3 pm presidential proclamation. March is set aside to honor women’s
comments, please call and leave a to 7 pm in the lower level of the contributions in American history.
message with your name and Brooklyn Sports Club. No member-
phone number at 718-642-3892. ship fees. For more information Did you know? Women’s History Month started as Women’s
Your call will be returned. Join your contact 718-642-7168. History Week?
tenants association, “In unity there Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights
is strength.” Starrett City Boxing Club the contribution of women to events in history and contemporary
The Starrett City Boxing Club is society.
AA and NA available to all BSC members (two Join us as Tropical Fete returns to Spring Creek Senior Partners on
St. Laurence Roman Catholic classes per month are free). You Monday, March 13th, please call the office to register to participate in
must register with the boxing club this activity.
Church, Flatlands and Van Siclen
Pottery Class Mondays 11am-12pm
Avenues, host Alcoholics and directly 24 hours in advance. You
Chair Yoga Tuesdays 11am-12pm
Narcotics Anonymous meetings. do not need to register with USA
Steel pan Class Wednesdays 11am-12pm
The Alcoholics Anonymous meet- boxing. Must bring their own hand
Bingo Fridays 2pm-3:30pm
ings are Fridays at 8 pm Virtually wraps and boxing gloves. The
and Narcotics Anonymous meet- Boxing Club is now located in the Spring Creek Senior Partners in collaboration with The Opportunity
ings are on Thursdays at 7:30 pm Brooklyn Sports Club. For more Hub will be conducting Free Tax Preparation by Appointment Only.
For more information call 917-627- information, ask reception for the The staff of Spring Creek Senior Partners is here to assist those
0325. boxing club or contact 917-530- living in Spring Creek Towers who are 60 years and older.  You are
1219 always welcome to participate in our many events and activities. 
Starrett City-Spring Creek Lions If you need to see one of our caseworkers or the NORC Nurse, please
Club, Inc. Sisters with Purpose call for an appointment.  Our number is 718-348-7620.
This volunteer community-based Join the conversation. A support/
organization meets the 1st and 3rd ministry group created by women *****Everyday Monday, through Friday from 9:30am to 12:30pm,
Tuesdays of the month @ 7 pm, living in Spring Creek Towers. Non- Spring Creek Senior Partners offers free blood pressure, Body Mass
Brooklyn Sports Club (1540 Van judgmental and non-denomina- Index, Weight and Oxygen Level screenings.  Call our office at 718-
Siclen Avenue, Lower Level). If you tional based. Meets every Thursday 348-7620 to schedule an appointment.
are community minded, willing to evening @ 7 pm For more infor-
help others – join us, feel free to mation: Susie Williams 646-460- ABOUT SPRING CREEK SENIOR PARTNERS
visit our meetings. For more 4101. Spring Creek Senior Partners is a Naturally Occurring Retirement
information contact Evetter Pilgrim Community/Supportive Service Program (NORC/SSP) and we serve all
at 718-642-1820. residents who are 60 years or older. Our services are free and open to
all residents of Spring Creek Towers.  You can visit Monday through
Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 160 Schroeders Ave. (G5) or call us 718-

Snow in Spring Creek Towers!


Say it ain’t snow! For the first time this winter a small blanket of
snow covered Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) lawns. Trickles of snow-
flakes fell overnight, leaving about two to three inches of snow
covering the Tri-State area on February 28th. Thanks to the
diligent plowing and salting from SCT’s maintenance department,
residents were able to safely enjoy the winter wonderland, albeit a
brief, scenic view that melted over the next few days.
Additionally, if you walked around the neighborhood, a flock of
geese, and a few seagulls, could be observed pecking around the
grass of the G section’s lawns in search of worms in the grass.
While we prepare for the first day of Spring on March 20th, at least
New Yorkers were able to experience snow this year.

Photo by Amanda Moses

Page 8 SPRING CREEK SUN March 10, 2023

Education Matters
Starrett Early Learning Center
125 Schroeders Avenue - Brooklyn, New York 11239
(718) 642-8724 Fax: (718) 642-3019

Great News!

Starrett Early Learning Center invites you to register your child in school
for the 2022-2023 school year if your child was born in 2018(4K) or

Starrett Early Learning Center offers a free, high quality, safe, nurturing
4-K and 3-K program from 8am-2:20pm at two locations:
125 Schroeders Avenue and 1325 Pennsylvania Avenue

Register online.

Follow the steps below:

1. Log into

2. Create a profile.
3. Select Starrett Early Learning Center (KBPJ or KBPL) as the 1st school of
4. Submit your application.
5. The Department of Education will notify you in May/June if you your
child has been selected for our program.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call.

Stay safe and well!

Spring Creek Towers Ms. Moore, MS. Ed

Saturday Academy
Executive Director

Brief NYC School Calendar

ELA, Math & Science Prep (Jan. 21st, 2023 – Apr. 29th, 2023)
Extended Science Prep for 4th & 8th Grades only (May 6th, 2023 – Jun 3rd, 2023)
April 6th Schools closed for First Day of Passover
April 7th Schools closed for Second Day of Passover/Good
Program Location: BROOKLYN SPORTS CLUB (Lower Level)
April 10th-14th Schools closed for Spring Recess
Saturday’s Only
April 21st Schools closed for Eid al-Fitr
TIME: 10am – 2pm
PROGRAM FEE: $125.00 - $200.00 per Child
For the complete New York City Department of Education school calendar
To register contact: Ms. Robinson of classes, holidays, closings and tests, go to

First come frst served MONEY

ORDERS ONLY Payable to:

Altice will provide free home internet

access for 60 days for any household with a K-
Click on the link below to register 12 child and/or college student who has been
Must register by Friday, Jan. 20th, 2023
displaced. Families who do not currently have
Ms. Robinson at (718) 240-4577 or via email:
home internet can call 866-200-9522 to enroll
Ofice Hours: 9:30am – 5:00pm on Mon., Wed. & Friday’s (Tues. & Thurs
in Optimum region.
March 10, 2023 SPRING CREEK SUN Page 9

