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Company name: Jaksons Ltd Industry: Electrical/Electronic Turnover: Rs.1250 Cr.

Company name: Spice Mobiles Ltd Industry: Telecommunication/Mobiles Turnover: Rs.1127 Cr.

Company name:Jubilant Life Science Ltd Industry: Pharmaceuticals/Lab Turnover: Rs.1500 Cr.

Company name: Noida Power Company Ltd Industry: Power /Energy Turnover: Rs.400 Cr.

Company name: Modi Rubber Ltd Industry:Manufacturing Tyre etc. Turnover: Rs.1000 Cr.

Company name: Lava International Ltd Industry: Telecommunication/Mobiles Turnover: Rs.100 Cr.

Company name: Radico Khaitan Ltd Industry: Food/FMCG/Agriculture Turnover:Rs.842 Cr. date of Establishment Revenue Market Cap Corporate Address

Management Details

Business Operation Background

1983 330.416 ( USD in Millions ) 18944.8537516 ( Rs. in Millions ) Bareilly Road,,Rampur-244901, Uttar Pradesh Chairperson - Lalit Khaitan MD - Abhishek Khaitan Directors - Abhishek Khaitan, Amit Burman, Amit Manchanda, Arun Mohan Bansal, Ashutosh Patra, K P Singh, K S Mehta, Kama Singh Mehta, Lalit Khaitan, M K Doogar, Mahendra Kumar Doogar, Raghupati Singhania, Sanjay Jalan, Shailaja Saraf Breweries & Distilleries Radico Khaitan (RKL), established in 1943 as Rampur Distillery, is one of the India's oldest and largest liquor manufacturers. The company owns three millionaire brands namely 8 PM Whisky, Contessa Rum and Old Admiral Brandy. Its 8 PM Whisky brand sold one million cases in first year alone creating a record or any In Total Income - Rs. 8547.015 Million ( year ending Mar 2010) Net Profit - Rs. 415.395 Million ( year


Company Secretary Bankers Auditors

Balance sheet

ending Mar 2010) Amit Manchanda V Sankar Aiyar & Co

Mar ' 10 Mar ' 09 Mar ' 08 Mar ' 07 Mar ' 06

Sources of funds
Owner's fund

Equity share capital






Share application money


Preference share capital


Reserves & surplus






Loan funds
Secured loans 244.92 400.25 210.98 276.87 232.87

Unsecured loans












Uses of funds
Fixed assets

Gross block






Less : revaluation reserve






Less : accumulated depreciation






Net block






Capital work-in-progress












Mar ' 10

Mar ' 09

Mar ' 08

Mar ' 07

Mar ' 06

Net current assets

Current assets, loans & advances 685.34 582.08 535.64 607.87 300.60

Less : current liabilities & provisions






Total net current assets






Miscellaneous expenses not written








Book value of unquoted investments 89.37 49.93 17.45 21.34 5.08

Market value of quoted investments





Contingent liabilities






Number of equity sharesoutstanding (Lacs)






Company name: Bio Veda Action Research Pvt Ltd Industry:Cosmetic Accessories Turnover: Rs.800 Cr.
ontact Details Company Name : BIO VEDA ACTION RESEARCH PVT. LTD. Address : D-105HosieryComplex,Phase-II, Noida - , Uttar Pradesh , India

Contact Person : Mrs. VINITA JAIN (MANAGING DIRECTOR) Phone : 91-120-4299700/702/4299704/05 Fax : 91-120-4352535

Company name: Blowtech Air Devices Pvt Ltd Industry:HVAC fans Turnover: Rs.500 Cr.

Founded in 1988 by Sushil K. Choudhury, a highly qualified Engineering Professional with global experience, BLOWTECH has established itself as a leading manufacturer of HVAC fans and ventilation products in India. The company has excelled in the design, development and manufacture of high quality sheet metal Centrifugal and Axial fans, impellers , fan filter units, evaporative coolers for a wide range of HVAC&R applications e.g. Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Air Curtains, Clean Rooms, Kitchen ventilation, Basement Car Park Ventilation and Exhaust.
BlowtechAirDevicesPvt.Ltd. A-15,Sector-65,Noida-201307,U.P.,India. Tel.+91-120-4229300(4Lines) Fax+91-120-4229309 Email: Web :

Company name: Camozzi India Pvt Ltd Industry:Air Conditioner Equipment Turnover: Rs.600 Cr.

