Problem dams in the tri-county area

Dam Name
Highland Lake North Pond Anasagunticook Lake Moose Pond Storage Cochnewagon Norway Lake Estes Bog # 5

Bridgton Buckfield Canton Denmark Monmouth Norway Poland

Hazard Potential
Significant Significant Significant Significant Significant High Significant

111 24 111 110 111 n/a 131

Last inspection Years Overdue
No record 2003 2007 No record 2001 No record 2002 Unknown 4 years Not overdue Unknown 6 years Unknown 5 years

Condition Notes
n/a “Owner must remove vegetation from entire dam so a further inspection may be conducted.” Dam safety order issued December, 2006; 2007 second order issued that ordered gates left open because not safe to run dam. n/a “Fair to poor” n/a “The following deficiencies were seen at the dam. Collapse of some downstream sections of the stone wall....Settlement of the dam crest. Inoperative sluice gate. No outlet control. No emergency spillway. ....Through flow uncontrolled and limited. No reliable facility to drain dam at short notice.” Reclassified from low to significant hazard. “Remedial measures” necessary “to improve the overall safety.” Water level lowered 15 feet after 2001 inspection report said dam “showed signs of imminent collapse. “In 2003 brief inspection report says dam “considered unsafe by MEMA” and thus water levels continue lowered. n/a “spillways have insufficient hydraulic capacity ... earth embankment is uneven and overgrown and appears in poor structural condition” n/a “100 year old unattended significant hazard dam in poor condition.” “will overtop during a major flood which may wash out the car park, canal and upstream bridge... Immediate remedial action recommended.” n/a

Colcord Pond Mount Zircon

Porter Rumford

Significant High

200 88

2010 2003

Not overdue 6 years

Sleeper Colton Brook McDonough Brook Nezinscot River Wilson Pond Carleton Pond

Sabattus Stow Stow Turner Wilton Winthrop

Significant Significant High Significant High Significant

n/a 42 37 111 163 107

No record 2009 2005 2003 2003 2002

Unknown Not overdue 4 years 1/3/1900 6 years 5 years

•Significant hazard dams are dams “where failure or misoperation results in no probably loss of human life but can cause major economic loss, environmental damage or disruption of lifeline facilities…” Maine law requires they be inspected every four years. •High hazard dams are dams “where failure or misoperation will probably cause loss of life …” Maine law requires they be inspected every two years. •Where there is a dam inspection date but no condition notes, this indicates that the Army Corps of Engineers inventory noted the existence of a report, but not its contents. Sources: Maine Emergency Management Agency Dam Inspection Reports and Army Corps of Engineers 2009 update to the National Inventory of Dams.

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