SELC ‘s Black History Month Celebration

History and its importance. The 3K and 4K classes presented songs,
poems, African Dances and a review of Black Inventors.
Ms. Shariffa Martinez is SELC’s Department of Education’s assigned
Instructional Coach and was the evening’s Guest Speaker.  
Additionally, there was a performance by Priya Deberry on the violin, a
short theatrical performance, some interactive dancing and drumming,
African dancing and even a visit from Middle School 935’s Step Team.
Ms. Kimaura and Ms. Tiffany’s class performed a poem titled “Black
History Month” which honored artists, athletes, scientists, writers, poets,
and activists for their contributions. The students also performed a song
from the motion picture “Harriet” titled “Stand up” honoring Harriet
Tubman. The performance featured praise dance by Ms. Tiffany.  
Shadow Box Theater is a children’s theatrical company who performed
“How the Turtle Got Its Shell” which is an African Folk Tale. Renowned
African percussionist, Chief Baba Neil tells this African Folktale with his
drums and audience participation. In the opening, the drummer
introduces the African instruments and various words from African
languages. The drumming, rhythm, movement, and chanting all help set
the scene for this witty and wise traditional tale of the little turtle who
outwits the fierce leopard and is rewarded with a shell. The energy and
spirit of the performers was clearly contagious, and the entire audience
was singing and clapping along.
Kudos to the staff and children of the SELC for a wonderful Black
Attendees were anxiously awaiting the SELC’s Black History Month History Month Celebration! Ms. Moore said, “Starrett Early Learning
Celebration. Center’s 2023 Black History Celebration is the 1st in it’s over 40 year
existence. I am so honored to have had the opportunity in my four years
BY: PAMELA STERN as it’s Executive Director to present family engagement on this caliber
along with my amazing and dedicated teachers and support staff to our
The students in the Starrett Early Learning Center (SELC) held a Black
families and community. A special thank you goes to my Education Direc-
History Month Celebration on Thursday, February 16th at the Brooklyntor, Ms. Tess Binns. Starrett Early Learning Center’s families supported
Sports Club (BSC). the Black History Celebration in attendance of 150 attendees. This is a
The crowd of approximately 150 people were excited to see the historical turnout! SELC’s cooks, Ms. Gwen and Ms. Crystal prepared an
children’s presentations. amazing meal of Baked Ziti and Salad for everyone! The guest performers
Ms. Tess Binns, the SELC Educational Director welcomed everyone were amazingly talented! We had a myriad of African Dancers and
and thanked them for coming and introduced the Mistress of Ceremony,Drummers, a beautiful singer, theatrical performance, an All-Girl Middle
Ms. Tammy Moore, SELC‘s Executive Director. Ms. Moore happily gave School Step Team, and a talented young African-American female violinist.
everyone a brief synopsis of the evening’s program. Everyone left that night feeling refreshed, encouraged, empowered and
The celebration started with the Black National Anthem, ‘Lift Every
was reminded that Black History is American History.”
Voice and Sing’ and it was sung by JAZX. After the Negro National
Anthem, each of the classes represented a different aspect of Black Photos courtesy of: SELC

Ms. Crystal, SELC’s Cook performed

drumming for Ms. Amy and Ms. Teddy’s 3K
class. Jazx sang the Black National Anthem, “Lift
Priya Deberry
performed on Every Voice and Sing”.
the violin.

Traditional African
Dancers ended the
evening’s program.
The performance left everyone smiling. SELC’s Executive Director, Tammy
Moore was extremely happy with
the evening’s celebration.
Page 10 SPRING CREEK SUN March 10, 2023

Dominican Female Fashion Designer Debuts at Runway 7


Since March is Women’s History Month, the Spring Creek Sun

will be highlighting various female fashion designers who’ve
managed to break through racial and gender barriers to create
their inclusive and unique mark on the clothing industry.
On February 10th, Dominican designer, Elba Reynoso
made her debut on Runway 7 with her line Godesca during
New York Fashion Week (NYFW), where she was able to
utilize the platform’s diverse and inclusive environment.
Her designs paid homage to Dominican culture, while also
underscoring the love and care that went into each piece
of clothing.
Reynoso intertwined comfortable men’s sportswear and
women’s elegant gowns with earthy tones along vibrant
reds. Her show culminated with models holding up the
Dominican Flag and showcasing a woman dressed in a
black traditional Dominican dress with tiny carnival masks
fixed to the skirt.
Additionally, in celebration of Runway 7’s fourth season,
the organization worked to donate 50% of all ticket sales to
Mount Sinai hospital for multiple sclerosis research. Donating
over $50,000 to the hospital.

Photos by Amanda Moses

March 10, 2023 SPRING CREEK SUN Page 11

M Five Financial
oney Matters
spouse – chances are you need life
insurance,” said Lou Colaizzo, sen-
ior vice president, Erie Family Life.
“While it’s hard to think about the
Tips for possibility of not being there for a
loved one, it’s so important to plan
Newlyweds for.” Colaizzo added that some
people may hesitate to seek out life
(StatePoint) Spring is in the air and insurance because they don’t want
with it, ushers in wedding season. If to go through the trouble of getting
you’re about to get married or just a medical exam, but that’s not
walked down the aisle, here are five always necessary. For example,
things to do to ensure your financial Erie Insurance has a policy called
health. ERIExpress Life, which may be able
to provide protection with a simple
1. Determine how you will handle application process and no physical
finances. They say money can’t buy medical exam. Colaizzo recom-
love and happiness, but talking mends people consult with their
about it in a marriage, or even be- insurance agent to determine the car discount or bundling your car license, passport, bank accounts
forehand, goes a long way. You’ll life insurance that’s best for them. insurance with homeowners and/or and credit cards, among other con-
want to discuss whether you’ll have life insurance. Additionally, some siderations. Additionally, notify
a joint bank account and credit 3. Protect your bling. Chances are insurance companies offer a lower your employer for payroll and
cards, separate accounts or a com- you spent a lot of time and money rate for married couples. health insurance coverage updates.
bination of the two. It’s a personal picking out rings you’ll love and
decision, so consider the pros and wear every day. Unfortunately, bur- 5. Make updates to your records Getting married is an exciting, big
cons. It’s also a good idea to know glaries are more common than you if you change your last name. It’s life event. While you and your
the roles you will play. For example, may think. According to the FBI, a big decision and takes a lot of partner start your new life together,
will you or your partner pay the there were more than 1.1 million work if one of you decides to change have an open conversation about
day-to-day bills? The other person burglaries in 2019. Protect your your name after marriage. It’s financial considerations and double
may want to manage the monthly wedding jewelry, and any other ex- important to be patient and diligent check to make sure you’re covered
mortgage and auto expenses, or pensive jewelry, by adding these as the entire process may take se- to protect the life you’re building.
even the long-term investments and items to your homeowners or ren- veral months. Remember to update
retirement funds. If you need help ters policy. It is advisable to have all the appropriate forms, including PHOTO SOURCE: (c) PeopleImages
coming up with a plan, you may photos and documentation of the a new Social Security card, driver’s / iStock via Getty Images Plus
want to seek the advice of a value of the ring and other valuable
financial counselor. jewelry in the event of a theft or a

Go Green
2. Get life insurance. When you
get married is a perfect time to take 4. Update your car insurance.
steps to protect your loved ones if Notify your agent to make sure
something unfortunate should you’re both covered to drive each
happen. “If you have people who other’s cars. You may also be eli-
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Insurance Co., Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co., Allstate Indemnity Co., Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co., Northbrook, IL © 2015 Allstate Insurance Co.
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PS 346’s A Night in Harlem