Company name: Connect International Pvt Ltd Industry:Building material Products

Turnover: Rs.1300 Cr.

Company name: AREVA T&D India Ltd Industry: Energy products Turnover: Rs.155 Cr.

Company name: Carnation auto India Industry: Automobile/body repairing Turnover: Rs.150 Cr.

Company name: Dharampal Satyapal limited. Industry:F&B, Packaging, Hospitality, Rubber thread and Cement Turnover: Rs.1600 Cr.

Company name:GHCL Ltd Industry:Chemical Turnover: Rs.1220 Cr.

Company name:India Glycols Ltd Industry: Chemicals

Turnover: Rs.427 Cr.

Company name:Denso India Ltd Industry: Automobile/Auto Ancillaries Turnover: Rs.207 Cr.

Company name:Ginni Filaments Ltd Industry: Garment/Textile Turnover: Rs.150 Cr.

Company name:Maral Overseas Ltd Industry: Garment/Textile Turnover: Rs.128 Cr.

Company name:Minda Corporation Ltd Industry:Pharmaceuticals/labs Turnover: Rs.100 Cr.

Company name: Macawber Beekay pvt Ltd Industry: Engineering

Turnover: Rs.500-1000 Cr. About Us

Macawber beekay was established in 1984 as a joint venture company in collaboration with clyde bergemann materials handling ltd of uk (formerly simon-macawber limited), the world leaders in dense phase pneumatic transfer of bulk materials. The name clyde / macawber is an acknowledged market leader in the innovative design of pneumatic conveying systems. Macawber beekay is recognized as the pneumatic conveying expert over both long and short distances, within an operating material temperature band of (-) 10 degrees centigrade to 480 degree centigrade, bringing out all the advantages of low velocity conveying in these systems. Combining the need of environmental po llution control with energy conservation, macawber beekay''s unique dense phase pneumatic conveying systems offer solutions to the bulk material handling problems of core sectors of the indian industry - power, cement, steel, chemicals, etc. At a time when environmental protection is a major industrial and social consideration, the macawber beekay method of pneumatic conveying by totally enclosed handling system, is particularly amenable to the environment. All conventional problems of spillage, dust, contamination and storage are successfully and efficiently eradicated. Macawber beekay provides the industry with customized solutions using a proven product range and brings together all the major benefits of: material handling technology. Engineering know-how. world class project management experience. Quality service and assured system performance. Our designs, products and project management meet: international and national codes and regulations. Customer and industry standards. Iso 9001:2000 quality management system. The manufacturing facilities set-up in surajpur, greater noida, up and the project & design office in new delhi, provide the professional back -up. Other members of the bsbk group - bsbk engineers pvt ltd. And beekay project consultants (p) ltd. Provide further assistance in execution of turnkey projects.




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Ash Vessel

the ash vessel system operates on the principle of dense phase pneumatic conveying, i. E. A high pressure, dense material air mixture at a low velocity moving through the conveying pipe in separate batches or plugs. The ash vessel comprises one piece body with a top inlet aperture and horizontal inlet and outlet aperture for conveying material. Mounted on the top inlet is a specially designed macawber beekay dome valve. It has a controlled air supply for conveying the material. the dome valve is a pressure tight valve. It comprises of a cast iron body, a movable part spherical dome, support shafts and bearing, and integral inflatable synthetic rubber seal, a pneumatic cylinder actuator and an air limit switch to operate the inflatable seal. The air limit switch is arranged such that the dome must be closed before the seal can be inflated, the seal being deflated before the dome is opened. The inflatable seal is so arranged that it closes tightly on to the outside face of the dome thus providing an air tight seal into the valve body.

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macawber beekay's revolutionary denseveyor dense phase pneumatic system is designed for bulk transfer of materials at controlled low velocity upto distances of 500 meters. Originally developed to transfer foundry sand, the system has logically progressed to encompass handling of a broad spectrum of granular solid materials. using compressed air, denseveyor pumps material through totally enclosed pipe work ensuring the whole conveying operation completely dust and spillage free. It is simple in design and during conveying, no links, drives or bearings are involved. It is suitable for all grades of bulk solids and conveys as it comes, lumpy or powder. Denseveyor system has established an enviable reputation as the most efficient, reliable and clean method of conveying. the denseveyor system normally has dual operatability viz. Level probe and timer mode.