In honor of Black History Month, Abe routines to the rhythmic sounds of “He’s
Stark Primary School (PS) 346 hosted the Commander in Chief of My Heart” by
their first-ever Harlem Renaissance Savannah Churchill and “Jumping Wood-
Fashion Show, highlighting a golden age side.”
in African American culture. Even bilingual lead teacher, Ms. Liz,
Students, staff and guests were trans- showcased her talent as a songstress per-
ported back to the mid-1930s for PS forming, “Sentimental Journey” with Mr.
346’s One Night in Harlem on February Young on the piano. Wearing a silver fringe
28th. The hallways of PS 346 were a- sequenced dress with matching feathered
dorned in black and gold balloons, photos headband, Ms. Liz sat atop a vintage plush
of prominent 20th Century literary, mu- pink couch next to an old-fashioned lamp
sical and other artists as well as man- as she soulfully sang with Mr. Young
nequins displaying the 1930s iconic style. running his fingers through the piano
“Fashion has always been an essential keys, portraying a jazz rendition that could
part of the African American culture in have easily been showcased in the Cotton
the 1920s was a showcase when this Club.
black style and panache that’s a fancy word for Each segment showcased that the children’s talent
flamboyance. And the months of planning and exuded a level of maturity beyond the years of ele-
weeks of tireless rehearsals, including Mr. Edwards mentary students. This was prevalent in a spoken
overseeing the sound system and the music for word performance where fifth grader Aiden Giscombe
maximum impact. Today, you will see that paid tribute to the Harlem Renaissance.
excellence spotlighted in this auditorium. Enjoy the “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.
show,” Assistant Principal Ms. Palmer said, pro- These were words from the pen of Charles Dickens.
viding opening remarks. No, he was not African American, and he did not
Attendees were greeted by an archway covered in share our melanin, but his words were just as ap-
balloons, mannequins donning a flapper girl’s dress plicable to the Harlem community,” Giscombe said.
and a pinstriped suit, while a red carpet was laid in The event concluded with a catwalk that saw about
front of the entryway to the elementary school’s 70 students strutting down the aisles of PS 346’s
auditorium, creating the perfect pre-war ambiance auditorium wearing various 1930s styles that were
that guests would not forget. popular during the Harlem Renaissance.
The jingle jangle of 1930s jazz piano began to “A couple of months ago, I had this wild idea of
play—thanks to the talent of Mr. Young—as instruc- bringing the Harlem Renaissance to PS 346. The
tors Ms. Liz, Ms. Alicia, and Mrs. Johnson strutted theory behind it was our history does not begin nor
into the auditorium wearing stunning beading end in slavery. There’s a lot of beauty, there’s a lot of
gowns and flapper girl headbands. Together this dream brilliance that unfortunately gets overlooked. So, what
team paid tribute to the music, dance, and fashion of the Harlem we’re going to do with PS 346 moving forward is not forget our past.
Renaissance. However, we do have to recognize the beauty and the brilliance that came
Mr. Paul Mirailh designed the centerpiece mural for the event, a as a result of it. We were people before slavery, and we’re going to be
gorgeous a banner that stretched across the entire stage, depicting iconic proud and beautiful people right after. So this is an example of that,”
areas in Harlem—such as the Apollo theater, St. Nicholas’ historic Principal Edwards said.
district “Strivers Row,” the Savoy (a ballroom that bolstered nightlife),
Langston Hughes house, and more—making onlookers feel like they were Photos by Amanda Moses
walking through the iconic streets of Harlem.
Historically, Harlem became the mecca of Black
culture when the African American population
boomed in the area from 1910 to 1920. Infamous
talent such as sociologist and civil rights activist
W.E.B. Du Bois, literary genius Langston Hughes
and Zora Neale Hurston, and jazz musician Louis
Armstrong were said to have led to migration to the
area. Staples such as the Cotton Club and the
Savoy further capitulated Harlem to the forefront of
jazz and speakeasy culture. These sites helped
launch the careers of the likes of Ella Fitzgerald
and Josephine Baker.
In honor of the music of the era, first and second
grade students in music instructor Ms. Kaufman’s
class sang “What a Wonderful World” by Louis
Armstrong. Followed by students from dance in-
structor Ms. Bryant’s class performed traditional
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Page 14 SPRING CREEK SUN March 10, 2023

Cooking with Coach Legros


Every Tuesday Starrett Judo Club ‘s Coach Legros teaches everyone how removed the water from the pot and turned the heat on the stove and
to prepare simple nutritious meals on Zoom from his kitchen. In the recent placed the pot on the stove so the rice could dry. He also spread the rice in
segment Coach Legros has shown everyone how to make Basmati Rice. the pot and stirred the rice. He told everyone to put a little Celtic salt into
Legros incorporates humor into his lessons which makes them fun and the rice and wait for it to boil. Legros then proceeded to cut the onion into
entertaining while educational. bite size pieces and he poured the onion pieces into a pan and cut the
Each week Legros sends out an email with the ingredients that is needed garlic, he put the heat on the stove and put a little water into the pan with
for the lesson so that families have ample time to go to the store to get any the garlic and the onion. He then rinsed the Brussels sprouts and checked
necessary ingredients that they normally do not have at home. In addition on the rice and checked on the sweet potatoes. He opened a can of coconut
to the ingredients list, Legros also asks participants to prepare certain milk, and put two spoonful’s into the rice and stirred them. Then he cut
items in advance for example he asks them to peel and cut or peel and dice the red bell pepper and explained that he uses red bell peppers because
certain items which allows the lesson to go much more smoothly. they stay on the vine longer and have more nutrients in them.
In this week’s lesson Legros taught everyone He took the seeds out of the red bell pepper and rinsed it. He also
how to make Basmati Rice and the ingredients explained that one onion would keep you away from
that he used are: high blood pressure. He put the red bell pepper into
the pan with the veggies and stirred it and also put
*Sweet potato a little water into the pan. He removed the top of the
* Basmati rice Brussels sprouts and cut them in half and then
* Onion again into small pieces. He put them into the pan
* Garlic with the vegetables and added a little more water so
* Black beans that the pan will not burn. He told everyone to check
* Coconut milk     on their rice and stir it and spread it around.
* Brussels sprouts He then washed the lime and took the black
* Red bell pepper beans and placed item into the pan with the veggies
* Legrospices (Celtic Salt, Turmeric, Black Pepper, and added three spoonfuls of coconut milk into the
and Cayenne pepper) black beans. He then grated the lime into the pot
* Cumin with the rice and stirred the rice with the lime. He
* Thyme then turned the heat off and placed the Brussels
* Hot Pepper flakes sprouts and red bell pepper into the black beans
* Lime and stirred them and covered them. Legros then
* Cilantro added into the pan with the veggies what he
affectionally calls the Legrospices which are: Celtic Salt, turmeric (a lot of
Legros also instructed the participants to peel and dice the sweet potato, this) and stirred them, black pepper, and stirred it, and cayenne pepper.
peel and cut the onion, peel and cut the garlic, cut the Brussels Sprouts, He reminded everyone to wash their hands after using cayenne pepper.
and cut the red bell pepper. In this lesson Legros showed everyone how he He then stirred it and reduced the heat. He took the sweet potatoes out
cuts his sweet potatoes, then he placed them into a pan and sprinkled of the oven. He placed the sweet potatoes into the pan with the vegetables
cinnamon on them. He marinated them with oil, which he usually does not and added red pepper flakes into the pan and stirred it. He then turned the
use, and mixed the sweet potatoes in the oil and cinnamon and spread out heat off and covered the pan.
the sweet potatoes and placed them into the oven. Voila! Now the Basmati Rice meal was finished. Legros put some
Then he poured the white rice into a pot and used two cups of water in finishing touches on his by adding avocado pieces to his plate.
the pot and washed the rice three times and rinsed the rice. He then Photo By: Ms. Washington

Unfortunately, NEEs account least. In a study on estuary eco- The Tyre Collective, a research
for most of the primary parti- systems led by post-doctoral group that produces sustainable
culate matter released by road scholar Samreen Siddiqui, it devices for tire-particulate re-
vehicles on a daily basis. In was found that Inland Silverside moval, invented a device that is
total, more than 1.5 million and mysid shrimp, when ex- capable of capturing the parti-
metric tons of tire-wear particles posed to tire particulates and a culates themselves. Since the
are lost to the environment each resultant pollutant known as particulates become positively
year, equivalent to 30 percent of leachate (a mix of chemicals that charged when released due to
the weight of every tire used in are released by tire particulates) friction, the device uses electro-
the U.S. NEEs constitute as had a number of problems, in- static plates to capture as much
much as 60 percent of the cluding significantly altered
From the Editors of E - particles that are less than 2.5 swimming behaviors and reduc-
as 60 percent of the particles
released, preventing them from
The Environmental micrometers in size (PM2.5) and
73 percent of those that are less
ed growth. ever entering the environment!
In a similar study led by gra-
Magazine than 10 micrometers in size duate student Brittany Cunn- CONTACTS: Emissions
(PM10), making them one of the ingham, a freshwater ecosystem Analytics,
Dear EarthTalk: What happens greatest vehicular threats to was exposed to tire particulates; Tire
to all the rubber waste that nature. and leachates. The organisms in Dust Is Pollution,
wears off tires as cars and This is only further exacer- question—embryonic zebrafish
trucks roll down the road? Is it bated by the growing electric- and the crustacean Daphnia 29809_tire-dust-is-pollution-
bad for the environment? vehicle industry, as EV’s weigh magna—experienced mortality and-this-invention-will-help-
-- Jack C., Marion, OH significantly more due to their and developmental abnormal- vehicles-clean-up-as-they-go;
batteries and also have a higher ities as a result of the exposure. Why Don’t Tires Last as Long
Most people have heard of torque output. Putting these two Leachate was considered the on an EV?
exhaust emissions, but there is characteristics together, tires main driver of toxicity in both
another form of emissions re- used on an EV will inevitably organisms, with the particles why-dont-tires-last-as-long-
leased by vehicles known as wear out faster. According to themselves enhancing the toxi- on-an-ev/.
non-exhaust emissions (NEEs). Scott Clark, Michelin executive city in comparison to the leach-
According to independent test- vice president for automotive, ate alone. The researchers re- EarthTalk® is produced by
ing and data firm Emissions motorsport experiences and commended some innovative Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss
Analytics, they can be as much Americas Regions, the difference solutions to preventing tire-wear for the 501(c)3 nonprofit
as 1,000 times worse for the en- in tire life-span can be as much exposure, including rain gar- EarthTalk. See more at
vironment. NEEs are defined as as 20 percent less for an EV dens on the sides of roads to To
“particles released into the air compared to an internal com- capture tire particulates, as well donate, visit
from brake wear, tyre wear, road bustion engine vehicle. as more durable tires, incenti- Send
surface wear and resuspension As for the effects that NEEs vizing greener transit alterna- questions to:
of road dust during on-road have on the environment, the tives, and something known as
vehicle usage.” data is unsettling to say the particle capture devices.
March 10, 2023 SPRING CREEK SUN Page 15

Game Play
Spring into a New
Season of Gaming Game: Resident Evil 4 Remake
Platform: PlayStation 5,
PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and
BY DEAN MOSES Series S, Microsoft Windows
Rating: M for Mature
Spring is just around the Cost: $69.99
corner—officially starting on March Release date: March 24
20th— and as the flowers bloom so Resident Evil is once again ex-
are a new stock of video games periencing a remake, this time the
hitting shelves. The Spring Creek makeover will be from the fourth
Sun has compiled a list of much iteration which was originally
anticipated gaming titles to come in released in 2005. The tale follows Release date: April 28 From the makers of Batman the
the next few months. Leon S. Kennedy six years after a Continuing with Cal Kestis’ Arkham Series this third-person
virus infected the inhabitants of journey in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor action adventure game gives play-
Game: WWE 2K23 Raccoon City. As one of the sur- as he battles against the Empire’s ers the opportunity to play as the
Platform: PlayStation 5, vivors, Kennedy has been recruited darkness and attempts to fulfill the infamous anti-heroes from the
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox to rescue the President of the work from the Jedi Order. Kestis Suicide Square: The unstable clown
Series X and Series S, Microsoft United States’ daughter after she will explore new planets and staples Harley Quinn voiced by Tara
Windows was kidnapped and taken to a from the Star Wars universe as he Strong, the witty Australia assassin
Rating: T for Teen secluded European Village. Similar must choose what he is willing to do Captain Boomerang played by
Cost: $69.99 to the biological disaster in Raccoon to save those closest to him. Simi- Daniel Lapaine, the killer marks-
Release date: March 14 City, the inhabitants of this village lar to Star War Jedi: Fallen Order, man Deadshot voiced by Bumper
The latest iteration of WWE is set have been infected and Kennedy Kestis is able to master new skills, Robinson, and demigod King Shark
to hit stores next week and boasts must battle through the macabre equipment and abilities. voiced by Samoa Joe (also known
fully loaded features, such as War trenches to recuse her. as Nuufola Joel Sanoa). Characters
Games, MyGM, MyFaction, Show- Game: Suicide Squad: Kill the are customizable in regard to their
case and so much more. Gracing Game: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Justice League outfits, gear, weapons and the
this year’s 2K23 cover is the le- Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox game allows for online co-op (up to
gendary, 16-time World Champion, Series X and Series S, Microsoft Series X/S and PC four players and allows cross-
John Cena, who is among a variety Windows Rating: M for Mature platform play).
of playable characters from the Rating: T for Teen Cost: $69.99
WWE Universe’s roaster. Cost: $69.99 Release date: May 26

16% faster speeds on average than
phones without it. And switching to

what studies have shown is
America’s largest, fastest and most
reliable 5G network comes with
perks. New customers can get $200
off via a virtual prepaid card (allow 8
weeks) for each line they switch to
T-Mobile – that’s $800 off for a
family of four. And paired with T-
Mobile’s offer to save $800 on the
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Magenta Max plan, that family gets
Features You Can’t four new phones and saves a total of
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lineup, visit
(StatePoint) Smartphones are our ges from 4000mAh to 5000mAh, phone, look for at least 6GB to 8GB
lifeline – we use them to connect us with some batteries as large as of RAM and 128GB of ROM. • Security: Gone are the days of
to just about everything and every- 6000mAh. And, the latest develop- • Camera: Phones have nearly remembering a PIN or typing in a
one in our world. Americans check ment of USB-C ports has allowed for replaced traditional cameras, with password to safely access your
their phones an average of 344 faster charging capabilities, charg- 90% of people using only their phone’s data. Biometric security
times a day — once every four ing a near dead phone in just 30 smartphones to take photos versus features like fingerprint, facial or
minutes — according to a 2022 minutes. Look for phones with fast digital cameras, according to 3D voice recognition are crucial for survey. But when was charging technology, from 15W to Insider. If you’re an avid photo keeping your private data secure.
the last time you upgraded your 20W, and wireless charging options. taker, make sure your new phone Most new smartphones feature in-
phone? If it’s been more than two features editing software, a variety display fingerprint screening and
years, you may be missing out on • Phone Storage: Storage matters, of camera lenses, like ultra-wide facial recognition, and more
some of the latest tech upgrades. especially if you’re a business and telephoto, and special functions institutions like online banking
Here are five must-have features to owner, gaming enthusiast or social like night mode to optimize lighting. apps are using this method now
consider when shopping for a new media influencer. Read-Only Mem- over passwords.
smartphone: ory (ROM), the internal main stor- • Network: How you stay connected Other important deciding factors
age on your phone, allows you to is an important decision. The latest include overall phone display, size
• Battery Life: When it comes to store media, files and games, and deals can help you select a phone and water resistance. Priorities may
battery life, you may not realize ranges anywhere from 64GB to and wireless provider. For example, vary from person to person, but
what you’ve been missing out on 128GB, even 256GB and higher in Samsung just unveiled its latest selecting what’s important for your
until you start using your new some of the latest models. Random Galaxy S23 lineup, and T-Mobile is new smartphone is something only
phone. A decade ago, smartphone Access Memory (RAM) is used for the only provider that can light up you can determine.
battery capacity ranged from 1560 short-term data like apps, photos 5G standalone three-carrier aggre-
mAh to 3200mAh, according to and videos. The more RAM you gation, unleashing faster speeds PHOTO SOURCE: (c) Marina
findings from Android Authority. have, the more multitasking you and better responsiveness for some Demidiuk / iStock via Getty Images
Today, that capacity typically ran- can do. When purchasing a new of the newest 5G smartphones – Plus
Page 16 SPRING CREEK SUN March 10, 2023