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Mobile Denseveyor

macawber beekay offers mobile tanker for conveying powders and granules like fly ash, cement, and alumina etc. To storage silos. Mobile tanker operates on densephase conveying technology. The tanker capacities range from 6 tonnes to 20 tonnes depending upon density of the material. Air for conveying and instrumentation, is connected to the tanker with flexible hose using quick release coupling. two material inlet valves are provided at the top of the tanker. The tanker is available in manual and automatic model at the option of the purchaser. In case of automatic model the valves are remote operated and the whole system operates automatically. A control panel is mounted on the tanker and the power supply to the control panel is taken from the tanker and the power supply to the control panel is taken from the truck batteries. for maximizing filling and easy flow of the material, the whole bed of the tanker is fluidized. Filling of tanker is us ually achieved through unloading spouts. A level probe provided at the bottom of unloading spout, advises that the tanker is filled and thus closes filling. These spouts with inbuilt vent filter ensures a dust free unloading

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Pd Pump

the pd-pump consists of a vessel shell with dome valves at

inlet and outlet of vessel. At rest there is no airflow into the vessel and no airflow into the conveying line. A conveying cycle consists of opening the inlet dome valve and fill to the level, the dome valve closes and the air valve is opened to pressurize the vessel with outlet valve closed and sealed. At the predetermined pressure, typically (0. 7 to 1. 2 bar) sensed by a pressure switch, the discharge dome valve opens quickly while the conveying air remains on. The conveying air valves remain open until the vessel pressure falls (0. 3 to 0. 6 bar) at which time the conveying air valve closes, the discharge valve closes and the vent valve opens. 1. a batch transfer vessel, similar in concept to the standard denseveyor, with additional capabilities. 2. developed for maximum economy, utilizes small bore pipelines operating at low conveying pressures, with reduced air flow and hence power consumption. 3. suitable for transfer of dry, fluidizable materials.

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1. the head shaft/sprockets/bearings assembly is such that it can be removed as a single assembly and replaced in a very short period. 2. the sprockets are designed with replaceable teeth. These teeth can be replaced without dismantling any part of the conveyor. 3. sprocket teeth are of special alloy steel duly heat treated to minimise wear and tear. 4. head shaft bearings are located outside the conveyor assembly in completely sealed bearing blocks thereby ensuring that no ash ever enters and damage the same.

5. speed of conveyor chain varies in the range of 0. 5 to 2 meters per minute depending upon capacity required, to minimise the wear and tear of all the moving parts. 6. specially designed alloy steel chains have been developed to counter erosion and corrosion which in turn substantially increase the life of chain. 7. gates are provided on the sides of the conveyor. By opening gates on one side, the conveyor can easily be removed to the other side in a very short span of time. 8. the return path of the conveyor is fully covered to prevent any spillage of ash on the floor. 9. liners strips are provided on the return path to prevent any wear and tear of the body of the conveyor. 10. tail guide assemblies are independent for both the chains. Due to this feature independent adjustments can be made because the wear and tear in the chains is always slightly uneven in both the chains. This prevents the chains from coming out of the sprocket/idlers. 11. a long screw with nut is fixed with the each tail guide block. The chain can be tightened or loosened with this arrangement. 12. a guide wheel in the conveyor trough are mounted on a removable flange which are bolted on the conveyor body. This makes the replacement of guide wheel assembly very quick and without removing the conveyor. 13. guide wheels are provided with specially profiled deep groove at the tread diameter for the proper chain seating thus minimising chances of derailment. 14. special sealing arrangements are provided to prevent the ash from entering the guide wheel bearings. 15. our specially designed bar connectors are connected with chains without any fasteners. This connection gives a total flexibility to the scraper bar to move around chain link without putting any extra bending load on the chain/shackle. These connectors can also be fitted or removed without any difficulty after the chain has been installed and tensioned. 16. the drive unit of the conveyor is mounted on the body itself. Hence the conveyor can be removed from the bottom ash hopper, if required within a very short span of time. 17. full conveyor assembly is mounted on 4 wheels due to which it can be moved manually. Motorised drive of full conveyor is also available at the option purchaser

Company name:Accurate Transformers Limited Industry: Power/Energy Turnover: Rs.200 Cr.