FDA VIII Holds Black History Month Assembly

from trailblazer, Maya Angelou, whose work underscored the Black
experience in America.
“Dancin’ the funky chicken, Eatin’ ribs and tips, Diggin’ all the latest
sounds, And drinkin’ gin in sips. Puttin’ down that do-rag, Tighten’ up my
‘fro, Wrappin’ up in Blackness, Don’t I shine and glow? Hearin’ Stevie
Wonder. Cookin’ beans and rice. Goin’ to the opera. Checkin’ out Leontyne
Price. Get down, Jesse Jackson, Dance on, Alvin Ailey, Talk, Miss Barbara
Jordan, Groove, Miss Pearlie Bailey. Now ain’t they bad? An ain’t they
Black? An ain’t they Black? An’ ain’t they Bad? An ain’t they bad? An’ ain’t
they Black? An’ ain’t they fine,” Ms. Hope said, with each verse
rhythmically flowing with power.
Through the fight against adversity, came the creation of Historically
Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), a topic near and dear to Ms.
Hope’s heart, as well as her fellow colleagues. Students learned from Ms.
Hope that HBCUs were created in the United States in the early 19th
Century to provide undergraduate and graduate level educational
opportunities to Black students—prior to this establishment there was no
place for people of color to study. The HBCUs were developed due to a lack
FDA VIII students applauded Mr. Cylin's step performance from his of higher educational opportunities since Black students were prohibited
HBCU fraternity. from studying in white schools—despite the passing of legislation that
deemed this denial unconstitutional.
BY AMANDA MOSES It wasn’t until 1854, when Lincoln University was founded as the first
HBCU that granted degrees (which also happens to be Ms. Hope’s alma
On February 27th, students and staff at Frederick Douglass Academy mater).
(FDA) VIII commemorated Black History Month with a school-wide “HBCUs initial mission was to teach free African-Americans skills for
assembly highlighting achievements made by African Americans gainful employment. Students were taught reading, writing and basic
throughout US history. math alongside religion and industrial arts, though HBCUs make up only
The assembly discussed the origins of Black History Month, which is 3% of the country’s colleges and universities, they enrolled 10% of all
celebrated from February 1st to March 1st. FDA VIII instructor, Ms. Hurt African American students and produce almost 20% of all African
explained that the celebration originated as a weeklong observance American graduates. Today, HBCUs encompass a large variety of class-
developed by historian Carter G. Wilson as “Negro History Week” in ifications beyond education. They also provide a diverse and inclusive
February of 1926 (coinciding with Abraham Lincoln and Frederick student experience. HBCU delivers a unique black college experience,” Ms.
Douglass’ birthdays). However, it wasn’t until 1976 that it was designated Hope said.
to a monthlong tribute by President Gerald Ford. To further emphasize the HBCU experience, Ms. Hope, Mr. Kidd, and
Ms. Hurt also shared that in 1900, James Weldon Johnson penned the Mr. Cylin performed a step routine from their college fraternities.
Black National Anthem: “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” to celebrate the FDA VIII Principal Chantal Grandchamps culminated the assembly by
liberation of Black Americans and the continued fight for freedom. She sharing her experience growing up and working through the educational
then proceeded to sing a few verses from the ballad and added that the field, adding that she did not see Black individuals holding leadership
tune was used as a rallying cry during the Civil Rights Movement. positions until she attended college.
Throughout history, Black Americans—including a plethora of “Black History Month is an important time for us to sit and reflect on
infamous writers, scientists, politicians, and more—fought against what we have. What you have as children today versus children even 20
adversity by breaking through racial, gender, and socio-economic years ago, 10 years ago. The ability to make certain choices in what you
barriers. FDA VIII instructor, Ms. Hope shared a poem, “Ain’t that Bad,” will do with your life moving forward once you leave FDA,” Grandchamps
“We don’t understand the gifts that we have, and the privileges that we
have, because someone else fought for it before us. I did not see a teacher
that looked like me until I was in college. I definitely did not see a principal
that looked like me ever in my childhood. I didn’t know I could. I didn’t
think I was going to be a principal. I thought I’m going to be a teacher and
I’m going to do that and I was happy being a teacher. And it wasn’t until I
met other leaders who uplifted me to do this work. And one of the things I
said when I became a leader, I was going to now empower other people,”
Grandchamps added.
Grandchamps’ speech shed wisdom regarding the opportunities stu-
dents have today and should pursue, as well as the ability to know that
the sky is the limit. Through perseverance, the students can follow what-
ever career path they choose for their future.

Photos by Amanda Moses

One student read a short
summary on the life of Frederick
Douglass in honor of Black Students
History month. performed
various dance
and step

Ms. Pope kicked-off

Principal Chantal FDA VIII's Black
Grandchamps History month
sheds words of Mr. Cylin showcased a step assembly with a poem
wisdom to her routine that described his HBCU by Maya Angelou,
pupils. fraternity experience. "Ain't that Bad."
March 10, 2023 SPRING CREEK SUN Page 17

Please Put Away the Ibuprofen:

Pain Management in Older Adults
A ZOOM Webinar Presented in Partnership
With the NYC Department for the Aging

Dr. Caitlin Kuwata

Assistant Professor of Geriatrics and
Palliative Medicine
Mount Sinai Hospital
Join Us to Learn About:

Pain evaluation in older adults. Common pain medications and their side
effects. Discuss role of physical therapy in treating back pain.

Spring Creek Senior Partners* would like you

to join the viewing event:

Topic: Pain Management in Older Adults

Host: Dr. Caitlin Kuwata

Date: Thursday March 23, 2023

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: 160 Schroeders Ave. – Conference room

*Funded in part by NYC Aging and NYSOFA

75 Precinct E Thursday, 3/30/2023 at 7pm

P.O. Rossides Brooklyn Sports Club

Det. Caceres 1540 Van Siclen Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11239

Sgt. Leiva (917) 863-1812

Page 18 SPRING CREEK SUN March 10, 2023

vein enlargement is the same thing:

Speaking of Health Veins get bigger as we age.
There are cases of blood clots in
large amounts mostly for
marketing: People are more likely
to buy the pill that has 1,000% of
the pelvic veins, but it is not clear B12, for example, since it must be
Case of Enlarged blood clot? I can’t really get any info whether a person like you is at better than the one with 500%. In
on it. — J.F. increased risk. I don’t see the need
Pelvic Veins Is to repeat the imaging studies.
fact, your body will simply excrete
more B12 if you take more, so the
Not a Cause for ANSWER: Although advanced
imaging like CT and MRI scans
supplement with 1,000% of a
*** water-soluble vitamin like B12 is
Concern have led physicians to be able to not any better for you.
make more precise diagnoses than DEAR DR. ROACH: Why do multi-
BY DR. KEITH ROACH before, there is an issue of what to vitamins invariably provide some However, a few nutrients in multi-
do with “incidental” findings. Many ingredients with more than 100% vitamins are dangerous at high
DEAR DR. ROACH: I’m a 71-year- people have written to me about — and some with less than 100% levels: Vitamin A has a high risk of
old female with no children, but I small tumors (which are far more — of the daily requirement? Why causing birth defects at high doses,
did have an ectopic pregnancy at common than we thought), but aren’t all ingredients 100%? — and beta carotene promotes lung
age 43. Other than that, I have had enlarged pelvic veins are another D.H. cancer growth in smokers, as two
no “female” issues. I was getting a example of an incidental finding. examples. Responsible vitamin
CT scan for my spleen area, when it Some women do have a condi- ANSWER: 100% of the recom- manufacturers don’t put in doses
was discovered that I had enlarged tion called “pelvic congestion syn- mended dietary allowance (RDA) is of vitamins that will be toxic if
pelvic veins in my groin. I don’t drome,” which is a cause of pelvic intended to provide the nutrient taken as directed.
have pelvic pain, nor do I have pain pain that is worsened by prolonged requirements for about 98% of the
with sex. So, the only symptoms I standing or sexual activity. This population. Most people will get Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable
do have, which may or may not be condition is found in women in the what they need from food. Many to answer individual questions, but
related, are bloating and some reproductive age group, especially North Americans feel that more will incorporate them in the
constipation. those who have had multiple child- vitamins are better or decide to column whenever possible. Read-
I have seen a vascular surgeon ren, but is not found in meno- take a vitamin pill as an insurance ers may email questions to ToYour
and a urogynocologist to ask about pausal women. Since you aren’t in policy against an inadequate diet.
this condition and if I need the age group and don’t have Both of these have been reasonable
“treatment” for it. Both were rather symptoms, you clearly don’t have hypotheses, but many studies have (c) 2022 North America Synd., Inc.
vague, saying if I’m not experi- pelvic congestion syndrome. been done and have not shown any
encing pain, I should just get it Dilated veins in the legs are simply convincing benefit of taking vita- All Rights Reserved
imaged every year. Is that sound called varicose veins, and they are mins in absence of a clear medical
advice? Can the veins twist and often due to loss in function of the reason for deficiency.
cause blockage? Can they cause a valves in our legs as we age. Pelvic Vitamin manufacturers put in

Time to Relax, Release, and Reinvigorate!

aromatherapy spray. Each table Attendees were able to create their The day’s event concluded with
had seven bottles of oils to choose very own aromatherapy spray using everyone sharing his or her
from and attendees were able to the oils that they selected, the spray thoughts about the wellness day
experiment with various scents like: bottle that they chose, witch-hazel event. Residents were happy that
peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, and water. This process did not they participated in this event.
orange citrus, and others.  Flowers- take long; it only took fifteen “The workshop that we presented
Ball instructed the participants and minutes to create. to the SCT community was a suc-
explained to them how to create the After everyone created their aro- cess and it was right on time with
scents that they would like to have matherapy spray, they then learned their need to decompress and relax.
for their homes, or for them to keep some Yoga poses and breathing Everyone that attended left feeling
with them for on the go situations. techniques with mindful mediation.
continued on page 23


With all of the hustle and bustle

in your daily regimen, most people 1540 Van Siclen Avenue
do not take time out for themselves.
Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) resi- Brooklyn, New York 11239
dents were able to do just that on
Saturday, February 18th at the
Relax, Release, and Reinvigorate
Wellness Day. This event allowed
attendees to create their very own March 1, 2023 $99 per child
aromatherapy spray, learn breath- ($10 Drop In Rate)
ing techniques and stretches for Wednesdays and Thursdays
relaxation with Epiphany Blue’s
4:00pm until 5:00pm Ages: 6 – 12 Years
CEO and instructor, Tamekia
Epiphany Blue provides services
Saturdays – 9am until 11am
to youth programs and corporate
institutions. Epiphany Blue has
worked with SCT before during the REGISTRATION
pandemic by providing health, well-
ness and stress management ses- Contact:
sions with parents and staff in the
After School program. Sports Program Manager & Athletic Coach
“I have always found Epiphany Rashane Johnson
Blue’s services to be of great (347) 401-0151
support to the community,” said email:
Eurydice Robinson, Director of
Youth Development and Com-
munity Outreach. Brooklyn Sports Club GM
Tables were set up so that the Hassan Canaan
twelve participants could select the email:
oil that they wanted to use for their
March 10, 2023 SPRING CREEK SUN Page 19

Take These Six Steps to Manage Your Blood Pressure

systolic blood pressure is greater to a study published in JAMA Net-
than 130 mmHg or your average work Open.
diastolic blood pressure is greater
than 80 mmHg. Visit Manage 4. Drink alcohol only in modera- to better understand tion. If consuming alcohol, do so in
your numbers. moderation as defined by the U.S.
2. Monitor blood pressure. Once Dietary Guidelines for Americans —
you learn your blood pressure up to one drink per day for women
numbers, take and keep regular and two drinks per day for men,
records using an at-home blood and only by adults of legal drinking
pressure monitor. For an accurate age.
reading, the CDC says to sit with
your back supported for 5 minutes 5. Be more physically active. Do
before starting and wait at least 30 at least 150 minutes a week of
minutes after drinking or eating a moderate-intensity activity, or 75
meal. You should also avoid sti- minutes a week of vigorous-in-
mulants for at least 30 minutes tensity activity. Be sure to include a
beforehand, as the CDC says that mix of cardiovascular exercise,
smoking and drinking alcohol or strength training and flexibility.
caffeine can elevate your blood Obtain guidance from your doctor if
pressure. If you take medication for you aren’t sure if it is safe for you to
(StatePoint) High blood pressure, blood pressure is a ‘silent killer,’ hypertension, measure your blood exercise.
also known as hypertension, affects often having no overt symptoms, pressure before your dose. Share
nearly half of adults in the United but increases the likelihood of heart your numbers with your health 6. Maintain a healthy weight. If
States, and only about 1 in 4 with attack, stroke and other serious care provider. you are overweight, losing as little
this condition have it under control, health risks. I urge you to know as 5 to 10 pounds may help lower
according to the Centers for Disease your numbers and make the simple 3. Eat right. Reduce your intake of your blood pressure. Consult your
Control and Prevention (CDC). Hy- lifestyle changes that can help you processed foods, especially those doctor about safe ways to maintain
pertension can be dangerous and in control your blood pressure and live with added sodium and sugar. Eat a healthy weight.
many cases, fatal. In 2020, it was a a long and healthy life,” says Jack less red meat and processed meats,
primary or contributing cause of Resneck Jr., M.D., president of the and add more plant-based foods, “Unmanaged hypertension can
more than 670,000 deaths nation- American Medical Association such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, have life-altering consequences,”
wide. Medical experts say that (AMA). seeds and olive oil to your diet. Also, says Dr. Resneck. “The good news
controlling your blood pressure is To get on the right track, consider reduce your consumption of sugar- is that there are many ways you
possible and it starts with having these tips and insights from the sweetened beverages and drink can take control of your blood pres-
the right information. AMA: more water instead. Drinking suga- sure and your health.”
“Nearly half of all American a- ry beverages, even 100% fruit
dults have high blood pressure, and 1. Know your numbers. Hyper- juices, is associated with a higher PHOTO SOURCE: (c) nortonrsx /
many don’t even know it. High tension is diagnosed when your all-cause mortality risk, according iStock via Getty Images Plus



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% '-$#(( -



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1!,1'(+1.1+ 1
 1 '(+$%+1&(1+ 1 !%1

1 &#-%+(1(&)$1
!*11!,1'(+1/1 1 3")'  )*3. &- 33
((&%1 )''$%2&3 /3')$3

"'& 3 
13    3
//0+()#&!) $* &#')(),& )*')!3
Page 20 SPRING CREEK SUN March 10, 2023

Un f

See page 23 for answers

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1 1/2 cups onion, chopped
2 tablespoons chili powder
1 tablespoon cumin
1 tablespoon dried minced garlic
1 (8-ounce) can tomato sauce
1 (15-ounce) can red kidney beans