Company Overview

Accurate Transformers Limited is an Indian based Electrical Equipment Manufacturing company. ATL was established in 1988 and is now nearly 2 decades old company having well established state -of-art manufacturing facilities at Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, U.P., Haridwar and Dehradun. ATLs present manufacturing range extends from 25KVA, 11KV to 50MVA 132KV class. The annual capacity of plants are 8,000MVA per annum, followed by continuous in-house technical research with the use of best quality raw materials to comply with the latest standards. Near about 1.5 to 2 lakh transformers are working around the country, manufactured by ATL. ATLs all the units are ISO 9001-2008 certified companies which are continuously engaged in manufacturing transformers as per IS, IES standards. Accurate Transformers Limited is a part of Accurate Group of companies with diverts interest in manufacturing Power, Distribution Transformers and Education (Accurate Institute of Management & Technology). The institute grooms young & aspiring candidates to become l eaders in management to meet the ever growing requirements of talented & result oriented professionals


Power Transformers

Power transformers above 10MVA, 33KV class and upto 50MVA, 132KV class are manufactured in Greater Noida. ATL have already supplied over 50 Nos of 132KV class transformers, which are running successfully at various substations across the country. The first 40MVA, 132/33KV Accurate Make transformer installed at Greater Noida sub station of UPPCL, has already completed 5 years of service after successful commissioning in year 2004 Power Transformers ranging from 3.15MVA to 10MVA in 33/11KV Class are manufactured at our plant in Haridwar and Ghaziabad. ATL has an installed base of over 3000 power transformers across the country in this range.

Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers in the range 5KVA to 2500KVA, 11KV Class are manufactured at our units located in Haridwar Ghaziabad and Dehradun. The total installed base is well over 1.5 Lakh transformers in this range. We are also manufacturing star rated transformers that are designed for extremely low losses

Turnkey Projects NAINITAL PROJECT We have successfully executed Nainital Project worth Rs. 422 million and electrified 35 villages with 11000 Nos. BPL Connections. ETAH PROJECT

We have successfully executed Etah Project worth Rs. 642 million and electrified 741 villages with 12000 Nos. BPL Connections.

Company name:Acetel Technologies Pvt Ltd Industry: Telecommunication/Mobiles Turnover: Rs.1600 Cr. Management Team:
Mr. Srivastava Director Amit

Mr. Alok Director


An engineering graduate and post graduate in international business studies from University of Delhi with over 20 years of experience in corporate sector. His rich experience includes trade and services in the engineering sector on the global level. He has been instrumental in successfully introducing several Indian technologies and engineering products for the infrastructural projects in Africa and Far East Asia. His key strengths are creating teams and being persistent on the business goals while optimizing resources.

An engineering graduate in Electronics and communication. He has very rich experience of 17 years in communication and IT services. He has also been involved in technical vocational trainings for the skilled man power solutions for the CIT industry. His style is renowned for delivering the technical skills and expertise to his associates for the techno-commercial edge. He has been a very successful solutions presenter and implementer in the areas of IT and Telecom.

Mr. Srivastava Director


Mr. Chandra CAO


An engineering graduate in Electronics. He is having a background experience of more than 17 years in the area of IT and ITES specially e-governance, GIS and IT solutions for the public sectors. His experience is rich with many firsts in the area of niche IT solutions for the government sectors. His key strengths are building the team of intellectual and competent people and developing trust among them to achieve goals and objectives of the organization.

An arts graduate followed by degree in law. He has had an experience of more than three decades in the area of law enforcement and prosecution for the states after qualifying the UPSC in 1976. His operational and administrative efficiency has been extraordinary with sufficient exposure in tackling, resolving and disposing various law and order related cases of importance.

Mr. Chaturvedi CLO


Mr. D. Prabakar DGM-Public Services

A science graduate coupled with social work qualification followed by degree in law. He is a bright lawyer practicing in Supreme Court of India since 1999 and has been advocate on record since 2005. He is an active member of the International Bar

An electrical engineer with project management qualification and more than 25 years of experience in the industry. His strengths are highlighted in the areas of project and team management. He has been a key strategist and solution provider at

Association. His career is reach with experience in various civil and company law related cases. He is also trained to deal in the social and legal issues related to the environment.

administrative as well as operational levels of business in the corporate and the government sectors. He is also adapt at working with team on the quarterly and yearly sales goals of the organization and achieving it with regularity.