ON A DIME Salt & pepper to taste

Here’s How:
Heat skillet to medium-high. Place
Foods to Stockpile to hamburger and onion in the skillet,
Reduce Grocery stirring occasionally. While the
hamburger cooks, open the beans
Spending and tomato sauce and rinse the
beans. Set aside. When the meat is
BY PATTI DIAMOND nearly done, drain the excess fat
from the skillet. Add the chili pow-
Whenever you read about frugality, der, cumin, garlic, tomato sauce
you’ll find a lot about what not to and beans. Stir to combine. Add
buy. Well, I’m going to tell you what salt and pepper to taste.
you should buy. These are the If you can budget a few dollars
items to stockpile when they go on each month for stocking up on sale
sale. spices and herbs last one to two for emergency meals. Collect cou- items, it will save you a bundle in
With prices skyrocketing, it’s im- years. pons for quality brands then wait the long run.
portant to know the prices of items Pasta: Watch for coupons and wait for sales. ***
you buy regularly so you know if for sales. Properly stored, unopened Frozen vegetables: When the price Lifestyle expert Patti Diamond is the
you’re getting a good deal. I packages last up to three years, so goes under the price per pound of penny-pinching, party-planning,
seriously recommend keeping notes stock up! the fresh veggies, it’s time to pick recipe developer and content crea-
when you shop to record the prices Pasta sauce: The canned stuff still some up. Kept frozen, they remain tor of the website Divas On A Dime
of any items you purchase re- goes on sale for around a dollar. If at peak quality up to 12 months. — Where Frugal, Meets Fabulous!
gularly. you’re like me, you usually add stuff Frozen meat and poultry: Again, Visit Patti at
to it anyway — a little onion, garlic watch for sales and put a few aside. and join the conversation on
Here are some of the goodies no and sausage. You know. There’s Chubs and vacuum-packed ground Facebook at DivasOnADimeDot
pantry should be without: your last-minute meal, ready and meats freeze beautifully and take Com. Email Patti at divapatti@divas
Peanut butter: This pantry staple waiting. up minimum space.
keeps a long time and is always Canned tomatoes: They come in
handy. Stored in a cool, dry area, lots of varieties, and store brands Here’s a quick and easy chili (c) 2023 King Features Synd., Inc.
it’ll last at least two years. are terrific. Lycopene, the anti- recipe made with pantry ingre-
Salad dressings: Especially Italian, oxidant found in tomatoes, is in its dients. This makes a base for meals
Greek and Balsamic. Besides dress- cell walls. Cooking tomatoes re- like burritos, tacos or taco salad.
ing salads, they make great mari- leases lycopene to do its work, so Serve over baked potatoes, rice or
nades for meat, poultry and fish. canned is healthier than fresh. They pasta; make chili mac; or use as
You also use them to dress pasta, keep for about a year. filling for omelets; or just eat it with
potatoes or steamed vegetables. Dried and canned beans: Dried are tortilla chips.
Condiments and sauces: Items most economical and remain at best
like soy, teriyaki, barbecue, mus- quality two years or longer. Canned 10 MINUTE PANTRY CHILI
tard and ketchup keep for a very are ready immediately for quick Yield: 4 servings
long time and help with inspiration meals. Total Time: 10 minutes
when it comes to meal planning. Canned soups: Keep a few cream
Spices: Stored properly, avoiding soups on hand for quick meal fixes What You’ll Need:
light, heat and moisture, dried and a few main dish soups on hand 1 pound ground beef, pork or

Hamantashen Directions
1.In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar
until smooth. Beat in the eggs one at a time, then stir
By SANDI in the orange juice and vanilla. Mix in the baking
powder, then gradually stir in the flour until the dough
Prep Time: 2 hours forms a ball. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours. I
Cook Time: 15 minuetes like to do mine overnight.
2.Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).
Ingredients Grease cookie sheets.
•1 ½ cups butter or margarine, 3.On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out to 1/4
softened inch thickness. Cut into 3 inch circles using a cookie
•1 cup white sugar cutter or drinking glass. Place circles on the prepared
•2 eggs cookie sheets. Spoon 1 teaspoon of filling onto the
•6 tablespoons orange juice center of each circle. (Any more and it will ooze out)
•1 tablespoon vanilla extract Pinch the sides of each circle to form a triangle,
•2 teaspoons baking powder covering as much of the filling as possible. The cookies
•4 ½ cups all-purpose flour may be frozen on the cookie sheets if desired to help
•1 (12 ounce) can poppy seed filling retain their shape while cooking.
4.Bake for 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven, until
•**You can use any canned pie light golden brown. These are best undercooked
filling, whole fruit jelly, chocolate slightly. Cool on the baking sheet for a few minutes
chips, prune, or any type of filling before removing to wire racks to cool completely.
that your family likes 5. Enjoy!
Page 22 SPRING CREEK SUN March 10, 2023

owned by Fiskars. What you are witnessing is the normal ebb and flow of
collecting. Many items that used to sell for high prices — like Bakelite
KOVELS ANTIQUES AND jewelry 15 years ago — are now selling for a lot less. Waterford is at a low
ebb. But remember what we say about collecting: You should collect what

you love. Don’t collect things to predict the future and expect to make

TIP: Experts say you should keep your wooden furniture clean and dust

Convertible Furniture free. Wax or polish it once a year and don’t let it dry out.

For more collecting news, tips and resources, visit

BY TERRY AND KIM KOVEL (c) 2023 King Features Synd., Inc.
The 19th century was a time
of innovation in wooden
furniture. New inventions, ARIES (March
such as the jigsaw, and 21 to April 19)
construction methods, such as Seeing the silly
mass production, opened up side of some
previously unheard-of really ridiculous
possibilities for architects and situations helps
designers. give the Lamb a new
One such designer was perspective on how to handle them. Some important contacts
Stephen Hedges of New York, can be made this weekend.
whose patent for a “combined
table and chair,” filed in April This combination desk and chair sold for TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Try to complete your
1854, can be viewed online in $1,586 at Neal Auction in New Orleans. outstanding tasks by midweek. This leaves you free to take
Google Patents. His invention It is attributed to Stephen Hedges, who advantage of new possibilities — both professional and
appears to be a small round patented the design in 1854. personal — opening up by week’s end.
table, but, with half the hinged
tabletop folded back, opens into a desk joined to a semicircular chair. One GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) With both your creative side
example made of mahogany with leather upholstery and attributed to and energy levels rising this week, you should be able to tackle
Hedges sold at Neal Auction in New Orleans for $1,586. that too-long-neglected project again. A family member might
This style of convertible desk and chair is sometimes known as an have important news.
“Aaron Burr desk” after the third vice president of the United States. As
often happens when a style is associated with a historical figure, it isn’t CANCER (June 21 to July 22) An explanation you requested
based on a true story. An article published in 1911 claimed that not only seems to be more confusing than enlightening. You should
did Burr own a desk like this, but it had also been designed specifically for insist on clarifications now, rather than dealing with problems
him to accommodate his short height. That article apparently did not that might arise later.
account for the fact Burr died nearly 20 years before Hedges filed his
patent! LEO (July 23 to August 22) Your energy levels might
be ebbing a bit. But that’s no excuse for taking catnaps when
Q: I’ve noticed that Waterford crystal vases, candlesticks and clocks seem you could be working on those unfinished tasks. There’ll be time
to be selling for very low prices on internet marketplaces. I seem to be to curl up and relax by week’s end.
getting bargains. I recently bought a small Waterford clock for $25. But
why is this happening? VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) It’s a good time to get
those ideas out of your head and into a readable format if you
A: Waterford crystal was first made in 1783 in the Irish city of Waterford. hope to turn them into something doable. In other news, a good
In 1986, Waterford bought Wedgwood and formed the Waterford friend is ready with worthwhile advice.
Wedgwood Group. It became part of WWRD Holdings in 2009. WWRD was
bought by Fiskars in 2015. Waterford and Wedgwood are now brands LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Careful —
you might be stepping into dangerous territory if you decide to
exaggerate the facts too much. Remember: The truth speaks
for itself and needs no embellishment.