Mr. Ajay Singh Head Ace Academia

Mr. Akashay Sharma Head Business Development (Telecom Services)

An Electronics and Communication engineer having over 17 years of experience in the field of resource management, planning, technology based communication systems, R&D and training. He has been a key content developer for various training programs and a solution implementer for our corporate and retail customers. His style of finding solutions through root cause analysis (RCA) and preparing action plan defines him as a key analyzer to the complex situations.

An International Business graduate with experience in developing new business strategies for various industries. He has been instrumental in generating revenue and meeting targets. He has been a key presenter for delivering the corporate objective in front of the customer. This ability has made him a significant contributor for building a prominent business relationship with various Telecom operators.

Vision and Mission The Corporate Vision: To enable the society at large, afford, sustainable long term and top of the quality products, processes while adding value to the people along the way. Mission: Being the most significant and fast growing business entity in the area of technology, solutions and sourcing.

Purpose Statement Telecom Services "Wireless Network services for telecom operators towards digitally connected and empowered India". Acetel Career Enhancement "Vocational skill enhancement towards employment for inclusive and all round socio economic growth of India". IRM "Best IRM solution for industrial growth and empowerment of Indian economy". PS-ITES "Socioeconomic empowerment of masses, specially the rural and underprivileged population, through public services for the government sector". Energy and Environment "Innovative technologies and services in the Indian context for clean energy and environment conservation at the industrial, institutional and domestic level. Testimonial Why Acetel Acetel Technologies is a Dynamic young organisation with domain experts and visionaries providing the destination and management to the company.

Acetel Technologies Provides cost effective and innovation services as well as services incorporating consultancy design delivery maintenance and after sale services in the field of wireless telecom networks, enterprise software, ERP, Vocational technical training, Green energy and environmental solutions as well as efficient industrial raw material solutions internationally. Acetel Technologies has representative officers as well as business associates in various countries including the business hubs of Hongkong, Singapore and Dubai

Company name:Beliss India Pvt Ltd Industry: Steam Turbines Turnover: Rs.1500 Cr.

Belliss India Limited is the flagship company of the Belliss Group. Formally known as Belliss and Morcom (India) Limited, Belliss India Limited was incorporated in the year 1960 under the Indian Companys Act 1956. Over the years the group has grown from being solely a Steam Turbines manufacturer to include other activities like offering turnkey solutions (EPC), setup of renewable energy projects, governor services, component manufacturing, engineering services and international trading of power related equipment and services. The group has established a formidable reputation in both international and domestic markets for providing world class products and services. Being one of the largest manufacturers of small steam turbines, Belliss exports to over 14 countries including through its international subsidiaries, joint ventures and partners.
Purpose & Values
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Empowering the Power with Excellence Live upto the trust of the customers with outstanding technology Aim at sustainable growth To be the leader in energy production business relating to Renewable energy, Co-generation, Captive power, CHP Schemes and special application turbines to suit API standards for Refinery operation Policy to ensure that supplies strictly adhere to contractual specification Fitness for Purpose Quality & timely production Global network Effective & timely After Market service to the customer Meet customers ever changing needs in the most cost effective way

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Enact reforms to improve reliability Accelerate development of overseas business activities With the wealth of experience for five decades, stand committed to this goal


Formerly known as Belliss & Morcom (India) Limited, Belliss India Limited was incorporated in 1960. For nearly 50 years, Belliss India Limited has provided reliable Steam Turbines and Turbine Generator Sets for industrial plants in many parts of the world. Originally offering a product range based upon technology of Allen Steam Turbine UK, through a process of continuous development and new product design Belliss now supplies a wide range of Steam Turbines from 20KW to 20,000KW. Over 2,500 steam turbines have been manufactured, commissioned and serviced by Belliss India Limited in 15 different industries. The company has production facilities in India supported by a wide network of global suppliers. With an engineering staff of over 100 engineers and ISO 9001 certification, Belliss has the skills, quality control and latest 3 -D CAD tools to design and manufacture turbines for your specific process and power demands.

Single Stage Turbines

Belliss has one of the largest fleets of single stage turbines installed in the world. With over 1300 single stage turbines supplied and installed in over 14 countries, Belliss caters to industries such as sugar, refinery, petro-chemical, agro, etc. of Belliss single stage turbines. The power output ranges between 20 KW to 2200 KW.
S.No. Turbine Power Rating Type

1. 2.

SS26 SS26M

1,200HP/900KW 1,200HP/900KW

Back Pressure Back Pressure

3. 4.


1,100HP/820KW 1,200HP/900KW

Back Pressure Back Pressure

(SS6H - high back pressure 22kg/cm2g) 5. SS8A/8H 3,000HP/2,200KW Back Pressure

(SS8H - high back pressure 22kg/cm2g) 6. SS4A 700HP/522KW SS 6A/6H Back Pressure


SS 8A/8H

SS 26

SS 26M

SS 26X

Multi Stage Turbines

In the multi-stage turbines range, Belliss offers back pressure turbines (up to 15 MW), straight condensing turbines (up to 20 MW) and extraction cum condensing turbines (up to 15 MW). Belliss has over 1200 multistage installations around the world. Belliss also offers very low pressure turbine which can be used for deriving power from the exhaust steam of up to 1.5kg/cm2 for additional power output and increasing the overall efficiency of the plant.
Back Pressure Turbines: These are turbines in which the exhaust pressure is above atmospheric pressure. Back Pressure Turbines are most widely used for process Steam applications. These are commonly found at refineries, district heating units, pulp, paper plants and sugar plants. Condensing Turbines: Inside a condensing turbine, the steam expands below the atmospheric pressure and then "condenses while heating the cooling water in the condenser. In a Straight Condensing Turbine, the total steam that enters the turbine goes to the condensor and no steam is taken out from any stage in between the turbine. Extraction Condensing Turbines: In an Extraction type turbine, steam is released from in between the stages of the turbine depending upon the industrial process needs. There are two types of Extraction Turbines;

a). UnControlled Extraction or Bleed Turbine: In this type of turbine, the extraction pressure depends on the flow to the exhaust of the turbine. When the extraction pressure is above the process pressure, the pressure control valve can maintain the required process pressure but if it falls, then the process pressure cannot be maintained. b). Controlled Extraction or Pass Out Turbine: In this type of turbine, process pressure is controlled by means of a Control Valve called the Pass through Valve fitted inside the casing (between the HP and LP Casings). The Pass Through Valve is controlled by the turbine Governor

to maintain the extraction pressure, upstream of the Pass Through Valve - constant.
Turbine Power Rating Stages Type

BD2 Pressure SBP350 Pressure MS26 Pressure SBP450/450X Pressure SBP560/560X Pressure HEN-22/24 HEN-22/630 HES-14/37A/37M Presure

4,023HP/3,000KW 4,023HP/3,000KW 3,000HP/2,200KW 10,730HP/8,000KW 17,500HP/13,000KW 5,370HP/4,000KW 8,050HP/6,000KW 8,050HP/6,000KW

07 04 03 05/06 05/06 07 08 07/07/06

Back Back Back Back Back Condensing Condensing Back

(HES-37M is designed for high inlet parameters of 64kg/cm2g and 490degC) LPHSC630/800S Condensing 5,800HP/4,300KW BD2 03 Low Pr

SBP 350

SBP 450/450X

SBP 560/560X


HEN 22/24

HEN 22/630



Company name:Bhilwara Energy Ltd Industry: Power/Energy Turnover: Rs.2500 Cr


Bhilwara Energy Limited, through its subsidiaries, engages in power generation, transmission, distribution, and trading from hydro and nonhydro sources in India. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Noida, India. Bhilwara Towers, A-12 Sector 1 Noida, 201301 India Founded in 2006 Phone: 91 12 0439 0300 Fax: 91 12 0253 1648
KEY EXECUTIVES Shri. Riju Jhunjhunwala

Managing Director and Board Member Age: 30

Mr. Rishabh Jhunjhunwala

Managing Director and Board Member

Mr. Awadh Bihari Giri

Chief Executive Officer of Power of LNJ Bhilwara Group