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Although

your workplace successes have earned you many admirers,
You good? there are some colleagues who are not among them. Be careful
how you proceed with your new project.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21)

You might have to go into great detail to explain why you’re
currently reluctant to make changes to an already prepared
plan. Be sure you have all the facts to back yourself up.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Travel

plans might still be uncertain. But instead of getting upset about
the delay, open yourself up to other possibilities and begin
checking out some alternative destinations.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18)

Changing conditions might require you to alter
some of your plans. While you might be agreeable to this, be
prepared with explanations for those who do not
want changes made.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Although you might have

to deal with some detractors who aren’t too kind in their
critiques, you gain points in your favor when you’re willing to
stand up and defend your work.

BORN THIS WEEK: You have a gift for creating a warm and loving
Reach out to a friend about environment between yourself and others.
their mental health. (c) 2023 King Features Synd., Inc.
Find more ways to help at
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B usiness Page 718-642-2 718
Relax, Release, Fun Features Answers
and Reinvigorate! Public Safety Alert!
continued from page 18

and smelling good. They would all PHONE SCAM ALERT

love to do another session. Atten-
dees learned how to apply what
they have learned and will put it Phone scammers often target elderly victim.
into their daily practices. They left
knowing and feeling good about Recognize the signs of a scam:
taking the time out for themselves
and realized that you do not have
to take 30 minutes to an hour to
prac-tice stress relief techniques.  STOP every time you are asked to immediately
You can take deep breaths while
at your desk at work and inhale
wire money, pay with gift cards, or asked for
for five seconds and release slowly personal information.
and repeat. Along with other
exercises to keep your stress  CHECK that the caller is who they claim to be.
levels down,” said Robinson.
Photo by: Raynah Robinson of BEWARE OF SCAMS INVOLVING
RR Productions
 ALERT authorities by reporting scams to your
local police precinct, the Spring Creek
The next Department of Public Safety and the FEDERAL
issue of the TRADE COMMISSION: 877-FTC-HELP.

Spring Creek  MENTION the scam to your friends and family.


COLLECT CASH. Call the Public Safety Department at
2023 (718) 642-7550 if you believe you are the victim of a
from page 20
fraudulent scam.


1540 Van Siclen Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11239; (718) 642-1010
March 2023 – ACTIVITIES
*Virtual **Hybrid
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 2 3
**9:30am-Tai Chi **9:30am-Meditative Yoga 9am-Computer Class for Tablets
10am-Elements of Tie Dye 11am- Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 9:30am-Acrylic Painting
**11am-Cardio Dance Party 10am-KOT BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING *10am-CHOLESTEROL 101
11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch **11:15am-Total Body Workout- PRESENTATION by NYC AGING
**12:30pm-TAX PREPARATION AlwayzFit4Lyfe 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go
Consumer and Worker Protection SCAM PRESENTATION by Neighborhood 12pm- Library
1pm- Let’s Play Bingo Coordination Officer 1pm-Pool Cues Game
2pm-Chess Central 1pm-Ping Pong
6 7 8 9 10
**9:30am-Tai Chi for Arthritis PURIM **9:30am-Tai Chi **9:30am-Meditative Yoga 9am-Computer Class for Tablets
10:30am-Computer Lab/Mobile Device 10am-Jewelry Making 10am-Elements of Tie Dye 10am-KOT BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING 9:30am-Acrylic Painting
11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch **11am- Cardio Dance Party 11am- Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go
11:30am-Computer Lab/Basic Computer **11:15am-Total Body Workout- 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch **11:15am-Total Body Workout- Lunch
1pm- Domino Champs AlwayzFit4Lyfe 1pm- Let’s Play Bingo AlwayzFit4Lyfe 12pm-Library
12:30pm-Tea Chat with Courtlyn (Weill 2pm-Chess Central 1pm-ALL MEMBERS’ MEETING 1pm-Pool Cues Game
Cornell) 1pm-Ping Pong
13 14 15 16 17
**9:30am-Tai Chi for Arthritis 10am-Jewelry Making **9:30am-Tai Chi **9:30am-Meditative Yoga ST. PATRICK’S DAY
10:30am-Computer Lab/Mobile Device 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch **11am- Cardio Dance Party 11am-KOT BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING 9am-Computer Class for Tablets
11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch **11:15am-Total Body Workout- *11am-COOKING LIVE WITH NYC AGING: 11am- Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 9:30am-Acrylic Painting
11:30am-Computer Lab/Basic Computer AlwayzFit4Lyfe FRIED RICE **11:15am-Total Body Workout- 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go
1pm- Domino Champs 12:30pm-Tea Chat with Courtlyn (Weill *11am-MYTHS AND MISCONCEPTIONS: AlwayzFit4Lyfe Lunch
11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 1pm-Ping Pong
*1pm-National Take Back Prescription Drug
Day 2023 Presenation by NYC AGING
1pm- Let’s Play Bingo
2pm-Chess Central
20 21 22 23 24
**9:30am-Tai Chi for Arthritis 10am-Jewelry Making **9:30am-Tai Chi ** 9:30am-Meditative Yoga 9am-Computer Class for Tablets
10:30am-Computer Lab/Mobile Device 11am-KOT BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING **11am- Cardio Dance Party 11am- Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 9:30am-Acrylic Painting
11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch **11:15am-Total Body Workout- 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go
11:30am-Computer Lab/Basic Computer **11:15am-Total Body Workout- **12:30pm-TAX PREPARATION AlwayzFit4Lyfe Lunch
1pm- Domino Champs AlwayzFit4Lyfe PRESENTATION by NYC Department of **12:30pm-BENEFITS FOR OLDER ADULTS 12pm-Library
12:30pm-Tea Chat with Courtlyn (Weill Consumer and Worker Protection PRESENTATION by LIVEON NY 1pm-Pool Cues Game
27 28 29 30 31
**9:30am-Tai Chi for Arthritis 10am-Jewelry Making **9:30am-Tai Chi ** 9:30am-Meditative Yoga 9am-Computer Class for Tablets
10:30am-Computer Lab/Mobile Device 11am-KOT BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING **11am- Cardio Dance Party 11am- Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 9:30am-Acrylic Painting
11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go Lunch **11:15am-Total Body Workout- 11am-Congregate/Grab and Go
11:30am-Computer Lab/Basic Computer **11:15am-Total Body Workout- 1pm-Pool Cues Game AlwayzFit4Lyfe Lunch
1pm- Domino Champs AlwayzFit4Lyfe **12:30pm-OLDER ADULT SERVICES 1pm-Ping Pong 12pm-Library
12:30pm-Tea Chat with Courtlyn (Weill PRESENTATION by NYC AGING 12:30pm-MOVIE SPECIAL TITLED
Cornell) 1pm- Let’s Play Bingo “YOU PEOPLE”
**12:30pm-COOKING WITH JASA SERIES 3: 2pm-Chess Central 1pm-Pool Cues Game
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